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Now Carrie lives alone, unattached, in her refuge—a one-room pine-paneled log cabin in the Hollywood Hills. The cabin, or lodge, as she affectionately calls it, was a ’30s Fox studio set. Considering Carrie’s million-plus take (with points) from Star Wars, The Empire Strikes Back and Jedi, the modesty of her quaint, rustic retreat is rather jarring. There is a sleeping alcove, a bed framed with tree branches, early American knickknacks and antiques. There are no self-aggrandizing Jedi artifacts; instead there are gifts echoing precious bonds. The most striking of them is a 13-star American flag from New Yorker Simon, draped over a window. The quirky aura of the place is all Carrie: offbeat, cozy, loose and strenuously decorator-proof. Sure she could probably plunk down a mill for a Topanga palazzo on stilts overhanging next month’s mudslide. And for sure there are movie stars who need more space than this lodge just to shower. Carrie’s needs are different. The further Lucas pushed her Leia into uncharted celluloid solar systems, the more it seemed Carrie needed to nest amid intimate, secure surroundings on terra firma, or at least in L.A. The lodge is her sane asylum, sheltering her from the immensity of it all. Sitting on her couch, she can see the borders of her private universe. It’s her open house for “members” like Jedi comrade Harrison Ford and his screenwriter wife Melissa (E.T.) Mathison, Teri Garr, Penny Marshall, Joan Hackett, and her brother Todd, 25, a born-again evangelist.

Return of the Fisher, June 1983

i’ve decided that since i read probably way too much fic i’m going to start a huge-ass rec list of my favourites. ones marked with a are my ultimate faves, ones marked with a * are WIPs and i’ve written little notes next to the fics that really left an impression on me. i will be adding to this list as i read new fics! 

categories under the cut: post-canon / canon divergence / AUs / one-shots / PWP

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Okay Kingdom Hearts fandom, I’m here to talk about a thing. 

So it’s pretty obvious after playing Ventus that his fighting style is the most similar to Sora’s. it’s faster, of course, but he does all these little jumps and spins while smacking things around with his keyblade and firing magic off. The fighting style of both Sora and Ventus kinda come off as a fairly relaxed, fun style. While they’re fighting things, it’s not hard to believe that they’re having fun. Both Ven and Sora can use light-based moves such as Salvation and Faith. It should be noted that, along with Roxas, Sora and Ventus are the only characters that use glide/superglide outside of Neverland.

While Riku shares many abilities with Terra, such as Meteor, Zantetsuken, Sacrifice, and Meteor Crash, I find his fighting style itself is far more similar to Aqua. His “hand spring” resembles Aqua’s cartwheel, for starters. Riku’s fighting style seems to be very structured, with quick strikes and prominent magic, extremely similar to Aqua. In Dream Drop Distance he learns abilities such as (Dark) Barrier and Double Flight, moves exclusive to Aqua. He also develops Link Styles that are similar to Command Styles in Birth by Sleep, such as Blade Charge which is a command style used by Terra and Aqua, and Rising Wing, which bears similarities to Sky Climber, a command used by Aqua and Ventus. Later on he obtains a Dual Link Style called Ghost Drive which correlates directly to a Level 2 Command Style, also called Ghost Drive, which can only be used by Aqua.

With all of that in mind, I absolutely, sincerely hope that Kairi will just BE TOTALLY DEVASTATING.  Basically what we would get from Kairi is these flowery cute keyblades THAT ARE COMPLETELY OVERPOWERED. And y’know, I’m kinda sick of the “girl is good at magic” I mean, I’m cool with it, but to me Kairi just doesn’t seem the type to rely on magic all that much. So I feel like she’d totally be the most like Terra when it comes to fighting. She’s always been the slowest, ever since KH1, and though we haven’t seen her use a keyblade very often, when she does they way she holds it seems to be a good way to make powerful and effective blows. Furthermore, in concept art from Nomura we see her “fighting” a heartless with a branch. Yeah, a FULL BRANCH. Not a flimsy little Roxas stick or wooden baby play sword. A BIG TREE BRANCH. And she just whacks a fricken heartless like a piñata . In KH2 we see her fighting heartless and the way she swings doesn’t exactly hint at a dainty little magic user. Basically, I just want kairi to be this super cute girl who is a princess and has an adorable flower keyblade and a pink dress and JUST TOTALLY DESTROY HER ENEMIES. WITH A SWING OF HER CUTESY KEYBLADE HEARTLESS FALL TO HER FEET IN DEFEAT (haha). That’s the Kairi I want. The Kairi that wants to be trained by Terra because DAMN SON YOU’RE SO STRONG TRAIN ME no not you Aqua like you’re cool BUT TERRA I WANNA KICK BUTT LIKE THAT.

And poor Terra has no idea what to do because he’s afraid he’d corrupt her even though she’s incorruptible and he’s not sure she could handle his training regimen aND THEN HE WATCHES HER SPAR and Aqua’s like “oh” and he’s like “OH. OH OH OH THAT’S WHY SHE WANTED ME” and he’d be down for it and teach her to swing like a pro and kick butt like there’s no consequences.

Democratia Aut Mors, Sed Non Imperium

Frantically posting a story I wrote a year ago (seriously, a year ago) in order to appease the people who just started following my blog (I’m alive I swear)

We were the pride of the Ytrian Imperial Fleet. Five hundred ships, more than most species had in their possession, military and civilian. Five hundred ships, tens of thousands of sailors. So we did what we do best, what empires do best, we expanded our territory.

We expanded, and our rule was benevolent. We built hypergates, expanded trade, ensured the naked were clothed and the hungry were fed. We did this for those who we conquered, and in time they came to love us. A line of emperors a hundred generations long unmarred by a succession war, a line of emperors a hundred generations long each educated from birth to know they served the people. We had perfected the rule of a monarch, we had perfected the hereditary leadership, by getting rid of the only issue it had. Unreliable monarchs.

So when we came to the edge of a Republic, we were amused. Many species that now lived and died in the borders of our great empire had experimented with democracy at one point in time, and now all had renounced such failings and were happily in servitude to our glorious leader, Emperor Ytriax'us the Forty Third of His Name, Light of the Empire, Great Servant of the People.

So when we came to the edge of a Republic, we did what we always did. We gave them a choice. Submit to us peacefully, or submit to us through war. We will give you all the boons of the empire, or grind your armies away and restructure your planets to better serve.

The first of the Republic’s planets came to us, and they accepted our benevolent offer. They were enfolded in the arms of the empire, and loved as all our people are loved. They were given boons of technology such as their planet had never seen.

Then came the second, the third, and eventually the fifteenth planet of the Republic to submit to our glorious empire. We grew ever stronger, as was our destiny, as was our duty.

The other planets of the Republic, they would not submit. So we marshaled our great fleet, our five hundred ships, and we sent them to war.

