and there are a bunch of familar faces behind them but whatever

He Worries About You Going Out Alone

‘But Zayn I need new a dress for tonight!’ You whined to your boyfriend Zayn 'No! Y/n I don’t want you to get brothered by the paparazzi’ Zayn said 'Zayn you don’t have to worried about, I’m a big girl and besides Y/Bff/N will go with me’ you said to Zayn. Zayn looked at me for the longest time 'hmm…fine!’ Zayn said 'Thank You!’ You said then kissing him 'Just be careful Y/n the Paparazzi can be rough’ Zayn said 'yeah, Zayn i’ll be careful, I got to go’ You said grabbing your coat and leaving.
Your P.O.V
I picked up Y/Bff/N and we went to a cute little boutique.
As me and Y/Bff/N were walking I saw a couple of Paparazzi behind us I started to walk faster into the store 'scary’ I heard Y/Bff/N say 'yeah’ I said looking at some dresses. After a couple mintues of looking I found some dresses and went into the dressing room to try them on as I was trying them on Y/Bff/N came in 'What the fuck?’ i said 'there is some girls asking for you!’ y/bff/n said 'really?’ i said 'yeah, you should just pick a dress so we can leave’ Y/bff/n 'ok’ i said Y/bff/N went out of the dressing room and you took of the dress that you wanted and went to go pay for it, as i was out of the dressing room i saw a bunch of girls, I smiled and went to the cash register 'thank you’ I said then leaving the store 'bye Y/n!’ one fan said, You waved after you went the Paparazzi were surrounding you and Y/bff/n 'shit’ i whisphered. I put my head down and started walking to my car 'Y/N! Smile!’ one guy with a camera said, finally we made it to the car 'thank god!’ Y/bff/N said 'I know, Zayn was right’ i said as we drove off. i went into the flat 'hey babe’ Zayn said as he kissed my cheek 'you were right’ i smirked 'of course i was’ Zayn winked 'whatever! I got the dress’ i said 'that’s good and i’m glad you’re safe’ 'thanks’.

General P.O.V.
You and Niall were shopping around London for his day off, as we were in a store for sports i got bored 'Niall? Can I go to Forever 21?’ I said making a pouty face 'eh I’m not sure Y/n and will go there iin 10 minutes after when I’m done paying for these’ Niall said 'ugh! Ok’ I said, Niall smiled when he wasn’t looking I dosed off to Forever 21 without no bodyguard, I thought nobdy would reconize me as I was looking around I noticed some girls whispering close to me, it didn’t brother me so I just kept looking around, than suddenly I felt a pat on my shoulder I turned and saw a bunvh of girls surronding me I gave a nervous smile 'can I have auotgraph?’ one asked 'uh, I’m s-sorry I can’t right now’ I said politly 'What a bitch!’ one girl said i looked down and got whati needed and went to the cash register I handed her money and left as I was about to leave the store all those girls were surrounding me 'uh e-excuse me’ i said 'NO!’ one girl said as she pushed me to the ground 'HEY!’ I heard a familar voice they all started screaming 'Niall!’ I said in relief I got up, 'Niall can you sign this?’ the girl who pushed me down said Niall gave a dirty look and we walked away 'Y/n I told you to stay with me’ Niall said I tell he was mad 'i’m sorry Niall I justed wanted to go alone because I know you would be bored’ I said 'it’s ok, how can I stay mad at you’ Niall smiled 'just don’t wonder off like that again you could of ask one of the bodyguards to come with you’ 'next time, Niall’.

Tonight was the night me and Harry go out for a Movie, just to keep things fun as we were in the Threatre in our seats waiting fior the movie to start 'do you want anything for the candy counter?’ I asked 'uh I’ll go Y/N’ Harry said 'No, Harry I’ll go!’ I said to Harry getting up from the seats 'Y/n I don’t want you to go’ Harry said 'awe, it’s ok i’ll be fine’ I said and walking away. I know Harry was worried about me going somewhere without him because of fans and Paparazi but I know I can handle it, while I was waiting in line I heard a couple of girls whispering and I heard one of them say my name, I didn’t care so the line was moving and it was my turn 'What can I get you?’ the person said 'uh can I get, Large popcorn and..’ I heard those girls behind laughing i ignored them 'and 2 medium pepsi and 2 Kit-Kat bars please’ I said 'ok’ the person on the resgister said 'wow! someone eats like cow!’ i turned around 'excuse me?’ I said 'you don’t have to eat all those things think about people who are starving’ one girl said 'there not for me’ I said 'than who are they for!?’ 'Me!’ I heard a familiar voice say it was Harry the gitls were so speechless 'Bye!’ I said grabbing our stuff 'you showed them!’ I laughed 'Totally!’ Harry said

