and then you made such a big deal out of it

Bursting At The Seams (April and Arizona)

April grabbed two coffees and made her way to Arizona’s office.  It had been awhile since they had chatted, and April felt she had a lot to catch her friend up on.  Or maybe she was making a big deal out of nothing.  She quickly knocked on the door before letting herself in.  “How are you?” April asked as she sat down on the sofa.  She kicked her shoes off and passed Arizona a coffee.  

Meet The Nutcracker, the fruity, boozy and illegal drink that’s a New York summer classic.
(source: Circa)

The Bright Side Is:  White people found out about something and didn’t act like it’s brand new or ignore the colored folks who came up with it.  Finally.  They even have the guy who invented the Nutcracker in the video making one of his originals.

The Downside Is:  Now the cops have to bust you because it’s not underground anymore. 

NYPD has known what Nutcrackers are for decades – they just tend to look the other way because they have other things to worry about it.  Some guy walking up and down the beach going “Nutcracker, Nutcracker” isn’t really that big of a deal.  He’s not saying “I got illegal booze for y'all.”  But now, that guy is essentially saying just that because it’s so widespread now that white people made a video about it to tell all the other white people about it. 

I don’t really get annoyed by white folks taking cool brown stuff and participating in it – because we’re fucking cool, OK? – but once you take something Brown & Underground and tell your white friends, it’s no longer Underground, so if it was technically against the law (though not hurting anyone) it’s now so mainstream that the police have to bust you. 

This is just like white kids in Brooklyn selling food out of their homes without a license.  Minority communities have been doing it for a hundred years (partly because we weren’t even allowed in restaurants, and partly as a source of income because we couldn’t find jobs) and the cops always looked the other way.  Now Tia Juanita can’t sell her pasteles on the porch in Bushwick because Mary Louise put up a website to sell artisan sandwiches in her living room and too many people found out.

If you see something Brown & Underground, try to let it stay that way.  Word of mouth is just fine.  There’s no reason to try going viral on the Internet because now you just ruined it not only for the brown folks making a living from it but for yourself as well.  This will be the only time I address this particular issue because I like for our underground things to stay underground and I don’t want to participate in the exposure.  However, since outdoor drinking in NYC has been decriminalized (meaning you probably won’t be arrested, but you might get a ticket) the cops still look away for the most part even if they know you have booze.  Your “Nutcracker, Nutcracker” guy might not announce his presence anymore, but you can still just find the guy dragging a cooler.

(But if I see some white guy selling Nutrackers in glass bottles for $20, it’s on.)

seventeen and what it's like to sleep next to them
  • S. Coups:y'all might as well be married bc the side of the bed you choose to sleep on is NON-NEGOTIABLE, he's left, you're right...always. also, he's super clingy but you don't mind bc he's pretty much your nightmare-repellent
  • Jeonghan:steals your headbands to push back his hair, if he doesn't fall asleep immediately you play that game where he draws letters on your back with his finger and you guess what word he spelled
  • Joshua:y'all barely even sleep bc he brings out the chatty side in you and you're up at 4am talking about that one embarrassing thing you did that one time and disagreeing over the best character of a movie
  • Jun:cool as a cucumber, is usually the big spoon but secretly loves being the little spoon, wears your pajamas all the time
  • Hoshi:you'd think it'd be no big deal but he's the blushiest thing you've ever seen???? you thought he had a fever the first time but nope,, he's just a cutie
  • Wonwoo:his voice is already deep so his thick sleepy voice makes you (almost) as clingy as seungcheol, he doesn't realize it but you keep him talking for as long as possible before he falls asleep just so you can listen longer
  • Woozi:lays there so stiffly you're surprised he isn't made of wood, but slowly relaxes and gathers the courage to acknowledge your presence long enough to give you a forehead kiss before covering his face quickly with his arm (much to your amusement)
  • Mingyu:the blanket's not long enough for him so he's always putting his cold feet on your legs for warmth and if you have to tell him to stop oNE MORE TIME--
  • DK:the SWEETEST, always makes sure you are comfortable and is extra careful not to disturb you when he's shifting even though you told him it was fine, wrote a cute cheesy lullaby specifically for you
  • The8:you take turns telling scary stories trying to freak each other out, you laugh at his attempts bc he's too cute to be scary
  • Seungkwan:you wake up on the floor, just sayin'
  • Vernon:sleep-rapping
  • Dino:wants a nightlight literally just so he can make shadows puppets with his hands
You two are best friends and get caught doing skinship (BTS)

