and there is really a gross lack of them

Imagine a giant machine called society, one that is sputtering and smoking because it is missing many gears. Now imagine a cliff looming overhead, and down from it tumbles millions of loose gears being carelessly dumped out of a box. They kind of just bounce around the machine until some of them land in gaps and start turning in conjunction with the rest. Many others just roll off and land in the dirt, doomed to rust in the rain. That’s how the system works right now. It is at times cruel and/or unfathomably stupid.

It’s not your fault. You didn’t design the system. Nobody did. Everyone is just making this up as they go.

This, incidentally, is what everyone in the Western world is so mad about these days. It always comes out as anger about “the economy” or “outsourcing” or “immigration” but really all that’s happened is a gross failure to connect the people to the jobs. Over here we have a river of the anxious unemployed and then over here we’ve got a dry desert of industries begging for workers. If that last part of the metaphor confuses you, it’s because you’ve been told the ridiculous lie that there are “no jobs out there.” Ask any manager or HR person and they’ll rant about how they can’t find good people. Hell, they won’t even wait for you to ask – just get within earshot, you’ll hear them talking about how the kids today lack skills and work ethic, all that bullshit.

If only they knew that the perfect engineer they’re looking for is currently working in a Dunkin Donuts in Indiana and was, in fact, never trained to be an engineer. She went to college to be a veterinarian because she loves animals, realized her mistake with her hands wrist-deep in sheep guts, then had to drop out and take a job to help pay the bills when Mom’s disability checks got cut off. She quickly found that society will offer virtually no help whatsoever in getting her into the job where she can do the most good for herself or society. Even if her motivation is to get off food stamps and become a more productive citizen, the response is all snide mockery and talk of bootstraps. “You say you can’t afford college, but I see that you have A PHONE!!!”

In fact, she will find society actively stops her at every turn.

6 Facts That Will Clear Up Your Confusing Life

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people are allowed to not like certain genitals. full stop. that's what sexual orientation is, ya yahoo.

actually, this is interesting. I was talking to a cis lesbian friend of mine and this mindset is not only harmful to trans people, but to cis people as well! And let me tell you why, ya yahoo.

By saying that lesbians can only like vagina and they don’t like dick, you’re invalidating lesbians who are attracted to trans women (regardless if they’re pre or post op). If a lesbian is dating a trans woman, guess what, she’s still a lesbian, because she’s dating a woman (who just happens to be trans). By saying that lesbians are naturally penis repulsed, you’re erasing lesbians who are attracted to ALL women (intersex and trans included). Lesbians who like trans women aren’t bisexual and it’s really fucking gross you would force them in that category because you can’t get over your own transphobia.

Everyone is allowed to like whatever they want for whatever reasons they might have. But if you start defining other people’s sexuality, you’re crossing the line. If you start speaking over trans people on trans issues, you’re crossing the line. 

Sexual orientation isn’t attraction to genitals. Sexual orientation is attraction (or lack thereof) to certain genders. You don’t need to see someone’s genitals before you decide if you’re attracted to them. I guarantee you’ve seen a cute person on the street and felt attracted to them before you knew what was in their pants. So stop being cis sexist, yeah?

I think I’ve complained about autism headcanons before, but the one right I would jump at being confirmed is Temperance Brennan because she’d be a great representation of some forums of high-functioning autism.

-She’s smart despite her shortcomings

-She’s sometimes socially awkard due to extreme literal mindedness

-Despite the humor derived from how horrifically awkard she can be, she’s still sympathetic and far from being written as a jerkass.

-She can rely a little to much on logic and it can result in suppressing/ignoring emotion. HOWEVER she’s never shown as emotionally stunted and learning to overcome it and trust herself is a big part of her development. 

-She get’s really excited when something fascinates her and it’s often things that seem downright weird or even disgusting to other people due to her field of study being anthropology. Specifically the study of bones.  

-Though she can be socially awkard, she’s still not anti-social or unable to communicate with people that understand her. Notably she’s shown to get along with kids like Parker despite her lack of confidence with them due to her mindset of finding gross things cool instead of off-putting.

-When something does break her shell, she tends to have a STRONG emotional response as a result of not being sure how to deal with her feelings.

I look at her and see a certain phase of my life from before I learned to express myself and “let go” reflected a lot in her character.

The Integrity of Medical School

I’ve been in medical school for a little over a semester and I have become very disillusioned with medical school as an institution. I’m glad I’m in medical school and I know how lucky I am to be in medical school, however, I’m struggling with the ethics of medical school as an institution.

It took me six years to get into medical school. In that time I got a bachelor’s degree, a graduate degree, I worked full-time and volunteered nearly 20 hours a week. I took the MCAT and went on interviews and paid for my applications. In that time, I also probably spent well over 30 thousand dollars trying to get into medical school, not including the student loans I had to take out to pay for my pre-med and graduate classes. The cost of my applications, alone, was 5 thousand dollars. And that was the second time I applied. The cost of my interviews were also easily 5 thousand dollars as well. 

