and there is only 5 of them

“Our country was a very poor country, in need of not only food, but of everything. After the Korean War (6.25) I was in 4th grade, but when I went to school, I didn’t study and instead made war supplies. I washed, dried and rolled up the bloody dressings of injured soldiers and sent it back to them. I received a big bag of materials which I made shorts for the soldiers to wear. And then when I should have been at the prime time of my life, the 5.16 military coup happened. And after that, in the 70’s I lived through the industrialization. I lived through a time of extreme ups and downs. One priest said this, If I want to go through your confessions, it starts all the way from Pacific War and has no end.”

“우리나라는 식량 뿐만 아니라 모든 게 부족한, 정말 빈곤한 나라였어. 6.25가 났을 때 난 초등학교 4학년이었는데 학교 가면 공부는 안 하고 군수물자를 만들었지. 부상병들 피묻은 붕대를 전부 가져다가 빨고, 말리고, 다시 착 감아서 돌려보내고, 자루 포대 같은 걸 받아서 군인들 반바지를 만들어 보내고 그랬어. 그러고는 한창 좋은 나이에 5.16군사정변이 있었고. 그 다음에 70년대에는 산업화 시대를 보냈으니까. 그런 파란만장한 시대를 지나왔어. 어떤 신부님이 그래. 할머니하고 고해성사를 하면은 대동아 전쟁서부터 시작해가지고 끝이 없대.”

Nothing At Stake - 5

[A/N: Okay so you guys have been asking for it and so I whipped a little something up, this part is definitely a little more smutty than the rest of them and trust me guys it’s only going to get worse.

All mistakes are my own and as always don’t be afraid to message me if you notice them, that way I can rectify them! And I promise future chapters of this will be a little bit longer! Enjoy!]

Word Count: 887

[Part 1.] [Part. 2] [Part. 3] [Part.4]

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newworldchild  asked:

What's Shiro's backstory in the PJO universe? And do you think the Galra would be demigods but all from the same father? Like Zarkon is a titan or primal god? Maybe Haggard is too. Idk curiosity poked at me to ask. Thanks for always answering!

[Voltron PJO AU]  1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 

Shiro’s Backstory (Keith’s, Pidge, Lance & Hunk’s)

Like Keith, Shiro was of Japanese descent. He lived with his Mommy ever since, he couldn’t remember his Daddy but he only saw him once when he was a kid. He asked his mother why he didn’t stay with them and got a “He’s a very busy man, Takashi.” He didn’t bother anymore. Then his mother got sick. As he grew up, there was an instance that he started floating when he was drifting off to sleep and he panicked causing him to fall back to his bed. He got scared but he tried it again and again and he was thrilled to know that he could fly. He told no one about it.

He was popular in school, being a bright, friendly and energetic kid. Until one day he was summoned to the Principal’s office and he was informed that his mother died and Shiro has never cried so hard in his life. He had no one and now he was all alone. That very same time, some random shady kid pulled him into a corner and told him “You need to go with me to Camp Half Blood.” That very moment, something destroyed Shiro’s school and that was when he saw his first monster—a cyclops

He did one thing any 13 year old boy would do upon the sight of a greek monster: RUN. But gods, the cyclops chased him and he was gaining on him because it was big and Shiro was small. He didn’t know how to outrun it so he started to fly as high as he could. But the monster was tall and could easily reach him so he had to think fast. He saw broken woods thanks to the cyclops entrance and used a big one to stab it in its single eye repeatedly. The monster shrieked and before he knew he could do it, he took away the monster’s air inside of its body causing it to suffocate, and then it disintegrated. Shiro stared in horror at the floating ball of air that once belonged to the cyclops and then he released it. He saw the boy who told him to go to some camp in mortification and then Shiro decided to flee the scene.

That was when he saw Keith sparring with dead warriors by the forest when he was on the run. He was scared of himself and what he could do—what he did back then so when he saw this other kid summoning dead warriors and holding a sword, Shiro had never felt so relieved in his life. He wasn’t the only one with weird abilities, so when he knew that Keith was a son of Hades, he began wondering if he was a son of a god too, to which Keith confirmed that he probably is. After that memorable encounter, they became friends and decided to stick together and fight off monsters. 

