and then you even need to put your arm around him

“Luke, come on get out of bed!” You yell as the other boys chuckle in amusement.

“NO!” He firmly says. 

You pull the the covers off of him and he makes an inhumane noise. 

“Come on, even Michael’s up!” You state.

“HEY!!!” You hear Michael yell from the kitchen.

“Luke, why the hell are you in your clothes from last night?” You ask.

“Because I was lazy.” He says as if it’s the most obvious thing in the world. You roll your eyes.

“Cwuddle?” Luke asks.

“Luke, you NEED to get up. I’m meeting your family today, I don’t want to make a bad first impression.” You sigh.

“They won’t like you as much as they like me, CAKE FOR LIFE.” Calum exclaims putting his arm around Luke. Luke wiggles out of Calum’s grasp.

“Wrong. They will love her as much as I do,” Luke says getting annoyed.

“Calm down mate, I was only joking.” Calum shrugs.

“Whatever,” Luke says as he rolls his eyes. He reaches for your arm and brings you down with him.

“Just give me 5 minutes, then I’ll get ready,”

“Luke!” You say trying to wiggle your way out of his hold, but he’s too strong.

“Cwuddle? Cwuddle.” Luke talks to himself as he kisses the back of your neck.

“Fine. 5 minutes.”

Original Imagine:: Imagine being Stiles’ girlfriend but Derek is completely in love with you and Derek end up sleeping together.

Author: Uhmayzingduh

Reader Gender:(Either)

Word Count: 5060

Warnings: Smut, cheating.

“Stiles, it’s perfectly fine. You don’t need to ask permission to have a guy’s night with Scott.” I said with an easy grin. I turned my back to him, putting the key into the door and opened it.

“I know that,” Stiles replied, following me inside, closing the door behind him. “But I promised that we’d do something this evening.”

I turned into the kitchen and got myself a glass of water. “And you keep all your promises, it’s okay to rearrange sometimes.”

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A Bucky Barnes Prompt: “Is that my shirt?” & “Take it off. Now.”

Warnings: implied smut

Originally posted by itsawkwardfangirl

You woke up tangled between yours and Bucky’s limbs. It was a hot night and cuddling didn’t help. You needed a shower.

You grabbed Bucky’s shirt from the floor and gave him a last glance as he was sleeping before leaving the room.

You enjoyed your shower and since you had woken up with a good mood you decided to make breakfast for everyone.

You put on your underwear and Bucky’s shirt, which was large even for him, so it looked more like a dress to you less muscly form. You put your favourite playlist playing as you put on your headphones and started preparing breakfast, forgetting to put on an apron.

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thescorpion-queen  asked:

Hey! Could you write a Saphael drabble based off "you wanna dance?" I never knew I needed this is in my life, but here we are =)

I got the idea for this prompt fill from this song, which just sounds like a really cheesy song that would be played at a highschool reunion. Hope you like it!

“You want me to do what?” Raphael hadn’t really been listening to Simon’s rant, like he never did. But when he hears the words accompany and fake boyfriend, his attention is immediately drawn back to the fledgling in front of him.

Simon groans in frustration and shows Raphael the letter he’d been holding the whole time.

“There’s a highschool reunion this weekend and I can’t show up alone. Please?”

“Why dont you ask Clary as your fake date?” Raphael asks, even though it pains him just speaking her name around Simon. The fledgling seems to have finally gotten over Clary and now he’s purposely pushing him back into her arms because he’s too insecure about Simon to act on his feelings for him.

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Pref # 6 - When he wants to turn you on -

Harry: Even if he like to take his time and be gentle with you, he has his own ways to make you understand that he needs you. And, one of his favorite ways to turns you on is to wait the right time, one of this moments where you can’t escape from him. Coming discreetly behind you without noise, looking at your back, and watch all of your gestures. Coming close enough to brush his lips agains your hair before putting his hands on your hips, making you jump. Tightening the grip of his hands on your hips to make you stay still while he comes closer to your body. Making you feel his torso against your back, his arms wrapping around your waist. Fully aware of his hard on rubbing the end of your back, tightening a bit more his grip around your body. He find your ear through your hair and you can feel his warm breath whispering two simple words in the crook of your ear  “ Need you …”. 

Louis: Was never very subtle when to make you understands that he wants you. Always finding the fastest way to make you in the mood. As if that was a challenge for him, and he always know the fastest way. Knowing your weak spot and using it on you remorseless and it’s with a big smile on his face that he let his hands slide slowly on your sides. Lightly touching with an exaggerated slowness the sides of your breasts. Looking you straight in the eyes waiting for your reaction with an innocent look. Drawing patterns slowly on your sides and hips until you let out a small moan. At this moment you can see a victorious smirk on his lips when finally he takes you where he wanted you … 

Niall: As almost everything between you and him, it starts with laughter. Maybe because it when he finds you the most prettiest. He always tries to tickle you even if he knows that he will end up completely turned on. You know it when you feel his hands less playful and more lustful. Letting his hands slide on the back of your back and draws your body to him. without leaving you any time to realize, his lips has already finds the way to your neck. Kissing your skin with an open mouth, letting the tip of his tongue slide up slowly to your jaw that he bites playfully that it make you laugh. You can almost feel the smile on his lips when he hears your laugh …

