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Rowaelin One-Shot AU: Stupid Zippers.

A/N: This is a one-shot I wrote today. I have had some messages about the one-shot I posted yesterday, asking whether I’d continue it. To answer that question: I’m not planning to, I don’t have the inspiration for it atm, but maybe in the future. For now, this is all you get from me. You can also read this fanfic at:

With a sigh I placed my handbag on the table. I sank down in one of the chairs around the table and began taking of my shoes. That had been one crazy night. Lysandra sure knew how to make a party out of anything. I didn’t know why I had been so stupid to say yes to her for this one time. The day before, she had asked me whether I wanted to go with her to some club to ‘pick up some guys’ as she liked to call it. I had first protested to Lysandra that she already had Aedion, my cousin, but she had laughed and had said that it was time to make him a bit jealous. I had rolled my eyes at that, but also had known that I needed a night out, so I had agreed to go with her. I could have known that it wouldn’t turn out entirely as I had planned. 

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Bill didn't post irrelevant stuff about Hitler like some stupid fans here. He posts about actual happenings and what interests him. So let him. And by the way, it is disgusting how disrespectful some people here are against the band, other fans and Sarah. Are you in real life also that bad to others. I guess not, you are only that "brave" when beeing online and noone knows you.

I honestly got scared of that anon from yesterday :OO