and there is ppl that hate her

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HOLY SHIT I KNOW ive noticed it too!! as someone who is aro i find it messed up that they use it as an excuse to not ship pi//dge w anyone,,, its horrible,,,,

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It's just sad there are people who only like Lindsey because she's Gerards wife and they ruin it for other people, I guess.

im honestly not bothered bc Lindsey can always tell who is genuine with her and who isnt and while shes nice to everyone she KNOWS. im more bothered by the ppl who hate her just bc shes married to Gerard than the ppl who love her just bc shes married to Gerard

Friendly reminder that Klaus’ letter was preceded by “that is the beginning of another story”, which is meant to highlight key components in the letter, such as Klaus wanting to thank Caroline in person. This suggests that they do eventually meet up, and that their meeting is not a mere fleeting chapter in their lives.

This isn’t a nod to their friendship. They’ve never been just friends. This is a promise of a romantic future. 

There is no doubt in my mind that if Caroline and Klaus were to ever reunite (and according to the finale they do) that Klaus would want something romantic from her. And if you believe otherwise, you’re kidding yourself. 

However long it takes is a throwback to a romantic scene. A romantic scene that suggests a promise of a romantic future between the characters. This isn’t mere banter between friends. Because Caroline has never been just a friend to Klaus. It’s a promise of a romantic future. 

“that is the beginning of another story”
“however long it takes” 

Eventually this story will be realized. And it isn’t a story about friendship. 

i think this chapter really highlights something extremely important that a lot of ppl who hate tsubomi dont really seem to understand.

tsubomi is a person.

shes not a prize for mob to win. shes not an object. she really doesn’t owe mob shit. there’s absolutely nothing wrong with her refusing to go out with mob.

why? because in the end, it’s her choice. she’s capable of making her own decisions because shes strong and independent. 

and mob understands this. he’s not pushing anything on her. he’s simply trying to change himself to make himself appealing to her. but in the end it’s still tsubomi’s decision whether or not she wants to reciprocate mob’s feelings, and mob probably knows this. thank god that one made this chapter to highlight that this is in fact a good quality that tsubomi has, and not a negative or shallow one. because she isn’t shallow. shes strong

its just so sad & frustrating to kno theres kids who are just getting into star wars for the first time there’s girls idolizing rey like they’ve never idolized anyone else before & they go online and see this fucking sea of ppl who want a relationship between her the man who tortured her, usually sexualizing that torture

theres so many abusive & unequal aspects to reyIo that are widely made out to be hot or cute or sweet or the fuck ever. so very many. very widely. by ppl in their 20s, 30s, fucking adults who should fucking know better

i dont want those kids seeing this. i dont want girls who want to be just like rey seeing all these adults saying this stuff is sexy. esp if youre young its so easy to get persuaded if theres so many adults constantly saying this shit

fandom has such a history of being so, so shitty to women & i thought maybe we were starting to move beyond that but appalling reylo stuff is everywhere. and im just. rlly tired

I really hate when white ppl try to talk in urban slang only when talking to me. This white girl did it yesterday when we were setting up the fashion show and she really ticked me off. Somebody had left their folder stacked with resumes in the cab we were getting into and we were reading it for an address so we could send it back to him. She peeped that he used to work in Yonkers and now lives in the Bronx. I deadass didn’t react to her trynna thug out The Bronx by saying “yeah, he’s from Da bronx, Son”. She said that shit with a little chuckle like she really thought she was killing shit by doing that. She shut up immediately after she saw i ain’t laugh. Humbled her ass real quick.

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top 5 jily fanfics



Question Time by @fetchalgernon

not only does this include british politics (accurate!! british!! politics!!) it also includes some of the best characterizations (srsly just check out all of her stuff, it’s all great) and the relationship develops so well and the tension and the dirty stuff ;) !! i love it, i honestly reread it all the time

All Right, Evans? by CokeBottleK

honestly probably the only multi-chap jily fanfic I’ve ever completed. great ust jily, great lily ‘not a stick in the mud’ evans and the canonverse is great!!

One Wild Ride by @hiddenpolkadots

nai is probably gonna hate me for plugging this bc it will mean more ppl nagging her to continue it but i love it so much i have to include it. it’s a band au and it’s great and the jily is great and did i mention it’s a band au?? cmon 

Foil by @alrightpotter

this is a lil fic and it’s honestly so cute! the relationship is developed rlly well, not rushed or anything and i love the real emotions behind it… plus her james and lily are written rlly 10/10. also slow burn = yes yes yes.