Rap Monster: -he would be scrolling though photos that people took of you two. He always liked how people thought there was something more between you two- “these are pretty good pictures of us Y/N” 

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Jin: -he teased you about it, you two had always been like that with each other.- “Looks like they caught us Y/N”

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Suga: -he didn’t understand why people made a big deal out of it. You were doing nothing more than acting how you normally did- “I didn’t think putting my head in your lap would cause this much trouble”

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J-Hope: -he thought it was cute that people thought there was more than just friendship going on between the two of you- “I mean we’re cute but we’re just cute friends”

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Jimin: -you told him about how people got a picture of you two holding hands. He wasn’t sure what you meant because it was normal- “but we always do that stuff what’s the deal?”

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V: -he always threw himself around on you. So seeing you looking through pictures of the two of you together was normal- “I like how you care what people think”

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Jungkook: -he felt happy about it because you two did it often and never had pictures of the two of you together to show you did it- “we have a cute friendship right?”

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Meeting My Doctor; Or How I Accidentally Made Sure that Peter Capaldi Remembers My Smart Ass

Okay, I meant to write this all out on Tuesday to share the fun times with everybody, but I have literally been sick on my couch for like 48+ hours so it’s a bit belated.

Location and casting spoilers for S10 ahead, please use discretion if you don’t wanna know.

I found out that the Doctor Who folks were filming S10 in Newport, Wales last week. Looked it up and discovered that hey, it’s only a 3-hour train ride from where I live. Which is apparently a big deal in British time but is pretty much nothing in American time, so I said why not?

So I get up super early on about 3 hours sleep maximum, hop on the train, and go to Wales. I’ve never even been to Wales before. I did not know how many steep hills there are. I found out very quickly, upon hiking up a very steep hill in order to get to the set. This was not entertaining. Worth it in the end, though.

Most of the day was spent sitting with other folks across the street from Fields House, watching people set up and knock down props and cameras. We got to watch Pearl Mackie and David Suchet (plus a few extras) rehearse and film a scene, which was cool. Mostly we just sat around and chatted about stuff. I met another woman there who was a pro photographer and she’d brought her fancy camera, so we talked photography for a bit. Most of the folks visiting the set were from Wales, and they all thought I was crazy coming all the way from the London area (as I said, that’s apparently a long ways to them). It also came out that I’m from Chicago originally. There were only about 20 folks tops there at any given time, so it was actually quite an intimate, laid-back time.

Anyway, Pearl had free time first, so she came out and signed stuff and chatted with us, and the woman with the camera grabbed me and yelled “THIS GIRL CAME ALL THE WAY FROM LONDON!” which confused Pearl because I had an obvious American accent. Embarrassing, but she was really sweet.

Peter came out a lot later and was signing for everyone. Because there were so few people, he actually took the time to chat with everyone a bit individually, which was really cool. He signed for the camera lady first, and she handed her camera off to a friend of hers to take photos of them together. Unfortunately for her, her friend turned out to know absolutely nothing about photography and didn’t get a single photo. She was upbraiding him for it when I met her gaze and said “You want me to?” and she just nodded gratefully and silently handed me the camera. I took some photos (that actually came out) while Peter very obligingly and graciously posed with her again.

As soon as they were done, she pulled the exact same wonderful, kind, embarrassing bullshit on my poor ass. She turns to Peter, points at me, and this time goes (again, very loudly) “She came all the way from Chicago to meet you,” which is patently false, but it did get his attention. His mouth just popped open in amazement, and I went over and admitted that no, not really, I’ve actually been living near London for the past year, to which he shrugged and said, “Well, via London, then.”

