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why do you hate bhb?

HWHO’S READY FOR ANOTHER NOVEL OF A POST? I KNOW I AM! (i’m supposed to be doing laundry rip, it can wait another day)

BHB reptiles is a reptile distributing and breeding company owned and operated by Brian Barczyk. It is most popular from its show “SnakeBytes”. In this show, he shows of his collection of upwards of 80,000 snakes and other reptiles. Throughout the show, you can see how he keeps his animals; most, if not all, are in improper conditions and in result to this, many are sick or mite infested. Though I’m honestly just going to list off all the reasons that I hate him and BHB because I haven’t slept in 2ish days and…. I’m not great at writing like this.

#1: He is horribly neglectful to his animals.

You can’t tell me that an alligator is happy living in a kiddie pool

Or that a GIANT snake such as a reticulated, african rock, or burmese is happy living in a tub so small that it takes up HALF of it.

And it’s not just giant animals that are in terrible tubs, most of his ball pythons and colubrids are in horribly small enclosures as well.

He is also guilty of buying animals without ANY research beforehand and those animals dying. Prime example is when he first tried getting into the leopard gecko business:

just listen about how he talks about them “this is my baby” to “gonna be pumpin out leopard geckos” like? No these are another form of free money to you…. even his WIFE knows that he kills animals.

I’m sure there’s more in this category that I’m forgetting, but… you get the point.

#2: He’s a scammer.

He may not sell his animals for the most money, but the animals he sells aren’t even worth THAT. There are countless reports of his animals showing up with RI’s, mites, and even incorrect gene listing. And when they contact him about this? He disappears or calls them “haters”. A prime example of this is this post:

I’m not incredibly clear on the whole scaleless ball python scandal, and probably someone could fill this in better, but from what I’ve gathered, he killed one of the scaleless ones and refuses to answer any questions about it.

He is also guilty for flipping animals. Most of his short tails he orders in then IMMEDIATELY offers them to sell for “discount” prices. I wouldn’t be surprised if these animals died from shock the second they got put in yet another box.

#3: He has the audacity to call himself the “face of the reptile trade”

As someone who has kept reptiles for over a decade and has spent a TON of hours volunteering to help people get over their fear of snakes, Brian’s “edutainment” is the worst thing I have ever seen. If you are trying to show people that snakes are not something to fear, DON’T HAVE THE MAJORITY OF YOUR VIDEOS BE VIDEOS OF YOU GETTING BITTEN BY SNAKES! This confirms people’s fears! He says that he wants to protect the reptile hobby, but by doing this he is ENDANGERING it. He’s trying to be the next Steven Irwin and is failing at it horribly……….

There’s probably more that I’ve missed. @i-m-snek has a great tag of all the failings of BHB, i believe its #bhb critical; definitely give it a look.

Ugh just…. I used to be a fan of snakebytes until i realized how terrible it is. They are essentially a puppy mill for reptiles. 0/10 would not recommend EVER.

10 Abusive Men’s conversational tactics every woman should be aware of:

1. Domination of conversation - at any cost

It simply doesn’t matter what it takes - making up a story, repeating the same issue over and over again, increasing the volume of his voice, calling you out on unrelated-unreal issues, taking on a threatening pose to get your attention, getting angry if you don’t carefully listen to what he has to say, throwing a tantrum, accusing you of talking too much, beating down your words, I have even seen abusive men cause fights because they wanted to dominate a conversation with a woman. Last time I tried to talk to a woman, while abusive man was standing next to her, he actually physically dragged her away, just so she wouldn’t be able to get my attention, because I refused to give it to him instead. In their minds, this is reasonable, because they feel we owe them that much, and if we refuse to make them the center of attention, it’s aggression on our part, and any action to beat us down to submission is acceptable and “nothing else should be expected of him”.

2. “What I have to say is important at the moment - every moment.”

You were trying to tell a story? He immediately comes up with a vaguely related story that happened to someone he knew that is somehow suddenly more relevant than what you wanted to say. You were trying to prove a point? He’s going to prove a different point. You have a problem that bothers you? His much smaller problem is bothering him much more, to the point where you have to feel bad for bringing your problem up in the first place. You have an achivement you’re proud of? Wait until you hear what he has done at some point in time that right now feels more relevant to him. In his mind, what you have to say simply doesn’t matter and it’s on him to figure out how to slowly bring that down to you, so you’d finally shut up and accept that his confidence is to be worshipped, yours beaten down.

3. Personal attack

Focus will be on you only if it makes you look bad. If you dared to insist that you’re heard and given a basic bit of attention, or, heavens forbid, said something that goes against his opinions and actions, you will immediately find yourself under a personal attack. You’ll be called out on things that have nothing to do with the subject. You will be deemed unfit to even speak about issues that matter to you. Suddenly, even the issues that you have personal experience and endless statistical data and proof, are not yours to speak of because “he knows better”. You’ll be called slurs, humiliated, discredited, all your knowledge of the subject will be perceived as “silly” and “wrong”, not to mention you’re a horrible person for daring to speak your mind on the subject. The point of personal attack is to make you look bad, but you’re not supposed to notice how it makes him look way worse, you’re supposed to feel rightfully called out and humbled, and fail to notice how your basic human right of speech is being trampled on, how you’re being silenced and hurt by emotional and psychological abuse by a man who found himself threatened by truth you pointed out.

4. Double Standards

“I’m a man” is an excuse not to listen, not to sympathize, not to offer compassion, not to take responsibility for his actions, not to bother with “woman logic”, not to question the consequences of his actions, not to feel guilty for indulging in primarily male behaviour that harms women but is excusable because “all men do it”. “You’re a woman” is an excuse to hold you responsible for men’s actions, and obliged to please men, to maintain your social value and appearance up to certain standards, to fulfill all male expectations and fantasies and ideas about what you should be, otherwise what good you are for? And even if you do all that, you’ll end up reduced to a slur and disposed of whenever it pleases a man to do just that. And don’t be surprised, what did you expect? They’re men.

