and then with the whole ''i can't live without you'' speech

This fic has been on my chest for days and I’m so glad that it’s finally done!

Anyway, this is based on @kaxpha‘s lost lance au and I was so excited to write this, the au has taken over my life no kidding. It also has a second part and you can find it here on @bleusarcelle‘s blog.

I’m very proud of how this came out(for now at least) :’)

I hope you’ll like it! <3

Keith hears the moment when Shiro takes in a shaky breath as the two of them and the rest of the guests watch Allura walks down the aisle. She stands tall and proud, a big smile on her face but when she meets Keith’s eyes for a few moments, he can see the storm of emotions that they hide.

He gives her an encouraging smile before her eyes move on to Shiro. The moments their gazes lock it’s like something shifts in the room: the mood, the quiet, the air. Keith isn’t sure what changes, but it feels like a relieved sigh. It feels like Allura is saying you’re here, like Shiro is agreeing iIm here, it feels like both of them are realizing we’re here and this is happening and i’ve never been more happy before.

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I'm curious, what do you think Rick's reaction will be to Michonne's *supposed* fall to doom? Especially, after the whole 'we can lose each other' speech. Do you think he'll go apocalyptic-throat-biting Rick or do you think he'll go catatonic-Lucille Rick. I genuinely can't decide, I don't think it'll be as simple on his psyche as he's telling himself. I think he's dealt with it in theory but I also think he kinda believes it'll be him rather than Michonne who's actually on the line.

Oh man. 😩I think you’re absolutely right that (perhaps in the back of his mind) he thinks he’ll die before Michonne. It reminds me of what he said about Judith in 7x04 – “I’ll die before she does.” Because he’d do everything in his power to save their lives before his own. Of course Michonne will be fighting alongside him, and he can’t protect her the way he can Judith. And I do feel like he believes it when he says that he can go on without her. He can. He will technically stay alive if Michonne dies. But I don’t think he’ll be living. He would never be ‘Rick Grimes’ again. And the moment where he thinks she’s dead will probably be a sad realization of this. 

So I can definitely see him going into a state of shock. This moment from 7x08 is what immediately comes to mind whenever I think about it.

    I think he’d just… go blind for a moment, believing that he’s seeing his life crumble in front of him; all the joy we saw in 7x12 turning to ashes in his mouth. And it’ll break me into a million pieces. And Negan will notice it and probably use it against him in the future. 😐But I think it’ll open Rick’s eyes to how unprepared he is to actually lose her. And more than anything, I can’t wait to see the moment when he knows she’s okay.

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    reader(s/o) needs to move out of their apartment but can't find anywhere to go, so Hanzo suggests moving in with him?

    You got it! I did this in HC form, so I hope you like it. If you wanted something different, please tell me!

    - You were living with a friend in a shared apartment and all seemed to be going well until you had a disagreement. Your friend had been inviting over a few questionable people, the lot having made a noticeable mess around your apartment, your own share not being spared in the drunken rampage of the others and your friend was reluctant to bring change to that, so you were forced to move out. Not wanting to bother staying any longer after the argument had escalated, you had messaged Hanzo out of desperation. Asking people for help had never been one of your strongest traits, but right now you literally had nowhere to go, as your parents lived too far away and you did not want to stay around the growing tension that was forming in this place for long any more. You and the archer had just shortly started going out, your relationship still fresh and a little exciting as well, as you both had not been in a serious relationship before. This was also the reason why you hesitated on asking Hanzo for help, since you were not sure how he would react. For one thing, he was a man of privacy and secondly, you weren’t sure on which level of comfort the two of you were at the moment, seeing that your relationship had just started and you did not want to push any of his boundaries or invade his personal life.

    - However, the marksman understood your condition right away and did not hesitate to lend you a helping hand. He was obviously concerned and did not mind caring for you, he was actually the one who perhaps worried a little more about you not feeling comfortable living with him alone for some time yet, his past demons still occasionally dropping by in his thoughts. Even though he was still getting used to the fact that he was bonded to you now, the archer was naturally protective of you and couldn’t bear the thought of you ending somewhere on the couch of some shady person. So, without further ado, Hanzo had immediately proposed for you to stay at his apartment, if you wished. It was quite a direct proposal and you were a little surprised as well, but knew for certain that you could trust him on this. So far, the warrior had always treated you right and was truly a gentleman. Hanzo would not harm you in any way, neither was he a pervert and actually quite a transparent person when it came to these things, which comforted you greatly so, with gratitude you took on his offer and started packing your things. Hanzo promised to take care of you and that you were not a burden in any way. Not wanting you to stay at your current place for longer than necessary either.