Y/n’s P.O.V.
Liam didn’t like when I go out or wonder off alone without him or a bodyguard but I went out by myslef plenty of times and I was ok
'Liam! I’m going out to get some coffee!’ I yelled, I heard his footsteps coming down 'I’m coming with you!’ Liam said coming down wet with a towel on 'Oh my god!’ I said and started laughing 'what?’ Liam said his Towel fell off 'hey it’s not like anything you seen before’ Liam joked 'well you stay and bathe and I’ll buy you a bagel’ I said leaving. Starbucks was just a 5 minute walk as I was walking into Starbucks I got a call from Liam 'yess?’ I said into the phone I looked around to see some Girls looking at me I gave a weird look 'Y/n! I don’t want a bagel!’ Liam whined 'and be careful there some hateful girls’ Liam said 'I’m ok, Liam there is only a little bit of people here anyways and no bagel?’ I said 'well ok be careful and no bagel i want a cake pop’ Liam said 'ok, I’ll be home in 10’ I said and closing my phone. 'Hello what can i get you?’ the peron behind the counter said 'uh I’ll just have a Passion fruit punch and 4 cake pops please’ I said and handedher the money as I was waiting sitting down on a table a girl came sit with me 'hi’ she said 'hi’ I said and smiled at her 'so your with Liam from One Direction?’ 'uh yeah i am’ I gave a nervous smile 'he was so much better with Sophia!’ she spatted 'Y/n?’ the person yelled and it was my order I got up right away 'thank you!’ I said i quickly ran out and went straight back to the flat and I noticed when I walking the girl I was talking to and her friends were following me 'shit’ I whispered when I was outside me and Liam’s flat i was relieved and saw Liam shirtless smiling at me, I smiled back and waved when suddenly I felt someone turn me around I felt a sting on my cheek 'OW!’ I yelled and i was about to fall suddenly i felt someone catch me it was Liam 'get away!’ I heard Liam say to the girl who slapped me 'Liam Listen It wa-’ 'SAVE IT!’ Liam cut her off 'lets go Y/n’ Liam grabbed and went into the flat 'Thanks Liam i should of listen to you’ i said feeling my cheek 'does it hurt?’ Liam said asking about my cheek 'Yeah a little’ I said, Liam kissed my cheek. i smiled


Ever since Louis and Eleanor broke up 1d fans thinks it was me who broke them up which wasn’t true so now I can’t go anywhere alone without Louis or a Bodyguard it kinda sucks, when Louis was on tour we were skyping we were talking about how I can’t go anywhere without him or a bodyguard which wasn’t needed 'awe. I’m sorry Y/n I just don’t want you to get hurt’ Louis said 'it’s ok’ I gave a weak smile to him 'well i think I should go to bed now, i’m tired’ I yawned 'well ok goodnight babe’ Louis smile 'Love you!’ I said 'Love you too’ Louis said and closed the computer i went to the washroom when I was toilet I had my period 'crap’ i said i looked into the cupboard I got a pad and that was the last one when I was done I was about to call one of the bodyguards but then it would be awkward, I thought what the hell nobody would notice me then I got my coat and went into my car to go to the shop, when I walked I looked threw the stores and saw the section for woman needs as I was looking I saw some girls looking at me 'Wow! In pictures you look way prettier!’ one girl said, i ignored her and went to the register and payed for my stuff as I went out those girls were following me to the car 'Slut! You were the reason why Louis broke up with Eleanor!’ one girl said then punched me to the ground 'Slut!’ a girl said and left. I started to cry i went home. The Next Day i looked in the mirror my cheek was puffy and red i touched it and it hurt i cried, i heard the door open 'Y/N!’ I heard Louis’ voice, I got scared put my hand on my cheek I went down stairs to see Louis 'LOUIS!’ I yelled 'hey babe’ he said, 'whats wrong?’ he asked 'nothing’ I looked down then he moved my hand from my cheek he gasp 'what happened?’ Louis said softly 'nothing, i fell’ 'doesn’t look like it, Y/n tell me the truth!’ 'well after our call…I got my period and i needed some pads and i went to the store some girls were following me to the car and one punched me and called me slut’ i said looking down 'oh, Y/n’ Louis pulled me into a hug 'how come you didn’t call one of the bodyguards?’ 'because it would be to embarrassing’ 'i’m sorry Y/n’ Louis said 'It’s not your fault’ i said .