and there doesnt know how lucky it is

harry and louis are both just such amazing, good, kind, big-hearted, well-intentioned people individually??? and then they like…are actually a couple who r partners in life??? can u imagine how Good and Blessed ur life must be if u know them and are lucky enough to be their friend??? and what an amazing impact they have on the world, both as individuals and as a unit??? a family??? W O W!!!

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Oomm could you plz do rfa (and saeran and v if you want) as Hamilton lyrics? (Lol idk if this makes sense but like jumin would prob be I'm a trust fund baby you can trust me) (ily btw u is da bomb)

*cracks knuckles as the soundtrack of hamilton plays*


  • theres a million things i havent done, but just you wait, just you wait
  • i’ve never had a group or friends before, i promise that i’ll make y’all proud
  • one stroke and you’ve consumed my waking days  
  • we’re too fragile to start another fight
  • the moments when you’re in so deep, it feels easier to just swim down


  • i may have punched him, its a blur, sir
  • raise a glass to freedom, something they can never take away
  • you think I’m frightened of you, man? we almost died in a trench while you were off getting high with the french 
  • I will not equivocate on my opinion, I have always worn it on my sleeve 


  • good luck with that you’re taking a stand, you spit imma sit, we’ll see where we land
  • when you’re living on your knees you rise up
  • maaaaan, the man is non-stop!
  • If we try to fight in every revolution in the world, we never stop,
    where do we draw the line?


  • we’ll get a little place in harlem and we’ll figure it out
  • i’m dedicating every day to you
  • tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow creeps in this petty pace from day to day  
  • I know you’re very busy, I know your work’s important, but I’m crossing the ocean and I just can’t wait 


  • look around, look around, at how lucky we are to be alive right now
  • look into your eyes and the skies the limit i’m helpless
  • I don’t pretend to know the challenges you’re facing, the worlds you keep erasing and creating in your mind
  • when you smile, you knock me out, I fall apart, and I thought I was so smart
  • thoughts of you subside, then I get another letter, I cannot put the notion away…
  • I hadn’t slept in a week, I was weak, I was awake.


  • you never backed down, you never learned to take you time
  • you and i, do or die
  • death doesnt discriminate between the sinners and the saints, it takes and it takes and it takes
  • relax, have a drink with me one last time
  • I’m running out of time, I’m running, and my time’s up
  • Uh… do whatever you want, I’m super dead 


  • i wish there was a war that we could prove that we’re worth more than anyone bargained for
  • look ‘em in the eye aim no higher, summon all the courage you require, then count
  • you have no control: who lives, who dies, who tells your story
  • hey, turn around, bend over, i’ll show you where my shoe fits
  • he is working through the unimaginable

i made myself so emotional writing this so i really hope you like it T_T

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Headcannons for the Paladins, Allura, and Coran with an s/o that loves performing and is in musicals and plays, and what each of the group's favorite musicals/plays are?

Shiro is very supportive of it!! always offering to help you with things, even just transporting the outfits from place to place or helping you practice lines. Goes to ever show and is the first one to stand and clap afterwards. 

  • His favourite performance you did was the first one he saw you in; The Wizard of Oz. also loves Wicked

Keith Is more proud of you than anything else. he loves to watch you practice, and rehearse, and he gets kinda giddy when he sees the crown on their feet after the performance. even if its a small role he is very proud of your talent. 

  • the most memorable show of yours that he saw was Heathers

Lance is such a huge fan of you, he drags the team and all his friends to watch your performances and is very boisterous. plans it ahead of time make sure everyone is able to come. treats you like a celebrity the day off. wont stop saying how lucky he is. 

  • he loves the classic Groundhog Day 

Hunk is pretty chill about it, but very sportive of course. Doesn’t want to overwhelm you with his encouragements and pride, as he knows how much work it takes to perform on stage. he always finds a way to meet you backstage.  

  • he always has a lot of fun watching you play in School of Rock

Pidge thinks its really cool!! doesnt always watch every showing, but she loves to hear you talk about them when youre home. offers to help you run lines and does all she can to be there for you when you audition for something new. 

  • Huge Hamilton fan 

Allura found it interesting, and had you explain it all to her. very curious and you have to hold her back sometimes from just following you backstage. she adores the whole thespian vibe. 

  • she cried watching you in Les Misérables

Coran, like Allura, is very curious about it, and likes to show off this talent of yours. its one of the first things he mentions when you and him meet new people, he’s just so proud of you!! 