Liam : He always wants to cuddle, even just keep you in his arms is more than enough for him. As long as he can feel your body close to him, he’s happy. He doesn’t ask for your total attention, he can spend long time playing with your fingers without disturb you in what you do. But from the moment or he wants your attention, he knows that there are only one way to get it. Discreetly, without
you noticing, he come closer. His fingers stop playing with yours and you can feel his lips starting to play lightly with your ear. There, you know that is nothing that you can do to make him stop, and you don’t him to. You tilt your head to the side to let him having a full acces to your neck. Without hesitance he keep going to play with your ear, biting with a smile each time he hears a soft moan escaping from your mouth …

#3: When he hugs you


One word: bear hugs. He’d literally hug you so tight and never let you go because he loves hugs and is full of love. Even if you try to escape from his grasp, he would playfully hug you tighter, saying he’d never let go and he meant it. He just wanted you in his arms forever.


His hugs were sweet and warm just like he was. Whenever he would walk up to you and put his arms around you, you would instantly feel comforted. He would give these hugs occasionally, but on days where you needed it the most, he’d always be there for you with open arms.


His hugs would come randomly and you could never really guess when he would hug you. You could be walking up to him just to ask a question and he would just wrap his arms around you. You never questioned it, but enjoyed it because there was something about his hugs that made your day even better.


He doesn’t necessarily ask for hugs, but he implies it. There’s this look in his eyes and whenever you both make eye contact, you would see him slip this shy smile as he walks closer to you and hugs you. Even though he doesn’t ask for hugs, he did give the best ones. It would leave this warm and fuzzy feeling in your heart.


He doesn’t know when to give hugs. He’s going through this constant battle of when was the exact time to hug you. When he’s going for it, he retreats back and apologizes, feeling this awkward tension between you two. But when he did go in for that hug, no matter how awkward he felt, with you in his arms, it was a blissful moment where it was perfect and all the planets were aligned.


He was shy with hugs. His entire body would just freeze completely at the thought of his arms just wrapping around you. So, his hugs started off as a “hello” and then a “goodbye”. Just simple hugs to make him happy he hugged you. And eventually, it’ll build up to warmer hugs that asked for you to stay in his arms just a bit longer.

Preference #59: What He Loves About You (Personality)

Harry: He loves how shy you are, mostly because it’s the complete opposite of him. He doesn’t mind the limelight as long as it doesn’t become too forceful and completely invade his privacy. You on the other hand would prefer to stay hidden from the paparazzi; in fact you didn’t even want to come out about your relationship together in fear of all the publicity. But Harry loves how you blush and cling on to him whenever you two are out in public. It may selfish but he loves how needy you become when you are shy. He loves that you are in dire need of him when there are paparazzi around or there are one too many fans around. He always wraps a protective arm around so you could put your head on his shoulder and hid away from the flashing lights. He loves to whisper sweet things in your ears to help you calm down and somehow, you always give in to his sweet words.

Louis: He loves how smart you are. How you always have your nose in a book and how after a long period of time you have to shift your glasses up because they always start to fall off your face. But you are more than just book smart; you are also very street smart. Since you and Louis travel a lot he’s very happy that he has you so to guide you guys through the different cities. He also loves how reasonable you are. Louis, who is known to be spontaneous, usually does things in the spring of the moment and it always blows up in his face. He loves that he has you to think certain things through so you always make the right decisions. And even though he hates anything that relates to school, whenever you are studying or working on a school project, he would always make the two of your favorite cup of tea and he would sit down with you to give you company. Though he’s always very distracting you always loved having him around because he’s the only guy that has stayed around.

Liam: He loves you kindness. His trip to Ghana completely changed his view on life and he was so dedicated that he took you on a trip to help the less fortunate too. You both cried a lot. After that you made it your goal to help those who weren’t as lucky as you. Liam loves how whole-heartedly you began your project donating and volunteering. You and Liam even started a charity. It took off easily with the support of the fans and some a-list stars that wanted to donate as well. But what drove Liam into starting the charity was you. You made it very clear that donating and volunteering to only about giving and not getting. The only thing you could get back is the satisfaction of helping people. Liam loves how you put your heart into everything that you do and you put others needs in front of yours. And while you continue to be a nurturer, Liam puts your needs in front of his. He makes sure that you are happy and taken care of while you make sure everyone else is happy and taken care of. 

Zayn: He loves your confidence. He loves that you aren’t afraid to be yourself and he loves how your confidence doesn’t always bring you success but it helps you through any challenge. You always walk with such poise and always keep your chin up, like you are constantly wearing an invisible crown. That’s what drew him to you in the first place. You showed him it was okay to be crazy, because the people who care don’t matter and the people who matter don’t care. And even though your confidence gives you the ability to feel beautiful without anyone telling you, a day never goes by without him telling you how beautiful you are. Everyday he reminds you that he loves you and showers you with compliments. The weird thing is, whenever you are around him your confidence simmers. He does something to you. Whenever you are round him, thousands of butterflies flutter around in you stomach. And truth be told, Zayn knew he had that effect on you. He secretly loved it, that he is the one person that can make your knees weak.