The Republic met us in combat, and the Republic fell in combat. And the Republic was absorbed into our benevolent empire as dozens of species before it had been absorbed into our empire.

That is, they were going to be. But right as our great fleet, still with four hundred and sixty six great ships of combat was about to finish off the flagship of the Republic, and bring the predictable end to this predictably tragic combat, four massive ships jumped into the system.

All four were huge ships, many times larger than any of our battleships, and all were emblazoned with similar words, hated words, words I have come to dread hearing. The Yorktown, the Waterloo, the Normandy, the Gettysburg. A pale skinned biped came onto the screen.

“You sailors, soldiers, and ships of the Ytrian Empire. You will visit no more violence upon these people. You will depart this system and all systems which did not voluntarily join your empire now, or I swear you will suffer the consequences. These ships are those of the Knights Terra, as are those that will follow, and you will visit no more war upon those peaceful stars.”

We laughed, shocked by the presumption of these four ships. What paltry force this was, to presume to issue demands to us. We were the Ytrian Empire, and we knew no master but our Emperor, may he reign forever.

So our Admiral, great Ytriax'an, cousin to the Emperor Most High, amused by their impertinence, deigned to speak to the scum.

“You who are the Knights Terra, we know not of you, but you clearly know of us. We are the ships of the Ytrian Empire, and we will not permit you to stand in the way of progress. All will come under our benevolent rule, by peace or by force the choice is yours.”

After that, after that there was violence. Sudden, immediate, overwhelming violence. We had no idea the Terrans were in range for their weapons. We had no idea their missiles were capable of destroying one of our Battleships with a single blow. We handful of survivors fled, ran for the safety of home and Empire.

As we left that system, they broadcast a single message to us.

“Democratia aut mors, sed non imperium.”

We’ve spent the last decade decrypting that message. It is in a Terran tongue that was dead a thousand years ago, but they stubbornly refuse to let go entirely. Loosely translated it means “Democracy or Death, but never Tyranny”. It is the motto of the Knights Terra, who have rained death and destruction upon our Empire.

To your battle stations now crew, the Stalingrad just warped into the system, to join her sisters the Madrid, the Bull Run and the Kursk.

Defend the Emperor, prepare to meet your ancestors with dignity, and when our Empire dies remember those who destroyed it. Remember those who shattered our rule, who would not suffer our Emperor to spread his rule throughout the galaxy.

Remember the Terrans

Fruit of the Dead (Negan x Female)

Summary: She lives in a community called Terra and grows food with her mother. When Negan sees her playing in the woods, he knows he has to have her. This fic is written to mirror the myth of Hades and Persephone. 

Characters: Negan x Female

Word Count: 4,290

Warnings: Light smut, lots of fluff, a very fluffy Negan

Author’s Note: This was a fic request from @to-pick-ourselves-up-7 who asked:

“Can I ask for a Negan x reader in the setting myth of Hades and Persephone? Sounds interesting to me. Pretty pretty please?”

I have rewritten this fic like 3 times now. I just wasn’t content with it, and probably bit off more than I could chew. After lots and lots AND LOTS of revisions, I am finally content with the final version. I love a challenge, and this certainly tested my ability as a writer. Hopefully you enjoy it! 

There are a lot of references to the story of Hades and Persephone in this fic, and I’ll include them at the end, so if you want to geek out with me, you can. 

Big thanks to @ashzombie13 for beta’ing this fic for me! 

Please, please, please tell me what you thought! I love feedback.

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Newcomers Pt 14

Pt 14

“What?!” Hesky shouted waking the baby so he had to pick him up and try and soothe him “What did you just say?” he said quieter to Cathy over the vidcom.

“The Gal are our cousins, genetically of course but you get it”

“Yeah I get it but what was that other bit about a symbiont?”

She showed him hers on the back of her neck “They’re awesome, I’ve never felt better since I had it, I’m faster, stronger more aware and….well I’m more….toned”

“Oh?” Hesky said raising an eyebrow and looking at her chest “And you are not just being forced to say this like they are taking over?”

“No they are separate minds, in fact the symbiont doesn’t have any sense of self awareness, it’s like a gland or another organ”

Hesky was still not convinced “Look, I’ve been called the crazy one in this relationship more than my fair share of times but I think you may have taken the cake”

“Talk to Dr Cassion he can put your worries to rest”

“I thought he was down on the planet?” Hesky asked.

“He is a plot device he will go where the writer needs him to go”

“Well that’s just plain lazy writing”

Hesky took Depit with him and headed to the medbay, word of the Gal’s genetic compatibility with them had spread like wildfire and was greeted with excitement. The Gal were shocked at how the Humans who had been originally rather suspicious of them and even fought battles in the past were now greeting them like old family and inviting them to visit Terra itself.

Hesky turned a corner and discovered something to his surprise and annoyance.

“Major Stabby now?” he said and the roomba made a chimed noise at the sound of it’s name and Hesky saluted it and walked on by. “Bloody thing will be running the whole fleet soon” he grumbled.

The door to the medbay opened as he approached and he found Dr Cassion there looking through a microscope

“Dr Cassion?”

Cassion looked up form his work and moaned to himself “If your here that means I have to explain something”

“Well that is kind of your role in this” Hesky said coming in.

“Fine fine, sit over there”

Hesky took a seat and Cassion pushed himself away on his chair from his desk but overshot where Hesky was sitting and hit the wall.

“Whoops, don’t worry I’m coming back” he said using his feet to pull his chair along and in front of Hesky.

“Well, it’s about these symbionts”

“They are not brain worms like from that old film” Cassion interrupted.

“That thought had crossed my mind”

“Well they do not have the mental capabilities for that and I would know I’ve dissected about a dozen of them”

“The Gal are okay with you doing that?” Hesky said surprised.

“They gave them to me for that reason”

At that moment a Gal appeared from behind a curtain holding a small beaker full of some black liquid. “Where do you want me to put this?” he signed to Carssion.

“Oh put it on my desk, don’t go anywhere you can help me explain some things to this idiot”

“I am sitting right here”

“But you are holding a baby so I’m pretty sure I can either take you and/or outrun you”

“How can I help?” signed the Gal

“He is scared of the symbiont” Cassion said

“I am not scared of them just…concerned” Hesky protested.

“Wait a minute” the Gal signed approaching Hesky “Are you not the one that ate one of us on Remur?”

Hesky’s eyes widened “Errrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrmmmmm….you can’t prove that”

The Gal made a noise that sounded like gargling, this was how the Gal laughed and it made the same actions of holding it’s body like a Human would when they laughed.

“Oh you bastard” Hesky said.

“So back  to the symbiont” Cassion said holding a small jar “Do you want it or not?”

Hesky looked at him and at the Gal who regarded him and smiled “Yeah go on I’ll give it a go”

“Marvellous” Cassion said unscrewing the jar and looking inside “Where’d it go?”