5. Social Truth

Logic, statistics, experiences, facts, consequences and practical knowledge all have zero value before men’s social perception of what’s going on. Men have already decided that it’s them who’s suffering the worst. They’ve already decided they’re the one who need better treatment and more privileges and liberation from oppression. Men have affirmed this with each other, they’ve agreed amongst themselves that women are oppressive, bother them too much, ask for too much, don’t give them enough, don’t do enough for them. How could women expect for their issues to be taken seriously when men don’t feel like they’ve done enough for them? Men will offer you countless examples where he was expecting something from a woman and she didn’t fulfil it, so how dare she imply she could be the one who’s oppressed? How dare any woman claim anything about her life, her body, her experiences, her problems? Men have already agreed they know better, they feel confident about it because his friends and male relatives and co-workers and bosses and acquaintances will all confirm to him he’s exactly right, he’s telling the truth, how could some miser woman now claim differently? She must be stupid. Truth commonly accepted among men will ignore all evidence, all male privilege, all objective truth, all statistics, all proof. They don’t examine it critically more than “is this going in our favour” and that’s all they need to yell it from rooftops, to violently shut down every woman’s voice claiming differently, speaking from different perspective. They have support. They have backup. Countless men will agree with them. It’s all they need. Truth doesn’t matter.

6. What they don’t consider lying

Nothing is lying. If a lie needs to be told in order for a man to get something out of a woman he otherwise wouldn’t get - it’s considered fair play, in his mind. How could you blame him? After all, if he didn’t lie, he wouldn’t get what he wanted? Isn’t this how all people do things? Isn’t it a way of life? How could you expect him to tell the truth when it wasn’t going in his favour? He won’t even feel guilty. But instead, if you don’t react to his lie the way you should have - in his mind - then you are the bad one. How could you not believe his word, give him your full trust and obedience and perfect reactions he so deeply deserves? How could you even consider that he would lie to you? You don’t know what’s real, you can’t act like he’s lying when you don’t even know if he is. He is excused in saying any lie at all, but you aren’t allowed to doubt it, otherwise how will he get what he wanted and feel completely free of guilt while doing it? You should enable that much to a man, to lie and get away with it, get all he wants, and to feel like a genius for tricking everyone in such a cunning way. Oh, and you shouldn’t feel cheated and lied to because, you know, it wasn’t personal, it was just so he could get what he wants, you weren’t a person to him in this entire scheme, just a prop, you should feel stupid for falling for it, but you know, it’s his win.

7. “I’m reasonable” voice tone

All your passion and emotions that get out of you while you speak that would normally be a proof of how important and valuable talking about this issue is to you, yet he decides to perceive as you obviously spouting nonsense from being too emotional. Does he know you’re telling the truth? Of course he does. Does he know how being invalidated and accused of being “too emotional” and “hysterical” hurts you? Of course he does. Does he care? No. All he wants from you in that moment is to adapt to perspective that benefits him, rather than the one you’re presenting - you know, the one that actually expresses what’s going on and leads to acknowledgment and resolving of your problems. He isn’t interested in you being in less pain or you speaking out the truth, or you struggling less or you bringing to light how much you’re struggling with. Be reasonable. Adapt male perspective. See yourself how men see you. Quit having your own perspective, you know that’s not reasonable. Quit showing emotions about an issue that is of a big personal value to you. Look at me. I’m reasonable. You mean nothing to me. Your struggles mean nothing to me. Be like that. Don’t mean anything to yourself. Be only a benefit to me. Then you too can pretend all your issues are made up. After all your pain means nothing in comparison to benefits we get from it. It’s easy to speak with “I’m reasonable” voice and straight, emotionless face while talking about an issue that doesn’t affect you whatsoever, and you don’t care about the one who is affected, and benefit from what they’re suffering from.

8. “How can you call me out when there’s worse men”

You should be grateful he isn’t worse. He could do worse. He knows he could. He saw other men doing much worse, and thought to himself “damn, I’m nice, this is how things are done when women don’t listen” instead of, you know, intervening and saving someone from abuse like a decent person would do. He saw how cruel men are in other parts of the world. He made sure to remember it and inform women what they could expect from worse men, to remind them to be grateful that he, a nice man, isn’t like that. Now, if you’re going to call anyone out, you should first make sure to call out every guy who is worse, otherwise how is this fair towards him? If a guy who did worse isn’t called out, but he, the “nice” guy is, that is the greatest injustice ever done to mankind, and he will feel hurt and things will be unfair for him. What about you, you ask? What about him hurting you that caused you to call him out in the first place? Oh what’s fair to you doesn’t matter, you are the one who needs to make the world fair for him, or, you know, he might get worse, and it will be entirely your fault, since you didn’t arrange the world to be absolutely and completely fair towards him.

9. “I decide how you should react/your reaction is a provocation.”

Your behaviour is decided by his rules, and every single emotion, thought and action you make should only be made in his convenience. It lies on the premise that only he gets to be a human being and show his emotions freely and react the way he wants, you unfortunately, do not get the human privileges, if you react the humane way - get upset when you’re hurt, get angry when things are unfair and infuriating, point out double standards, argue and demand that your word matters too, want to have your feeling acknowledged or even argue that you have a say in how you should be treated - you’ve overstepped, and suddenly you are all wrong and whatever he does to you in return is what you deserved by provoking him. That’s, right, you being a human being is a provocation, it’s a dangerous straying from the object you’re supposed to be - that you are in his eyes, and you have to be “shown your place”, because after all, his convenience is more important than your life, and you’re only there to obey him and make him feel good about himself. Even while he’s hurting you. Even while he’s using you. Even while you’re reduced to a less than a human being.  

10. “You haven’t considered this issue from my perspective enough”

After all, you should look at things from his perspective. But you do. There’s never been a moment you didn’t consider his perspective. Just as there’s never been a moment he has considered yours. And the mere idea of taking a moment to consider your perspective - if he’s even aware that you can have one, and that your words aren’t just there to be crushed until he gets his way - is offensive and crazy to him. Instead, you get called out for not seeing things his way enough. As if you’re the one who is inconsiderate and refusing to acknowledge that he is just a human and that you can’t expect that much from him. But you’ve never forgotten that he’s a human. And you never expected that much, just to not be continually hurt and used by him, and to be treated like a valued human being. But suddenly this is too much? Too much to expect from a fellow human being? Isn’t it a lot like he’s forgotten you’re a human being, and calling you out on something that he actually did? Cruel hypocrisy that he doesn’t even seem to notice because it’s so natural and normal to him to call you out for his own wrongdoings, and to attack you if you’re not willing to obediently take blame.

@women: If a man is talking in this fashion he will get worse, not better. Ditch him at any cost.

@men: this was a list of abusive behaviour, if you don’t do any of these, there’s no reason for you to feel called out, if you do feel called out, I have bad news for you.

Anyone in the lego movie fandom(Including Lego Batman). Please block and report snowysugarsparkle

I can’t believe I’m doing this…. I hate these callout posts. They bring nothing but unnecessary drama that takes weeks to recover. However, I feel this needs to be addressed. I wanna keep my trans folk safe and not be harassed for headcanon-ing a character as trans. I ask you to be aware and block this person that I’m going to expose. She wants drama and reactions. Don’t give of what she wants.

snowysugarsparkle is a Tumblr user who likes Monster High, Ever After High, and recently Lego Batman. The fandom is fairly new, with amazing kind people. I’ve meet many great artists throughout the fandom. Trust me when I say this, I’ve never seen a kinder fandom since MPAS(3 years ago, man!) 

