and then you cry and your tears are sang

BTS reaction to seeing you (idol!ex-girlfriend) crying after performing a song that reminds you of him

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Ever since the breakup, he’d only thought about his own feelings in the matter, and how much he hurt. After seeing you performing the song you two would always play as you cooked dinner, he would realize that he wasn’t the only one hurting, and would probably try to work up the guts to talk to you.

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The both of you were tired of having to keep your relationship a secret, due to you being from to of the biggest groups in the k-pop industry. You had agreed mutually to break things off before they got more serious than they already were. He kept himself holed up in his studio during all of his free time in the aftermath, writing out his feelings, obviously not being able to confide in his members. He knew your group had a comeback, but he stayed away from the internet, not wanting to feel his heart break from watching your face on his computer screen. Your group’s first comeback stage was scheduled when they had a performance, making it inevitable for him to have to see you. The second he heard the first few notes, he was reminded of late nights in his studio, where you two would write music for fun, not planning on anyone ever hearing the lyrics created. He found himself right on the side of the stage, hanging onto every note, not missing the tears falling down your face at the end, no matter how much you tried to hide them. When your group moved to leave the stage, he quickly disappeared, not wanting you to see his own tears that were slipping out.

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At the height of your passionate relationship, late nights were spent in the studio where you two would practice couple dances, ending the night in each other’s arms. During one of the end of year festivals, it was told that you would be performing one of those very dances with another male idol. Hoseok spent the time leading up to the festival trying to fight down his jealous feelings of how that was your song, your dance, it should be him performing it with you. During the actual festival, he couldn’t keep his eyes off of you for the duration of the performance. He was so mesmerized by you that he almost missed the tears rolling down your face as the lights went down. Out of habit, he immediately went in your direction, wanting to comfort you, feeling wetness on his own face as he moved.

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The two of you had met when he agreed to produce a song for BigHit’s new girl group. The two of you had short fling during the production of the song, up until it was time for your group to debut. The two of you had agreed from the beginning that your relationship couldn’t develop with both of you in the spotlight, so you parted ways shortly before your debut showcase. BTS had decided to go to the showcase to show their support for their sister group, despite all the excuses Namjoon had tried to give to get out of going. When it came time to perform the song Namjoon had produced, he couldn’t believe how amazing your group sounded, especially you. As that song was the last performed, the boys all congratulated the girls as they came down. He stayed in the back, trying to avoid you, but immediately looked up when he heard someone telling you not to cry. Everyone assumed that you were overwhelmed by your debut, but he knew the real reason.

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For months, Jimin would lie awake in bed, memories of the two of you holding each other, slowly swaying back and forth in the middle of your living room playing through his head. He had just begun to get over the hump right after the breakup, where he was able to sleep at night without the memories, when you had a special performance of the very song playing in the background of all the memories. He sat on his bed, holding his iPad, and stared at your face, replaying the video for the 10th time in a row, once again feeling his tears fall right when yours did.

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Unlike the others, Taehyung focused on being happy over the memories he had of your relationship. While the others have nights of tears and sadness, he has nights of giggles and smiles as he thought back on all the good times you had, his favorites being when you would go on long drives, trot blasting out of the radio as the two of you sang along at the top of your lungs. During a special stage at a music show, you performed one of your favorite songs during those times. He had the time of his life, singing and dancing along like he always did, but he stopped short when he realized you were crying. At that moment, he realized that you might not have taken the breakup as easily as he had.

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The other members were confused as to why Jungkook would turn off the radio anytime that song came on. It got even worse when he deleted the song from his library, and never even hummed it like he used to. Little did they know that was the song he would sing to you when you were stressed or upset to help calm you down. While surfing the web one night, he came across a video of you singing a little bit of the song during a variety show. The video was someone trying to figure out why you had broken down crying, and based on the comments, no one knew, except for him, as the tears were the exact reason why he had cut the song out of his life completely.

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Let Me Love You | Pt. 6

Pairing: Jimin x Reader x Taehyung 

Genre: Angst 

Word Count: 945

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Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 7

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Suddenly, you heard him whisper while a sob escaped his mouth. “I-Is it really too late for u-us?..”

You stopped walking and answered without turning around. “Yes, you’re too late..”

With heavy steps, you started climbing up the stairs. It was too late. He was too late. You were engaged to someone else now.

Right before you reached your bedroom door, you were met with Taehyung leaning against your wall with his arms crossed in front of his chest. Slowly, he looked up at you with an unreadable expression plastered on his face.

You, on the other hand, could already feel your heart beating fast against your rib cage, scared that he might have misunderstood the situation that took place just minutes ago.

Averting your eyes, you looked down at your fingers. How were you supposed explain everything to him? “T-Taehyung, I..I’m-”

“Come here.”

When you looked up, you were met with a soft smile and his arms wide open, waiting for you to come closer so he could embrace your shaking form.

Without saying anything, you walked towards the person you called your best friend and fiancé at the same time and nuzzled your head in his chest, allowing the newly formed tears to roll down your face.

“Shh.. everything is going to be okay. I’m here, Y/N-ah.. You’re not alone..”

Nuzzling your head further into the crook of his neck, you tried to calm your breathing down. “Thank you, Taehyung-ah..”

Placing a little kiss on your head, Taehyung guided you slowly to your bedroom and sat down beside you on your bed.

Caressing your cheeks, he locked his eyes with yours and whispered. “Don’t be so hard on yourself, Y/N. If you’re sad, then be sad. If you want to cry, then cry. You don’t have to pretend like you’re okay.”

Placing your hand on top of his, you took a deep breath and smiled at him. He was trying so hard to make you feel at ease and happy. You were sure that he heard your conversation with Jimin but still chose to ignore it in order to not make you uncomfortable.

“Are you okay, Taehyung?”

Confused, he looked at you. “What?”

“Are you okay with all of this? Are you even happy, Taehyung?”

Tilting his head a little bit, he started speaking again. “Of course I’m happy-”

“Taehyung, please stop pretending.. I know that it’s hard for you too. Your life changed drastically because of Hana and me. You gave up your own life in order to help us and that’s not something that everyone would do just in one night. I know how you feel when you see me talking to Jimin. I can see it in your eyes. You’re hurting because of me and there is nothing I can do to change that, Taehyung..”

Sadly, you looked down at your intertwined hands, the guilt you felt towards him eating you alive. When you felt his soft fingers under your chin, you looked back up at him and connected your glossy eyes with his.

“You can change that, Y/N..”


“Move out with me to another country.”

Bidding the comforting darkness a goodbye, you unwillingly opened your heavy eyelids to the whining sounds of your daughter. Guessing that it was time for her second bottle that morning, you lifted your blanket in order to stand up but halted when suddenly her whining stopped. Assuming that Taehyung must have taken care of her, you closed your eyes again and welcomed the darkness with a little smile plastered on your face.

Just before you could doze of for the second time, you felt something stir beside you. Opening your eyes again, you turned your head to your left side and were met with a sleeping Taehyung.

When Taehyung was here, why did Hana stop crying?

Knowing that Hana wouldn’t stop crying until she got her bottle, you stood up from your bed immediately, concerned that something might have happened to her.

Walking out of your bedroom, you walked towards her nursery but halted before you stepped into her room, the sight before you making you freeze immediately.

Your daughter’s head was nuzzled into Jimin’s shoulder, her grip on his shirt as strong as a baby could hold and her eyes slowly closing as her father sang a unknown lullaby to her.

Hiding behind the wall, you listened to Jimin’s calming voice while you closed your eyes and let the tears roll down your face.