He took my things to sign and told me that he’s never been to Chicago but would love to go, and I advised him to visit in autumn because every other season is awful (truth). He asked why it’s called the Windy City, and I confirmed that it is very windy (a partial and severely annotated truth).

That was when I cleared my throat and told him, “Hey, I just wanted to say thank you for your performance in Heaven Sent. It really meant a lot to me to see that, and had a deep impact. So thank you.” And I managed to do it without getting emotional, so good for me! Still, though, it must have struck something, because he stopped what he was doing in signing and raised his head to look me straight in the eyes and told me, “Thank you. That’s really lovely to hear. I mean it.” Which made me smile. All the while the camera lady had been snapping photos of us, so he very suddenly wrapped his arm around my shoulders and pulled me in for a pose for her (which was a super super super nice feeling, gotta admit).

Anyway, this is where the whole story takes a hilarious and embarrassing and utterly surrealist turn and I am still laughing about it days later.

He must’ve glanced down at my chest tattoo because suddenly he goes. “Oh, is that Tolkien? You know, I went to Hobbiton down in New Zealand.”

I say something along the lines of “Oh wow, I wish I could afford a flight to New Zealand, I’ve always wanted to visit there,” and he shrugs it off saying, “Well, we were doing a promotional tour for Doctor Who.”

At which point, my smart mouth immediately says “So they’re big fans of Doctor Who in Hobbiton, then?” in the perfect deadpan I always do when I’m being a smart ass piece of shit, because I apparently have no fucking filter.

He pauses and tries to figure out what I’m saying, before continuing. “No, I mean we went to Hobbiton…”

He’s not getting it, I think frantically. Oh God, he’s missing it. So I pitch it to him a second time, looking him in the eyes and practically begging him to please get it this time. “Aaand Hobbits are big Doctor Who fans, huh?”

And I swear on my mother’s name, the poor man got a rather concerned look on his face, because in this moment it was absolutely clear that Peter Capaldi honestly believed he had misled a girl into thinking that Hobbits are real.

“No, no, no,” he begins explaining to me, “We were in New Zealand, promoting Doctor Who to the New Zealanders, and as a special treat they took me for a visit to the set of Hobbiton.”

Now, this entire time I am just about to lose my fucking mind because how has my life gotten to the point where Peter Capaldi is standing there in full Doctor costume explaining to me that Hobbits don’t exist? But instead I just stand there like a deer in headlights, my cool very slowly breaking as the smile on my face gets wider and wider and wider until I think I’m going to break, and I can no longer restrain the giggles fighting to escape my lungs, God help me.

And that was when the most beautiful thing I’ve seen all fucking year happened: Peter Capaldi (looking very stern and severe in his black sweater and long black jacket and black sunglasses, not to mention more than a little worried about this poor deluded child standing in front of him) finally notices my grin and the fact that I am very close to dying, and this look of pure unadulterated realisation just washes over his face. I can still see it in slow motion in my head. It was glorious.

He stares at me, trails off mid-sentence, and then silently mouths an “…oh.”

I could no longer hold it back. I started giggling like a moron. I apologised to him, thanked him, and left him standing there staring after me before he moved on to signing things for other folks.

And that is how I accidentally and unintentionally rekt Peter Capaldi.

ok but dating soccer!calum would mean packing lunch and snacks for him to bring to practice because he likes showing off the bomb ass food his girlfriend made to his teammates and boasting about how great of a girlfriend you are. you would always try to make his games especially if it was for a big league and whenever he felt tired or unmotivated on the field, he would look up at the stands and see you in his over-sized jersey cheering him on and he would immediately break out into a smile. but dealing with post - defeat calum would be heartbreaking. he tends to beat himself up and sulk in the locker rooms after the game. and after the games you would solemnly walk into the locker room, giving consolating smiles to his teammates as they direct you to a sad calum to just sit with him while he gets changed. and the only thing that would make his day better is seeing you so comfortable with his environment. seeing you help him go through his cool down routine and pack up his stuff makes him realise how lucky he is to have a girlfriend who is supportive and will give him cuddles when he needs it even if he was still sweaty.

“Sasuke,” Naruto whined, slouching on the couch and groaning some more, “Change the channel. I don’t wanna watch this lame documentary about soil acidity or whatever the hell this is.”

