and there is only 5 of them

After all this time.

((I have a feeling that this is total shit, but it was in my head. So I wrote it))

Eddie had just moved back to Derry & everything looked the same. He wondered if his old friends remembered him, he had only moved away 5 years ago. He was now 17 & 5’5, he hit a small growth spurt at 14 & been that height ever since.

When he moved to New York the losers kept in touch but after a year the calls stopped. Of course Eddie had never forgotten them. When he found out he was moving back all he wanted to do was call all of them, but he worried they had no memories of him, so he decided against it.

“Eddie we’re here.” His moms voice snapped him out of his thoughts. Eddie looked up, they were indeed home. New York never felt like home, not they way Derry did. Of course he had made friends, he also discovered things about himself.

Like the fact, he was indeed gay. New York shed a whole new light on him. He had a couple boyfriends, none of which he shared so much of a kiss with. He wanted to make sure he was gay. His first boyfriend he had at the age of 15. The boy, Trevor was 18. He brought Eddie to his first queer party. Which were apparently a thing? He had never seen people so free. That’s when he knew for sure.

After the Kaspbraks finished unpacking, Eddie decided to go for a walk. After the move to New York, Eddies mom didn’t care as much about what he did. She told him to at least shower & change seeing as he was still in his night clothes.

Once Eddie was changed, he walked out the door & into town. Everything looked the same. Was he surprised, not really.

Eddie was walking past The Aladdin when he heard the yelling.

“Holy fucking shit, is that Eddie Kaspbrak!?” He smiled & turned to see Beverly Marsh & Ben Hascom.

“Why yes it is, lady & gent” They had the biggest smile on their faces.

“We’ve missed you so much!” Beverly pulled him in to a tight hug.

“Dude, why didn’t you call?” Ben asked him giving him a hug also.

Eddie took a minute to take in their appearances. Beverly had grown up beautifully, she had curves & her hair was a little longer than her 12 year old self.

Now Ben, he had lost his belly that had gotten replaced by huge muscles. His face was still the same just less chubby.

That’s also when he noticed, they were holding hands.

“What holy shit are you guys to-“

“Yep!” Beverly said with the biggest smile “Have been since 14.”

“and Bill?” Eddie asked, it was no secret Bill had a crush on the girl back when they were 12.

Ben & Beverly looked at each other & laughed.

“Well if you want the truth, Billy boy is dating Stan” Ben said looking at Eddie.

“Wait Bill & Stan…….are gay?” Eddie asked look confused as hell.

“Well if that’s a shocker, wait until I tell you about Richie!”

Eddies breathe stopped short. Richie, the first boy he had a crush on. Richie, the boy who made him question his sexuality. Richie, the boy he loved & probably still did.

“He’s gay too?” Eddie said swallowing a lump in his throat.

“After all this time….you still love him?” Beverly said giving him a smirk.

“What no?” Ben looked past them.

“Here come the rest of ‘em, quick get behind me Eddie let’s surprise ‘em” Ben said & pushed him behind them.

“Well look here, Miss Beverly Marsh & Hamburger Helper” Eddie knew that voice, it was slightly deeper. But he knew it was Richie.

“Hey guys” That was Bill, for sure. He could see through Ben & Beverly that Stan was there.

He was holding Bills hand, so they weren’t lying.

“Who’s that behind you?” Stan spoke up.

“Well everyone, i’d like to present to you. The new & improved…….Eddie Kaspbrak!” Ben pushed him out.

“Eddie, what the…” Bill said smiling.

“It’s been so long” Stan said pulling him in a hug.

“Holy fucking shit” Eddie finally got a good look at Richie & he looked…..well, hot.

He had grown, he had to be at least 6’0. He still had those stupid glasses, but his face had matured. He noticed, he still had his Hawaiian shirt & well he looked damn amazing.

“No mom jokes?” Eddie finally said, his voice cracking.

“Well fuck Eddie, I don’t think I need your mom anymore.” Richie said looking him up & down.

“Well fuck Richie, your still an idiot.” Eddie said smiling at the taller boy.

Eddie hugged him, after all this time.

Yes, he still loves Richie.

