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Bruce Wayne is in love with Clark Kent, a canon masterpost from Justice League (2017)

  • Talks about him 24/7
  • For real, just constantly saying shit like 
    • “Superman was more human than I am”
    • “The world needs Superman, but the team needs Clark”
  • Had so many opportunities to make a move with Diana but he didn’t, hmnnnnn. 
  • The moment there was an opportunity to bring Clark back to life he jumped tf on that ride or die train
  • Clark: “You won’t let me live, you won’t let me die. Tell me, do you bleed?”
    • Bruce:

  • Got smacked around by Clark and definitely liked it
  • Was kind of a salty jealous bitch in that he only thought of bringing Lois to see Clark as a last resort in case it all went wrong (clearly wanted him to himself, undisputed fact)
  • When Clark came back in the final battle Bruce’s face lit up like he was a smol child being given the Nimbus 2000
  • There was a second where it looked like Superman had gotten hurt and instead of using code names Bruce just calls out ‘Clark!’ like ! he really is that binch.
  • Unbelievable canon scene that there is in hetero explanation for?!??!
    • Clark: I know you don’t like that I’m back. Bruce: [stammering] I don’t,, , ,  not ,, like
  • Sugar daddy spec bought an entire bank for Clark instead of just buying back the Kent farm
  • suspiciously is always standing next to clark in the superhero line up scenes, like, ok.
  • Had an off screen scene where he was chumming up to Clark enough to tell that Barry doesn’t understand the concept of brunch
What Zines to Apply To?

Recently, there’s been a ton of scandal surrounding the McHanzo Zine, Bullseye. But it isn’t an isolated case; zines scam people all the time, though it’s almost always restricted to the smaller ones. 

As someone who’s participated in well over a dozen zines, many of the smaller projects simply never contacted me again, had absolutely awful management, or worse, never sent out ordered items. Zines are based on trust, and it’s absolutely awful that some chose to betray it! So how do you know which ones you should apply or order from? Look for these:

  • Make sure that the organizer is not anonymous, and has their social media and handles blatantly available. If they are anonymous, there’s nearly a certain chance they’ll drop it mid-way. If it’s clear, see what they’re like as a person, or if they have a large following.
  • Make sure that the moderator has organized zines before. People who haven’t organized zines before don’t have experience and often don’t realize how difficult it can be. And if they do run other projects, are those actually complete?
  • Make sure there’s more than one mod. Oftentimes, IRL can cause problems; if there’s no one else to pick up the slack, that’s also a huge problem. (On the other hand, too many mods can make the zine disorganized!)
  • Communication: Has the moderator made relevant info available? And if you’ve been accepted, do they regularly email or update you?
  • Graphics: Do the graphics seem well-made and aesthetically pleasing? Product placement makes a huge difference when it comes to preorders, and can absolutely mean the difference between not breaking even and success. If their stuff looks like crap, so will the zine.
  • Professionalism: If they are not well-organized or professional, that’s a sign that they probably won’t be able to handle everything a zine throws at them, and may discriminate against certain ships or people. 
  • Where do profits go? This is pretty important, and needs to established early on. Will it be split among artists, or go to charity? 
  • Is there support? Does the application post have at the very least 300 notes? If not, what about other posts? If they don’t have a lot of notes or followers, that means that not many people will apply, and not many people will buy. That also means a much bigger risks of the project failing, and much less people holding them accountable if they do.

For people interested in making a zine but have no experience doing so, I strongly suggest moderating one before organizing your own!

That’s all I can think of right now! If there’s any questions, feel free to DM me. (If anyone else has any other suggestions, feel free to add.)

if you are gonna to delete the caption from under my art - or anyone’s art, really - I will find you and kick your ass 

How many times do you think Jim Kirk has been in love? He always strikes me as such a romantic, and I think he has a knack for seeing the best in people. Ruth, he loved for her kindness, Carol for her intelligence and determination, Gary for his humor and Ben for his companionship and I think to an extent he loved Miramanee and of course he loved Edith, and I’m probably even missing a few!

