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I hit 7,000 followers, I finished up my last quarter of Uni, I made the Dean’s List (again!), I’m going on my dream vacation in less than a week, I’m back home with all my books…March has been good to me. 

Thank you to all the old and new followers! I say it a lot, but I really appreciate it!

i’ll put a flower in your hair
  • yixing / fluff / pg / 1.5k words
  • summary: you’re visiting your countryside hometown with a childhood friend you haven’t seen for years
  • a/n: i’ve been reading his autobiography and this just happened idk

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|| Attention, Attention ||

{summary: just a lazy night spent with you and your needy boyfriend.}

dedicated to @rvnclawss for giving me the bolded quote as a prompt [♥]

here’s something short and sweet for the bae peter p. later i’m gonna immerse myself in these new books that i bought from my bookstore ;w; i’m so excited to start reading it [♥]

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After a long day spent at school, you were glad that you were finally able to unwind with a new book as you surrounded yourself with your pillows and blankets. Propping yourself up against the headboard, you open your book to its first page and immerse yourself with the beginning of your story.

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classy-mantis-shrimp  asked:

Hi, I'm a huge Star Wars nerd but idk who Wedge Antilles is. Well I actually don't know a lot because I've only just like seen the movies and the first few episodes clone wars (I don't have Netflix anymore) I have a few books but then I have a bunch of other books to read. I also happen to be a Star Trek nerd so that takes up a lot of time to. So even though I went off topic can you tell me who Wedge is?

Sure thing!

^This is Wedge Antilles

Wedge is a character who first appears in A New Hope as a member of Red Squadron (Red Two, to be exact) and helps in the x-wing run to destroy the first Death Star. His x-wing gets hit during the fight and he has to retreat. He is the only member of Red Squadron other than Luke to survive the attack on the Death Star.

After A New Hope, he and Luke work together to create a new squadron of elite pilots named Rogue Squadron (presumably named after Rogue One) who fly in the Battle of Hoth. Wedge flies as Rogue Three in the squadron. 

In Return of the Jedi, Wedge is part of the team with Lando Calrissian who destroy the second Death Star. In the special edition version of ROTJ, he can be seen hugging Luke on Endor at the rebel celebration. 

He also appears in a lot of old EU/Legends books and comics as a BIG character who forms an elite squadron in the rebellion called the Wraiths. 

In the new canon, his backstory has been changed slightly to be that he was once a TIE pilot for the Empire who defected to the rebellion. He’s been in a few episodes of Star Wars: Rebels

^There he is in Rebels! He is smol and full of angst!

Wedge has sort of been a cult favorite for fans since the original trilogy came out, and his adventures in the old EU are really popular. He’s often seen as one of Luke Skywalker’s best friends (possible romantic interest too, depending on who you ask). 

The one really sad thing is that the actor who originally played Wedge, Dennis Lawson, has refused to reprise his role in the sequel trilogy, so at this point in the new canon we’re operating under the assumption that he has either retired or died.

Wedge is one of my favorite characters and I talk about him a lot on this blog because he’s just an ace pilot who gets the job done and isn’t looking for glory. Also, me and my friends like to make weird jokes and headcanons about him wearing leather pants in modern AUs or that his full name is actually Wedginald.

Hope that helps!

Me and @talortut were talking about something that made me realize something.

Back in grade school literally everyone reads the outsiders. But you know that moment. That one moment where all the talk of Ponyboy having a headache, tacking aspirin, telling Twobit not to tell anyone. When he gets home and it compares him to a “scared animal. When shit goes down and Ponyboy just collapses.

This is the stuff that started it all. Sure kids shows and movies will have sick episodes and injury, but it’s so mild. This shit was realistic. This is what started it. Do you know how many times I’ve reread the middle chapters because of Ponyboy getting sick? So many

adifferentkindoffetish  asked:

Do you have any recommendations for books about self-love? I read a lot of "self help" books that say to love yourself, but not HOW to.