When I got into medical school I was excited to become a doctor. I was proud of myself and felt vindicated that all of my hard work paid off. I was ready to start learning how to be a doctor. My first semester was absolutely miserable. The morale of my class was extremely low. We go to a school that heavily emphasizes wellness but a slew of new changes based on feedback from students ahead of us created a schedule that was unsustainable and didn’t leave time for any self-care practice or wellness at all. The idea of wellness became a running inside joke in our class where people would proudly state that they participated in self-care by taking a shower for the first time in two days or by sleeping in past 7am on a Saturday.

But we got through that first semester, propelled by second year students telling us that it would be all downhill after that and that once we started organ systems second semester, we’d be so much happier and have so much time to take care of ourselves and study (because our schedule was so jam-packed that it left very little time to study and our attendance in class is required). We had third year medical students telling us how they would rather repeat their entire third year of medical school and all the crazy rotations that go with it than repeat their first semester. And so we took all of our finals and set off for winter break looking forward to next semester.

Our second semester started a little over three weeks ago. News that we lost six of our classmates spread through the class. They chose to leave or weren’t allowed to come back by the administration. It was an elephant in the room that none of us can talk about because of privacy rules. Still, morale is higher when we start up our organs systems classes.

And that is when I realized what a money scam medical school is. I am required to go to class if I want my class rank to be high not because our classes actually teach us information but because your grade is connected to your attendance, so poor attendance = a poor grade = a lower class rank. I sit in class for up to 9 hours a day and have clinicians read powerpoint slides word-for-word to me, none of which are interesting or helpful to my actual learning and all of which I could have read to myself at home. I am told by our academic administrators to buy resources like First Aid to study for Step 1, they bought us a Q bank but we have to pay for everything else. $900 later, I have subscriptions to Pathoma, RX, Sketchy, and Firecracker. I wanted to buy a set of clinical case books recommended to us but the price on Amazon was $653. By the time I take Step 1 I will have taken out 150 THOUSAND dollars in student loans ON TOP OF the student loans I already have from two bachelor degrees and a master’s degree. 

I will need to pay the fees for the Step exams on my own. I am expected to join various professional societies and pay their yearly fees because it will make my residency application look better even though joining those professional societies has no impact on what kind of physician I will be, how much I care about others, or my Step 1 score. And, of course, those professional societies are so generous and give you a discount because you’re a medical student, so instead of paying $500 you’re asked to only pay $150. But isn’t it worth it to add some fake prestige to your residency application by saying you went to the AMA conference one year? The AMA that endorsed Tom Price for HHS secretary? The AMA that endorsed someone who wants to remove the ACA and condemn 43,000 additional people to death due to lack of insurance every year. Sign me the fuck up, right?

I am disgusted with the cost of medical school. I knew it would be expensive but I feel it is unethical to ask students to spend so much money applying to medical school and taking the MCAT and then asking them to pay EVEN MORE. Especially when there was so much hand-wringing from the AAMC and NBME about how to make medical school more affordable and how to increase the diversity among students and increase the number of first generation physicians (since studies show that children of doctors tend to be worse doctors than their first generation peers). I have an idea:

Get rid of the first two years of medical school. Make Step 1 the admissions exam for students. Get rid of application fees and the MCAT altogether. Start students up in January, give them a ten week course in gross anatomy, followed by a two week intensive clinical skills course and a first aid/CPR certification, and start them up on wards in April, a full 2 to 3 months earlier than most schools. This gives students 5 to 6 months to explore specialties after their required rotations instead of 2 to 3 which aren’t even really used for students to explore since those are the rotations they need to do in order to get the letters of rec they need for their residency applications (may be the lack of time to explore specialty options is why 60-90% of physicians hate their fucking jobs). 

And then, of course, you have to spend thousands of dollars on your residency applications and travel for interviews, which are not factored in to your student loan awards. 

This will never happen, though, because the AAMC makes billions of dollars in application fees, MCAT fees, and official test prep materials. The NBME makes billions of dollars off the backs of students paying for their exams and the LCME makes just as much. None of the organizations that could change the system have the incentive to do so because they are too busy milking medical students for all the money they have.

I know it sounds like I’m too money focused. The truth is, I’m not. I gave up hope of ever paying off my student loans years ago. I will never pay them back and I didn’t want to be a doctor because of the salary. My disillusionment with medical school as an institution is due to the ethics of it all. When I was applying to medical school there was a huge push to improve medical class diversity and encourage more minority and lower class students to apply. You can get fee waivers and financial assistance to cover the cost of your MCAT fees. But that doesn’t go far enough. Those application fee waivers don’t make booking flights for interviews any cheaper, they don’t lower the cost of having to rent a car or buy a suit for an interview. 