Close your eyes slowly
Give me your frozen hands
Beware your innocent soul
Sleep in silence like the time
This world is a hole with no ground

Before your soft heart pales
And life shows it’s dark side
Sleep, sleep darling
This world is a dark hole with no ground
Sleep, sleep my angel face
This world is a hole with no ground

When Jimin stopped singing, you watched how he placed soft kisses on his daughter’s head. The smile he had on his face was a smile you’ve never seen before. The affection he was showing towards his daughter was something you always dreamed of when he wasn’t there with you in the first months. The way he looked at your daughter showed how much he adored and loved her like she was the most precious thing to him. 

If he hadn’t been too late, perhaps everything could have been different for all of you..

Leaning his head on your daughter’s head carefully, he whispered the words that broke your heart the minute you heard it.

“Take care of your mother, okay? Forgive me, Hana..“

Author‘s Note: After what felt like 50 years, I was also able to update this scenario. I am sorry for having kept you all waiting for so long.. I’ll try to update this scenario regularly, I promise! I hope you like it and let me know what you think about it~ Should Y/N move out with Taehyung or should she stay?

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How BTS Reacts to You Crying Because They're About to Leave For Tour

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BTS: Reaction to you crying bc they’re leaving for tour

•Jin: He knew how sensitive you were, especially when it came to him leaving. So he was gentle with his words and actions. As soon as your tears started, he cradled you and kissed you all over, trying not to chuckle.

“I’m doing my best for you so you have to say strong and wait for me ok?”

•Yoongi: He was really insensitive when it came to certain things. He’d say things so nonchalant. 

“I’m going on tour.” And almost immediately you started to cry. He’d instantly feel bad but he’d stay tough. “Stop crying…” he said, but he, himself started to get choked up. He hugged you and kissed you repeatedly until you got tired from crying and end up falling asleep. “Such a crybaby…”

•Namjoon: When he saw your tears forming in your eyes, he couldn’t help but smile. He knew how much you cared about him and he loved that feeling. He grabbed onto your shoulders gently and kissed your head. 

“Baby look at me.” He chuckled softly and trailed his hands down your sides.“Don’t worry, I’ll make it feel like I never left your side”

•Hoseok: It was just as hard for him to tell you as it was for you to hear it. He hated watching you cry because of him. 

“I promise I’ll be home soon.” He whined and showered you in kisses. He made funny noises and faces to make you smile.“Smile, smile! I don’t wanna leave you when you’re looking all sad!”

•Jimin: He called you late at night to tell you he’d be leaving soon on tour and he wouldn’t be able to see you before then. He felt awful, and the sad cries you let out made him tear up. He started to lecture you, telling you to be careful while he was gone.

“Don’t look at any other boys… and stay off the streets at night!”

•Taehyung: Don’t get him wrong, he hated to see you cry! But he loved to know you’d miss him. He started pinching your cheeks and mocking your whining, kissing you every once in a while. He was just trying to make you smile even though he felt just as sad.

“I promise I’ll take tons of pictures, and I’ll tell you where I am at all times. When I get to a certain place, when I leave…”

•Jungkook: He was a little nervous to tell you at first since he knew you were a sensitive person, and as soon as he saw those tears he started kicking himself. Maybe he could’ve put it differently? He cuddled with you and sang for you to help you stop crying. He played with your hair, something you absolutely adored.

“I’ll call you everyday to sing to you.”

Do not go gentle into that good night, 
Old age should burn and rave at close of day; 
Rage, rage against the dying of the light. 

Though wise men at their end know dark is right, 
Because their words had forked no lightning they 
Do not go gentle into that good night. 

Good men, the last wave by, crying how bright 
Their frail deeds might have danced in a green bay, 
Rage, rage against the dying of the light. 

Wild men who caught and sang the sun in flight, 
And learn, too late, they grieved it on its way, 
Do not go gentle into that good night. 

Grave men, near death, who see with blinding sight 
Blind eyes could blaze like meteors and be gay, 
Rage, rage against the dying of the light. 

And you, my father, there on that sad height, 
Curse, bless, me now with your fierce tears, I pray. 
Do not go gentle into that good night. 
Rage, rage against the dying of the light.

—  Dylan Thomas
Tell Me What To Do - Park Jihoon Requested Scenario


Genre: bad boy! Jihoon

Message?: This wink boy I stg also I’m really bad at bad boy things so im sorry


“Do you think he’s going to come to school today?” Lucia turned round and asked me in the middle of Geography.

Ever since I told her about my tiny little crush on Park Jihoon, the school’s naughtiest student, she’s been obsessed.

“How should I know?” I asked.

She smirked, “wouldn’t you know everything?”

I rolled my eyes as she turned back round, laughing.

The teacher turned round and looked at us, “Y/N, Lucia, pay attention in less—”

Everyone turned around as Park Jihoon walked through the door, licking his lips.

“Your late Mr. Park,” the teacher said.

“Wow,” he said sarcastically. “Because I’m not aware of that am I?!”

He started to walk towards me and Lucia as Lucia winked at me.

I hit her as he sat in his seat next to me. A pang of pain hit my heart. Seriously. What is it with this boy? He’s a fucking bastard but I just can’t resist!

“Oi!” he whispered, turning round to me. “Got a pencil?”

“Yes I do, do you?” I asked over-excitedly.

He chuckled but looked unamused, “just give me a pen.”

I nodded, giving him my best pen.

After lessons, I walked with Lucia to her locker and started banging my head against it.

“So. Stupid. Why. Did. You. Do. That,” I said, between every bang of the head.

“What did you do?” Lucia asked casually.

“I tried to make Jihoon laugh but just made a fool of myself,” I explained, looking at her with my head still on the locker.

“It’s fine, just stay cool and whatever you do. Don’t confess to him. That’s so not cool and every person who’s confessed to him has been refused,” Lucia said.

I nodded, pulling my head off the locker as we walked to next lesson.

As we walked into music, we saw Jihoon laying across the front desks but he sat up as soon as he saw me.

“Oi, Y/L/N. Your in a group with me,” he said. “I need to pass at least one class.”

I nodded, trying to keep my cool.

“Don’t say anything, nothing. You’ll embarrass yourself and me,” Lucia whispered.

“I know!” I whispered back.

“I still don’t get why you like him,” Lucia said, putting her bag down.

“Like who?” Jihoon said from behind us.

We both screamed, jumping about a foot in the air.

“The fucking ice-cream man,” I said sarcastically. “My crush okay? You don’t need to know.”

He shrugged, sitting next to me, “okay.”

“Don’t you sit over there?” I asked.

“Oh well,” he shrugged as the teacher walked in.

“Right,” Sir said. “Get into pairs and go away. We’re working on modern Korean music remember!”

Jihoon nodded at me and we got up, going to a practise room. The whole room erupted in wolf whistles.

“All right, all right,” Sir said. “So Y/N and Jihoon, drum room.”

I followed Jihoon who had already left the room and gone over to the drum room.

“So what song do you want to do?” he asked, sitting on the drum kit.

I gasped sarcastically, “Park Jihoon? Doing work?!”

“Fuck off!”

“Alright, alright,” I said, leaning against the door. “How about Blackpink?”

“No,” he said. “They’re girly and I’ll probably get a boner.”

I rolled my eyes.

“What about Rhythm Ta?” he asked.

“No way. I’ll get wet,” I said jokingly.

He smiled, looking at the ground.

“Bangtan?” I asked.

“Which one?” he asked.