((I might write a part 2 if anyone actually likes this lol))

Wednesday rundown..
  • Hello new followers that are not pornblogs. Maybe you showed up here because I was dragged, so you got curious. Maybe you showed up because my friends (many whom I’ve met in person, stayed in their homes, etc.) had my back. Or maybe you like beer, and cats like I do! Regardless, hello! In addition to cats, and beer, I enjoy 80s new wave/synthpop, Industrial Rock, darkwave, 90s Shoegaze, horror movies, comic books, video games, and many other nerdy things. Yes I am one of those Apple People. I will talk about Apple in bunches, then there will be times when I do not mention Apple at all.
  • I hate it when I tell someone at work that I will have something for them shortly, only for them to come hover around my desk 5 minutes later. Get the fuck out of here, I’ll get it to you when I am ready to give it to you.
  • Due to unforeseen circumstances, I do not believe I will be making the KMFDM show in San Diego. There is still a slim chance, but it is looking unlikely. It still bothers me that they are not doing their own show in lieu of the festival that is happening this weekend here in LA.
  • I received a text from a former co-worker yesterday that has worked at our competitor for the last 10 years or so asking me “What is going on over there?” The reason? Most, if not all of the people that were laid off last week had applied over there. It’s kinda hard to hide the truth when that sort of thing happens.
  • I’ve said this before, I am not a big Dodgers fan (the Angels have always been my SoCal team. *weep*) but it is not looking good for the Cubs. Captain Obvious, right?
  • I sure do enjoy weekends when I don’t do anything, or go anywhere. I also enjoy day drinking at the breweries so.  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

I guess I’ll get back to it. Bye!

Rich Love Part 5; Tom Holland/Harrison Osterfield

Originally posted by tbholland

  • pairing: reader x tom holland / reader x harrison osterfield (triangle)
  • warnings: language mostly
  • words: 2300+
  • summary: being harrison’s best girl (friend) (?) has some perks, one of them being you get to spend a lot of time with Tom and you really want nothing more than to confess your attraction for Tom but something always gets in the way, most times that something ends up being his own best friend
  • a/n : this is a chaptered fic, part 6 to come soon(i promise)
  • part (1) + (2) + (3) + (4) + (5)
  • request something or ask to be on the taglist here

“Fuck!” you exclaimed loudly, pushing yourself off of the couch and making your way towards the front door. Harrison left only a few seconds ago and if you were lucky you could catch him before he got too far.

You ignored the pain of the small rocks digging into your feet as you ran down the path to the sidewalk. Harrison was the type of guy who walked almost everywhere so you’d be shocked if today was the day he chose to drive.

You sighed a breath of relief when you saw him walking with his hands in his pockets, not too far of a distance from Tom’s house. You sprinted after him, not bothering to call out his name because he wouldn’t turn anyway.

When you reached him you pulled at his arm, tugging his hand free. He turned to you and you tried to look past the hurt in his eyes, the anger, but you couldn’t. No matter how hard you tried, you could see no other emotion.

“What the hell?” you were the first to speak although you were still catching your breath from the short distance you had to run. Harrison yanked his arm out of your grasp and stared you down. His gaze made you feel so much smaller than you actually were. After some time had passed, he turned around and kept walking.

“No,” you stated, running ahead of him, stopping him dead in his tracks. “No, you have to talk to me. What the fuck was that back there?”

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I’ll update this page as the slots fill up!


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UPDATE: Slots are full! Thanks to everyone who grabbed them! We’ll try to finish these and reopen ASAP!

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Top five things we all need to know about EnnoTana please

I couldn’t decide if I should answer this about canon stuff, or headcanons, so I went with both ;D (and it was so still so hard to limit to 5 each)


1. Their interactions start really early in the series - from episode 4 in the anime, to vol. 2 in the manga.

2. They’re not only friends, but also rivals that respect each other’s abilities. Tanaka taking Ennoshita’s threats to take his spot seriously, Tanaka in disbelief when Ennoshita said his receives were better, and well, a lot of admiration as Ennoshita watches Tanaka in the manga lately - Their rivalry is fun and makes them both strive to always do better with competition at their heels.

3. Their banter is fantastic. Their interactions are always great, and lbr the locker room scene was iconic. Someone save Ennoshita

4. They often think the same thing despite being complete opposites. It happens a few times, even more so in the manga. This is top quality “opposites attract” trope right here

5. the Look. every time Ennoshita looks at Tanaka like that, my soul ascends 


1. They’re very physically affectionate. When they first start dating, they’re inseparable. Ennoshita in particular can get a bit rough, hugging too tightly or kissing too hard. (He’s just too excited to be able to hold Tanaka, but Tanaka doesn’t point it out - he’s enjoying it too much himself.) But as time goes on, and puppy love grows to something more, they still never let go. Their touches become softer, more natural - linking pinkies as they walk, feet brushing under the table, arms over shoulders as they sit together, massages, legs tangled when they sleep.

