and then with dipper in the episode before


Pinescone Yuri on Ice AU, some redraws from ep.7, I don’t want to pick between who is who, so I’m gonna go with Dipper as Yuuri, so Mabel can make him all of the costumes <3


Fairy Watching vs. Star Gazing cuz I don’t know which one I like better.



Okay, here’s the spoiler climax summary. All of the good magic was corrupted into gooey black mass and Star failed to take the last gold “piece”, ending up being in a limbo-like world with Glossaryck with his metaphorical soup from the first episode of season 2. 

Glossaryck was offering to eat the soup with him, feeding her with a spoon. She rejected it, remembering his lesson about being a “skimmer” or “dipper”. And as Star realized that the “real” power is in the “chunks” at the bottom of the boiling pot…

She took the last remaining gold piece…

And EPIC MOMENT ensued!

But you know what’s more epic?

At the beginning of the movie, we see Glossaryck roasting Ludo and his pudding-like marshmallows. We see him fail every time and was very determined to get it “perfect”. To be honest, it reminded me of his “perfect” chip from the Page Turner episode. And normally, we would dismiss that scene as Glossaryck being “Glossaryck”. We all know how he loves food right?

But guess what? 

Before he disappeared thanks to Ludo, he managed to perfect it! And the result? 

A golden meatball!

Glossaryck had already figured out what will happen at the end and was preparing for it since the very beginning!

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Funny things about joining the Gravity Falls fandom late while also seeing fan art and other things like that on my dash before I watched it:

  • Before watching the series, I once saw a piece of fan art for Ford and thought that the artist made a mistake and accidentally drew him with 6 fingers.
  • I thought Deerper was canon and was really confused when I never saw it in any shorts or episodes.
  • I knew of Ford’s existence but I also didn’t? When he appeared on my screen for the first time in NWHS I thought “OOOOH! So that’s who that is!”
  • At first I thought Soos was the age of Dipper and Mabel, then I thought he was Wendy’s age, and then I realized he was in his twenties.
  • I thought Bipper was the ship name for b///il//ldi//p

And despite all of this, I somehow managed to avoid being spoiled on the huge Grunkle-Stan-has-a-twin AS WELL AS  the ending to the series! I was super super lucky.

what each Gravity Falls episode is basically about (spoilers duh)


1. Tourist Trapped - gnomes stacked on top of one another try to get some with mabel

2. The Legend of the Gobblewonker - kids ditch uncle to find nessie

3. Headhunters - murder mystery but no one actually died

4. The Hand That Rocks the Mabel - plump southern kid tries to get some with mabel

5. The Inconveniencing - dipper thinks acting literally 2 months older will help him get in wendy’s pants and mabel gets possessed by old people

6. Dipper vs. Manliness - unnecessary gender stereotypes  

7. Double Dipper - dipper tries to get in wendy’s pants by making clones

8. Irrational Treasure - mabel solves a mystery by acting her age

9. The Time Traveler’s Pig - dipper goes back in time to get in wendy’s pants 

10. Fight Fighters - more unnecessary gender stereotypes

11. Little Dipper - mabel is taller than dipper in canada

12. Summerween - everything would have been fine if dipper was the fucking peanut butter

13. Boss Mabel - mabel learns to grow a pair

14. Bottomless Pit - episodes to short to be real so everyone just falls down a hole

15. The Deep End - mabel tries to get in mermando’s pants but he doesn’t wear any

16. Carpet Diem - mabel gets a dick and “the talk” while dipper reads erotica

17. Boyz Crazy - mabel tries to get into 5 boys’ pants but they are all stupid

18. Land Before Swine - stan is a dick to pigs

19. Dreamscapers - inception with a demon dorito 

20. Gideon Rises - children literally almost die because the plump southern kid is extra as fuck


1. Scary-oke - the pines family sings so bad that zombies literally explode

2. Into the Bunker - a shape shifter gets dipper to tell wendy that he wants to get in her pants

3. The Golf War - two 12 year olds are suspiciously good at mini golf


5. Soos and the Real Girl - soos wants to fuck a dating sim

6. Little Gift Shop of Horrors - more short not real episodes and stan be creepin

7. Society of the Blind Eye - shit is so fucked that people are ERASING THEIR OWN MINDS

8. Blendin’s Game - mabel and dipper time travel some more because they are nosey as fuck

9. The Love God - mabel causes two angsty teens to fuck

10. Northwest Mansion Mystery - an episode of supernatural with a ghost that turns people into wood

11. Not What He Seams - stan becomes a real person, shit gets real, and mabel single handedly furthers the plot

12. A Tale of Two Stans - forget stan’s old backstory. here’s a new one

13. Dungeons, Dungeons, and more Dungeons - dipper and ford play d&d

14. The Stanchurian Candidate - stan runs for mayor because mabel and dipper have discovered mind control

15. The Last Mabelcorn - a unicorn tells mabel she isn’t pure so mabel  PUNCHES IT IN THE MOTHERFUCKING FACE

16. Roadside Attraction - dipper still wants to get in wendy’s pants so stan teaches him how to be a douche

17. Dipper and Mabel vs. the Future - mabel has a mid-life crisis while dipper and ford escape death in the vacuum of space

