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Rebel and a Basket Case

Evan Rachel Wood, known for her leading role as a heroine and oldest host in the HBO Original series Westworld, as well as her roles in films Thirteen, The Wrestler, TV series True Blood and the mini series Mildred Pearce.  Her covetable award-winning catalog of acting roles barely highlights her deep rooted musical background she evolved at a very young age.

We get a squint of her prolific vocal talent as the star of the 2007 musical film ‘Across the Universe‘ as she covers 1960’s  Beatles songs.  

Fast forward to 2017; Evan and Zach chat with novelist Laura Albert about the inspiration for their debut album and the journey of writing songs whilst juggling an intense acting career.

Rebel and a Basket Case an edgy, 80’s inspired electro –pop duo who are reclaiming inspirational moments from their teenage music icons, The Breakfast club, Karaoke and verve for all that is a unicorn world.

Interview by Laura Albert

Laura: I very much love Westworld. Has the unfurling story which seems a constant peeling back of identity, seeped into your musical world?

Evan: Zach and I wrote a lot of the album while I was in production and while we were on a short hiatus. Playing that character definitely gave me a new found strength that trickled over into our music I’m sure. So many themes on the record have to do with overcoming oppressive situations and West World is very much the same.

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Custom Funko Storybrooke Blue Fairy

So I’m going to admit that this got made because Keegan Conner Tracy is adorable and does a ton of conventions so I know I’ll be able to get her signed sometime.  She uses the body of Claire Standish from The Breakfast Club for her body and Miss Peregrine.  I had to go pretty hard at her eye makeup because while Blue is a terrible nun she is still a nun.  She got dark brown hair and otherwise her body is a straight up paint job other than that I shaved off the edges of Claire’s short sleeve shirt a bit.

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How do 2ps spend their day when they are sick?

2P America: watches old movies like Heathers and The Breakfast Club

2P England: knits or sews while watching Sherlock

2P China: denies the fact that he is very clearly sick and goes about his day as normal

2P Russia: same as Zao

2P France: tries to go about his day as normal (smoking, drinking, and flipping through tv channels), but is forced to cut back on the first two by Oliver

2P Canada: he does literally nothing and he hates it

2P Italy: tries to go about everything as normal, but fails and whines about how useless he feels

2P Germany: he gives zero fucks and naps the whole day

2P Japan: fuckin pushes through it like a boss. He’s a busy man and has shit to do

2P Romano: is an over dramatic crybaby and insists that he is dying

2P Prussia: takes some medicine and goes back to bed

An Unexpected Surprise for Liz Allan

The Adventures of Fawn Diaz and Peter Parker–Chapter 44

Prom was approaching fast, and Liz ended up being left alone to organize the whole thing. She was stressed out, and she had her own homework and exams to study for. She couldn’t do it all.

Naturally, Fawn decided to help out her friend. She told The Breakfast Club to buy certain colored balloons, streamers, and other decorations for prom. She had planned a night to help decorate. And it was going to be epic.

That night, Fawn went to bed early; 9:00 pm. She had prepared her materials under her bed, and waited for her mother and sister to go to sleep. When she didn’t hear any stirring, Fawn got up and got her bag of materials from under her bed. She then fixed her hair and put on appropriate clothing. She was going to get messy.

She tiptoed out of the apartment, and fortunately, Diego was asleep as well.

She went down the building elevator and dashed outside with her bag in tow. Harry waited for her in his Mercedes Benz and when she came outside of the building, her got out of the car as well.

“Hey human,” Fawn greeted him.

“Hey baby deer,” Harry joked. Fawn rolled her eyes at the joke.

“Do you have your materials?” Fawn asked.

“Yep. Are you ready to go?” Harry asked.

“Hell yeah! Let’s go!” Fawn said. They both got into the Benz and were off to the first person’s house: Ned.

They knocked on his door and he opened immediately, his bag already slung on his arm.

“You ready?” Fawn asked.

“I was born ready,” Ned nodded his head.

“Okay, don’t get ahead of yourself, fast and furious,” Fawn chuckled quietly.

