and then you even need to put your arm around him


Warnings: weapons, hostage? Just enjoy the drabble it’s nothing bad.

The barrel of the gun against your neck was freezing and the man crushing you against him struck an even icier note.

Being a secretary at the massive institution naturally made you a front line target but you had never expected to find yourself here, held hostage by a former employee and praying to keep an untimely death at bay. Your blouse was twisted uncomfortably around your torso as your trembling hands tried to keep the arm around your chest from crushing you completely.

There was only one FBI agent in the room as per your captor’s command and you’d spoken to this one before in the course of the investigation. His kind eyes were now wide with desperation as they flicked between you and the perpetrator.

“Hey, eyes on me,” he gently prodded you as he lowered his revolver. He spoke up when addressing the other man. “Adam, my name is Spencer, and you need to put down the gun.”

When Spencer took a step forward, Adam tightened his grip on you and yelled, “Stop! I’ll shoot her!”

“No you won’t, you know she deserves better than that.”

“That’s just it!” Adam raved on, sending another chill down your spine. “This world is too cruel for women! I’m helping them escape it! I helped all of them escape it. Can’t you see she’s too beautiful a creature for this sick mess outside?”

Spencer let a soft smile carve into his lips. “Yes, I can see that she’s very beautiful. And you know what I think she needs? Someone to protect her. Someone to show her a world that isn’t horrible.”

You had to stifle a cry when the ironclad arm on your chest faltered slightly and you were able to inhale more cool air little by little. Maybe the man your eyes were urgently locked on would be able to get you out of this.

“I don’t…what if I can’t?! Am I supposed to believe the likes of you will care for her?”

“I won’t have to,” Spencer paused and his tongue snaked out to wet his lips, “I won’t have to do that because if you put down the gun I can make sure you’re able to care for her. You want that, don’t you?”

The gun was lowered fractionally from your throat to your collarbone and Spencer’s gaze briefly slid to yours in reassurance.

“Yeah, I…she has to be protected. The world destroys beautiful women.”

“Then Adam, give me the gun.”

Every molecule in the room froze and the anticipation was excruciating, followed by another hesitant breath from you when still nothing happened. Finally Adam nodded and carefully placed the gun down before covering his face and sobbing.

Another agent immediately ran inside to apprehend him while you fell forward into Spencer’s arms, a few tears of relief escaping you as well. You clung to his bulletproof vest and the strong chest underneath and he clung back, softly stroking your hair as he led you from the cursed room.

A brisk wind outside finally coaxed your face up to his. “Thank you, agent. You saved my life.”

His mouth quirked and you thought you detected the ghost of a blush on his cheeks as he said, “Well, uh, you’re welcome. Cliche as it is, it’s really just my job.”

“Doesn’t make it any less meaningful.” You sighed, exhaling the terror of minutes before as Spencer rubbed your arms comfortingly.

He eventually offered a mint to get any bad tastes out of your mouth and it was the cold sting on your tongue that gave you the courage to say, “And do you really think I’m pretty?”

“Yes! Yes, I…” he trailed off, embarrassed about being so enthusiastic. Your hand bumping his brought his eyes back to yours. “Can I come check on you before we leave town again?”

“I’d like that.”

Her Or Me

Pairing: Sam x Reader
Words:  1020

-Sam’s girlfriend tries to get Dean to like her, but he keeps pushing her away. Until Sam makes him see she stays or he goes.-

Warning: Dean being a jerk…

          You were putting the top crust on the pie when you felt strong arms wrap around your waist. You leaned back against that broad chest, “Hi, Sammy.”

           “Hi, Baby,” he kissed the side of your head, “What are you doing?”

           “Baking a pie,” you answered.

           “For Dean?”

           You nodded, “A peace offering,” you said, “Even though I’m not really sure why I need a peace offering.”

           Sam sighed, “He’s Dean. He doesn’t always warm up to people very quickly. He’ll come around.”

           “I hope so.” 

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Pumpkin Pie

Charters -  Dean x Reader

Summary - You make Dean a pie.

Word Count - 914

Warnings - fluff

A/N - written for @supernatural-jackles  Colors of Fall Writing Challenge. Thanks to my beta @lucibae-is-dancing-in-hell 


Originally posted by tributeofasgard

You were in the kitchen making your great-grandmother’s pumpkin chiffon pie. Led Zeppelin was playing softly in the background as you hummed and bopped around to the sounds of Stairway to Heaven.  You didn’t even notice that you weren’t alone until you felt strong arms wrap around you and soft lips kiss your temple.

