and there was a youtube comment saying that

After watching a freaking lyrics music video in YouTube of Twice’s Knock Knock, seeing the amount of dislikes and reading so many comments of people calling the members “fake” and “useless”, I just have to say that stanning girls groups was the best decision I have ever made, and I’m just proud of being a fan of them, buying their music and simply contribute to loving them. All my girls are beautiful, talented and hard workers, they must be cheered on and not insulted because of stupid misogyny.

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Honestly the Ashley fan girls are almost worse than the Andy fan girls, There's this one girl on Instagram who acts like he's a child who can't look after himself while also saying he's sexy, I literally just told her what Jake said on the livestream and in his YouTube comments about Ashley not doing the bass lines and her and her friends blocked me. Ashley is a grown man in his late 30s and they act like this is going to destroy his life, I've never really liked Ash anyway he's so fake.

He’s always had very rapid fans and I’ve never understood that. He’s almost 40 he doesn’t need fan girls treating him like a child. 

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Yeah, I know, but what should I do? It`s only fanart, so at this point I don`t even really care anymore. It would be nice to be credited of course, but if people don`t want to, they won`t, right?

It`s just really demotivating and plain stressful, that`s why I stopped giving original content. I can`t stand it reading comments under my stolen art saying “Artists unknown” or “Credit to the artist” or even “Look at my art!” while up there is a link. Right there in the corner, you`re just lazy or don`t care. Like really?

Incredibly stressful.

But at least I can make people happy, I`m not going to stop art just because of that. I sound like a broken record at this point but I draw to make people happy and live my passion through it. I just wish people were considerate of my feelings instead of thinking of me like a machine, made to draw you stuff, stealing it away and getting my “fame” or “recognition”.

Just wanted to point that out again, because clearly people love to forget that.


Homophobic gospel singer Kim Burrell is set to appear on ‘Ellen’ — and people are furious

  • Gospel singer Kim Burrell is being called out after video of a homophobic sermon she led began circulating on the internet late December.
  • Burrell is set to perform “I See Victory,” a song from the Hidden Figures soundtrack, on Ellen with Pharrell Williams.
  • In footage of the sermon posted on YouTube, Burrell refers to homosexuality as the “spirit of delusion and confusion.”
  • It is unclear exactly when the sermon took place. 
  • Burrell attempted to clarify her comments, saying she never mentioned LGBTQ people specifically.
  • “I love you and God loves you,” Burrell said in a Facebook live video, Billboard reported. “But, God hates the sin.” Read more
I'm sad about the comments section lately

The comments on YouTube in general have been pretty bad for, well forever, but in the past couple of months the comments on Jack’s channel in particular seem to have suddenly changed for the worse.

All of the sudden, I’m seeing way more:

“Jack, why aren’t you playing X?” /“Jack, play this.”

“Legend27” and those ‘keep reading’ or giant emoji copy-pastes


“Please check out my channel.”/“Anyone want to sub for sub?”

“Say hi to me.”

And even gift card or contest spam.

I don’t know why, but recently there’s far less meaningful discussion about the videos, far fewer suggestions or constructive criticism without name-calling and yelling, and just generally less 'real’ interactivity. Don’t get me wrong, those good types of comments are definitely still there, it just seems like they’re no longer the majority.

Idk if it’s because the channel is bigger, because the view structure is changing, or because there’s some other demographic change on the channel. Maybe a lot of the in-depth commenter s have migrated here or just given up on the YouTube comment system altogether.

No matter the cause, it still saddens me to see the JSE comments lose some of that community vibe, become a less valuable place for real conversation and review of videos, or just (as bad as this sounds) become like 'the rest’ of YouTube where comments are a junk pit and both viewers and creators end up leaving them. Jack has always made a big effort to interact as much as humanly possible on all platforms, so I can’t see him abandoning the comments section unless there’s some massive and dramatic reason he has to. Still, I don’t want us as a community to give up on it or see it die. I hope this is just a trend I’m seeing, but if not, I hope we can work to make it better.

