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I saw an image a of nice dude carrying a baby and just as usual I immediately thought of Eren lol So I wanted to draw smth about him and Mikasa holding a baby for the first time in the orphanage, and maybe Mikasa daydreaming of how would it be is she had a baby on her own;; but! I was already cringing barely three panels in bc why on earth would I ever want to draw babies? They creep me out lel So I just went for soft Eren being tsudere about babies and Mikasa just finding the whole thing endearing bc he seems content and cuter than the baby~

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Consider... Flustered Draco. Not a sex God. Doesn't know his way around men or women (bi) as he comes from a traditional Fam and only ever really had one girlfriend in school. Blushes easy when he realises people are into him that way. Not great in bed but hella enthusiastic. Never even really was into sex until his first gf or bf after the war. flustered, inexperienced, normal af non sex God Draco.

The god tier of this trope is Draco acting like he’s experienced and confident to hide how nervous he is, and Harry seeing right through his act in approximately 0.5 seconds into their first snog.