“Whatcha doin’?” a deep gravelly voice said softly in your ear.

You lean back into him and absorb his warmth. “Well now that it’s pumpkin season, I needed to make some pumpkin chiffon pie.”

You can almost hear his brows crinkle. “What the hell is a chiffon?”

“Well, chiffon is a very soft, sheer silk fabric.” You explain.

He squeezes you tighter, “You’re putting fabric in my pie?!”

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Block B Reaction: You always put his arm around your waist when cuddling because it makes you feel safe.

Requested: Hi! Could you do a Bock b reaction when you guys are cuddling and you always put his arm around your waist to kind of hold you because it makes you feel safe? If that makes sense 

A/N: I hope you like it!


Would be really smug about it, He loved the fact that you need him so close to  feel safe but he was also very happy to know you felt safe with him. He would kiss the back of your neck and pull you in closer to him.

“I’m right here baby girl.”

You’re Jaehyo

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How much cuter could you get! He loved how you would wrap yourself in his arms and cuddle him all night, and the reason would only make him love you even more.

“You’re too cute Jagi.”

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Minhyuk would be such a tease on the outside. He would be so cheeky and make you blush non stop.

“I would feel safe with myself too.”

Originally posted by siousie

but on the inside and would totally be dying from your cuteness, and he would be fangirling so much every time you wrapped his arms around you.

“She’s gonna be the death of me.”

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Jae would feel so proud and happy that you felt safe in his arms. He would instantly wrap his arms around you after a while without you doing it. 

“I love you so much baby.”

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He would tease you so much. He found you even more cute and loved it but he would never tell you that.

“Would you feel safe if Stuart cuddled you?”

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He wouldn’t be able to wait until you were in his arms. He would whisper sweet nothings into your ear until you feel asleep. Kyung would love watching you sleep and became so happy when he remembered you felt safe with him.

“You will always be safe with me.”

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He couldn’t possibly love you more. Jihoon would be so playful about it. You would always be in his arms, no matter where or who was with you. He would smile so big and love every second of it.

“I love you so much Jagi.”

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Bts reaction: ripping your skirt in public

Seokjin: He would immediately rush into the nearest clothing store to buy a new skirt for you. After that you will just go on like normal.

Yoongi: He’s going to just casually give you his jacket to wrap around your waist and tell you to be more careful.

Namjoon: Like Yoongi he’s going to lend you his jacket to wear. You probably won’t even need to put it in your waist.

Hoseok: Much like Jungkook he’s going to keep you slightly in front of him until you’re able to change. After that he wants you back in his arms.

Jimin: He’s going to get you home as soon as possible so that you can change and go about your day.

Taehyung: This cutie is going to back hug you and walk like that all around town.

Jungkook: He’s not going to say anything because he doesn’t want to embarrass you so instead he just walks closely behind you so that no one can tell there is a rip.

Bump || A.I.

Characters: Ashton Irwin/Reader

Rating: All

Warnings: Fluff?? Also mentions of food

Summary: The one where you have Thanksgiving dinner with Ashton’s family.

“Babe, do we seriously need all this food?!” Ashton asked as he did a 360 around the kitchen.

“I have to give your family a proper American Thanksgiving, so the answer to your question is yes,” you replied.

“I promise even though Harry is a growing boy he does not need a turkey AND a ham, babe!” Ashton chuckled as he came up to hug you from behind. His strong arms enveloped you and a kiss was pressed to your forehead as you continued to hand mash the potatoes you just finished boiling.

“Does this have anything to do with the fact that you’re eating for two now, love?” He asked, giggling, putting his hands on your small baby bump.

You gasped, mocking him. “Is that your subtle way of telling me I’ve gotten fat?!”

No babe, it’s my not so subtle way of asking if baby Irwin is hungrier than I am,“ he smiled.

You shook your head and continued the task at hand. You were working up a sweat over these potatoes. "Babe, let me. Take a load off!”

“Thank you, bub.”

Your heart fluttered as you sat and watched your husband mash those potatoes like it was his job. His biceps flexing with each jab into the pot. You hadn’t noticed him stop, you’d been too busy focusing on his beautiful arms.

“Like what you see, love?” Ashton asked.

“Oh hush,” you replied smiling.

