and then you even need to put your arm around him

yes-virtualcollectorpeace  asked:

headcanons for Shiro and cuddles? Or anything really fluffy bc that poor guy needs some fluff in his life

-Shiro loves cuddling honestly
-He loves all damn kinds of cuddling he honestly can’t pick a favorite
-If he’s sitting and talking with someone just feel free to sit in his lap. He’ll wrap his arms around you and put his face on your shoulder (assuming he can) and continue like nothing’s changed. He won’t let you leave tho so
-Spooning is really nice, he’s okay with being big or small spoon
-He likes having someone hold him, honestly, it’s really comforting
-He loves holding you too oh my god he just wants to nuzzle his face into you and hold you really close and he’s intoxicated
-Likes rubbing his partners back yes plz
-if you run your nails really gently over the nape of his neck he’s dead he’s gone to heaven and not even Voltron can bring him down now
-honestly please cuddle this man he loves it he lives for close contact