I just think it’s very powerful that of all these people he has loved, Spock ends up being the love of his life – the long-term, for-better-or-worse, ride-or-die love of his life. Don’t get me wrong, I adore the whole “I’ve never loved anyone before you came into my life” trope, but I think it’s even more powerful (and realistic) to believe that Jim Kirk has loved many people for many reasons, but he loves Spock for everything and forever.

Indulge me.

The curse is broken. The repercussions have been fixed. Killian’s heart is poisoned no more, thanks to True Love, shared between Alice and her lady love, bottled up in purity by Rumple who finally got his shit together and wanted to help reunite father and child. (He’s passed on now, relieved of the dark curse by the guardian.)

The Joneses and the Mills family part ways very amicably. Henry and Regina finally get to go home, now with more family in tow. We see them pull up to the Swan-Jones house. They barely get out of the cars before the front door swings open and Emma and Killian bound down the stairs to envelop Henry in a hug. They get a teary reunion, and Henry introduces Ella and Lucy. It’s bomb. The CS kid stands uncertain in the doorway, but eventually they get drawn into the excited introductions. Everyone is invited inside, and fade out.

Then we get to see Wish!Hook, Alice, and her true love in a different realm. They’re by the sea. The Jolly Roger is docked nearby and Alice cackles when she sees her papa get a little starry eyed at seeing his ship again. They walk up the gangplank and once they get to the top, Killian calls out, “Permission to come aboard, Captain Smee?” And his old friend, now a very old friend, with gray hair and wrinkles on his tired face, excitedly hugs his former captain, somehow just the same as he remembered, but says, “Well, sir, I’m afraid I’m much too old and weathered to keep the men in line anymore. I found a wonderful successor, though. Perhaps you could direct your request to our new captain?”

With the blinding sun behind, silhouetting the Jolly’s captain, we hear a familiar voice boom across the deck, telling some of the men to get to work, they’ll be setting sail soon. Killian is taken aback even before his eyes adjust to the light. A woman’s voice. He knows that voice. And when he comes face to face with Captain Emma Swan – Emma Swan, a different one; he’d searched the farthest reaches of so many realms searching for another bloody Emma Swan, and here she is, captaining his freaking ship – he is just entirely flabbergasted. And when she learns who he is, Captain Hook, the man Smee had told her countless stories of over the years, she’s more than happy to bring him and his family aboard. (Turns out the timing had never been right, nor the intentions, but they found each other after all.)

whiplash | 02

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↳ fake dating au | college au

pairing: chanyeol | reader

genre: soft angst + fluff + sexual themes

word count: 6.061

description: as an aspiring big-shot photographer in a slump, you’re looking for something that inspires you and unfortunately — or maybe not — it comes in the form of a guy named Chanyeol.

please read pt. 1

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Mama Thoughts

Another incredible episode from Andi Mack.

Let’s start with the smallest plot points, but they are really significant in terms of representation.

Andi teaches Bex how to solve a Rubix cube. I knew a lot of people obsessed with Rubix cubes when I was Andi’s age, and they were all boys. I LOVE how they are subtly doing something feminist without hitting us over the head. Andi likes Rubix cubes, and she’s good at them.

The second major point was that Ham is doing hot yoga. He’s, as far as we know, a straight man, who isn’t thin as a stick, and he’s doing hot yoga. It’s small but it’s another little thing that threw gender expectations completely out the window. I hope they keep doing this. It’s so important.

Okay, so as a Jewish girl, I almost cried seeing Cyrus practicing for his bar mitzvah. Even in Lizzie McGuire, Gordo’s Jewishness wasn’t really part of his everyday character, but with Cyrus it is. He’s not just having a bar mitzvah which comes seemingly out of nowhere. He’s practicing his Hebrew and trope and all this stuff that I went through. I hope he has to write his drash in one episode and we get to see that process, which, is absolute hell, by the way.

Jonah’s reaction is, well…okay, first off, was Jonah on his way to somewhere important? Did he literally drop what he was doing just because Cyrus called his name? And then he asks about Hebrew, and even though Cyrus says he’s not actually interested, I think he was actually interested.