You can heal your life by Louise Hay, she also has meditations you can do to:

But yeah you need to be doing meditations and yoga, otherwise you’ll just become one of these people who preach self-love, yet your actions will contradict. You need to be focusing on higher self-love, not just love of the physical because the body is only temporary an illusion, so that’s the last thing you want to identify with. I think true self-love only comes from the grace of God, everything else is ultimately just ego. Only God knows your soul, so only God can show you your soul, no book, no affirmations alone will do that for you. You can’t be spiritually developed without Spirit itself, that’s just nonsensical 🤷🏽‍♀️only by knowing the one whom created us do we know ourselves. So usually seeking to know God and learning how much God loves the soul is usually more than enough for one to know how to love themselves. I think there’s only so much self-help books can do, after awhile they prove themselves to be limited. God fills one with unending joy, bliss, love and wisdom 😊🌹❤

i’m visiting my aunt and i’m in bed next to my sweet baby cousin and she is so precious and my throat is burning and my stomach is an empty pit and there is so much love in this house and i’m in bed and the lights are low and i’m reading a book by nicola yoon and this guy named olly just said to this girl “why does it feel like I’ve known you forever?” and it reminded me of the first time i went to therapy and i struggled to explain what it was i was feeling. i’m afraid no one will ever know me again, i told her and she heard me but i don’t think she understood. do you know how much that thought terrifies me? it’s such a blessing to be seen, and such a curse to always feel only half understood.

this is Pyke Tel’Calynn, one of the four protags of my game, Heretic! Heretic!

she’s a trans girl fox girl and she is a huge fucking nerd. if she lived in The Modern Day she’d probably be a 14 year old 4channer gamer girl. she collects bullshit figurines and statues and reads too many books about shitty wizards.

she tries to use Sword’s but isn’t good enough at it and her family thinks magic is too Girly so they don’t let her practice magic. 

she’s wracked with Paranoia and doesn’t make friends well because she thinks she’s better than everyone else and has a hard time hiding it.

i hope you all love my beautiful daughter

[art by @mannimarcos]

I’m planning an impromptu read-a-thon for myself next week, with the theme of Children’s Classics!

This is what I plan to read:

Pinocchio, by Carlo Collodi

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, by Roald Dahl

Treasure Island, by Robert Lewis Stevenson

The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, by L. Frank Baum 

The first two I got from the library, and the last two I already own. I would start now, but there’s two books I’m currently reading from the library that I should finish first. 

If anyone would like to join me, you’re more than welcome! Let me know what you plan on reading, so we can chat! And you can pick your own theme, if you want! It doesn’t have to be children’s classics. 

Hello bookish people!

Somehow, I convinced myself that attempting to reread the entire A Song of Ice and Fire series is a splendid and spectacular idea, so here I am! I asked around if anyone would be interested in joining and the people have spoken, so I present to you:

A SONG OF ICE AND FIRE READALONG (the first book, at least 😂)

Are you as excited as I am to read thousands of pages? No? AWESOME! I have to say, I’m doing this for two reasons: to prove to myself that I can do it again, because I read these books a few years ago and everything is hazy and I lowkey think I read them in a dream, and, reason number two, I’m hoping that by rereading them, my sweet friend George will publish the Winds of Winter faster (by faster, I mean in this lifetime). Who said bookish black magic can’t/won’t work?

Aaaaanyway, how are we doing this? Well, I thought forcing people to commit to the entire series is cruel, so for now, we’re reading the first book, A Game of Thrones! If, after we’re done with it, people still want to go on (😂😂😂), I’ll set reading dates for the next books as well 😊

The readalong will start on April 1st! Strap on your reading glasses, tuck yourselves in, because Winter is coming! (or so they say…) I might host some discussion posts as we read along, to discuss theories and opinions and fangirl together, because that’s the entire point of a readalong. I’ll make sure to announce them beforehand 😊 

I’m allowing 3 weeks for A Game of Thrones, so the aim is to finish it by April 23rd. However, the timeframe is only for the sake of orientation, you can read as fast or as slowly as you’re comfortable with 😊

I encourage you to post photos, quotes, opinions, questions, edits, discuss at length, because there’s plenty to choose from! Use the tag #asoiafreadalong, so everyone can find each other 😊

And, most importantly, HAVE FUN! 💖

P.S. It’d be hella awesome if you spread the word about this 😊

It’s not homophobia, it’s television;

Just want everyone to know..
Not everything or everyone is homophobic..

