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Ok (not the same anon) but to be completely fair... Daisy oozes white feminism the way she gushes over how progressive Lucasfilms is (umm, no lgbt CANON characters, no WOC up until ep. 8, no disabled characters, etc) and Natalie unapologetically wore yellow face and is going to be playing an Asian woman in the movie Annihilation. So, praising them does kind of make you look like a hypocrite. [Carrie is perfect, though, nothing wrong there]

lmao as far as posting goes i don’t post natalie stuff and as for daisy.. She’s cute and strong and i’m gay so what can i do. idk what you mean by “praising them” though cause i don’t and i’m perfectly aware of their Behaviors… what’s weird is that people are scrutinizing the way i behave towards individual white women as though that says anything about the way i feel about white feminism

the RFA’s MCs

Zen: Zen’s MC is an outrageous flirt, like this girl goes from 0 to 100000 in 2 seconds. Zen’s always torn between being impressed and embarrassed because she spouts out the corniest lines with a completely straight face; the greatest discovery of Zen’s life is when it turns out she blushes like a fire engine when he flirts back. She fits perfectly at his side, sweet and easy, and listens to every word he says. She understands; loves him a little more for his imperfections. 

Jaehee: Jaehee’s MC is so whipped, she likes Jaehee so much omgomg. She’s so positive and vibrant and cheerful everyone forgets that she gets insanely competitive over Jaehee’s attention. And there’s the way she’s sweet, but with a petty edge like a cat: she loathes Jumin with so much intensity it’s scary, and even when she’s complimenting Zen it’s all ‘ya ur abs are nice but Jaehee’s hair is still waaay prettier’. 

Jumin: Jumin and his MC’s relationship is built on perfect understanding and mutual trust, which is how Jumin knows that his MC is terrifyingly smart. Smart enough to run circles around anyone in the RFA, smart enough to beat them all at their own game. What’s more unbelievable is how kind she is; she gives him her heart, her early-morning smiles and she fills his life with laughter, with light. Teases him for his little ways so that he, slowly, begins laughing too. 

Yoosung: Yoosung’s MC is the founder and chief member of the Yoosung Protection Squad. will literally pelt Seven with anything she has in her hand when he tries to bully Yoosung. nothing can make her light up like listening to Yoosung talk about his interests, and she’s so earnest in how much she loves him, she wants to grow up and grow mature with him so that they can always stand side by side. 

Saeyoung: Saeyoung’s MC:steadfast, whimsical, sometimes gets lost in shopping malls. Kind of oblivious, in the sense that she has trouble figuring out other people’s emotions, but somehow she’s always laser-focused and deadly accurate on what Saeyoung’s thinking or feeling. Sometimes she dreams of approaching trains, and pushing Saeyoung out of the way just in time. Stubborn about her own feelings, fights for what she thinks is right, and he falls for her over and over, he never stood a chance. 

EW: That “Strike a pose” moment, with Kate then saying, “Dad, I think I want to be alone right now.”

Milo: Yeah. God, she was so good in that scene. Really great. We were in the hair and makeup trailer beforehand before the day started and she said, “I’m scared.” I said, “You’re scared?” She’s like, “Yeah.” I said, “Why are you scared?” She goes, “What if I mess up?” I said, “Oh, no, you’re not going to mess up.” I said, “It’s the best part of it being a set. We want you to mess up, and then you do it over again, then you mess up and you do it over again, and you get this perfectly imperfect performance.”

And I said, “Let’s do one pass where you’re mad at me. Let’s do one pass where you’re mad at mom and you want me to know that you’re mad at mom. Let’s do a pass where you’re mad at your brother. Let’s do a pass where you’re sad. Let’s do another version where you want to be happy, you’re trying to be happy, but you’re crushed and heartbroken.” And I said, “Now, this last one, put them all together and mix them all up.” And then at the end, I’m like, “Are you afraid now?” She’s like, “No.” And it was funny, I got messages from Dan in the editing room and he’s like, “Where did this performance come from?” [Laughs.] And I was like, “She was afraid, and we made her not afraid.”

—  Milo talking about working with Mackenzie
Shear Luck

Hairstylist!Lucy and Client!Natsu au 

rating: k

characters: natsu, lucy, levy

summary: with a handsome boy in her chair, lucy is determined to make this hair color go perfectly. but when the color goes unnatural, it’s up to her and her shears to make it right

pairings: nalu, with a mention of gajevy

“It’s great, Lucy. I love it! Thank you so much!” Levy smoothed her blue locks admiringly, grinning at the undercut hidden underneath the rest of her hair. She had wanted to go with something a little edgier, and this was definitely it. Levy had a date with someone who seemed a bit interesting to say the least.