Shiro thought Keith was the most amazing person he’d ever met. The kid could shadow travel! A very convenient thing for them, not to mention he was really skilled with his sword. Hades would randomly visit them to chat and spend time with Keith and Hades grew fond of him, too. So those solo chats with Keith, turned into chats that included Shiro. He didn’t know when it happened but one day, Shiro’s cheek started to heat up whenever Keith looked at him. Keith was soft and sharp on the edges at the same time and he loved the fact that Keith always gave him undivided attention. One time Keith grabbed his hand to run away from monsters, Shiro’s heart started to flutter which was weird because they’ve held hands hundreds of times but for some reason, in that moment he interlaced them and he had this huge smile on his face to which Keith said “You’re being weird” when he noticed him. “Not really, I like being around you, Keith.” Shiro saw Keith blush and squeezed his hand back and muttered, “Me, too. Now let’s get out of here.”

When they got to Camp Half Blood and when they were claimed as sons of Zeus and Hades, that was when things started to change. Shiro became more over protective Keith with the way the camp was treating his friend (well, crush but Shiro wouldn’t admit that to anyone). Keith didn’t deserve to be ostracized just because he had a loving godly father. Shiro wished Zeus was like Hades to him, but he guessed being god of the gods made you really busy. He loved the fact that Keith would usually stick to him like a glue, well, it had always been like that. When someone spots Shiro, Keith was always there and vice versa. They were a package deal, one cannot be seen without the other.

The whole camp started getting suspicious about their friendship until one time Allura caught them sleeping on the same bed in Zeus’ cabin and reported it to Coran. The rule was that everyone should stay in their own cabins, but Keith didn’t give a damn. “It’s not like were doing something shady,” Keith said once he was questioned. “I get cold in my cabin and Shiro’s usually my heater.” Coran still told him to stop doing it, Keith agreed that day but during at night, Shiro still found Keith beside him all cuddled up in bed. “You little liar.” 

When Shiro and Keith got together, almost half of the camp were devastated, half were shocked and a few people didn’t care. Shiro was just gods damn happy he could finally hold Keith’s hand in public and randomly pull him in for a kiss just because he could.

5 Signs You’re Dating a Henchman

Honestly, you should have seen it coming

1. He has cuts and bruises all the time and can never recall exactly how he got them.

2. He only pays in cash.

3. He owns more than one turtleneck.

4. He has no friends of his own.

5. He takes you away on a romantic weekend to his boss’ lair carved into the side of a mountain.

a small summary of chyler’s livestream:

- she’s terrible at math

- she adores floriana

- she loves the sg cast a lot

- she can punch, and hit people with pool cues

- but she wouldn’t because she’s a butterfly who wouldn’t hurt anyone

- she’s incredibly grateful for alex’s storyline and humbled by the responses she’s gotten for it

- subtly bitter because alex is never in the crossovers (because she’s too good for them and she’d fix their problems in the first 5 minutes and then what would they do for remaining 35 minutes of the episode)

- she got really excited about playdough, silly putty and stickers, and keeps them all in her trailer so her kids can’t have them

- she’s a literal 5 year old child

- like honestly who let her be on tv

- who gives her so much responsibility she’s 5 she needs a nap

- cat grant might be coming back and the luthors definitely are

- alex and james team ups!!!

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aren't you nervous that andromeda will be too big? like the fact that the entirety of inquisition is smaller than mea's largest planet?

Honestly, no. The problem with Inquisition is that it had like…13 or 14 different semi-large area’s to explore. I personally loved how large the game was, but I understand why some people find it to be too much.

The biggest differences I can see between DA:I and ME:A are:

  • According to what the devs told people at the hand on events, there are only 4 or 5 large planets to explore. The largest of which is very story heavy.
  • There are a lot of planets to land on etc, but only that small handful are as ginormous as they advertise. 
  • The Nomad is going to make it MUCH easier to maneuver these environments. The mounts in Inquisition were baaarely faster than the players running speed. Imagine having a hyper fast all terrain car in Inquisition…haha it would take no time to get from one end of the Hinterlands to the other.

