and then you press them more against each other

Neither Bucky nor Steve much like cold, especially when they sleep. It would be tragic, except they compensate for it by being ridiculous cuddle octopi. Short a chair at a debrief? Don’t worry, Bucky’s wrapped up on Steve’s lap anyway. Not enough seats at a movie night? Bucky and Steve are practically one body on the single couch, more room for everyone! Wondering why you have extra seats at this meeting you very carefully planned? Bucky and Steve have half their ass each on one chair and refuse to part for anything less dire than a world-ending disaster. (Which, their lives being what they are, will probably happen soon enough.) It gets to a point where the others have to sternly warn them multiple times before a press conference so that they don’t end up sitting on each other with cameras watching. Bucky still ends up plastered to Steve, his arm snug against Steve’s side and Steve’s arm wrapped around his shoulder, occasionally rubbing at the back of his neck.

The worst part of it (for everyone else, anyway) is that it’s not even sexual; it’s just ridiculously close physical contact. They love to make fun of Steve and Bucky for it, but eventually the cuddle bug infects everyone else–and that’s the story of how the avengers all end up (platonically) sleeping together in one bed.

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Do you ever get sad thinking about how Connor and Troye go to these music festivals and public settings yet they aren't comfortable enough to put their arms around each other, kiss, or even hold hands? Do you think it's something that concerns them and that they talk about?

I think it’s an unspoken but known truth with them. It’s a mutual pain to keep their hands off each other, but I think that means they are only more affectionate towards one another behind closed doors. When they’re alone they constantly brush hands and press up against each other to feel the accompanying electric shocks. They laugh and flirt in ridiculously cheesy ways and they linger after kisses with foreheads touching and eyes fluttering. They tackle each other to the couch in tickle fights and they sit so close they’re practically on top of each other- which is crazy because they have the whole couch if they wanted. Sure, it’s hard not for Troye not be able to run up and grab Connor’s hand in public and it takes a lot for Connor to resist leaning into Troye and resting his head on his shoulder, but they make up for it tenfold when it really counts. And when they can’t, the love is still there in their eyes.

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Making love after a huge and passionate argument? Thanks!!


You’re glaring at each other from opposite sides of the room, puffed out from the energy put into the argument. He slowly steps closer to you and you walk towards him. Within a few meters, he suddenly lunges towards you and pulls your face to his and crashes his lips against yours, leaving you even more breathless. You rest your hands on his wrists, holding them lightly. He turns his lips and softens his touch. You feel like the only girl in the world with your lips pressed against his and his fingers running through your hair. “I’m sorry,” he whispers between the kisses. “Me too,” you reply as best you can. You grab the bottom of his shirt and lift it over his head. You throw it away as he takes your shirt off too. He kisses down your neck and across your chest after he sits you up on the kitchen bench. You lightly moan at the amazing sensation and kick off your jeans. You keep making out there until his lifts you up in his arms and carries you to the bedroom. He then sits you down on the bed as he takes his jeans off. He sits down next to you and you sit on his lap. With his lips against your neck, you feel his hand unclip your bra and you smile, knowing you were finally where you both wanted to be. He flips you around and kisses down your chest and torso, meeting the top of your undies. He slides his hand through the side and pulls them off. He stands over you, watching you intently as he pushes himself deep inside you. Show time, you think. He leans forward to brush his lips against yours, thrusting backwards and forwards- slow to begin with and then gaining momentum with every touch and kiss. You wrap your arms around his neck and dig your chin into his shoulder as your breathing and moans intertwine. The dirty talking is on point as he flips you over so you can sit on his lap. You smoothly slide onto him and he tugs your hair lightly, exposing your neck to his lips. He holds you tighter as he goes faster and he makes you moan louder, begging for more so you can climax. You can feel your orgasm coming on and you dig his nails into his back, urging for support. Your breathing intensifies as you can feel his do the same. He digs his face into your chest as you hold him tight. Your moans meet as you both climax, one after the other. He holds you tighter when he feels like all the adrenaline is released.  You move back slightly so you can look him in the eye. He has a relieved smile on his face as he brushes his lips against yours. “You’re amazing,” he comments breathlessly. “I love you,” you say, pressing your lips against his and caressing his hair with your hand.

Ignazio storms out after an argument, leaving you standing cluelessly in his apartment. Within a minute however, he walked back in with a pitiful stare on his face. You cock your head to the side and smile. He rushes over to you and lifts you in his arms, nestling his face in your shoulders. “I’m sorry princess,” he muffles. “Me too,” you reply. You feel him start kissing your neck, working his way up to your lips as you run your fingers through his hair. You wrap your legs around his waist as he carries you to the bedroom. Your tongues intertwine as do your fingers as he lays you down on the bed. Soon your hands are running across his back as his do to yours. Your hands find their way to the bottom of his shirt and you pull it up over his head. He helps you take your shirt off and caresses your chest with his lips. He looks up to you as he does so. “You’re beautiful,” he comments between the sweet kisses as you run your hands through his hair. He reaches the top of your pants and undoes them, taking them off and then taking off your undies. He nestles his face between your legs, holding the both of your thighs, releasing the starting tension from the argument. You hold on to the sheets around you as he works his magic with his tongue and fingers, leaving you moaning and pleading. He soon takes his pants off, kissing you before you feel him slide into you. He stares into your eyes, each thrust making you slightly move with his body. Your hand is resting against the back of his neck as your lips barely touch but you can feel his breath and he can feel yours. He slowly starts to speed him, taking his time to ensure maximum success. He sits you up and turns you around so you can sit in his lap but your back is against your chest. He starts rubbing you in the right spot as he quickly moves in and out, leaving you both breathless. His lips are against your shoulder, whilst his eyes watch you adamantly. You moan and lift your arms so they can reach the back of his head. When he’s done rubbing, he grabs you across the chest, starting to feel that you’re both about to orgasm. He quickly turns you around so he’s on top of you again to ensure intense intimacy. You feel the orgasm arising and you moan louder and louder, holding him tight. He rests his face against your neck as he holds your waist, holding you tight as he begs for mercy as well. When all the pressure is released, you both just stare at each other for a few moments, trying to regain composure. “I love you,” he whispers. “I love you too.”