“Well, I’m glad you came on your day off to do this. We haven’t had much time to talk because we’ve been so busy. I missed you,” Lucy said, folding her arms over her friend’s chest to hug her where she sat in the chair.

“Aw, thanks Lu! I missed you too. We gotta go out for coffee sometime soon, and you better bring the chapter of your book with you this time!” Levy said, wagging her pointer finger in Lucy’s face teasingly.

“Promise,” Lucy said with a smile, carefully taking the cape off of Levy’s shoulders and chest. Levy stood up and walked over to the front desk along with Lucy, paying the fee for the haircut and tipping handsomely.

“When was the last time you actually treated yourself? You’ve been so worried about rent that I don’t think you’ve even had the money to buy that new book you’ve been ranting about,” Levy told her friend with a smile, and Lucy thanked her and came around the front desk for a hug.

“You’re the best, Lev,” Lucy said her goodbyes as Levy walked out the door, her curled hair whooshing out the door along with her flowing orange dress.

“I gave you a color, Lucy,” the receptionist told her, and Lucy perked up at the words. She hadn’t done a color in a while, and usually color customers tipped well too. It would be enough to close her week off with a bang before she paid her rent. After all, the first of the month was fast approaching.

“Was it a request?” Lucy asked as she swept, and Sage came alongside her as she cleaned up.

“No, but he said he wanted someone young to do his color,” she told him, picking at her acrylic nails.

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can we just talk about jax as captain though?

like, stein was given ample time to prepare for his short-lived tenure as captain and he still entirely fucked it all up?

jax gets .2 seconds: sara gets shot, tells jax he’s in charge, passes out

he gets maybe a minute to freak out, and he takes maybe 30 seconds of it and goes The Fuck to Work

and?? he aces it?? he does such a good job?? 

he lays traps, he successfully leads rip in circles around the ship to buy time for ray to get the power back up. his plan, that he came up with in maybe 10-20 minutes works? perfectly? 

literally the only reason rip walks out with the piece of the spear is because jax cannot bear to see sara die. and she does anyway? 

the only reason rip wins this is because jax cares about his big sis/co-captain so much that he can’t even bring himself to lie.

this pure, kind, smart, wonderful kid (HE’S 20!! HE’S STILL 20!! MAYBE 21!! LOOK HOW GOOD HE IS ALREADY!!) does such a good job as captain that i am still a little in awe? 

i would die for jax.

naruto characters and planes because im writing this while im on a plane and very bored
  • naruto: fucking LOVES planes. he's so amped about the fact that he's in the fucking SKY, DUDE!!!!! orders a bunch of food because he heard 'complimentary' and thought that applied to everything. is a fool. in airports he keeps running down those conveyor belts like he's 5. he's like, 19
  • sasuke: would never talk about it but is real deep and moody about airplanes and that kind of extensive travel. he feels really freed by the transience of it all. he also wishes he had paid that extra ten dollars for a comfy bigger seat. somehow always gets the window seat, tho, and he doesnt actually care much about it but he refuses to switch with naruto.
  • sakura: the most prepared traveler. she has her carry-on packed with everything she could possibly need. everything charged and perfectly accessible. she's so well prepared bc on the off chance she isn't and something goes wrong in the airport you can catch her crying at the closest starbucks
  • gaara: loves to travel but thinks airplanes and airports are way too stressful and tedious and also he's dissociating like the whole time. wishes TSA could somehow do their job without acknowledging that he has a body and wears shoes
  • ino: honestly treats the airport like a fucking mall. she doesnt buy much but she goes through every single store and windowshops while comparing online with items so she doesnt spend 400x the online price. she DID spend the extra $10 for a comfy seat tho and sasuke is very jealous. she has a nightmask even tho this is a 2 hr flight, even if she spends most of the flight playing games on her phone
  • lee: jogs up and down the conveyor belts but like. the ones going the wrong way. its extra work out, or so he says. also is the guy who sits next to you on the plane and tries to make conversation with you and he's really nice but you wish he'd be quiet
  • neji: insists he's flown many times and is fine, but he's whiteknucklin the armrests the whole way. only manages to not puke from sheer force of will bc he'd rather die than walk in the aisles while the plane's moving
  • kakashi: also has a night mask like ino but he's asleep within like 30 seconds of boarding. when him and gai fly together he uses him as a headrest and its adorable. when he's with someone else he sleeps sitting perfectly straight up and its a little creepy
  • madara: grumpy grandpa. fights with TSA, will Not take off his shoes, thank you. also showed up way late for check-in. why didnt they just do a road trip
  • hashirama: happy grandpa who thinks planes are fun. buys a ridiculous amount of tourist shit, mostly keychains bc he thinks theyre cute. resolves every fight that madara starts, somehow

I thoroughly enjoy the continuing line of “Emma Swan has the diet of a six-year old with no supervision at a birthday party”.