It’s really sad that Markiplier and other big time PewDiePie defenders seem genuinely more upset at Felix being labeled anti-Semitic than basically anything else going on in the past like three years.

Like where the fuck was Mark with his respect video when Anita Sarkeesian got thousands of death threats for simply saying video games had sexist content in it? Where was it when Zoe Quinn got doxxed and her family threatened for simply wanting video games to be a more welcoming environment for women? This is just stuff that was going down in the YouTube/Gaming community too, not even going to mention the grander sociopolitical issues. Even sadder is Felix has endorsed a dude who was very active in harassing both these women.

Markiplier and others don’t need to comment on every single global tragedy or political event but when they only do to express grief over an immensely privileged individual being accused of racism that’s pushing an extremely dangerous narrative that accusation of bigotry are more harmful of actual bigotry.

They also seem to maintain the ideology that as long as they intend for their videos to be pure entertainment and apolitical then that’s what it is. This isn’t true at all, everything we say is a reflection of our core political ideology, Socrates knew this thousands of years ago. Nothing exist outside of our social superstructures and we always have to be conscious of how we operate in it, this goes double for people with a following like Mark and Felix.

So I was just innocently scrolling through twitter as one does and I found one of those accounts that tells you information on the boy’s spotify or whatever right and I came across this

which is a list of louis’ most played songs so I decided to look up “wicked game” because if louis always listens to it it must be important to him right? so I go over to youtube and as I’m listening to the song I go to the comments to see if everyones like “OMG LOUIS SENT ME HERE!” and instead see this shit

Harry? why is everyone saying harry? So I drag my ass over to google and type in “harry styles wicked game” to see what the hell was sending everyone here.  DO YOU WANNA FUCKIN KNOW WHAT POPPED UP



Can we talk about how not okay this is? I know my editing sucks but honestly I don’t care. I almost didn’t hide the names because I don’t think they deserve it. These are absolutely horrible comments. The worst comment I read was a comment saying that Darkiplier would kill Jacks girlfriend.

I did ship Septiplier for awhile. People like this killed it for me. And even when I shipped them I respected that they were in relationships with other people.

But this will NEVER BE OKAY. let them be happy. With whoever they choose. I collaborated with someone else and made this post. I do not know their snapchat. But thank you for the help

I will always support @therealjacksepticeye and @markiplier no matter what they choose to do or who they choose to be with. I think they both have stunning girlfriends and I’m so happy they found them. I will never resort to these comments for anyone I ship.

About figure skating competitions

Some people have asked me about figure skating competitions so this is my reply. 

I) There is a very wonderful blog called soyouwanttowatchfs 

Their posts contain most of the necessary information, I will not spend too much time on this. 

1) If you really want to know about all the competitions in figure skating, then visit this post and read it carefully:

2) If you want to know how skaters can qualify for the Grand Prix Final, please read this post:

3) If you want to watch live stream of figure skating competitions, read this post:

4) If you want to watch recorded videos of figure skating competitions, visit this post:

II) My comments about figure skating competitions

1) When people say “first half of the season” it means they are talking about the time from September to December. 

This is the time senior B competitions and GP series competitions happen (Skate America, Skate Canada, Trophée de France, Rostelecom Cup, Cup of China, NHK Trophy, and GPF). And maybe Nationals in some countries, as Japanese Nationals and Russian Nationals are scheduled in late December.

When they say “second half of the season”, they are talking about the time from January to April.

US National and Canadian National are scheduled in January. Then there are European Championships, Four Continent Championships, and World Championships. 

2) No skaters can skate perfectly all the time in the whole season from September to April. 

Skaters are also human. It is normal when you see some skaters peak (to perform their best) in the first half of the season, while some others peak in the second half of the season. 

Skaters are trained to peak at the most important competitions of the season such as Olympic and World Championships, but it is not always the case in reality. Ice is slippery, sometimes you just accidently skate into a hole on the ice and perform worse than you can. Not to mention, injuries, sickness, and accidents happen all the time. 