“It’s gone, this jar is full of tuna, oh fuck I think I had it for breakfast”

The Gal shot a look at him as if shocked by this.

“I’m kidding! This jar is empty I don’t know where it is”

Just then a Gal symbiont came running across the floor and the door to the medbay opened.

“Oh no” Cassion said seeing Major Stabby appear, it’s scanners detecting what it thought to be a harmful parasite and began hunting the symbiont.

It became a race as to who could grab it first.

“Gal grab it!” shouted Cassion who ran to try and bar Stabby’s path but ended up getting stabbed for his trouble, he fell tot he floor holding his left foot.

“I got it!” Hesky shouted stamping his foot down but the symbiont darted under a bed, the Gal then extended one of it’s tentacles underneath to get but abruptly withdrew it.

“It bit me” it signed.

“Those things have teeth!” Hesky shouted.

All the while Depit was still in his father’s arms was laughing and enjoying all the commotion.

“Stop Stabby, if he gets it he will kill it and I can’t afford to loose another one” Cassion shouted.

“He won’t listen to me he outranks me” Hesky shouted back, then Stabby made a turn towards the Gal who leapt up onto the wall and out of it’s reach.

“Get down form there and help us you fishy bastard!” Hesky shouted.

“No way that thing is armed” it signed.

“Then hold him” Hesky handed the Gal, Depit who was held by the Gal’s remaining tentacles.

“Here I got him” Hesky grabbed Stabby but forgot he was magnetized to the floor “Oh no” he muttered before a burst of speed dragged Hesky across the room and into a cabinet making it fall on him. “Whoever had the bright idea to equip him with power motors can now be considered a idiot”

“You two would get on grand then” Cassion laughed and Hesky threw one of the fallen cabinets contents at him.

The door opened once more and everyone froze, Stabby had called reinforcements. The medbay became flooded with roomba’s some of which were larger and equipped with servo arms to right fallen furniture, Heksy then saw the symbiont trying to climb the wall with Stabby and three other roombas below it, one with arms reaching for it.

“Oh shit” he said getting to his feet, trying and failing not to fall over the roombas which now carpeted the floor, he leapt reaching for the symbiont who then sensed his presence and seeing it’s route of survival leapt at him to. The two met in mid air of which the symbiont wrapped it’s tentacles around Hesky’s arms and ran over his body and latched itself to the nape of the neck. Hesky screamed at the sudden impact of the symbionts teeth but it went an instant later as the symbiont injected pain killers.

Then in a single instant all the roombas stopped, scanned the area now seeing now sign of the symbiont, they left the medbay and the larger ones finished righting the overturned furniture. Stabby left last and played a tune which supposed to a response to the crew thanking him for cleaning the room.

The Gal slowly made it’s way off the wall and stood next to the two Humans who were panting. “You know, you would save yourselves a lot of trouble if you took the knife off that thing” Cassion and Hesky looked at him.

“Just give me my son dip shit” Hesky said taking Depit form him.

“Your spawn is cute” the Gal signed

“Child, it’s called a child and yes he is”

“He clearly takes after the mother” Cassion said moving away and Hesky swung his arm to slap him over the head but missed.

“Well thank you Doctor” Hesky said going to leave.

“Oh I’m not really a doctor, I am just a plot device to be used to explain things and bring the occasional comedy, like you were at first”

“Will you stop breaking the fourth wall!”


Because They’re There.

Maybe the weirdness of humans isn’t in our squishiness or our resilience or our strange cultural quirks. Maybe the overriding ‘alienness’ of humans when compared to other species is our undying curiosity and drive to go further when we don’t need to. Other aliens explore and expand when it is required. There is no more space here so we must find more there. But humans will go out and explore an ocean just to see what’s there.

Zing (not their real name, but they were adapting to it as the only one the majority of their crewmates were able to pronounce) trudged into the communal area of the hive. Sub-Hive 9hXGsse was unimaginatively named and unimaginatively staffed and unimaginatively run. Often referred to as the loneliest system in space it was mainly manned and suited for outcasts of various species.

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Terra Battle x Yoko Taro: Tronic Gal Type O Character Story

A Machine who becomes an Android


A quiet, mysterious android girl with an Arachnobot for head.

Despite her looks, she’s just like any other young girl, and fashion is her latest craze. A hot topic among her mechanical friends these days is nut necklaces and screw pendants.

She travels to the mechanical walls every day in search of nuts to use for handmade jewelry.


A quiet, mysterious half-machine girl.

Despite her looks, she’s just like any other young girl, and this time she’s developed a slight sweets obsession. Grease shakes and silicon wafers are two of her favorites.

Although she knows that greasy foods eaten without moderation can make you fat, she’s programmed to prioritize food cravings over concerns about her appearance. She can’t help binge-eating sweets; she’s simply wired that way.

Lately she hangs out in the city of Agra, famous for high-quality machine oil with a particularly sweet taste.


A quiet, mysterious android who, at first sight, is nearly indistinguishable from a real human.

She may not have a beating, organic heart, but she’s a young girl not without an interest in romance. Every day she fantasizes about the parts she’d equip for her wedding, or about delighting a boyfriend with her special dish, spicy microchips with thermal paste dip.

Unfortunately, she doesn’t know a single male android, so every day it’s just her and her girlfriends getting dreamy-eyed chatting about what they imagine love might be like.

But one day…one day her true love will find her!

More info about the collab

Check out BGM 1 by Keiichi Okabe

Wayfinder trio personality flaws


  • pride. he’s too proud to admit that he might not have the strength to hold back his darkness, which makes him defensive against Eraqus’ and Aqua’s concern.
  • too emotional. when Aqua’s accusation hurts him, he walks out rather than stay and talk. when he’s upset over having used darkness against Braig, that disappointment in himself (among many other factors) temporarily overshadows his trust in Eraqus and he turns to Xehanort’s tutelage instead. minutes later, he walks out on Ven again rather than confide in him.


  • doesn’t trust her friends enough. she had zero evidence that Terra had done anything wrong besides Maleficent’s vague claims and still accused him; protective or not, she didn’t trust Ven enough to take him with her even though he’d proven himself in battle and his ability to survive on his own (he mentions having battled Vanitas prior, she walked in right after he’d obviously beaten the crap out of Maleficent, and she even fought alongside him and Terra against an Unversed). rather than asking Terra to explain his motives in pursuing Vanitas, she accuses him of having done wrong.
  • somewhat hypocritical. she questions Terra’s motives in ignoring their Master’s orders and pursing Vanitas, but then takes up the same mission on her own shortly after. she assures Ven that Terra would never willingly hurt anyone, but then accuses him of doing that very thing (”I’ve seen the things you’ve done” = only Maleficent had accused Terra of anything, which was stealing Aurora’s heart, and again, she had zero proof and saw evidence of no such thing).
  • besides misjudging Terra (as mentioned above), she also misjudges Ven in assuming he’ll actually go home just because she told him to. girl pls.