You were just finishing the final touches for dinner when the doorbell rang.

“I’ll get it!” Ashton yelled.

“Honey!! Look at your haircut!! We can see your beautiful eyes again!” Annemarie cooed.

“Moooommm! Let my hair be,” Ashton groaned.

“Hey Ash!” Lauren greeted.


The last excitable voice was from Harry, Ashton’s younger brother who still looks up to Ash even though he’s not home as much anymore.

“Hey guys! Y/N’s just about finished dinner so head on up,” he said.

There was a healthy amount of chatter around the dinner table as you ate, discussing everything from the unidentifiable red jelly (which you later informed them was cranberry sauce), to the upcoming album Ash and the boys were working on. There was a lull in conversation and Ashton decided to give everyone the news.

“So you may be wondering why there’s so much food today,” he started.

“Seriously babe? That’s your opener?!”

“Hush I’m on a roll!” He giggled. “Anyway like I was saying-”

“We’re expecting!” you announced, knowing full well Ashton would’ve read them a whole novel by the time he was finished.

“Baaabe!! This was gonna be my thing!” He whined.

“I know love and I’m sorry but I couldn’t wait any longer!” you countered. He huffed and you pressed a kiss to his cheek before noticing Ashton’s mom was crying.

“You mean… I’m gonna be a grandmum?”

You nodded and rested your head on Ashton’s shoulder.

“Congrats guys!” Lauren beamed.

“I’m gonna be an uncle!!! Score!!!!” Harry shouted. That sent you all into a fit of giggles.

“When are you due, sweetie?” Annemarie asked.

“Mid April!” Ashton said quickly, happy to announce part of the baby’s arrival. You rolled your eyes and smiled at how silly your husband was being.

The rest of the dinner went seamlessly and you and Annemarie spoke about what Ashton was like as a baby and any other things that may lead you to what the sex of the baby might be. The five of you finished eating and you got up to begin to clear the dishes and pack up any leftovers.

“Thank you for dinner Y/N!” Harry spoke.

“Oh anytime bud! You come visit whenever you want okay? We’ve got plenty of space for you to stay here sometime,” you cooed, giving him a hug.

“Ashton don’t you dare let your pregnant wife do all the cleaning! Get off your bum and help her!” Annemarie scolded.

You laughed, “I’m okay. Honest. M'not too far along yet anyway.”

“But my stomach hurts!” Ashton whined. He lifted his shirt and he sure enough was sporting a bloated belly from all the food he had eaten.

“Ashton’s bump could give yours a run for your money Y/N!” Lauren said giggling.

Ashton groaned again. “Now who’s eating for two bub?” You teased, putting your hands on his bloated tummy, gently rubbing them against his skin.

“Guilty,” he shrugged.

Everyone laughed and helped with the clean up of the dishes and food. You knew you were thankful for a lot more things this year than you ever had been before.

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Could you do hurt + kiss with nyx please, maybe something a little angsty? thanks!! 💜


“Nyx you’re bleeding,” he hears you say as he wraps more bandages around his arm, just below the elbow.

“It’s not that bad,” he says nonchalantly and no he doesn’t need to look up at you to know you’re glaring daggers at him. Which considering a dagger is how he got here in the first place…

“You need stitches not bandages,” you argue and okay he kind of agrees with that but considering that MTs were currently trying to bust down the door of the fort you two were helping to protect, it was something that he even stopped to put bandages on at all. If it were up to him you’d both still be out there fighting but ever since you had pulled him out of the line of literal fire and found your hand covered in blood, what he wanted didn’t really matter anymore.

“It’s fine,” he stresses, securing the bandages around his wrist and tossing the roll aside. “See? All better, now we really need to get back out there.” When he tries to brush by you to do exactly that, you press your hand to the middle of his chest, stopping him in his tracks.

“Nyx,” you whisper and while it’s just his name he can hear your concern coloring the word. He sighs and looks to you but you aren’t looking at him, maybe it’s to try and hide how worried you really are or because if he steps around you and leaves you don’t want to watch him do it. That was a mistake he made before and he’s not exactly looking to do that again.

“Hey,” he says gently, carefully grabbing your chin and making you look at him. When you do he presses a kiss to your lips and presses his forehead against yours.

“I’ll be careful alright? But you have to be careful too,” he whispers, running his thumb over your cheek.