How can we expect students living in poverty to drop 5 grand on interview costs just to get in to medical school? How can we expect students living in underserved communities to afford the cost of Step 2 and the price of travel to and from the 6 locations in the country you can take it? Underserved communities NEED students who understand what living in those communities is like to go back and be their doctors. And, yes, there are scholarships and small-scale help, but I’m arguing that the entire system, right now, is designed to keep students who can’t afford to pay for medical school admittance out. Is a student whose family is on food stamps really going to have $150 to pay for the MCAT? No. 

I look around at the people in my class, which to my school’s credit is exceedingly diverse in race and religious background, however almost everyone in my class comes from a family that was middle class or above. Half of my classmates have parents who can afford to pay for their tuition and living expenses. I am part of the other class that has to take out loans. But when I was applying to medical school and there was a mix up with my teaching assistant stipend that lead to it being delayed, my dad was able to loan me the $2500 I needed to submit my AMCAS application on time. If I had not had a full-time job as a graduate student, though, I would not have been able to afford the cost of interviewing, and a third of the interviews I went on were local. 

In class, we are asked to think about treatment plans for patients and discuss them with each other. The girl sitting next to me says she thinks this ethics class is a waste of our time. The patient is an overweight child who we need to counsel, she lives in a run down part of a large city. We work together on her treatment plan and my partner comes up with a list of groceries to buy. I point out that the patient in question is a minor and likely not in charge of her food and that the education needs to be directed towards the parent and the patient. I also point out that due to the income level of the area they live in, the patient’s mother is likely relying on food stamps. I go over the grocery list and not a single thing is realistic. I point out that food stamps cannot be used to buy milk. My partner is shocked, her eyes widen; when I tell her how food stamps in my state can’t be used to buy rice, her entire world is turned upside down. I voice this in class when we are invited to share. A male classmate who is openly gay and voted for Trump comes up to me and asks me to explain why food stamps can’t be used to buy milk. I do and he doesn’t know what to say.

I look at my classmates who do not understand what poverty looks like in reality and I think about the people I know in rural towns who blew their entire savings trying to get into medical school only to be told when they didn’t get in that they needed to go take the MCAT again because the 29 they got wasn’t good enough, they needed a 30. The people suggesting this to my friend recommend taking an MCAT course not realizing the closest one would be two hours away and that the nearly 3 grand the course costs makes that impossible, not to mention the cost of taking the test again. It doesn’t matter, though, because she wouldn’t be able to afford all of the resources for Step 1 let alone the cost of THAT exam once she got into medical school. She works as a CNA in a nursing home.

How can we put such a financial burden on students applying to medical school? How can we ask medical students to pay so much money for residency applications, licensing exams, and tuition? How can we do that and then ask them to enter a profession that requires them to get permission from insurance providers and hospital administrators to order a damn chest CT? How can we ask them to pay so much money and then ignore the fact that there aren’t enough residency spots available for all of them to train in? How can we ask pre-med and medical students to pay so much money when the health care system is in shambles and the only people making money are hospital CEOs and insurance companies? How can we expect medical students to pay back their massive student loans in a system like that? Why are institutions like the AAMC so comfortable setting so many medical students up for failure?

Because my school emphasizes wellness, we have mandatory wellness classes we have to attend. Because, in medical school, giving students time to practice self-care isn’t as important as requiring them to attend a four hour class telling them they need to practice self-care and get lots of sleep, all while requiring them to be at school by 8am and making us sit in class until 5pm, giving us five hours of the day to study before we do it all again. And, of course, in those five hours of study time we also need to fit in time to exercise, feed ourselves, and maybe speak with our loved ones for five minutes to make sure they are still alive. Because self-care!

I wouldn’t say I’m jaded about medical school this early on but I am questioning why this system is in place. Why pay for two years of medical school when everyone just uses First Aid and Step resources to get a good score? I think medicine, as an institution, is really stuck in this idea of “well, I had to do it so you do, too” which I think is a really dangerous way of thinking. I think if medical students have extremely high rates of depression and anxiety (myself included, however mine was with me long before medical school) and it just gets worse through residency and becoming an attending there’s something wrong with the system. And if something isn’t working, why shouldn’t it be fixed? “Because I went through it and you should, too” isn’t a good enough answer for me. It’s also not accurate, right? The doctors who are saying that bullshit excuse went to medical school in a different time, where they could actually make decisions about patient care without having to call an insurance company for permission first. They went through medical school when it was actually affordable. They went through medical school when the idea of a woman being a doctor was either not allowed, unheard of, or looked down on, because who would take care of their kids at home while they went through residency if their wife was in medical school? 