You’re about to yell at Gianluca again but he suddenly grasps  onto your cheeks and pulls you close, crashing his lips against yours. You let out a little shriek at the surprise of the action. He lets go for a moment, just staring at you. However, within seconds, you were in each other’s arms again, your bodies crashing against each other as your arms ran around your backs and through your hair. He doesn’t even hesitate to take his shirt off and you quickly take off yours. He picks you up in his arms and carries you to your room, gently placing you on the bed and crawling across you, continuing the intense kissing session. The kisses leave you breathless as he makes his way down your neck temporarily before returning to your lips. He flips you over so you’re on top and he manages to take his pants off as well as yours. His hand slides up you back and simply unclips your bra. You take it off and threw it away, pressing your bare chest against his. He flips you over again and kisses his way down to your undies. He quickly takes them off and doesn’t hesitate to make himself comfortable there. You grasp onto the pillow for dear life as his tongue works wonders. Within no time, he slides up on top of you and slowly slides into you. He caresses your cheek as you look deep into each other’s eyes, slowly appreciating the sensation inside you. “You’re beautiful,” he whispers. You lean up to kiss up and bring his face down closer to you by tugging on the back of his neck. He caresses you constantly, mixing up where he kisses you whilst also hitting you in the right spot- every single time, leaving you to moan sweetly in joy. You can tell when he’s starting to feel like he’s going to cum by how close he gets to you. His arms are by your shoulders and he’s just staring into your eyes. You clasp your hands on his back as you can feel the sensation rising inside you. “Yes Gian,” you moan softly into his ear and you can feel him tense up as you both moan to the point of orgasm- everything is intertwined- breathing, hands, bodies. He looks to you and kisses you gently, trying to catch his breath. You wrap your arms around his shoulders as he holds you tight, just appreciating the company.

Snippette from a possibly-upcoming FordFord fic; tell me what you guys think?

Hands intertwined. A back pushed against the wall. A moan. Two moans. Lips pressed against a neck, up the chin, to the cheek, then to lips once more. Soon, those lips parted, and the newly-married couple were able to look each-other in the eyes once more. One kissed the other’s forehead. The other gave a small laugh, pet his partner’s cheek.

Between their distance, he only had to whisper to his partner, the air still around them. He touched the other’s forehead to his own. “What are we gonna do now…?”

The other looked away, a smile lingering. “We could… go back to working on the dimensional portal?”

Silence, and a disappointed expression. He slapped his partner across the head. “Oh dammit, Stanford! I mean about our honeymoon! Can’t the damn portal wait?”


Eat your Street Leagues and your X Games, your 2020 Olympic Skateboarding and your fake hardcore steez, Don’t ask why until you watch the Dime Glory Challenge.

 They threw the skate event to end all skate events and comps forever, with the first ever Dime Glory ChallengeThe greatest skateboarders the world ( No Nyjah ) ever known against each other in a series of crazy, grom dangerous and hilarious challenges, (making them do flatground tricks going as fast as possible) the Dime Glory Challenge was everything we could have hoped for as soon as you press play. 

Competitors include Dennis Busenitz, Aaron Herrington, Alex Davis, Jake Johnson, Kevin Lowry, Forrest Edwards, Lee Yankou, and many more.  Check out the full coverage here, in all its drunken, complete insanity, downright brilliance of skateboarding and being wild.

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Imagine bull and adaar doing the intimate forehead touch and when they go to pull away they lock horns accidentally

Must have been some strange maneuvering to get locked together in the first place.

It was an intimate moment between lovers. A moment without words, foreheads pressed together, simply enjoying each other’s presence. The Iron Bull opened his eye, pressing his lips once more against his Qunari lover’s effectively causing them to open their eyes and grin. 

That peaceful joy only lasted for a short while as Bull pulled away or attempted to. Releasing a heavy sigh Bull placed his hand on Adaar’s horns. 

“Kadan… remember when I said to be careful at how you approach me so closely?” He gently pulled away, trying to feel how their horns were locked. 

Adaar grimaced at the action, not particularly enjoying the rough feeling that came from their horns rubbing together. Maybe it was a curse to have frontward curing horns; they always thought it added character. Uncoordinated movements only cause for more clunking and rubbing of horns.

Adaar frowned, “Sorry…” 

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16. dylan/norma

(I hope you like it’s been a while since i wrote them for you)

He was backed up against the wall. Her front pressed against his. They could each feel the other’s breath on their faces, their hearts beating quickly in their chests. There wasn’t an inch between the two of them, her hair tickling at his cheek as she pressed her lips into the crevice of his neck. He let out a long, deep, sigh.

“I think,” he said with a breath, almost stopping, but as her lips moved, he continued. “I think I love you.” It was quitter than a whisper. Had she not been listening so well she would have missed it.

She smiled into his skin, her face heating up. “I know.” Is all she said as she pressed further into him.

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