It’s funny, Asher is Jewish too, or, at least, his name is. So it’s funny seeing two Jewish boys playing characters of different religions when Asher probably knows exactly what Cyrus was doing.

Anyways, Cyrus said something that got me thinking “you don’t want to see me when I really put myself down…it’s dark” He’s 12. But dark can still be DARK. He said it with a smile, but I’m not sure it was an exaggeration. I wonder if Cyrus is going to be chronically depressed or something, but there is more to that story, a lot more. Would Disney ever do a self-harm storyline?

When Jonah is teaching Cyrus to skateboard you can totally see and feel the love he has for Cyrus. He cares about him so much, but I think the more important part of the skateboard scene is the fact that Jonah made a big mistake. He didn’t teach Cyrus how to do anything but stand on the skateboard. Everything Andi Mack does is deliberate, especially when it comes to Jonah and Cyrus. What Jonah did was stupid and reckless, as he says later, he forgets that Cyrus is helpless, but I’ll get there later. I think this goes to Jonah’s character. he always means well, but he doesn’t think before he does something. I think this characterization is going to come up again and again and probably result in him doing something irreversible at some point.

The hospital scene was super telling on all fronts. We watch as Buffy realizes that the crush IS reciprocated. It’s not possible for someone not to see how helpless Cyrus is unless they are just blind to his bad qualities. That’s the definition of a new crush. And how anxious and scared Jonah was, I mean, Asher’s acting was on point, and Jonah was close to tears before the girls got there. I also think we learned more about Cyrus’ parents in this episode. He’s sheltered, like, REALLY sheltered. I kind of wonder if his parents are modern orthodox or something, now, THAT’S something that has never been done on TV and I’d really love to see.

Moving on, Buffy. SHE’S LEARNING! Friends come before competition. I wonder how this is going to play into future episodes. And how it’s going to play into her relationship with Marty. I also think there was an underlying part of this plot that had to do with respect for the elders. The first part, where she’s listing things that she could put Millie down for, that’s a very real reality for many elderly, and it was a little reminder that just because someone is old does not mean they are helpless. I wonder if it was a technique to get kids to spend more time with their grandparents, and how many of the kids watching, did call their grandparents and have a short chat or something after watching this.

Andi plays mom in this episode, and I thought that was really interesting. Cece and Bex spend the episode arguing, and then finally making up, but Andi is the mediator, along with Ham. When Ham comes into the room excited about the day, it’s him and Andi against Cece and Bex. I thought that was really clever, and it’s clear that’s what was happening because one of the “previously on Andi Mack” was Andi screaming at Cece and Bex “I’m the kid, here!” So that flip was cool to see.

I also think it goes to Andi’s character that she thinks it’s her fault that Bex left. She was not even a year old and she’s blaming herself for her first words. It’s clear she’s spiraling in some small way, and, I mean, who the hell can blame her? Her entire life was turned upside down less than six months prior. I wonder how far they are going to go with this, what her breaking point is going to be.

The house…that’s a bomb to drop. I really loved watching Bex’s reaction how at first she was angry, but then she realized that it was Cece’s way of saying that she believes in her to be a good mom.

I’m really curious to see how Bex actually breaks the news. I believe in her to do this right.

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can you give me some shyan friends to lovers headcanons i love ur writing and i’m starving

(formatting kinda made it long so im putting it under the cut)

  • ok so like:
  • it starts with casual touching. hands that linger at elbows, arms pressed together when sitting down. thighs against each other when eating. fingers brushing past each other when handing each other things.
  • PILLOW TALK on nights both of them can’t sleep. when ryan is too scared and shane can’t stand watching him panic. they kinda find out everything about each other here. impromptu heart-to-hearts seem to be their thing. just laying side by side, heads bowed together, talking in little whispers, laughter a small puff of breath.
  • this is probably where shane finds out that he really, really likes making ryan laugh.
  • they just kinda… fall into each other, you know? they have the show, they have their work. they show up for other videos, they write scripts for some. sometimes, they go eat lunch together. they just… click.

