and then you made such a big deal out of it


This post is for my Tumblr fans because I know my fans on Tumble are more open minded and understanding than some of my conservative friends on facebook. 

It’s about gay couples in cartoons.

Personally, I think it’s great! If it’s done right.

It all started with Korra and Asami simply holding hands as they walked into the Spirt World. 

Then The Loud House made cartoon history as Clyde (Lincon’s best friend) had 2 dads. The first married gay couple in a cartoon! 

Just recently, someone pointed out that in the latest episode of Star vs The Forces of Evil (Just Friends) there is a gay couple kissing at a concert. It goes by quick and you have to really look for it to catch it because ALL the couples in the audience are kissing, but it’s there. 

Now to back up a bit, what I mean by “done right” is - if the cartoon doesn’t make a big deal about it. With All 3 of these couples it’s about love. A couple holding hands, a married coulple raising a son and finally a couple kissing at a concert.  

They’re not shouting from the roof top, “Look at me, I’m gay!” 

They are just showing you, in a cartoon for younger views, that 2 people can love one another. That’s doing it right!

For the record, I’m not gay. I have been married to the same woman for over 10 years and I have 2 wonderful kids. I believe I am being a good dad by telling my kids love is love. 

I was very hesitant on making one of my characters in my Tercona story gay. I wanted to keep family friendly. However, now that I see a gay couple is becoming more acceptable and that it’s becoming more and more mainstream, I’m going to make one of them gay. Well, I wanted to from the beginning, I was just never going to say anything about it. Now I know I will, when the time is right. 

So, what do you think about gay couples in kids cartoons. Is it a bad thing or a good thing?  

You know what’s one thing in FMA that I think is SO COOL? Denny Brosh’s siblings.

Brosh is a fairly minor character, and not only that, he’s a character who frequently falls into the role of comic relief. In other series, a character like him might simply be discarded when the arc he appears in is done.

Not FMA. Not only does Brosh return in the finale- something that makes FMA feel real by reminding us that the protagonists do not exist in a void- but he gets his own backstory. And not in the classic JJBA “This character is about to die so now the narration will tell you that they had parents or something” way, but in a very passive way. We see that he has two siblings, in the same way one might find this out in real life when picking someone up from their house.

Look at that! A minor character who has a family of his own, who aren’t made a big deal of, don’t get killed off, and might not even necessarily be seen again. They’re just there, because they exist, because minor characters have lives. That’s not something I see often in other media and I think it’s really cool that FMA does stuff like this.

The other thing I like about it is that it helps humanize the soldiers. They’re not just faceless pawns who only ever exist in the context of the military. They have lives and families and homes to go back to when they’re not at work, just like any other job. Here we see that Brosh lives at home in Central and has two very young siblings, which emphasizes that he’s young, but then he immediately goes into serious soldier mode. And he bikes to work! Good for you, Denny. Saving the environment!

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Yo, Im an OG Vip and I can tell you for sure the fact that he even put out this song to the public was mindblowing for us back then( he is such a private person). If you watch his interview about the song (back when he had emo hair and looks like he would 100% would kill you) he looked so sad and uncomfortable. And i was so suprised when he performed it in Made cause he hasnt sang that for so long and I think he did because it was his last tour before enlisting. So... yeah its a big deal

@ the people who think vip’s are overreacting!!!!!!!!!!!

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Hi ... I really wanted to know your opinion about bts who plagiarized bigbang with the no signal thing and all ... I really want to know your opinion, if you want to talk about it of course

Surprisingly I thought I’d care but I really don’t at all. I’ve been too busy with real life to get involved in any of this and most of the people speaking up are self righteous assholes who won’t let others have a piece to say - both fandoms included

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In parts of the episode where nyma steals the blue lion the big flag is LITERALLY RIGHT BEHIND LANCE (made up of the bg) like the sky is pink and there's smth behind him that's purple and the ground is bluish if I had the screencaps I'd send them but it's like. That Has To Mean Something

…ok so i might of just had a realization though??

like, yeah, the bi flag colors are there

but also

one might not think that the use of color in this episode is a big deal, but with the way this episode is set up? how can you not understand the subtext here??? the moral of the story in this episode is Lance doesn’t need to go flirt with other girls because it won’t work out for him (Lance went off with Nyma, but she turned around and stole his lion), however Keith rescuing his lion and unchaining him did work out in Lance’s favor. that, paired with the bisexual flag colors in the background, AND the rainbows too

and also including the fact that Keith was really eager to get Lance out of the pod and getting upset over him not remembering their bonding moment (and also the “i cradled you in my arms!” line),

you cannot just shove all of this into one episode and tell me this doesn’t mean anything. 