  • he loves to sing along to all the songs in Marry Poppins 

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wlw party anon here: if you live in Rio de Janeiro just ask me and i can let you know. honestly any 18+ wlw (18+ bc alcohol) just hmu and i'll tell ya about the wlw party groups i know about. there are a few groups here that organize wlw-focused parties, but this one just started and it's exclusively for wlw, men arent allowed in the parties (trans women are, tho, dw). afaik it's the first one like that in the area. usually, men are allowed bc its hard to get a venue and make money w/o any.

“tbh if you’re from a big city with a certain amount of lgbt+ life (doesnt have to be an “lgbt+ capital”) you may find lesbian/wlw groups that organize lesbian/wlw-focused parties. i got lucky, i guess. a venue that i already knew hosted that party, thats how i heard of them. and through that i got to know other groups and other people. good luck!! :D”

someone give me money for a plane ticket to río de janeiro

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Any advice on what gift should I get my ENFP friend (female)?

Things to keep in mind while buying gifts for ENFPs:

  • Nothing expensive or out of your means: We will die of guilt. Trust me, we will be on top of the moon but we have this serious independent streak combined with our love for our friends. We’d much rather you use your money for yourself that makes you happy.
  • We’ll be dying with H-A-P-P-I-N-E-S-S regardless of what you give us: You can give us rocks with positive messages (such as “you rock” ) written on them with a sharpie and we will still love it
  • Quantity: A lot of cheap things together. Like a $5 gift Starbucks gift card, a t-shirt from their fandom (all ENFPs are in some fandom if not all), a big Teddybear. and tickets to a movie you both are very excited about. There’s something about “a lot of stuff” or “big stuff” that fascinates us (It’s almost childlike 😞)
  • Food: Nothing fancy needed. A small cake or some fast food from the Taco Bell next door. Hell, maybe some candy bars.
  • Wrap it pretty and write a thoughtful card: This is the most important part and you need to get your creative juices flowing. Our favorite kind of cards are super-long and have comments on how we friendship affected you. WRAP IT PRETTILY AND PUT A BOW ON IT (VERY VERY IMPORTANT)

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drarry hc in which draco always tries to take harry's glasses off his face with the excuse that he wants to clean them, but in fact draco simply loves to see the greenish glow of his boyfriend's eyes without the lenses in the way (even if that stubborn blonde will never admit that out loud). I JUST THINK ABOUT THAT A LOT AND WANTED TO SHARE W/ YOU

omg yes!! i can just imagine draco sighing in fake disgusting and being like “god potter, your glasses are filthy!” and just taking them off harry’s face. and harry is just like “uh ok” and just lets him bc whatever draco is just weird sometimes. and draco wipes the lenses on his shirt but peeks up at harry’s face so he can see his bright green eyes and he just smiles to himself because harry is so perfect and how did i get so lucky. and then he simply gives them back to harry, and harry takes them and puts them back on. but then he pulls draco in and gives him a kiss because draco doesnt need to admit it because although harry may be oblivious sometimes, he always 100% knows everything about draco malfoy and whats going on in his head

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HUGGGGSSSSSSSSSS! if you're comfortable of course, if not, a good 'ole fist bump is good too

hugs for u bro i already know I’d be comfortable with it because I’m comfortable with you but we can always fist bump too I wouldn’t say no

VIXX - Ravi - As A Boyfriend

A/N: Let me begin this by saying that I’m not the expert on Kim Wonshik. That is @i-wontaek-your-shit and you should really target some scenario questions to her because she is GOOD. But anyway, moving on.

Originally posted by vvonsik

  • If you know this rapper you know very well that he has immense amount of capability to spit fire on stage, but in reality, he is a cute fluff ball. I wish I could be wrong, but I know I’m not.
  • I imagine you meeting Wonshik mostly because you have to work with him (backstage, on a photoshoot or wherever, let your imagination run wild) and that’s the first encounter you have. Naturally, he doesn’t register you as out of the ordinary and it takes him time to notice you’re not part of HIS team and that only happens when he gets a breather backstage for like a few minutes and everything is happening so fast around him and the world seems to be on accelerate

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tbh i think i actually sing out of this but forgot uh 

okay so what the heck is this??? it’s an anthology, so just like a BUNCH of stuff, of musical theatre songs. ABSOLUTELY WONDERFUL FOR AUDITIONS, STATE SOLOS (make sure one of these is an approves state solo. usually choir/chorus directors or music teachers or whatever have to sign you up anyways) OR JUST FOR THE HELL OF IT WHY NOT

This is NOT the complete set!!! I couldn’t find all of them. I think the only complete one is for tenors, you lucky bastards


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i just wanted to come and say im super new to you blog but i love your posts so far! they all feel really realistic like sometimes other pages post stuff thats really cute but doesnt feel real you know? and i saw your tags from wonhos birthday and you're such a wholesome stan? those tags added 15 years to my lifespan, he's lucky to have a fan that loves him like you do

I’m … touched ..