“How about Just One Day?“ I asked.

He groaned, "that’s so soppy!”

“But I heard your a good singer,” I muttered.

“Who said that?!” he exclaimed, becoming defensive.

I shrugged, looking at the floor.

“Let’s just do something easy, okay?” He sighed.

“It won’t work,” I said, still looking at the floor before looking up at him. “You said you wanted a good grade and an easy song won’t get you a good grade.”

“Fine,” he sighed. “How about ‘A’ by Got7.”

I shrugged, “didn’t think you’d know Got7.”

He looked at the ground, muttering, “only a bit.”

“I know! Shinee!” I exclaimed.

“Which one?” he asked.

“Tell Me What To Do,” I said.

He looked at me confused for a second, then chuckled, but still didn’t look amused, “right. The song.”

I laughed, “yeah. Do you know it?”

He nodded.

“Do you wanna sing it?” I asked.

He looked at me, unamused.

“Please please please!”

He sighed, getting up the music on his phone.

“Just be confident,” I said.

He had no emotion in his face, but I could tell the song meant something as he sang along.

“Tell me what to do Tell me what to do Tell me what to do Tell me what to do

These days, I don’t know, I don’t know you You look like you gave up on a lot of things But I hear your silent scream Tell me what to do

Lovers without extreme development Is this the losing hand that time has placed? We haven’t ended it but it’s already over Tell me what to do

There’s a knot that can’t be untied In front of us

I’ll go to you first At the end of a different road I’ll wipe your cheeks that are wet with tears and ask you

Tell me what to do Tell me what to do Tell me what to do Tell me what to do

You don’t tell me but you want me to know You think that you only gave the words you threw at me because you’re too used to me Tell me what to do

Indifferent and painful words Left deep scars on that day Words that made me realize That I’m still a fool

If only I can erase it If only I can

I’ll go to you first At the end of a different road I’ll wipe your cheeks that are wet with tears and ask you

Tell me what to do (I hope you’ll tell me first) Tell me what to do (Don’t cry no more) Tell me what to do (If your heart can see me) Tell me what to do (Don’t cry no more)

I took you for granted But just thinking of you not being there I don’t want to go through that, my world would crumble

Am I the one for you At some point, you were keeping me in check I said you changed a lot but I changed the most The one for me, I didn’t know But that promise keeps suffocating us Time keeps lingering but our time keeps getting destroyed

That smile came to me, more brightly The cold hands became more warm Two lonely souls met Not lonely, lonely, lonely, lonely I’ll look into you again, I’ll place your breathing in my ears Even if everything but us changes

I’ll go to you first (I’ll go to you first) At the end of a different road (Tell me what to do) I’ll wipe your cheeks that are wet with tears and ask you

Tell me what to do (I hope you’ll tell me first) Tell me what to do (Don’t cry no more) Tell me what to do (If your heart can see me) Tell me what to do (Don’t cry no more)

Tell me what to do Tell me what to do Tell me what to do,” he took a breath afterwards and walked to the back of the room.

For the first time since I met him, I realised why I was so attracted to him. It’s because from the start I could see beyond the bad boy. I could see that behind that bad boy there was a person with struggles just like everyone else.

I took a breath, listening to the song repeat on his phone.

“I’ll go to you first At the end of a different road I’ll wipe your cheeks that are wet with tears and ask you

Tell me what to do (I hope you’ll tell me first) Tell me what to do (Don’t cry no more) Tell me what to do (If your heart can see me) Tell me what to do (Don’t cry no more),” I sang.

I heard a shaky breath come out his mouth, “I took you for granted But just thinking of you not being there I don’t want to go through that, my world would crumble.”

I looked up at him, surely he didn’t understand the lyrics?

“Why do you always understand?” he asked. “You and your lame jokes and puns and the un-natural sarcasm and the understandingness and I don’t understand!”

“Sorry,” I whispered.

“No,” he said sharply. “Don’t be sorry. Just stay with me.”

I felt my heart beating hard.

“What do you mean?” I asked.

“I mean that I don’t like who I am,” he sighed. “I want to be nice, I want to be liked. But everyone’s scared of me.”

“I’m not.”


“So,” I whispered. “Tell me what to do.”

That was the first time I saw him look amused when he chuckled. I’d done it. He had a look of amusement on his face. But it didn’t last long as he crashed his lips to mine.

I think I know what to do.

To Make You Proud: Lin-Manuel Miranda X Daughter Reader (ft. Hamilcast)

Prompt: Your high school graduation ceremony is something you wanted your family to attend since you were receiving an important award, but you don’t see your father anywhere in the crowd.

Requested: No

Word Count: 2,343

Warnings: Angst, in a way.

Author’s Note: This is based off of the song “To Make You Proud” by Teresa Jennings which is what I sang for my graduation in middle school.

Your name: submit What is this?

You sat among the dozens of other seniors who were excited to be leaving the stage of high school and move onto college. You, however, were twisting a piece of string about your finger nervously, gazing around at you family and only seeing Vanessa, Sebastian, and your grandparents, your father nowhere in sight, causing you to get more and more upset. You bit your lip, trying to hold back a tear that was trying so hard to slip down your cheek.

You knew your father was a busy man, but he had promised you that he would come to this for you. You see, you were always fearful that your father had a hidden hatred for you since you were a mistake made after a drunk night in high school with your mother, someone who never showed her face. After she had you, she handed you off to your father without a word and went off the face of the Earth. And no matter how often your dad tried to reassure you that he loved you, you still felt a twinge of doubt inside you.

“And now,” You heard the English department supervisor announce. “The senior accepting the writing award for outstanding dedication and phenomenal creativity in every sense of the word is Y/N Miranda!”

You heard the claps and cheers from around you, and that put a little smile on your face as you walked up to the podium to accept your award. You shook the supervisor’s hand and she gave you the certificate. She said something to you, but you were too enthralled in your own thoughts that you didn’t really even catch what she had said to you. You simply nodded and smiled in response to whatever it was she had told you. You took your seat once more as the rest of the high school academic awards were given out.

Just after the valedictorian spoke and the diplomas were given out, the choir members-yourself included- were brought to the stage to sing your final song of high school. It was a simple one, but your choir director thought it had a lot of soul and sentiment to it, and it was called “To Make You Proud.”

You stared off at the gray sky of New York City. It wasn’t the typical gray city skyline, but it was one that told people there was a rainstorm coming very soon. Which, ironically, had happened not even a second after you had this thought.

A rushed movement caught your eye. You saw your father, dressed semi-formally, as if he had been scrambling just to get something good together. You noticed his heavy breathing and sad face when he noticed you and the other members standing tall, your voices blending together. Just seeing your father with that look of regret put you over the edge.

Your eyes became teary when you realized that your idiot of a father only just showed up to one of the biggest nights of your life. But, not wanting to give people the chance to see you cry, you turned your sadness into anger, and the way you sang showed you that. You gazed straight ahead once more, not looking anywhere else in fear that your tears would some barreling out for all the school and everyone’s families to see.

When the caps were thrown and everything was done and done, you had to go and face your family. But in a way you didn’t.

You wiped away your tears and put on a fake smile when you walked towards your grandparents, your stepmother, and little brother, completely ignoring your father’s presence.

“Hey!” You smiled, giving your grandmother a hug before moving onto your grandfather. “Gosh, it’s so nice to see you.”

“Y/N, listen-”

“Oh, Vanessa, you look so beautiful in that dress!” You cut him off.

