and then you laugh

He’s figured out that while jerking his paw away won’t stop me from doing his nails, slowly rolling onto his back and gently pulling his whole leg away will stop me immediately because I cannot handle the cute.

*it looks like he’s baring his teeth but he’s not. His top lip got stuck on his gums.

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Guess what >:3c


You made me scream when he finally found it, I was in tears, I literally though you would just leave him under the table with no hope and then you do that to me. I can`t even imagine what you planned but I can say one thing.

This hurt in such a good way, thank you so much Minu.

(The picture behind a picture made me burst out in laughter, that was pure gold, perfect use of reference ahhhh)

One of the more hilarious bugs(?) I’ve gotten in my hours & hours of DAI: Solas getting shot to death by random mobs during the scene for his personal quest. In hindsight I probably should have skipped dialogue so I wouldn’t be at a disadvantage during the fight, but I was laughing too hard at how casual they all were about the arrows sticking out of them to skip

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I read your dab fic and it reminded me of this great story. In a speech class, we had to do tongue twisters in pairs, one would tell the other what to do while saying the tongue twister (spin, jump on one foot, etc) - I got an entire paragraph as mine. First thing my best friend made me do was say it all but skip every other word and dab (with enthusiasm) every three skips, and then when I finish, go back and do it again backwards. The fic made me think of it, so lmao I felt I should share.


Here’s how I think the Twister game would go:

-McGucket wins. Hands down, he lasts the longest, he can contort his body all sorts of ways to reach the different parts of the wheel. Plus, his beard counts as an extra limb and can stand in if he couldn’t quite reach something before.

-Robbie Valentino gets out pretty fast, despite his good reach, because he lacks upper body strength and couldn’t support the weight on his arms for very long.

-Wendy was awesome at it, but got out when Soos accidentally fell on her when reaching for “Right Hand on the (what, what is that, the fish thing? Oh, no wait it’s the Six-Fingered Hand–hey, Sixer, you gotta get better at drawing these things, I could barely tell what it was!) Six-Fingered Hand, because Bill couldn’t decide what it was and the constant back and forth caused Soos to fall over. 

–”Sorry, dude. You could have won the game.”
—”That’s alright, Soos. Now we can trash talk the rest of these guys better.”

-Gideon lasts longer than anyone could have expected, because similar to McGucket, his hair became an extra limb and he used it to reach the spaces on the Wheel better. He still got out after Stan purposely kicked him while reaching for the Shooting Star, though. (Stan had waited half the game for that opportunity. It felt good to kick him on behalf of what he did to Mabel earlier this summer, and what he did to the rest of them).

-Pacifica is extremely competitive, and lasts the longest of the kids, but eventually gets out because she was grossed out by the hillbilly’s sweat that dripped too close to her on one turn.

-Dipper and Mabel get out together, both falling on purpose, because while they had been competitive to start out with, they had been having fun and were ready to watch the rest of the game without the pressure to win messing with them. 

-Stan and Ford were trading insults the whole game. Mostly silly things (That’s the fish not the llama/clean your glasses/you can’t draw/It’s not fair your hands reach further because of the sixth finger/How do your chicken legs support you Stanley, etc.) and they lasted to the final three with McGucket. Both refused to go out until they’d beaten the other.

-McGucket saw they were getting nowhere, and everyone on the sidelines had started taking sides between the Stans except for Dipper and Mabel.

-McGucket made eye contact with Dipper and they both nodded at the same time. On the next call, McGucket knocked into Ford as he reached for the Pine Tree, knocking him off balance and careening into Stanley, making them both fall onto the ground. 

-Stan got up and called that as Ford cheating, Ford was sputtering and looking at McGucket, and everyone else was cracking up too hard to care.

-Stan shook hands with Fiddleford for beating him. Ford was not as gracious in loss but shook his hand too.

-The Stans said they’d have to have a rematch after this was all over, and the whole room groaned at how crazy that’d be. Bill almost jumped back into the Nightmare Dimension to get away from their arguing. “Anything’s better than listening to you two!”

(Bill jumped back into the Nightmare Dimension bc he couldn’t stand the arguing from the game of Twister. Is that how the shitty art twister au ends?).

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