and now i’m thinking back to what Jeremy Shada said about Lance maturing and eventually falling in love with someone in this interview

this right here:

that “one person you fall in love with a little bit”, my dudes, is Keith. it has to be Keith. who else could it possibly be?

you could argue it’s Allura, but she clearly has no interest in him.

but you know who does have an interest in him?

basically what i’m trying to say is i feel like this episode could be a metaphor for Lance and Keith’s developing relationship in the future seasons to come

Hurt & bitter starter sentences
  • ❝ You’re too mean, I don’t like you ❞
  • ❝ That’s not what I want at all❞
  • ❝ You don’t love me. Big fucking deal! ❞
  • ❝ You told me again you prefered handsome man but for me you were making exception ❞
  • ❝ When I wake up I’m afraid somebody else might take my place ❞
  • ❝ We just aren’t going to stay like this forever ❞
  • ❝ Fuck you anyway❞
  • ❝ I’ll be good and I’ll love the world like I should❞
  • ❝ I’ll never tell you how I feel ❞
  • ❝ If you leave then I’ll be afraid of everything ❞
  • ❝ It hurts but I won’t fight you ❞
  • ❝ All we do is hide away ❞
  • ❝ I send my best regards from hell ❞
  • ❝ I’ve been upside down… ❞
  • ❝ Is there somewhere you can meet me? ❞
  • ❝ Oh but you got away, didn’t you?❞
  • ❝ This isn’t fun anymore… Never hurt like this before. ❞
  • ❝ This house don’t feel like home. ❞
  • ❝ But if you loved me then why’d you leave me?❞
  • ❝ It almost feels like a joke. ❞
  • ❝ I’ll be good for all of the times that I never could❞
  • ❝ I’ll wait for you baby, that’s all I do baby ❞
  • ❝ One may think we’re alright, but we need pills to sleep at night❞
  • ❝ I hope my smile can distract you so it never has to show and you’ll never know❞
  • ❝ You suck anyways ❞
  • ❝ That was called love…❞
  • ❝ Go ahead and cry me a river ❞
  • ❝ Don’t cry no more for me, don’t spend your time convincing me ❞
  • ❝ We need lies to make it throught the day… We’re not okay.❞
  • ❝ I don’t even think of you that often ❞
  • ❝ If you love me don’t let go ❞
  • ❝ That’s one thing I’d never say to you ❞
  • ❝ Just don’t. ❞
  • ❝ Can’t they see I’m hurting enough? ❞
  • ❝ We don’t feel like outsiders at all ❞
  • ❝ Stay, stay, stay, stay, stay. ❞
  • ❝ You look so cold…❞
  • ❝ We both know it’s not fashionable to love me ❞
Christmas time headcanons

I mean, you can never have too many Solangelo Christmas headcanons, right?