So, yeah, they went through medical school and worked all of these hours and paid for medical school but the context was different, so I still want to know why such an archaic system that is already financially unattainable for people we NEED to be doctors and is quickly becoming financially unattainable for anyone who doesn’t have a trust fund is allowed to exist. I want to know why a 60-90% dissatisfaction rate is considered acceptable among physicians without any examination of the system that makes them into physicians.

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Hi! I saw your translation of the gerudo script and searched through your blog to see if you translated anything else in the town and noticed that you said you didn't like the way the gerudo were written? how come?


I think that’s a very long answer but the short version is: their portrayal is shitty and racist.

I’ll put the rest under a cut.

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All the talk of if the girl who negan wrapped his jacket around was amber (I think it probably was) and the gross rapey guy who tried to *sell* her for lack of a better word got me wondering if negan doesn't start the harem as a way to protect or help traumatized women he finds? Like all the wives (other than sherry who just wanted to be the queen) were victims of someone else's brutality and negan offers them places as wives to help them recover.

This is actually a really interesting idea and I quite like it , but I would wonder how they go from essentially being in a safe house to wearing lingerie all day and bonking Negan’s brains out.

Maybe Carl caught them on Skivvies Saturday, (the wive’s version of Casual Friday) where they wear underwear all day and most of the time they actually dress normally ;)

I do hope we see some different stories for wives. It’d be interesting if it was actually Sherry’s idea. Like maybe she wanted perks and luxury but she didn’t want to bang Negan all the time, so she suggested bringing in other women, or some shit like that.

OK, I’m all over the place… Shutting up now.

Fleeting Savior, Carl Grimes.

A/N: I’ve been trying to write more of these super long Carl imagines at least once a week now. I’ve realized that I really really enjoy writing him with different and complex kinds of romantic circumstances instead of the same old recycled imagines, ya get me? Nevertheless, this one just might be my favorite of my Carl Grimes stuff so give it a whirl if you please. 

Summary: The reader has been on their own ever since the start of the apocalypse with the exception of one few week long run in with Rick’s group on their journey to Terminus. Carl Grimes found her at her worst back then and once the two are reunited tensions rise. Due to the fear of an incident that happened alone on the road, the reader fears letting anybody back into their life. In the end, can they let him in?

Warning: Mature content that could be upsetting to some.

Word Count:  15,507

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but honey i can pour a drink

pairing: nico/maki

rating: M

summary: To Nico, Maki is probably the rudest customer she’s had in a while. To Maki, Nico is the most annoying bartender she’s ever met. But neither can say that the other is boring. 

warnings/notes: alcohol, sexual content. all mistakes mines ~ (also happy new year!!)

word count: ~18k

ao3 link

In a quaint little bar on the outskirts of Akihabara, Nico is cleaning the counter. She pushes in deep against the the glass tinted counter, trying to remove the stickiness left from their the last customer. The damn girl nearly spilt all of her daiquiri before her boyfriend decided that maybe it was time to go home.

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Can I request Urban Fantasy AU?

this is a fic disguised as a headcanon

(in celebration of 100+ followers, I’m answering AU prompts! Prompts are closed, but thanks for sending so many in!)

00. The City of Altea is dangerous.

Things…lurk, here. Hunk’s sure of it. Passerby rush past dark alleyways, never taking the shortcuts after dusk. The Mainlit streets are the busiest; the Backlits are barely even that, so named merely as a distinctive title and less because of any actual light. If there are things lurking down the Backlits, Hunk’s never seen them. He’s not sure he cares to.

The city’s a normal place, really. Hunk’s afraid of many things (small rodents; theft; phone calls), but if he doesn’t think about all the ways this could go wrong, the city of Altea’s not too bad. The biggest choice Hunk’s ever made, insofar as being adventurous is concerned, is moving to the city in the first place. There’s lots to be afraid of here, sure, but Lance is great at luring him out of their shared apartment, talking him through it, moving them along. It’s been long enough now that Hunk’s just barely starting to relax, here. It’s just a place to live. Just a place to go about their daily business, to get to school, to get to the next place they’re going. Nothing here is wrong. Nothing here is worth being afraid of.

Until the City takes Lance.

01. Lance starts seeing things on a Tuesday.

Hunk’s never going to be able to forget. He and his roommate are walking back to the apartment when Lance gasps in horror and flat-out drops the bag of groceries, no warning, nothing but shock.

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Also I’ve been thinking a lot about River and Simon Tam, my favorite autistic headcanons, and they really truly seem to be the yin and yang of autistic symptoms.

One with mostly gross motor skills,
One with mostly fine motor skills.

One with a savant-like ability to absorb any and all information,
One with extreme giftedness in a specific area of interest.

One with the extreme ability to analyze other’s thoughts and feelings,
One who usually has very little idea what others seem to think or feel.