And honestly? The more the merrier imo. Once the game is over, almost all of it is still going to be playable. I’m paying a lot of money for this game, so I’m not going to complain that it’s large. They’ve had five years to make this game, so I’m confident that the RPG elements and sidequests will be more than just the fetch quests around every corner of DA:I.

Defying the Norm

The question of how often I go to the gym keeps coming up more and more. When I tell people I don’t go to a gym and workout at home they look at me like I’m crazy. Then they laugh and want to know how much I had to spend on home gym equipment. And I tell them only a couple hundred dollars on some used stuff and the basics. Then they scoff and ask me how many hours everyday I have to workout out. And I tell them about 45min to 1 hour usually 5 days a week. Then they stare at me for a bit and usually shake their head as they walk away. So I either defy the norm or people look too quickly for all the reasons they cannot reach their goals and sell themselves short. I’m no freak or anomaly I’m just a guy who didn’t buy into all the reasons others were selling that I could not succeed on my own terms. You can do the same!

Me: Hey look Digimon Adventure Tri. part 4 is out.

Tri: 02 kids still aren’t here or mentioned.

Me: K, I’ll see you guys when part 5 is out.

Footprints Soulmate!AU - Calum 5SOS

Soulmates have always been tricky business, that much was clear to everyone in the world. Maybe it’s because everyone was so beautiful that you secretly hoped each person you saw was your soulmate. Maybe it was because everyone was trying too hard to find that perfect person. Maybe it was that your soulmate was in the last place you ever expected. Or maybe it’s that the only way to find your soulmate, is for you to be at least one step behind them.

When you walk, you leave a trail of footprints behind you in black. Now, this isn’t visible to anyone but your soulmate. Not even you yourself could see your own footprints, you just had to trust that they were there, everywhere you walked. They would stay for an hour, and then they would disappear, no trace, no marks, nothing. So if you were lucky enough to spot footprints, you had to run like hell and follow them before it was too late. Some people walked slow because of it, and it was a pain in the butt for people who had places to go. So, on every sidewalk there was a slow lane and a fast lane. People who wanted their soulmate to know where they were, and people who had other things to do.

One morning you woke up to see that your alarm had gone off early. About two hours early actually. You took it as a sign to get a little more sleep before work and nodded off again. As you laid in bed you dreamt of falling in love and a handsome man sweeping you off your feet, and few other things that should require holy water and a confession after. However, you woke up when your phone buzzed, it was your boss letting you know that he needed you to stay an hour late at work today. As you checked the time you panicked and realized you had overslept and quickly got ready for work. You tousled your hair a little and stuck down the strays with a bit of hairspray and ran to put on your black pants and white shirt. You figured you would have time to do your makeup on the bus like always, so with that you slipped on your shoes and ran out the door.

You ran towards the bus stop, dodging all the people in the slow lane who were too caught up in love to notice you barreling through the crowd. You swore up and down at the people who weren’t paying attention to anything and pushed right past a guy so deep in thought that he was just staring at the floor. You quickly apologized and heard him yelling after you, but you didn’t have time to fight with strangers. You made it to the bus right as it was about to pull away and heaved a breath of a relief when the driver let you on; you were going to be on time to work. As you sat down and looked through your bag you couldn’t help but wonder how you were going to get home tonight. The bus you needed didn’t run late enough since you were staying late at work, and your roommate was out of town so she couldn’t give you a ride. You shrugged and looked out the window, tonight you’d just have to call an Uber.

As Michael and Calum wandered the city, they couldn’t help but walk in the slow lane. Each person seemed so far off and was dazed in a daydream, it was interesting to watch. However, Michael couldn’t help but notice how Calum was beginning to act the same as the rest of the people. He sighed and stared off into the sky, his pace slowed down, and he seemed to forget where he was. After a few minutes of this, Michael nudged Calum and laughed, “you okay? You seem a little off.” Calum gave a small smile and looked towards the ground with a small glimmer of hope that he would see footprints.