“Y/N, I mean it-”

“Aw and look at little Sebastian in his fancy little clothes!” You spoke, googling over your little brother who giggled in response to you. “You have fun?”

“Yeah!” He nodded vigorously.

You turned back to our grandparents, gave them another hug, and told them, “Gosh, it’s so good to see you guys! Thank you so much for coming!”

“Oh my-”

“And you know I just wanted to say that this really means a lot to me. I mean like so-”

“Y/N Miranda will you just stop talking and listen to me?!” Your father shouted over you, finally having enough of you ignoring him.

You turned slowly and face him. You crossed your arms and raised an eyebrow accusingly. “Listen to you? Listen to you? I don’t need to listen to you! You weren’t here when I asked you to be. End of story.”

“Y/N, you have to understand. There was a problem that needed my attention at today's’ matinee show! Thy couldn’t-”

“Oh, so this is what this is about? Missing my high school graduation, the only one I’ll ever have, for that show? Guess what, dad?! Look at this, dad! I got an award for writing and you weren’t freaking there to see it because of that show! There’s understudies and-and standbys for Alexander Hamilton! He could be played by anyone in that stupid musical! But there’s no standby by for my dad!” You shouted in his face. Tears started to roll down your cheeks. “God, I wish that it never existed!”

At the time, you hadn’t realized just how harsh the words were and how deeply they affected him. You simply left your father and the rest of your family behind you as you walked off, sobbing and wiping away your tears as a sad melody echoed in your head.

You sat at the piano in your room a few hours after the incident, your fingers gently pressing down on the keys to create a nonsensical tune. It didn’t make you forget about what just happened, but it at least calmed you down a little bit. You continued doing this until you heard a knock on the door.

“If you’re dad, piss off. If you’re anyone else, please come in.” You mumbled just loud enough for the person behind the door to hear you.

“First of all,” Vanessa’s voice came to your ears after the door creaked open. “Watch your language. It could’ve been Sebastian for all you know.”

“I’m pretty sure Sebastian can’t knock as well as that.” You sorrowfully laughed.

“And second of all, you really hurt your father.”

You semi-glared at Vanessa when she told you this. A range of emotions and thoughts flowed through you, but you didn’t have enough words in your dictionary or enough time to voice them all then and there. So instead, you just snapped, “Yeah, well he hurt me.”

“I understand that, Y/N, but you told him that you wished Hamilton never existed. And-and you know how hard he worked on that and just how much it means to him. Hearing you say that to him… he really hurts, you know? You should probably apologize to him when you’re ready.”

“Apologize?” You scoffed. “Why should I even consider doing that when he couldn’t even put it off for one day for his only daughter’s high school graduation? This isn’t like some dumb middle school concert or something that’s like, every year or something. This is something he can’t see again. And this has happened before, and you know that. My final Broadway night for choir? Poetry night? Sure, they were all recorded but what’s the point?”

Vanessa sat on your bed, examining you as you looked down at your frail fingers touching the piano keys.

“There’s more to it, isn’t there?” Vanessa questioned.

You didn’t look up at her. Your fingers stop moving and you just stared down at the keys, a solemn look on your face.

“You know, I… I wonder if I really matter to him. Like… am I just a burden to him?” You wondered. You scrunched your eyebrows together in thought pondering these questions that always haunted you for years. “I mean, my mother just left me in his hands and ran. Does he actually see me as his daughter… or just a disturbance that he had to deal with for eighteen years? A-All I want to do is make him proud, but it’s like there are bigger priorities.”

“No, no, no!” Vanessa exclaimed, rushing to her feet. “Now that’s not true. Y/N, you know he loves you! And you know he’s proud of you!”

“Yeah? Well, it’s proven eight times a week that he’s a really good actor.”

Behind your door was a distraught father, one who couldn’t handle the information that had just come out of your mouth. You, a gentle, precious ray of light, believed that you were nothing to him and that he wasn’t proud of you and everything you did. Well, he’d just have to find a way to fix that.

Vanessa had told you that she had to drop something off at the Richard Rodgers Theatre for your dad. She didn’t say what it was, just that it was important to get it there before the show ended. You honestly just wanted to stay in the car, but she dragged you along anyway, telling you she wasn’t going to let you stay in a car alone in New York City.

“Here,” Vanessa handed you a small, light box. “Give this to your dad when he comes off stage Go over and wait for him. I have to go put this in the dressing room.”

“What?” You turned to look back at her and refute, but she was already hurrying for the other hallway backstage. “Fine…”

You stood backstage, the crew members giving you kind smiles. You knew most of them after a coming to the theatre a few different times. They didn’t say anything to you with the show going on, but they simply greeted you with their eyes and a nod to which you returned with a small wave and a small of your own.

You stood a few feet away from the stage with just enough view of it to see Phillipa center stage with your father walking around her as everyone sang the final notes of “Who Lives, Who Dies, Who Tells Your Story.” You felt a knot form in your stomach when you heard Phillipa let out a strained gasp when her character saw the audience watching the tale before her. When the lights faded out, and everyone went out for bows, you couldn’t stand to be there anymore.

“Could you give this to my father when he comes off please?” You asked, handing the box to a crew member.

They nodded and took the box from your grip. You spun around on your heels to head back out to the car, but your father’s voice caught you off guard, and kept you from moving forward.

“And one more thing before we all go! I have a something special for my very own Theodosia. My daughter, Y/N.”

You were frozen in your spot. You didn’t know what to do at that time. You could only listen as your father continued to speak to the audience with such cheerfulness, such… love… as he spoke about you. You slowly and hesitantly turned to look back at the stage.

“She just graduated college with honors in the English department. She got accepted into her dream college with a full scholarship… and I just couldn’t be more proud of her. So, to honor that, we will be singing one final song of the night, dedicated to her.” He announced.

You stepped forward, wanting to hear what would happen next. To say the least, you shocked when you heard the piano keys playing your graduation song from just a few nights ago. You gasped slightly, leaving you open-jawed. You watched Renée sing the solo out into the audience before everyone else joined in, your heart swelling with merriment.

“I’ll hear your words,
Here in my heart,
Wherever I go!
To make your proud…”

You felt your knees become weak as you heard the cast sing so beautifully and in such perfect harmony in that one single moment. You put your hand over your mouth to keep the heartfelt sigh at bay. Soon enough you felt more tears falling down your cheeks.

“What should I say? What should I do?
Lessons I’ve learned help me get through,
I can be strong, I can be brave,
Just thinking of you…
To make you proud!”

Your father noticed you and your sobbing self in the wings, smiled, and extended an arm to you. You staggered over, your legs seeming to become jelly as you walked out on stage. You noticed the cast members smiling as they sang when they noticed your form walk over with faltering steps towards your dad. Even the audience audibly gushed at the sight of you when you crashed into your father, going completely limp in his arms as you cried into his shoulder. You felt your dad pet your head soothingly as the song ended, and the audience and cast applauded in joviality.

“I’m sorry…” Your voice came out muffled as you cried into your father’s costume. “I’m so, so sorry. I-I shouldn’t have… I didn’t mean… God, I’m sorry.”

“Don’t be,” He told you softly. He looked back at the audience and bid them a good night before he and the other cast members returned backstage. He looked back at you when you were all away from the stage. “Y/N, I’m so, so, so sorry. I should’ve been there for you…”

“I’m sorry I got so mad… And that I told you I hated the show.”

“It’s alright. You were just upset… But listen to me,” He took your face in his hands so you would look at him. “I love you with all my heart. You will never be a burden to me, and you will always be my precious little girl. No matter what your mother did, you are still my daughter, and you always will be. Don’t ever doubt that.” He kissed your forehead gently.