One who commonly violates social norms due to lack of understanding of/indifference toward them,
One who copes/understands the world through learned rituals of manners and politeness.

One who has little understanding of relationships,
One who has some understanding but no ability to apply it.

One who is misdiagnosed as schizophrenic or as having multiple personalities,
One who passes as “gifted” in a highly structured, neurotypical society.

The list goes on and on and on.

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I'm someone who had a parent leave them for another person and basically disappeared on me. My family struggled for a while after my parent departed because of the lack of two incomes and other variables. So, it's difficult for me to really like Milan (even if I think her treatment in the fandom is gross). I don't see her as a good parent, although she obviously loved her son. Can people ever criticize Milah as a parent without, to you, being misogynistic?

Look man, Milah is my 3rd fave overall (well 2nd fave technically since Emma and Killian are joint) and I do agree she is a colossally flawed person and an incompetent parent.
So yes it is very much possible to criticise her. As long as you aren’t spouting crap like “She abused poor Rumps!”
“She deserved to die!”
“She was a whore!”
“She deserved what she got!”
Calling her a bad parent while saying Rumple ‘made a mistake’
Belittling Millian to prop up CS

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Literally nobody has said that Sadie is 28. It's more implied in Joking Victim that Sadie is in the 17-18 range. "It started as a summer job two summers ago" I get being upset over vagueness but dishonesty and lack of fact checking isn't justified.

oh shoot you’re right. Sorry I wasn’t really paying attention to that ask but Sadie’s confirmed to be an adult (by Barb) while Lars is a teenager so I just find shipping them gross (even if they’re close to the same age bc I just find their relationship unhealthy)

So, as happens, I’ve been seeing a flux of “wouldn’t it be great if ALL THE CHARACTERS were Force sensitive posts.

No. It actually wouldn’t. I maintain that is it much more powerful to have certain characters NOT be Force sensitive. The best example is Han Solo.

But before we get into that, we need to step back and acknowledge this precept: the Jedi are a crap religious order.

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Why do you usually talk shit about Marvel? DOn't you like their movies? Pls explain

i mean, yeah i do, but it’s no secret that marvel has some glaring issues and has made some pretty big mistakes. 

up until now, there are a grand total of three main poc superheroes in the entire mcu (rhodey, sam wilson, t’challa). there are a grand total of 0 latinx/asian/middle eastern/etc. superheroes. where are they? it’s not like the comics have a lack for any of them, not really. plus the whitewashing of the maximoffs, and the ancient one in the upcoming dr strange movie is just really, really gross. 

this issue leads us to lack of gender diversity as well, because literally all of its current franchises are headed by straight white men: captain america, ant-man, iron man, thor, hulk, doctor strange. where are the women? fans have been calling for a black widow movie for years. yes, we do have some pretty kickass women already, like the aforementioned black widow, but after the embarrassment that was aou (don’t even get me started on joss whedon) she deserves so much better. and janet van dyne, one of the original founders of the avengers and the only founder who won’t get a solo movie, was horribly fridged in ant-man; she’s dead before the movie even starts. she deserves better. helen cho, the brilliant scientist who had like five minutes of screentime in aou and was then basically used as a prop to inadvertently help ultron? she deserves better. i could go on.

where are my lgbt+ characters? there’s plenty of suspicion in fandom that steve and tony, for example, aren’t straight. not to mention that it’s actually canon in the comics that loki is pan and genderqueer and that gamora is bi/pan but we don’t get to see any of that. that’s not to say that there needs to be evidence in the comics that someone isn’t straight (or a different race/gender/etc.), but it kinda goes to show that the writers pick and choose the facets of characters they like and conveniently ignore other parts.

speaking of the writers picking and choosing, marvel also does not handle disabilities well. clint barton is canonically deaf. it’s already been established in the mcu that tony has anxiety issues and ptsd but it seems like marvel has conveniently forgotten about that. honestly, given all their pasts, i expect pretty much all of the avengers to have some form of mental health problems, but, once again, we don’t get to see that.

and yes, we are getting a captain marvel and black panther movie coming soon, but it just feels like we’re accepting the bare minimum, because guess what, marvel’s very foundations were built on social justice as put very nicely in this post. marvel’s comics are way ahead in terms of diversity for the most part, and i understand that the comics and the mcu are different and it’s supposed to be that way, but sometimes the discrepancy feels so extreme that it stings.

i do enjoy marvel movies most of them at least but sometimes it’s hard to look past its issues. yes, i understand that you can acknowledge the issues of something and still like it, but at what point do you keep letting them get away with it and stop saying it’s okay? i talk shit because i hope that one day i’ll be heard. i know i will never get marvel to change by myself, that’s just unfeasible, but i hope that adding my voice to the chorus of others who also feel the same way will force them to listen. this isn’t an accurate representation of our society. it mostly boils down to social justice for me, because i know now that as a bisexual latina woman i deserve better. 

if you want to read some articles that probably explain better than me, here’s a few

so tldr: those of us in marginalized groups deserve better.