    - He picked you up by car, a death glare at the ready for your now ex-friend and an unmistakable intimidating aura surrounding him as well as he made his way to the front door. Hanzo was a man of few words and so, instead of giving the person a thought out speech, he immediately pushed past them, nearly toppling them over in the process as he went to help you carry your belongings. He did not stop eyeing them either when he guarded you, in case they wanted to try anything funny, leaving the person in question simply baffled and very much daunted by his presence. With a big bag in hand, the two of you left your apartment quietly, although not before Hanzo gave them a last terrifying glare while scoffing in disapproval. It was honestly humorous to see, as his expression resembled that of an animal that had just smelled something incredibly distasteful. The door did not close as silently as you may think either. You did not even look the person in the eye though and just told them a soft ‘farewell’ as you made your way to Hanzo’s car. Once the archer was close behind you again, he put a reassuring hand on your lower back, a calm gesture that made you feel at ease and not so nervous about moving to another place again for the time being.

    - Before driving off, Hanzo tried to comfort you further verbally as well, the hand that was previously on your back now placed atop one of your own. “Are you alright?” His voice was gentle but deep, soothing you further. His eyes did not leave you either until you responded to him with a quiet ‘yes’, followed by a small kiss to his cheek as a ‘thank you’ for him giving you a place to stay. The archer nodded as he softly squeezed your hand in return and started driving off the driveway of your now former apartment. He promised you that he would help you take care of getting your other rightful belongings back and the possible paperwork which now needed to be changed. For now, you needed rest as you were rather exhausted from the whole situation. Furthermore, Hanzo told you it was alright for you to stay as long as you needed to, not wanting you to feel pressured into searching for a new home right away and stressing yourself over it in the process. Besides, he very much liked your company, although he found it hard to tell you that, he truly did. If it were up to him, you could move in with him permanently even if it was just for the sake of protecting you. It was also more practical, now that you were seeing each other more often.

    - Even though you did not want to bother him any more than you needed to, or as you viewed it that way, you did have to admit that living together like this was blissful and a lot more fun than living on your own or with a bad roommate. The two of you gradually got used to spending your daily routines together as well and it almost felt as if you were a married couple at certain times, the thought giving you a warm feeling inside and you couldn’t help but feel a lot happier over time as well, which made the archer more joyful in return. He found the cuddle sessions you both became accustomed to quite amusing and even comforting, as well as the growing affection you both gave to each other in general. Even though it took some time, which is the case with most new relationships, random kisses and embraces became a regular thing while the two of you were at home. Whether it was when one of you was cooking breakfast or brushing your teeth in the bathroom, it did not go without the other giving a peck on the forehead or wrapping their arms around the other from behind as a greeting. Usually, it was the archer who liked to put his strong arms around you in the morning, engulfing you in his warmth while his head, still half asleep, rested in the crook of your neck, tiredly watching you starting your morning routine with drooped eyes.

    - Because the both of you were enjoying each other’s company so well and actually did not want to separate, as your relationship was progressing rather good at the same time, you decided to move to a bigger apartment together. The room Hanzo had rented for himself was just a tad bit too small for the both of you, especially when it came to cooking and using the bathroom. More often than not, it became a little cramped whenever you two were in the same area of one of them. You both didn’t mind moving out together though, as your bond had grown stronger over the time you were living with him and eventually, most couples started living together permanently and it was quite a nice perspective for the future as well. I guess you could say one good thing about the fight you had with your friend and them basically throwing you out, as it was the perfect opportunity to take an early next step in your relationship with Hanzo.

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    First I know your using statcounter thanks to ghostery and I have a block in so you can't see where I am. Second how do you and your swen club live yourselves. You all are a bunch of hateful little whiny brats who spend there days harassing fans, the writers of the show and Colin and the rest of the cast cause just because you can't have your little ship on the show. Grow up and stop being so hatful.

    so this is really fascinatingly symptomatic of American conservatism as a whole, right?

    first, they believe they have a fundamental right to be hateful (or should i say “hatful”?) toward others, to come into my inbox and harass me without facing any consequence–and even are somewhat offended at the small steps i can take (such as Statcounter) to try to mitigate their harassment. their right to say whatever they want to whomever they want is paramount–cf “anti-PC” culture. 