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I hereby declare a Jeremy Jordan Protection Squad be formed on this site

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This is NOT for calling anyone or anything out, just fans of a brilliant actor and precious dork who could always be appreciated more. Membership comes without fees or responsibilities other than being kind and supportive fans. If you are tagged and wish to be removed, contact myself or the blogger who tags you. :)

To start, I’m tagging

@gods-little-punk, @hisloveconsumesme, @takeabreathandsmile, @christyvourcos, @jeremyjordanismyjam

I don’t want to annoy too many of my other followers, so tag yourselves and your pals. Welcome to the Squad.

Chaos Walking - Tom Holland (Zombie Apocalypse Au) Part 3

Summary: The worst had yet to come. An uprising apocalypse practically wiped out the human population. Those that managed to survive joined together make us larger in numbers. Creating offspring’s or recruiting survivors, at least those that weren’t bitten. The apocalypse brought most together or tore them apart. Just like you and Tom’s relationship. You disagreed on many terms, yet you never really minded going on supply runs together. You never really bonded, but what happens when you come across an abandoned little girl

Warnings: Fluff, mentions of dying

Word Count: 1,346

Pairing: Tom Holland x Reader

A/n: Enjoy! Feed back is always welcomed

~Masterlist~ ~Chaos Walking Masterlist~

“Y/n, hey wake up.” You were startled by the feeling of someone shaking your shoulder gently. 

You let out a groan to let them know you weren’t going to get up anytime soon. You felt at peace again when the voice stopped. However, that didn’t last very long.

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What the DCEU Fandom Can Learn From the Lady Gaga Fandom...

…so guys, this is not my first rodeo when it comes to being a part of a fandom centered around an artist that got way more hate and negativity than they deserved, and I’m starting to realize that there is a pattern with these things.

Whether you like, love, or strongly dislike the music Lady Gaga has made, I think many of us can agree that people were once very passionate about hating on her. It seemed to become a hobby for some haters. If you were a fan, you couldn’t get away from the negative headlines claiming she was “just a copy cat” and just an “attention whore” whose fifteen minutes of fame was coming to an end.

Does this not sound familiar? How many times have we searched for news about the DCEU only to see the doom and gloom headlines?

“Is This the End of the DCEU?”

“Can the DCEU Survive this Flop?”

“The DCEU Fails Where the MCU Succeeds”

…and so on…

Let’s not forget the rude nicknames her haters gave her: “Lady Gag,” and “Lady Goo Goo” just to name a couple. I don’t know about you, but the ugly “Hack Snyder” comes to mind when I think about this.

There were people, from the beginning of her career, hoping she would fail and celebrating in the comments section anytime they found a negative clickbait headline about her. They were so sure she would be old news and that she would fail in becoming a legend comparable to Madonna, Cher, Britney Spears, and so on…

Yet, she’s still here. She never went anywhere. She has the respect of amazing artists such as the ones mentioned above and even someone as amazing as Beyonce (who has collaborated with her more than once). She has branched out from music and has even won an Emmy for her role in American Horror Story. She was given high praise from Julie Andrews when she performed some of her most well known songs at the Oscars. She’s been doing just fine despite unprofessional journalism and outright hatred from people who sought to punish everyone who enjoyed her work instead of simply deciding they didn’t like it and moving on.

I’ve been thinking about my experience with being a fan of Lady Gaga, because I’m noticing that I’m going through the same thing all over again being a fan of the DCEU. I’m seeing a pattern that I’m pretty sure is going to end with the DCEU becoming one of the most respected cinematic universes despite the hate it’s always going to get.

I’m going to do something a bit interesting and compare the success of Gaga’s albums to DCEU releases…yes, it’s kind of weird, but bear with me:

First, we have The Fame. This was Gaga’s big break, and she built a strong fanbase despite people (usually older men) trying to brush her off as the latest teeny bopper who would fade from the spotlight. Her videos were fun and the music was catchy, but people just couldn’t understand why she had to wear crazy outfits. Why couldn’t she just illustrate her talent just by singing? Let’s compare this to Man of Steel and BvS. I’m going treat these movies as the tone setters for the DCEU. They helped build our fandom and introduced us to more relateable and realistic superheroes. They were put in a world similar to our own…and well, we appreciated that, but a lot of the criticism was, “Why can’t they just do what Marvel does? They should have built it up. They should have made it fun!” Despite these criticisms, the movie was successful. Not as successful as an MCU movie (just like many would argue Gaga was not as successful as Madonna), but successful enough for the fans to want more.