  • easily the most gullible of the three. He takes Vanitas at his word despite knowing him for all of ten seconds, starts to doubt Terra very early on going by nothing but the old hag’s and Maleficent’s words, and allows Xehanort to trick him into turning against Eraqus despite how suspicious that entire situation was.
  • too emotional/bad temper. he automatically takes Terra’s side against Aqua without inquiring about her part of the story. he threatens to start a fight with Vanitas over the Terra issue. he assumes Terra and Aqua aren’t his friends anymore just because they wouldn’t take him with them. he gets angry at Eraqus without even trying to confirm whether Xehanort’s words were true.

All three:

  • trusting. very trusting. all three take Maleficent at her word, Ven and Aqua even after they know she’s a hostile force. none of them saw Xehanort for who he was until it was too late. all three of them are sheltered babies who didn’t know to keep their guard up around strangers – but it’s still a flaw.

in summary, none of them are perfect. all of them screwed up. this is what makes them human and this is what makes them interesting. I’m all for the “[X] did nothing wrong” sentiments, but some people take this too far and assume only two of the three actually have flaws, or blame two of them for things beyond their control while only victimizing the third. that’s not how these characters work, yo.

Someone on Reddit was asking about keyblades:

The way I always saw it…


The Kingdom Key and Kingdom Key D are two unique blades the way that the x-blade was. They aren’t a representation of one’s heart, but constants that need to exist. This is probably because the x-blade was shattered or something. When the worlds became a realm of darkness and a realm of light, the KK was the light’s half of the x-blade and the KKD was the darkness’s half. They probably weren’t made from the x-blade themselves, but came to exist because of the state of the universe, much the way the x-blade did.

Anyway, KK and KKD are special. They reside in their respective realms to protect it. They have their own “consciousness” as it is, where they can choose their wielders. In my head, I always thought that they wouldn’t choose a wielder unless their realm was in peril. So when all the worlds start vanishing in KH1, the KK is like “woah hey what? damnit I better find myself a wielder”. It found Riku - one of few already anointed with using a keyblade - and I was like “sure this kid seems legit”. Then Riku went all darkness and the key was like “damnit, and I came all the way out here”. But he sees Sora, who has the heart of a keyblade wielder (Ven) and is like “actually this kid might work instead”. Then in Hallow Bastion it sees Riku again and is like “you’re that kid!” and goes with him. Then KK is like “actually you’re a dick and I like the other kid more” and goes back to Sora. And that’s the story of the KK.

So then there’s the KKD, chillin’ in darkness like “yeah man lovin’ this darkness gonna stay here forever” and then a mouse comes and picks it up. And the KKD is like “well, I mean, it’s been a while since like. I’ve done anything. Might as well.” and sticks with Mickey. But if it ever wanted to leave it probably could. Though I think the KKD and KK are both in this for the same reason: they want balance. Neither wants to see Light or Darkness consume everything. That’s why KKD stays with Mickey.

So, now let’s delve into keyblades as a whole. They were said to be “forged in reverence of the x-blade”, which is sort of weird since the x-blade looks dumb as hell and the keyblades look pretty rad most of the time. Maybe it’s like how an artist sees someone’s work and thinks “ha, I could do that, but better”. Anyway. “Forged” here is a pretty loose term, since hearts forge keyblades, but also like… you could just forge them out of metal, right? For the sake of simplicity and in the continuity of the franchise, let’s just define “forged” as “created with one’s heart”. This materializes a keyblade for the use of its owner. BUT it seems like whenever the owner dies, the keyblade can continue to exist. Since you know. The graveyard. This basically defies everything I know about creating and destroying matter but whatever.

So anyway. Wielders make keyblades with strong hearts. Are they blessed or something? IMO, it seems sort of like “forging a keyblade” was pretty damn easy before the world fell apart (KHUX). Maybe this is like a defense mechanism? Kingdom Hearts is like “well shit, I see what you guys do when keyblades are dime a dozen - you start wars! So you know what. New universe, new rules. No keyblades for anybody. Except these two new ones, KKL and KKD. No more wars. Stop it.” To which the very few keyblade wielders who survived the sundering were like “right, but how about we make a ceremony that lets us pass on the keyblade powers to new people, since like, we totally learned our lesson and won’t start another war”. So then the Ceremony came to be (which is just touching a keyblade apparently?? I think here’s more to it, but I’ll get to that in a minute).

So here we are in the new universe and we’ve got a few keys. The x-blade is broke, but that doesn’t matter until it becomes an essential and awkwardly convenient plot point. The KK and KKD are newly born. And I guess No Name (Xehanort’s blade in BBS and Master of Masters’ blade in Back Cover) survived, because why not. And then there’s the Dandelions. And that’s it. All the other keyblades are inert, since their wielders are dead. So someone passes the power of the keyblades onto Eraqus, Xehanort, and Yen Sid. Hopefully this gets revealed in KH3 since we got that awesome chess scene with chubby baby Eraqus. Yen Sid trains Mickey, then retires. Xehanort trains Ven, then fucks up literally everything. Eraqus trains Terra and Aqua, then dies. So we’ve gone from three to four wielders in one generation, since Eraqus thinks he’s special. I don’t know what “retiring” means in terms of using a keyblade, but it’s pretty safe to assume Yen Sid isn’t going to do anything but talk for the whole franchise. Xehanort takes over Terra. So we’re sitting at four wielders and six keyblades (since Terra/Xehanort each have one, and Aqua has Eraqus’s).

This brings about a whole other argument. Though the wielders die (Eraqus & in theory, No Name) the keyblades retain their power. Which is sort of in conflict with the keyblade graveyard. I think this has a lot to do with intent. Eraqus had always intended his keyblade to be passed down to Aqua in case he fell. MoM had always intended No Name to move forward through time. Each served their master’s purpose even after the master’s demise, so… in a way, they still had the heart of their master. I think this also explains why Aqua can’t summon her own keyblade anymore after the end of BBS. Her intent for her keyblade was to watch over Terra. It’s still doing that, in the Chamber of Repose. Then again, maybe keyblades can’t be summoned into the Realm of Darkness if they preside in the Realm of Light? Who knows.

Keeping the theme of intent, I think it has a lot to do with the Keyblade Ceremony. In every instance of the ceremony, the master intends to give the power away (Terra to Riku, for instance). So I think there’s more to it than just “touching the blade”. The only circumstance that defies this rule is Aqua to Kairi, but Kairi is a Princess of Heart so she can do whatever the hell she wants. So by the end of BBS, we’re sitting at six (potential) keyblade wielders and eight keyblades. Cue KK and KKD, makes ten. Actually, if we want to get technical, Xehanort might have been able to summon his own keyblade before being given No Name. So maybe eleven? At this point, the original Kingdom Hearts must be pretty pissed off.

