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So Will Roland did THE MOST Will Roland thing ever (11/19/17)

So I was at the stage door after Ben’s final performance even though I wasn’t able to get a ticket to see it. Towards the very end of the last cast members signing, I hear so many people SCREAMING but there was no one else at the door. I turn around, and guess who I see. WILL. FREAKING. ROLAND. RIDING DOWN THE STREET AND HE HAD HIS HEAD AND ARM OUT OF THE CAR AND DID HIS SIGNATURE OPEN MOUTH SMILE AND WAVED AT ALL OF US. He was wearing his DEH scarf OF COURSE. It was the funniest thing ever and I was so in shock I just started screaming “OH MY GOD ITS WILL OMGGG” but im so mad at myself that i didnt get any pics or videos of this happening. But oh my god i will never forget that moment it was truly Will Roland iconic.

  • Alec: *baking*
  • Magnus: *watching Alec bake*
  • Alec: Hmm, I think it needs to be a bit sweeter
  • Magnus: More sugar?
  • Alec: I'd use you but that'd make it far too sweet
  • Magnus:
  • Alec: So yes, I'd like the sugar please

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Omg randomly starting to giggle when your making out with H and he’s grumbling under his breath about what’s so funny and your just like, “sorry I’m thinking about a joke I saw on Twitter today” lol

He pulls away with a look of disbelief but there’s a smile tugging on his lips. “…. Seriously?! That’s where your head is at right now?”

You laugh even harder. “I’m sorry it was just really funny!”

He sits back, an amused expression on his face. “Lets hear it then.”

Your giggles die down. “No you aren’t going to think it’s funny.”

He raises his eyebrows and wiggles his fingers as if to say ‘bring it.’ “If you seem to think it’s so funny, I’m sure I will too.”

You groan but you’re still laughing. “Fine. How do you make a pirate mad?”


“You take away the P!” You’re already giggling again, but his mouth hardly even so much as quirks. “Get it?!” You ask. “Like irate! The word irate!”

“No I got it,” he says with a smirk. “Just hard to believe your mind is *there* when m’trying to make you feel good.”

His face makes you laugh even harder. “HARRY COME ON ITS FUNNY.”

Penguin kids playing

I was looking my last year drawings and wanted to share this to you! It still funny as last year When Teikoku people get together, they play instead of doing something any better (? //laugh

  • Ohba: I don't believe in life after death. I believe that once you die, that's it. Death Note reflects as such.
  • Me, sliding over a $1 bill: I see your concept of Mu, but I raise you this; Light and L being gay in the afterlife together.

!!!!Thank you for 5k!!!!!

As promised, here is what I look like. This is the meme you have been following for the past few days/weeks/months. The reason I was dressed like that was because I was one of Snow White’s dwarves for my dance performance. Exclusive backstage footage. I’m screaming and shaking I honestly- why did I do this- how did it end up like this-

Anyway, I’m so!! damn!! thankful!!!! that you guys stick around to read my fan fictions and leave me such lovely comments. All I wanted to do was make people happy and make people feel emotions, and I guess I’m getting that when all of you tell me that my writing is causing you pain. I feel like it was just a few weeks ago when I was posting really small, poopy one-shots, lol. I really hope I improved! I’ll keep working hard for you guys. I want to keep entertaining people with my stuff because it’s the best I can do hehe. You guys are honestly the sweetest followers I could ask for (literally, I have no drama and I am so so thankful for that. I want nothing but good things on this blog, alright?) I actually have another surprise in store for next week, and it is coming in the middle of the week so like (Wednesday-ish?) And it’s just a huge huge present, a basic combination of things all of you love and find entertaining. I hope you like it!

Stay beautiful, awesome, and healthy~ Thank you for all the love and support! I love you all!

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okay but have you imagined obi's reaction to anakins antics on mustafar in rogue one? the entrance? the pun?

It’s kinda too bad Obi-Wan wasn’t already dead so that his ghost could have seen it firsthand, while eating popcorn and laughing until he cried. 

Although I suppose there’s zero chance Anakin wasn’t greeting guests at Dramatic Bullshit Manor in that fashion all the time, so hopefully Obes caught it at least once or twice. And heckled him from the sidelines.