Because really. She likes grilled cheese and onion rings. She reaches for the root beer first. She makes popcorn with melted malt chocolate balls mixed in. As a specialty.

Henry clearly takes advantage of this by eating PopTarts for breakfast. Clearly the morning we saw in New York City Serenade was influenced by Regina’s magic memories, because I can see Regina being the one to get up and make a wholesome breakfast for Henry before he goes to school. Emma? PopTarts.

Charming coming over and making breakfast makes so much more sense, aside from Charming family feels. He and Killian eventually learn that the other is also horrified by Emma’s diet – “How have her teeth not fallen out of her head?!” “She turns her nose up at a perfectly good mackerel breakfast!” – and they slowly try to replace things in the house with healthier alternatives.

Emma takes a week to realize, then doesn’t throw it all out (because she remembers what its like to have nothing) but she definitely buys new sugary crap and puts “If you throw this one out I will find out and I will hurt you” notes all over them.

It gets less subtle. Killian switches her Cocoa Puffs with a bowl of grapefruit one morning when she’s refilling her coffee. Emma eats both, trying not to make a face as the two flavors clash.

Bear claws are replaced with bagels at the station.

She retaliates by switching his rum for water, like she’d threatened to.

Charming makes giant salad-based dinners for Sundays. Henry picks at it. Emma eats his tomatoes but picks out everything else around the grilled chicken.

Snow rolls her eyes at the lot of them and makes sure to put extra cinnamon on Emma’s hot chocolate the next time they have a mom-daughter sit-down.

symmetra has a run in with Talon as she attempts to distance herself from vishkar. she rids herself of the agents quickly, but out of the corner of her eye, she sees a flash of purple. it’s familiar, but nothing happens after several minutes, so she continues on her way. 

except, the next time she pulls the trigger of her hard light projector, the opening beat of ‘pony’ by ginuwine plays from within the machine. and the longer she holds down, the more of the song plays. she is not pleased 

sombra jolts awake in the middle of the night, face pressed into her keyboard, and blearily drags herself out of her chair. she goes to walk to the tiny kitchen in her safe house and slams face first into a previously invisible hard light wall. as she stumbles back, perfectly geometric handwriting comes to life in the space where the wall was. it reads: 

I won’t hesitate, bitch

Black Magic (Young!Sirius Black x Reader)

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Request from: Anon

Prompt: Hiya :) could you please do a Young!sirius x reader where Sirius and the reader grew up together, but now he is always teasing or harsh with the reader because he is jealous because she is close friends with James and Sirius thinks they like each other. One day he goes too far and James confronts him. Thanks Hun x

“Oh Sirius stop it, or I swear I’ll curse you” You huffed as you picked out your dress.

“Seeing James again I assume” He teased pulling at one of your perfectly curled hairs.

“As a matter of fact I am” You snorted swatting his hand away.

You had met Sirius when you were only three years old. Your parents were friends so the two of you spent lots of time together. This led to you meeting James and the rest of his friends. You were one of the guys. Though you always toyed with the idea of dating Sirius. You had become particularly close to James. He had his eyes set on Lily Evans but apparently she needed a push. So James had the brilliant idea to use you to make her jealous. That entitled you to go places where Lily was and cling to James. You were happy to help. In fact you assisted all of the marauders in getting girls. That is except Sirius. You were still unsure of whether or not he liked you.

It was strange though because ever since you started helping James, Sirius seemed different. He pulled away from you and began to tease you more and became harsh. You assumed he was having a hard time with school but whenever you asked he brushed you off. It was actually becoming rather troublesome.

“And where will you be going this time?” Sirius said flopping on your freshly made bed.

“Oh come on don’t be silly” You said shoving him off of your bed. “You know Remus is having a party tonight. His parents are taking their yearly vacation to the muggle world”

“Ah yes that’s right. What a coincidence I will be there as well” He said rubbing his head which had hit the floor.

“Now get out” You said playfully pushing out the door. “I have to change and I wouldn’t want you seeing anything”

“What’s to see” He said rolling his eyes and walking away. “See you tonight” He called as he slammed your door shut.