When it comes to fandoms, there are headcanons to be shared. My pal and I decided to create a legoheadcanon blog. We can’t believe it kicked off so well. I enjoyed every single headcanon being send. 

After a day or two of having the blog. Our notifications were being spammed by this user. We’re not talking about reblogging the countless post. I mean reblogging and saying rude things that don’t need to be said, especially the ones about characters as trans.

For examples:

and this

This is disgusting and terrible to see. I’m beyond mortified to see there’s a person like that in the fandom. Me being nosey. I went on her blog and saw more complete garbage.  


You are creepy for being obsessed with making trans people uncomfortable.

This comment was about a children's book accepting trans people and other trans kids

Yikes. Stop that


People block this person and report her! A side note to all my trans and nonbinary followers and fellow lego fandom members. You guys are not monsters, all of you are so beautiful and very amazing and I love you all! I want you all to be safe.

Sugar, I would gladly remove this blog if you decide to apologize for harassing people for headcanoning characters as trans.
For You

Thank you @viviena for this amazing animation!!! It is perfect :))                   In celebration of such amazing work, I present a fic

  Stiles was a very easily distracted five year old. Example A - he had managed to wander off seventeen times in the past hour, constantly caught up in his need to more closely examine every flower or bug that caught his fancy.

  He had been taken on the hike to expend some energy, to relieve the restlessness that seemed ingrained into the kid’s bones. It was a common occurrence for Sheriff Stilinski to have to revert back to countless websites that he had bookmarked to look for a new babysitter willing to look after his little bundle of spaz.

 It had been almost fate, meeting the Hales. A simple accident, one that the families had long since moved past seeing as a negative. The sheriff and Stiles had gone to the grocery store, his dad looking worn out and tired, staying up too late looking for a new sitter. It seemed like if a person hadn’t already babysat Stiles, they had heard rumors about the boy and his difficult to handle nature. So, for now, the sheriff took the boy everywhere, cashing in favours the receptionists at the precinct owed him when he was called out on duty. But even their patience was growing thin.

  It was in the grocery store after John Stilinski and Talia Hale had exchanged pleasant smiles that all hell broke loose. Or well, Stiles broke loose. He had managed to climb out of the back of the cart and wandered the aisle before running head first into a pair of legs. A boy of about nine or ten years looked down at the stumbling mess of a kid by his knees. The boy looked up, saw the man talking pleasantly with his mother and smelled the familial scents.

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anonymous asked:

there are only two genders your real pronouns he his and you are in denial please stop this cry to feel unique as much as you claim your gender fluid or any other label there are scientifically 2 genders and if you are trying to argue with science then your dumb

oh boy

where do i even start

let’s get educated together, shall we? scientifically, as you prefer, there are even more than two biological sexes let alone gender that is a social construct and let’s not get sex and gender mixed up:

Sociologists generally regard gender as a social construct, and various researchers consider sex to only be a matter of biology and something that is not about social or cultural construction. For instance, sexologist John Money suggests the distinction between biological sex and gender as a role. Moreover, Ann Oakley, a professor of sociology and social policy, says “the constancy of sex must be admitted, but so also must the variability of gender.” The World Health Organization states, “‘sex’ refers to the biological and physiological characteristics that define men and women,” and “'gender’ refers to the socially constructed roles, behaviours, activities, and attributes that a given society considers appropriate for men and women.“Thus, sex is regarded as a category studied in biology, while gender is studied in humanities and social sciences.

but even if you strongly believe that there are only two genders (and don’t even consider the non-binary part of the population) then are you familiar with gender identity and gender expression?

Gender Identity. One’s innermost concept of self as male or female or both or neither—how individuals perceive themselves and what they call themselves. One’s gender identity can be the same or different than the sex assigned at birth. Most people develop a gender identity that matches their biological sex. For some, however, their gender identity is different from their biological or assigned sex.

Gender Expression. Refers to the ways in which people externally communicate their gender identity to others through behavior, clothing, haircut, voice, and other forms of presentation.

so you simply cannot dictate how i should express myself or what pronouns i can or cannot use
i mean if you wish to live within such restrictions - go for it, but i personally don’t feel like it

Gender-expansive is an umbrella term used for individuals that broaden commonly held definitions of gender, including its expression, associated identities, and/or other perceived gender norms, in one or more aspects of their life. These individuals expand the definition of gender through their own identity and/or expression. Some individuals do not identify with being either male or female; others identify as a blend of both, while still others identify with a gender, but express their gender in ways that differ from stereotypical presentations.

This diversity of gender is a normal part of the human experience, across cultures and throughout history. Non-binary gender diversity exists all over the world, documented by countless historians and anthropologists. Examples of individuals living comfortably outside of typical male/female expectations and/or identities are found in every region of the globe.

so my “cry to feel unique” ended when i was 15 years old, now i’m simply comfortable with who i am

my question to you is - why are you so bitter about it? watched a buzzfeed video and needed to vent to someone but all the comments were already filled to the brim with the same kind of speeches? if you want to have an open discussion - let’s do it, but what’s the point of leaving anonymous messages when all your reasoning ends at “dis science, u dumb”? am i supposed to be impressed? embrace my “one and only socially accepted” gender? get upset by you not respecting my choices? well i’m not, sorry about that



The Uruk Period is named after the ancient city of Uruk, a large settlement that could sustain a population as high as 40,000-50,000. Where in the earlier periods the sizes of war-bands were only in the hundreds, they could now support armies of as much as 5,000 men. Although they were also supported by about 146 smaller settlements that lay within their domains, these villages and cities began to decrease as the inhabitants flocked to the larger capital cities for the safety of their walls and promise of a better life.

^ Uruk.

Artifacts manufactured in Uruk can be found throughout Mesopotamia, one of the primary items found is also believed to be the world‘s first mass produced object, a “bevel rimmed bowl”. Most believe that these cheaply made ordinary looking bowls were actually part of the early Sumerian currency system. With the increase of urbanization less city folk farmed, instead finding work within the cities where they would be paid in grain. How much grain one had in a bowl would determine how much one was paid (for you to eat from, save or trade with). 