You shook your head, “I never will again.”

Smile with Me

Jungkook x Reader

Genre: Angst/Fluff

Summary: You were having a bad day, but you didn’t want Jungkook to worry. However, Jungkook did worry and he wanted nothing more but for you to smile again.

Word Count: 1767

Originally posted by bottomkookie

If anyone took a look at your bed, they’d just say it was a total mess with the blankets all jumbled up in the middle. Was that the case? Nope. The blankets weren’t JUST jumbled up in the middle, they were jumbled up with you in the middle. You were encased in a blanket burrito in the center of your bed sobbing because today just wasn’t your day. 

It started off pretty good. You woke up to the birds chirping, your breakfast wasn’t burnt this time, and your boyfriend was actually able to stay and eat with you in the morning. That last one was a rare occurrence especially the kind of job he held as part of an idol group. It was all going well until you had missed the bus. You would’ve asked Jungkook to drive you but, he had his own work to get to and you knew how demanding it was. Instead, you decided to walk over to the next station hoping that there would be another bus you could take to school. You didn’t actually reach your class until an hour in, and by the time you took a seat the lecture was already almost finished. Your professor wasn’t all that understanding either and gave you a full absence. And since you couldn’t attend class during prior occasions, you were forced to drop it for having too many absences. 

After school, you headed off to work where you thought you could relax. You liked your work as an employee at a local clothing store, but one ill-tempered customer just had to disrupt your peace. The customer claimed that you had insulted her when she had asked you how a dress she was trying on fit her. You simply said that she might want to try a larger size not because you were trying to insult her, but because she just plainly looked uncomfortable with the snug fit. But of course, she went all ballistic on you and called for your manager who had to repeatedly apologize and ended up giving the lady the dress for free. Your manager was a little more understanding, but that didn’t prevent him from cutting your pay for the rest of the month in order to pay for the dress. 

You weren’t the type of person to share your problems easily, and so you tended to keep your stresses all bottled up. These incidents with your added stress from the everyday things in life had finally pushed you over the edge.  You were breaking down, your head hurt from overthinking everything.

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fandom-queen-of-wonderland  asked:

Hey! Your imagines are awesome! I wonder if youd be willing to do an angst! Imagine where reader is dieing so cas promises to Sam and dean to watch her in Heaven and while sam and dean cradle her she softly sings "dear agony" by breaking Benjamin.

Originally posted by nightfuryoffandom

Originally posted by sooper-dee-dooper-natural

You clutched the gaping hole in your stomach as you sank to the floor, overcome by pain. The world seemed to ring in your ears and time appeared to slow down. Sam and Dean killed the demon that stabbed you and Cas ran over to your side, catching you just before you hit the floor.

“Y/N,” Cas looked panicked. “Y/N, stay with me.”

By the look on his face you knew there was no getting out of this one. You gave him a soft smile.

“It’s okay.” You reassured him. “I’ve had a good run.”

“Cas,” You heard Dean yell. “Cas, is Y/N alright?”

Dean bent down next to you with tear filled eyes. “Y/N?”

You grabbed his hand and gave him a reassuring squeeze. “It’s okay.”

“Y/N,” Sam muttered, shaking his head in disbelief. “I won’t let you die.”

“Just promise me you’ll watch out for each other.” You murmured. “The world needs you more than it needs anyone else.”

“The world needs you too.” Dean told you, frantically holding onto your hand. “We can save you-”

You cut Dean off. “No, don’t do anything stupid.”

“But-” Sam began, but you cut him off too.

“No, I’ll be alright.” You reassured them.

“I will watch over her.” Cas looked down at you with sad eyes, then up at Sam and Dean. “In heaven, I will look out for her.”

Sam and Dean held you in their arms, trying their best to keep from crying. As you felt the life drain out of you, you began to sing Dear Agony by Breaking Benjamin. With a final breath you sang the last few lines of your favorite song.

Dear Agony

Just let go of me

Suffer slowly

Is this the way it’s gotta be?

Don’t bury me

Faceless enemy

I’m so sorry

Is this the way it’s gotta be?

Dear Agony

I feel nothing anymore

“Y/N?” Sam tried to shake you. His tears fell from his face to yours. “Y/N, wake up.”

Dean held his brother in his arms as the two cried over you and the empty hole left in their hearts.

{ cry for help }

pairing: hamilsquad x reader

prompt(s): “You should do a poly!hamilsquad fic where its reader waking up in the middle of the noght due to nightmares or PTSD and all th boys trying to calm her down.”

“could you maybe do one where the reader has a bad dream and one of the boys (or all) comfort her and its really fluffy?”

trigger warnings: reader has a bad dream that leads to a (short!) ptsd episode. don’t worry though! the boys got you!

“Duérmete mi amor" - sleep my love
“Duérmete pedazo de mi corazón" - sleep a piece of my heart.

“D'accord?” - “okay?”

You were driving in the dream. Your hands were on the wheel, gripping it tightly as you prepared to turn. You were driving with your best friend, going to pick up something from the store. 

You were getting ready to make a left turn, signaling, inching out forward just like you were supposed to. The light changed yellow. You figured the cars on the opposite end would obey the light and slow down, so you started to turn. Your breath hitched quickly as you moved your foot to find the brakes. Unfortunately, you found them too late. One last silver car decided to try to run the red light. 

You weren’t completely in front of that lane but your car was out forward, maybe taking up a fourth of the lane and you couldn’t reverse. The driver didn’t slow down in time. He hit the front side of your car, crashing into your head lights on the right hand side and pushing it back down the road by a couple feet. 

The airbags flew out and you held back a scream.

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Do not go gentle into that good night,
Old age should burn and rave at close of day;
Rage, rage against the dying of the light.

Though wise men at their end know dark is right,
Because their words had forked no lightning they
Do not go gentle into that good night.

Good men, the last wave by, crying how bright
Their frail deeds might have danced in a green bay,
Rage, rage against the dying of the light.

Wild men who caught and sang the sun in flight,
And learn, too late, they grieved it on its way,
Do not go gentle into that good night.

Grave men, near death, who see with blinding sight
Blind eyes could blaze like meteors and be gay,
Rage, rage against the dying of the light.

And you, my father, there on the sad height,
Curse, bless, me now with your fierce tears, I pray.
Do not go gentle into that good night.
Rage, rage against the dying of the light.

‘Do not go gentle into that good night’ by Dylan Thomas

Do not go gentle into that good night

Do not go gentle into that good night,
Old age should burn and rave at close of day;
Rage, rage against the dying of the light.

Though wise men at their end know dark is right,
Because their words had forked no lightning they
Do not go gentle into that good night.

Good men, the last wave by, crying how bright
Their frail deeds might have danced in a green bay,
Rage, rage against the dying of the light.

Wild men who caught and sang the sun in flight,
And learn, too late, they grieved it on its way,
Do not go gentle into that good night.

Grave men, near death, who see with blinding sight
Blind eyes could blaze like meteors and be gay,
Rage, rage against the dying of the light.

And you, my father, there on the sad height,
Curse, bless, me now with your fierce tears, I pray.
Do not go gentle into that good night.
Rage, rage against the dying of the light.

4 am confessions.

Min Yoongi; your overthinking boyfriend. 

Night air surrounded the early morning, light peeking from the curtains, shadows playing tricks on walls, white sheets mustered messily on the mattress, and two people so terribly engulfed in the shine of each other’s eyes.