A few minutes later Calum and Michael could hear someone swearing and shouting. “Move! You’re in the fast lane could you get the fuck outta my way! Fuck you too, you little shit!” Not bothering to look up, Calum was shoved aside by the stranger and fell towards Michael. The stranger waved a hand in the air and shouted, “sorry I’m late for work!” Calum glanced at the floor once again, but this time, he saw black footprints. He watched for a second as you ran off into the distance, and he darted after you. He felt his chest heaving and his lungs burning, he couldn’t understand how you were running so fast and so far ahead of him. He shouted after you, but you didn’t turn back to look at him. He followed after your footprints down the block, but stopped when he reached a bus stop. The footprints ended there, and even if he took the next bus, he wouldn’t know where your stop was, and your footprints would probably be gone by the time he got there in an hour.

Michael jogged up to Calum and took a deep breath, “Jesus, what was that about!”

“That was my soulmate.”

“Wait, what? Did you talk to them?”

“I missed them,” Calum said defeated.

Michael slumped onto a bench and smiled, “she said she was going to work, so she’ll come back this way tonight, right?”

Calum smiled and sat next to him, “yeah, she has to take the bus home if she took it to work, I’ll just wait here.”

And so they sat all night, until the last stop. And they watched all night, until the last stop, as the only people left on the bus shuffled back home. No footprints, no soulmate, no hope.

Fated to You (M) | Part 3


[ Jimin x OC ]


Genre: angst, fluff, and smut in THIS chapter

  • thigh riding
  • multiple orgasms
  • slight breath play

Word Count: 5.6k

Description: While away on a small vacation, Jane finds herself on the edge of a battle with her past. It isn’t until a shy boy from upstairs catches her attention, taking her on an adventure to help her fall in love with the world all over again. Unbeknown to them both, this chance meeting only leads to a series of unfortunate events in which these star-crossed lovers are pushed to find the meaning behind their suffering.

“Accept the things to which fate binds you, and love the people with whom fate brings you together, but do so with all your heart.”

Originally posted by bwipsul

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sorry everyone, i should have probably posted earlier about how today Slovenia implemented an updated law on civil partnerships for same gender couples but i just. i don’t care and i can’t be excited about it. i hate the institution of marriage anyway and i hate the fact that i’m supposed to be happy about a law that doesn’t even let same gender couples get married or adopt kids together or get IV insemination. in the last 5 years the Slovenian LGBT community has seen two referendums about marriage equality, we fought for something a lot of us don’t even prioritise, we lived through devastating right wing campaigns and seen national media give violent LGBT-phobes a platform for their lies and hate and let them debate our lives and rights and normalise LGBT-phobia in the public sphere and after all of that we’ve faced two negative referendum outcomes (in the last one only 36% of people voted for marriage equality) and you know what. i’m tired and i’m not going to pretend i’m excited about some discriminatory “compromise” “small steps” law. i’m happy for all the LGBT folks who can and want to celebrate this and who want to register their relationships under the new law but i’m just tired.

- mod Ada

I really think they are only going to come back at the last movie

I’m more confused than disappointed about 02 kids I kinda understand why they aren’t shown but The other 4 movies and possible 5 had little to no mention of them, I mean in the beginning we saw them either dead or hurt but the 01 kids have no idea about it and seemingly haven’t spoken in a while. It was just awkward when kari and tk showed up at kens and Matt having to ask maki etc if everything was alright with him. The movies just didn’t have enough time for them with everything going on. Plus it would be strange if since tri is focusing on the 01 kids the 02 kids would either be in the way, take up too much time to fit them in with everyone and that’s a lot of characters to focus on. They’re not going to be forgotten but I think the last movie they might return.

I think tri should have been an au where there was no 02 so we all won’t be wondering where they are because as strange as it is that hikari and tk don’t seem to speak or be as close anymore, friends do fall out but it still just strange.

Tri was obliviously made last minute but it’s hard to watch the movies while thinking 

How is this going to be explained? Should kari/tk be shipped even if they seemingly didn’t end up together? Should Mimi/izzy be shipped even though they also didn’t seem to be together at the end and even though Matt and sora got married there’s hardly any moments between them. And of course what happened between the 02 kids friend/mentor ship between them and the season 1 kids. I’m very excited for the last two movies. 