You just added 15 years to my lifespan also

what a kind little nugget? thank you so much, also I was just really emotional about my bb getting older and taking care of himself and I save all of my incoherent rants on how beautiful he/they all are for my main but i had to you know? He has so much love for his boys and all of us and he deserves 10000000x that back, they all do

I hope you stay around for a long time and enjoy all of the new content coming up 💕

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Hi 💆🏽 i know its really upsetting when ur man watches porn instead of being with you i know what thats like. i just wanted to say its hard remembering that their interest in porn isnt a negative reflection in you. Wanting intimacy even just for sex is never a gross thing and its hard when a guy doesnt want to put in effort to have sex so opts for the easy visual of idealized porn. I hope he realizes how lucky he is and how much hes neglecting your needs if he is ignoring your love over porn 😘

Thank u thank u thank u

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Hi! You're amazing and love your blog! The hc with MC without memories was so good! I was wondering if you could do one of MC being a fitness trainer. She's fit but the RFA doesn't notice right away since she wears those sweater dresses. Pls~ Thanks!


disclaimer: i usually like writing gender neutral MC but im gnna do female MC for this~~


  • so MC and Yoosung are chillin at his place, watching some movies and bein real cute n stuff
  • “Hey, Yoosung, it’s kind of warm in here. im gonna go turn the AC up”
  • “Okay! I’ll miss youuuuuu”
  • she gets up and walks down the hall to where the thermostat is, and then calls to Yoosung from the hallway
  • “Umm… i think your AC is broken”
  • “what?!”
  • “yea… there arent any numbers being displayed here or anything”
  • dammit, not again
  • Yoosung calls for someone to come repair it but no one is available until the next day
  • and as the hours pass by Yoosungs place gets more hot and stuffy..
  • and poor MC wore her favorite cable knit sweater today
  • “Hey…Yoosung, im gonna go change”
  • MC actually just takes the sweater off, thank god she wore a sports bra today
  • she ties her long brown hair into a tight pony tail
  • as soon as MC comes back into the room, Yoosung literally stands on the couch in shock
  • “MC! What the heck?!”
  • “Yoosung, is something wrong?”
  • “why didn’t you tell me you’re like…..super buff?!”
  • MC actually cracks up
  • like doubled over in laughter
  • Yoosung steps down from the couch and stomps his foot on the ground
  • “I’m serious! you’re look better shirtless than me! this is embarrassing…”
  • MC’s still laughing
  • “Oh? you think i look good shirtless, do you?”
  • Yoosung didn’t even realized what he had said before, he kind of just blurted it out
  • his whole face turns bright red
  • “If you want, I can be your personal trainer. then you can see my shirtless more often, and i won’t even charge”
  • Yoosungs whole everything turns bright red
  • “I…um….okay…”
  • “Yoosung, i’m just messing with you. you’re really just too innocent”
  • he laughs nervously and rubs the back of his neck
  • he can’t believe that his first girlfriend ever is actually the hottest human being on the planet
  • and he doesnt shut up about it for the rest of the day
  • MC catches him staring at her abs like 20 times a minute
  • “I’m sorry! i just…can’t believe how lucky I am”


  • he invites MC to work out with him one day
  • “I need my princess for motivation”
  • little does Zen know
  • his princess can lift
  • they meet up at the gym and she’s already there, stretching
  • “Mind if i join you, cutie?”
  • “hey, Zen! i was actually about to finish up my stretches”
  • “haha, i usually forget to do my stretches. i know it’s not the best habit, but i like to get straight to the workout”
  • Zen’s really tryna show off right now
  • “Zen, that’s an extremely unhealthy practice. neglecting to stretch before a workout increases the risk of injury, and stretching can actually help maximize the benefits of your work out”
  • ……
  • Zen tilts his head at her sudden lecture
  • “How do you…know all that?”
  • “I used to be a personal trainer, Zen”
  • “What?! why didn’t you tell me??”
  • “it never came up”
  • Zen’s always had this desire to be the stronger person between him and MC, he always wanted to be able to protect her
  • but now she basically just told him that she doesnt need protecting..that she’s just as strong as Zen
  • and he’s like super turned on
  • “when we’re done here…think you can show me that personal trainer body?”
  • “Only if you do some extra sets today, Zenny”
  • ok, MC is super hot and motivating him to work out even harder?!
  • the literal perfect woman
  • Zen actually has to stop himself from drooling
  • he just cant wait for this workout to be over