2. They share clothes. Tanaka’s shirts are a little tight around Ennoshita’s arms. Tanaka starts buying tighter shirts when he notices. 

3. They don’t yell when they argue. They don’t even really argue so much as get into disagreements with some pouting involved. Tanaka will start to yell if he gets particularly heated, because it’s Tanaka and that’s what he does, but Ennoshita stays levelheaded and never raises his voice, which keeps Tanaka in check. Things get talked out and resolved pretty quickly, though sometimes one or both will take time alone to cool off. 

4. They have a lot of dogs. So many dogs. They go to the gym together every morning except Sundays so they can stay swole so they can lift and hug every dog. And all the dogs sleep on the bed. As well as one fluffy cat named Ace that sleeps on Tanaka’s face.

5. They share chores.  Everything from cleaning, to budgeting, to running errands, it’s split pretty evenly down the middle and is an unquestioned routine they keep for years and years. But they always go grocery shopping together.

The Unwritten Rules of the Convention

1. You will see furries. Do NOT go near them. DO NOT.

2. Homestucks always travel in packs. If you see a lone Homestuck, you may be about to be ambushed.

3. There are two food trucks. There is only ONE you buy from. Whether it’s your favourite or not.

4. If the con is not within two blocks of a coffee shop, it is a commercial flop and not worth attending.

5. There WILL be grown men in skin tight costumes. Just avert your eyes to your level of comfort and forget about it.

6. Every single outlet will be in use. Every single one.

7. There is only one role-playing party in the games room at one time. If there are more, a volume and ‘fun meter’ competition will inevitably break out.

8. If you see the Parent™, go easy on them. They are in an alien world of anime body pillows and Steven Universe cosplays and they are frightened.

9. Expect memes.

10. Every merch booth must have at least ONE Pikachu themed item.

11. There also must be at least one booth selling tails and ears.


13. It doesn’t matter if your Iron Man cosplay is made of real iron and has working technology. If you are in the junior category, the sniffling five year old in the Link cosplay made of paper will always win.

14. Someone will be on the roof.

15. Those cheap plastic tokens? $20.

16. Avoid eye contact with the sixty year old man in the MLP cosplay.

17. If you appear even the slightest bit female, you WILL get harassed by a douche boy who thinks you’re a ‘fake geek girl’. This boy will always be in a t-shirt with an image such as Deadpool or the Star Wars logo.

18. There must be AT LEAST ten people in ‘Keep Calm’ shirts.

19. That actor does not want to be there.


21. There WILL be a human!Bill cosplay. There will also be a Cecil Palmer cosplay. DO NOT MIX THESE TWO UP YOU WILL DIE.

Core Class Review: Sorcerer part 2

Utility and Builds

Fun fact, the sorcerer was my first class that I ever played, and my favorite class of 3.5.

Today, the sorcerer remains up there in terms of my favorite classes to play, and Pathfinder, as they did with all the core classes, gave them plenty of new, unique abilities to interest fans of the class.

Spellcasting-wise, the sorcerer uses the same list as the wizard, mixing high damage, a multitude of utility, control, and more, and is easily one of the most diverse spell lists in the game, with only a few things healing being mostly beyond them. The main difference being that sorcerers have more spell slots and can cast them spontaneously, but have a limited list of spells known that can only be added to by leveling up or by special items or feats. As full casters, this also includes an array of free to cast cantrips.

Additionally, sorcerers, drawing from the power within, gain the eschew materials feat, allowing them to cast spells without using inexpensive material components, eliminating most of the need for a spell component pouch. This prevents them from having potentially a large number of their spells becoming unusable thanks to a clever thief.

Sorcerers also gain bloodlines, which we will go over in more detail later this week, but represent the nature of the arcane power they possess, and grant them an additional class skill, additional spells they learn at certain levels in addition to their normal allotment, a selection of bonus feats they take at certain levels, a bloodline arcana, which is usually a passive ability that affects certain types of spells that they cast, and an array of bloodline powers at certain levels. It often varies by bloodline, but the first level ability is usually a low-level combat ability, the third is usually a collection of passive resistances that get better over time. The ninth and fifteenth are usually a stronger combat ability or a mobility enhancement, and the twentieth is the capstone ability for the class, which is usually immunity to many things the sorcerer gained resistance to, and a few other abilities symbolizing a perfect synergy between themselves and their bloodlines.