An urban revolution had occurred; populations and the focus of agriculture now shifted over to the more fertile river valleys and irrigation increased the productivity and amount of crops which led to a population boom. With more cities lying beside channels and rivers there was an increase in trade and income as now they could more easily travel and connect with those along these waters. With the overall increase of food and income also came an increase in specialist professions; merchants, craftsmen, artisans, warlords, high priests, nobles and kings. 

^ A clay tablet maker and cuneiform scribe recording a cattle sale in a Sumerian market place about 3000 B.C. by Neville Dear.

Temples were now being built on a larger scale and were more numerous, priestly roles became more important as well. The en (“priest, lord”) was the high-priest, a title denoting sovereignty and the power to make things prosper. The en-priestess (Akkadian ‘entum’, Sumerian ‘Nin’) would live in a temple complex called a giparu (“storehouse”) which were in earlier times used as storage areas for the harvest and even cattle. En-priestesses were buried in a cemetery by the giparu, offerings were given to deceased priestesses and reverence to them extended to the point of there being a cult devoted to them. A common custom in Mesopotamia was to bury the diseased in the floors of the household, the same can be found in the giparu as the priestesses were also buried here. Sadly the city of Ur, the giparu and its cemetery were all looted by the Elamites late in Sumerian history.

The first and most famous of these en-priestesses was the daughter of Sargon the Great, Enheduanna (“En, ornament [ie. the moon] of the heavens”), who was the high-priestess of Nanna/Sin (moon god) and was renowned for being the first author in history, at least 42 hymns are attributed to her. The en-priestesses were also seen as the wife of their patron god therefore representing the godly wife; an example being that the Enheduanna, en-priestess of Ur, represented Ningal (goddess of reeds) the wife of Nanna/Sin (moon god). During the warring city-states period that followed, the title en would also grow to into a more militarized and authoritative position. This priest-king (Ensi, “lord [of the] plowland”) was seen as an intermediary between the gods and man. 

The lugal (“big man”) signified the owner of something and inevitably became the term for kings. The title lugal would not become prominent until c.2700 BCE, the ensi were more important than them but in time they would become seen as their subordinates. Unlike the high-priests and high-priestesses, who would be elected, the lugal’s succession would pass onto their heirs. According to some the lugals may have initially been elected as ad hoc leaders much like the consuls of Rome and the judges (shoftim) of the bible, but generally needed for military purposes.

Like the classical Greeks, the Sumerians and Akkadians may have believed that whomever won these wars, the gods favored more so. Countless tablets show both pictorial representations and written texts which depicted gods warring when it was known that kings fought these conflicts. An example of this is when Umma and Lagash were warring the texts say that Ningirsu (patron war god of Lagash) battled against Umma and “By the command of Enlil, he cast (his) big battle-net upon it, and its many tumuli (burial mounds) he laid upon the ground in the plain.” 

There was even a king of Akkad named Naram-Sin who is depicted in artwork wearing a horned helmet only worn by the gods and was deified as the god of Agade (Akkad)”. Despite the apparent supremacy the ensis and lugals held, early Mesopotamian history shows that the council (ukkin, “council, assembly”) still held sway over most important decisions; one made up of elders (abba urru, “father/elders of the city”) and one of youths. In the poem Gilgamesh and Agga even Gilgamesh, the great legendary king of Uruk, needed their permission to go to war against Aga of Kish. The elders disapproved “Let us submit to the house of Kish, let us not smite it with weapons” but the people of the city sided with Gilgamesh.

Other city states arose, like the great cities of Kish and Ur, which surpassed Uruk in importance. This transition from the Uruk period to the First Dynasty of Ur is said by some to coincide with a wet and dry period known as the Piora Oscillation which led to massive flooding (possibly inspiring the great flood myth) and drought (leading to a scramble for resources).

If there are any errors please privately inbox me so I can update it. As always, if you’d like to read or learn about any specific historical subjects just let me know what they are and I will take note of them.

See Also:

Eurovision RANT Portugal vs Italy

From a singer/songwriter to the world: Ok, first and foremost! Congrats to Salvador, his sister and Portugal for winning eurovision 2017, it is well-earned. However it is not ok, to say that “we should bring back real music”, when all music in Eurovision and all the work behind is outstanding. It is insulting! There are also countless of song-writers and musicians fighting to participate, but cannot, even with the highest public vote, but whom are brought down by an unfair jury, just because they want to “sell their country”. This happened for example in Sweden this season and it is becoming more and more common as juries get more power. I am happy that non-english songs are doing better, but there are still limitations in which we should solve. Again, Salvodor, You’re cute - but what Italy - Francesco Gabbani with Occidentali’s Karma managed this year, you cannot top. He composed and wrote the lyrics himself and performed them! Furtheremore he based the themes on something very important; e.g self-worth, and still managed to make it refreshing, fun and trendy. Also he based it on some form for equality: everyone when stripped down are just naked monkeys, which Europe should have understood by now, also partly due to him bringing the Gorilla on stage in the first place. He perfected serious lyrical themes, with a fun and an amazing melody! Furthermore Francesco is an also an amazingly sweet and funny guy him self and 114 million people whom watched him on youtube in contrast to your 3 million views on youtube also seem to support that notion. Yet, we cannot change people’s opinions, but don’t insult the music world, and especially those whom made cathcy songs WITH important messages :P (and also with funny stage concepts and dance routines for that matter)

- Mela out


From the Library of Congress, The Card Catalog takes readers on a treasure hunt through the history of our most beloved books. Teeming with over 200 images of original catalog cards, first edition book covers, and photos from magnificent archives of the Library of Congress, this collection is a visual celebration of one of the world’s most famous libraries and the brilliant catalog system that has kept it organized for hundreds of years.

Here is the introduction of the book written by Peter Devereaux, Writer-Editor at The Library of Congress.

Wandering the stacks at the Library of Congress can be as overwhelming as it is inspiring. Drifting through the maze of bookshelves evokes images of Argentine writer Jorge Luis Borges’s fictional Library of Babel—a seemingly infinite labyrinth of books.

Being surrounded by the collected memory of the human race is a reminder of the intrinsic desire for both knowledge and organization. Ever since the emergence of the written word, humans have scribbled down myths, stories, histories, and natural observations and worked tirelessly to gather and protect these fragments of a shared past.

Evolving alongside, in the shadows of the written word, was one of the most versatile and durable technologies in history: the library catalog—a road map for navigating this wilderness of books. The humble yet powerful card catalog progressed slowly and, like countless other important inventions, owes its existence to a number of brilliant thinkers, as well as to the twists and turns of history.

From the peculiar and idiosyncratic methods of ancient libraries to far more intricate, comprehensive modern attempts, library catalogs are a tangible example of humanity’s effort to establish and preserve the possibility of order.

