and there was a mistake


Its done! I really liked this part in glitchtale because it was so amazing! it gave me goosebumps XD This episode was full of feels

Glitchtale belongs to @camilaart

At last, we start in on the next episode, Which Witch is Which!

The gang is driving through a spooky swamp because reasons, and Shaggy’s not so sure about the whole thing.

They pull up to Mr. Obviously Not A Zombie, and Shaggy – backed up by the gang behind him – asks for directions.

…the gang, however, is nowhere to be seen during the shot of him asking?

Shaggy inevitably freaks out, they drive away, and once again we see the rest of the gang sitting right there behind him.

And then – best of all – it cuts back to the zombie…

…staring after them with the most-wonderful look of confusion ever.

“Uh… guys? What was that all about? Why’s the continuity on this show so wonky, anyway?”

Zumin in a nutshell
  • Jumin: Zen and I have that kind of easy chemistry where we finish each other’s-
  • Zen: -sentence.
  • Jumin, deeply offended: don't interrupt me.

anonymous asked:

what are some other family-instilled values (by which I take it you mean sort of "traditional" values?) that you see Phil as subscribing to? Or did you say that mostly because he's obviously still so close to his family, so we can presume his values might align with theirs? If anything I always thought the Lesters seemed pretty progressive. I guess now I'm not sure why I think that but maybe because Martyn is older & he's been dating C for yrs with seemingly no pressure for them to get married

It’s that he’s close to his family, yes, but more so than just close - he highly prioritizes spending time with them as a family unit, to the point where he left Dan alone to do the radio show so he wouldn’t be missing a Florida vacation with them a few years back. He often repeats things his mother says without any sense of questioning them or thinking independently about them. He’s adopted superstition as a family trait, and makes his content with his family watching in mind which implies to me that their approval and not offending them means a lot to him even though the reality is that he’s a thirty year old man and has no real world obligation to keep his content at parentally-approval levels. 

To the point about them being progressive: they might adapt their attitudes to the lifestyles of their children but that doesn’t mean being progressive comes naturally to them or that they led with a progressive example when Phil and Martyn were younger. It was just a few years ago that Phil and his mum did that video together and she legitimately thought the most embarrassing moment of his childhood was when he, as a toddler, put on a hat meant for a little girl. And Phil also reacted as though that were completely and totally an embarrassing thing for him to have done. That kind of heavily gendered thinking doesn’t shout progressive to me. 


etc stands for “et cetera”. Cetera is Latin, and this saying basically means “and other similar things”. So when writing this say “etc” not “ect”

Mortified is not the same thing as horrified!!! To be mortified means to be terribly embarrassed, not to be really shocked. These two words are not interchangeable even though they sound similar
“When my pants fell down in public I was mortified”

Who’s = who is
Whose = belonging to or associated with a person or thing
“Who’s that?” vs. “Whose friend is that?”

“To add” is to make an addition to something.
“Ad” is the abbreviation of advertisement


I didn’t
erase you out
of my mind
and heart
because of the
bad memories.

But of the
good ones.

Bad memories make
you stronger.
They let you
learn from
your mistakes.

Good memories
remind you to stay
in that old happiness.
It lets you stop and not
go forward in your future.
—  blcq