“I’m not the one who almost got my arm sliced in half,” you snort, making him chuckle.

anonymous asked:

Hii! Looking foward to your blog ♡ if you don't mind, could I request some Samon relationship hcs? (Preferably with a guard s/o but it doesn't have to be!)

:0 monkey boy needs more love (i didnt even like him at first and now hes my Son. character development.)

-Easily jealous like. Hajime puts his hand on your shoulder and he goes berserk like,,,, thats my s/o you prick,,,,,,,,,,, go away
-Always very flustered around you? Are you actually his? You are?? Thats amazing. Really??
-Constantly reminded you he loves you but rarely says it since hes embarrassed so instead he just gives you gifts and lotsa kisses
-Very lowkey pda. Never really kisses you in public but also very touchy. He usually has his arm around you at least
- “babe,, why are you sitting so far,,,,,” “samon our thighs are touching” “stilll..”
-tells you happy birthday at midnight even though he hates staying up late. Must.. Show.. Affection…
-calls you babe a lot
-honestly calls you a lot of cute nicknames
-never lets you too close to the inmates partially because he doesnt trust them partially because he knows theyll tease him for having an s/o cuter than him and partially because hell get jealous,, of the inmates,,, wow samon

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It was the next morning and Hunter refused to touch you. 

All he did was take one look at you and your darkly bruised neck,  and he just stayed on the opposite end of the room.

You can tell from his facial expression that he was disgusted with himself. And damn, because you loved him still, you wanted to make him feel better.

“Hunter?” You mumbled, and he tensed at your voice. Usually, he always initiates the conversation. “Come here.”

He shook his head fervently, wrapping his arms around himself. 

“I-” you cleared your throat, wincing at how much it hurt. “My ankle hurts,” you tried to persuade him, but he stayed put. “I need you to look at it again.”

No luck.

You sighed. “I’m…also really cold.”

Hunter stiffened even more, and you knew you got him. Before all of this mess, when you guys were still happily married, he could never resist you when you were cold–the numerous cuddle sessions you both shared must’ve triggered something in him, because he took slow steps to you, with a blanket that was sitting on the heater beside him. 

It looked like it pained him to be this close to you, and he took extra care in draping the blanket over your shoulders. When you thought he’d pull away, he stayed, staring blankly from where he crouched in front of you.

You made the first move and put your hands forward, bringing his head into your chest to hold him. It didn’t take long before he held you back, but as light as possible. 

“I hurt you,” he gritted out, his body shaking uncontrollably. “I almost killed you–I hurt you and I can’t ever forgive myself, let alone hope that you can forgive me.”

You stayed silent, running your hands through his hair. 

“I remember you told me there’s always a choice. No matter how stuck you feel, there’s always two paths,” he lifted his head to look at you with red rimmed eyes. “So I’m choosing a different one.”

Before you know it, your chain is broken, and you’re wrapped up comfortably in his arms, standing in the cortex of Star Labs. Everyone was on alert, but refused to attack when they saw you. 

Hunter put you down softly, expecting you to run to the others, but to his surprise you stayed put. He looked up solemnly to the others, throwing his cowl on the floor. 

“I want you to take away my speed.”


SHINee VS. Valentine’s Day

Onew: He adamantly listens to you. Even when it comes to the most insignificant things. Every new food you say you want to try, or class/activity you’ve been putting off. He take all of these ideas and builds a day around them. You awake to the smell of roses and the first thing you see is a heartwarming handwritten Valentine’s card. The day is spent trying new things with the person you love. You return home to one more surprise. A backyard lit with twinkling little lights and your favorite song playing. You sway in his arms, a smile on your face. Ending the special night as beautifully as it began.

Jonghyun: An unofficial date night awaits you. No big fuss. Just time spent together. It’s no lack of love or romanticism on his part. It’s simply getting down to the heart of it all. You and him, and that’s all either of you need. Holding your hand and finding reasons to touch you, anything to remind you of the affection he has for you. Lazing around with not a single care in the world. Pajamas the attire for the sweet day where you’re his main concern and he is yours. Being wrapped in his arms is a better gift than any piece of jewelry that you could have received. 

Key: Mr. Go Big or Go Home, Kim Kibum has a lot in store for you. Specifically a surprise vacation to France, where he’s rented a chateau in the Parisian countryside to spend the romantic holiday and maybe a few extra days for good measure. He takes you to places he’s grown fond of when he’s visited on his own adventures. Treating you to exciting days that start with you watching the sun rise from the comfort of his embrace. And trips to the city to watch the Eiffel Tower sparkle from a distance, only to later eat dinner in the restaurant there where the view of Paris glimmers and shines below you.