Assembled in handsome oak cabinets, the card catalog once framed the palatial Main Reading Room at the Library of Congress. It has now fallen to the exigencies of modern life, replaced by the flickering screens of the online computer catalog. One would need to venture farther into the stacks to find the Main Card Catalog.

Opening a drawer and flipping through the well-worn cards, many handwritten and filled with marginalia containing valuable information not to be found in an Internet search, leaves one with a sense of awe at how catalogers distilled so much information onto simple 3-by-5-inch index cards—cards that still sit neatly filed, waiting to reveal the treasures hidden in the hundreds of miles of Library stacks on Capitol Hill.”

—Peter Devereaux
Writer-Editor at The Library of Congress

See inside the book over on our blog.

Yuri on Ice BD audio commentary translation - Volume 2

Translation of the audio commentary of the BD/DVD vol.2! By Mitsurou Kubo and Kouki Uchiyama, voice actor of Yuri Plisetsky. Unlike the commentary of vol.1, that contained lots of things already appeared in countless interviews, this one has some VERY interesting information that I’m sure everyone wants to know. For example, we finally get to know more about Yurio’s family… There really is a lot of stuff regarding Yurio!

The commentary is only for episode 3. Episode 4 has no commentary. In a way it’s still not a full translation because I didn’t really translate every single line, but I think I translated/summarized basically everything they talked about. Therefore, it’s also really long… As in vol.1, since the format is different from normal interview translations, you can find my comments too (mostly in brackets).

Since it’s long you can find it under the cut. Enjoy!

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A few thoughts on writing.

There’s a sign that’s been making the rounds at recent marches in support of women’s rights and climate science: I can’t believe we’re still protesting this shit.  It means: God, I thought we’d gotten past this.

That sense of dumbfounded disappointment has been my primary response to the kerfuffle about smut these last few days–a conversation I have stayed out of primarily because it’s about my writing or at least writing like mine.  It seems a little bit strange to join an argument that sits so close to home.  It isn’t really my nature to comment, either; these last few weeks, I have insisted over and over that my preferred way of engaging with fandom is to write my stories and let the chips fall where they may.  

But…God, I thought we’d gotten past this.


Some background: I’ve been writing in online fandom since about 1998.  In all that time, I have only once before written anything rated M or higher and, to be honest, it wasn’t very good.  My purview has always been complex canon-compliant character studies.  Mercy of the Fallen (four conversations set in 6.04, rated PG) is much more my usual style.  Indeed, given the makeup of most fandoms, my character studies filled a rare niche–the stuff I wanted to read that no one else was writing.

But then I found myself falling madly in love with the Turners and, in lifelong fandom fashion, reading all the fic.  The thing that no one else was writing was the stuff there had always been a glut of: smut.  So, when @pellucidthings gave me a challenge to write something different, I figured hey, why not?

And here we are.


A caveat before I go on. The tenet of fandom I most abide and most appreciate is “Don’t Like, Don’t Read,” which means two things: first, no one is ever obliged to read or write things they don’t like. And second, no one is entitled to tell other people what they should like, read, or write.

I will never ever tell you what to like, read, or write.

But some of the critiques floating around right now transcend what we like or don’t.  Some of them make arguments that feel really contrary to the things I love most about the broader fandom experience and this show in particular: creativity, feminism, and women’s agency.  So I want to talk about that.

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Roman Reigns: The Sneakiest Heel Turn in History

There are very few superstars in the WWE more polarizing than Roman Reigns. I think it’s safe to say he’s reached the “John Cena” level of adoration from the younger fans and hatred from the older ones. Many wrestling fans are turned off by his perceived inability to be smooth in the ring, his at times lackluster microphone skills, and the way it seems that WWE is relentlessly pushing for him to be the top guy.

Take one cruise through social media, though, and you’ll see that possibly the largest complaint about Roman is this: Why won’t he turn heel? It’s a pretty understandable inquiry when you consider how wrestling works. There are countless examples of wrestlers who struggled to get over as good guys, but were turned to heels and saw better success.

Most fans feel like Roman would be better off as a heel because more of his natural personality could shine through. Many are clamoring for the moment when Roman has the moment we’ve come to define as a “heel turn.” Something to make us stop and say “Oh, yeah, he’s a bad guy now.” When it comes to Roman, though, I think there may be something that fans aren’t taking into consideration. In nearly every conceivable way, Roman Reigns is very much already a heel.

Think about it. He does essentially everything that a heel does. He’s cocky, he’s arrogant, and he’s unconcerned with how fans feel. He wins matches you don’t want him to win, he shows up when you don’t want to see him, and he says things that get fans’ blood boiling. He’s every bit as heel as The Miz or Kevin Owens.

I’m reminded of a time when then newly crowned WWE champion Roman Reigns walked out on an episode of WWE Raw and made one of the most “heel-like” statements I can remember a babyface ever making. In the midst of boos and jeers from the WWE Universe, a half-smiling Roman said slyly “I’m not a bad guy. I’m not a good guy. I’m THE guy.” That’s not something I’d expect to be said by your top good guy.

If you look at his actions recently, you see even more bad guy tendencies. In years past, when a WWE legend returns to take on a current main event talent in good guy on good guy action, there’s clearly a heavy amount of respect involved. Even if there’s initial conflict, it always ends respectfully. The Rock v. Hulk Hogan, John Cena v. The Rock, and Shawn Michaels v. The Undertaker are all examples of this.

In his recent feud with the Undertaker, Reigns has shown everything but respect. He has gone as far as to tell The Undertaker that the ring was “his yard.” A term popularized by Taker himself in the early 2000’s. He’s even left The Undertaker laying flat on his back in the ring with a vicious spear. It may be kind of strange to think about it this way but maybe while we’re all waiting on WWE to pull the trigger on a Roman Reigns heel turn, maybe the truth is that it has happened right under our noses.

There could be many reasons why, regardless of all this, the WWE hasn’t outwardly marketed Roman as a heel. He is still very popular among women and children, which is where a lot of his merchandise sales stem from. Whatever the case, it remains clear at least on television that he isn’t being relegated to the box of just being a straight up good guy.

Roman’s natural cockiness and “I’m better than you” attitude shine through just a little bit more every week. He acknowledges the fans just a little bit less every week. Each time he’s on TV, he seems to embrace the boos of the crowd just al title more. We’ve been screaming for a Roman Reigns heel turn for months. We never noticed that WWE may have snuck it right in under our noses.

