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Prompt: Abby baking something for Marcus' birthday but she isn't very good at it :D

Here you go lovely, hope you’ll enjoy it!

Lovely birthday surprise

The longer Marcus stared at the birthday cake Abby had made for him, the more she began to fidget and second guess her decision. I knew I’d mess it up, she dejectedly thought. This year she had wanted to do something special for his birthday, seeing as how he usually didn’t make a big deal out of it. She knew how much he loved the chocolate cake they sold in Polis. He always made sure to trade one whenever they visited the commander. So on their last trip to the city a few weeks ago, Abby decided to pay a visit to the woman who made them. Seeing as how poorly her trigedasleng still was, she had managed to convince Indra to join her, much to the amusement of the other woman. With Indra’s help, Abby had convinced the woman to give her the recipe and ingredients to make the cake herself. it had been a challenge to keep it a secret for Marcus, but she had endured.

So this morning after their meeting, Abby had snuck into the kitchen, making sure it was completely empty before attempting to make the cake. Which she quickly realized was a lot more difficult than she had originally thought. Biting her lower lip, Abby glances at Marcus who still hadn’t said a single word. When she had presented the cake, he had blown out the candle she had placed on top of it but he remained silent after that. As the seconds ticked by, Abby felt her stomach knot a little bit more with every passing second. Luckily they were alone in the council room so nobody was there to witness her failure.

“Look, I know it’s terrible and I’m so sorry Marcus”, Abby blurted out, wringing her hands, unable to stand his silence for one more second.

“I just wanted to do something special for your birthday and I know how much you love this cake. And I tried Marcus, I really did try. I followed the instructions to the letter but I somehow managed to mess it up. The woman reassured me that it would be easy to make, but she can go float herself because it was not easy at all. The kitchen was a mess when I finished this thing and it’s a mess and I can totally understand if you don’t want to try it because I know how it looks. It doesn’t look at all like the cakes in the shop but I tried really hard but I guess I’m just terrible at baking”, Abby muttered, fully realizing that she’s rambling but unable to stop.


She halts by the utterance of her name and nervously glances over at Marcus, who has looked up from his cake and is staring at her with a light in his eyes.

“This is the chocolate cake I always get when we’re in Polis”, he calmly stated, his face frustratingly blank so she can’t get a read on what he’s thinking.

“Yes, it is”, Abby replied, feeling a bit confused.

“You went to the little shop to get the recipe and you made this for me? All by yourself? Without even knowing how to bake?”, he affirmed.

“Yes, I just told you that”, Abby confirmed, feeling a bit irritated at his repetition. “Listen, I know that I messed it up, there’s no need to rub it in Marcus. I -”

“No, no. You made this for me”, he interrupted her, his warm gaze settling on her.

“I did”, she murmured, feeling a bit breathless by the intensity of his gaze.

At her confirmation, the corners of his mouth quirk up in a broad smile.

“This is the best present I received in a long time”, he softly uttered.

Feeling a rush of relief spreading through her, Abby let out a deep sigh.

“Oh, thank god for that. You had me so worried when you didn’t respond”, she breathed, putting a hand on her chest to show her relief, “I don’t know whether to berate or kiss you for that”

If she weren’t so mortified of what she had let slip, Abby would have laughed at the way Marcus’ eyes almost comically widened. Unfortunately, she realized just what she had said, and she could feel her cheek flush in embarrassment.

“Oh, I’m sorry Marcus. I didn’t mean it like that. I mean, I did – but I didn’t mean it when I said I wanted to kiss you –”, Abby stammered, stopping abruptly when the smile on Marcus’ face disappeared.

Breaking eye contact, he cleared his throat. “Of course, you didn’t. I’d never presume – I mean I know that you wouldn’t never – not with me at least. So, thank you for the cake. I’m sure it’ll taste great”, Marcus finished, staring at the cake.

Looking at him in bewilderment, Abby doesn’t quite understand what had just happened. Only that she had spotted a flicker of disappointment in his eyes when she’d apologized.

“I lied before”, she uttered and watched with a soft smile how Marcus’ head snapped up in confusion. “I do want to kiss you, I just didn’t know if you want me to”  

At that, a broad, hopeful and adorably baffled smile adorns his face and honestly how was she supposed to not, not kiss him? Which is exactly what she did. Repeatedly.

The BH gave me the plague. For the record, that whole not kissing so that you don’t share germs things doesn’t work unless you stop all other forms of physical contact (and probably not even then). My throat is all swollen and my ears hurt and I’m stupid put out about it all. I had plans today! He’s feeling better though so maybe it’ll just be a 48 hour thing?