And off they went to the next house. House to house to house. After Ned, they went to Michelle’s, Flash’s, Tori’s, Kong’s Danica’s and Ren’s. Each one had a duffel bag filled with different things, all for Prom.

When they arrived to school, Tori hacked into the security system and they were able to get in without the alarm going off.

They immediately went to the state-of-the-art gymnasium, where Prom was being held, and got started. Each person opened their bags and began decorating. Michelle and Ren started blowing up balloons, Ned and Tori covered the surround sound system for the music, Kong and Flash put up banners and streamers and moved tables and such, and Danica and Harry helped Fawn paint the sets.

Prom was “Garden” themed, so there would be birdbath and oddly cut shrubbery around the gym floor. Fawn painted sets of botanical gardens on large sheets of paper using her industrial paintbrushes and acrylic paints. They looked elegant and sophisticated, and were put up in no time.

“Harry! Test out the mic!” Ned called from the small stage that Flash, Kong and Harry had set up a few days prior.

“Okay!” He grabbed a mic from a table and patted it a couple times.

“Check one two, testing,” Harry said. Nothing. Ned and Tori quickly discussed something and then went back to the soundboard.

“Okay! Try now!” Ned shouted.

“Check one, two. This is Harry Oz in the house, can I get a ‘yea-yuh!’” Harry’s voice boomed over the speakers.

“Yea-yuh!” The Breakfast Club shouted in unison.

“Wooooo!” Harry whooped. Fawn laughed as she painted the final banner.

“Now testing…disco ball…” Ned said as he flicked on the disco ball switch. He put on some music as the disco lights came on, which earned a cheer from his friends. Tori checked the disco ball off their checklist and kept working to make sure the sound and light systems worked appropriately.

“Yeaaahhh!” Danica said as she got up from her spot and began jamming to the song.

“This is my jam!” Michelle abandoned her spot at the helium tank with Ren and began jamming with Danica.

“Michelle! I can’t blow these balloons up alone!” Ren cried out. Harry came to her rescue, continuing Michelle’s job of tying the string onto the balloon.

“The last banner is done!” Fawn yelled. She got up and brushed herself off. She took a step back to admire her work. ‘Welcome to Prom 2017! Midtown High’ it said. Then she turned to see what the gym looked like.

It was amazing, the birdbaths and bushes were sprinkled around, the disco lights going, the balloons at the gym ceiling, the colorful streamers and banners adorning doorways and the walls. Her sets were lined up against the walls, setting the scene for an elegant garden party. Tables and chairs were set up for those who didn’t feel like dancing. Fawn was excited to see how it would all turn out on the actual night of Prom. She was excited to see Liz’s face when she saw it.

“Diaz, where do you want to put it?” Kong snapped her out her daydream.

She directed them to a spot at her front of gym where everyone could see it. And it was complete. It was perfect.

“Yayyyy!” They cheered.

“Let’s take a picture!” Ren suggested.

“Why would we do that?” Ned asked.

“Of us. Not the gym,” Ren said.

“Yeah! Sure!” Fawn said. They set up someone’s phone’s countdown and posed in front of the Prom banner.

“3…2…1 cheese!” And the camera captured three pictures.

When they were done, they turned off the lights and shut everything down. They gathered their things and left the school, content they could help out a friend.

When it was just Fawn and Harry left, Fawn suddenly brought something up.

“Harry, I have to tell you something,” Fawn stopped him on the sidewalk.

“What’s up Fawn?” Harry asked. Fawn was terribly nervous. What she was about to say was probably something that Harry didn’t want to hear, especially this close to Prom.

“I can’t go to Prom with you,” Fawn blurted out. Harry was taken off guard.

“What?” He asked.

“I’m sorry, I just…I can’t go to Prom with you,” Fawn said, her face turning red in embarrassment.

“Why not?” Harry asked.

“Because I…” Fawn sighed, “Look, Harry, I like you. I really do, and being your girlfriend for the past couple of months was a lot of fun. But, I–”

“You like Parker, don’t you?” Harry asked. Fawn was shocked.

“How did you–?” Fawn began.

“I knew it when I first saw you guys together. There’s a spark there, a special connection. I just didn’t want to admit, but now I have to,” Harry told her.