Next up for Gaga was The Fame Monster. It was a shorter album released shortly after The Fame. It was experimental and unique, and this is the point where people really, REALLY started to throw hate at Gaga. This is when we started seeing the “Copycat!” headlines and unfair comparisons to Madonna. We fans were able, for the most part, enjoy what she gave us, but that didn’t stop people from going out of their way to personally insult us for having “shit taste in music” as they called it. This is similar to the experience many of us had with Suicide Squad. We as a fandom were kind of divided with that movie, but again, the movie was very financially successful just as The Fame Monster was successful. At this point, however, some of us were getting very tired of defending our love for the DCEU. Again, this is similar to how I got tired of defending myself for being a fan of Lady Gaga, when I just wanted to enjoy her music in peace.

One of Gaga’s most successful albums is Born This Way. For many, this was their favorite album. She addressed social justice topics such as LGBT+ rights and even child abuse in this album, and for a while, the song Born This Way and Edge of Glory could be heard everywhere. It was really a beautiful album, and she was really starting to build up some respect, not form haters, but from people who didn’t really pay her any mind before. This is similar to the DCEU fandom’s experience with Wonder Woman. Critics and audiences alike ate this movie up. Most of us were in agreement that this was a great movie and even people who were turned off of the CBM genre for a while liked this movie. Yes, it still received hate, but suddenly, our fandom was in a very good place and we were starting to feel safe in expressing our love for the DCEU.

…but there’s always a low point in these types of fandoms. Artpop came out after Gaga took a little bit of a break from the spotlight, and it failed to compete with albums put out by people like Miley Cyrus and Katy Perry, who some would argue, aren’t nearly as talented as Gaga is. It wasn’t a bad album, but it failed to sell itself like her other albums did, and what I felt at this point is the same as how I feel with what’s happening with Justice League right now. It’s getting trashed from one side of the internet to the other for failing to sell as well as the other DCEU movies did and being overshadowed by Thor: Ragnarok, even though people looked more forward to Justice League than Thor. Most of the fans are pretty clear that Justice League is a fun movie with its flaws, but that is not stopping the critics treating it as if it’s the absolute worst piece of cinema ever and clickbait journalists acting like this is the end of the road for the DCEU just like they did with Lady Gaga when Artpop came out…but here’s the thing…after this “flop” in Gaga’s career, she went on to do the amazing things mentioned earlier in this post: receiving praise from giants of the entertainment industry. She won awards. She went on to do bigger and better things. She is respected now more than she ever was in the past. Yes, she still has her very vocal haters, but for the most part, they seem to have grown tired of their passion for hating her. She succeeded despite all of the toxicity thrown her way and proved their belief she’d only be around for a good fifteen minutes wrong. Some of those haters even jumped on board; some saying, “Wow! I had no idea she was really this talented!” and others pretending they were fans from the very beginning.

My point in this big, long, and weird comparison? We just need to hang in there with the DCEU. We’re at a low point right now, but the DCEU has movies planned out for the next few years with big names attached to them. It’s all going to be alright. The haters will get tired, clickbait journalists will find something new to crap on, and we will finally be able to enjoy what we like in peace.

We can do this, guys. We’ll be okay.

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mcfuzzy20  asked:

So you're totally okay with Americans slaughtering each other by the dozens? Because at this point that's what you mean when you say you're okay with the gun laws we have now.

I’m sorry, can you cite some sources for average Americans “slaughtering each other by the dozens” when the majority of gun deaths in America are suicides?  And what of gang violence?  Surely you realize gangs are not typically known for obtaining firearms legally, yes?  Or that the major underlying cause of gang violence is economic hardship?  When it comes to mass shootings, those are usually committed by a single, disturbed individual, and such individuals are actually very few and far between (in fact, it takes many factors coming together to create individuals capable of such violence.  I’d be more than happy to go into detail–with sources–about how criminal minds are cultivated mainly through parental neglect and abuse, if you’re interested). 