The addition of bloodlines in pathfinder gave the sorcerer a much needed flavor boost, as prior to that in 3.5, sorcerers were generally, with few exceptions, officially associated with dragons.

The trick with full casters is recognizing that there are so very many possible builds to consider. Of course, sorcerers are limited by their spell selection even with feats and items to bolster them. As such, in a party where a sorcerer is the only caster, they may have to take spell options based solely on what the party needs rather than what they would personally prefer. That being said, the bloodline spells help mitigate this by providing an array of themed spells to make for more unique builds. Summoning builds are always helpful, since the wide variety of summoned monsters with spell abilities means they probably always have an option or two.

If the party has other utility roles to take care of that, the sorcerer gets more leeway, allowing them to explore blaster builds, elemental specialist builds, conjuration, necromancy, illusionist, control, whatever their heart desires, and with the spell slots to not have to worry about saving a spell for the right time.

And that’s the basics of the sorcerer class. Next time, we’ll cover how much more interesting they can be with a few advanced options.

KFC is going to be giving out special Halloween buckets that have the colonel in different costumes on them including one of him as A KITTY CAT but each store only gets 5 of each bucket so I talked to the manager of the KFC across from our office and made it very clear that I want the kitty cat bucket more than life itself and he is to reserve one for me

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Lol so I looked at lgbt-mood and that blog is a mess. The mod had bunches of bisexual people telling them that they were wrong and they wouldn't really admit it then one person said that the change to the term bisexual had only been happening for 5 years and I look at their blog and they are 16. But lgbt-mood just immediately accepted this and blamed you and others four trying to make them feel guilty. My local group has had the "new" definition longer than that 17yo has been alive.

I exhibit little surprise. Gayharoldfinch made solid argument after solid argument but mod whoever-the-fuck wasn’t interested in anything other than being toxic.

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hiya! can you please write birthday prompts? 💓

in all honesty I forgot about this, but here you go!!

1. Person 1 smashed a piece of cake in Person 2′s face which started a cake war, and ended up with everyone getting kicked out of the banquet hall. 

2. Person 1 tried to plan a surprise party for Person 2, only to figure out that 2 knew all along because 1 accidentally texted 2 the location and other details instead of 2′s parents. 

3. Person 1 freaked out when Person 2 gave them a gift, because 1 thought it was their anniversary, forgetting it was actually their own birthday.  

4. Person 1 didn’t know what to buy Person 2 for their upcoming birthday, and just ended up buying all of the things 2 mentioned liking last time they went to the mall. 

5. Person 1 told Person 2 that all they want for their birthday is 1, and woke up to find 1 rolled up in wrapping paper. 

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What do you think of the Plains of Eidolon?

Despite the update being out for almost 5 days now, due to having a couple week-long bout of just low mood and absolutely no energy for anything, i skipped it and only today fired PoE up for the first time.

And my “today” i mean “ i literally just now closed the game and looked at my blog. ” Checked out the new space bean fashion (which are absolutely hideous) and did one mission in plains.

It’s nice. Huge and hard work from DE, absolute props to them. I can totally see myself digging this a lot once i dig myself in properly. I seriously hope Plains give me enough interested to continue a Warframe Mounts- project i dropped around 2015. The Plains would fit it like a glove.

Obligatory note that i wish to smooch each and every Ostron husband swaggering around the marketplace. At once if possible.

Also toughs on Gara: Her name is a trainwreck, she was ugly as sin starting from the concept and her palette is basically Valkyr without the teal. Perhaps the first frame i actually dislike. And i don’t say that lightly.

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Headcanon's for Tatsumi x Mine....if you still do those?

1. Every spring Tatsumi and Mine visit the cherry blossoms together because that’s Mines favorite time of the year. He also makes sure that she gets a small branch with cherry buds. She places them in her room and if the buds become flowers they know it’s the right time for the Hanami festival.

2. They break up at least twice at week but also get together again shortly after that so that their break ups usually last only a few minutes.

3. They often do their tasks together. Mine helps Tatsumi with cooking and he helps her doing the laundry.

4. Tatsumi loves playing with Mines hair. Whenever they are resting together his hands find their way to her hair, braiding or caressing it.