What was up with him? Did he actually mean that? Maybe this was a sign that he really didn’t like you. You decided you’d talk to James. Maybe he knew what was going on. “Oh dash it” You mumbled as you looked at the time. You ran outside and caught up with James and the rest of the boys. The only problem was that Sirius was nowhere to be seen.

When you were at the party James held you close and watched as Lily’s eyes flickered with jealousy. Mission accomplished. Halfway through the night you saw Sirius standing in a corner with his eyes on you. Except it wasn’t friendly. It appeared to be hatred.

“James” You said tugging on his shoulder. “Do you know what’s wrong with Sirius? He seems to be treating me so different”

James shrugged. “I have no idea. He hasn’t said anything to me. Go talk to him” He said nudging you in Sirius’s direction.

As you approached Sirius he started walking away and outside. “Sirius. Sirius. Sirius!”  You yelled calling after him. “Hey” You said catching up to him and pulling on his shoulder.

“Yes Y/n what do you want?” He said reluctantly turning around to look at you.

“I wanted to spend time with you” You said softening your tone.

“Well don’t let me take you away from James”

“Ha ha very funny” You said brushing off his cold tone.

“I’m serious Y/n”

“Well of course you’re Sirius…” You said making a joke.

“I don’t want to see you anymore” He said cutting you off.

“What?” You said shocked as the tears formed in you eyes.

“Go away” He said before walking away from you and further into the night’s darkness.

You ran inside as tears streamed down your face and right to James. As soon as he saw you the smile dropped off of his face. “Y/n what’s wrong?”

“It’s Sirius” You sad wiping the tears from you face. “He doesn’t want to see me anymore” You said your voice cracking.

“I’ll talk to him” James said storming off rather angrily. “Are you mental?” He demanded upon finding Sirius outside. “You made Y/n cry”

“No you’re the mental one” Sirius said rolling his eyes. “You knew I liked Y/n and what do you do? You pursue her and take her everywhere, mocking me”

James laughed. “You’re kidding right? I like Lily and Y/n was just helping me make her jealous” Sirius’s face turned pale. “You better go talk to her she’s in Remus’s room”

Sirius feeling rather foolish and embarrassed rushed upstairs to Remus’s room. As he burst through the door he ran to your side and knelt down next to the bed. “Y/n I am so sorry. I didn’t know you were helping James. I thought you didn’t like me so I got jealous and became mean. Please forgive me”

“Why would you be jealous?” You asked wiping away the tears. “I was still spending time with you”

He sighed. “Yes but not the kind of time you were spending with James”

“Why would that matt….oh” You said realizing. “You liked me all this time?” 

He shrugged running his hand through his back hair. “You caught me”

“Oh you fool” You said tackling him to the ground. “I liked you too”

He rolled you over so now he was on top. “Then I guess that means I can do this” He pressed his lips against yours and as he did you heard snickers of laughter.

“Boys” You said snarling. “I will use magic outside of school if you don’t get out of here” You said chasing Peter, James, and Remus out the door and down the stairs. You could hear Sirius laugh as you chased them outside and into the darkness.

EXO Reaction when their idol girlfriend forgets her lyrics on stage

I hope y’all like this. Have a nice week! Ara~
/I don’t own any of the gifs used, unless stated otherwise


*Cheers on you from the crowd so you can continue* “Jagi! Jagi! Jagi! you can do this!”


*Meets you backstage* “This is for you baobei… you have nothing to worry about. Being on stage is hard, next time you’ll do perfectly!”


*Practices with you all the week so the next time it doesn’t happen again* “That’s my girl! I knew she could do it”


*Goes back in time so you can do it again* “You can do this baobei! You’ve got a second chance!”


*He’s on stage with you and does something silly so people don’t notice*


*Helps you to overcome your stage fear* “Today we’re going to dance in public, don’t be shy I’m her with you”


*Turns of the lights so they have to redo it all over again* “She can do this… I know she can”


*Comforts you after the performance* “Baobei you don’t have to worry about it, it happens to all of us. Come here… let’s go home and forget about this”


*Muttering you the lyrics from backstage* “Come on jagi…. you’ve got this!”


*You sing a duet with him and he sings your part together with you so it’s not that obvious* 


*Has banners with the lyrics* “This way even if she forgets, she won’t stop singing!”


*Has all the boys supporting you and singing the lyrics with you from the crowd*

[Masterlist] [Guideline]

Please don’t be rude

I know that a lot of people are angry with the new chapters of Kuroshitsuji (manga).