Also, I took care of him all weekend so he’ll return the favor. I’m writing sickday silliness to make myself feel better. Oh! And drinking juice. And I have that amazing soup I made over the weekend so really it’s not a big deal but UGH. 


Mary shot Sherlock in a bedroom. Our first glimpse of the edge of the bed is soon after Mary shot Sherlock. Bedrooms are unlikely rooms to include in a office building, so this feels like a symbolic hammer over the head. The bed doesn’t come fully into view until Sherlock is visualizing his argument that Mary “saved his life.”

kinda sad that no one made a big (happy) deal about Chris Kendall coming out as bisexual officially (that i saw..)

I just hope he knows that I (and others i’m assuming) are very proud of him and welcome him into the LGBTQ+ YouTube community and just the LGBTQ+ community in general with open arms.  

We love you Chris, congratulations.
As promised: Rosie reviews Fifty Shades of Grey.

Rosie Waterland expected the whole movie to be a bit of a cheesy laugh. Instead she walked out of the cinema on the verge of tears.

I walked into the premiere screening of Fifty Shades of Grey last night planning to walk out with a bunch of ridiculous and funny material that would lead to a hilarious recap. Instead, I walked out of the cinema on the verge of tears.

I’m really, really sorry you guys. I know I made a big deal yesterday about how I was going to write a ‘totes-hilare’ review. I obnoxiously posted pics from the red carpet and tweeted in all caps at the first sighting of pubes.

But I screwed up. I screwed up big time. I went into this film thinking it would be two hours of B-grade hilarity about bondage that I could make fun of. It was actually two hours of incredibly disturbing content about an emotionally abusive relationship that left me really, really shaken.

And now I’m embarrassed that I ever joked about it.

I haven’t read any of the Fifty Shades books, so I went into last night’s screening cold. I think that was the problem. The phenomenon has only ever been on the periphery of my care-factor zone. I honestly thought the story was just about a young, sexually inexperienced woman, who meets a slightly older, extremely sexually experienced man, and he teaches her everything she needs to know in three books of clit-tingling sex-scenes.

It was my understanding that the sex was BDSM-themed, which, with my limited knowledge of that stuff, I assumed included some tying up of hands and slapping on the bum and… I don’t know – blindfolds?

I thought the books were all about kinky, slightly naughty sex. Sex that mixed pleasure with a bit of pain and made housewives around the world read the book with one hand free. And I’m all about women pleasuring themselves, so other than thinking I was glad some sexually-repressed women were getting their rocks off, I didn’t really give it much more thought.

I had heard the rumblings from domestic violence groups wanting people to boycott the film, but with limited understanding of the story, I assumed that was because it involved a woman being physically harmed by a man during sex. And my opinion was, well, if they’re two consenting adults, and being tied up and slapped is their thing, then what’s the big deal?

But I had no idea that Fifty Shades of Grey isn’t just about the sex. It’s also about an incredibly disturbing and manipulative emotionally abusive relationship.

So, about half an hour into last night’s screening, I found myself doing a horrified double-take. I quite suddenly realised that I was watching a film that glorified domestic abuse.

The relationship between Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele is one of the most fucked up and upsetting I’ve ever seen portrayed on the big screen.

And let me be clear to the women who are incredibly defensive of the book that gave them a sexual awakening: When I talk about domestic abuse, I’m not talking about the sex.

In fact, I considered the sex to be the least offensive part of the movie. Christian’s ‘playroom’ was everything I had hoped for comedy-wise – it looked like the home you imagine the gimp from Pulp Fiction would go home to at the end of the day. He tied up Anastasia and they did lots of sexy things with whips and feathers and her pleasure seemed just as important as his, which is refreshing for a blockbuster film.

But let’s take the sex out of the equation for a minute. Because as I was sitting in that cinema last night, I was completely floored by what I was watching. And by what millions of women had accepted as a relationship to aspire to.

Christian meets Anna. He is immediately obsessed with her. He figures out where she works and turns up there unannounced. He tracks her phone one night and confronts her on the street. He even lets himself into her home, and shocks her by walking into her bedroom while she’s alone.

When they start dating, he immediately puts himself in a position of complete control. He plays with her emotions and confuses her by doing things like tenderly kissing her, then pushing her away. He refuses to share a bed with her after they sleep together. She is in tears about the way he treats her within a few days. She finds herself staring longingly at couples who seem to be happy and affectionate with one another.

He buys her a computer so he can contact her whenever he wants. He sells her car and provides her with one that he approves of, all without asking her. He tells her that she’s not allowed to tell anybody about what goes on between the two of them, or it’s over, essentially isolating her from friends and family.