Minho: Ever the perfect gentleman who always showers you with an overabundance of love has a plan that’s been in the making for a few months now. He picks you up bright and early and you take a drive out of the city. While you were sleeping the night before he packed your bag along with everything else you’d need for the trip. The start of your date is a picnic lunch by a peaceful creek. The weather is surprisingly nice. Your meal ends with a heartfelt speech that he recites with a nervousness you haven’t seen in him since your first date. You realize why when he pulls a small box from his pocket and opens it. Inside a diamond ring sparkles in the sunlight. “Will you marry me?” He asks, the smile on his face bright and hopeful, rivaling that of the sun. You spend the night under the stars with your finance, celebrating your engagement with a bottle of champagne, chocolate covered strawberries and a delicious meal he cooks over the fire.

Taemin: Technically, it’s just another day. He forgets, only realizing after seeing ads and couples galore everywhere. He could have sworn he set a reminder in his phone. To make matters worse he loses the necklace he had bought in advance. However, he makes it up to you by being cute. Planning an impromptu arcade date and winning you a stuffed animal from a machine. Stopping at a store where he picks up groceries to make dinner and even buys a box of chocolates and a card he thinks describes his feelings for you perfectly. When you get home you cook together and share your meal along with a bottle of wine. After enjoying your chocolate and card you fall asleep on the couch next to him. He gets up quietly and vows to find your necklace before morning.

More Than Anything

Summary: Bucky remembers what he did to you when he was The Winter Soldier.

Warnings: Mentions of sex, fighting/violence, swearing

Word Count: 1180

A/N: I just put this shit together real quick because I was bored and needed something to do. Italicized is a flashback .Hope you like it. Send requests here.


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#177: “Quick, Pretend You’re Mine...”


Even in my tired hungover state I managed to slip this one in as promised. I actually think it was requested but I’m not sure because I have totally lost track at everything atm and I’m tired as hell right now ahaha :^)

Find my Masterlist here // Read The Math Teacher here


The desperation in his eyes was so clear you had to put down the piece of strawberry decorated in chocolate on the table to focus on him. “What are you talking about?” You questioned in a confused tone but he didn’t he didn’t come up with an answer, letting the action speak louder than words. He hooked his arm around your waist and pulled you into his chest surprisingly. “My old aunt is here and I honestly can’t bear to hear yet another lecture about needing to find a girl in my life.” “So I’m your cover up?” You questioned amused but leaned your head against his chest and took a look around, spotting her already heading towards you. “Please just let me speak and smile okay? It will be over faster than expected when she sees that I’m not alone for once.” Luke tried to sound serious but when a warm smile embraced his face you giggled up at him and nodded your head understanding. And even if he had prepared a speech in his mind when his aunt would show up he could barely remember anything because having you so close to him made his heart flutter and goosebumps rise on his arms. “Yeah just let me speak.” He mumbled happily and took a deep breath.


His eyebrows furrowed with a huge question sign lingering in between, his lips parting slightly while his eyes searched for your sudden cause of yell. He was about to say something, questions lingering on his tongue as to why you looked so desperate but before he could you pressed some of your ice cream against his nose. “You see those girls over there?” You mumbled in a low tone and smiled up at him. His gaze removed from yours towards the girls in a short search and he nodded his head agreeing when he spotted them. “Yeah, they’ve been staring at us for the past ten minutes as if I couldn’t date someone like you.” “So? He questioned confused but smiled slightly when you removed the ice cream away from his nose with your thumb. “I want to prove them wrong okay? Even if we aren’t dating they shouldn’t be giving me those glares.” Calum looked down at you with a face that told he wasn’t completely convinced by your idea but the second he smacked his ice cream against your chin you knew he was in. “Oh,” He giggled at gazed towards them shortly. “What an accident, huh?” He questioned with a goofy smile and removed the ice cream away from your chin, making sure to lick his finger afterwards to create more tension.  