There are people saying that they are sick of all of the boyband chapters and that Yana only cares about the fanservice… 

I would just like to remind all of you one thing:

Yana Toboso is a person 

and I think we all know that she has been busy taking care of something all of us want..

We all know that an anime is “faster” to release than a manga. But it is way more complex. While working on an animated movie as big as “Book of the Atlantic”. She is dealing with more than one person, she has to give all of her time so that everything goes out perfectly. 

But while working on the manga, she is the one that does the manuscript, and it takes a long time to develop the story and the drawings, she is by herself and doesn’t have to worry about other people, different from the anime, that she need to worry about a lot of things.

In short: She is busy taking care of the movie, and doing fanservice is way more simple than developing the story. By doing that she can concentrate on the bigger project: The movie we all want to watch!

So please, be patient, and remember: She is just a person

Audrey Jensen - Stumbled Upon

Some sin of our girl Audrey because Jesus knows we need that - my first time writing smut so here goes

“Audrey?” You called out, turning the handle to your friend’s front door and peeking around. You figured she was probably in her room listening to music or something, so you started up the stairs. When you reached the last step, the door to the bathroom began to open.

“Y/N!” She exclaimed, clearly startled. Your breath caught in your throat as you saw what she was wearing. She had just gotten out of the shower and was currently towel drying her soft, raven hair. The loose grey tank top showed off her arms perfectly, in addition to offering a view of her black Calvin Klein sports bra that drove you insane everytime it made an appearance. The image of her strong thighs in only blue and white boy shorts made your mind go places you weren’t entirely proud of.

“Fuck,” you practically spat, desperately hoping that your cheeks weren’t as red as they felt. “Err-uh, I’m sorry. I knocked on your door, and then uh came in and called your name, but you didn’t reply so I figured you were in your room and then I got up here and now I know that you were in the shower which is why you didn’t hear me and now you’re standing here in front of me like this and I’m sorry to have caught you like this, but I’m also really not because you’re really fucking hot so.. Oh god I should stop talking,” you said, speaking faster then you ever have before.

No longer startled, Audrey folded the towel under her arm and reached out to steady you. She looked directly into your eyes and spoke surely, “Y/N, it’s okay. Everything’s cool, don’t worry.” She then proceeded to walk past you and into her bedroom, smirking to herself and maybe even blushing at your comment, but only once she was facing away from you.

You hopped from foot to foot, unsure of what to do next.

“Are you just going to stand there in the hallway?” She hollered from within her room, “it’s not like I’m putting on less clothes.” You could practically hear the smile in her voice.

When you went inside her room, she was laying on her back on her bed. Oh, if she only knew the things she made you feel (actually, you realized, she might actually know exactly what she’s doing to you. You know, after your little accidental confession moments earlier).

“So,” she began, leaning up into a sitting position, “you think I’m hot?” She inquired, not hiding the smugness in her voice or face.

You gulped. “Uhh, yeah.., I do.” You said quietly.

She got up off the bed and closed a lot of the space between you, “well I think you’re beautiful.” She spoke equally as quietly, her voice now devoid of smugness.

“You do?” Your voice barely a whisper.

Her hands now rested lightly on your hips, “how could I not?” And before you knew it, her lips were on yours. The kiss was soft, chaste at first even, but that didn’t last long. Her lips were chapped, yet soft, creating a wonderful sensation against your own. After a few moments, she bit your lower lip, asking permission for access to your mouth, which you granted without second thought. She slowly began to walk you backwards towards the nearby wall, before abruptly pressing you into it, making you gasp. She toyed with the hem of the bottom of your shirt, as you moved your lips to kiss along her strong jaw. You pressed a searing kiss to her pulse point and heard her breath hitch.

She pulled away for a moment, “is this okay, Y/N? Are you okay with this?” She asked, purposefully trying to slow her breathing, “Because I swear, if you kiss my neck like that, I’m not going to stop until I’ve made you feel so fucking good.” You watched as her eyes went dark.

“Yes, Audrey. I want this. I want you.” That was all it took. She was instantly on you, pressing your bodies flush against each other as she collected your wrists in one hand and pinned them above your hand. You whimpered under her grasp; fuck, she was strong. Grabbing the bottom of your shirt, she let up the pressure against you for a split second as she began to lift your shirt up over your head. This meant she had to let go of your wrists for a moment, in which you seized the opportunity to tangle your hands in her soft, damp, short hair you loved so much.

