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Goblin is literally the best kdrama I have ever seen. It gave a perfect ending to a perfect journey. I think even though the ending is somewhat bittersweet, it’s an important emphasis on life being too short to waste. To live in the moment. To not leave room for doubt, especially with your loved ones. It’s not a fairy tale ending. There are struggles along the way. With love there is always pain, and even though Shin and Euntak endured a sorrowful love, its one in this story that will last forever.


kakasaku baby 1/3 - still thinking in the name (suggestions?) 

PSA if you have a personality disorder

DO NOT SEE THE MOVIE SPLIT. I just sat through an hour and forty five minutes of this movie demonizing people with personality disorders, particularly emphasizing on DID (dissociative identity disorder). The main character has DID and is a killer who swaps erratically between personalities. Also there’s a scene inferring sexual assault between a young girl and her uncle as well. This movie as whole is disturbing and demonizes anyone with a mental disorder

I know that people cry at Mordin singing the Major-General’s Song on Tuchanka, but I would argue that the recording of him singing Amazing Grace after the Citadel Party is more heartbreaking by several orders of magnitude.


hey guys, just thought you should all know that tumblr user @aymmichurros is actually super problematic and also a terrible human being who deserves like, a mildly bad day, and you should all probs avoid them because they might cyber bully you too and call you a ton of mean names which is just NOT COOL :^/

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The ending of La La land made mE cRi what did you thing of it?

it was the most beautiful thing i’ve ever seen in my entire life 

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Finally Ruby talked about her feelings! Points for Jaune after being annoying for so long and helping her. I just want Ruby happy T T

It was a good scene and I loved hearing Ruby’s feelings about it and how guilty she’s probably felt this entire time. 

I see posts of people wanting Ruby to cry but like…she’s probably already done that, you know? She cried when Penny died. She cried when she woke up and found out that Pyrrha had died. She’s probably tired of crying and now it’s just a weight on her chest that she’s trying to remove by moving forward and fighting. 

So for Jaune to uplift her and tell her that she gives him strength was his best moment IMO. 

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The wtf moment when you read that Sue Vertue cries every time she sees Mary's death on screen and alternate reality theories feel so true.

OMG if that awfully fake scene makes Sue cry, I start to understand why she thought series 4 was the best yet.

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It's funny how the comic ending didn't make me cry, yet that post about Dorian did. He's the first one, and he's the last. It's beautiful. Thank you.

I cried too. You’re welcome ;-;

Dorian is there for all of their last moments, he knows what it’s like to die alone and he won’t let that happen to anyone else.

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CG please don’t give up you started this and ppl will help u finish this. And I’m here for u, we’re here for you, okay, because sometimes every time when someone starts something there going to feel stupid for starting it but when it’s all over they feel glad that they started it because we all have hope to defeat this person that we all hate. We’ll beat this person ones and for all

thank you so much *cries a little*

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hey. hey. the first time i saw that TFA Soundwave theory i literally cried, like sobbed for 10 minutes hoW COULD YOU DO THIS TO ME

Okay buT LIKE LISTEN he’s so small and fragile and nobody knows what he used to be someone in the Decepticons. Even Soundwave doesn’t know. But he knows that he sees that purple symbol and it fills him with something, and he looks up at Megatron and sees his leader and he doesn’t know why.

He wants to go home but what is home?