Kristen Stewart’s debut short Come Swim screens at Cannes 2017 - and it’s no ordinary first film

From The Telegraph UK by Robbie Collin

“Cynics may scoff that anyone with Stewart’s budget and calibre of crew could have made a good film. But even just a second’s reflection throws up countless examples where they didn’t. (Again, hello Gosling and Penn.) The truth is, she has something – and when there’s something more, Cannes will no doubt make room.”

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On College Studies: Adrien Agreste going to the US

Why do most fics that feature College!Adrien throw him in New York?

I mean yeah sure it’s such a great city with so many great colleges but why doesn’t he go like in England where they have the best business studies in the world? If he’s gonna study physics why doesn’t he go to Switzerland?

And if he’s going to study law or fashion, why doesn’t he just stay in France? And Paris above all things! It’s a really great student city too, despite the cost of living. But he’s Parisian anyway, right?

There’s the Nanterre university, the oh so famous Sorbonne and countless of more private schools where Adrien could get an amazing diploma recognised all over the world :D

Even so, there are a lot of cool cities in France like Rennes and Lyon and Strasbourg and Grenoble… And those are just examples but France is more than just Paris. Going abroad isn’t always about travelling to another entire country.

Not only that but 90% of colleges in France require from their students to have a 1 year exchange in another country, be it through partnerships of the school, or European Union conventions like the Erasmus one. So yeah, here you’ve got your Adrien going to Italy, or the USA, or whatever country you keep sending him to for a dramatic welcome-back-to-the-country-Adrien kind of plot!

Encourage patriotism by keeping the characters in their country! Plus, most French people just stay in their country for college anyway, because it’s very cheap. It’s really refreshing and college in France isn’t so different from the US when it comes to choosing your courses! Isn’t that great? All you gotta do is put Adrien in a French university (not college) and that’s it. No research. Just slam that american system in there.

the only difference is that you’re in a shitty old campus on your first year so they can sort out the good and motivated students and send them to the better facilities aka go check the Sorbonne campus for example but other than that feel free guys

anonymous asked:

its funny cos u dont see that the only reason bill nye said that shit was to pander to the left

I cannot believe I wake up to anti-sjws whining that science doesn’t actually support them anymore amazing. 

So, you don’t seem to understand Bill Nye’s job. Bill Nye’s job is to read off scripts written by someone who does whatever science he’s talking about today. His job is to be able to explain science to the layman, that being you and I. Yes, I’m aware that he has a bachelor’s in mechanical engineering (which was a STEM field last I checked? Don’t yall have a massive thing for STEM fields?) but my dude you don’t need a degree in mechanical engineering to read off a fucking script. I could do it, hell I even have qualifications! I used to be a radio broadcaster! I did the fucking news!

The point of science isn’t to confirm your world views, if we can objectively see that there’s more than two ways to experience gender, then whoops if you still tell people that saying that transgender and nonbinary people don’t exist not only are you still transphobic, exorsexist, and racist you’re just plain wrong. 

Harvard has an article titled Between the (Gender) Lines, has this to say about sex

“Sex determination – the way we are “coded” into a biological sex – is complicated in and of itself. There are far more options than just “male” or “female,” and countless instances of species that can actually transition from one sex to another within a single lifetime.”

They also said that the transgender people’s brains reflect that of the gender they say they are and not the gender that was assigned to them. Maybe also give this a read because the studies Harvard cited are from 1999 and 2000, meanwhile this article talks about some from 2014, so clearly we got some baselines for gender being way more complicated than we were told in middle school.

And then we have examples from actual legends and history about the existence of trans and nonbinary people. Akhenaten from Egypt, Elagabalus from Rome, and Caeneus from Greece. Hell there’s a whole book on people in history who are transgender. There’s a fucking precedent. Hell google “nonbinary genders around the world” and you’ll find cultures that have genders outside the western binary.

National Geographic even ran an article on gender identity and how it correlates, even touching on intersex people in relation to how they experience gender. And even states that gender is varied based on one’s own self-identification and cultural influence, not just the physical stuff. And lets not forget their Gender Revolution bit.

And you can’t use “oh but, your chromosomes!!” because my dude, my dearest dude, you don’t know what ones you have. You have an assumption, a guess, a hypothesis. Because unless you went and dropped the dosh from some expensive tests to find out what your dna says, tests that are only done when your doctor thinks your medical condition has something to do with your chromosomes, you don’t know shit. On top of the fact that chromosomes are only part of what makes one’s gender, not the whole damn thing. That’s like saying you have a cake when all you’ve done is bring the flour. 

So yea my dude, science is an every changing landscape where it gets updated once we know New Things. It doesn’t stay static because you want it to and refusing to see that something is true, according to whatever study you’re doing, is harmful not just to those it would affect but your field overall because of your poor work ethic and stubborn to realize that maybe in the past 20 years we actually learned things

So you end up looking like this

[Image Caption: A man standing in front of a board with “Science is a LIAR Sometimes” with pictures of Aristotle, Galileo, and Newton and paper cut outs of the word “BITCH” in red pasted over them.]

If reporting new scientific findings to the public means “pandering to the left” then I guess science is gonna be way too liberal for yall and you best scoot the fuck on out. 


Pokeani 25 Day Challenge, Day 10: Favorite rivalry

May vs Drew

“Drew helped me to realize that I could be really good at this if I keep working hard so I made the decision to do just that. I won’t quit until I become the top Coordinator!” 

What makes this rivalry amazing is that it’s more than just a ‘rivarly’. It’s a friendship (that I firmly believe will become something more later in their lives). They keep pushing each other forward (the quote in this post is a good example of that) and even though they bicker a lot, they care about each other a lot. How about May sincerely being sorry about Drew losing in the Hoenn Grand Festival finale? Or Drew telling her later that day that she was good (something he had refused to say aloud before that)? Or May seeking Drew’s approval before she started celebrating her victory of him? Or May deciding to go to Johto because that’s where Drew was gonna compete? And countless more scenes. This is a good relationship and a good rivalry and the biggest reason why AG is so important to me these days. 

Bonus gif of the scene in which they are talking about their rivarly just bc:

“You really gave me a shock back there. See, I was just thinking about you when all of a sudden there you were.”

“Were they good thoughts?”

“Ah, come on, of course they were! We had all just been talking about rivals.. So of course naturally I started thinking about you!”

“Well, I’m honored.”

Food + Master of None

Ever since I started working at my current job, I’ve developed a finer appreciation for food. Not only do I love to eat devour it, I also love to learn about it. 

There are countless amazing chefs, bakers, etc. out there in cities all over the world doing amazing things with food. Take Dan Barber, for example. If you had asked me, like, seven months ago who he is , I’d be like, “Da fuck?” Now I can’t stop reading about this culinary wizard who literally invents his own fucking ingredients to cook with. How cool is that?!