    second, there’s also a deep hypocrisy. they are the hateful little whiny brat they want to see in the world. they are so concerned about harassment that they go around harassing people. this is like people so concerned about free speech that they try to tell you you can’t tell them their opinion is shitty, because they have the right to their shitty opinion, which is … not how freedom of speech works. 

    third, they have been told that “those people” are doing “bad things,” and they believe it. they don’t need no stinking evidence. that is what “those people” do. they will do whatever it takes to stop those people from doing whatever it is that their fevered bigoted imagination conjures. 

    fourth, they are incredibly ignorant. this person has all the linguistic tells of a native speaker of English who has received a very poor education and does not read widely if at all. this ignorance is also tied to receiving their news only from a narrow range of low-quality sources. 

    this is why i say C$ers, and 0ncers in general, are pretty indistinguishable from Tr*mp voters. they have all the same characteristics, even before we get into the part where they cheer on racism, misogyny, and homophobia. 


    So….that happened.  How are we doing!  I for one am freaking out.  Lots of theories coming into play here including one that is very near and dear to my heart.  

    My ask box is blowing up and I think we are going to break the record of 70 post Singularity easily.  So bear with me as I go tomorrow.  I will combine where I can and will get to them all.

    Originally posted by quotesfromscrubs

    Spoilers ahead!

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    I messed up a few times so there are some weird cuts in here from editing, but here’s my graduation speech. I worked really hard on it and I’m really nervous to give it on Thursday, so if any of you could listen to it and give feedback I would really appreciate it!

    P.S. There’s a twenty one pilots quote at the end so that’s dope.

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    Don't fucking distort, and make up reasons to hate on Orihime that you love Aizen for
    • Orihime: (always prioritizes others over her own safety and repeatedly saves her friend's lives)
    • Bleach Fans: She is such a selfish, awful person! I hate her and I wish she'd get killed off!
    • Aizen: (Sees his subordinates as nothing more than disposable pawns to be toyed with and tries to kill them when he feels that they are of no more use to him)
    • Bleach Fans: He's my favorite character!
    • Orihime: (Doesn't try to break out of Tesra's grasp when he threatens to destroy her shun-shun rika and take away her ability to protect everybody she cares about and the six fairies who have become like family to her)
    • Bleach Fans: All she cares about are her stupid hairclips! She values them over her friends!
    • Aizen: (Used scores of innocent people as hogyaku fodder, and got a bunch of his fellow shinigami hollowfied and exiled)
    • Bleach fans: Lol you're good.
    • Orihime: (Loves Ichigo long before he ever got powers, liked all the things about him that others found off-putting, and wore an outfit to make him happy)
    • Aizen: (Literally stalked Ichigo from the moment he was brought into an existence, monitored him his whole life, and groomed him into an opponent he wanted to beat for shits and giggles, going as far as to try to kill his friends to piss him off)
    • Bleach Fans: That's not off-putting or disturbing at all!
    • Orihime: (Goes to a land full of monsters as a prisoner to save Ichigo and her other friends and doesn't expect them to save her because she doubts her worth due to low self-esteem)
    • Bleach Fans: She is insensitive, rude, and inconsiderate! How delusional and self-absorbed can she get, thinking that her friends wouldn't worry about her? Doesn't she have any idea what she put them through?
    • Aizen: (Traumatizes his lieutenant by faking his death, causing her to attack a captain and get arrested)
    • Bleach Fans: *crickets*
    • Orihime: (chooses to say goodbye to Ichigo at night and confesses her love for him in a beautiful, heartfelt speech, considers kissing him, but can't bring herself to do it. Leaves behind a goodbye note)
    • Aizen: (Gives his lieutenant a note telling her to kill her best friend in order to keep him from uncovering his plans, despite the fact that he knows it could damage her already-deteriorating mental health even further)
    • Bleach Fandom: He's a beautiful cinnamon roll too good for this world!
    • Orihime: (Has an emotional breakdown after being submitted to torture, abuse, stress, and the trauma of seeing one friend get killed and another mutilated by an enemy who she can't even put a scratch on. Begs for Ichigo to save her from certain death)
    • Bleach Fans: She's a manipulative bitch who just wants to use Ichigo for her own means. She sees him as nothing more than a tool in her elaborate fantasies.
    • Aizen: (Spent years making his lieutenant completely dependent on him, then stabbed her because he was narcissistic enough to think that she couldn't survive without him)
    • Bleach Fans: (Literally never freaking address this at all)
    Jeff and Annie and the “So Big” moments of S6 that the fandom refuses to see or accept

     Okay, I have to finally speak out on this because I have had ENOUGH, JA fandom. I keep seeing over and over, J/A S6 moments being discredited, devalued, and cast aside and treated as unimportant and I’m sick of it.