He says that she must dress in clothes that he chooses. She must go to a doctor that he chooses, and take the contraceptive that he chooses. She must eat what he chooses. She’s not allowed to drink to excess. He tells her that it is her job to please him, and that if she doesn’t keep him happy to his exact specifications, it’s over.

When he finds out that she has scheduled a trip to her mother’s house in another state without asking him, he is furious. He throws her over his shoulder and screams, “YOU ARE MINE. ALL MINE. DO YOU UNDERSTAND?”

By this point, Christian has complete control of Anna. He dictates when they see each other, how affectionate they are with each other and who Anna is allowed to talk to and spend time with. Her friends and family can tell that she’s unhappy.

But above all, Anna is confused. Whenever she tries to reach out to Christian, she doesn’t know if he’s going to be receptive or ice-cold. He’s inconsistent, and, desperate to hang on to the few moments that he’s nice to her, that inconsistency keeps Anna under his control. She seems to think that if she stays, if she just keeps trying, she’ll figure out how to make him happy and he’ll stop treating her so badly.

Anna is smack-bang in the middle of an emotionally abusive relationship.

Now, take all of what I just described, and add some BDSM sex. Then, take all the conditions Christian placed on Anna, and frame them in the context of an ‘official BDSM contract’ that he made her sign.

That is how this movie makes domestic abuse seem okay. It’s emotional abuse disguised as a ‘naughty sex contract’. It’s domestic violence dressed up as sexy fantasy.

And it’s a genius, subtle move. Putting this kind of controlling, emotionally abusive relationship in the context of a sexy billionaire who just needs to be loved, makes it ridiculously easy to convince audiences the world over that this kind of behaviour is okay. He’s not some poor drunk with a mullet, hitting his wife for not doing the dishes. Christian is classy. Rich. Educated. He’s not what most women imagine an abuser to be, and his kind of abuse is not what most women would immediately recognise.

Not to mention, the combination of emotional abuse and sexual bondage means anybody who says they find the message in the story disturbing can be reduced to a ‘prude’, or accused of not understanding what BDSM involves. The blurred lines in this film mean any kind discussion about abuse can be easily shut down by those determined to be obtuse because they like the sexy blindfolds.

But there is no doubt in my mind that the film I watched last night was a disturbing and clear depiction of a controlling and emotionally abusive relationship. This was domestic violence. I don’t care how many women learned to embrace sex because of Fifty Shades of Grey. THIS WAS DOMESTIC VIOLENCE.

I was somewhat heartened when the film ended with Anna deciding her limits had been pushed too far. She leaves Christian and is clear that she doesn’t want him to follow. Then I found out that she goes back to him, and spends the next two books in the same emotional and manipulative turmoil. She spends the next two books clinging to the good moments they have together, hoping that eventually the good will outweigh the bad. Hoping that one day she’ll figure out how to make him happy, so he won’t need to keep treating her badly. Hoping that if she just… keeps… trying…

This was domestic abuse marketed as Valentine’s Day fun. That’s why I nearly cried. And that’s why I couldn’t write a funny recap.

I’m embarrassed that I ever thought I could.

16.03.10 BTS fancafe update

Suga -

12:55am kst

정말 감사합니다!
생일 축하해주신 모든 아미 여러분 감사합니다
24살이라니… 믿어지지가 않네요…
하하 21살때 데뷔했는데!!

생일이 뭐 별거냐 하면서 살아왔지만
이 별거 아닌 날을 여러분들이 특별한 날로 만들어주신거라고 생각합니다
매번 감사드려요 다시 한번 축하해주신 여러분 감사합니다!

오늘처럼 내일도 많이 춥고 황사 미세먼지 많다고 하니 마스크끼고 따뜻한 옷 챙기세요

Thank you so much!
Thank you to the ARMYs who wished me a happy birthday
24 years old… I can’t believe it…
Haha we debuted when I was 21 years old!!

I lived thinking birthdays are not a big deal but
ARMYs made this day a special day
Always thankful and once again, thank you to everyone who wished me!

Just like today, tomorrow will be cold and there will be a lot of dust so wear your masks and dress warmly
Thank you!!!

© letmesuga
please take out with full credits

Okay fandom GET THIS

Others who had signal in the panel room will have got this news out already. But I’m gonna tell you myself as well -

In the panel this morning (supposed to be Mish AND Jared but Jared was crazy late) someone asked about the ‘in love with humanity’ line, and Misha launched into a story about the original way Metatron’s fake Heaven was scripted. He made a big deal about how he probably shouldn’t tell us this, but after a small amount of ‘um’-ing went ahead and said that -

in the original script, to tailor the Heaven to Cas, the room was supposed to be covered with images of naked men with Jensen’s face stuck on them!