Three Swipes, You’re Out by @hiddenpolkadots

my gf writes the best fics okay. it’s a tinder au and it’s hilarious and james is useless and i love it. i will say no more.

drag race queen: *commits murder*

fandom: that’s really problematic ://// like…. i’m still a stan and i love her and all but i hope she grows and changes her ways…… hopefully she’ll educate herself and learn that murder is bad and become better uwu wish ppl would stop judging her so much tho :(( she’s only human!

drag race queen: *doesn’t have 100% flawless make-up*

fandom: LMAO fuck that ugly BITCH! who does she think she is???? with that BUSTED ass face lololol she should have never been on the show, she’s such a FLOP i hate that gross bitch lol let me send her some death threats and some evil shit LOL all t, no shade ;)))

I hate how some people will justify stalking joji to find “rares” by saying “oh he’s famous so it doesn’t matter” or “he’s so hot though”.

it doesn’t matter if he’s “famous” or attractive. stalking is stalking. going out of your way to find pictures of a person who doesn’t even know you is straight up weird.

Also y'all are always whining about how people say shit about Chad and always say “noooo don’t be mean to Chad he’s human too” but some ppl will tell anisa to kill herself, call her ugly, and say she doesn’t deserve Ian.

I get that y'all wanna fuck them or whatever but respect their privacy, some of you aren’t even legal or close to being legal. if “daddy joji” did bang you he’d be in jail charged with statutory rape (now I’m just being extra oops).

just for the love of God respect their privacy. I doubt y'all would want someone going through your friends/family’s accounts trying to find pictures of you.

(also don’t call into a radio show and use your one chance to ask joji something and ask some dumb shit like how tight ian’s ass is, do you know how hard it is to get through and actually speak to him?)


you know what?

i’m not done.

lil history lesson for the beeblockers in the audience who weren’t around post-s2 and pre-s3 (or any hints about same): the mary hate didn’t start after HLV.

the mary hate didn’t start after TSoT.

the mary hate didn’t start after TEH, or after setlock, or after whatever the hell point you’ve seen ppl use to justify their And After That, Well, Of COURSE We Had To Speak Up About How ~Problematic~ This Character Was, I Mean, Anyone Who Could Enjoy This Fictional Human Clearly Lacks A Moral Center, Anyway Enough Unpleasantness Here’s A Rec Post Of My Favourite Holmescest Fics.

the mary hate started when yall heard the show would involve mary at all.

i know. i was there. people i used to consider friends posted hate, including that they wanted “THAT woman” to die ASAP, on the same day of the “hey there will be mary” announcement.

when ppl, including me, pointed out that uh all we knew about her character was that she was a woman, so hating her based on

  1. she is a woman
  2. getting her yucky vajayjay all over your media

was misogynist as yikes, we were dismissed as Fandom Police. we couldn’t MAKE people like her just because she was a woman!! in fact, that made us the REAL misogynists!!! like, GOD, how stupid could we be!!1!?

it went downhill from there.

pre-s3, if you were excited about mary, in public, you could pretty well count on at least one person chiming in with BUT THE STORY IS ABOUT JAWN AND SHELROCK HOW CAN MAKE ROOM FOR MARY TRICK QUESTION U CAN’T MY OTP EVERYTHING IS RUINED. (i mean, imo, everything is ruined at the outset because the writers can’t pace or emotional thru-line their way out of a well-lit paper bag; mary “ruins” the story much as same-sex marriage “ruins” marriage in that opposite-sex couples, like the writers, do just fine ruining everything on their own.)


post-s3, if you were still excited about mary, fandom was fucking unbearable. i didn’t have it anywhere near as bad as lots of others and it was still unbearable. i stopped being part of the fandom. i deleted and orphaned my jawnlock fics. sometime after the fucking thing that got its own fucking tag - and, more tear-out-what-was-left-of-my-hair-fully for me, after fandom could not collectively agree that a) there were sides and b) one of them was REALLY DEFINITELY WORSE THAN THE OTHER - i packed up the last of my shit and got the hell out of the sandbox.

so here, on Weekend Of Last Ep For A While Possibly Ever Eve, i tell you: each and every one of you who spat bile about mary, who thought fargolockgate was a tempest in a teapot and anyway seeing john beat mary to death with a hammer was kinda hilarious amirite, who clutched your pearls and whined about The Integrity Of The (Whitedude) Story, who concern trolled mary fans because omg surely no decent person could like her, who speculated for YEARS that mary was evil, mary was cheating on john, mary was only pretending to be pregnant, mary meant to kill not wound sherlock, john and sherlock were plotting to kill mary and become a couple, the showrunners made it all perfectly clear right there in the subtext, it would all come true and we “bitter has-beens” would be proven wrong and what a great and righteous day that would be -

- every last one of you can fuck right off. if you don’t like what the show gives you… if you don’t like what what’s left of the fandom can do to reinvent it… then i leave the last and, fittingly, frustration-mangled word to jiminy cricket:

“you buttered your bread… now sleep in it.”