“So fucking beautiful.” She muttered against your lips, making you blush. Her hands made their way down to your ass, supporting you so you could jump up to wrap your legs around her hips. Easily, she carried you like this back over to her bed, as your lips pressed kisses into every inch of her neck. She laid you down gently onto her bed and stood at the foot of it looking at you with not only hunger in her eyes, but also a soft care and adoration.

“You tell me if at any point you don’t like something, or if something hurts, or just absolutely anything, okay? We won’t do anything you don’t want to. I want this to be the best for you. It’s not everyday you learn that you and your best friend have feelings for each other.”

Wow, she was a lot better at composing herself to create coherent sentences then you were, you thought to yourself. Your brain was still trying to process how she reciprocated your feelings. So you just nodded frantically. “Okay,” you agreed as you pulled the front of her tank top so your lips connected and she moved to straddle your hips.

“I want this off now.” You found your voice as you tugged at her top. In one incredibly attractive movement, she whipped off the grey tank with one hand and discarded it to the other side of the room. She was breathtaking and so unbelievably toned.

One of her hands pulled at your hair as the other reached around your back and undid your bra. She immediately attached her mouth to your left breast, working the other with her free hand. “Fuck,” you breathed and felt her smirk around your nipple. She flicked her tongue over your bud before switching to the other breast. Her hips grinded into your own, and you felt yourself grow wetter at an alarming rate, but you couldn’t find it within yourself to care.

She began to kiss lower, leaving sloppy kisses down your torso before reaching your growing heat. An involuntary moan escaped you at the sight of your incredibly gorgeous best friend between your legs, and you thought you were going to blackout before anything more happened.

“Please,” you whimpered as she ran her tongue over the incredibly thin and soaking wet material of your panties.

“Please what?” She said, looking up at you through heavy eye lashes, because of course she did.

“Please fuck me,” you pleaded.

“As you wish,” she quipped and took the hem of your underwear in her teeth to pull them down, all while maintaining eye contact. Once discarding of your underwear, she pressed a gentle kiss to each of your thighs before taking your throbbing clit in her mouth. She sucked at your clit in the best way possible, and you let her know as your head fell backwards with a groan and your back arched. She slipped a finger inside you without warning, pumping in and out in a agonizing rhythm. Her unoccupied arm pinned down your hips as they begun to buck up into her. Suddenly, she added another finger and picked up the pace.

“Au-Audrey!” You practically screamed. She hummed against you in reply, sending the most wonderful vibrations throughout your body.

Now, as her fingers and her mouth worked you in a wonderful collaboration, you grasped at the bed sheets with white knuckles. “Audrey, I’m close,” you sputtered between ragged breaths.

“I know, baby girl.” She twisted her fingers, hitting your g-spot, and it only took three pumps like this before she knew you were going to lose it. “Come for me.”

Pleasure shot through your body and your mind blacked out. Strings of expletives and her name were the only thing that filled the room in that moment, and the two of you were the only thing that mattered. She slowed the pace, but kept her fingers inside you, helping you through your white hot orgasm.

She brought her fingers to her mouth and sucked off your juices in a manner that was too hot to be legal. After crawling back up you, she pressed a light, tender and extremely caring kiss to your lips, letting you taste yourself on her mouth.

“Audrey,” you said quietly and a little shakily, “that was amazing.”

“You’re amazing Y/N. I can’t wait to explore every inch of you, if you’ll let me.” She said, nuzzling into your neck.

“I’d love nothing more.” You smiled.

“I can’t believe I’m in love with my best friend.” She nuzzled even deeper into your neck, not turning to look at you.

“Your best friend is in love with you too, you dork. Now it’s my turn to make you feel that good.” You kissed the top of her head with a smile before rolling so you were on top of her.

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on a different not disgusting note.. my sister and i share a headcanon that pidge can rap all of nicki minaj's verses, but only nicki's. she can't rap anything else. lance is singing 'bang bang' one day and pidge jumps in with the rap perfectly and lance screams.


ok but this goes perfectly with “Lance knows all of Hamilton” hc because imagine Pidge being like 
“I’m in the cabinet. I am complicit in Watching him grabbin’ at power and kiss it If Washington isn’t gon’ listen To disciplined dissidents, this is the difference:This kid is out!”
and Lance is like: 😳 NEW BEST FRIEND 

I don’t think anyone’s gonna read it but I just needed to get it out so, here it goes.

Carol doesn’t care about Ez*kiel. She doesn’t like him in a romantic way and that is perfectly clear. Still, some people keep claiming it will happen and that Daryl “would totally support it”. That’s what I want to talk about because it bothers me.