Now listen, guys… it DID NOT SOUND LIKE HE WAS JOKING TO ME. But hopefully you will be able to find a vid to judge for yourself.

I was dubious tho… So in Misha’s next panel, which I’ve just come from, I got in line and ASKED HIM IF HE WAS SERIOUS, if it had REALLY been scripted like he said.

He said, deadpan, ‘yes.’

So I persisted - ‘it was actually WRITTEN DOWN in the script the way you said it?’

His answer - ‘yes’

No elaboration, no sneaky smile, no adding wild embellishments to make it clear he was fucking around. Just ‘yes’ with maybe a bit of a shrug.

I don’t know what to believe!

Make of this what you will.

Transparency for the soft things

In order to properly explain what’s going on with the shirts/plushies and such, I figured I’d be able to give you guys a solid idea of what’s up via this ol’ Tumblr post here. So here goes!

As some of you know, plushies/shirts are on sale as a preorder already over here.

The initial idea was it wasn’t going to even be set up for sale or anything of that like until Wednesday, but due to some miscommunication it was opened up last night for preorder.

Another issue that arose was the fact that there was no female shirts set - I made sure they knew that that was kind of a big deal so now on the preorder deal there is a Women’s shirt selection. Proper modeling/photography of it won’t be setup for a few days due to weekends and such. If you’re already ordered a shirt and wish for a female shirt instead, just fill this out here:

Because it is setup so early for preorders, we run the risk of selling out BEFORE the actual stream event which was kind of the main idea in the first place. But, here’s the thing that could turn this odd-colored stone into an odd-colored brass shoe:

We might be selling out fast enough to show that people actually have an interest in them, meaning we could be able to make more, instead of the original 1,500. So, once the first batch sells out, the chances of a second batch setup for preorder would definitely be a thing, though they would take 4+ weeks to actually ship due to manufacturing and all that other such. (Workin’ with what I got here)

Also, once the actual plushies sell out, I would like to split up the shirts for individual sale instead of the discounted bundle deal right now. I appreciate the idea, but I know it’s too much for people, a lot of people, and forcing something on someone at such a cost when all they want is to put a rather snazzy piece of cloth on their back isn’t very nice, b. So that could be something in the future there that I’m trying to sort out.

Too long didn’t ready portion:

Women shirts available, change order from men’s shirt to women’s shirt here:

Probably gonna sellout of plushies before stream, might be able to make another batch if desire is high enough.

Working on opening up shirts to be separate from the discounted bundle they’re currently on right now once plushies sell out (MARKETING)

Okay! Sorry about the rocky start - communication is key, y'know? Have a good one guys!

It’s been a year since Night Time,My Time came out (& I’m still not allowed to post the actual album cover due to nudity). It’s been the longest/shortest year of my life. Thank you for all of your support. This is all been very surreal. When I was about to release the album, I was told to have no expectations & that most people wouldn’t like it etc. Only 2 people at my label were willing to somewhat promote it (I’m signed to a major). The only people that truly did was Lance Turner,my fans, & I. It ended up being top 5 of iTunes within the first two hours it was released & sold up to 100k copies (without label support or radio) which is a really big deal. I put whatever I had into this album,including any money I had. In order to make the songs & noise & visuals I wanted whether it was the album cover or music videos. @grant_singer made my videos the best & everything I dreamed of even with limited resources (I also made the album when we were living together).I ended up being able to tour 5 continents with the help of @bobbycory @andyjdcook & @mileycyrus. @justinlraisen & @arielrechtshaid helped me find my voice. The last person I wanted to thank was Steve Barnett for letting me finally release it when he just started working at EMI….and most of all @lovealienzzz for being my main inspiration 💝💝💝. This album will always mean so much to me. Not only because it was my first album (and took almost 7 years to be released) but it’s something I’ll always remain proud of because it’s something I wanted to make so badly & was made out of nothing but creativity & hard work. It really stands for so many things in my life & I’m really really really grateful for all of the support & the people who helped me to make it REAL 💘💘💘💘💘💘💘💘💘💘💘💘 (sorry the giant post) ::Photo by Gaspar Noe::

hey um can we have some support for non binary people who like having a big chest and don’t want to change that. im really sick of the typical non binary person being shown as flat-chested or a huge deal being made out about it like… you don’t have to hate yr chest to be nb and not wanting to wear a binder / not wanting reduction surgery doesn’t make u any less nb. ok

water splashing and sun shinin’

“He’s back.”

Jason didn’t even bother looking up from his open magazine. “Of course he’s back. He works here.”