“Harry, I’m so sorry. I didn’t want it to be like this. But it just wouldn’t feel right. I used you to fill the void that Peter left, and I should have been honest with you from the start.” Fawn told him.

“It’s okay Fawn. Honestly, I was kinda using you too.” Harry rubbed the back of his neck.

“Really?” Fawn asked.

“Yeah. I kinda…have a thing for…your friend…” he said sheepishly.

“I have a couple friends, Harry.”

“You know who I’m talking about.”

“No, I really don’t.”

“Tori! Okay? I like Stark’s niece. And I shouldn’t because competition, but I do.” Harry confessed. Fawn made a cross between a derp face and a smirk, because she knew that Tori had mutual feelings.

“Interesting,” Fawn rubbed her chin.

“Anyways, sorry for using you too.” Harry said.

“Hey, man. We both fucked up. It’s okay. Forgive and forget, am I right?” Fawn shrugged.

“Yeah. We can still be friends right?” Harry asked.

“Yeah, but if you hurt Tori I will find you. And I will kill you,” Fawn imitated Liam Neeson. The two teens broke out laughing and continued their trek home.

“Hey, and treat Parker right too.” Harry said. Fawn fell silent.

“I don’t think I’m going to say anything yet. I’m still mad at him.” Fawn said to him.

“Really? You’ve been holding that grudge for months, Fawn,” Harry told her, though she was already aware.

“Yeah well, I’ve held a grudge against my dad for 5 years, this is nothing.” Fawn told him grimly.

“Fawn, just talk to him and work it out, okay?” Harry told her as they approached her apartment building. Fawn sighed.

I’ll try.

When the students came back to school on Monday, the breakfast club found Liz and begged her to come with them for they had a surprise for her. They blindfolded her and led her to the gym and opened the doors, leading her inside.

“Okay, you can take it off now,” Flash smiled.

“What are you guys up to? Why are we….here….” Liz asked as she took off her blindfold.

Her jaw dropped as her eyes looked all over the gym. It was decorated and set up, perfectly.

“Oh my god. Who did this?” She gasped.

“Ahem.” Fawn cleared her throat. Liz turned around and saw the Breakfast Club waving at her.

You guys did this?” She asked.

“Yep!” Danica chimed in.

“It was all Fawn’s idea.” Harry said.

“Aw guys thanks! You have no idea how crazy these past few days have been,” Liz said. Her eyes started watering with joy, no one had ever done something this nice for her before.

“Anything for a friend, Liz,” Fawn smiled as she hugged her. Liz quickly dabbed at her tears and hugged Fawn back.

“That’s so sweet. Thanks guys.” Liz thanked her friends.

“No problem Liz!”

“Glad you like it!”

“It was nothing!”

“Well I better get going to first period! See you guys! Thanks again!” And Liz walked off to first period. The Breakfast Club did the same, separating to go to their own first periods.

“I’m glad we did this. Now I really can’t wait for Prom,” Fawn said as she walked with Harry to AP Astronomy.

“Yeah. Me too. Have you talked to Parker yet?” Harry asked.

“No. I’m still thinking about the whole situation.” Fawn said.

“Well you better hurry the hell up, Prom is in a two weeks,” Harry told her.

“I know, Harry, I know I just feel conflicted. I’m still tryna sort my feelings out, it’s not easy,” Fawn said.

“Well, sort out faster. I’ll see you at lunch, Fawn,” Harry said and left her in the doorway of astronomy class.

I wish I could, Harry.”

A/n So this happened…yeah, it was sort of a filler…but i still hope you liked it! I kinda imagined it as a montage but whatever. This is all I’m posting this week, so I’ll see you on Friday for THE BIG FINALE/REVEAL/CLIMAX MOMENT OF THE STORY!! Get ready, it’s gonna be wild. Thanks for reading! Stay tuned…


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At the very closing part of the film where Bender raises his fist in defiance, that was actually ad libbed. He was supposed to just walk into the sunset, so to speak, and John Hughes asked him to play around with a few actions. When he was done and they were finishing up, Judd Nelson threw his fist up without running it by anyone. Everyone loved it, and it has become an iconic symbol of the 1980’s.