The woman slept soundly, hugging a body pillow, bare naked, breathing evenly as her legs tangled possessively around the cotton. Her beautiful, smooth skin was painted with purple and blue, patches of rough love showing proudly as if they were her own trophies.

The man was sitting up, back facing her and his feet touching the cold wood, fingers cascading through his ruffled strands as his ribs rattled with shaky breaths. His face was contorted with thought, polished with a lovely pink and dark circles of sleep deprivation. Had he slept a wink, he did not know.

But he sat there with his lovely, pale skin, contemplating about something one would think silly to do so, but still he thought.

And then, he rubbed his face in utter frustration, slapping his cheeks as if to ready himself, and then faced you, hands lingering above your rising back. And he spoke quietly, carefully, but oh so lovingly.


His breath tingled your cheek, his raspy voice tainted with early morning haze automatically made you smile. You stirred from your slumber slowly, fingers readily reaching for his that were gently touching your skin. Your eyes cracked open when you mustered enough energy to do so, lazily staying still and breathing for a few seconds before rising, blanket covering your body strategically.

He waited in adoration as you closed your eyes again, sitting there with your head down and your hair splaying all over your face. You rubbed your face whilst sighing, curling your legs before moving your head side-to-side, the cracking sounds of your bones filling the air.

And then you faced him with a smile, momentarily adjusting your eyes to the sight of him sitting there in front of you, bare chested and smiling thinly, hands curled and expression taut.

You gave him a questioning look before reaching to unravel his fingers, slipping yours into his comfortably before your voice, a ringing fairy bell, pulled him back into earth, away from the clouds of his wandering mind.

“What’s wrong?”

Granted, it wasn’t perfect. Your voice was a bit raspy but Yoongi loved every pitch, tone, accent your throat had devoted itself to making. Because ultimately it was yours.

He trembled at your touch, trying to breathe as evenly as he could, staring at your knuckles and playing with your joints.

“So I’ve been thinking,”

You gave a little whisper of oh no, automatically making him chuckle and you quickly delivering a grin. “Go on.”

He cleared his throat, licking his lips tentatively before rushing up to face you.

“I love you.”

Your eyebrows knitted in confusion, silence stretching out longer than Yoongi had hoped for.

“That’s,” You started out slowly, still a little taken aback, “That’s great, Yoongi, but why tell me at… four in the morning?”

You wanted to laugh at the absurdity of this man, but you could tell he had spent time going over this in his head, again and again and again.

“No, no, no,” He rushed, shaking his head as his eyes widened, “I love you.”

He had gotten closer to you, stressing this fact, holding onto you with heightened strength. And you stared back, mouth slightly agape and eyes blinking in surprise before your lips cracked into a lovely smile. You slipped your hands slowly to shape his face, thumb rubbing over his cheeks with soft care, moving his fringe from his eyes that had watered down its intensity.

“What exactly were you thinking about, hm?” You hummed softly, moving to tap your forehead to his.

He breathed refreshingly, closing his eyes momentarily as you went to slide onto his lap, kissing the crown of his head as you stroked his noir strands.

“I was thinking about how,” He inhaled, fluttering his eyelashes against your skin, “How beautiful you are.”

You pulled back to give him an amused smile, wrapping your arms around his neck.

“I thought about how, the expanse of your skin is the only place I find comfort in.” He said this before kissing your neck, a slow, adoring peck.

“I thought about how kind you are to me, how supportive and encouraging you’ve always been, even on the nights I don’t come home.” He whispered sadly, mindlessly messing with a strand of your hair.

“You’re understanding, and caring, and even though sometimes you throw a fit, you admit the wrongdoings you’ve done. You’re a good person, a lovely one, someone who has easily become such an important part of my life, I…can’t explain how much you truly mean to me.”

You sat there in silence, gazing at his lips that uttered poetry, before kissing him sweetly.

You didn’t understand why he was praising you so highly, but it didn’t hurt to hear once in a while. Your heart had done cartwheels and your mind exploded with fireworks. Yoongi was never one to openly express how he felt, so when he began with a love confession, even as you were filled with confusion, you fell in love with him all over again.

He returned the kiss softly, touching the small of your back to move you in closer before breaking it, the faint sound of your lips separating made his heart ache, because even then he had already missed it. You gave him an amorous smile, giggling before kissing his nose.

“Yoongi,” You began, raking your fingers through his tresses, “I love you too.”

He sighed, it being filled with so much pure ecstasy and infatuation, you couldn’t explain the amount.

Yoongi sat there regrettably as you kissed him again, arms wrapped around his pale body, that wasn’t shaking with anxiety, but with adoration and admiration.

He regretted not being able to tell you how your eyes resembled gems in the sky, twinkling always. How your skin was never cold, how your hair always smelled like morning dew, how the way you sang in the shower always reminded him of joyous children, how the way you loved was so sincere and affectionate he would never get tired of it.

He regretted not being able to tell you how your texts still give him butterflies, how your tears (though rare) always rained down on him with piles of guilt, because such an angel as you need not to cry, need not to feel sad.

But he can tell you all of this soon, and he will, but maybe next time, a ring will be hidden in a bouquet of roses along with the future of what’s to come.


pairing: lin x reader

requested?: yes!

warnings: its just fluff + as expected, some cursing (like two words)

words: 707 (short but really cute)

prompt: “can you do a reader x lin where she’s an understudy for eliza and performs, telling him she’s pregnant during that would be enough?

notes: changed it a bit, hope you don’t mind!! 

You gasped a bit as Pippa helped you put the dress on. She wasn’t feeling good that day, so she has asked you to perform in her place. Obviously, you agreed. It was your job, after all. 

“Sorry, too tight?” She asked softly and you nodded. “You know, you should tell him.”

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When Tomorrow Comes

Newt Scamander x Reader

Modern AU

Author: Lil Lambie

Words: 1477

Warnings: Potential Les Mis spoilers???

Request: @vivere-citta  May I have a Newt x reader. You sit him down to make him watch Les Mis. You know all the words and sing along, and Newt gets jealous of “movie him”. He tries to act more like the guy from Les Mis, but you catch on. (Essentially just Newt acting cute)

Request: I loved writing more cute Newt! Another Newt Imagine will come out this Friday! I tried to follow your request as much as possible. I just want you to know that I HAD TO SUFFER AND LISTEN TO LITTLE FALL OF RAIN! JK, I love you, but seriously I had to get into the mood for Les Mis, so I tortured myself with listening to the musical. Enjoy lol!

“Movie night!”

Newt flinched for a moment then smiled at you, with that awkward charismatic smile. He walked through the doorway and kissed your forehead. “Greetings, (Y/N).” he smiled, his head tilted like a puppy.

You ran to the sofa, jumping in front of him. He laughed and jumped on you as you landed on the sofa. The bowl of popcorn launched into the air. Buttery pieces of popcorn and kernels rained down over your heads. As you bent over to pick the pieces up, Newt laid on your back and threw some popcorn into his mouth.

“What are you doing?” you laughed.

“Eating popcorn!” he sat up, so that you could too. “Quick! Catch it!” he threw a popped kernel and you jumped up from the sofa to catch it. He laughed and kissed you on the forehead again as you landed. “(Y/N), you caught it! I’m so proud of you.” you grinned at him not sure if he was being sarcasatic or sincere or somewhere in the middle.

“We really do have to clean up the popcorn though.”

“Why? We can just throw into our mouths like circus animals.” he smiled.

You smirked and sat up, sweeping the crushed popcorn back into the bowl. “Because, I don’t want to crunch popcorn under my butt all night.” you laughed.