And then… once my coworkers recommended Chef’s Table, I started learning more and more about food until, well, I developed a crush on Magnus Nilsson and Massimo Bottura. It was such a big deal when my editor took me out to dinner at Ivan Ramen, which I became obsessed with after watching Ivan Orkin’s episode of Chef’s Table.

Anyway, now I find myself watching season two of Master of None like, “Holy shit! Dev and Arnold got dinner at  Osteria Francescana!” Or how about the barbecue festival filmed at Brooklyn’s famed outdoor food hall, Smorgasburg? I haven’t finished season two (yet), but I’m really looking forward to seeing more delicious foods and thinking to myself: Hey! I know that dish/place!

All About Daftworld

Quick synopsis: Daftworld is scum, don’t ever associate with him.

Full story:

Daftworld is basically a crazy fanboy who is about 30-40 years old. He has a wife and family I’m pretty sure (God bless their poor souls), and he devotes pretty much every waking hour of his life to stalking and creeping on Daft Punk. He claims to be “Daft Punks Biggest Fan” just because he has an insane amount of Daft Punk merch, like pretty much every single piece of Daft Punk merchandise, no matter how rare or exclusive. Which isn’t bad, merch is a cool thing to have, but the amount of stuff he has just skyrockets his obsessive fan status. He also takes the words “creepy” and “disrespectful” to a whole new level. There are countless examples of the wrongs he’s committed, so I’ll just make it into a nice little list so we can all understand just a little bit more:

He steals art. He will take anything and everything Daft Punk related and rip it away from the people that made it. He will repost art, take credit for photographs and edits, download videos from other people, remove the watermarks and upload it on his channel. He pretty much just snatches up everything that mentions Daft Punk and claims it as his own.

He disrespects Daft Punk’s wishes to remain anonymous. He is a complete hypocrite and gets “angry” at the paparazzi for taking photos of Daft Punk, and then he turns around and does the exact same thing! He probably just wants to be the only one doing it so he “gets them all to himself” or something. Not to mention that a lot of the time the media glorifies and holds him high for all this information he digs up about Daft Punk. I’ve heard that he’s been interviewed a few times by the media because of how much knowledge he has about Daft Punk.

He stalks Daft Punk. And I don’t mean the internet’s form of “stalking” where you just google someone a few times and look at the first few pictures. I mean real life hardcore stalking.

One time he somehow found out Thomas’ LA address (I think I heard someone say later that it was not actually his house, phew), but he distributed this address on Twitter with pictures, too.

He also stalked Thomas and his wife and took pictures of one of Thomas’ children, Roxan, as a newborn and while they were still at the hospital where his wife just gave birth. I have no idea how he managed that, and I do not want to know because that is just so disgustingly creepy.

The most well-known incident is the most gut-wrenching video in the history of the planet. I’m very very sorry, but I will not be linking it in this post because just thinking about is literally making my blood boil. But all you need to know is it’s a video where he stalked Guy-Man, approached him and pretty much smothered him while taking pictures and touching him without his consent. You can tell poor Guy is extremely uncomfortable, but Daftworld does not respect his personal space and continues anyways. When I first watched the video, I legitimately started to tear up within the first five seconds because it’s so extremely painful to watch how visibly uncomfortable Guy-Man is.

I also heard that Guy-Man’s brother Paul has actually contacted Daftworld once asking him to please stop stalking and tearing apart Daft Punk’s personal lives, to which he pretty much just went ”ahahahaha” and ignored him, which is also his preferred method of response when someone calls him out for stealing art and videos.

Basically, he is one of the worst people I have had the misfortune to hear and know about. I try my best to be accepting and forgive people, but I will never forgive Daftworld for all the damage he’s done. I am so upset that Thomas and Guy-Man have to deal with his obsessive stalking, and I feel so sorry for all the countless artists that he stole from. There is absolutely no excuse for his deplorable behavior because if you are a true fan to someone you won’t cause visible pain to them and continue to do so. If you are a true fan, you will respect your idols and their wishes. If you are a true fan you won’t stalk your idol to the point where they need a restraining order to get away from you.

So, friends, I leave you with advice to please avoid Daftworld and his stolen art, rude comments, and disrespectful pictures. Hopefully someday we can bring down Daftworld, because Daft Punk is an international treasure and we must protect them at all costs.

And I will tell you now that no matter how much merch Daftworld hoards in his rat hole, he will never be as big of a fan as you are because fans aren’t ranked on how much stuff you steal from others or how much merch you can bury yourself with. Fans are ranked by how much you love and respect the thing you are a fan of! So stay strong, Daft Punk fandom. I know you are so much more than he will ever be and I love you all very much. ♥ヽ(.•́ ᴗ •̀ .)

rantaboutbees  asked:

What's up with the thing where Jared has a gap between his front teeth? Will's teeth aren't like that, right? I mean I totally love it, I just don't get why this became a thing lol

People often take characters from a musical, and when they draw them they base them loosely on the actor representing them (or sometimes they just do a completely new design that looks nothing like any actor who has ever played the character) and they’ll add different traits
In this case, it’s the tooth gap that people draw Jared with, but there are countless more examples within deh fanart

Stories for all

A school librarian introduces me before I give an assembly. “Girls, you’re in for a real treat. You will love Shannon Hale’s books. Boys, I expect you to behave anyway.”

I’m being interviewed for a newspaper article/blog post/pod cast, etc. They ask, “I’m sure you’ve heard about the crisis in boys’ reading. Boys just aren’t reading as much as girls are. So why don’t you write books for boys?”

Or, “Why do you write strong female characters?” (and never asked “Why do you write strong male characters?”)

At book signings, a mother or grandmother says, “I would buy your books for my kids but I only have boys.”

Or, “My son reads your books too—and he actually likes them!”

Or, a dad says, “No, James, let’s get something else for you. Those are girl books.”

A book festival committee member tells me, “I pitched your name for the keynote but the rest of the committee said ‘what about the boys?’ so we chose a male author instead.”

A mom has me sign some of my books for each of her daughters. Her 10-year-old son lurks in the back. She has extra books that are unsigned so I ask the boy, “Would you like me to sign one to you?” The mom says, “Yeah, Isaac, do you want her to put your name in a girl book?” and the sisters all giggle. Unsurprisingly, Isaac says no.

These sorts of scenarios haven’t happened just once. They have been my norm for the past twelve years. I’ve heard these and many more like them countless times in every state I’ve visited.