Nico threw himself down out on the cheap folding chair, the plastic squeaking out in surprise. He let out a long, frustrated sigh, “I just don’t understand how this can happen. We’ve worked the same shifts everyday for the past two weeks, even when I asked Annabeth to change it up last week.”

Jason sighed and flipped his magazine close. He made this small act to be a grand gesture and he rolled his eyes before leaning in. “Alright, I’ll bite. What’s the big deal about working the same shift as blondie? It’s not like you even talk to him, all you do is stare - somewhat creepily - at him for hours on end. If anyone was going to have a problem with this, you’d think it would be him.”

Nico huffed air into his bangs, “That’s the point, Jason.” He gestured loosely towards the open window of the shack, “How the hell am I supposed to work with such distraction?”

Jason snorted and flicked his sunglasses down from where they sat in his damp hair. “Just go talk to him. Will’s a cool guy.”

“Of course you think that. You’ve got your whole-” Nico cut himself off to gesture at Jason’s bright orange swimming trunks and off-duty tank top, “Lifeguard bond thing. You’re practically, like, bound for life.”

Jason clicked his tongue, “I told you I could get you a lifeguard job if you ever decided you wanted to leave this shaggy little hut.”

“It’s a shack.” Nico defended, “And I like my shack. It has wifi and air conditioning and in here I can’t get a sunburn from simply going to work.”  

“And,” Jason added, nodding over to the open window, “you’ve got a great view.”

“Ughhh.” Nico groaned, rubbing his eyes with the palms of his hands. “How am I expected to work under such conditions?! He’s- He’s shirtless! And glistening! And he probably saves  helpless children from drowning all day!”

“Nico, your only job is to rent out surfboards and sell candy bars.” Jason inspected his nails, “if you get a little distracted by staring at lover boy, I think you’ll be fine.

Nico sighed dramatically and flung his arm over his eyes. It didn’t last very long - around fifteen seconds, Jason counted -  before he was peeking out from under his arm to catch a glimpse of the other boy.

Jason laughed and swiped Nico’s water bottle to take a long drink, exposing his tan collarbones, and the strong line of his throat. Nico briefly wondered why he couldn’t be attracted to Jason instead. It certainly would be a lot easier. Piper, Jason’s girlfriend, probably wouldn’t even care that much.

Jason, like the asshole he was, drained the rest of the bottle and threw it at him so it bounced off Nico’s shoulder. “Just ask him out.” Jason told him, “Or hook up with him, I really don’t care. Just get it out of your system.” Jason wrinkled his nose after a second, “And try to keep it off the counters, I eat here like, everyday.”

Nico flipped him off and before he could snap back with some snappy remark, he was interrupted. “Grace!” The voice barked out. One of the swim coaches poked his head around the corner, a scowl in place. “Your break’s over! Get back out here or you’re scrubbing hot tubs!”

Jason rolled his eyes, “Looks like Hedge is back from his honeymoon. Great. I’ll see you at lunch, when’s our break?”

“Sometime around noon.” Nico answered him, a bit vague, and flipped open Jason’s abandon magazine. He waved a goodbye at Jason’s retreating figure, and tried not to stare too hard at tall, freckled, and handsome on the other end of the pool.

“Hey, di Angelo?” Leo, one of the older kids who helped fix broken equipment, peeked his head around the corner, “Throw me a soda, would ya?”

Nico nodded and tossed him one, the last can in the cooler. Leo gave him a thumbs up before sprinting off, carefully avoiding Nico’s annoyed mood.

Nico sighed, throwing his head back and squeezing his eyes shut - actually doing his job was so inconvenient sometimes. He bend down and crawled under the counter to began pulling the cardboard cases of water forward, cursing every moment that lead him to actually having a job in the first place. It wasn’t like he needed it, Hades was only too-happy to fund his few adventures, and his past summers were spent joyfully curled with a blanket and binge watching Game of Thrones.

That is, until he remembered how quickly the joy of being alone wore off, and how even the Stark house fighting it out couldn’t fill the empty space beside him on his most lonely days. That’s how he found himself here, he supposes, because as much as he loves his warm darkness and fictional characters, being with people who actually wanted him around always felt better.

So he guesses work isn’t that bad, in exchange, especially because his own set up was so much sweeter than just standing around getting burnt and sun sick.

The small bell on the counter dinged sharply, and Nico had to physically retrain himself from rolling his eyes. The bell had been a joke - usually just pressed frantically by Percy or Jason to annoy him, or by a few clueless tourists who actually managed to spot it hiding in the corner of the counter.  