    Sure, yes, there aren’t as many JA biased eps in this season versus S5 (where 10 out of thirteen eps have at least some JA bias or foundation) but here’s the thing. IT HAS TO BE THAT WAY.

    Ever since Basic Crisis Room Decorum – which IS a JA and Annie-centric – Jeff and Annie’s interactions have been much more public, starting as early as Ladders and their very public held gaze there, the moment between them at the beginning, and the stretchers scene, which is later built upon by Jeff’s 608 admission to Abed about losing Annie.

    Advanced Waxing brought about a new, subtle shift to J/A’s moments together with Milady Milord being transformed into a genuine love endearment and no longer something Jeff uses to win Annie over or as an olive branch to make things right with her – it’s been confirmed as their “As You Wish” and that is so meaningful once you see it.

    Laws of Robotics and Advanced Safety Features was all about growing Annie and giving her more dimension, but also about piling on the Jeff/Annie foreshadowing too. Jeff’s public sort-of apology to Annie when he mentions “misleading” the Dean is not about the Dean. It’s about his complicated relationship with Annie. Annie extending her hand to him in that moment was her accepting that apology. Laws of Robotics also resurrects a prominent S1 J/A theme that was taught to both of them by Professor Whitman’s Accounting class (teach me to number my days!) and that theme is “Live in the Moment.” Abed’s film centres around that with “Party Like No Tomorrow” and it’s telling how Jeff is very ho-hum when Abed makes him dance because Annie isn’t around, which is a very subtle commentary on how Jeff and Annie both inspire the other to live in the moment and truly live. Without the other around life shudders to a standstill or loses its flavour.

    In Advanced Safety Features, the entire plot with Elroy is all about teaching Jeff to be vulnerable and emotionally honest so that he can be ready when the time comes to tell Annie the truth about the door and how he feels. Speaking of doors/a door, Britta’s “Everybody’s in such a rush to protect themselves from each other!” is a meta reference to J/A if I ever saw one, since hasn’t that what fandom has meta’d Jeff and Annie doing towards each other over the years?

    The fact that Britta mentions A DOOR right after is also meaningful and laden with foreshadowing since the last time A DOOR appeared prominently in the storyline, Jeff and Annie put their feelings out there for each other and that’s basically the gist of that statement: you have to be brave enough to let your walls come down – so you can let someone in.

    Both Jeff and Annie are struggling with that this season since even though their friendship has remained intact since the JB nonsense of the S5 finale, there’s emotional walls there now (as Basic RV Repair alluded to) that they need to break down so that they can seize the day again – with each other .

    Meanwhile, after the HUGE dynamic shift seen in the Advanced Waxing Milady Milord we get another sign of the growth and development of Jeff and Annie’s relationship in S6 with the Intro to Recycled Cinema’s “I love you” improv of TRUTHFULNESS, which for some reason has been even more discredited and treated as even more inconsequential than the dynamic shifting Milady Milord and I can’t fathom why.

    In Recycled Cinema we get Jeff allowing himself to appreciate Annie’s beauty openly - by his gazing for a long time at her chest during her “laser bomb” scene and also clearly checking her out in her costume -  the improvised “I love you” that indicates yes, Annie does still have feelings of love for him (even if she might be a bit uncertain about it right now and about herself in general) and his ready and quick and happy reply of the same indicates that he’s no longer afraid of the world’s reaction to him loving her anymore. 

    During that held gaze with her there, it’s clear all he sees is her and her alone. The world no longer matters, and we know that was a terrible hang-up for Jeff in regards to Annie in S2. But he’s grown and developed beyond that, and so has Annie.

    Just the fact that both are so happy that their chemistry is remarked upon by Maury and their lack of personal space indicates they’re still close with each other and more so, comfortable with showing affection and smiles and happiness with each other in public.

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    I'm Blind, and I can't see what's been in my house

    Hello, my name is Ozzy. I have been blind my whole life. I am a huge reddit buff. I use a software that reads me texts and a hard-copy Braille output software. I am a motivational speaker and life coach. I like to think I have my life together, especially for a blind man. I live alone in an old house about two hours outside of New Orleans.

