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Yall, I started listening to TAZ a year ago! So, I decided to redraw some of the first fanart I ever did – which just so happened to be during The Suffering Game. One of my favourites! (all of them are “one of my favourites”)



I’m looking for more trans and ace friendly blogs to follow so if you post Dragon Age please like or reblog this if you want so I can check out your blog!!

(especially if you post Dorian, Blackwall, Bull, Sera, Zevran, and/or Merrill content in general, Dorian romance, Merrill romance, Sera romance, Zevran romance with male Warden, Bull romance with male Inquisitor, and/or Blackwall romance with male Inquisitor, but none of that’s required or anything because I know that’s a lot lol)

some nsf.w is fine and you don’t have to be trans or asexual yourself, just safe for both


(no exclusionists (that includes people who exclude cis heteromantic aces and cis aro heterosexuals), transmedicalists, anyone who thinks gay people aren’t attracted to trans people of their same gender, or anyone who thinks aro/ace headcanons for gay characters are homophobic)

(also no minors please, I only want to follow other adults)


10 years of Uncharted and I’m so sad I just discovered this year.


Random BIGBANG sketches [5/?] - Practicing drawing hands x ToDae

i’m uncomfortable drawing hands, so this was kind of a challenge. i made these at work during lunch breaks throughout the week.

Todomatsu thoughts

I know a lot of people have been talking about S2 ep 7 already and sharing their own analysis on Todomatsu’s character but I really want to share my own thoughts about my favorite boy and a little bit on his relationship with his bros. ●❛3❛●

Will contain S2 spoilers, ramblings, lots of S1 references, and many screenshots

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Look, I’m all for those ‘teenage mother’ memes about Steve, but at the same time I’m slightly peeved by the implication that there’s something unusual and weird and feminine about an 18-year-old boy being kind and supportive and actively protecting younger kids from a bully. Because one of the many wonderful things about Stranger Things is that it provides so many examples of healthy masculinity - Jonathan, Steve, Chief Hopper and Bob are that (unfortunately) rare thing - believable characters, real people with flaws but also men who don’t fit in the usual toxic mould you see in fiction (and in real life, of course - my question will always be, which one is influenced by the other, exactly?) - and, I don’t know, the fact we’re trying to dismiss that or brush it aside - well, I don’t like it. Steve is not a mom of anything. He’s a boy being decent and normal, and that should be enough for us to like him.

constilesations  asked:

HI! I followed you years and years ago for sterek and you recently popped up on my dash for Yuri On Ice and i'm just so happy you found it and you decided to grace us with your art for it because Viktor/Yuuri give me heart palpitations

omg dont drag me this way haha jk, that long huh?? wow! thank you so much  for your loyalty im impressed! AND I LOVE VIKTUURI SO MUCH I MISS THEM!! thanks for the excuse to draw them:

Video for exercise anon - I hid a ball and he must find it.

sorry for the spam but I’m crying thinking about this potentially beautiful father-daughter story in star wars

au where jeremy heere’s squip is just jason dean instead of keanu reeves and instead of turning him into the generic white trash fucknut he tries to make him a bad boy

like seriously think about that for a second like jeremy’s like “so you’re gonna like.. make me cool?!” and jds like “haha, oh yeah, not just cool. you’re gonna get everything you want kid” then out of no where throws a virtual punch at him and jeremy screams and nearly ducks out of the way like “DUDE WHAT THE FUCK” and jds like “FIRST RULE KID, NEVER LEAVE OPEN A WEAK SPOT”

and jeremys like “WHAT DOES THIS HAVE TO DO WITH BEING COOL” an jd’s like “well when you’re acting like a delinquent you’re gonna have to fight some jocks” 

and there a whole reprise of two player game where jeremy gets in a fist fight with jake while jd directs him  and he kicks his shit in  like “see? thats what asserting your dominance feels like” AND-