“What can I get you from the Surf Shack?” Nico questioned, turning with a clipboard in his hands. He added up the inventory quickly and punched some numbers in the register. He didn’t look up the customer just yet, instead focusing on not screwing up the numbers.

“Hey, uh, could I get a bottle of water?” Nico glanced up and froze almost immediately. There, in all his tan, shirtless glory, was lover boy, aka blondie, aka Will the lifeguard, who was grinning at Nico. Nico swallowed, and he could see his own gaping reflection in the other boy’s dark lensed sunglasses.

Of course this wasn’t Will’s first time visiting the surf shack, but each time there was Jason or Percy or Reyna or someone to block Nico from full on, fumbling, terrifying conversation.

“Uh. Yeah. Sure.” Nico told him, but didn’t make any movement to retrieve the bottle from the cooler behind him.

Will leaned into the window so the shadow’s could dip over him. “Water?” he questioned playfully, grinning widely at the other boy. His tank top was tucked into the side of his swim trucks and he reached for it to wipe the sweat out of his eyes.

“Yeah.” Nico agreed, “Oh!” Nico snapped out of it, turning quickly so he hide his reddened cheeks. If he was lucky, he could somehow blame it on the sun, despite the shade that blessed his little shack. He opened the cooler and enjoyed how the iced air cooled his burning cheeks, even just for a moment.

He stood there for a moment, fumbling with the slick water bottles, and working up his courage to turn. He swallowed and bit the end of his tongue. “Here.” Nico passed along the icy bottle, careful not to brush the other boy’s fingers.

Will grinned in thanks before taking a long, long drink. After almost draining the entire bottle in a single drink, he leaned forward again, “Nico, right?”

Nico swallowed, unprepared for the continuation of his interaction with the other boy. “Yeah. That’s me. Nico.”

“I’m Will.” He took another swing of his water, “I’m a lifeguard.” He told Nico obviously.

Nico resisted the urge to roll his eyes. This one, like most of the surf crew, seemed to be more beauty than brains.

“You’re Jason’s friend, right?” Will took another sip of the water, and Nico was distracted by a bead of sweat racing down the line of his throat. Nico nodded, not trusting his suddenly dry throat his choke out any words.

Will nodded, “Jason talks about you a lot. You guys good friends?”

“Best friends.” Nico corrected him, his voice dry. “He got me my job here.”

Will nodded, tipping his cherry red sunglasses into his hair so his eyes - blue as the summer sky - could be revealed. There was a slight tan line across nose, and the freckles splashed across his cheeks were darker than anywhere, and the small gap in between his top two teeth was exposed when he grinned, but he looked perfect.

“Can I get you anything else?” Nico busied himself with the stack of receipts on the counter, his nervous hands dancing across the papers quickly.

“Nah.” Will took another sip of water before grinning. “I only came for the view.”

Nico smiled, gesturing towards the busy beach area. “I do have the best view of random strangers gathering around picnic tables”

Will glanced over his shoulder for only a second, seeming bemused. “As lustworthy that sight is, I wasn’t talking about that one.” Will only too obviously ran his eyes over Nico, giving the other bo an appreciative look.  

It clicked, and Nico’s cheeks burned. “Oh. Um. Okay.”

Will leaned in, “Now, what are you doing hiding your pretty little face under this little shack?” Will grinned, low and a little flirtatious, “A face like that shouldn’t be hidden behind rows of soda and candy bars.”

“What…my face?” he sputtered out, more confusion and startled emotion than anything.

“‘Course your face.” Will grinned sharply before flipping down his cherry sunglasses and standing straight. “And while I would love to make that nice red flush across your cheeks once again, I’ve gotta go.” He grinned, taking a napkin off the counter and a pen from the cup beside the register. “Call me sometime, alright? I’ll be eagerly awaiting.”

Nico’s throat was dry and his eyes were wide, but he managed to numbly wave the other boy gone and clench the paper to his chest.

What the hell just happened?

The comments on Ingrid’s coming out video are actually disgusting, the amount of people saying that she only ‘came out for attention’ and that she 'shouldn’t be crying, its not a big deal’ and 'if you’re gay, why are you wearing make up and lipstick?’ actually made me feel ill. Fuck you and your ignorance.

Most testimonies of victory have a turning point, which usually sounds like, “And then I met this pastor” or “Then this counselor came by” or “I got this text at the perfect time.” It seems random, but those people and phone calls and messages of encouragement happened on purpose. Someone made a choice to reach out, get involved, get near another person’s wreckage, and help them for one more step. It was enough to get them moving again. Maybe it was no big deal for the person who reached out. But to they person they helped, it meant everything. It was the turning point. It was the beginning of seeing new light, of finding a new dream, the start of healing. A little bit of your time and wisdom might turn someone’s life around. You never know: so go.