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i just saw your 4 years post with the wolf stomach and honestly what a wild ride i remember way back when you posted the wolf videos and i was so frustrated because they were age restricted and i wasn't 18 yet


So, here’s the crazy thing: I’ve started receiving messages from people who began watching the show in the beginning 4 years ago, when they were Freshman in high school – and now they’re going on to college! And people who were freshman in college who are now graduating and going onto masters and PhD programs! Lots of these folks are pursuing science fields and credit watching The Brain Scoop as a way to help them make choices about what they want to study. 

If you’re one of those people, then you are my greatest pride. I always wanted TBS to be a way to help people participate in museum and science fields, and understand that art can also be a great entry point for those things – and it’s really, tremendously gratifying to see that pay off. Thank you for helping me achieve my dreams along the way, too. <3 

P.S. there’s gon’ be a real bloody episode comin’ up in a few weeks for anyone disappointed with a lack of Gross-O-Meter lately, but it’s gonna be full of dat research science jazz TOO 

hysterectomy(TLH): 1.5 months post-op

I had a hysto check up a few weeks ago. I’m happy to report I experienced no bleeding(/spotting) throughout the whole healing time. it seems very uncommon and I wasn’t sure if I shouldn’t be worried about it, but according to the doctor it happens to some and there is no need to worry. she also said I shouldn’t be expecting it at this point any more. I have no more swelling whatsoever, the scars are healing the way they should be. I can feel some hardness(sort of like a lump) underneath my skin where the scar under my belly button is located- I was told it was completely normal and I think it’s getting smaller. the weird thing is most of my stomach hair hasn’t grown back yet.

 all in all, recovering from TLH was very smooth in my experience. it’s true, what people tend to say about hysterectomy generally being much easier to recover from than top surgery(especially since you can take a shower on the next day and you have an almost full range of motion) and what Jonathan said in one of his hysto updates about the recovery being very rapid- I felt almost completely healed at 2 weeks, at 3 weeks post-op I didn’t feel like I’ve recently had a surgery at all and at 4 weeks I had trouble remembering how long it’s been since the operation. I can start exercising again, no strength training, though.

 I’ve lost a bit of weight(2kg) since the surgery and haven’t gained it back so far. when I got back to uni people kept on saying I looked really skinny(but I think it’s just the lack of beard). when I told one professor it was probably due to being on a very low-fat diet, he wanted to know if I had some sort of a transplant(because he did and felt like giving me a piece of advice), I wasn’t prepared for questions from professors and was surprised they made me a bit uncomfortable. I discovered people don’t want to know anything about the surgery once you get them grossed out by your freshly post-op pictures! weirdly enough those I actually felt like talking to about the surgery didn’t ask any questions other than ‘how are you feeling?’. I already mentioned the way I’m feeling lately is a bit hormonally unstable. I’m hoping I will be able to switch to monthly injections at some point now, I plan on seeing an endo in two months or so.

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Hey! What would the Gom+Kagami do when they hear their S/O suddenly yelling because they saw a huge gross bug or cockroach in their room and telling them to get rid of it somehow? :D tuvm!

I hate creepy crawlies. I hate them. I HATE COCKROACHES! T_T I am seriously seriously freaked out by them kyaaaaa! T^T But I love you for requesting this~ :3 Please do continue to support me! 

Kuroko would be by your side in an instant, and be really helpful in getting rid of the cockroach because he would use his lack of presence to sneak up on it. 

Kagami is definitely deathly terrified of creepy-crawlies, especially something as disgusting as a cockroach, and would probably yell louder than you even as he tries to attack the roach with a pesticide spray and fails. 

Midorima would bust into the room in full exterminator kit, carrying about six brooms, five swatters and six different types of pesticides. He is always prepared, nanodayo. 

Kise is also, like Kagami, deathly afraid of roaches and bugs, and would opt to scream loudly with you until further help arrives. “[]-cchi, I-I don’t think gokiburi-san here is a f-fan!”

Aomine would be too lazy to kill it at first, but will squash it out of annoyance when it runs over his shoes or his magazine. “The only one who can touch my magazines and shoes is me!" 

Akashi would at first be intrigued by the cockroach as he had never actually seen one up close before, but then would be greatly infuriated by how it “refused to listen to his orders and get out of your room”. 

Murasakibara would not care whatsoever at first - but then the cockroach would run over his food. Then all hell will break loose. 

*cue SEID IHR DAS ESSEN NEIN WIR SIND DIE JAEGER* (the fabulous five minute photoshop also belongs to me by the way) 

The F Word

An excerpt from POPULAR: The Ups and Downs of Online Dating from the Most Popular Girl in New York City

Feminism: The advocacy of women’s rights on the grounds of political, social, and economic equality to men.