  • their first kiss was probably under a mistletoe. i mean let’s face it, they’re both awkward and adorable dorks and can you honestly imagine either of them actually making the first move out of the blue?
  • will sort of starts panicking internally when he sees the mistletoe and tells nico that “we don’t have to, it’s a stupid tradition anyway” but lou ellen has hexed the damn thing and it won’t leave nico alone 
  • so he sort of goes “oh for fuck’s sake” and just grabs will and kisses him
  • and joke’s on lou ellen because after that she has to deal with even more sugary sweet solangelo with kisses included
  • nico is really not a that big on christmas since it’s traditionally a family holiday and he’s lost all his family, but now he has hazel and will (and jason bc brotp man) and he’s really conflicted
  • but will is huge on christmas and red and green fairylights and ugly sweaters and catchy carols, and he can’t sing for shit but won’t shut up
  • nico would spent the holidays holed up in his cabin if he could but will has gotten it through chiron to have a christmas party and nico’s pissed off because “we’re literally children of pagan gods will???”
  • will’s not having any of nico’s shit tho
  • so come christmas day, will puts nico in a red sweater and drags him out to the pavilion for eggnog and christmas cookies and to the camp fire for a christmas carol sing-along
  • nico complains all the time and glares at everything that moves but secretly all he can think of is how will’s smile seems more radiant and how happy he looks when singing stupid jingles
  • and slowly nico kind of starts enjoying christmas
  • but gods forbid if anyone found out
  • (will knows)
  • (he doesn’t say anything)
  • once they’re all grown up and sharing an apartment in the city, nico and will get into this huge argument about christmas decorations
  • because will’s motto is “go big or go home” and nico can’t stand the million lights and flashy ribbons and “oh my gods will is that a life size reindeer???”
  • “it lights up, too!!!”
  • but eventually they compromise and decorate lightly indoors but will can have his way on the fire escape and that one corner in the livingroom
  • and the christmas music almost starts another argument but will quickly agrees to listen to the punk rock playlist nico has put together, because as long as winter wonderland is on the list all’s good
  • “five more minutes will it’s christmas”
  • “nico you don’t even like christmas”
  • “i do when it means i can sleep in shut up and cuddle me”
  • the first time they spend the holidays just the two of them they sort of want to have this big traditional christmas dinner
  • but the thing is that neither of them actually know how to cook, and even though they agree on the easiest recipes they can find and have will’s mom on speed dial, come dinner time and the kitchen is a nightmare and there’s nothing edible anywhere
  • they end up ordering in and making a pact that they’ll learn how to cook by next christmas
  • (they don’t)
  • cuddles on the couch
  • nico wearing will’s sweaters and flapping the sleeves because fuck you that’s why
  • small christmas tree on the coffee table with tiny ornaments that hazel gave them as a house warming gift
  • will going all twelve days of christmas on nico
  • nico secretly loving christmas
  • because christmas really isn’t all that bad when you spend it with will, right?
Fandom Double Standards

There’s a disturbing trend I’m noticing in fandom nowadays. Now, obviously, there’s exceptions to what I’m about to talk about (there are those who don’t fall into this behavior, of course), but I’d say it’s a problem with the majority.

The majority of fandom has made what qualifies content as good or bad into extremely summarized ideas and often ignores the big picture.

Say there’s a fic that deals with a ship that would likely include abuse.

“Okay, but in the fic they deal with these abusive behaviors and call them out and they-”

Yet the same people will look at a fic that involves a ship that is overall supported and considered healthy while the fic itself includes abuse.

“But this character has treated the other terribly so far and they aren’t approaching any of this in a healthy mann-”

It happens over and over again.

Enemies-to-lovers ship: ABUSE! BAD!
Commonly accepted ship in an enemies-to-lovers AU: OMG ITS SO HOT

Age gap ship: PEDOPHILIA! BAD!
Commonly accepted ship in an age gap AU: AHHH I LOVE IT! MORE!

Commonly accepted ship in a Student/Teacher AU: AHHH SO HOT AND RISKY! I LOVE IT!

etc, etc.

Essentially, fandom is starting to learn there are some unhealthy things out there (which is good, don’t get me wrong, I hope we all grow wise enough to realize things like 50 Shades is unhealthy before they can get the chance to be popular enough to spread the wrong message like the generations before), but they simplify it to buzz words and essentially judging a book by its cover. If the idea of a character or ship is considered an unhealthy thing, they attach those unhealthy buzzwords to them and often ignore if that unhealthiness is acknowledged and dealt with appropriately. While at the same time, they’ll see a character or ship that has no unhealthy ideas attached to them and will go about their fics/art/vids/etc oblivious to the abusive behaviors that could be in them and not acknowledged properly because they think this character/ship can do no wrong.

And then many will go so far as to outcast or bully those who like the things with unhealthy buzzwords attached regardless of how they may go about it while turning around and glorifying creations that are far more abusive than anything those people may like.

It’s like making one step in the right direction but also taking ten steps back.

And this double standard drives me absolutely bonkers.

in a perfect world...

“coming out” wouldn’t even be a thing. you’re a boy who wants to bring a boy to a family event? cool, guess you like that boy. you’re a girl who runs into her family friend while holding a girls hand in public? chill. like who even cares?? it’s not even a big deal, society made it a big deal! STRAIGHT people who say that gays flaunt their sexuality around too much, well maybe if they didn’t make it such a big deal that we needed to “come out” we wouldn’t feel the need to make it known! if society just accepted that you love someone as true and real love, we wouldn’t feel the need to tell people our sexuality. idk that’s just me tho lmao rant over.