Niall: He loves how optimistic you are. He loves how even in the darkest situations, you see the light. That’s when you became the light in his eyes. Before he met you, he was going through a lot of ominous things but when you wandered into his life, he started to see the reason behind life again. He loves that you don’t fear anything or anyone. You are too optimistic to be afraid. You taught him that everything will be okay in the end, and if it’s not okay, then it’s not the end. However, you do have one fear and that’s loosing Niall. Even though he tells you every day that he loves, you can’t help but feel like you’re not good enough for him. And he has the same fear, that one day you will realize that you’re too good for him. In a way it was that one fear that kept the two of you together because you tried so hard to keep each other happy, even though you were soul mates. The fear of loosing each other brought you guys closer. And in the end, made the both of you see the beauty in life again.

This Love

Summary: This love came back to me…

A/N: Based off the song ‘This Love’ by Taylor Swift

part one | part two | part threepart four | part five | part six | part seven | part eightpart nine | part ten |

“So, how was your hot date last night,” Ino teases with a wink as she places her coffee cup on the table after she took a sip.

Sakura rolls her jade eyes and grips her cup of tea tighter in her grasp.

“I don’t know, Ino-Pig,” Sakura admits, staring at her tea as if it holds all the answers she needs.

“What do you mean, you ‘don’t know’” Ino exclaims, throwing her arms up into the air with frustration. “Please don’t tell me you set him up?!”

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Maternity Clothes


“I’m not even that big yet, Harry!” you snapped at him. He hadn’t meant for it to offend you but he should’ve known you would be short with him during the mood swings. “Baby, I didn’t say that” he said in a gentle tone as he wrapped his arms around your back. “It’s just…don’t you think you’d be more comfortable?” You looked down at your outfit wiggling your legs slightly in your jeans that were starting to feel tight on your waist. “Maybe…” you mumbled keeping your eyes on the ground. He chuckled and put his finger under your chin lifting your head up to look at him. “So, let’s go shopping, love. You know you want to” he sang making you giggle. You spent the rest of the day out shopping in London together where he completely went overboard with spoiling you.


“I don’t need those, though” you explained to your stubborn husband. You knew he liked to spoil you but he was taking it a little too far with this. You would’ve been fine with just going to the department store but Niall wanted to take you to the most expensive stores in the city. “But you like them don’t you?” he questioned as he held up the designer boots in front of you. They were probably the most gorgeous pair of shoes you’ve seen in your life and you didn’t understand why someone would put them in a maternity store because as soon as he caught you looking at them he insisted that he buy them for you. “I like them but-“ “Then, let me spoil you okay?” he said pressing his lips to the back of your hand. “You’re carrying our child, the least I can do is buy you some shoes.”


“I think we went a little crazy today, Li” you chuckled as the two of you sorted out all of the clothes you bought today. You told him this morning you needed to go out and buy another pair of jeans because your baby bump was growing rapidly, and made the terrible decision to ask him if he wanted to come along. You hadn’t expected him to- Well, actually you did expect him to buy you nearly everything in the maternity section but it hadn’t crossed your mind earlier. “I don’t even think half these things are maternity clothes” you added holding up the dress that was the size you would’ve worn before you were pregnant. “So? You can save it for after the baby comes” he said shrugging his shoulder like it was no big deal. You leaned over the pile of clothes to peck your husband’s lips sweetly. “You’re too good to me.”


He couldn’t help but chuckle as he watched you trying to wiggle on your jeans. “Hey, fatty” he teased calling out to you from the bed. You sat up so you could flip him off. “You know I love you” he said walking over to you to poke your belly since. “I know it’s just…” you trailed off. “I don’t feel pretty anymore. I’m getting bigger and bigger and then after the baby comes…I still won’t look the same.” He frowned because the absolute last thing on his mind was worrying about how you’d look after the baby came. “Let me take you out” he said pulling you into him. “Let me spoil you and make you feel as pretty and beautiful as you look every day and will continue to look every day.” You wanted to protest but he was already dragging you to the door to take you out shopping all day.


“El and (Y/F/N) are taking me shopping today” you told him while you both ate breakfast. He frowned as he finished swallowing the food in his mouth. “I thought we were gonna go this weekend?” he asked disappointed. You sighed and reached out to grab his hand. “I know, babe, but it’s still the beginning of the week and I can’t even get into my pants! Plus, I haven’t seen them in a while and they really wanna take me out.” He nodded his head before taking another bite of his food. An idea crossed his mind when he realized you would probably want to buy the clothes yourself. “Fine, but I’ll only be okay with it if you take my credit card” he demanded. You were about to protest but he was already running up the stairs to steal your wallet and replace yours with his.