“Don’t I put up with you and your ridiculous, so called ‘comedy’ shows?” Sasuke replied, not a shred of sympathy in his tone and he didn’t take his gaze away from the TV either which made Naruto pout.

“So? You still make rude-ass sarcastic comments when they’re on, you’re not perfect you know!” Naruto accused loudly, causing Sasuke’s eye to twitch as he increased the volume.

“Yet I don’t make such a fuss like you are right now. You can’t do anything without making a big deal out of it.”

“I do not!”

”Naruto, be quiet. I can’t hear the statistics report.”

“Nobody actually listens to the damn statistics! Just you!” Naruto growled, throwing his head back in exasperation.

“I think you mean: People like me, people with proper brain capacity.” Sasuke corrected robotically, turning up the volume yet again even as he insulted Naruto. 

“That’s it! Give me the remote!” Sitting upright rapidly, Naruto launched himself at Sasuke and started desperately reaching for the magical device that could stop all this boringness with a press of a button. 

“Idiot! Get off, or-” A strange sound then fell from Sasuke’s lips, and it took Naruto a full minute to realise it was the sound of laughter.

Sasuke looked just as shocked as Naruto did, and had brought a hand up to cover his mouth as if he had committed a most terrible crime. Drawing his brows together, Naruto looked down and noticed in the chaos of the two of them wrestling, his hand had slipped beneath Sasuke’s shirt and had grazed against his stomach. 

The cogs in Naruto’s brain were turning and it wasn’t long before he could connect the dots. 

“Sasuke, are-are you ticklish?” Naruto asked, his eyes slowly widening and a light of realisation shone in them as he leaned closer and closer to Sasuke. 

“No.” Sasuke’s tone was the same as it always was, but he answered too quickly - a sure sign he was lying!

A mischievous glint entered those blue eyes, and Sasuke instinctively stiffened, leaning back away from the blonde. The TV and what was on it was left forgotten, the two now focussed totally on each other. 

“Naruto, no,” Sasuke demanded again, a fierce seriousness in his gaze as he looked at his boyfriend. 

Yet Naruto seemed to be suffering from a lapse of deafness, as he closed the space between them, getting closer and closer to Sasuke. There was nothing threatening about his movements, and that perhaps freaked Sasuke out even more. People didn’t know that behind his innocent smile and personality, Naruto actually had a darker side that he so loved to take out on Sasuke.  

“Stay away, or I swear you’ll regret it when you’re faced with the consequences.” Backing away again, Sasuke sharpened his glare but Naruto could see a flicker of panic in his expression.

Lifting his shoulder up in a careless shrug, Naruto let his lips curl into a smirk and reached his hand out to rest on Sasuke’s thigh, “Mah, come on Sasuke. You know me, I’m the type of to guy to go with his gut and act in the heat of the moment.”

“Naruto, don’t you dare-!” 

Sasuke’s didn’t get to finish his threat because his shirt was suddenly pushed up and Naruto hands were vigorously tickling his stomach. 

An uncharacteristically loud shriek of laughter emitted from Sasuke as Naruto ruthlessly tickled him. A grin bright enough to match the sun took over Naruto’s face, and he soon found himself joining in laughing as he tickled Sasuke over and over. 

Beneath his laughter, Sasuke was absolutely furious at Naruto for taking advantage of him like this. He would definitely find a way to pay him back for this. But beneath the anger still, there was a twinge of happiness. 

Whenever they laughed together, everything felt right in the world. 

Barter. The good ol’ give and take.

Sometimes we lose valuable things. Friends and enemies, they can get lost. We can lose them. We even lose lovers sometimes.

In exchange, we get bad things; snakes and monsters and sometimes even death. Things we have no desire to own.

It is part of the deal.

Everything is a part of the big masterplan; the balance must be obtained. But who is in charge of the trade?

For Dean, it is never a matter of price.

Get Sammy back.

It always is, always was, the easiest decision in the world.
And he knows that one day, he will run out of commodities. Out of valuables, of promises, of things to hand over.