The thing is…we already have laws regulating the sales of guns.  People talk about the issue as if we don’tHowever, if someone is committing themselves to ignoring the laws against murder, do you honestly believe they’re going to adhere to the laws regarding guns?  The absurdly high rise in knife crime in the U.K. (the highest it has been in years, with a 26% leap in recorded offenses in the last two years) shows us that even without the presence of guns, people will still find ways to hurt or kill other people.  Meanwhile, Switzerland requires citizens to own guns, and has an extremely low rate of homicide.

There are social, economic, and cultural factors that aren’t being taken into account, and THOSE are more responsible for gun violence than the mere presence of guns.  Prior to 2016, there had been a steady overall decline in gun-related violence.  Think about what has happened since then.  There has been political upheaval.  There has been a great deal of deception and manipulation in our government.  There has been an undeniable rise in flawed moral reasoning that relies heavily on confirmation biases and only seeing the world through a false dichotomy, which has been creating a MASSIVE divide between many people–especially those who should be on the same sideThis is a cultural issue.  This is an issue of how PEOPLE are treating OTHER PEOPLE.  Divides between people create suspicion and paranoia.  Things are becoming worse because people refuse to sit down and actually fucking TALK TO EACH OTHER.

I am a woman.  I am also a member of the LGBT community.  I am strongly in favor of both of those demographics having a reliable means of self-defense.  The regulations being proposed (which are barely even defined above a general rallying cry of “No guns ANYWHERE, EVER!”) are NOT going to hurt the ones pulling the trigger on innocents, because they’re not following laws in the first place.

My mother is disabled, and owns a handgun.  If there is a break-in, I want her to have the ability to protect herself.  End of story.

Ok guys, let me talk to you about Meggueggu


As someone I have been talking to for over a year now, I can say she’s one of my favourite people to talk to on a regular basis.

She’s one of the funniest people I know and is always so extremely sweet and kind hearted to anyone that needs help, even helping to complete commissions and offer advice where it’s needed. Meg busts her ass off making amazing art and I don’t think she gets the attention she deserves.

I absolutely beg and plead with you to go check out her art and support her through reblogs, likes, commissions, whatever. Her living comes from making art and she’s very passionate about it. So please go help her out. :)

Thank you guys. Please reblog this post too, so many more people can check her out. <3

(art by @megueggu )

anonymous asked:

It's not that I don't believe that rural people shouldn't have a vote, however I just feel that the president should represent EVERYONE and the electoral college does NOT allow that, and in many ways it hurts EVERYONE more as it makes it easier for a 2-party system to come about because while 3-party canidates can get votes they can't get any electoral votes, this leads to generally shittier canidates. By giving some people 3x voting power and some people none we get less say in our president.

It is not about ‘rural people shouldn’t have the vote’.  It is about rural people getting shit on by urban centers.

Exactly what do urban centers know about farming?  Or ranching.  Or logging.  Or fishing.  Do you not think that these communities that live and die by those industries might have a little more knowledge what certain policies will do to their communities?

Without the electoral college, you’d have people who aren’t impacted directly by policy making decisions that override the communities that are impacted by them.  An urban group will say “oh, well this will raise the price of bread by 5 cents” when a rural group who needs wheat farming to survive just got their community killed.

With the electoral college, those farming communities now have a larger megaphone to expressly state their own needs and desires, without being overwritten by urban center populations.

And the fact that you can’t have independent candidates sucks.  But that is the issue of your two party system, not the electoral college. 

Hold Me Tight Or Don’t, Feat. Soukoku

 I never really feel a thing
I’m just kinda too froze
You were the only one
That even kinda came close

And when your stitch comes loose
I want to sleep on every piece of fuzz
And stuffing that comes out of you

I took too many hits off this memory
I need to come down

I got too high again
When I realized I can’t not be with you
Or be just your friend
I love you to death

I just can’t pretend
We were lovers first
Confidants but never friends
Were we ever friends?

