and then you became less and less sure of yourself

I Need You

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Pairing: Baron Corbin x Reader

GIF Credit: ^^

Warnings: Smut, fluff, and swears

Rating: Explicit

A/N: I’m combining two requests, both from anons: “love your one shots ♥ could you do a Baron Corbin one? maybe make him show a softer side with his girl. something fluffy / smutty would be perfect and I’ll love you forever ♥” and “Baron Corbin smut/fluff please” This imagine is heavily inspired by Something Wrong by @wwe-smutfics and Talking Body by @violencewrites! Please go check out their work it’s all fantastic.

“Ah fuck! Jesus don’t st-…” your words trailed off into unintelligible moans of ecstasy. You tried in vain to wriggle your wrists out from under his massive hand, trying to grip his shoulders, to grab something. Baron leaned forward, his sweaty chest pressed against your back, and bit your neck painfully.

“Do you like my cock you little slut?” his deep voice only made your orgasm more intense.

“Yes! Fuck yes!” you screamed. He turned you around so you were facing him and shoved you to your knees.

“Then fucking suck it,” he growled. You did as you were told. Taking him in your mouth, you wasted no time in going as far down as you could in the first pass. He grabbed your hair and pushed you forward more. Tears rolled down your cheeks as he hit your gag reflex over and over again. He put a hand on the wall behind you, his voice growing hoarse and raspy as he got closer to his orgasm. “Fuck!” Your nails dug into his thighs as he shoved himself deeper into you, his come shooting down your throat. You sucked every last drop of him, it burned so badly that more tears came to your eyes. He pulled out of you, slowly, groaning at the long string of spit and come hanging from your lips. Turning, he grabbed his pants and pulled them on, then his shirt. This is how it was. You and Baron had a “friends with benefits” relationship. It was actually more like a “benefits” relationship. Using the word ‘friend’ implies that you two actually speak to each other outside your sex lives. The sex between you two was completely ‘no strings attached’…or that was how it was suppose to be. Recently, you have been trying to make your sexual escapades with him last longer. There was something about him, something so alluring. Every time he would leave you on your knees, sore and most likely having tears rolling down your cheeks, you just wanted him back. You wanted him to come back and hug you, to hold you and kiss you. He yanked on his shirt and turned to leave but faltered, his hand on the doorknob. Then he turned around and strode over to you, his hands grabbing your forearms to pull you up. He quickly brushed his lips over yours, then walked back out of the room. He never kisses you. To him, you were nothing more that a sex toy. Something that would always be there after matches to relieve stress. Did you mind being like this to him? At first, no. Who were you to say no to sex whenever you wanted? But now, it’s getting harder and harder to accept the fact that that’s all you’ll ever be to him. Why did he kiss you then? You brushed away the tears on your cheeks, not all of them were from sucking off Baron, and walked over to your discarded clothes.

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Toxic [Part 3]

This is part 3 of Toxic. Requests are open at the moment, but I’m getting very similar requests and also, I’m not quite sure how I feel about writing some of the things you guys are requesting. I’m going to hold off on the mature requests that I’m getting right now. 


Justin knocked on the bathroom door. “Babe, please open the door. I-I’m sorry.” 

You dug your face into your hands, sobbing. You wondered how many times Justin had made you feel this way. Pathetic and weak. You wondered if it was worth the pain to stay. To stay for the times where he made you feel beautiful and strong. To stay for the nights where he wrapped his arms around you, holding you close against his chest, and you would fall asleep listening to the sound of his heartbeat. To stay for the days where he woke you up with breakfast in bed, in which you would never get to eat before Justin was having you for breakfast.

You thought about today and the awkwardness on Justin’s face when you introduced yourself as his girlfriend today in front of bunch of his friends. He looked uncomfortable as his friends hollered at the fact that someone made Justin settle down. It made you giggle, but when you looked over at Justin, he only looked perturbed. He made it his quest that night to make sure that you never called yourself his girlfriend again, looking at girls as they walked past with a blatant disregard towards you. He flirted and bought drinks, not even looking at you as the night went on. His friends became less and less warm to you, turning a cold shoulder towards you just as Justin had. Justin had done many things to you, even gone as far as cheating on you, but you’ve never felt more frail and sad than this moment because it truly showed you that Justin would never want anything serious with you.

“Baby, please.” He begged and he begged, until you only heard his soft breathing on the other side of the door before he walked away.

You wiped away your tears and stood up, walking out of the bathroom. Justin jumped off the bed at the sight of you, scratching the back of his neck.

“Y/N, I.. are you okay?” He asked.

At this point, Justin would be trying to seduce you. He would try to kiss away the sadness that you were feeling, to forget all the wrong he did so that you would go back to being happy with him. This time, Justin didn’t think he could fix your broken heart by making you cum. He had pushed past the point of return, he just hadn’t realized it yet.

“I’m fine.” You said, not meeting his eyes. “I’m just going to go to bed.”

You climbed onto the bed with a plan in your head that you’d leave before the end of the night.


It was ten o’ clock when Justin climbed into bed, you felt the bed sink, and you could hear his soft breathing. You felt your heart hammer against your chest as he gently caressed your face, leaving a soft kiss on your cheek before he laid down, turning his back to you. You counted time as it went on, waiting to you’d hear Justin fall asleep until his restless sighs turned into peaceful snoring.

You carefully climbed out of bed and pulled out the suitcase packed with only the things you had brought the first time you moved in. You were leaving everything behind, wanting to erase the memory of Justin completely although you knew that it was impossible. He had been too much apart of your life for you to forget him completely.

Your heart was hammering against your chest as you walked around to Justin’s side of the bed, gently pressing a kiss against his head. He stirred slightly, but didn’t wake. He mumbled softly to himself and you knew you had to leave before you changed your mind. Before you forgot about this stupid plan and climbed back into bed with him, the person who had made your life a living hell, yet a surprisingly good one. 

Justin woke up the next morning, grasping for you and was confused when he saw that you weren’t there. You weren’t a morning person at all, that much he knew, so it wasn’t typical for you to be up before him. He kicked the covers off of himself and walked out of the room.

“Babe?!” He yelled, walking down the hall to check in all of the rooms. He ran downstairs, growing anxious when he saw that you weren’t in the kitchen, or living room. “Y/N?!”

His heart pounded quickly against his chest and he felt like if he was going to throw up. Justin collapsed to his knees and wrapped his arms around himself, tears brimming his waterline. He rocked himself back and forth, sobbing.

“She didn’t leave me. She didn’t leave me. This is all just a dream, she didn’t leave me.” He cried, trying to reassure himself.

But she did leave him and all he wanted to do was die.