So then there’s Sora. Who never had his own keyblade. Which I think is pretty cool. KK is Sora’s bro after KH1, so he never really needs one. And he was never given the ceremony officially. Though it could be argued that by housing Ven’s heart, it gave Sora the ability to have his own keyblade, but just the same it could be argued that once Ven’s heart is gone Sora might not be able to hold a keyblade at all. (I doubt that’ll be the case, but it’s funny to think about.) What are we at? Seven wielders, ten (possibly 11) blades?

Sora goes all sleepy time, so Roxas steals his Kingdom Key. KK is probably like “this is Sora! Feels like Sora. Probably Sora. I wish I had a glowing blue eye so I could be sure, but hey, whatever”. Xion “copies” Roxas’s key, explaining the two KKs at the same time. This is probably Ven’s keyblade since she’s siphoning parts of Sora out of Roxas, and the KK appearance is an illusion created from copying Roxas.

Xion dies. Roxas gets her keyblade (which was Ven’s). Dual wielding ass kicking ensues. Then when Sora wakes up, he can dual wield because Roxas - who is a part of him - unlocked that power for him. I think this is a really cool plot point actually, because it means when Ven gets his heart back, Sora will need to learn to manifest a keyblade of his own (not the KK) in order to dual wield again!! :D I’m all about Sora learning how to forge his own keyblade.

Let’s see. Lea gets a keyblade from Yen Sid’s ceremony. Bringing our total wielder count to eight: Destiny trio, Wayfinder trio, Mickey, Lea. Eleven keyblades: listed above (including KK for Sora), KKD (which means Mickey can probably dual wield), Master Defender (hopefully dual wielding Aqua in the future?!), and No Name (Terranort can officially dual wield..?).

Then keychains. Don’t worry, I’m almost done. “Keychains” modify the appearance of an existing keyblade. I actually don’t think keychains are actual keychains in most cases. It’s just that certain memories and experiences can color your heart, changing the appearance of your keyblade. The exception to this could possibly be Oathkeeper, since Kairi actually gives Sora a charm. But I don’t think he clips that thing on the end of his keyblade - I think just the memories of her and stuff bring about the transformation. Or maybe they are real keychains, but they are made when the heart remembers those memories? Because honestly, obtaining actual magical keychains seems absurd to me. This really isn’t elaborated on in any way.

Importantly, however! there are no keychains on the keyblades in the Graveyard. So maybe keychains are tied to a wielder’s heart, and when the wielder dies, the keyblade can be left behind but not the keychain itself. Again, there are exceptions with Master Defender (Eraqus) and No Name, since there is still intent in these blades. It’s interesting to think about. Also the Keyblade of Heart (forged from the seven princesses) doesn’t have a keychain. Maybe because it has no wielder? It’s a combination of seven hearts, rather than one? I don’t know.

ANYWAY. This was a lot longer than I wanted it to be, but I think about keyblades a lot. If anyone has anything to add or correct me on, PLEASE tell me because I LOVE TALKING ABOUT THIS STUFF!!! :D

<3 KCM

One of the Ways - Peter Quill/Star Lord Imagine

Word Count: 1619

Rating: PG

Warnings: kissing, fluff, indirect confessions, sparring!

Summary: You and Peter have bonded quite closely, since both of you were from Terra. However, a friendly bet turned competition can change a few things.

Word Count: 1619

You never planned on being away from so long. Earth wasn’t that bad of a place. It was just dull. And that’s coming from someone who was born there. You wanted a more interesting life, and boy, did you get what you wanted.

The Guardians of the Galaxy, your team and family. Nothing was ever dull with them. Even when there was nothing to save or protect, your friends always seemed to make things more interesting.

Gamora, Rocket, and Groot were discussing something. Peter Quill was listening to music, and you and Drax were exchanging some fighting techniques.

“I just look around for the best thing to hit them with,” you shrugged.

Drax stared at you. “Hitting someone with a pipe doesn’t do much. Punching them in the face does.”

You shook your head. “Sorry, Drax, but not all of us rely on pure muscle.”

“I don’t rely on pure muscle. I rely on food, sleep, and-”

“It’s an expression, Drax.” You laughed.

“I still don’t think you could handle yourself with just mere logic.”

“Of course she can,” Raccoon stated. “She could even take Quill down!”

“Down where?” Drax asked.

Gamora shook her head. “It’s an expression. It means that (Y/n) can beat Peter in a fight.”

Drax dragged his finger across his throat. “Like this then?”

“No!” you shouted. You shook your head. “Not like that. At all. What she means to say is that in a fight, I would win. Without death, just a surrender or immobilizing him for more than a few seconds.”

Rocket shrugged. “She’d win.”

“I agree that (Y/n) will win this duel where no one dies.”

Peter removed his headphones and gasped. “Nice to see you guys have faith in me. I, personally, think I would win.”

“Ha!” Rocket shouted.

Drax just stared at him. “Why are you laughing?”

“Sarcasm, Drax!” the raccoon stated.

Suddenly, the small plant, Groot, spoke up in a squeaky voice, “I am Groot.”

“A bet?” Rocket asked. he picked up the pot and stared at it.

“I. Am Groot.”

“Ten units on her?” Rocket looked at the plant surprised. “Fine. Fifteen units on (Y/n).”

“We’re betting on this?” Peter took off his headphones.

“No, we are not!” you protested.

Drax raised his hand. “I put fifteen units on (Y/n).”

Peter’s jaw dropped. “Seriously. Fine. Fifty units on me.” He stared at the green-skinned woman. “Gamora? Come on. Help me out here?”

“Ten.” Gamora smirked. “Ten on (Y/n).”

Peter groaned. “Oh come on!”

You shrugged. “Too bad, no one will be winning or losing the bet. I’m not doing it.”

“Neither am I,” stated Peter. “I don’t want to do that to her and embarrass my entire team.”

You blinked. “Do what?”

“Completely humiliate you in front of our team. It just… it doesn’t seem fair.”

Your jaw dropped. “Get ready to lose your money, Quill.”

Peter smiled deviously. “It’s on.”

Twenty minutes later you were clad in some old leggings, sports bra, and fingerless gloves. You were warming up in your corner. Next to you was Gamora, who was nodding in approval. “Just don’t lose.”

You scoffed. “See what I’m up against?” You nodded to the man at the other side of the room, the man was currently being cut off multiple times by a dancing tree.

You smirked. “I got this.”

You faced Peter Quill, your fist raised in front of you. Gamora stated the rules, “No rules. Do whatever it takes to win.”

“That’s not fair,” you argued. “Do you want me to knock him out?”

“I’m right here, (Y/n)!” Peter reminded you.

Groot waved his arms around. “I am Groot.”

Rocket exclaimed, “What! No weapons? That sucks the fun out of everything.”

“I’m good with no weapons,” Peter agreed. He eyes the many heavy objects that you could lift and use against him.