I’ve never heard a word as misrepresented and misunderstood as “feminism.” It’s 2015, but tons of women still seem resistant to associating themselves with either the word or the movement. I’d guess it’s because they’re scared of being seen as man-hating lesbians with hairy armpits, or because they actually don’t know what the meaning of the word is.

If you believe every gender should have equal rights, congratulations: you are a feminist, my friend. And if you have a penis and still manage to believe that everyone should have equal rights, you’re also a feminist.

For me, feminism is about women owning our lives. That means doing what we want, what makes us feel good, and – preferably – what’s also helpful to other women, whether that means running your own business that employs other ladies, or supporting females instead of tearing them down. In my world, feminism also includes speaking candidly about who we are and how we feel. Which is part of why I launched my blog – and why I wanted to write this book.

Remember the “Not All Men” internet sensation that struck last year, where loads of dudes valiantly tried to prove they were exceptions to the sexist rule? On my blog, I responded to tons of messages from guys trying to defend themselves for (supposedly) not being your usual offensive asshole. I get it: you may not have killed a girl because she didn’t have sex with you, but I bet you have judged her for the amount of sex she’s had or the degree of cleavage she’s bared on a Saturday night (even as you gaped longingly at it from across the bar). One of the first steps to gender equality is, IMHO, to admit you can’t ever fully put yourself in someone else’s shoes. If you don’t have a vagina, sometimes you need to learn when not to speak – not because what you say doesn’t matter, but because, well, you don’t have a vagina, so you will never fully get it. Instead, try supporting what women say and trusting that what we feel is valid.

All your desperate attempts to prove you’re not like the rest feel fake. Instead of making it about you, how about listening and acknowledging that rape, slut-shaming, and attacks on reproductive rights are actual issues, and that women who talk about them aren’t just ranting feminazis?

Exposing the outlandish messages I’ve received from guys on my blog started off as a joke, but honestly, “Can I eat Nutella off of you?” as an opening line is just too good to keep to myself. Thus, They Really Said This was born. I didn’t necessarily have some grand intention or deep thought behind it until the messages started piling up, people started freaking out about them, and I realized how gross it actually was, what these guys were writing. By exposing them I wanted to help showcase all those fine gentlemen of our generation who still see women solely as objects. Receiving messages from guys who wanted to “see my titties” without even asking my name clearly shows 1) their level of intelligence; and 2) their lack of respect for women.

I never realized how much of an impact my blog would make or how it would inspire, comfort, even anger men and women alike. What makes it worth it for me is the reblogs and notes I receive from followers who appreciate it as an outlet. It shows I’m not the only one experiencing what I do, that in fact it happens to all women. I’ve had emails from a 15 year old girl in Oklahoma thank me for my confidence which inspired her to stand on her own when previously she had lived to please boys only to an email from a father thanking me for being a positive role model for his daughter. My goal is to empower girls and women to take control over their bodies, lives, and success. At the same time, if I can create awareness that this is a universal problem, and good people who believe in equality acknowledge that, maybe the objectifying crude messages will pop up in our inboxes less often.

The online messages seem like a small issue compared to the real world of sexism, rape culture, and inequality, though. Whether it was a week ago when I was walking home and a guy decided to yell at me “YO MA YOU KNOW YOUR PUSSY SO WET” or that time I was shoved in a room in high school and almost raped if not for kicking a dude in the face, every female has stories. Countless stories. I consciously decide what street to walk down every day in order to get catcalled less, and I consciously try to hold out on having sex if I am dating someone in order to not be seen as a whore. We are expected to marry and have kids by a certain age and if we choose that’s not the best path for us, we are seen as damaged. However, my experiences mean almost nothing compared to the women in Saudi Arabia who get raped and forced into marrying their attacker, or the fact that 51% of women in Pakistan are illiterate, compared to only 18% of men.

Some of you might read this book and think of me as a slut, whore, or another lovely nickname for daring to share my rich (and often ridiculous) array of dating experiences with the world. That’s your call, but my life is not that interesting, and it angers me that while men can run around half-naked and get high-fived by idiotic bros for the amount of ladies they fuck, us women are perpetually shamed for the decisions we make about our own bodies (not to mention the enraging fact that we’re generally only presented with dumb pink crap with stupid slogans on it – “love,” ”peace,” etc. – at the stores that supposedly cater to us). I will never understand why anyone would bother pointing fingers at me for my drunk one-night-stand or the low-cut shirt I wore last week.

Still, I had to make a deliberate choice to share all these experiences with the world, and it’s ironic that, even as a feminist, I paused before doing that because I was scared of how society might view me. This just proves, at least to me, how far we still have to go, and how important it is for women to keep talking about their own experiences, both online and off.

anonymous asked:

I honestly really want to hear your rant on Gary Marsh.