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Top 5 fruitshipping moments(since you wanted chrom's opinion)

@chromsai dammit you better pay me one day pls forgive me too i don’t have pictures

5. Yuya returning Polymerization to Yuzu (episode 23) and ladies and gentlemen that’s the reason why I ultimately gave up and jumped into this ship. It’s not only because of the hearts in the background that made me ship them but their stares at each other??? No I mean the look after you found the answer because of your friend. It shows that they’re willing to help each other.

4. Yuzu’s speech to Yuya (episode 129). It’s pretty heartbreaking because of what’s happening but helped by the beautiful animation, it was beautiful. I see there the crisis happening and how Yuzu still see Yuya as himself and not Zarc. I can just feel her raw emotions in that scene (and that’s thanks to her VA too). Overall a tragically beautiful scene.

3. Yuzu’s message to Yuya (episode 69) and it’s to be expected since it’s a pretty good duel. Very hopeful for Yuya because of what he’s going through in that time. I love how Yuya was able to understand Yuzu’s message to him and cried of that thought. ITS SO BEAUTIFUL!!!

2. Another Yuzu’s speech to Yuya (episode 140) and I feel like it’s one of her most powerful speech to Yuya even though she always gives him one haha. It’s a really short scene but really powerful and I felt how much Yuzu understood Yuya the most about their separation. It’s something that it’s clear to the audience but idk man, if it comes out from her mouth, it’s something special. Also duh she’s the one who ultimately woke Yuya up so that’s why no one ever mentioned her during the Zarc episodes, it’ll trigger him.

1. The reunion scene (episode 99) is no doubt one of my favourite fruitship moment for multiple reasons: One, I NEVER saw this coming. Like yes we know they’ll reunite but really that is so unexpected yet really heartwarming.

Another thing is you could feel the weight scene no matter how many times you rewatch it. Every time I rewatch it I always feel that to the point that I memorized the scene lmao. We knew how much they longed for each other and it shows here. It’s just really beautiful to see two characters that you love and ship to reunite after a long time of pain and suffering. It makes it all worth it :’)

Thunderbirds Are Go – ‘Guardian/Angel’

Sometimes distress arrives on your doorstep, in the shape of an all too familiar face.

Twin fic below cut, features injuries and angst of sorts


The hatch closes with a satisfying swoosh. EOS looks down at the two figures that are sitting in the airlock. One of them is clearly unconscious, while the other is trying hard not to panic. The only sound inside that cramped space is that of John’s labouring breath. His helmet, which he removed as if on autopilot, is floating around in an almost carefree fashion, softly bumping against the walls of the airlock.


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Nacre is the fusion of Pearl and Ruby and the weakest fusion, they’re super shy and wants to avoid any contact with anyone . They don’t want to fight unless it’s absolutely necessary, they also love to make flower crown and crush Bloodstone with the crowns. They’re pretty passive unless somehow you magically piss them off. Nacre is only capable of some magic but in all they’ve actually gotten weaker since they fused and they feel bad about it Protect the child

Pink Topaz was actually an elite gem directly working under the diamonds, The reason they wore a blindfold was because of their eyes, they have 5 eyes, luckily they look like an average topaz while wearing the blindfold, one day they get caught and were almost poofed, but thankfully they’ve managed to escape the authority and stowed away on Earth. They love to talk/ help build and create whatever there is too be needed. You’ll find them working with humans and providing them with technology because ‘humans are so slow with catching up to us gems, so it only seems fair to help them catch up.

Hiddenite:  Very, Very serious in nature and gets upset when ever strawberry pearl tries to lighten up the mood and crack jokes like the ding dong she is. They also have 3 eyes and a split tounge kinda like the alien movie??it'sahorrormovie .They try to hide themselves from humans and considers interacting with them ONLY IF they’re hurt. But other than that they try to avoid humans in general, they don’t really trust humans and rather, they just chill in the cabin they made for the Gran Tiburon gems. They do show affection to Strawberry though, they like, get all nerdy and freak out and blush like a huge nerd and is a huge hopeless romantic.Prehnite: a fusion of all three gems!

Prehnite is actually pretty rare to happen cause of how HUGE they are, they don’t want to get caught on Earth and will only use Prehnite if there’s no other option like a last resort and stuff. Prehenite is actually a goofball and loves to mess around, but when it gets serious they immediately know what to do and how they’re going to solve it. They don’t have eyes in this fusion but they do have two mouths, the second mouth is where the eyes should be but they like to wear the 'blindfold’ cause it makes their fusion look even cooler.

