and there is a bonus

Please imagine McCree finally putting on weight after not being healthy for so long, and he gets really anxious over it, but Reyes is here to squish the chub and tell him how proud he is. He kisses McCree all over, reminding him that it’s perfectly ok to get chubby, that no one’s gonna judge him for it. McCree embraces his squishy pillow body so much better after that. 

Probs not accurate, but… Imagine super exhausted and frayed kyungsoo getting angry at chanyeol for eating the last of his oreos. Confronting yeol, having a teary shouting match because ‘gdi yeol that was the last pack’ and ‘i was saving it for when i did smth good’ and yeol, irate coz soo disturbed his and jongin’s movie marathon, will loudly deny he didn’t eat the damn oreos claiming 'i don’t even like oreos jfc soo!’ and 'why are you always accusing me?’ And then the fight escalating to the way kyungsoo was too much a clean freak and then about how chanyeol uses and re-uses his dirty pants. Kyung approaching chan, jabbing his index finger to chan’s chest and eyes dropping to chan’s scowling lips. And kyung stopping in the middle of his rant because oh wow chan’s lips looked so red and full and… and then kyung is bending down and pressing his lips to yeol and cue heated make out session on the couch. Bonus, after chansoo pulled away, jongin a silent spectator earlier would pipe up that he was actually the one who ate the dratted oreos.

OK but for real, Bowie’s death was the only ~celebrity death~ that has ever really, genuinely affected me beyond a feeling of “oh shit, that’s sad”. I spent that entire January day last year lying on the sofa, listening to BBC 6Music’s tributes, and crying my eyes out. 

Life On Mars? is one of my two favourite ever songs and has been for a very, very long time.

I am very glad that I’m going to be able to watch Gillian’s Bowie scene in person with Tumblr pals.