No offense but anyone who’s saying that Mon-El interrupting that Sanvers coming out scene is wrong or that they made the scene about Mon-El being a good guy in front of Kara can, with all due respect, fuck off. They all said something to Alex but here we are again with all of you reaching and trying to make it seem like he’s the bad guy for interacting with Alex, while, in fact, he didn’t do anything wrong.

Mon-El shrugged it all off because being gay is indeed not a big deal, yet your salty asses are complaining again that he somehow “interrupted” the scene. Trust me when I say that when you come out, you don’t want people to fucking stare at you for 10 minutes, congratulate you for being human and talk about it like it’s something special? Like thank you for making me feel like I have a fucking disease? You can literally hate Karamel, I don’t care about that or them, what I care about is y’all acting like what Mon-El did or said was wrong. Coming out, in my opinion, shouldn’t even be a thing and Mon-El’s reaction was actually really sweet, kinda mirroring the “coming out shouldn’t be a thing” concept.

So can you stop being asses for one fucking second and stop picking on every fucking single little thing he does, especially in scenes where he does nothing wrong like right now mayhaps? Thank you.

Stop attacking people over the pewdiepie drama omfg. like, Ross and Holly didn’t do a damn thing wrong and y’all are calling her a whore and saying shes anti jews too. Stop asking your favs for their opinion. Mark isn’t a nazi, Jack isnt a nazi, everyone you keep calling nazis, guess what? AREN’T FUCKING NAZIS. All you want is a reason to be mad. What felix did was shitty, and I don’t support it in any way. He apologized, and yeah he could have been more sincere and less ‘hey this is the medias fault’ about it but he isnt a fuckin nazi. 

he made a shitty joke to a lot of people, and yeah it was in very poor taste and i 100% get why his sponsors would back out of the sponsorships and i understand completely why its a big deal but honestly, it happened like a month or so ago. some media made an article and since then everyone has been shitting over everything. 

How about instead of focusing on this issue that has been apologized for, we focus on you know, ACTUAL nazis and this shit show of our political situation. 

honestly could there be a more iconic otp first meeting scene than oswald and edward’s???

there are way too many bernie bros and other leftists on here wringing their hands about the election without owning up to their part in the outcome. The worst ones are still indulging in the “if we’d just nominated Bernie this wouldn’t have happened/the DNC forced Hillary down our throats” bullshit, but others are pretending like they didn’t spend the primaries and even most of the general election trying to convince people that Clinton was a war criminal and Trump wasn’t that big of a deal. 

I mean, I get that some of his worst qualities came to light at the end, but if you can’t admit that you helped him out by reblogging right-wing conspiracy theories (especially those of you who blocked people who pointed out they were fake specifically to remove their comments off your posts) I have no sympathy for you. You’re part of the reason voter turnout among Democrats was so low. You bought into a false narrative that help elect a quasi-fascist and you spread it to other people who could have made a difference. You should feel ashamed of yourselves. 

  • Sanji: okay guys, I'm leaving temporarily to save you. Don't follow me.
  • Luffy and co. : *Follow him*
  • Sanji: I hope they're okay
  • Luffy and co.: *Infiltrate* *eat buildings* *infiltrate some more* *get captured* *defeat people* *get captured some more* *get beaten up* *are about to be eaten*
  • Sanji: okay guys, I'm cutting myself off to save you. Just go back.
  • Luffy and co.: *Stay in the exact same spot*
  • Sanji: okay guys, I've made a good deal. Big Mom will let you leave, just don't make her angrier.
  • Luffy and co.: *Prepare to steal her stuff* *prepare to defeat some more people* *even just verbally make her angrier*

It’s the end..all you could do is struggle… and call out to your friends to save them..  

I have finally made all of Flowey/Asriel’s forums. I’m the Undertale Plush Queen after all  

This is going into my personal collection. Sorry NOT for sale.

Plush made by me HappyKittyShop. Reblog don’t repost please.

This big boy measures 31 inches tall and 45 inches wide with wing span. Made with Shannon minky fabric, crushed velvet and Glitterbug Glitter Satin. My first time dealing with glitter satin. I still somehow get the glitter on me XD And it was slippery with the crushed velvet together.

Overall he was fun to make and this makes my third MEGA sized plush I made for myself. Who knows what else I’ll be inspired to make.