“The only thing that separates women of color from anyone else is opportunity”
- Viola Davis
Its a big deal with hat @google invested in @iisuperwomanii to have billboards all over #nyc #LA #sanfrancisco #Sydney and #melbourne not only because the rest of the world need to be made aware of this phenomenal talent, but this is a big step in the right direction for minorities.

To see @iiparamjeetii rocking a chunni on the digital billboards of #timesquare is monumental. As someone who’s never felt like I could relate to anyone I saw on mainstream media, I find happiness knowing a new generation will see these images as normal.
Lilly wasn’t presented with any special opportunity; she created one. She took a risk and put herself out there on @youtube and created a community of millions strong. She didn’t know the right people, she didn’t get discovered, she doesn’t even have a viral video. What she has is persistence and a work ethic that is monstrous.

No matter who you are, and what you want to achieve, I hope you can look yo her as a reason why anything is possible.

#Love (at New York, New York)

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rose dix and rosie spaughton are two utterly fab youtubers who have become increasingly important figures in my life over the past few months because with turning 18 comes having to face the adult world, including who you are. coming to terms with my sexuality has been rough for me at times and both as a couple and as two beautiful human beings, rose and rosie have shown me just how much happiness and support and love is waiting once the TERRIFYING COMING OUT STUFF is over.
(someeeeeeeeeewhereeeeeee over the rainbowwww) ahem

these two wonderful wonderful girls have made me feel loved and comforted and incredibly happy every day since i stumbled across rose’s youtube, and on the days where the positivity hasn’t overpowered my anxiety in the run up to exams, it’s at least balanced it out. i’m so grateful to them and so fucking excited for everything that’s coming up for them (including a m&g in THE US OF A damnit guys stop being such a big deal)

SO those of you who are struggling with sexuality and coming out and need a hug from the uk, check out:
rose’s coming out video
rosie’s coming out video

rosie runs a blog that has everything from day to day lifey posts to fashion picks [and really cute pictures of the girls if all that wasn’t incentive enough]
rose has a blog now too and a merchandise store is happening 

rose’s twitter
rosie’s twitter
rose’s instagram
rosie’s instagram
rose’s youtube channel
rosie’s youtube channel

more people need to be made aware of these lovely girls’ existence on the interwebs and if they can help one person like they’ve helped me i’ll be a happy happy girl (y)

In Case You Forgot: (1/????)
  • Lily and James were barely 21 when they died, protecting their son.
  • Sirius was 21 when he went to prison for a crime he didn’t commit.

  • Remus spent roughly 13 years of full moons alone(12 while Sirius was imprisoned and 1 more before their reunion)

  • Remus felt like scum, like the bottom of society.

  • James supported Remus financially during the First War.

  • Sirius(probably) helped support Remus after Remus left Hogwarts.

  • Remus assumed, wrongly, that it was Sirius that Tonks had fallen for.


  • Harry and Ginny made out in front of Ron. Twice(as far as I’ve counted).

  • Hermione and Ron made out in front of Harry. Once(as far as we know).

  • Everyone was totally cool with incest, apparently it’s no big deal.


  • Sirius’ parents were cousins.(or second cousins? His mother and father were related the same way Sirius and Tonks were)

  • Regulus Black was a good man.

  • Severus Snape made a sacrifice.

  • Severus Snape also made some bad decisions.

  • Severus Snape is human.

  • Andromeda Black was the first ‘black sheep’ of her generation in that family, followed by Sirius.

  • HE WAS THEIR FRIEND! < still applies to Peter.

I will do more of these, possibly daily in my queue. Enjoy!