If you are honest about this, without interpreting things to favor your own ship, and if you see Daryl for who he really is, you know he loves carol (and she loves him too).

It has already been said countless times (and some people seem to still don’t get it) that he’s not the sexy guy who’s gonna find someone and “bang them against a tree” in a matter of a few episodes. He won’t fall in love and open up to anyone he doesn’t feel comfortable with, or that he doesn’t trust.

He could be gay? Yes, he could, but we have no indication of that so far.
But that’s not the reason he’s definitely not in love with J*sus.
He is not in love with J*sus because they share nothing.
He didn’t fall for him after sharing a few minutes of screen time on one episode (where they wanted to kill each other).
J*sus doesn’t know him. Daryl is not comfortable and still doesn’t trust him. And if you truly understand daryl’s character at all, you know he needs to feel safe to open up. He needs to feel confident enough to be vulnerable.

He is someone who only feels attraction after knowing and trusting the other person.
And if you take all that in consideration, you know there’s no one he could be in love with but Carol.

Cause daryl’s the boy who has been beaten and mistreated his entire life. Childhood, adulthood, pre and post ZA.
Daryl’s the boy who grew up insecure, and who flinched at any sight of a nice gesture towards him cause he couldn’t help but expect violence and aggression coming next.

But still, he is the man who plucked a flower from a bush and gave it to a woman who was in pain, while the world around seemed to be in oblivion to what she was feeling.
He was, and still is, the man who made one of the most vulnerable gestures, to try and ease the pain carol felt.

But can you imagine though what went on his mind while deciding to take that flower or not?
The whole internal debate he must have had.
And being an introvert, we don’t usually reach out, unless we truly CARE for the person AND feel safe to do so.
That’s why the cherokee rose scene is my favorite, and moved me so much when I watched it. He wouldn’t have done it unless he cared deeply. Unless it really mattered.

I do think he’s been loving her in silence since the very beginning.
In my head, he started watching her at the camp in season 1 because he realized what was going on with her husband, and because he noticed her behaviors were a lot like his.

By observing her so much, he ended up head over heels for the woman he realized she was: strong but sweet. soft but fierce. a generous nurturing mother who could blow you to pieces if you looked at her loved ones the wrong way.
And I don’t think he realized how he felt until much later. Maybe even after the prison (he had to lose her, to realize he loved her), but that’s another story.

And because of all that, there’s no room for anyone else.
Not for R*sita, even if I really like her character, no room for J*sus, no room for B*th even, if she was still alive (which she is not).

Daryl is in love with Carol and there’s no way he would be fine with c*rzekiel. He wouldn’t be ok with it. He would be devastated once again.
He would lose his beacon of hope for happiness, after all the suffering he’s already endured throughout his life.

So, I’m sorry but I can’t ship Carol with anyone else but him.
It’s unreasonable for these two broken characters, who have found strength in each other all those years, who have showed so much love and tenderness, to be put with random people who know little to nothing about who they are.

If you read all this, I just wanna say thank you and I’m sorry for any mistakes I probably made, since english is not my first language (but I love it more than anything ❤)

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The Avengers have a vine account called the aVINEgers and Peter's the only person who knows how to use the app properly and Thor does EVERY vine challenge bc he thinks midgard is adorable and Vision completely misunderstands the giggling voice behind the camera but tries his best and nobody even realises who's filming until there's a ceiling-based vine and then the internet goes apeshit

tony accidentally upload six seconds of staring into the camera w a confused look on his face

nat almost murdered clint when he tried to pull a prank on her (she uploaded the video he was taking, with the ending being clint pouting on the floor, surrounded by feathers)

sam has like ten videos of him making old man jokes feat. steve and bucky

wanda, vision, and thor upload all the time, usually with just fun silly little videos that make everyone smile

and there are fifteen or so hilarious vines that feature typical (ie ridiculous) avenger shenanigans that are all perfectly timed and no one knows who uploaded them until one video catches tony yelling “GET DOWN FROM THERE, SPIDER-BRAT” and the internet erupts in screaming

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whats your opinion on people ignoring any character development and saying lapidot is "unhealthy" because peridot held lapis captive at one point? i mean, isnt ame/dot "unhealthy" by those standards too?

It irritates me so bloody much, if I’m perfectly honest about it.

“B-but Peridot held Lapis captive and dragged her back to earth!”

Yeah, on Yellow Diamond’s orders.  I mean, I’m just saying that the first interaction Peridot had with Lapis after she betrayed Yellow Diamond…

Originally posted by kathon

…which was also followed by the entirety of Barn Mates, goes to show that she does actually care about Lapis.  A lot.