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1. Really really really likes the ugly sweater and pretty boy aesthetic. It’s adorable and he pulls it off pretty damn well.
2. Has a Xbox one but only has Minecraft on it because he enjoys building his own things but he’s not really oppsisted with that game.
3. He enjoys flowers a lot which leads home to having them scattered around his house.
4. Totally the guy to wear the sweater + shorts + the pull up socks and looks really cute that way.
5. Still loves cats too much and probably more than himself.

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Ya know, with all the salty comments from Nathan's uber, they actually got it wrong. We are not mad because Nathan got the gold, we are mad at his PCS xD. We're not mad at him, or other skaters, we are mad at the judges because they can't seem to understand the rules that they made, whoops. (and also, I read someone said that Yuzuru FS was overscored in 4cc, like, mind blown, how did one came to that opinion)

I’m even more baffled at GOEs, tbh XD

I rate many judges very poorly, so PCS is not something I expect them to really get, but GOEs are so… easy to understand. How can you miss them that way? It seems someone was late and didn’t study for their exams! And that someone doesn’t even know how to do proper sums and subtractions (point in question: Shoma’s 4F from today Short Program. Probably they are already using +5/-5 scale! Only way you have a jump that should get a -3 deduction that ends up with positive GOE… because I don’t know you, but I’m pretty sure that

(+3 - 3) > 0

is impossible).

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What do Adam and Emily look like?

Short Answer: Richard Armitage and Blake Lively (clicky the names for reference)

Longer Answer:

HERE are some artist renditions of Adam that my amazing friend had done for me and I cried a lot, HERE is the prettiest picture of Emily I’ve drawn in yeeears, and HERE are some chibi doodles, because that’s the only thing I seem capable of drawing.

I also had pictures commissioned of them on Gaia Online seven or eight years ago, but because I don’t have any of the artists’ names, I never post them. ;w;

Even Longer Answer:

Adam is a hundred percent white American, 6′5″ or something equally ridiculous, with black hair and gray eyes. Nine earrings in his left ear, two in his right. Doesn’t smile much. Smoker’s hands. Moves slowly. Intimidates people. Tends to wear lots of overcoats and muted colors.

Emily is some mix of white American, 5′9″, blonde hair in loose waves and blue eyes. Smiles often. Dresses in semi-formal attire for teaching, but is otherwise fond of maxi dresses, long sleeves, and neutral colors. Her back is covered in scars from that one time she got captured and tortured.

Both of them are 34 years old and covered in random scars. They have the tired, haunted eyes of people who’ve killed folks, seen folks killed, spent a lot of time running, and could probably use naps. Long naps. Eternal naps.

Starting a tag! :D

I’ve never started one of these before so I decided to do it randomly :P 

Rules: Answer the questions and tag 10 people :) 

So, I’ll start ^-^

Name/Nickname: Laura 

Where you’re from: The UK ^-^

Favourite colour: Purple!

Do you like spicy food: Nope xD

Biggest fear(s): Talking (yay social anxiety), heights, spiders, failure and rejection

Top 3 hobbies: Music, making Youtube videos, watching videos

How many siblings you have: 4

iPhone or Android: iPhone (only the iPhone 5 though but it’s pretty good!)

Somewhere you’d love to visit: Ireland :)

If you could meet one person, who would it be: Jacksepticeye of course XD

Artist/band you’d love to see in concert: The Script (I love them omg)

Concert(s) you’ve been to: Coldplay!! It was the best :D I’ve also been to see the Offspring as well which was also cool :)

Favourite YouTubers: Jacksepticeye, Markiplier, Pewdiepie, Danisnotonfire, AmazingPhil, iiSuperwomanii

Favourite thing about yourself: Either my musicality or my ability to empathise with others ❤

Something you’re looking forward to: Family holiday in summer!! :D

I tag: @pink-lemonade-blueberry-dragons @markimoochica @youtubesepticgirl @lyssadee @candylani17 @craaaaaaaanky-creeew @dark-markiplier @seanscpticeye @septicplays @kodimint only do it if you want to ❤