Just because a gay couple doesn’t kiss on screen, doesn’t mean it’s homophobic.
Just because you see chemistry between two female leads, that you consider sexual and THE WRITERS of the show, do not. Does not mean it’s homophobic.

As much as the fans and fandoms control lots of television. Especially now, you don’t know the whole story until it’s written.
You may of read the books, did extensive research on who loves who in said universe, but that doesn’t mean the WRITERS and DIRECTORS wish for it to go that way.

I’m only writing this because I saw a few posts that complained about not seeing Malec; Shadowhunter Alec Lightwood and high warlock Magnus Bane; bang.
I kindly would like to remind you, that this is a show for teens.

Like 14+.

As much as you want Daddy Alec to go down on our precious Magnus, it’s not appropriate at all to show. Understandably, yes; they did show Jace half naked in bed with a female.
I get that you’re mad that they did that but didn’t show, maybe light touching or even any indication that the pair were about to have their first intercourse session with eachother, I get it.
But think for a second about the underaged viewers. It could be considered porn if they were to actually show banging Malec.

It could easily get banned or moved the HBO and that’s not what Shadowhunters is about. I’m sure that’s not what they want to go for anyway. You can tell because there isn’t much blood either. The occasional stab wounds, Simon drinking blood. I think the most blood we’ve seen was when Alec killed Joc.

Yes, it’s 2017. Gay marriage is legalized and tumblr loves their gay pairings or even their bromances. But you have to realize, that you don’t write shows. You didn’t write the novels these shows / movies came from.

You write the fanfictions. You write in characters that you see in the story, you write yourself in. As much as you want to see something go someway, you don’t control it.

So please, unless you actually are on the set of these shows, movies, whatever. Shut your petty little mouths about homophobia on screen. Because there are tons of shows on HBO that show sex if you want it.

Hell, go watch Shameless, Mickey and Ian have sex every time they’re together. Pretty sure there’s sex in every episode.

So calm down, homo warriors. You don’t control these stories. The writers do.

Ed Weekend Analysis Challenge

eene-fangirl said to book-o-scams:

Either 1. Do an analysis on Ed’s dream in Rock a Bye Ed Or if you don’t want to do an analysis just answer this question. 2. What does Ed’s dream in Rock a Bye Ed entail about his home life? *Read the post on my page of you have any questions

‘Rock-a-Bye Ed’ is probably my favorite Ed episode and it is credited to Big Jim Miller:

I’ll try and be brief because my “a” and “w” keys are sticking and I want to hold out hope that I will do a shot by shot analysis in the future.  I will probably fail to be brief and fail to fulfill the full analysis. :p

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anonymous asked:

Do u have any YA book recs?

do I!!! 

  • To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before- Jenny Han (also the sequel, and the final one is coming out in may!)
  • Since You’ve Been Gone- Morgan Matson
  • Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe- Benjamin Alire Sáenz
  • Anna and The French Kiss- Stephanie Perkins
  • Dangerous Girls- Abigail Haas
  • We Were Liars- E. Lockhart
  • The Statistical Probability of Love At First Sight- Jennifer E. Smith
  • The Unexpected Everything- Morgan Matson
  • Why We Broke Up- Daniel Handler
  • The Raven Cycle- Maggie Stiefvater (i’ve only read this one but i’m working on reading the whole series)
  • also Divergent and The Hunger Games and The Maze Runer but i feel like everyone’s read those

if you’re new to YA this is like a perfect intro list, and even if you’re not new hopefully there are some new reads on here!!