”What?” You exclaimed confused the second his hand touched yours and laced your fingers together. Michael looked ahead of him without saying anything but if you looked closely you could see him trying to hold in a smirk. “I used to date that girl,” He nodded his head towards a female in the massive crowd of old students at the high school reunion. “But she dumped me after two months because I apparently spent too much time with the boys and my guitar.” “Sickening.” You mumbled while eyeing her carefully and sipped on the sparkling water in your glass. “Want to make her jealous?” The question was only for fun but Michael’s eyes lit up. “You want to do that?” “Well it’s already a boring night. Might as well get something out of it since you’ve dragged me all along.” A challenged look embraced Michael’s features as he decided to let go of your hand and pulled you into his side instead. “Can I grab your ass?” “Michael!” You scoffed and looked at him with wide eyes by his question. “Come on.” He whined while heading towards her direction and made sure to stand with your sides facing her. “Fine,” You gave in for his pout. “But only once and don’t grasp too harshly!”


He stopped singing at the top of his lunges the second the sentence left your lips and he ran his hand through his sweaty curls and moved down to your height. “Is he still being creepy?” He nodded his head towards the guy in the club that clearly didn’t understand your body rejections and hand movements. “You have no idea. Is he watching me now?” You questioned while facing your back towards the guy, focusing on Ashton in front of you and moved to the beat of the music. He looked over your shoulder to see the guy having no eyes for others than you. “Want me to beat him up?” He questioned while bobbing his head up and down to the bass. You shook your head no with a chuckle and turned around so your back connected against his chest, purposely pressing your body further against his. Ashton caught up easily with what you had in mind and placed his hands on your hips to sway you around with his body, dancing to the beat of the music. “It’s working.” He whispered against your ear while tracing his lips down to your neck, smiling in satisfaction when the guy seemed to mind his own business and almost left you breathless by his intense touch.

Lucifer - Protecting You

One might not make the assumption that Lucifer could ever feel the urge to be protective of a human. 

He was, in fact, the first to claim his hatred towards humanity, never able to fully understand why his father had felt the need to put so much time and effort into such a flawed being. 

But Lucifer was nothing if not an enigma, surprising even you, the one person who knew him the best.

Leaving no stone unturned when making an attempt to coax the dark archangel into stepping within reach, Heaven had captured you, believing that you might be the key that unlocked the door leading into Lucifer’s mind. 

Not that the angels had ever gotten the opportunity to even question you, let alone break into your inner thoughts. 


Lucifer had appeared before you had even found your bearings within Heaven, wrapping an arm around your waist, and pulling you away from the angels who had been ordered to keep you imprisoned. 

Brothers…” the archangel began, his icy blue eyes filled with an unfathomable amount of rage. With the other angels nearly cowering in fear at the sound of his gravely voice, Lucifer took two steps forward, leaving you to stand safely behind his toned vessel. “…don’t you think this is a tad disreputable?” Shoulder blades rippling when he allowed a humorless chuckle to exit his chest, he scuffed the white tiled floor with the soles of his shoes. “Dragging a man’s personal life into his professional one? Come on, fellas. I know you were taught better than to do something so improper.” Glancing over his shoulder, Lucifer flashed a bone-chilling smirk in your direction, before returning his full attention to the angels standing in front of him. “If we want to maintain the universe’s respect, we mustn’t keep making childish mistakes.” he cautioned cynically, shaking his head in mock disdain. “And so, I do believe it is in Heaven’s best interest, if we find angels who are better suited for this position.” Creating a gun-like shape with his hand, he brought his index finger to press against the junction between his head and throat, ‘pulling’ the fake trigger with a rather theatrical sound effect. Though their eyes widened at the insinuation, the angels were never given the chance to flee, dissolving into a puff of thick black smoke when Lucifer snapped his fingers. 

Choking on the angelic cloud, you coughed, eyes following the dark archangel closely as he turned to face you. “Thank you, Lucifer.” you chattered, taking note of your voice as it echoed throughout the plain room. 

Without so much as a nod of his head to acknowledge your gratitude, Lucifer sighed, a pleased twinkle arising within his eyes. “I’ve been banned from ever stepping foot in Heaven, and yet, I still find myself doing all of my father’s dirty work, [Y/N].” he commented, clasping his hands together.  “However, I suppose being the ‘bad boy’ does have its perks…” Relaxing his shoulders when you cocked your head in question, he flashed you a toothy grin. 

“…because ‘nice guys’ always finish last.”



A Bucky Barnes Prompt: “Is that my shirt?” & “Take it off. Now.”

