and there he is

Now that we’ve actually seen the trailer for 2x18. And actually all remembered that Lena has an ex-boyfriend. And apparently they are actually going to make out to some degree (under mind control or no), let’s all remember that Rahul Kohli is an actual sweetheart, probably got on extremely well with Katie (because they’re both nerdy as fuck) and not send him hate via Twitter or Insta during the hiatus (or at any time at all really)? Because that’s rude. He’s nice. Leave him alone. Also remember he has gifted us pictures of actual cryptid Katie McGrath too.

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One day I was feeling awfully sad and Magnus must've noticed because he??? started a conversation with me and actually really made me feel better??? The only problem is that now, every time I see him we have like a ten minute conversation about my family and my dog at home, and it's starting to make me late to meetings and stuff. Why must he be so damn considerate and genuinely interested?

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hey kuu!! quick question about the editing software - how do you feel about the new Adobe pricing system where it charges you every year for a program? Also, going on with that - how are you able to pay for the programs? i'm a young (14) filmmaker with no job currently so I was wondering about a basic idea of what i would need to do for a side job to afford it. thank you!! (and bless your voice acting audios) (sorry my english is bad, i'm french)

  • <p> <b><p></b> <b>Ryder's crew immediately after Ryder meets Drack:</b> "50 credits says we won't get back to the ship before Ryder accidentally calls him Dad."<p/></p><p/></p>