In our culture, there are widespread assumptions:

1. Boys aren’t going to like a book that stars a girl. (And so definitely won’t like a book that stars a girl + is written by a woman + is about a PRINCESS, the most girlie of girls).

2. Men’s stories are universal; women’s stories are only for girls.

But the truth is that none of that is truth. In my position, not only have I witnessed hundreds examples of adults teaching boys to be ashamed of and avoid girls’ stories, I’ve also witnessed that boys can and do love stories about girls just as much as about boys, if we let them. For example, I’ve heard this same thing over and over again from teachers who taught Princess Academy: “When I told the class we were going to read PRINCESS ACADEMY the girls went 'Yay!’ and the boys went 'Boo!’ But after we’d read it the boys liked it as much or even more than the girls.”

Most four-year-old boys will read THE PRINCESS IN BLACK without a worry in the world. Most fourth grade boys won’t touch PRINCESS ACADEMY—at least if others are watching. There are exceptions, of course. I’ve noticed that boys who are homeschooled are generally immune. My public-school-attending 11-year-old son’s favorite author is Lisa McMann. He’s currently enjoying Kekla Magoon’s female-led SHADOWS OF SHERWOOD as much as he enjoyed the last book he read: Louis Sachar’s boy-heavy HOLES. But generally in the early elementary years, boys learn to be ashamed to show interest in anything to do with girls. We’ve made them ashamed.

I want to be clear; if there’s a boy who only ever wants to read about other boys, I think that’s fine. But I’ve learned that most kids are less interested in the gender of the main character and more interested in the kind of book—action, humor, fantasy, mystery, etc. In adults’ well-meant and honest desire to help boys find books they’ll love, we often only offer them books about boys. We don’t give them a chance.

Whenever I speak up about this, I am accused of trolling for boy readers when they aren’t my “due.” So let me also be clear: I have a wonderful career. I have amazing readers. I am speaking up not because I’m disgruntled or demand that more boys read my books but because my particular career has put me in a position to observe the gender bias that so many of us have inherited from the previous generations and often unknowingly lug around. I’ve been witnessing and cataloging widespread gender bias and sexism for over a decade. How could I face my kids if I didn’t speak up?

And here’s what I’ve witnessed: “great books for boys” lists, books chosen for read alouds, and assigned reading in high schools and colleges, etc. are overwhelmingly about boys and written by men. Peers (and often adults) mock and shame boys who do read books about girls. Even informed adults tend to qualify recommendations that boys hear very clearly. “Even though this stars a girl, boys will like it too!”

This leads to generations of boys denied the opportunity of learning a profound empathy for girls that can come from reading novels. Leads to a culture where boys feel perfectly fine mocking and booing things many girls like and adults don’t even correct them because “boys will be boys.” Leads to boys and girls believing “girlie” is the gravest insult, that girls are less significant, not worth your time. Leads to girls believing they must work/learn/live “like a man” in order to be successful. Leads to boys growing into men who believe women are there to support their story, expect them to satisfy men’s desires and have none of their own.

The more I talk about this topic, the more I’m amazed at how many people haven’t really thought about it or considered the widespread effect gendered reading causes. I was overwhelmed by the response to a blog post I wrote earlier this year. To carry on this conversation, I’m working with Bloomsbury Children’s Books to create #StoriesForAll. Each day this week we’ll feature new essays on this topic from authors, parents, teachers, librarians, booksellers, and readers. On twitter, instagram, and tumblr, join us with the #StoriesForAll hashtag to share experiences, photos, book recommendations. Discuss: How deep is the assumption that there are boy books and girl books? Does it matter? What have you witnessed with regards to gendered reading? What damage does gendered reading cause to both girls and boys? What can each of us do to undo the damage and start making a change?

I yearn for that change. For our girls and for our boys.


Shannon Hale is the New York Times bestselling author of over 20 books, including the Ever After High trilogy and the Newbery Honor winner Princess Academy. She co-wrote The Princess in Black series and Rapunzel’s Revenge with her husband, author Dean Hale. They have four children.

I get that for the new Disney SW films, diversity was a big focus. And Kudos to them, they’ve managed to assemble a great cast of actors and actresses with all sorts of heritage for the last two and all of the cast are fantastic.

But, and this may seem a bit childish, I just really wanted there to be an alien in the main three or at least the main cast. I’d love to have seen some more in-universe diversity as well as in the actor’s ethnicities.

In the OT, we had Chewie, who was practically part of the main 3, and in practically ever scene with Han (which was most of them). We also had Yoda in Empire and the Ewoks in Jedi, as well as Jabba. The Prequels had Jar-Jar (for better of for worse) and Yoda was a very big part of those films too. Going from that, most of the Council seemed to be non-human, And non-human species held pretty big roles in the events of the Clone Wars, such as the Kaminans, or the Geonosians.

How many of those look human to you?

In comparaison, in TFA, we have Maz Plot-Device, who is in for a single scene and then we’re left not knowing if don’t know if she’s alive or dead, and  the big bad baddy Snoke, who I’m hoping isn’t human. Past that we get some very small roles, like Unkar Plutt, and the rest are all background characters, like in Maz’s cantina, or that bearded walrus on Hosnian prime. Sure, we get Chewie again but we’ve had him for 3 films and while I love the wookie, it’d be nice to get some new aliens in.

Rogue one would have been a great chance to put some in. I can’t really think of a better opportunity to put aliens into the cast than the films dedicated to stealing the plans of the Death Star. You know, the weapon of mass destruction built by a fascist regime that enslaved countless alien races to do so? The Empire considers other races to be lesser than Humans, so getting more aliens into the fight would’ve been nice rather than a bunch of humans and a Mon Cal captain. Am I the only one who’d have liked to see a bothan, or a twi’lek fighting against the Empire?

I get that they were going for an OT vibe for, and tbh most of what we do see in those films as far as the rebellion goes are Humans and a couple of Mon Calmari, but throwing in a Bothan, for example, or some new speicies.

I guess it’s slightly unfair to compare just one film in the sequel trilogy to two other trilogies when it comes to world building, and I’m sure we’ll get more aliens in Last Jedi/IX so let’s quickly just look at ANH.

As I’ve already said we already had Chewie as one of the biggest characters in the film, along with Luke, Han, Leia, R2 and 3PO.  Also ANH was made in 1977 for $11M (~$40M today) while TFA had $300M, with large improvements to CGI and makeup/costumes. In addition to a main non-human character, it makes a point of showing us lots of species, such as the Jawas, Tusken raiders and Rodians.

Basically, I just really want a Twi’lek, or a Rodian, or a Duro, or a Muun, or just some non-human to save the galaxy for once