    I don’t really have any family. Or, at least the ones I do have rarely keep in touch and live on the other side of the state. I do have a seeing eye dog and I have a number of aids that come in and help me with daily living and running errands. I try to be as independent as possible.

    Right now however, I am experiencing something that I just cannot explain and it is terrifying.

    It all started about 3 weeks ago. I was sitting in my kitchen on the phone with my aid about tomorrow’s shifts. I hung up and just sat in my kitchen for a moment. Sometimes I do this because I like to give myself a minute to collect myself and becon my dog, Julia. Just then, in the silence, I don’t exactly know what happened- but I sensed someone standing right next to me. I can’t really describe it other than just a feeling I had. I threw my arm around to feel for anyone or perhaps my Julia, but there was nothing. I called for Julia and I heard her come trotting over to me. She licked my hand and nudged her nose against me. I immediately felt better. We decided to go to bed early that night.

    I fast forward to a few days later. I’m sitting in my living room listening to music and preparing a speech for a school that I was going to the next day. Then I hear Julia growling in the hall way. This is extremely alarming to me as she almos NEVER growls. She is extremely tame and a well trained and loyal service dog. I called for her and she came running and whimpering. Something must have spooked her out. I pet her and calmed her down and chalked it up a mouse or the wind. She sat on my lap and we both fell asleep on the couch.

    Three AM rolls by and I feel breathing on my neck. I feel for my sleeping dog who is in my lap. In my slumber, I first think it is Julia and then I realize it can’t me. I sit up straight and Julia starts to bark frantically.


    Needless to say, Julia and I stayed up the rest of the night. The next morning, my aid of 10 years, George, came to help me shave and pick out an outfit for my speech. I told him what happened the night before and he offered to stay in the guest room of my house that night. I told him I thought I’d be okay but might call him if it happened again. George was both a good aid and a loyal friend.

    That day, my speech went well and in the afternoon, George headed to his next house. When he left, I immediately felt uneasy, but I blamed it on my own paranoia. Julia didn’t leave my side the whole night.

    In the morning, I reached to the ground to give Julia a quick belly rub, but touched the ground instead of her sleek coat. “Julia, come!” I yelled. I waited for a moment to hear her paws click against the hard wood, but there wasn’t a stir.

    I panicked. I called George immediately, and he was already on his way to help me get ready for the day. He came inside and I met him in the living room. I could already tell in his voice that something was terribly wrong.

    “Hey. Ozzy, you didn’t let Julia out last night did you?” He said with a shakes voice.

    There was no way I let her out, I would never do that without an aid around. And she couldn’t have gotten out, my windows are closed and my door has an automatic lock system.

    “No, you know that George” I said, “Why, is she outside? Bring her in!” I felt a relief and then I panicked again because George didn’t answer the way I thought he would.

    “Yes…” He began, “but, Ozzy I’m sorry she isn’t looking so good.”

    George wouldn’t tell me what state her body was in. All I know is, it wasn’t in one piece. The police came to the house and I overheard them say words like “pieces” and “organs” and “missing”. I felt so sick. Julia was my girl. She was always there for me.

    I then decided to explain to the police what I had been experiencing. They explained to me that they could look back on my security systems cameras and see if they could find anything suspicious.

    The next day, I went down to the police station to see the results. One police officer, Officer Duke, told me what was on the footage:

    “Ozzy, it looks like it’s all just a bunch of footage of you, you with your aids, you with your dog, you with your friend, you doing work, you-”

    I interrupted him. “Friend, officer?”

    “Yes,” he continued “in a lot of the footage from the last 2 or so weeks, there’s a man following you. Your friend, I presume”

    My blood ran cold. “Officer, I don’t really have friends that come by. It’s only my aids, and occasionally my daughter.” We both sat quietly, baffled for a moment.

    “Is this, person in the footage the one that let my dog out?”

    “That’s the thing.” The officer sounded nervous… “Somehow, and I apologize if it’s a glitch in the security system, but the camera facing the front door cuts out for only a split second, but the next frame, you can see your dog, all over the lawn.”

    Here I am, asking for your help. George and other aides have been staying with me around the clock. The cops have been investigating further. What is haunting my house? Who or what killed my dog? This is the first time I really wish I was able to have my sight back, maybe I could have prevented all of this.

    EDIT: First off, thank you for all of the support I am getting. It doesn’t make me feel so alone right now. Secondly, some questions are coming up about video footage access and my medical condition.

    I probably should have elaborated when I said I was blind my whole life. I went blind at around two due to illness. I had a rare form of cancer called retinoblastoma. It occurs in children under the age of 5 most commonly.