“But… the tape recorder!  Lapis broke her tape recorder!”

Yeah, before they were friends!  I mean, if we’re gonna villify Lapis for things that she did to Peridot when they were still on different “sides”, then how about we all jump on Amethyst for this:

Yeah, let’s not.

The thing is though, Lapis actually did show some remorse after she smashed the recorder - her body language exuded guilt, and she then stepped up to protect Peridot from the Roaming Eye.

And the next time that she almost broke something of Peridot’s (the tablet)…

…she apologised!

And speaking of the tablet…


Despite my dislike of A//med/ot, the actual truth of the matter is that neither of these ships is “unhealthy” just because of a few bumps in the road.  But, as you very rightly said Anon - you can’t judge one of them as being “unhealthy” without also judging the other as “unhealthy” as well, because that’s a horrible, biased double-standard.

I just watched Trolls and Oh My God

They did so amazing with it they could have gone with the typical line up of heterosexual relationship storylines

But they didn’t……

They took it and made it realistic IN ANIMATION which rarely happens

And also the reason why Branch was the way he was also was well played out, I don’t think I would forgive myself too if I caused the death of a loved one and if it was caused by something I was doing I would avoid it too

And so when she goes gray like him along with the rest of the clan he realizes in order for him to help her and for him to forgive himself he has to sing and together they helped heal each other it felt realistic and Justin Timberlake and Anna Kendricks Cover of True Colors was so beautiful and they meshed together perfectly

Dreamworks really knocked it out of the park with this one this movie really should get more credit then its gotten

Female pronouns used

Tsukishima Kei:

  • It takes a while for Tsukishima to warm up to the idea of having a very cuddly girlfriend.
  • It’s not that he hates cuddling but he’s normally very reserved when it comes to physical intimacy.
  • At the beginning, he isn’t a fan of PDA and he’d rather keep it to a minimum when they’re out in public.
  • He gets very flustered easily but instead of acting embarrassed, he gets a little irritated if his girlfriend doesn’t stop.
  • But once their relationship grows longer, he gradually becomes less stiff with cuddling.
  • He’ll still keep PDA to a low but he’ll still hold her hand and occasionally kiss her on the forehead.
  • When they’re alone together, Tsukishima is actually lowkey clingy. He’ll deny anything if his girlfriend says anything but she can tell by the way he keeps his arms locked around her waist.

Bokuto Kotaro:

  • Bokuto is a cuddly guy himself so having a cuddly girl goes perfectly well with him.
  • In pubic, these two are not afraid of some PDA.
  • They are always physically touching in some way, either it being Bokuto having his arm around her shoulders or her holding onto his arm.
  • Bokuto’s teammates tease the two for being so comfortable with each other but Bokuto shrugs them off, gladly kissing his girlfriend whenever he wishes.
  • When they are alone, pillow forts are a must.
  • Some Disney movies and hot beverages are also thrown into the mix.
  • Bokuto loves playing with his girlfriend’s hair whenever they’re cuddling but he’s putty in her hands if she runs her fingers through his locks.

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“You’re too good for this world.” A gerudo lady saying that to Link. X3

Decided to go with Urbosa from BotW for this one, because she’s best mom and also its so fitting that she would say something like this to Link. There’s not a whole lot of spoilery things in here, if you think about it, but then again, I might be biased in saying that after having just beatthe game. But oh well. So here goes.

Urbosa stood with her back to her divine beast, her arms crossed as she watched the princess and her appointed knight begin to take their leave back towards Gerudo Town via sand seals. There was a hint of discontent on her usually solid expression, one that deepened as she overheard Zelda clear frustration with her knight. 

“I do not need any assistance!” she snapped, sending a harsh glare Link’s way as she fastened the reigns to her sand seal. “I am perfectly capable of doing this myself, thank you.”

As always, Link muttered an apology and glanced away, apparently guilty. Urbosa raised an eyebrow at this. He had done the very same thing last night when she had used her fury to awaken Zelda from her rest. The princess had expressed alarm and disdain as his very unannounced presence, and while the Gerudo champion had laughed at the time, know she realized that the bitterness between the pair was more than just a mere point of amusement. Link was a swordsman of few words, yes, but Urbosa could tell just by his manner how much Zelda’s disapproval of him really affected him. Seeing as how he had such a heavy weight upon his shoulders, the last thing he needed was any kind of uncertainty on the part of his duty. 

Which was why Urbosa planned to fix this here and now. 

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