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So, I wrote up this quick one-shot for Highspecs Week and the ‘Rainy Days’ Prompt. Originally, I was going to do something light and fun for rain, but I came across a song on youtube with a woman sitting in the rain, wearing black and with an umbrella and I thought, “Dang, that would be a good scene to write out!” and that’s how this came to be. 

Hopefully you all enjoy! You can also find this fic on AO3 if that suits your fancy. Same username and everything :)

It was fitting that today, of all days, it was raining something fierce. A storm of epic proportions. Almost like a fucking cliche that calmed and depressed Aranea at the same time. He would’ve laughed at the irony of it all, were he here to experience it.

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Rick is learning from his mistake

So we know that Rick is giving Beth the same option to do what he did and leave her family to go live an amazing adventurous life and basically make his mistake. He offers to make a clone of her to make sure Summer and Morty will be taken care of and the rest of her life will be maintained

So if this is basically what Rick did when he left Beth and her mother, why didn’t he make a clone of himself to make sure Beth and her mother were taken care of? Was it because he just didn’t think of it(not likely) or was he so bored of the tedium of married parent life that he just immediately jumped ship without any more careful thought(more likely). What I think is great here is that Rick had learned from his mistake, he’s seen how abandoning Beth has fucked her up in so many ways and if she chooses to leave, he doesn’t want those same abandonment issues for Summer and Morty

lucreziaborgia  im just Tired of seeing antis (some of whom are…

what I’ve noticed is people acting like if you like her at all as a character you’re an imperialism apologist??? like… you’re allowed to enjoy characters without endorsing their actions and agenda??

ikr? and tbh Dany is like an Imperialist Lite, look through the history books and see how many rl imperialists chose to free slaves and give power to the oppressed while taking it away from the oppressors. and even though Daenerys tries to do good and do it right she is still a child who is sometimes given bad advice, but she is not ignorant of that fact that she has made some terrible mistakes and that even the things she did with good intention caused more destruction than she ever expected.

so yeah i don’t agree with everything she did but i still love her to death so antis can suck my toe tbh

The Dance - B.I Smut

Author: @restinghobi 

Pairing: Han-bin x Reader & Mino x Reader

Requested: Yes by anon ♡

Rating: Smut (18+) & fluff

Warnings: smut, jealousy, swearing,heavy makeout, a lil dirty talk

A/N Hope you enjoy, sorry for any mistakes.

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The new sub-unit from YG-Entertaiment has been created. You and your group have been selected to collaborate with Winner. You looked forward to the collaboration with them.

In a couple weeks would be the performance and you were all practicing in the Practice-room. You were paired up with Mino, many people said the Chemistry between you two worked, but you were just friends.

Everything worked out well and everybody was working hard to get it perfect.The weeks to the performance had passed suprisingly fast.You noticed Han-bin looking at you before the performance started. It always been a sexual kinda tension between the two of you.

You could never explain how he was jealous when you were with other Males. The dance was also a little provocative, which didn’t bother you, but him. He had a very strong expression as he watched the performance.After the performance iKON had to go on stage.

In the time they performed you yourself a drink and something to eat since you were starving.You didn’t notice that the performance was over until you felt two arms wrapping around your waist. You removed the arms from your waist and turned around.

“Han-bin oppa what are you doing?”, you said.

“I’m hugging you. Duh.”, you sighed. You got up to him hugged him.

“I’m so exhausted..”, you exclaimed. You felt him smirk.

“I can help you with that.”, you pulled away from the hug and he took your hand and pulled you with him in a random room. He gently pushed you against the and his mouth immediately attached to your neck.

A shaky breath left your mouth and your head threw back in pleasure. His lips made their way to your own. His Hands roamed down to your butt giving it a good squeeze, making you moan. 

“You like that huh?”, he said giving it another squeeze.Your hands went under his shirt pulling it up to feel his abs. You pulled it up a little more to pull it off him.

“Fuck Y/N… You drive me so crazy with all those provocative dances… I admit i’m always jealous i don’t get paired up with you.. You’re always with other males and i really don’t like it..”, he said as he pulled off your dress and bra.

His hands started to fumble around with your breasts You started to open his pants and let your Hand in his Boxers as Han-Bin let out a shaky breath. You could feel as he got really impatient.

He quickly pulled off your panties and he pulled a condom out of his pants. He opened the silver package and pulled the condom over his length. He slowly put the tip in, teasing you. You whimpered, making him smirk.

“You don’t know how Long i’ve waited for this Moment, me pounding into you, feeling your juices all around my cock.”, he now pushed his length full into you. He let you adjust to his size and then started moving. You really wanted to moan loud but Han-Bin Held his Hand over your mouth while pounding into you. His face was buried into your neck, biting onto it, leaving marks.

“Fuck Y/N you feel so tight around me.”, that was the Moment when you wanted to nut instantly but you hold it in. 

“Cum for me Y/N.”, Now you came for him and he came also. After that you two cleaned everything and kissed your forehead. He helped you to put on your clothes again. Together, you got out of the room back to the stages.

“I love you Y/N.”

“I love you too Han-bin oppa.”

my journey was never one to embrace,
because it wasn’t a journey.
it was stuffing everything I could grab into my shallow pockets,
and running as far away as possible
until my lungs gave out.
my journey was
falling so many times,
people started to mistake my knees
for that of a whore.
my journey was
running so fast with pockets so shallow,
along the way out fell
my God
and every bit of who I am.
my journey only ended because
one of those days my knees hit the ground,
and my only choices left were to
stay or pray.
around me were scattered
the pieces that people hated about themselves
and threw away.
I gathered up all the discarded bits I could carry,
and made them mine.
my journey gave me nothing,
but i embrace having a journey.
without it,
i would be stuck in the past.
—  a poem I never wanted to write

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you're legacy is amazing wtf you are such a gem I love your writing style wow omg

Aaaaaaaaaaa thank you so much, that means a lot!! ♥♥ English is not my first language and I’m more experienced writing in my ~mother tongue~, so I’m hoping I’m not making too many mistakes, haha. Thank you so much!! ♥

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If it makes it any better it was obvious those other anons who called you rude have never met anyone who is straightforward, otherwise they would be able to see the difference between that and rudeness. And you obviously are a very nice person and I'm sorry so many ppl mistake you for a mean person

Thank you dear anon, it means a lot that you think so highly of me ❤

I agree, a lot of people want strong-headed, straightforward women but when confronted with one they become rude anons themselves.


*drops off doodles of the kiddos*