    I consider this being “blind my whole life”. I have no memories of my sight. But I technically did see at one point in my life. I felt it wasn’t necessary to explain for the sake of the story.

    As for the footage. I cannot provide you with it as it is in police custody now. I can say however, that no, I never heard any footsteps or noise during my time with this “thing”. I only sensed it, and felt it breathe. Also, upon further contact with the police, we are both baffled to find that the face of this person, or thing was never caught directly on camera. Even as I am almost directly facing the camera, the head is turned away, I have also been told that sometimes the figure walks backward as to not reveal its face. After the police told me all of this, it makes me even more nervous.

    Whatever this thing is, it must have a motive, a conscience. It wants to conceal it’s identity. And it also wants something to do with me. It knows it has made me weak by killing my Julia. I am now vulnerable, and so, so scared.


    About Me: Please Read

    Since people seem to forget that we are all actual human beings, not in just this fandom, but tumblr as a whole, I want to remind you all that each one of us have complex lives and feelings.  I wanted to give you guys an insight of how my life is and what could possibly be effecting my mood or opinions on things on a day to day basis.  This is not just about me, everyone has their own separate lives, but I’m really tired of feeling like I’m a shitty person just because I don’t agree with someone’s opinion/don’t want more negativity in my life.  So here I go:

    -  One of the biggest factors in my life, my whole family’s world revolves around this is: My younger brother.  He just turned 18 on Sept. 26th, and I’m so proud of him.  We are going on year 5 of him recovering from a traumatic brain injury.  He cannot walk on his own, he has speech problems, motor function problems, and goes to therapy almost every single day.  He has none of his original friends from when he was younger, but still keeps a positive attitude.  Mentally he still with it, thankfully, but it breaks my heart to see how much he has suffered, but he is so strong.  As you can see, I live in a very stressful environment, this has effected my family greatly, but we are doing our best.

    - My parents are amazing and they are SO hard working, but they are constantly stressed out.  It is hard to understand how our life works, but I don’t expect people to understand.  I wish desperately that I could help them, but we can only do what we can.  They run around like crazy caring for my brother and being great parents to me helping me with school and everything.  I love them both very much.

    -My grandfather passed away last Tuesday; it was difficult to say goodbye, but we are making it through.

    - I am behind in school and will be graduating a semester or two late, I have a job that I need to go to while going to school, and my job is hard to find people to cover my shifts because they completely rely too much on their part time workers.  Nonetheless, I am a manager there, and appreciate the money I receive. 

    -  I have only a few of my close friends from school that I talk to.  One of my best friends dropped me without any explanation, and I find it very hard to get over, but I have great people surrounding me that I should appreciate even more for that.

    -  My boyfriend and I have been dating for 4 years this December 26th, and he is one of the greatest things in my life.  I appreciate and love him so much, but even some days he cannot help me through everything.

    -  I have developed severe anxiety, and as of recently, am having trouble breathing because I’m on the verge of panic attacks.  My brother’s accident has made me depressed, but I try to find things that make me happier (ie. my family, my boyfriend, my pets, art, etc.)

    -  I had two cats that were sisters, the both died 2 years ago within a few months of each other.  I had had them since I was 7.  I now just have my one kitty who I love to death, and my brother’s dog.

    - I love art and I do my best to try and get better, but even so I feel like the one thing I’m good at, I’m not good at at all.

    -I love cats, I love art, I love Fairy Tail….  All of these make me happy, but battling anxiety and depression everyday is hard, so I’m sorry if I come off as bitchy or something when I’m giving an opinion on here.

    It’s okay to have opinions.  It’s okay to not agree with people.  I am writing this just as a reminder that everyone has something going on…  Not just me.  You can’t treat people like crap just because we’re on the internet.  We all have feelings, we are all going through shit, and we are all here to enjoy something.  Let people live, be nice, and respect each other.  I know this is a lot of personal stuff, but I hope with me opening up, others will follow suit.  I am so tired of negativity, I just want to be happy, but it’s already hard enough for me.  Please, please, please, don’t drive me away.  Don’t drive others away.  I need these things that make me happy, because without them, I don’t know what will happen…

    Ranking - Ontae (drabble)

    So I haven’t been able to write anything in a few days but I saw this post and I really wanted to try something short for it. I really don’t like this one but meh

    Taemin is done. He’s pissed.  He watches silently with what he’s pretty sure is a scowl on his face because the hosts of whatever show they’re filming for have been poking fun at their leader for so long – once again with the stupid appearance ranking shit – and he’s honestly sick of it.