Thank you Toby Fox for gifting us with Undertale and inspiring me <33

BTS Reaction to you showing up in the middle of the night

Anon Requested:  Could you write a reaction of bts to their S/o turning up at their dorm late at night wearing only their pyjamas with no explanation? ❤️❤️

Jungkook: The first time you texted Jungkook that you were outside his dorm in the middle of the night there was a million questions going through his head, though he didn’t say a single word he had always wondered why you would show up out of the blue like this. Of course he missed you but this was out of character for you. 

By now it wasn’t a big deal for him to get a text from you in the middle of the night asking if he could open the door. He’d open the door to see you holding a pillow and you in your typical sweats and t shirt that you’d wear to sleep. He’d just open the door now and watch as you made your way up to his room and fell asleep almost instantly not even waiting for him to join you in bed.

Originally posted by uoongs

V: Taehyung was shocked to see you standing in his shirt that hung past your bottom and your grey slippers you always wore. He’d ask questions like “Why’re you here?” or “Is something wrong?” and when the only answer you’d give him was a shrug of the shoulders or shake of the head he realized he wasn’t going to get an actual explanation from you tonight and just decided to pull you upstairs to his bedroom, which you happily obliged to since all you really wanted to do was sleep with your boyfriend by your side. Taehyung would pull you into him, wrapping his arm around you and slowly fell asleep beside you.

Originally posted by mvssmedia

Jimin: Jimin would be used to this by now. He’d just open the door to allow you to enter the dorm and walk up to his room. He’d watch you, seeing that you were in just a sweatshirt and shorts as you made your way up the stairs. He gave up trying to get an explanation out of you as to why you show up in the middle of the night just to fall asleep once you get to the dorm. You never gave an answer just because you didn’t really have one, you just liked sleeping with your boyfriend, that’s it.

Originally posted by bwipsul

J-Hope: Hoseok would be confused at first when he sees you at his front door in nothing but your matching pajamas but quickly moved to the side so you could enter the dorm. Everyone was asleep by the time you came over so when entering the living room and quickly making your way to his bedroom it was completely quiet and empty. Hoseok could only look at you in wonder while closing the door, he wanted to know why you would just show up out of the blue but suspected that conversation was for another day seeing that you were already asleep in his bed.

Originally posted by jiminrolls

Rap Monster: Namjoon would actually be tired of being woken up in the middle of the night so he had given you a spare key to the dorm. You would quietly open the door to see the dorm empty and dark, you’d quickly shut the door and slide into bed with him, feeling his arm hook around your waist almost instantly. You’d let out a sigh of relief once you felt yourself melt into your boyfriend, Namjoon never knew why you came over so late but decided if you wanted to talk about it that you would bring it up on your own time.

Originally posted by vkooked

Suga: Yoongi would have a mixture of confusion, worry and annoyance running through him once opening the door to see you in nothing but shorts and a t shirt that ran to the middle of your thighs. He’d be confused because this was completely out of no where, he got a simple text that said “Open the door.” and that was it. He’d reply with why but once he heard a knock on the door instead of his phone ringing he’d instantly get up off of his bed and see you at the door. He’d be worried more just because you wouldn’t be answering any of his question and he’d only be annoyed because his slumber was disrupted. Yoongi would ease up once he saw you make your way to his bedroom and slipping into his bed waiting for him to join you.

Originally posted by yoongijae

Jin: Jin would be 100% worried once he saw you in your short sleeping wear waiting outside for him to open the door. You wouldn’t give him an actual answer as to why you were over either so the nerves going through him didn’t subside either. You’d lightly just tug on his hand pulling him back to his bedroom and slipping into bed with him, he’d have to bite his tongue and wait to ask you any more questions once seeing that you had already fallen asleep within the first two minutes of being in bed.

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Hit or Miss - Daryl Dixon x Reader

Requested by anonymous: How about writing something where Daryl accidentally shoot y/n with an arrow, either trough her shoulder/rib cage, or something, and she is hurt badly and Daryl is freaking out and stays with her while people try to help, and have to hold her down while they pull out the arrow, and she is in and out of consciousness, and all this reviles that Daryl’s have deep feelings for her and stays with her until she makes it <3 awe yess

I hope you enjoy it, anon <3

((( This gif makes me feel things )))

Originally posted by kinneyandreedus

“We got one coming this way!” Glenn called out as he lowered his binoculars. 