  • Jaehee is moving!!
  • she calls the RFA to help her moving boxes and such
  • Jaehee tries to lift up a particularly heavy box
  • but she can’t so she calls for Zen to come take it inside
  • “no worries, i got it, Jaehee!”
  • MC swoops in and grabs the box no problem
  • “MC? are you sure it’s okay? we can just wait for Zen-”
  • “Jaehee, please. i’m not even breaking a sweat here”
  • at this point, Jaehee gets kind of blushy
  • “MC, how can you lift that so easily?”
  • “i was a personal trainer, Jaehee! you’re not the only career woman around here”
  • Jaehee blush pt. 2
  • Jaehee’s actually too shy to admit this, but she finds that super admirable
  • she loves the idea of a girl being a fitness trainer
  • especially MC
  • and all day Jaehee kind of pretends that she cant lift up boxes
  • as an excuse to have MC come grab the box from her again, assuring Jaehee that it’s no trouble at all
  • Jaehee actually cant get enough of it, but goes a little overboard
  • “Jaehee this box is barley 10 pounds. are you sure you arent just abusing my strength?”
  • “MC, i would never! im offended that you think i’d do such a thing”
  • MC laughs
  • Jaehee blush pt. 3


  • MC decides to go for a jog one morning
  • on the jog she receives a text from Jumin
  • “Will you join me for breakfast at the penthouse this morning? I miss you”
  • she blushes reading the message
  • her route goes by Jumins neighborhood, so she just decides to stop by on her jog
  • she didn’t want to eat breakfast in her sports bra and leggings combo, but thought Jumin probably had something for her to change into, anyway
  • MC jogs up to the penthouse and rings the doorbell
  • usually one of Jumins house keepers answers the door, but today Jumin wanted to greet her personally
  • “Good morni-”
  • Jumin’s greeting comes to a halt when he sees MC standing in the doorway breathing heavily, body glistening with sweat
  • “Good morning, sweetie. i was on a jog and decided to drop by. sorry if i’m a little gross”
  • Jumin is shook
  • “I didn’t never….um.. you..jog?”
  • MC has never seen Jumin trip over his words like this before it’s kind of super cute
  • “I jog quite often, actually. I used to be a personal trainer, yknow”
  • Jumin actually just stares at her
  • she’s like a work of art
  • “soooo…can i come in?”
  • “oh, yes. of course. please come in”
  • his voice cracks 
  • MC feels kind of guilty for surprising him
  • “im sorry for coming over like this, i guess i should hav-”
  • “no. please dont apologize. you look absolutely perfect”
  • MC’s cheeks heat up
  • “well…i should at least change for breakfast”
  • “I’m sorry, but i’d like to request that you stay in these clothes. please? I…like you like this.”
  • “Oh, okay!”
  • MC giggles a little, causing Jumin’s heart to get super soft and melty
  • i’ll have to invite her over for breakfast more often