You scoffed. “Fine.”

You barely heard Gamora start the round. Peter lunged for you. You easily evaded his attack by stepping to the side and pushing him to the ground. “I like no weapons.”

Peter grunted in discomfort. “You know what?” He took you by surprise. Somehow, he flipped the two of you over and laughed. “I like no weapons, too.”

You growled. Blow after blow, neither of you seemed to have the upper hand. Peter didn’t have rocket blasters of his handy guns. You weren’t allowed to use the discarded items around the ship, like that conveniently placed pipe in the corner of the room. However, you had many tricks up your sleeve. Peter was too impulsive.

Finally, you had him against the wall, holding his arm behind his back. “Ready to surrender, Quill.”

“Not just yet.” The man hooked his foot behind your leg and tripped you. You fell on your back.

Peter leaned over, ready to pin your to the ground.

You rolled over, narrowly missing his next move. You stood up. For a split second, you paused to think out your next few moves.

With all the energy spent on strategy and actually defending yourself, your brain drawn up a complete blank. Before you could block an incoming punch, Peter pushed you to the wall, his elbow lightly pressed against your throat. “Got anything smart to say now, hm?”

Blinking furiously, you fought the urge to grab the thing nearest to you and knock him out. There was a compact, heavy-looking machine on the shelf nearby. Thinking back to all of your years on Earth, you rattled your brain for any advice you could use. Then, it hit you. You could practically hear the light switch go on.

You licked your lips. “You’d be surprised.” Leaning forward, you pressed your lips against his.

Peter was shook, his eyes wide open. He tried to ignore your lips that were constantly pressing against his own. He needed to win this! He had it in the bag. His elbow was at your throat! But, he couldn’t help it.

The elbow at your throat was lowered. You smiled against his lips and kissed him harder. Despite the fact that this kiss was just a way to get the upper hand, you, admittedly, lost yourself. Kissing Peter Quill… it was the best feeling you’ve ever felt. Better than when you left Earth and all the weight of your burdens was released. it was better than realizing you could take care of yourself and not have to rely on anyone. It was better than finding your team, your friends, and realizing that you are able to rely on yourself and rely on them as well.

Your fingers threaded through his hair, pulling and tugging. His hands found your hips and pulled them closer to him.

You gasped in surprise, making you remember your plan. You smiled and kissed him harder. You reached down and rested your hands on his.

Then, you tripped him. Peter landed on the mat with a slight thud. Easily, you straddled his hips, held his hand above his head, and smirked.  You counted down from ten.

Peter, unexpectedly, did nothing. He just stared at you or, more specifically, your lips.

The count hit zero.

Cheers erupted from the team.

You tilted your head, feeling pride well up in your chest. “Got anything to say now, huh, Quill?”

He blinked. “Me? Ha! All I need to say is that I let you win.”

You scoffed. “And lose fifty units for it?”

Rocket leaped onto his chest. “Speaking of which, I believe you still owe us fifty.”

The team, except for Peter and you, were celebrating their newfound wealth. You were celebrating with them, but Peter needed a co-pilot.

“You fought well,” you stated.

Peter cleared his throat. “As did you. Does seduction count as a weapon?”

You rolled your eyes and punched him playfully. “Shut that mouth, Quill. It was just a strategic move. Nothing more,” you blurted out. Once those words left your mouth, you instantly regretted it. Not because you thought you’d hurt his feelings in any way, but because you knew you were lying to yourself. Sure, that’s how it started, but you longed to feel those lips against yours again.

You glanced at Peter, and he seemed a bit tense. Squared shoulders. Clenched jaw, white knuckles. You stared at your lap.

“Well, if that’s the only way I can get you to kiss me, maybe we should spar more?” he suggested.

You stared at him, surprised. However, Peter was focused on driving the Milano. He never turned to face you. You smiled a little. “Well, I’m sure there are other ways to get me to kiss you again.”

Peter Quill smirked. “Can you tell me these ways?”

You shrugged. “You’re Star Lord, leader of the Guardians of the Galaxy. I’m sure you could figure it out.”

“(Y/n)!” Gamora shouted. “Rocket’s taking apart your radio!”

You groaned and got up. However, the door to the next room shut. You whipped around. “Pete-” The said Star Lord was right in front of you, his lips set in a devious smile. “Well, first off, I can get you a new radio. Second, do you think if I put Milano on autopilot, and, I don’t know,” he grasped your hips and pulled you closer, “this.” He leaned down, his lips only inches from yours. “Do you think these could be one of the ways to get you to kiss me?”

You smiled. “Promise me a radio, and I’ll answer.”

“I promise you a new radio.”


Your lips met his, and that spark you felt before appeared once again. With a smile and giddiness, you pulled away slowly. “You should discover more ways to get me to kiss you.”

“Trust me. I will.”

Hey, guys! it’s been a while. So sorry for the hope I gave. I was pulled into babysitting some kids, and I love those kids! So, so so sorry about that. Anyway, hope you like it!

How Mickey’s Poor Memory Ties Into KH3: Kingdom Hearts Meta

Right, so I just finished watching the ReCoded HD Cutscene movie and there’s something that stuck out to me.

So we all know that Mickey knew Terra, Aqua, and Ventus over ten years ago according to the KH lore. Yet he never brought them up. This is highlighted in the KH 2.8 Remix trailer when Mickey not so subtly drops that not only did he know them, but he met Aqua once in the Realm of Darkness. 

This naturally got a lot of people in the fandom really mad. After the sad events that transpired in Birth By Sleep, the only survivor of the ordeal finds out information but doesn’t say anything for ten years? Yeah, that would be suspicious… but is it possible his actions can be explained?

Let’s step back from that for a minute and go towards KH2. Mickey met Xemnas. The leader of Organization 13. The guy who was purposefully destroying countless worlds so he could create Kingdom Hearts. Yet, even though Mickey clearly met him and understands the danger the worlds are in, he completely forgets ever seeing Xemnas until he sees him again at Hallow Bastion.

Which makes things worse considering Xemnas was the spitting image of Terra. And even though Mickey never met Terra personally, he does know Xemnas’ true identity because of his reaction to it in Dream Drop Distance.

So why would Mickey just casually forget the pain and suffering of his friends? Or forget who Xemnas is?

It’s a mystery unless you analyze the psychology of ReCoded.

Near the end of the game, Data Sora is taken to Castle Oblivion where he begins to walk through the castle and starts forgetting all of his friends. Data Roxas tells him that it’s better to just forget and not connect with people in the first place, because that hurt will destroy him. 

Essentially, if Data Sora dwells on the pain, then the darkness will overtake him. Instead of Mickey easily giving sage advice… he instead says something interesting. 

The reason why this is interesting is because MICKEY HAS BEEN THERE!