Some skaters (like Yuzuru Hanyu) have to deal with huge pressure to do well in every time they compete because… they’re champions and people expect more from them. Many great skaters underperform now and then in the biggest competitions. 

3) Some Nationals are harsher than others. Some top skaters do not have to perform well at Nationals but some MUST do well to be selected to World and Olympic team.

The biggest Nationals are very competitive and skaters in big federations have to cope up with huge pressure on home ice. The biggest federations often have the most amount of talents, but each federation only has THREE slots at max for World Championships, Olympic, and others… 

For example, Russian federation has TOO MANY good ladies, most can land 7 triples in a free skate. Any girl in their top 10 can medal or even win World Championship if they skate well. This means at least 10 or more ladies are fighting over 3 slots only. Russian National for ladies is a BLOODBATH. Japanese and US Nationals are very difficult as they also have many talents compete against each other. 

Some top skaters come from smaller feds like France, Spain, Kazakhstan… they might get lesser funding but they are not as much as unfortunate as some people think. There is this fact, skaters from small federations might be the only great skaters in their countries, they can afford to do not very well in Nationals and still get the chance to go to World Championships and Olympics (their federations have no one else to send anyways). For example, Javier Fernandez might just jump triples in Spain National (no quad) and he will still get sent to World Championships and Olympic. 

But remember this, the pool of talents changes all the time. For example, before 2010, Russian federation did not have as many great ladies as they have now.

4) Some big competitions (like GPF, 4CC, European) might not be the top requirements for some skaters. 

Skaters from big federations need to be consistent and do well in smaller competitions to get selected to biggest competitions if their countries have too many good skaters at the same time. That’s why, for some Asian and North American skaters, getting into GPF, 4CC or European (with European skaters) and to win medals there is a great way for them to secure a slot for World Championships. 

However, if you are the only good skater from Uzbekistan, Philippines or Spain… (these countries do not have much competitive field), you do not need to get into GPF or European or 4CC just to get a slot to World Championships or Olympic. This is the reality, when the pool of talent is small, the federations have the lesser choices but the skaters have better chances. 

There’s nothing wrong with your kinks as long as you don’t force them on someone.

I am a little confused about is why Johnny fans keep saying Johnny has a daddy kink when

1) he literally just explained the mama/daddy culture to the best of his abilities to leeteuk and xiuchen.

2) just bc someone explains the daddy kink (tbh he wasnt even explaining it in a sexual way, pls watch the My SMT episode) DOES NOT MEAN they have that kink (i can’t believe i have to say this)…

I don’t want to see you guys harassing him on every social media platform. His teasers are coming up, and I can already see those comments on youtube and instagram. Yo he’s going to read those comments, so don’t waste your time with making him uncomfortable. Tell him nice things like how proud you are of him. Johnny said so himself that he wants to talk with and see his fans again, so make it fun for him. Please just do this one small thing :( He deserves a good time.

Stop forcing things on idols this 2017. Thank you.

You’re on YouTubers React to Kpop and you’re their favorite YouTuber (Seventeen)

So I broke it up into different songs for the units

Hip Hop Unit: Check-in

Performance Unit: Highlight

Vocal Unit: Chocolate

S.Coups: -you would be dancing almost instantly ‘he’s acting so tough for someone so adorable looking’ you would comment at the end- “thank you Y/N”

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Jeonghan: -’aw he looks so soft’ you would say as you grab your partner from your channels arm ‘the lip bite got me’ you would claim as you put your hand over your heart to be over dramatic- “she likes me. I will meet her some day”

Originally posted by visual-17

Joshua: -you would start swaying and by the end you would be smiling ‘see with kpop you don’t need to understand to get the warm feelings from videos and songs’ you would chuckle- “if she said she would love me I would love her response even more” 

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Jun: -’Oh Seventeen. Who doesn’t like them’ you would say instantly noticing the group. ‘Like the performance unit is the best unit’ you would continue as you watched the rest of the video- “she actually knows our group and likes out unit the best”