  • Seven, you idiot
  • MC was watching a movie with Seven at his place when
  • he fell asleep
  • “Geez…he’s the one who wanted to watch Jurassic Park 3, anyway…”
  • why did MC even agree to that
  • the 3rd Jurassic Park is like the worst one
  • “Seven, wake up you dork”
  • no response
  • “Seeevveeeennn?”
  • damn….he’s a heavy sleeper
  • MC doesn’t want Seven to have to sleep on the couch all night
  • fortunately, Seven is actually pretty light so MC decides to carry him to his room, setting him down gently in bed
  • she’s too tired to drive home that night, so MC just decides to crash on the couch
  • the next morning, MC is woken up by the sound of a frantic Seven yelling
  • “what the heck? when did i get in here?”
  • oh good, he’s awake
  • MC hears footsteps as Seven approaches the room she’s laying in
  • “MC?! why are you on my couch”
  • “good morning to you too, sleeping beauty…”
  • “I though I would be the one to wake up on the couch, not you! you should have been the one sleeping in the bed! how did i end up there?!”
  • “I tried to wake you up after i had to sit through Jurassic Park 3 all by myself, but you were fast asleep. i just carried you to bed”
  • “You…carried me?
  • MC nods, rubbing the sleep out of her eyes
  • “No offense but…how?
  • “I used to be a personal trainer, you dork. i can lift a lanky boy”
  • Seven ignores her attempted insult and lays down on top of her, his back against her body
  • “Can you do it again?”
  • MC struggles under his weight, having woken up literally a minute ago
  • “MC! I require you to carry my to the kitchen!”
  • “No!”
  • Seven flips around, face to face with MC now
  • “Pleeeeaaasseeeeee?”
  • “Shouldn’t you be the one carrying me around?”
  • “But you’re so strong!”
  • MC rolls her eyes, but admits Seven’s act is pretty cute
  • “Let me help you lose some weight, then we’ll talk about me carrying you again. it wasnt exactly a walk in the park, yknow.”
  • “anything to be able to return to your arms!!”
  • MC giggles, and wishes she could wake up like this every morning
  • little did she know, Seven was thinking the same thing


as always thanks for reading and my ask box is open to requests

okay post war azula and zuko headcanon, in which azula has ptsd and zuko is the best big brother he knows how to be:

okay so. azula has ptsd and in the years just after the war zuko has her put in a bedroom near his because he just wants to keep her close and take care of her because the two of them are the only ones who really know how bad ozai can fuck a kid up and he used to resent azula for it but now he thinks maybe he was the lucky one and he wants to support her because she’s his baby sister and he knows she was never evil and during the war he had to be against her but he doesn’t any more. and so she stays in her room most days (with guards) and roams a little but not much, she doesn’t talk, not ever, but one night he hears commotion coming from her bedroom and he doesnt know what he’s going to find but he sees her struggling against the blankets, still asleep, saying something about “that waterbending peasant bitch” and he knows she’s having a nightmare about the last battle between them and he doesn’t know how to help so he just pulls her covers off of her because he figures she wouldnt like being engulfed because on that day she was surrounded by water and ice and he touches her hand and is careful not to grab because he doesnt want to remind her of her chained wrists and slowly she comes to consciousness and sits up and glares at him and he stands up and turns to leave the room because he knows she wont want to talk about it

but she says “no…wait.” and he turns around and sits back down on the bed and looks at her questioningly and she’s just like “just.. just until i fall asleep again” and he nods and leans against the bedpost and wraps his arms around his knees and she nods and lays back down and falls asleep again, and after she’s asleep he returns to his room

this happens a lot. every couple nights for about two years. and then it changes a little. the dreams come less often (only once or twice a week) and he notices that she’s not always kicking and screaming when she comes in, sometimes she’s sobbing and cowering and apologizing and saying “i’m sorry father! i’ll try harder next time!” and she’s still asleep and still having nightmares but only something like half of them are about the fight with katara, the rest are about their father and his emotional abuse of her, and those nights he doesnt pull the blankets off and touch her carefully, he grabs her hand gently and holds it and she cries and it’s very difficult to pinpoint the moment when she wakes up because even after she’s awake, she cries, and he just rubs her back the way ursa used to rub his and he doesnt say anything, she would be mad if he did, they never talk about it because she doesnt want to

and as time goes on, almost all of her nightmares are about her father, and they become less frequent as the years pass

and she eventually forgives the waterbending peasant (she doesn’t like her, but she forgives her, accepts her occasional presence and company without argument), and the nightmares dwindle until they’re only every few months, and then even more until she has them maybe once, twice a year. but even into adulthood, even into old age, zuko unfailingly shows up in her room when she has the nightmares

and the only thing that is ever, ever said about her nightmares is one day when she decided to join zuko at dinner while christine and the rest of the family isn’t around

and she makes eye contact with him and she just says “i hate him. i really, really hate him.” and he nods, because he knows she still doesn’t want to talk about it.

Unpretty Rapstar 1 Review

I I just had to write on this show because it is GOLD OMG GOLD I TELL YOU! BETWEEN jessi cheetah and jolly v i dont know who is my main anymore. This show has me in stitches just in the first couple minutes. ok lets begin.