seventeen and what it's like to sleep next to them
  • S. Coups:y'all might as well be married bc the side of the bed you choose to sleep on is NON-NEGOTIABLE, he's left, you're right...always. also, he's super clingy but you don't mind bc he's pretty much your nightmare-repellent
  • Jeonghan:steals your headbands to push back his hair, if he doesn't fall asleep immediately you play that game where he draws letters on your back with his finger and you guess what word he spelled
  • Joshua:y'all barely even sleep bc he brings out the chatty side in you and you're up at 4am talking about that one embarrassing thing you did that one time and disagreeing over the best character of a movie
  • Jun:cool as a cucumber, is usually the big spoon but secretly loves being the little spoon, wears your pajamas all the time
  • Hoshi:you'd think it'd be no big deal but he's the blushiest thing you've ever seen???? you thought he had a fever the first time but nope,, he's just a cutie
  • Wonwoo:his voice is already deep so his thick sleepy voice makes you (almost) as clingy as seungcheol, he doesn't realize it but you keep him talking for as long as possible before he falls asleep just so you can listen longer
  • Woozi:lays there so stiffly you're surprised he isn't made of wood, but slowly relaxes and gathers the courage to acknowledge your presence long enough to give you a forehead kiss before covering his face quickly with his arm (much to your amusement)
  • Mingyu:the blanket's not long enough for him so he's always putting his cold feet on your legs for warmth and if you have to tell him to stop oNE MORE TIME--
  • DK:the SWEETEST, always makes sure you are comfortable and is extra careful not to disturb you when he's shifting even though you told him it was fine, wrote a cute cheesy lullaby specifically for you
  • The8:you take turns telling scary stories trying to freak each other out, you laugh at his attempts bc he's too cute to be scary
  • Seungkwan:you wake up on the floor, just sayin'
  • Vernon:sleep-rapping
  • Dino:wants a nightlight literally just so he can make shadows puppets with his hands
I was playing piano for Phantom and there’s a moment in act one when Christine rips the mask off of the Phantom in act one (yes, spoiler alert, but it’s been running for 25 years! Where have you been???) One night I heard something clink and clank in the pit. What the H? Turns out, the mask had fallen off the stage and into the pit! The Phantom’s Mask! Of course, I put it on. Suddenly, I’m playing the organ in the pit and I begin to feel like the Phantom. So cool! I was trying to get a laugh out of the viola section because they’re notoriously uptight, but simply got stared out. Finally, I look up and see the conductor frantically telling me to take off the mask. Hmph. What was the big deal, you ask? Well, turns out, the masks are not made of plastic like the ones you can buy in Broadway-themed stores. No, they’re made of pliable material that molds specifically to the Phantom’s face. When I put it on, it changed the mold from the actor playing the Phantom’s face and more into my, shall we say, Semitic face. As far as I know, that mask can now only be used if a Rabbi takes over the role.
—  Seth Rudetsky’s 10 big Broadway disasters [x]

It was our first food scene, the first time I worked with the director David Slade, the first time I worked with Mads [Mikkelsen], the first time he was eating something I made, and the first time the viewer was meeting Hannibal. So it was a big deal that day on set. And back then, we were just crossing our fingers. I had brought all kinds of lungs to set for this scene. I had my idea of how I wanted it to be, and we discussed how Hannibal might prepare it. When you’re preparing lungs, you have to press any liquid out so that when you’re frying it doesn’t steam, it fries. In the script, it calls for tapping it with a hammer, but it didn’t feel right. Mads suggested that he could press it out just using his hands, and I thought of course! I had brought all these lungs, some grisly ones and gory ones, and my favorite ones were very pink and fresh ones. As lovely as lungs can be. It’s supposed to be his secretary, so they were pretty, petite lungs. And the scene is wonderful, you come up behind him in the kitchen and realize he’s pressing on these lungs.

In many ways, that’s what sticks out in my mind as my favorite food shot, because I knew what the show was going to be. It was going to be elegant and beautiful and scary and sexy. And appetizing! Maybe it’s just me, but I think that the lung looked good. It was scary because you know what it was, but it still looked good. If we had used one of the bloodier, gory lungs it would have been more horror, but it wasn’t horror, it was seduction.

–Janice Poon answering a question about her favourite food scene in Hannibal. Interview by Laurel Randolph in Hannibal Food Stylist Janice Poon Reveals Her Bag of Tricks (Paste Magazine, 8 June, 2015)

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Hey Taylor. I’m Kamila and I’m from Poland. Tomorrow (Feb 20th) is my Birthday! I’m feeling 22, pretty awesome right? I want to thank you for being with me for almost 8 years of my life. You were always like older sister I’ve never had - 4 years older, always with amazing advices which I still find in your songs. It’s funny like you always made an album which is so accurate when it comes about my life. You’ve helped me so many times. You’ve helped me when I had no friends in middle school, you’ve helped me get out from toxic relationship, than you’ve helped me to find love again, and now you’re helping me how to deal with broken heart and single life. I’m so thankful for that. I’m so thankful that you are with me and that you are a big part of my life. Thanks to you I found amazing friend, I started to learn English, I started believe in myself and I started to chasing my dreams. You keep me sane in the hardest moments. And tomorrow I’m gonna sing “22”, and even if I have no idea where my life is going, even if all plans I had now are just ruined because of one guy, even if I’m not very happy about my life - just free, confused and lonely - I know that you and your music always will be with me. And I hope that someday I will get the chance to hug you and tell you about everything, and thank you once again, because I don’t know where I would be without you in my life. You are my lifesaver. I love you so much.