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Hoshi: -almost as soon as the video started you made a sound ‘oh I’m in love’ you joke as you look at him and then looked up. ‘They are really good’ you say as you smiled happily- “please love me. I would love that”

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Wonwoo: -’my god his voice is so freakin deep. I like it’ you would say ‘I’d buy the mixtape with ease’ you would comment as you- “she likes my voice”

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Woozi: -you were always a dork so saying ‘I don’t know who I want more him or the chocolate’ you would laugh at your own dumb joke before smiling asking to move on so you would be less embarrassed- “please let it be me more than the chocolate”

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DK: -you instantly slapped your partner as said ‘this is the vocal unit of Seventeen’ before smiling ‘I love the group everyone is so cute’ you continued as your friend rolled their eyes and tried to watch with your constant talking- “she’s right we’re cute”

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Mingyu: -you would instantly start watching with complete focus ‘that’s some bright ass hair. Like you wouldn’t lose him in a crowd’ you would. You would start dancing with it though- “well it could be worse. At least she noticed me”

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The8: -you would instantly start dancing along with the music. ‘I like it already’ you say as you continued watching happily. ‘Kpop is a happy thing, I have no idea what’s going on normally but its always fun. Other than that which group is this?’ you would ask- “will you become our fan then?”

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Seungkwan: -’That smile though’ you would tell yourself as you smiled at the video ‘if I could I would like to hug them all. They don’t deserve the heart break’ you continue as you finished the video- “she wants to hug me”

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Vernon: -’I don’t know what kind of voice I was expecting but I wasn’t expecting that one from him’ you would say with a chuckle ‘he’s really cute though’ you would finishing before feeling embarrassed- “she thinks I’m cute”

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Dino: -’Oh I’ve seen this. Fans recommended this to me because the one member watches all my stuff’ you say happily ‘I would go see them in concert if they come to my country’ you tell them as you chuckle- “she knows I love her. That’s nice”

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This guy goes on to say that he can define what is and isn’t transphobia despite not being trans, and he uses multiple triggered jokes and mocks people who get offended over transphobia or ableism. In the comment section below just really cements the fact of how transphobic the video itself is and supports such bigoted behavior. 

Because you guys are awesome, I thought I’d give you this a little early. JACKSEPTICEYE CIVIL WAR VOICE-OVER!

Sorry that the quality’s a little shitty. I had to lower it to upload it to Tumblr. I would’ve posted the link to it on YouTube, but it got taken down :’(

If you want a (hopefully) better quality video, there’ll be a link to it on my channel in a couple days.

Jack, if you’re reading this, I really hope you liked it, and thank you for commenting on some of my other stuff. I’m not ashamed to say I started jumping up and down like a little girl for at least 2 minutes after reading what you had to say. You’re awesome, and I can’t wait for the opportunity to meet you and get one of those super-special Jacksepticeye hugs… one day :’)

Also, I know you answered my question before, but I would really, really love for you to play Spider-Man 2 on the channel.. or any Spider-Man game. They’re all awesome (aside form the last one… ugh)… Sorry if I seem a bit too ‘requesty’. I’ll enjoy your content with or without Spidey :)

Michonne In Love

I was really struck by the difference in the conversation in 6x15 East and 7x08 Hearts Still Beating

Rick and Michonne recognized their love at the height of their power and safety.    

I have always found this piece of dialogue notable in East:


“We’re not losing any of it again. I’m not." 

Who are we? Team Family or Richonne? Rick may intend it as a Richonne comment. But, Michonne didn’t pick up because the reply, is “No, you’re not. I’m not.” She didn’t say, “we’re not.” So, in this very early romantic relationship, there is still a wall there as they figure out what this “different” is between them.

So what just killed me about Michonne’s monologue in 7x08 is that now she has honestly “figured it out.” She knows what is different.


Look at her blush at 1:09 just before she says to Rick, “I wanted it to be ours. Me and you.” She realizes there is no backing out, her love for Rick Grimes has demolished whatever sliver of armor Michonne still had hiding her heart.