5. Mine doesn’t like flying and is still afraid of it. Dragon Tatsumi is forced to walk with her.

20 Questions Tag

I was getting the same tags many times so I decided to make a new one

1. Favourite memory: my elementary school years

2. What are you reading? re-reading Paper Towns by John Green

3. Spirit animal: maybe a pufferfish

4. Who/what would you be, if you could be anything? An extroverted person who can make friends with anybody easily

5. Do you believe in astrology? I read daily horoscope sometimes, but I don’t strongly believe in it

6. Your last emojis: ❤💕😘🐇🐶🐕💓

7. Do you have sister/brother? a younger brother

8. Do you remember your great-grandparents? I remember only 2 of them :(

9. Would you like to have children? yes, 1 or 2

10. Have you ever cheated on a test? once, I’m afraid the teacher might notice it

11. Hot-headed or calm: calm

12. Favourite subject: Grammar, Chemistry

13. A random thing: I like my new school and I think my life is better now than it ever was

14. Result or process: process

15. Food you don’t like: seafood, liver

16. Vegetables or fruits: both

17. House parties or nightclubs: I’ve never been to a party yet :D

18. Dreaming or daydreaming: dreaming

19. Morning or evening: morning

20. Team sports or individual: individual

Now let’s tag a lot of people (sorry) (you mustn’t do it if you don’t want) @seeingeverything @anyonebutgracie @mypagethoughts @weirdfella @the-weird-one-with-pen-and-paper @porcelain-pixie @infpisme @depression-cats-and-fandom @la-ragazza-smarrita @boldsunflower @stevethepanda @internetisgoodforyou @liz—khalifa @isfpcanrelate @isfp-cafe @estj-thoughts @thewillowwisps @simfluence @lynneryon @readyreddie @wrathofabooklover @dreamer-drop @ironicallyusingcomicsans @smartie171214 @pennydowninthewoods

Batgirl Vol 1 #5

We open this issue with a gun pressed to Cass’ head, after she has been knocked out for hours, plus a quick recap of what happened to her. Cass realizes that she can only move half as fast as before and earns a few blows in return. However, through concentration and skill, she still manages to take them down and sets off to find the young man she was trying to protect. I am going to start a counter here, similar to “Ghost of Failures Past”, for whenever Cass bemoans that she is not good or perfect enough, even though she still clearly rocks.
Plight Of Permanent Perfectionism: 1

Meanwhile, Robin reports his findings on the murder in Macau to Bruce, who is en route to the scene. Unfortunately, the autopsy report went missing soon after the murder and the coroner died recently. Smart as he is, Tim has worked out that this all has to do with Cass, but Bruce pulls the old “bad signal” crap on him and hangs up. Once in Macau, he digs up the man’s body.

Back in Gotham, Cass’ takes the tracker the hitmen were using to Oracle for fixing, but Barb’s confusion about the tech soon gives way to confusion about Cass’ bruises. Unfortunately, she still can’t speak, but at least she manages to communicate to Barb that she can now understand. Aphasia: 37
Plight Of Permanent Perfectionism: 2
Batmom: 7

Barbara fixes the tracker for her and asks if she can really understand every word now. Cass confirms, then heads out again, and the smile on her face is both creepy and adorable.

On the other side of the world, Bruce has finally found Cain, who is once again reaching deep into the vodka bottle (I am sensing a theme here). Turns out Faizul’s body was too badly decomposed to determine the size of the hands that killed him. Batman confronts Cain about the “fake” video, but Cain laughs and assures him that it is not fake, but also tells him that Cass fell apart after her first kill and fled from Cain out of regret and guilt, a fact that Cain takes full credit for. Bruce still refuses to believe, but the look of worry on his face when Cain informs him that every second-rate bounty hunter in the world is currently in Gotham shows that it is not out of wounded pride, but out of concern for Cass.
Batdad: 8

Back with Cass, the tracker has finally picked up a weak signal, and she traces it down into the sewers. Despite knowing that she is not “perfect” anymore, Cass decides she has not time for doubts and rushes in to attack.
Plight Of Permanent Perfectionism: 3
Fiercely Assertive Protector: 9

She does manage to save the man, but only by a few inches and so Cass asks him to take the words away and give her back her skills, despite her sadness being written all over her body. Mr. Jeffers, as we finally find out he’s called, unfortunately tells her that he can’t. Oops.
Aphasia: 38
Living Emoji: 37

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Did you ever post the pics from stream 5 or do you only post pics from everyother stream? Sorry im just curious

i honestly forgot to post them ill see if i have the sai file saved