But it’s okay.

Because how can you even put a price tag on your soul?

Dean is made of whiskey and bruises, split lips and never ending guilt. But he is also made out of Sam. Sam is the liquid core that keeps all his frayed parts together. The blood red placenta that pours life into Dean.

If it happens- when it happens- he will follow.

Eat a bullet, wrap the car over a tree, drink himself into oblivion.

The specifics are insignificant. He will follow. Patch his soul back with its other part. Be whole. As he always is with Sam.

He is not afraid.

When dancing with the devil, make sure you have the lead.

how to get an LP officer in trouble

I am usually not so petty or vindictive, or advocate harming the incomes of individuals but if you’re ever feeling this way , or there is an lp officer who is SUS’ing you and you wanna fuck up their lives too then follow this guide (many of them are on a power trip, so it’s ok to take em down a notch imo).

1. Act skittish

2. draw attention to yourself

3. take nothing but keep one hand in your pocket as if you stole

4. make sure not to bring any lifting equipment

5. draw a lot of attention as you walk out, act paranoid

6. hopefully lp stops you

7. if so follow them to the back room and let them search your bag

8. afterward ask their name and ask them to bring you to a manager

9.tell their manager about how embarrassed and distraught the lp officer (refer to them by name) made you feel. Make it a big deal and ask for the contact information of the lp manager and the lp company. If they ask you for a way to resolve your distress tell them you want a written apology.

in my opinion if they can get you a strike on your record they can get a strike on their’s as well it usually takes 1-2 “bad stops” for an lp officer to be fired. I also believe that we should not have laws like the merchants privilege as they violate our 4th amendment right and prioritize corporations over people. In addition to that the loss prevention industry is built around protecting items and prosecuting individuals.  


Some Simple Narcissa Malfoy Headcanons

-When she was a child she cried very easily, being the baby of the three daughters, it was a very useful tactic to get her own way.
-She actually has a wonderful sense of humor, if you’re the right person to make her laugh of course.
-She has a passion for dancing, she could dance for hours.
-She argued with Lucius a lot, being the Drama Queen she is, she often made a big deal out of small things. They were never serious though, and they never went to sleep angry with each other.
-She is n e v e r the one to apologize. -Although, there were a few special occasions where she would damn Lucius to the couch for the night, but every time she would come downstairs and sleep with him. She had never slept alone one night since she married Lucius.
-She had the same wand all of her life until she lost it in the Battle of Hogwarts
-The nights she can’t sleep she will always try to find her father’s and sister’s faces in the night sky amongst the stars. It’s an odd comfort of hers.

Lemmie explain this

I was poor. I had to make friends to eat. To do anything, I had to make friends.

I made friends with an old man. Someone who sat on my corner every night. Smoking. No big deal. Some Vietnamese guy. Barely spoke English. I don’t care. I know from what you look like and how you speak where you come from.

So what’s up. Why are you sitting on my curb.

Turns out he owned a Vietnamese restaurant. He just liked to be outside.

So I talked with him for about a week before he asked if I was hungry.

Well I have no money. I’m eating ramen.

No no! Just come eat!

After that I became strong friends with the family. That’s where I learned Rooster Sauce and that’s why we have bottles here.

That’s why when we talk about favorite food, Vietnamese is always number 1.

A little old man gave me rice noodles and covered them in Rooster Sauce.

And I was totally broke.

So yeah. Vietnamese and Rooster Sauce have a huge place in my heart.

Now I’m hungry.

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Hey Zach! Can I ask you for some advice? I've had a bunch of days lately where I'm frustrated by being burnt out, lonely, and generally feeling less than competent or just unwanted(in school, in friendships, in activities, in my scholarship/college search, and just overall). Any tips for dealing with the days and weeks that feel like that?

I’ve been thinking about this a lot since you messaged me! Finally made a video with @thelaurenshippen about self-care that I wanted to make for you.

Not sure it exactly answers your question because it’s such a big one. Think of self care as a present you give to yourself even when it feels like nobody else will.