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    idk, i've always has this headcanon that slade takes felicity not because oliver loves her (he's not quite there yet) but because of her devoted loyalty to oliver and how much he relies on her because of that (+shado parallels). So when slade finally takes her that will push oliver into realizing that his feelings run deeper for her and that he can't live without her.

    That’s my headcanon too.I mean, people are dealing with the whole ‘Slade says Felicity is the one and only’ as if it was the solely true. I’m not saying it’s not, but Oliver still didn’t reach the path where he’d pursue his feelings for Felicity for a certain amount of reasons. I don’t think Slade’s idea validates Oliver’s feelings as true, but what I’m interested is the aftermath.

    I think some people didn’t understand that the kidnapping wasn’t about Felicity being kidnapped because Oliver’s psycho ex-bff looks at her and sees what Slade felt for Shado. It was all about the consequences of it. I’m not excited to see Felicity’s hurt, i’m excited to see what that will unleash. Literally. Like you, I believe Oliver will be conscious of the dimension of his feelings for her. If between 2x06 and 2x10, Oliver’s state of mind was ‘oh I think I feel something even if i’m not going for it’, his relationship with Sara made him a bit open about the possibility of being with someone else. I felt his relationship with sara was really necessary for Oliver let go that fear of getting involved. The fact in 2x21 Oliver didn’t want to coddle Felicity, but wanted her by his side to fight means he sees her as his equal, which means she’s a viable romantic partner. At least, he doesn’t sustain the whole 2x06 speech pov that he gave to Felicity that we know it was regarding his feelings for her. The appeal of the kidnapping is that one exactly. I don’t know how Felicity feels about Oliver. i mean, how much she understands the depth of her feelings for him. During the whole season, it gave me the impression that oliver was so much more aware of it than Felicity. So, I don’t know how they’re gonna deal with that. Maybe that’s the big thing that will drive next season.  