Mickey was the sole survivor of the onslaught that transpired between Aqua, Ventus, and Terra against Master Xehanort. A fight he wasn’t even supposed to be a part of. Yet because of his friendship with those three, he wanted to join in to help in any way he could…

And he couldn’t save them.

Mickey didn’t just forget about Terra, Aqua, and Ven as the years went by… he repressed those memories on purpose because it hurt too much to think about. That guilt built up but he couldn’t face his past because that pain was too much for him. And according to Data Roxas, if you dwell on the pain you fall into darkness. We may not see Mickey get close to darkness per-say, but we do see the effects their losses in his actions. 

Why he travels alone during KH1 and 2? Why he has such a strong reaction to Goofy’s “death”? Why he’s so desperate to not let Riku fall into darkness? Why he “forgot” Xemnas?

It’s because he has been hurt by loss in the past and instead of facing that pain head on and accepting it, he ran away and attempted to prevent that pain from happening again by simultaneously trying to repress the memories and trying to make sure it doesn’t happen again. 

That’s why he’s forgotten, but won’t let go. He doesn’t want his friends to go down the same path, but he doesn’t want to go through that pain again. 

The King is at a crossroads throughout most of the games because of these conflicting emotions! Also, Mickey has taught himself that all darkness is inherently evil and that no form of darkness should ever exist. Which also includes feelings such as sadness, anger, loss, or regret…

So he can really relate to Data Sora here. 

If Mickey let his pain in, would it pull him to the darkness? Would it overtake him?

But the difference between Data Sora and Mickey is that Data Sora is willing to accept that pain is essential to who you are and you must carry it. Data Sora can accept it while Mickey, although he accepts darkness can be used for good, still struggles with accepting his own darkness.

And who conveniently meets up with Data Sora after he learns to accept the fact that you gotta carry your pain with you?

That’s right. Mickey. Yes, he didn’t have the energy to talk to Data Sora during Data Sora’s battle with Roxas, but Mickey had to at least keep track of Data Sora somehow. Otherwise he wouldn’t know where Data Sora would be in the Datescape. It’s possible Mickey could have kept a connection open enough so that he could hear Data Sora. Mickey had to since just after he says he’s glad to catch up with Data Sora, he says:

So Mickey knew what Data Sora was going through. Could it be possible that Mickey took his time because he was realizing that Sora was doing something he couldn’t? That Data Sora could accept pain as natural and carry the weight without it letting the pain overtake him?

 If Mickey heard the whole exchange between Data Sora and Data Roxas, Mickey would have been faced with a decision. A decision that he’s been running away from for over ten years.

If Mickey were to help Data Sora find the hidden pieces of the journal, he must learn to accept his own pain too. And even though we do not see how Mickey gets affected on a surface level, we do see how the experience changed him immediately after Mickey returns to the real world.

After the events of this game, Mickey seems more aware of his missing friends. In the secret ending of the game, Mickey immediately starts talking to YenSid about finding Ven’s heart and saving Terra, Ven, and Aqua.

 It could be possible that he has been investigating their losses in the past, but it was only after he accepted that he wasn’t good enough to save them that he was able to get emotionally strong enough to face his mistakes and take his pain head on.

Data Sora showed him the way. After being with Data Sora and facing the memories that were too painful to bear according to Naminé, Mickey had to face the loss he ran away from for over ten years.

Sora’s not the only one who needed a hand to hold during this painful re-experience.

Naminé then says this to Mickey specifically:

Because, she’s right. Mickey does know how much they’re hurting. And how long he has been running away from that pain.

But now he needs to face it, accept it, and carry the burden to make it right.

Some say that ReCoded was pointless. 

I say it added a lot of depth to Mickey and answered a lot of questions related to his character. 

Now Mickey isn’t afraid of his own pain, guilt, and loss anymore. Now he can accept that darkness as a part of himself.

It may be a long time coming, but because of his adventures with Data Sora, Mickey is finally ready to acknowledge his memories, forgive himself, move forward, and finally take the steps to save his friends in Kingdom Hearts 3.

theycallmeskizze  asked:

Can you do a Jealous Steve who tries (and epically fails) to win Tony back after Civil War but fails due to Peter Quill who accidentally crashed with the guardians on Terra and now is in a not-quite relationship with a still a teeny-tiny bit (or a bit more) angsty Tony? Pretty please? And maybe make Tony understand Groot?? That'd be awesome!!

Alright, so i tried to do it a bit angsty, a bit romantic and also i threw a bit of “pretend/fake relationship” in this. Hope you like it anyway! :) Also this is really long. Over 2.500 words! So watch out for the cut!


Tony wishes everybody would just mind his own business. He does! But apparently he is the only one.

Because you see, one moment he was in the kitchen drinking his fresh coffee and the next he is hiding under his kitchen table. Because what was that noise?


Oh okay. Now he knew what voice that was. Doesn’t mean he wants to face it.

“Sir is under the kitchen table.” Fuck. FRIDAY is a fucking traitor. That’s it.

“Yeah because i was searching for my passion to see you again.” Tony says when he comes out of his hideout. Natasha just shakes his head at him.

“Sure.” she says then and takes a cup of coffee, too. Tony frowns.

“What do you want?” is his first question. Because the ‘how did you get in here?’ question he wants to ask is irrational. Natasha wouldn’t tell him anyway.

“Can’t a woman come home without being asked a hundred questions?” Natasha answers and then shrugs at her own assertion. Tony opens his mouth. And then closes it.

“What? Home?” Tony asks then and his disbelief can be heard trough the whole tower. Home. Ahahah. As if.

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spidey-loving-starkid  asked:

The Avengers and the Guardians of the Galaxy have an exchange program where they swap 1 member each for a year. Who would swap and how would it go? - Buffy.

Steve and Peter. 

Peter would elect himself to go because he’s a showoff + it’s an excuse to go back to Terra. Steve would be elected by his team because “eh, he’s been in the 40s and a block of ice and the 2000s, and he managed to adjust to all of it just fine. Let’s toss him in space and see how he does”. 

Steve does decently. Gamora finds it refreshing to have someone like him around–a brave man with honor. Because of that, she sort of takes him under her wing. Rocket sees him as a goody two-shoes. Baby Groot is fascinated by his shield and keeps stealing it. Drax respects the hell out of him for being such a “captain of an entire country”. Meanwhile, Steve feels so fucking uncomfortable because he is surrounded by aliens in outer space and jfc how did he end up here when all he wanted to do was join the army during WWII. Granted, he still takes the time to pay attention to his surroundings. Learn what he can about these new races of people he’s meeting. But the whole time he’s counting the minutes as to when he gets to return to Earth. 

And then you got Peter. 

Peter who is just so overstimulated by everything he has missed out on, yet he is trying super hard to concentrate and learn shit and seem like a professional. At one point, he tries to make a move on Natasha who ends up pinning him to the ground. Quill can’t decide whether he wants to make a joke or whether now is the time to start dreading when she and Gamora are in the same room together. 