“You got it, Daryl?”

“Always do.” He grunted and lifted his crossbow, aiming carefully. He smiled to himself as his target fell back. Bastard. He thought to himself.

You slowly trudged along with your slight limp and heavy bag. Every now and then a sharp pain would shoot up your leg from your ankle. A herd almost got to you and you ended up tripping as you hurried away. You should’ve told more people that you were making a supply run. You only mentioned it to Andrea since she was keeping watch at the time. Everyone else probably thought you were still asleep in your tent and would be worried if they found out you went out on your own.

No sense in making a big deal of it now, I’m almost there. You thought to yourself. 

You adjusted the straps of your full backpack and emerged from the treeline. You smiled at the glorious sight of camp, relieved that you had actually made it back.

All of a sudden, you heard a whirring sound and an excruciating pain in your shoulder. You screamed out in agony when you hit the ground. You lifted your head to see an arrow was settled right into your skin, causing the worst pain you had ever felt. 

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How to tell if a video is a screamer

halloween is fast approaching, and sending screamers has become an increasingly popular trend over the past few years. while some people may enjoy them, they can also trigger anxiety attacks in others.

  • check the section/category of a video. if it’s under “comedy”, “prank”, “horror”, or something similar, close the tab immediately.
  • comments are also a giveaway. scroll to the comments section before playing a video. if comments are disabled, there’s a likely chance the video is a screamer. close the tab right away. if you see comments like “whoa, that made me jump!”, close the window! and if it’s impossible to disable comments, look for multiple comments deleted by the creator.
  • check out the video itself, while it’s paused. if it has very low music (this makes the audience want to turn the volume up, so the scream is louder and scarier), or if it has very small text (which makes you want to go into full screen), that’s a good indication that it’s a screamer. exit out and close the tab!
  • look at the content of the video. if the clip itself deals with the scary or supernatural, like a film about ghosts, you can’t be certain. be careful, and exit the tab if the content seems triggering. pause the video and forward all the way to the end. If everything is good feel free to watch. if a frame with a scary picture comes up, close the tab immediately.
  • if the video shows a room or picture, and invites you to “find what’s wrong in the picture”, or “find _____”, close the window immediately! 
  • there’s a new trend going on where videos describing people reacting to screamers are actually screamers themselves. if you suspect this, scroll down and see the comments. if the maker of the video disabled comments to purposely lead viewers to believe the video is genuine, scroll down just enough to see the video time, so you don’t see the video itself. Turn the volume down, just in case it is a screamer, and if the video plays out and there’s no scream, it’s safe to watch.
  • check the time on the video. if it’s suspiciously short, exit the tab.
  • look at the related or recommended videos. if any of them fit the above, the video is a screamer.

stay safe this halloween season!

I have a theory

So people always make a big deal about how in The Lightning Thief, it’s all “names have power,” and then later, it’s “Hera this, Gaea that, Athena this, Zeus that.”

But you’ll notice if you read TLT that Annabeth and Grover both sometimes slip up and call things by their real names.

For example:

“The Fur … I mean, your math teacher. That’s right. She’s still out there. You just made her very, very mad.”

This is followed by:

Annabeth glanced nervously at the ground, as if she expected it to open up and swallow her. “You shouldn’t call them by name, even here. We call them the Kindly Ones, if we have to speak of them at all.”

But you can tell that Annabeth was about to say “Fury.” Annabeth is used to calling them by their names.

And this is a girl who’s been at camp since she was seven. It wasn’t just a mistake because she didn’t know.

My conclusion is that once the whole thing with Zeus and Poseidon happened, everyone’s cautiousness went up like 120%. However, the normal thing is to call the gods and creatures by their real names.


Clary dropped to her knees, Jace quickly by her side as she gasped in immense pain. Isabelle looked from her to you, noticing the sinister smile on your lips. She cracked her whip in your direction, but the slithering weapon never reached you. It dropped to the ground and corroded, turning from a beautiful silver colour to vile black dust that ready to eat through the concrete floor.

An arrow etched itself into your shoulder in a moment of unawareness and you blinked, looking from the top all the way to where it marred your perfect, alabaster skin. Pulling out the arrow in a nonchalant way, you dropped it to the ground. 

“Before you bring out the big guns, I would like to remind you that Clary made a deal with me.”

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