Warnings: implied smut

Originally posted by itsawkwardfangirl

You woke up tangled between yours and Bucky’s limbs. It was a hot night and cuddling didn’t help. You needed a shower.

You grabbed Bucky’s shirt from the floor and gave him a last glance as he was sleeping before leaving the room.

You enjoyed your shower and since you had woken up with a good mood you decided to make breakfast for everyone.

You put on your underwear and Bucky’s shirt, which was large even for him, so it looked more like a dress to you less muscly form. You put your favourite playlist playing as you put on your headphones and started preparing breakfast, forgetting to put on an apron.

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Being in a relationship with Taehyung;

⦁ You’d probably find out he likes you from Jimin or Jungkook
⦁ He’d have no awkward period, he’d be comfortable with you staright away
⦁ Having to put up with him being extra all the damn time
⦁ And him using you as a pillow
⦁ And giving you dumb nicknames even though they might annoy you
⦁ “Sweetie pie” “Honeybunch”
⦁ Him making dumb faces at you from across the room
⦁ Always needing to be touching you in someway
⦁ Whether it be holding your hand, or having his arm around you, or his hand on your leg ect.
⦁ Random kisses all the time
⦁ Even when there’s other people around
⦁ “Can I get in the bath with you?” “No, Tae.”
⦁ “Atleast let me sit at the side and play with the bubbles.”
⦁ Knowing exactly how to cheer you up when your down
⦁ Midnight ‘adventures’ with to go and get icecream
⦁ Texting you all of his dumb selfies to make you laugh
⦁ Trot singalongs in the car
⦁ “Ay what’s poppin’?”
⦁ Cute trips to the zoo
⦁ And cute walks in the parkto feed the birds
⦁ Both being full of hand holding
⦁ Having to kiss you hundereds of times after he finishes any performance
⦁ He’d probably get you to adopt a cute little animal like a hamster or a mouse with him
⦁ And refer to it as your child
⦁ “In preperation for when we really have kids.”
⦁ Being your best friend as well as your boyfriend
⦁ aegyo aegyo aegyo
⦁ just constant aegyo
⦁ Especially when he’s trying to get his own way
⦁ Getting to borrow his cute, baggy hoodies
⦁ Insisting on getting in the shower with you
⦁ He’d mess with you hair and style it in dumb ways using the shampoo
⦁ And act like it’’s the funniest thing in the world
⦁ Ugly snapchat battles
⦁ He’d be cute and cuddly at night when he’s tried
⦁ Pilllow talk about pretty much everything; a cute dog he saw, the meaning of life, your future together
⦁ And he’d probably cling onto you like a koala when you cuddle in bed

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#3: When he hugs you


One word: bear hugs. He’d literally hug you so tight and never let you go because he loves hugs and is full of love. Even if you try to escape from his grasp, he would playfully hug you tighter, saying he’d never let go and he meant it. He just wanted you in his arms forever.


His hugs were sweet and warm just like he was. Whenever he would walk up to you and put his arms around you, you would instantly feel comforted. He would give these hugs occasionally, but on days where you needed it the most, he’d always be there for you with open arms.


His hugs would come randomly and you could never really guess when he would hug you. You could be walking up to him just to ask a question and he would just wrap his arms around you. You never questioned it, but enjoyed it because there was something about his hugs that made your day even better.


He doesn’t necessarily ask for hugs, but he implies it. There’s this look in his eyes and whenever you both make eye contact, you would see him slip this shy smile as he walks closer to you and hugs you. Even though he doesn’t ask for hugs, he did give the best ones. It would leave this warm and fuzzy feeling in your heart.


He doesn’t know when to give hugs. He’s going through this constant battle of when was the exact time to hug you. When he’s going for it, he retreats back and apologizes, feeling this awkward tension between you two. But when he did go in for that hug, no matter how awkward he felt, with you in his arms, it was a blissful moment where it was perfect and all the planets were aligned.


He was shy with hugs. His entire body would just freeze completely at the thought of his arms just wrapping around you. So, his hugs started off as a “hello” and then a “goodbye”. Just simple hugs to make him happy he hugged you. And eventually, it’ll build up to warmer hugs that asked for you to stay in his arms just a bit longer.

EXO’s Reaction To You Being Easily Scared

Anon asked: Hey can i request exo reaction to their gf being easily scared? Love ur blog!