His ego ends up getting pretty crushed, because he imagined his return to Earth to be “ooooh look at the badass outlaw from outer space!” But instead, he’s around this group of people who aren’t impressed with him at all because been there done that we are super heroes who have fought robots and gods and aliens and each other. However, he does end up becoming a valuable asset when it comes to sharing new information about space and its threats.  

Also Tony and Quill become the obnoxious epitome of a “bromance” in its truest form, and it’s honestly just the best fucking thing.

Somehow I have the feeling Xemnas tried to warn Sora in DDD. The things he said to him sound kinda like he just want to confuse him but if you take a closer look on them he actually just tells him the truth - it’s just cryptic expressed.

I mean, just this two lines: “Do not forget that you yourself are not so very different from us” and “Make certain the box’s contents match whats on the label. Since you have been chosen”

Xemnas was actually the ‘first chosen one’ if you think about it. He has Terras body and Terra was the first person who became a vessel of Master Xehanort. And now he tries to make Sora his thirteenth vessel. And Soras and Terra-Xehanorts nobody where both made up of two persons. (Roxas=Sora+Ventus and Xemnas=Terra+Xehanort obviously)

In that case he, Sora, is not very different from ‘us’ (in that case, Terra and Xehanort) and he has been chosen to become a new vessel.

I always had the feeling, that Terra tried to warn Sora, but due to Master Xehanorts influence on him, he can’t express it straight and need to do it most inconspicuous as possible. Also everytime Xemnas appears in DDD he is in company of either Young Master Xehanort or later Braig, like he’s been watched to prevent him from doing anything wrong. It kinda seems like Master Xehanort doesn’t trust Xemnas and that’s why he doesn’t let him do things alone.

roommate headcanons (part 2)

post-series au thing in which all the key kids live happily ever after together, bc why not :)

- Sora has a terrible habit of leaving the bathroom door unlocked/slightly ajar when he’s in there. He doesn’t want to be walked in or anything, he just… forgets a lot of the time. Ventus, on the other hand, has a terrible habit of waltzing into places unannounced. Needless to say, this has led to several unfortunate encounters between the two. 

– Bathroom door swings open. Both, simultaneously:

  • Sora: *screeching & flailing* W-WHOA, HEY, I-I’M IN HERE–
  • Ven: *recoiling violently* DUDE! What the– ?! 

– Ven backpedals rapidly, slams the door shut. A long, uncomfortable silence ensues. Then:

  • Sora: *rattled, to the point of embarrassed indignation* You ever hear of knocking? Sheesh.
  • Ven: *sputtering & equally affronted* …Yeah? How ‘bout next time you try locking the damn door?

- Namine, Roxas, Xion & Ven pulling random all-nighters together… Baking cookies, building pillow forts, watching scary movies, eating ice cream, talking and laughing about all sorts of things. They try to be quiet, so as not to wake the rest of the house up, but their efforts aren’t always 100% successful. o.o

- Sora joins them sometimes (when he’s not passed out on the couch already or bunked up with Riku & Kairi). Lea just shakes his head when he half-sleepwalks past them on his way to the bathroom, muttering something incoherent about ‘crazy kids’ and needing to get his beauty sleep.

- Aqua is totally the house mom, regularly checking to make sure everyone is home and safe at night (unless she’s been notified otherwise), that the doors are locked, stove is turned off, etc. Terra does this, too, if only to relieve Aqua from time to time.

- Dance Offs –> Almost always come down to a threeway battle between Aqua, Ven, and Kairi. Aqua kills it figure skater style, Ven’s a breakdancing machine, and Kairi can twerk swag it like nobody’s business. Riku’s actually a really good dancer, too, when he’s in the (rare) mood for it. Every once in a blue moon he’ll bust out some crazy moves that shock everyone and turn the competition in his favor. 

- Lea scores points for who-can-look-the-most-ridiculous, although Sora isn’t far behind. Namine doesn’t participate so much as end up giggling the entire time. Also, she’s the only one to consistently try & vote for EVERYONE; she just feels too guilty not to.  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

- Xion spoils their pets so bad. Seriously (even worse than Terra, tbh). She’ll sneak them copious amounts of scraps under the table, rub bellies for an indefinite length of time, let them all cuddle up on the couch/in bed with her, and give them Lea’s socks to use as chew toys. …Okay, the sock thing was one time, to be fair. And they had holes in them.

 - Roxas & Ven have a(n unspoken?) twinning competition going on. Ven’s actually a little bit taller, to Roxas’s ultimate chagrin. Ven loooooves to rib him about this by resting his elbow on Roxas’s shoulder, reaching things that Roxas juuust misses, telling Roxas he better eat his veggies if he wants to catch up!, making short people jokes, and so on. Sora, who’s the same height as Ven is, gets in on the ribbing too a lot of the time. Poor Roxas.

- Both Terra and Sora love food, but neither are particularly skilled/motivated in the cooking arena. Hence, they’ll eat anything and everything readily available. (Terra has a bit more self control, and won’t really go for the super sugary/processed stuff, but still.) So, if you’re saving that leftover slice of pizza for later, you’d better explicitly mark it with a ‘do not eat OR ELSE’ note, complete with a signature and doodled angry face. Otherwise, chances are it’ll be gone by the time you get to it, courtesy of one of the aforementioned parties. Anything unclaimed is fair game! 

- Aqua is the only one who can truly be classified as a neat freak. The others will tease her about it, especially Terra (but it’s good-natured teasing, of course). Xion & Riku come pretty close to her level, but they’re not nearly as vigilant. Riku in particular though can’t stand clutter and keeps his room limited to the bare necessities. 

- Roxas & Namine are, overall, pretty good about not making a mess/picking up after themselves. Kairi can be very organized when she wants to be (which… isn’t necessarily all that often). At the very least, she knows where most of her belongings are at any given moment. 

- Terra is borderline messy, and tends to be oblivious easygoing about things like laundry heaps and dirty dishes– Until it reaches a point of near-disaster (or Aqua walks into his room and gets that look of barely-concealed-horror on her face, and… You really don’t want to be the subject of that look; believe him). 

- Lea, if he’s being honest, in no way, shape, or form enjoys cleaning. And so, he chooses to not partake in that activity unless forced to it’s absolutely necessary. Ven is the same way, but takes it a step further by falling into the looks-like-a-tornado-ripped-through-here category. 

- And Sora, well… Sora is the tornado. Also (not so?) lovingly referred to by his roommates as The Disaster on Legs. <3


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Teen Titans needs to be pick up Adult Swim

Since Samurai Jack were pick up by Adult Swim, now Teen Titans should be next for obvious reasons. I know that it will be very unlikely for that to happen but one can hope for it to happen. Just imagine teen Titans with more adult-ish theme and bloody fights. Also, who is Red X and WHAT HAPPEN TO TERRA?!?! We deserve to know! What do you think?

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