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So here’s the thing lol. Seven giving a little tease before the real sin happens.. fufufu. @0ikaashi​ was my 707th follower so thanks!


You guys are in denial to think that Seven has abs.. He def has a little belly cause of the way he eats and lives LOL. LIES THAT HE HAS A FLAT STOMACH OR ABS! Unless he has those crazy ass metabolisms…… No that’s insane. He has a belly. You can’t tell me otherwise lol.


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I have two questions. 1 how long did it take for papyrus to make up with sans? 2 do u have any headcannons for alterswap?? Luv u

1. Hm… no more than a few years after reaching the surface? Paps was careful not rush the healing process and only came onto the scene when Sans was okay with it (which at first, wasn’t very often). Though during that time, he was always allowed to visit during holidays, but only for a couple days.
2. And I do, but regarding what? the main story, the characters, soriel? gotta be more specific my dude.

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Stanford: “I-I can’t believe we just agreed that they could watch us..!”

Fiddleford: “Y-Yeah!”

Stanford: “…God, we’re some messed up beings…!”

Fiddleford: “..But we like it..~”

“We’re messed up together..~”


~*Got a Question?*~

“Ugh.. Why is it so bright?” Elizabeth groaned loudly, as she lifted an arm to cover her eyes. There was a painful pounding in the back of her head and every little sound made her want to cry out. How much had she drank last night? Too much, that’s how much. Whining a little, she shifted her arm off of her face and that’s when she noticed someone else. “Uh..” Blinking a few times, she quickly moved her hands to rub at her eyes. “Where am I..?”


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Here’s my list of god tier kpop songs, in no particular order.


Why So Lonely - Wonder Girls / Nobody - Wonder Girls / Ma Boy - SISTAR19 / Eyes, Nose, Lips - Taeyang / I - Taeyeon / Free Somebody - Luna / CRAZY - 4Minute / Volume Up - 4Minute / Something - Girl’s Day / Run Devil Run - Girls’ Generation / I Got A Boy - Girls’ Generation / Only One - BoA / 200% - AKMU / Four Walls - f(x) / Abracadabra - Brown Eyed Girls / I Love You - 2ne1 / Try - Jimin Park / One Day/Haruman - BTS / Step - KARA / RED - Hyuna / Growl - EXO / Woo Ah - Crush / Dumb Dumb - Red Velvet / First Love - After School / Trouble Maker - Trouble Maker / Replay - SHINee / Rum Pum Pum - f(x) / 7th Sense  - NCTU

Special Mention

Shadow - f(x) / No More - f(x) / Raindrop - IU / Goodbye, Summer - f(x) ft. Kyungsoo  / Beautiful Stranger - f(x) / Automatic - Red Velvet / Adrenaline - TaeTiSeo / Stress - Taeyeon / Don’t Go - EXO / Heartbreak Hotel - Tiffany / 

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I am such a fan of your HUMANFORMERS omg they look so nice. You are such a hardworking person to be able to do all of this art, and I've been scrolling down your page for hours now and I'm still freaking amazed. Plus you got me on team KOBB now, they are so perfect!!!

Oh you are very kind, thank you. I nreally like doing the asks because I hope it will perhaps make someone’s day or make them smile, that’s really the most important thing to me. I don’t mind the work, though i can’t do all of them I still try to do as much as i can. Also they are good colour practice.
       Also welcome aboard!  BBKO is so cute and pure, They’re good, fun and their chemistry is so great and enticing


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Describe yourself with 3 fictional characters! 

Yuki Sohma. On a very personal level, Yuki is the character I relate to the most. Regarding his past, his thoughts, his flaws, I think it was the first time someone put my own feelings into words, and also he was a character that inspired me and gave me hope for myself.
Forrest. Just like him I’m a religious person, I am compassionate for people because I don’t want them to suffer and, hey, aren’t we both healers?
Toph. I’m too honest and sometimes it comes out too harsh, and that’s why many people say I’m mean (but at least they know I’m not gonna backstab them right hahah) 

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