“I suppose.” he laughed, as he picked up one of the kernels in your hand. “Just sweep into the bowl.”

“But I want edible popcorn!”

“It is!” he laughed, popping another in his mouth.

You sighed, sweeping the rest of the popcorn in the bowl. You put it on the coffee table, away from the edge, as not to spill it again.

You stared at your seat and laughed, shaking your head.

“What? Aren’t you going to lay down?” Newt laughed.

“No, because there are so kernels that won’t come out without a vaccum and I don’t want to sit on those all night!”

Newt smiled and spread himself over the sofa, pulling over to your side. “You don’t have to lay on them now.”

“Newt!” you laughed.

“You have two choices. Sit on the floor or…” he smirked. “You know the rest.”

“Fine!” you fell down onto Newt, purposely on his stomach.

“Hey!” he gasped. He sat up a little farther, so you were laying ontop of him.

As you grabbed the DVD player remote and flipped through the movie menu, you laughed at Newt. “You don’t really under social cues do you?”

“Maybe I do. I just choose to ignore them.”

“You never were someone to follow rules.”

“Indeed.” he smiled, looking up at you, propping his head up with his elbow. He sat up and pulled you into him. “So, what movie are we watching?”

You laughed. “Seriously, Newt. I thought we were just like comfortable friends. Actually, I don’t really understand the terms of our relationship. You are a gentleman, you kiss my forehead like we are in the 17th century. But you haven’t even kissed me yet. Now, we are snuggling?”

Newt smirked and pulled you closer. He reached for your hand. “A love, specifically my love, deserves the utmost respect. My love, you should be treated as royalty whether it is a platonic or romantic relationship. The circumstances will never change my respect and admiration of you. I will not initiate romance without your consent. I am a gentleman and a human being after all.”

“W-wow, Newt. If only several guys I’ve dated thought like that, I would’ve saved myself a lot of heartbreak.”

He squeezed you and smiled at you with sincerity. “I will never treat you wrongly, with all the respect and admiration you deserve. That would be a shameful act upon my part and only affect you negatively.”

You kissed him on the cheek. Blood rushed into his cheeks. He was speechless for a moment, responding only with an elated smile. “Les Miserables.”


You smirked and pressed play on the movie. “Les Miserables or Les Mis, it’s what we are watching.”

“I failed French you know.” he laughed, half serious and jokingly.

“So did I. Don’t worry, it’s not in French. Just about France and all the incrediable events that took place.”

“What is is it about?”

You smirked. “That is only something you can translate yourself. But, if you must know, it is beautifully sorrowful. Now, hush, shove some popcorn in your mouth.” you laughed, throwing him the bowl.

Newt pulled you down to him, so you were laying ontop of him comfortably. You and Newt were very explicit with the oddness of your relationship with each other. It had no rules. It simply had respect. The rest just followed.

You watched as Newt was pulled into the cinematic world of Les Mis, completely mesmerized. He kept making comments about the composition and film theory aspects of the movie.

“Caaan you hear the people sing?” you heard Newt murmur as the character a strikingly similar and charismatic, Marius belted the lyrics as he waved a flag screaming for freedom.

“Wow.” Newt laughed.

You smiled and kissed him on the cheek. Saying to yourself. Not yet.

As the film unfolded Newt began singing louder and taking the character of Marius more personal. At one point jumping onto the coffee table.

Another time he was screaming at the screen. “Marius! Eponine loves you! She always has! Don’t get caught in the illusion of physical beauty! Eponine deserves you!”

You laughed as his antics continued. At one point, Newt had sobered and laid on the sofa distraught. You took him into your arms and watched the tears run down his face as Marius held Eponine as they sang, “Little Fall of Rain.”

You stroked his hair as he cried, comforting him. As the scene unfolded and Les Mis earned his name, Newt grew silent and stared at the screen, shaking and crying softly. As Marius went on to sing, “Empty Chairs at Empty Tables,” he began to sing softly again.

“At least he has someone now, Newt.” you said, when Cosette and Marius reunited on the screen in tears. Marius’s eyes revealing the truth of his realization of his love for Eponine.

“But, Eponine loved him deeply!”

“And he too.” you calmed Newt and settled back into your arms. Pulling apart over the two of you. You had ended up sitting on the popcorn kernels but you didn’t care about it anymore.

You didn’t pay much attention to the movie anymore. You had already seen in multiple times and it was your favorite. You had sung along with the musical and Newt. But your interest and love had shifted. You explored the soft curls of Newt’s hair. Taking closer notice at the striking freckles on his face. An interest in him long lost, had returned with a deeper passion.

You wanted to do more than just run your hands through his hair. You wanted to rustle it as you tasted his lips and satisfied an unspoken desire.

Les Mis was drawing to a close. Newt had just experienced the rollercoaster ride that was Les Mis. You were holding hands.

The final song began playing, the camera panning to the final scene. A reprise of “Can You Hear the People Sing.”

Newt stood up and pulled you onto the table. “Hey!”

His face was tear stained and shining in the light of the television. He belted out the song like it was apart of his soul and his entire life. “It is the future that we bring when tomorrow comes! When tomorrow-”

You grabbed him and kissed him. He latched onto you to stable you. It was everything like you had imagined and at the same time nothing you had ever felt or expected. He moved tentatively, slipping a hand from your waist to your waist, to your hair. You ran your hands through his curls. He kissed you gingerly with fear and love and lust. He kissed you softly, but was drawn to you and needed more of you. You were drawn to him too. He felt like a rainstorm in a desert where it never rained.

You and Newt kissed as the credits rolled and the theme music played. Until the TV went black, it was dark outside. There wasn’t a shed of light in the room. On the coffee table, you and Newt remained, careful with your steps, steadying each other. Kissing, with your arms softly around each other. Slow dancing.

You wanted to dance with him for the rest of your life.

does this make sense? | 07

pairing: min yoongi x reader, college! yoongi  
genre/warnings: angst, drama, (slight mention of vomit, so beware if you have a phobia – I know I do!)
words: 10,229
summary: You meet the mysterious Yoongi at a house party and no matter how uninterested you tell yourself that you are, you can’t say no to him. Can you end up changing his playboy ways, or will you just end up getting hurt?

» playlist | 01 | 02 | 03 | 04 | 05 | 06 | 07 | 08 | 09 | 10 | 11 | + | ✓

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anonymous asked:

i was wondering if you could maybe write something like babysitting a little baby with the gang and stuff?? i love your blog btw!!💖



Your best friend had asked you to babysit her younger brother, who was only a few months old. Your friend was going out on a date with her boyfriend while her parents were gone to a conference in a different city for the week.

Since babysitting a three month old wouldn’t be that exciting, you decided to call the gang so they could stay with you while you were babysitting.

You heard a loud knock on the door and quickly rushed to open the door. When you opened it, you found all seven of them, standing on the doorstep.

“Hey guys.” you smiled.

“Hi, (Y/N).” They all talked at once and it was really loud.

“shUT UP!” you whisper yelled. “The baby is asleep!”

*baby cries*

“Nevermind,” you sighed.

“Do you need me to help you with that?” Johnny asked you.

“If you don’t care, I could probably use the help,” you laughed.

Johnny walked behind you, heading upstairs to the baby’s room. The cries echoed through the hallways.

You walked into the blue room and walked over to the baby’s cradle. His bright green eyes gazed up at you with tears pricking at the corners. Tears streamed down the baby’s face. You picked him up and rocked him back and forth, trying your hardest to get him to stop crying.