HAPPY 18TH MONTHSARY - August 9, 2016

We’re not the kind of couple who celebrates our monthsary every now and then but we make sure that we will at least greet each other and try not to fight on our special day. It’s not that we don’t give significance on every 9th day of the month but we just decided not to make a big deal out of it. I mean unless we’re down for something fun.

Before summer ends I used to cooked for him. I will call him on random mornings to hand him his baon ( Gf duties ) or sometimes he’ll consume it in front of me and make gigil and throw random sweet ( literally ) kisses while munching on those fluffy pancakes I made for him.

Today I’ve decided to give him some macaroni with alfredo sauce. I’m glad because he made it despite the bad weather. Look how goofy he is. Haha I love you Bernard.


“Are you sure you feel okay?” Ray asked for the billionth time. 

“Yeah I’m fine. Why are you making a big deal out of this?” You asked rolling your eyes in annoyance. 

“Yeah but-”

“Ray I’m fine! Everyone gets sick every once in a while, can we please just drop it?” You asked.

“(y/n) are you pregnant?” He rushed out.

“What? No–I mean I don’t think–where is this coming from?” You asked staring at him like a deer caught in the headlights. 

“It’s not like this is coming out of no where, we did just meet our who knows how many times great grandchild.” Ray said.

“Allegedly.” You shot back.

“Oh come on the only thing that would’ve made it more obvious would be if we saw the family tree.” 

“I guess it’s the possibility. At least we already know the name.” You said laughing lightly as you rested your head on his chest. 

“I’ll take a test or something at the next time zone we stop in–if it’s a possibility.” You continued. 

“I love you. If we do start a family now then I can’t wait, and it turns out that this family isn’t gonna start just yet then I’m also fine with waiting.” Ray said placing a kiss at the top of your head. 

“I love you too.” You mumbled into his chest as you brought your arms up to wrap around him. 

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okay let’s be real all those people making “it’s okay not to be famous” posts are famous, and that’s ridiculous. it’s easy to act like it’s Not A Big Deal when you’re already popular and you have hundreds of people who make that clear to you every day.

what isn’t easy is being harassed for something you made with no support. having to watch your posts stagnate at a couple notes when you really thought that was an incredible idea. feeling like nobody likes your work. etc etc

and, from one non-famous person to the rest of y’all:

you fucking go for your dreams. it really doesn’t matter if you’re famous. people will love you and people will hate you, but– well, donald trump may be more famous than hayley kiyoko, but he will never be as beautiful. 

so don’t worry about it.

make your shit.

you deserve to be popular, and hopefully, someday you will be.

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If Femaleshimi was wearing a skirt but no underwear as usual and accidentally flashed Yata or Hidaka xD?

Yata would probably die XD Maybe when they were in middle school Fushimi never wore skirts, not even the uniform skirt so there was never any worry about an accidental flash. But then after Fushimi joins Scepter 4 maybe she’s convinced to wear a skirt more often, like big sister Awashima sees that Fushimi’s always in these baggy clothes all the time and decides to take her to buy something cute and girly because she thinks Fushimi might like it. Fushimi’s not a big fan of the skirt but she goes with it, like maybe she and Yata have made up post-ROK and Yata asks her out for a drink, not a date mind you but something slightly date-like. Fushimi wants to look good for Misaki so she grudgingly asks for Awashima’s help and much to her chagrin ends up in like a cute flirty skirt (on the bright side, knives strapped to the thighs are always a plus). She goes to see Yata and maybe it’s a bit windy that day. They meet outside the bar and as Fushimi’s leading the way inside there’s a nice light breeze and Yata gets an eyeful. He probably freaks out and starts stuttering at Fushimi like ‘w-w-w-wait you’re not even wearing – why are you – what’ and Fushimi looks at him all annoyed. She finally figures out what Yata’s complaining about and just clicks her tongue and rolls her eyes like you already knew I didn’t wear underwear and Yata’s like yeah but usually you wear pants you can’t do that in a skirt. Fushimi’s like ‘says who’ and Yata’s like 'I just saw everything Saruhiko,’ Fushimi smirks like oh, Misaki I didn’t know you were such a pervert. Yata’s like 'what the fuck I’m not you’re the one not wearing any – can you just go put some on please? Or at least some pants?’ Fushimi probably refuses and Yata gets to spend the rest of the not-date constantly fussing over how Fushimi’s sitting and dammit Saruhiko don’t bend over like that and would you at least hold down the hem of your skirt when the wind blows.