tbh i love queenie so much i mean here’s this little ray of sunshine, as pretty on the inside as she is on the outside, lover of sweets and people and curious and bright

and she hasn’t even had a nice, easy life! a half-blood in a society that hates no-majs, an orphan who lost her parents at a young age, serving coffee around ppl who we can assume aren’t that great and she can read all their not so great thoughts

but she still always sees the silver lining and is so quick to point it out. quick to talk about how good she’s got it, since she has her sister. quick to underplay herself in favor of gushing about her sister’s accomplishments. quick to accept anything thrown her way and make the most of it, be it two strange men in her living room, or nearly getting arrested in a police raid

and the thing is she sees the best in people even though she can read their minds! she’s probably seen the worst that the world has to offer, through other people’s thoughts, but she hasn’t let that drag her down or make her cynical

when she first meets jacob she says “don’t worry honey, most guys think what u were, when they first see me.” she’s gone years having to see what men think about her, imagine doing to her, men much less sweet than jacob, and instead of becoming angry or bitter or disgusted (like i would have tbh) she just accepts it and even manages to use it to her advantage (“ladies things”) because though she’s kind most of all, she’s nearly just as clever, which no one ever seems to anticipate bc she isn’t like her sister the career girl or even newt the eccentric scientist. she’s just queenie, sweet pretty queenie, who sews and cooks and smiles her way through life

when she realizes tina, her sister whom she loves dearly, is about to be killed she doesn’t panic. she thinks on her feet and immediately sets out to rescue her with seemingly no concern for her own safe being. and when tina heads into danger again, queenie is quick to try and rush after her, again showing no fear

really the only times queenie seems afraid in the whole movie are when she realizes tina is in danger, and when she doesn’t want to lose jacob

and her compassion!!! queenie is really the only person in the whole movie to get newt to open up about his past, and she’s also the only person who clearly understands him and how he feels/felt. and yes in large part that is due to her legilimency, but i feel like that goes both ways. queenie is a naturally gifted legilimens and maybe that’s because she was good at reading and understanding ppl to begin with

also i just rly love that she’s the naturally gifted legilimens, and while she could have used her ability for personal gain, or manipulation, she never does. think about the other legilimens we know of: salazar, voldemort, snape, dumbledore–all very manipulative, at the very least. but not queenie: she’s content to just use it at her leisure, for fun or to help others

and i love that she’s so feminine! don’t get me wrong, there’s a lot to be said for tomboys and i love tougher than nails girls, /believe me/, but so often the girls we’re meant to root for are “just one of the boys” or quirky & nerdy or otherwise anti-girly-girl, bc how else would we know they’re a feminist, strong independent “not like other girls” woman? while the mean girl we’re meant to hate is the one who loves shopping and cares about fashion and is all about boys. so it’s a nice change of pace, to have a pretty, well dressed, sexy girl who wears pink silk and likes boys and cooking and sewing and other feminine things, also be the kind, sweet, likeable cinnamon roll

also queenie and tina as sisters!! i could go on about the goldstein girls all day. about how the first time we see tina smile is when queenie comliments her. about how they’re so different but they clearly love each other and complement each other so much. about how tina probablly worried about queenie losing her innocent optimism so she tried to shield her from the darkest parts of the world. and of course, being a legilimens, queenie already saw it all but she knew her sister needed to protect her and so she decided that she was always going to be bright and sunny, for tina’s sake. she probably knows about tina’s demotion, but she’s so proud of her anyways, and makes sure to say it. and tina never worries that queenie isn’t strong enough to help them, and doesn’t blink twice at bringing her along

even though tina’s the one that brought the boys cocoa, and said “i thought u might like something hot to drink,” when they disappear it’s queenie who looks dejected and sadly says “but we made them cocoa.” it’s queenie who warmly invites the boys in at once, and does the cooking, and it was most likely queenie who wanted to give them cocoa too. pls imagine queenie needling her rumpled sister into carrying in that tray to them while tina tried to seem tough and “mr. scamander is a criminal, queenie” “well what about the other one?” “he’s a no-maj! he won’t even remember this in the morning!” “well that’s no reason to not be kind now” “no-maj’s probably don’t even like cocoa” “don’t be silly of course he will!” “how do u know?” “i can read minds, tina” “ugh fine” because queenie knows that on the inside tina’s a softie, just like her

pls imagine tina and queenie as little girls, recently orphaned, tina holding queenie as she cries and thinking calm, soothing thoughts because she knows she can hear them. both of them thinking “i have to be strong for her,” and they both are

Can ppl stop @ me saying I can’t ship NaruKono because you basics say he’s married in canon.

What’s the point of any shipping if you’re only allowed canon ohmygod.

I like Naru/Hina too and I never even said anything about me hating the pair but everyone is making shit up like I hate her.

All I ask is don’t be fucking rude and you think that means I hate Naru/Hina

Learn some manners why don’t you