    Wedding Series: Proposal
    • A S H T O N: After receiving a text from your three year boyfriend to meet you at the park, you're pleasantly surprised to find him sitting out on a classic red and white checkered blanket with a basket brimming with food. He stands up to greet you when you walk over, offering a sweet kiss to your cheek. "What's the occasion?" You joke, smiling as he begins unpacking the basket. He offers you a drink before answering with a hidden smile. "Nothing really. Just thought you could use a nice lunch break. Hey, look at these. I picked them on the way over here." He passes you a small bouquet of tulips, one of your favorite flowers. "Oh, Ashton. These are so-" You stop mid sentence, a shiny, gold ring holding the flowers together catching your attention. You're eyes flick up to Ashton in shock to see him nodding slowly with a large, nervous grin. "Oh my god." You mumble, sliding the ring off of the stems. The diamond glints in the sun as you stare down at it before Ashton takes it gingerly from your fingers. You look up to see him sitting on his knees in front of you. "(y/f/n), you have been the light of my life for three amazing years. Each moment with you is a moment I never want to forget, and I cherish every minute I'm in your presence. I want to spend the rest of my life with you by my side. Will you marry me?" By the end of his speech, you have tears welling up in your eyes, and you nod your head frantically in fear of bursting into sobs if you opened your mouth. Ashton slipped the ring onto your left hand and admired the way it looked, before cupping your face and pressing his lips against yours in a passionate kiss.
    • L U K E: A sigh escaped your lips as you pulled up into the parking lot of a tiny italian restaurant, the one you and Luke had began your blossoming relationship. Luke parked and turned off the car before turning to you, a smile creeping onto his lips. "Familiar?" He asks. "How could I forget?" You reply before he exits the car and dashes to your side before opening the door and taking your hand. "You spilled your drink all over our appetizer." "I was nervous!" Luke whines as you giggle. He opens the door for you and tells the hostess he has a reservation. You turn to him with a raised eyebrow. "Luke Hemmings? Prepared? Wow, this is a first." You joke. Luke pouts playfully until you peck his lips. "I'm kidding. This is perfect, Luke." You and your boyfriend follow the hostess to a booth near the windows where candles and a glass of champagne are already set up. "This was our booth, wasn't it?" You ask as you sit down. He nods with a large smile. After ordering, your food comes fast, but Luke kept glancing at you nervously. Finally you've had enough, and you feel your hair nervously. "Is something wrong? Do I have food in my hair or something?" You ask with a nervous giggle. Luke chuckles and shakes his head before standing up suddenly. You watch as he comes around to your side of the table before kneeling down on the floor. Your hand immediately flies to cover your mouth as you watch in shock as he pulls a small, velvet box out of his pocket. "My love," He begins with a big, cheesy smile. "From our first date, right here, I knew you were going to be someone very special in my life. You gave me butterflies, and you made my whole world seem brighter. Now, nearly four years later, I still feel the exact same way. So, (y/f/n), will you make me the luckiest man on earth and become my wife?" He opens the box, revealing a dainty gold ring, glittering in the soft candle light. "Of course," You whisper with a smile, watching his nervous one transform into a grin of relief and happiness. He slips the ring onto your finger before standing up and looking around at everyone else in the restaurant who were silent and staring. "She said yes!" He exclaims proudly. The restaurant erupts into applause and you can't help but laugh and shake your head at your new fiancé.
    • C A L U M: Calum had you practically glued to his hip as he made his way around the room, chatting with his family and friends. He had just returned from 5 Seconds of Summer's world wide headline tour, and his parents had the idea of throwing a reunion for his coming home. He introduced you to the family you hadn't met before, but you knew most of them. "So, wedding bells in the future?" One of his uncles asks, giving you a playful wink. You blush as Calum pulls you under his arm before giving you a loving smile. "Oh yeah," He nods, his eyes still on you. You can feel your blush deepen. "The very near future." After a large dinner, you find yourself in the living room, playing with his young niece and nephew while Mali Koa looks on with a large smile. She finds Calum's eyes while he stares from the kitchen, supposedly helping his mom with the dishes. His sister makes her way to his side before gesturing to you. "She's definitely a keeper, Cal. You really found a good one." Calum turns to her with a large grin before pulling a black box out of his pocket and flashing it to his sister. He watches her eyes widen before a proud smile creeps onto her face. "What are you waiting for then?" She asks, shoving her younger brother towards you. Calum chuckles and shakes his head before wandering over towards you, sitting himself on the floor beside you. "Hey," He greets you softly. You turn to smile at him, the little girl in your lap still rambling about her school experiences. Calum looks at her before pressing his finger to his lips, urging her to be quiet for a minute. "I've gotta ask you something." He tells you. You turn to face him before replying, "Ask away." He clears his throat before pulling the box out of his pocket. He watches your oblivious face transform into open mouthed shock. "These past months without you were the hardest, longest months of my life. I never want to go through that again. My life felt so empty without you. I need you in my life, baby, forever and ever. Will you do me the honor of marrying me?" By now, the room full of family members had gone silent as the awaited your answer. "Yes," You tell him with a watery smile. "A million times yes." Everyone cheers loudly and Calum's smile stretches from ear to ear as he pushes the ring onto your finger.
    • M I C H A E L: The sun was shining, the road was empty, and your favorite playlist was playing through the speakers of Michael's car. You had your feet up on the dash and Michael's hand on your thigh as you both sang along to your favorite songs while he drove. You were on your way to the beach, but after the usual time had passed for the drive, you suspected you were lost. "Are we lost, Michael?" You ask, after another ten minutes pass and the beach in nowhere in sight. "Probably," He shrugs, and you can't help but laugh at his casual answer. "I printed the directions out. They should be in the glove box." You open up the glove box and your eyes widen as you stare face to face at a small, velvet box. You pull it out slowly, looking back over at your boyfriend who's eyes were still on the road, but had a knowing smile on his face. "Michael," You say slowly. "What's this?" His eyes flick over to you, his grin still spread across his face. "Why don't you open it up and look?" You pop open the lid and see a pretty gold ring tucked within the silk box. "Is this a-" "A wedding ring?" Michael interrupts. "Yeah, it is." And suddenly he takes a sharp turn and you find yourself on a sandy path, the blue water in your eyesight. Michael parks and runs over to your side of the car before opening your door, taking the ring from your hands, and dropping to one knee. "My baby girl, you've been the adventure of a life time for the past two years. Every day is filled with excitement when I'm with you, and I hope every day for the rest of my life is the exact same way. A can't bare the thought of being without you, so will you spend the rest of your life with me?" You smile lovingly down at your boyfriend as he finishes his proposal. "Of course I will, Michael." You agree. He stands up, bouncing excitedly on his toes as he slips the ring onto your finger. "You're mine now," He says, pressing his lips to yours. "Forever and ever." You finish.