Well, with the cancellation news, now seems like a good time for this.

Marsh is an absolute prick who doesn’t give two shits about the well being of the young actors. He sees them as literal $$ and nothing else. It’s gross. And I understand Disney is a business, but he totally lacks any human empathy component.

For example, when talking about Demi, he stated, “Someone like Demi is an unbelievably talented young woman who had some challenges in her life from before we met her and will probably have those challenges far into the future. It’s not fair, if that’s the right way to express it, to lay that at the feet of the network that discovered her.” He also describes actors like Demi and Miley (aka ones who didn’t project pristine Disney images) as “going off the rails”.

He absolves the company of any responsibility because “she had challenges in her life before”. But this is the same company that pressured a 15/16 year old Demi to fix the gap in her teeth. This is the same company that, when then 18 year old Demi checked into rehab for mental health treatment, continued production on her show without her and only changed the title and called it a spin off AFTER Demi firmly said she wasn’t going to do it. It’s pretty gross how Marsh views young actors (and doesn’t think the company’s demands on them exacerbates any underlying mental health issues with them).

Marsh is also so out of touch with reality. When asked about how they prepare kids for being on Disney and the fame and the pressure, etc, he said, “We have things like a one-day seminar called Talent 101, where we bring in security experts, psychologists, showrunners and life coaches. It’s usually after the pilot but before the series launches. But at the end of the day, it’s the parents who really have to be parents. We give them all of the tools they might need, but the network is not responsible for raising their children”.

A one day seminar is such a joke tbh.

And it’s not just his lack of seeing things from an empathetic perspective. He’s also out of touch with reality in terms of the future of TV. Like in that 2012 interview, where he said streaming services would only help cable ratings. Like I know streaming wasn’t as prominent then as it is now (though it was still popular), but I think most people realized it was going to be something that would change how we watch TV (and not help live cable ratings).

Marsh also couldn’t give two shits about TV programming quality, as long as he can build a franchise, churn out “Disney stars” (but not take any responsibility for them), and commercialize the shit out of everything. To quote the man himself, “Our job is not to make shows, it’s to build franchises and stars”. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that this heightened obsession with commercialization started with Hannah Montana, which is the same time Marsh got promoted to president.

Anyway, I understand television is a business. But Marsh is a mercenary asshat who is better suited for business that doesn’t involve children.


i felt like instead of drawing i should make an actual appreciation post for this pairing because art can’t necessarily convey my feelings properly.

i was first drawn to korrasami in season 1 when i found all the other pairings in the show to be, quite honestly, very lacking and gross and i started drawing fanart for them in spite of the fact that i didn’t really think i could draw back then, haha.

it was all really silly to me shipping a femslash pairing like korrasami at first being that korra and asami both had feelings for mako. i elected to ignore it because i didn’t exactly like mako as a character (now i really like him!) and felt like these ladies needed to reconcile.

so when my korrasami dreams started coming true in the show i couldn’t believe it! they were bonding, having adventures together, spending more time together, writing letters to each other. it was too surreal.

so you as you can imagine, when @bryankonietzko and @michaeldantedimartino made that announcement after the series was over, i nearly went into shock. it was quite possibly the best news i heard that year after going through such a dark time. while i could tell that the ending heavily implied it, they were confirmed bisexual…to see myself in korra and to actually be able to identify with a cartoon character’s sexuality was something i never imagined i’d do. i used to cling to fanart and fan fiction for a sense of satisfaction but look where we ended up! we’ve got an entire comic dedicated to them being published next year

last but not least, i’d like to mention the thing i’m most happy about. some of you know i like to cosplay Korra. I’m not the best Korra but she gives me confidence whenever i wear her around conventions. a lot of people say i look like her and that’s cool, though i admit that i’m more curvy than i am ripped like her - but i digress. after the finale was over i posted a few pics, basically advertising myself to the tumblr crowd because i really wanted to do a Korrasami cosplay. and while most people just liked my costume, there was one person who actually responded saying she was gonna be at a local convention next year and wanted to be Asami - @juju-bae, who at the time had a harry potter url that made me giggle a little. i thought hey, a cool cosplayer! we could be friends! but then i incidentally ended up having a crush on her because she’s gorgeous and cute and funny and all that jazz. so 6 months later i asked her out ~officially~ after cosplaying with her for the first time at a convention. nervously. i’m still nervous around her (she’s seen me naked so i don’t know why?) but i think it’s good that she still gives me these gay little butterflies in my stomach. without korrasami our relationship wouldn’t have been possible.

anyway, that’s my story, if ya’ll cared to read it. i’m getting all sappy because a fictional pairing changed my life which is something i’d usually be ashamed about but this time around…i’d like to revel in it. 8)