     Cheetah’s face when people walk in is the best shit on this planet. Like she looked at everyone like they were the most basic bitch on the damn planet…. actually the whole damn milky way. cheetah was like these girls aint even in my damn lane much less the damn freeway. they are still on the local with stop lights…..jollys face when tymee walked in had me on the damn floor! i already know her thought bubble read exactly these words,“dis bitch is literally my fucking shadow; she follows me everywhere.” And before that when they asked her if she thought tymee was coming or something along those lines and she replied “are we 1+1.” PURE GOLD SOUNDBITE AHAHAHA. Tymee walked in like guessssss whooooooos baccccccccck. and i started laughing all over again. P.S. laughing this much as an asthma is going to get dangerous but this show is that awesome. Jessi walked in like queen is here and people automatically knew who she was. Cheetah looked at lil cham like huh? when she walked in ahahahaha. And there is a reason why they let Cheetah in first LMFAO! To me, she is one of the baddest if not THE baddest in the whole group. When Jessi said it was a SMTM reunion, it was nothing but the truth because it truly was. They literally casted every popular female from every season of SMTM. 


    Yes I am giving this child her own section. I am reserving a place in my prayers for this girl cause either she can a. get eaten ALIVE or b. rise to the occasion and show us some good shit……but after I saw that cypher…..ooooooooo boy…..this is when i wish it was kind of like smtm in that you have mentors but this show is DEFINITELY not that. Ugh im scared for her to be honest. Everytime she raps I get that embarassed for your friend feeling. Like when your friend thinks he is an awesome rapper, gets on stage, and isnt very good. But I do hope she rises to the occasion. And im not gonna lie when they got to the roast of jimin in the room i was like……..damn………….

3. Jessi

    Ok here is why Jessi is one of my favorites. I am biased when it come to her because I love Lucky J a lot and she is from my neck of the woods in the states. But i love how she doesnt give a fuck because SHE DOESNT HAVE ANYTHING TO LOSE….i feel like she has lost and gained so much in the 10 years she has been in this business that she has nothing to lose. I love that she isnt afraid to SPEAK. If she has something on mind that she thinks needs to be addressed, she will ADDRESS THAT SHIT. And to be honest, I loved her snippet of a dis rap you know CAUSE IT SHOOK UP THE GAME THAT NEEDED TO GET SHOOK. it really is a competition. Wake up. Of course, SMTM was more friendly of course, but this one is going to be more cut throat and you know why THERE ARE BARELY ANY FEMALES IN THE K HIP HOP GAME at least not on a full blown known status other than the queen herself Yoon Mi Rae. You have to fight to stay in this male dominated realm of k hip hop. They have to want it, and that little rap made them upset and im happy it did because hopefully that will bring out the grittiness that I want from these women. We not aegyo-ing this shit up. Leave that cute bullshit at the door.  Yall suppose to slay with words, bring on the attitude and fuck up the damn stage. 

.4. Lil Cham

Ok im pissed with Lil Cham has been giving me so far because she is actually a decent rapper. I looked at the cypher like is this the same Lil Cham I know. All I know is that she BETTER not sell herself short or ill be pissed for and at her. 

5. Kisum

To me she is the dark horse of this competition. I actually like what she did in the cypher too. She also had that bat and I thought she was gonna break the table for 2.5 seconds but then she lightly tapped and I started dying LMFAO. 

6. Jidam

Yup SMTM reunion remember. There aint no dude to help her with her raps this time around, but she did improve so yay! 


I wasnt a fan of Tymee during SMTM so I was pleasantly surprised with her rap. Im waiting on her to fully pull me in, but we got a couple weeks and im starting to warm up to her for the first time in a year….


She is one of my favorites as well. I have her mixtapes and she is just the bomb sauce. That bullshit beat they gave her for cypher made me upset but she did what she could with it. And I also know she has way more in her than what the cypher showed. I cant WAIT to see what more she brings to the table.

9. Cheetah

     I saved the best for last.  WOOOOOOO I LOVE THIS WOMAN YES! omg like…..yes…..CHEETAH and she hands down owned the cypher and no one else was up to par not even close… my book Cheetah has this in the damn bag and I would love to see her win…Like seriously see her win! The best thing about Cheetah is that she is a woman of very few words and when she opens her mouth ITS PERFECT. She doesnt need anything else because she lets her raps speak FOR her, and its absolutely wonderful and refreshing. That is literally why I am watching the show in general. Once again, I really hope she sweeps this like a swiffer and walks off with the trophy.