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New Yang Nam Show [1회 예고] ♥방탄소년단♥의 가장 사적인 눕방 170223 EP.1

Therapist: Ah so what brings you in today

Me: what is it called when you devote copious amounts of your life to a fictional relationship that will never happen and you can physically feel it tearing cracks into your soul


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not to be dramatic but is “carol and daryl deadass sitting down, arranging a candle center table setting, carol cooking for her man, daryl remembering to speak full sentences and then smiling at each other shyly while eating” too long to put as ‘reason for death’ on my birth certificate

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Im curious how many followers do you have because like you are one of the most famous yoi blogs especially with your lil cutie keilattes

asdjfdk hhh I’d rather not say, but it’s a lot, and I’m really grateful ;v;
also who decides on these things though omg?? 
SDJFDJLFK LIL CUTIE KEILATTES…….. kei you’re a cutie

also I hope you don’t mind that I use your ask to answer a bunch of other ones too hahah

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remember that time someone literally said to me “it’s THEIR story” talking about the characters in a fic that i, the author, am writing. it’s their story. not mine, the author. i’m just observing and documenting what the characters do, i have no control over them whatsoever. because it’s their story. not mine. the author.