I loved this request. I think it’s really cute and hopefully you guys will like it too. I formal did this reaction while listening to MAMA by EXO M ♡ Admin Joey


Originally posted by daenso

Wraps his arms around you. “It’s okay, I got you. I’m here. No need to be scared.” You’re the pillow


Originally posted by iamalatingirlbitch

You wraps your arms around him. Imagine your Tae Oh “You can just hold on to me, it’s okay. Calm down you’re going to be fine.”


Originally posted by wooyoung

“Here have my hand…. hold it. I’ll protect you no matter what.”


Originally posted by wooyoung

You put your head on his shoulder and cover your eyes. Exactly Sunggyu here  “I know you’re scared but your too cute.”


Originally posted by essentyeol

Looks around to see what could’ve frightened you. “What is it? Did something scare you? Are you okay?”


Originally posted by wooyoung

“What could you even be scared of? I’m not even scared.”


Originally posted by zitao-vevo

Asks you what’s scaring you but you don’t say anything cause your heart is beating too fast. “Oh come on, tell me what it is. Is it a cockroach? You know I hate them.”


Originally posted by secrethideoutme

*Completely worried* “Oh my god. Are you okay? Did I do something? Did you see something? What happened?”


Originally posted by krismehard

*Tough Voice* “Jagiya. What happened? Do I need to fight someone?”


Originally posted by dohkyungcutie

“You don’t have to be scared. Breathe. Everything is fine.”


Originally posted by oh-prankster

“You were scared?!? What? How?” *In complete disbelief*


Originally posted by yixingofficial

“Don’t be so scared. I’m with you so don’t worry.”

En twain

“I made Henry eat healthy all his life. A treat just this once won’t hurt,” she said. “I wouldn’t be opposed to cake. Let’s celebrate. We certainly deserve it.” Regina thought for a moment. “Perhaps that their grilled Asiago chicken sandwich? And why not get some fries too? Since we are celebrating.”

Regina smiled at him as he ran his hands through her hair. “I’ve missed you,” she said, taking a step closer. “I thought I almost lost you…before…when we were cursed. I never thought you’d come back to me.” She wrapped her arms around him. “I’m certain that Roland and Henry will get along just fine for the evening. I can’t wait to spend time with my favorite boys.” She leaned in for a kiss. “And to spend the night in your arms.”

The list for dinner now complete all that needs to be done is putting in a call to Granny’s and then the night belongs to relaxing and spending time with their sons after a terrible curse that nearly got several people killed including the thief. The call could wait to be placed as he ran his fingers through her hair and nuzzled against her neck. “Somehow we always find a way back to each other. Hopefully we won’t have to face another separation again.” Robin met her kiss eagerly and regretfully had to pull back after a moment though he smiled down at her with more than just his lips. “I’m looking forward to going to bed knowing that when I wake your beautiful face is the first thing that I’ll see.”


Sometimes, there doesn’t need to be urgent passion or slow lovemaking. Sometimes, it’s the playful nights where he watches you from the bed as you put on your big floppy pajamas and wolf whistles at you that are the best. “Damn, I can’t even look at you, you’re so sexy.” He laughs adoringly as you turn around and shake your ass at him. “It’s just too much. I might have a heart attack.” Once he has you in his arms after you pounced on the bed, it doesn’t matter that your day was tiring and people were assholes. It only matters that he’s peppering your skin with kisses and rolling around the soft covers with you, having you ride him as he teasingly slaps your ass, his hips meeting yours to grind up, groaning out his words. “How am I supposed to survive living with you, jagi? You’re irresistible.”

- Admin J

slytherindaydreams  asked:

Hey! Could you write a Saphael drabble based off "you wanna dance?" I never knew I needed this is in my life, but here we are =)

I got the idea for this prompt fill from this song, which just sounds like a really cheesy song that would be played at a highschool reunion. Hope you like it!

“You want me to do what?” Raphael hadn’t really been listening to Simon’s rant, like he never did. But when he hears the words accompany and fake boyfriend, his attention is immediately drawn back to the fledgling in front of him.

Simon groans in frustration and shows Raphael the letter he’d been holding the whole time.

“There’s a highschool reunion this weekend and I can’t show up alone. Please?”

“Why dont you ask Clary as your fake date?” Raphael asks, even though it pains him just speaking her name around Simon. The fledgling seems to have finally gotten over Clary and now he’s purposely pushing him back into her arms because he’s too insecure about Simon to act on his feelings for him.

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