“Hey little guy, don’t cry. It’s okay.” you tried your hardest but nothing was working.

“Johnny, nothing is working.”

“Give him to me. I can try.”

He held out his arms and you handed over the baby. He cradled the baby in his arms and whispered sweet things to calm the baby down. He sang the baby a lullaby until he finally fell asleep again. You never knew that Johnny was good with babies.

“There you go, little guy.” He laid the baby back in its cradle.

After that, you two headed back downstairs and you reminisced on what had happened upstairs. You had never seen that side of Johnny before, and you hoped that you would see it again.

“Okay, if you all are going to help me take care of the baby, some rules might need to be set. No cursing if you can manage that, but if not, that’s okay. No eating any of the food in the kitchen. AbsoLUTELY NO SMOKinG. And that’s about it. Oh! And you have to be quiet.”

“Yes ma'am.” Two-Bit said sarcastically.

“I’m being serious.” you said.

Even though sometimes the gang was rowdy and obnoxious, today they really helped. Steve and Soda constantly played with the baby, Pony read it stories when it couldn’t sleep, Dally honestly held it really awkwardly, Two-Bit constantly made him laugh, and Darry and Johnny helped you take care of it.

You got to see sides of the gang that you had never seen before, and you hoped you would see those sides again.

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Do not go gentle into that good night,
Old age should burn and rave at close of day;
Rage, rage against the dying of the light.

Though wise men at their end know dark is right,
Because their words had forked no lightning they
Do not go gentle into that good night.

Good men, the last wave by, crying how bright
Their frail deeds might have danced in a green bay,
Rage, rage against the dying of the light.

Wild men who caught and sang the sun in flight,
And learn, too late, they grieved it on its way,
Do not go gentle into that good night.

Grave men, near death, who see with blinding sight
Blind eyes could blaze like meteors and be gay,
Rage, rage against the dying of the light.

And you, my father, there on the sad height,
Curse, bless, me now with your fierce tears, I pray.
Do not go gentle into that good night.
Rage, rage against the dying of the light.

—  “Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night,” by Dylan Thomas
Anxiety: Better off without you.

Anxiety: Better off without you.
Based off @the-sanders-sides post!

Anxiety slammed the door to his bedroom and sank to his knees on the maroon carpet. Their voices, much like his own, pounded against the inside of his skull.

“It’s all your fault!” Logan was screaming, and Logan NEVER screamed, “Don’t you understand that you’re doing nothing but causing Thomas more pain?” It hurt him more that Dad and Roman had agreed.

Anxiety was just the broken fracture of a personality. He wasn’t a personality trait, he was a flaw. A mistake. Something that shouldn’t be around. He swore he would take his own life except…it would hurt Thomas and he just couldn’t hurt the poor boy anymore.

He slumped forward over his knees, his body shaking with sobs that he tried so desperately to keep quiet. The gut retching cries of sorrow muffled behind a hand against his mouth to not let anyone hear him.

“A-Arrogant…b-boy…” he began to sing against the back of his hand. His voice was choked up and his breathing was heavy. Sadness slipped off his tongue into the music he longed to listen to until his end. “L-Love yourself…so no one…has too…”

Because nobody will. Nobody loves a mistake, an error, a sickness. Nobody loves a fool like him. So he would have to love himself.

Anxiety rose his body shaking at the sudden movement. He uncovered the mirror that was on the back of his door. He stared at his obsidian clothes and his dripping make-up that slid down his face.

“They’re better off without you.” He whispered to himself, watching his lips form the words that felt like poison to him. “They’re better off without you.”

He repeated that phrase until his lips were no longer moving and the thought just kept going and going. The others were the better personalities. They were the stronger ones, the good ones, the not mistakes.

Anxiety covered his mirror and went to his bed laying on top of the navy blue covers. He stared at the ceiling listening to the silence around him.

“Arrogant boy.” He sang softly, “Cause a scene like your supposed to.” Anxiety listened around him, he could hear the other personalities asleep in their beds.

“They’ll fall asleep without you….” he felt the tears begin to start again and he turned burying his face into his pillow. He wanted to scream and cry and throw something.

But he remained mellow and unmoving against his pillow.

“You’re lucky if you’re memory remains…”

The other personalities would be better off without him. If he never came back they could just forget about him. He would live out the rest of his existence in this room in the dream scape. He would never be a bother again, to anyone.

“Arrogant boy. Love yourself so no one has too…..

….T-They’re better off….Better off without y-you…”

Ready Steady Part 4

Summary: The reader attends karaoke and finally meets some of Rob’s friends. Some important information is shared with her, but how will she react? Honestly, the reader is a bit frustrating… why can’t she stop freaking out?!

Note: For the sake of the remainder of the fic, I’m using some old Louden Swain songs and making them new ones. Also, as you can tell, my reader is a singer/songwriter and a country girl at heart… so for her, instead of trying to write my own lyrics, I’m using songs by Miranda Lambert and claiming them as the reader’s own. Hey, this way, you can listen to the actual songs after you read!

·        The song used in this part is called “Tin Man” by Miranda Lambert

Sorry if this chapter seems rushed, I don’t want the reader to admit her true feelings just yet! I also found it difficult to write multiple characters at once, but they’ll be back!

Words: 4734

Pairing: eventual Rob x Reader

Warnings: more drinking, slight swearing.

Catch up: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

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You searched through your carry on once you got back to your room. Once you found your notebook, you tossed it onto the bed and grabbed your guitar from the case on the dresser, finding your pick and placing it between your teeth. You sat on the bed, guitar in hand, and situated yourself in the middle until you were comfortable. Thumbing through the pages of your notebook that you had nearly filled during your flight to Nashville, you stopped when you found what you were really looking for. You took the pick from your mouth and began to tune your guitar, the old thing still sounding as sweet as the day your grandpa brought her home to you.

When you were satisfied, you began to strum, playing the tune that you had playing in your head since you arrived in Nashville. You found your rhythm, and began to softly sing the lyrics that you had written on the page.

Hey there, Mr. Tin Man
You don’t know how lucky you are
You shouldn’t spend your whole life wishin’
For something bound to fall apart

Every time you’re feeling empty
Better thank your lucky stars
If you ever felt one breakin’
You’d never want a heart

You hummed the melody, thinking hard about the words that would come next. Sometimes, the songs didn’t finish themselves until you had finally found the music for them to go with.

Some time had passed, you working tirelessly over the same song; perfecting the tune and the lyrics. When your hands began to ache, you put your guitar down and stretched, realizing that you must have been in sitting in the same position for a while. You looked at your phone and saw that you had spent most of the afternoon playing and writing. You let out a yawn and your stomach grumbled, the granola bar that you had picked up from the hotel gift shop after leaving the convention hadn’t kept you full obviously. You decided that you needed real food. You often did this. Most times that you got into songwriting mode, you forgot to eat or drink… sometimes sleep. You figured you’d make your way to the bathroom to freshen up before venturing out for sustenance, you could feel your eyes still burning from the tears that you had allowed yourself to cry as you sang the song. You were sure your face was puffy and red, and you weren’t about to let anyone see you like that. You threw your feet over the side of the bed and was about to stand up when your eye caught the convention program on the nightstand next to the bed. You bit your lip and hesitantly picked it up, thumbing through until you found the events for the day. You must not have been paying much attention earlier when you looked through it, because right there, at the end of the day’s list of events, was the announcement for karaoke. You smiled to yourself, remembering Rob’s insistence on you attending.

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