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i don’t even care if you ship it sherlock thinks john’s not an option anymore and that’s a fact because why else when mp mycroft told him to find something that could calm him down would he find mary shooting him? he was obviously looking for john but remembered john’s closed doors now, john’s married now. now why would marriage affect his relationship with john if it’s just friendship? i’ll leave it to your deductions.


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Something I've discovered in my sprint towards 50,000 words: If you make Louis B. Mayer part of every scene and every conversation, it really adds a lot to your word count.
"Lauren, how was it joining a successful show?"

“I really enjoyed myself, everyone is wonderful. I’m the worst at this by the way, I’m shy, I’m having a panic attack. …I could vomit.” –Lauren

What she threw in at the end was funny and adorable at the same time.


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I know it's been a while since you posted the meme, but could you possibly do a Grimm File for Slenderman? I just wanna see what you come up with. ;)


GRIMM TITLE: The Slender Man


ADDITIONAL NOTES: A strange creature resembling an unnaturally tall and thin man with a blank white face. Sightings of it are fleeting, and any attempt at pursuit has resulted in the death and mutilation of the pursuing teams, all with almost no sign of struggle. The creatures methods are erratic and illogical, case notes can be found at [REDACTED].

I think I sort of figured out who Clara is

So the leaked info says that Clara will be going back on the doctor’s timeline to save him from multiple battles. That would include the time she saved him on the Dalek Asylum and in Victorian London, right?

That would also be why she always says ‘Run you Clever Boy and Remember.’ which would mean to remember her and find her again (In Modern London) so that she would be able to get to that point where she goes back to save him

Going To California With An Acking In My Heart

I didn’t want to publish this until I was certain it’d happen. Mostly just in case I was giving wings to something that might’ve not happen.

But it is certain now, I am leaving to california the 26th day of this month.

It’s amazing how this came up to me, as it wasn’t planned yet, everything is marked now. My friend and I are leaving and I’m staying at her aunts home. I just got my collegue acceptance this morning.

It’s like a dream come true, you know how my url is spentmydays, I took it from a Led Zeppelin song, and I always felt so related to it, now I’m going there, I’m leaving, I’m leaving all this behind, its exciting and terrifiyng.