and when you look back,
everything seems better than it was.
things were softer and nothing hurt so badly.
those poems were so dramatic.
it was summer and you just needed
to keep things interesting.
it was never as big of a deal
as you made it out to be.
so you burn every tearstained
journal entry. you find what you wrote
on the wall about how many more times
and paint over it. you exchange all those
ugly poems for tender ones. you do what
everyone has taught you, you forgive.
and you forgive and you forgive and
you forgive.
—  and you forgive again, sarah kate osborn

I saw on Instagram earlier that this girl was body shaming Ashley by saying “If you don’t watch out, soon you’ll be as big as Sasha” and that made me so so so so so mad in the first place because ASHLEY BENSON IS NOT FAT SHE JUST GOT CURVES I DON’T UNDERSTAND WHY PEOPLE THINK CURVES ARE FAT GO FIND SOMETHING BETTER TO DO THEN BODY SHAME SOMEONE YOU’VE NEVER EVEN MET (don’t do it to anyone i’m not just saying only because she’s famous) and secondly SASHA IS NOT FAT SHE HAS A DISEASE THAT MESSES WITH HER MOTABOLISM AND CANNNOT CONTROL IT SO SHE’S GAINED WEIGHT BECAUSE OF IT and also even if she didn’t have the disease she is perfectly beautiful and confident not matter what people have bigger struggles to deal with in life without someone tearing them down because of their fame or anyone for that matter. But Ashley came back at the girl saying ”just so you know that’s not support. It’s rude and disrespectful to leave comment on someone’s body type. I don’t ever want to see comments about anyone I know from you ever again and now you’ll be blocked. Hope you have a great week and start focusing on yourself instead of trying to tear others down with your comments” so I’m glad she put her in her place. SPREAD LOVE AND POSITIVITY PEOPLE

Rap Monster: he’d be startled by the screaming crowd when you two got off the plane he’d probably even trip because he’s too busy looking around instead of watching where he’s going. He’d later tell you “I knew there was no way someone ordinary could be on my level of fashion sense! Haha but no really this is amazingly cool”

V: his face would be absolutely priceless when he found out you were a big deal in your country, he’d smile brightly and say “I knew I couldn’t be the only one in love with you” but when you two were safe to talk you’d be overwhelmed by the millions of questions he had for you like “what made you want to do this?” “How’d it all begin?” “what age did you become famous?” and most importantly “why didn’t you tell me???”

Jin: at first he’d think the crowd was for him and he’d be very confused because he was sure no one saw him at the airport. His face would grow even more confused when he hears your name being shouted but not completely being able to understand what everyone is saying. He’d quickly snap out of it and turn to your personal bodyguard guiding you through the crowd and keeping you safe.

Suga: when he saw the amount of attention and hype you got by the unexpected crowd he’d turn to you and ask “babe? Why didn’t you tell me you were this famous here??? This is crazy” He’d be amazed and feel a bit closer to you on a personal level of the struggles of being famous

Jimin: when he sees you putting on glasses and a hat and asking him to do the same before landing in your country he’d be very confused. Once off the plane he’d be very taken back by all the camera flashes and people screaming your name. Once in the safety of a vehicle he’d say “wait, what was that? That was amazing was that for you? Holy sh-” and quickly Google you while laugh at his reaction

J-hope: Being in totally different country and not completely understanding his surroundings it would take him a second to comprehend all the commotion and snickering when people see you. Until he sees a huge billboard with your face on it, he’d say something like “you told me you did some modeling but THAT BILLBOARD IS AMAZING!” 

Jungkook: When all eyes are on the two of you he’d constantly ask “am i doing something wrong?” or “why is everyone looking at us?” and would feel totally nervous. He’d realize the situation when someone comes up to you and asks you for an autograph and picture. he’d say something like “know i understand how you were so understanding when my fans would approach me back home”