Cause I’m past the limits

The distance between us, it sharpens me like a knife 

I’m pretty sure that this isn’t how our story ends

Another day goes by
So hold me tight
Hold me tight or don’t

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I’ve seen people say that Taylor has been very successful this Era with no promotion and that’s not accurate, though I don’t think it takes away at all from her accomplishments.

Taylor has made strategic partnerships with AT&T, Apple, Target, and others that have basically allowed her both promote her album and to reach her fans directly, cutting out the middle man of the media. Another way she does that, of course, is here on Tumblr and other social media.

It all works, because over the years she’s built such an incredible relationship with all of us.. Sure, she has some commercials, the AT&T videos, the merch at Target, etc. But in essence Taylor doesn’t need tradional media nearly as much, because she comes direct to all of us and we in turn promote her. And we’re more than happy to do it because Taylor has given us so much and continues to amazing to us in return.

I don’t know of many celebrities who could pull this off and it both speaks to Taylor’s marketing savvy and her incredible heart.

Bias Selfie Tag.

I’ve been tagged by so many people to do the Bias Selfie Tag… so far I remember @maliby @def-initely-soul @oh-beyond @kollectionn @heonseoks @8bityeol @vonseok… but there were probably more xDDDDD

So, I’ve been posponing this bc I wanted to take a decent selfie that was… you know, new and similar to my bias’ selfies… but I’ve come to terms with my face and the fact that that’s not gonna happen hahaha, so in that spirit, have some old selfies o′mine.

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anonymous asked:

could i ask for 88. “STOP INTERRUPTING ME!” kinda angst with anti?? if you really can’t do angst i’m good with anything that pops up in you head 💞


For some reason there was a part of you that just couldn’t help your attraction to Anti. You had always been a little bit more of a daredevil, doing things that not many other people would even have the guts to think about doing.

In this case, that included dating a demon.

Your relationship with Anti had its ups and downs, and while he was as nice as he could be to you most of the time, there were many times fights would end up breaking out over small things. Today that fight was instigated by you coming home late, much later than you had initially told Anti you would be home.

Work had kept you over by a good two hours, and the clock read 11:30pm. You had told Anti you’d be home at 9:30pm, and you knew as soon as you walked in and saw him standing there with his arms crossed, that he was furious. He always glitched a little, as it was just part of how he was, but when he was angry, the glitching became more pronounced. And in this case, the glitching was at an all time high.

“Doll,” Anti said, voice surprisingly even for how visually upset he was. “You told me you’d be home two hours ago. It’s 11:30. Where the fuck were you?” You sighed.

“Work kept me over–” you started, but Anti waved a hand dismissively; he didn’t want to hear it.

“Well you could have at least called me, or texted me or something!” he shot back angrily. “But no, instead you left me here alone, not even knowing where the hell you were! What if something had happened to you?!”

You normally would calm Anti down to the best of your abilities, or would normally have a little more patience, but work and frustrating, petty issues at the office had completely drained any sympathy from you and you found yourself yelling at him. “Where the hell did you think I was, Anti?! The bar?! You know I’m not like that!”

Anti threw his hands up in the air in defeat and spun on his heels so his back was to you. “How the fuck am I supposed to know? Even on days when they keep you late, you’re normally home at around 10! For all I know, something bad could have happened to you! I trust you, doll, but God dammit, if anything had happened–”

You felt your eyes flood with frustrated tears. You were just tired, didn’t want to be dealing with this, and just wanted to go to sleep. “Anti–”

Stop interrupting me!” Anti shouted, glitching so much that his outline was barely visible. “Let me finish! I was just worried as shit, that’s all.” When he noticed you were crying, however, he sighed, and pulled you into his arms. 

“I’m sorry, doll. I just don’t want anything bad to happen to you, and I was just worried. You’re the best thing that’s ever happened to me,” he murmured, and you sighed, putting your arms around him. 

“Let’s just make some tea or something and curl up,” you suggested. 

“Sounds perfect.”

I apologize for being not on tumblr often lately ;~; My mental health is not very great right now and whenever I come on here, I’m so negative and I don’t want to give off that vibe since there are so many of you who are struggling yourselves asdfghjkl :c I’ll be back more often eventually but until then, hope you guys are enjoying autumn so far!~