18. Weirdmageddon Part 1 - A DEMON TAKES OVER THE TOWN. post-apocalyptic wendy is hot

19. Weirdmageddon Part 2 - bill traps mabel in HER OWN MIND???



“I’m sorry! They made me! I should’ve told you, but-” - Pacifica before she was silenced by her controlling Father.

What was revealed in this episode is that Pacifica is a victim of parental emotional abuse. She gets controlled by her father every single time she tries to disobey them and that bell is basically the equivalent of a slap across the face.

She KNOWS that her parents are controlling, emotionally abusive, snobs, and hurtful. But up until this episode, she’s ALWAYS been afraid to speak up against them and their wishes.

When she was apologizing to Dipper for lying to him, she really meant what she was saying. She didn’t want to lie to him about the whole thing and at the end of their first goodbye, it looked like things were going towards the direction of early stages of friendship / romantic interest in each other. But before she can continue her apology, her father silences her with the bell that he’s used to emotionally abuse and control her.

They treat her almost like a dog that they own rather than speak to her like she’s actually their daughter. For a Disney show, this show touches upon some very realistic and very depressing family situations that unfortunately happen. Soos’s Dad was never in the picture because he literally just up and left, and now we get Pacifica who has emotionally abusive parents who hold her to her family name’s standards.

Now we understand why Pacifica always bullied and harassed Mabel all this time. Because her parents emotionally abused HER. It’s because of her family situation that we understand now why Pacifica chose to specifically abuse and bully Mabel: Because she wanted to make another person smaller than herself just like her parents do to her.

It’s only AFTER Dipper gives her the strength to become her own person that Pacifica finds the strength to finally stop the cycle of abuse. She got new found courage to stand up to her parents after Dipper had talked to her and apologized to her in the one room her parents NEVER wanted her to see.

People will ask me why I ship Dipcifica, well here’s my answer that helps support my shipping preferences now : Because Dipper helped Pacifica stop her parent’s cycle of emotional abuse.

Dipper was the one to help Pacifica face her problems of her parents control and it was only thanks to him that she even dared to go against her parents wishes.

For her entire life, she’s been told to act just like a princess and she’s been literally trained since birth to act proper and proud among others. But that’s never what she really wanted, what she wanted was to be a normal girl with a normal family that actually gave a damn about her.

And who was the one to finally save her and help her? Dipper. Not Mabel like others had thought would save her, it was Dipper. The one twin who DIDN’T give up his dislike for her and who actually held animosity due to Pacifica’s bullying. But Dipper learned WHY she was acting this way in this episode and now I believe that Dipper has dispelled all his animosity to her because she has a worst family situation than he thought.

Dipper gave her courage. Dipper gave her strength to finally say “NO” and Dipper was the one who gave her a hope of change. That’s why I ship them together now. BECAUSE HE SAVED HER.

Pacifica comes from a controlling, emotionally abusive, and a snobbish family that couldn’t give two shits about anyone else besides themselves. She would’ve wound up becoming the same if Dipper hadn’t helped her the way that he did.


Hi Everyone ( ^ 0^ )/
I say thank you for all those who have liked my work, reblog, etc.
Right now I’m just going to post a Gravity Falls fanart that I’ve colored, if you want to see my work before coloring you can look it up on my Tumblr. I’m sure I’ve posted it.

This is Fanart GRAVITY FALLS episode WEIRMAGEDDON part 1


note: that watermark reads “REICHI” my OC name (original character)

Once more, I say thank you very much, see you next time.

(and sorry for my english grammar)

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You know, kids used to make fun of my birthmark before I started hiding it all the time.

Alright. This is an addendum to the previous Dipperpost that I felt deserved its own topic. It has to do with a certain fantheory that was introduced to me in the discord following the episode Dipper Vs. Manliness. Initially I was dismissive at best, but the more of this series I watch the more plausible it becomes.

Is Dipper Pines subtly but deliberately coded as a transgender character?

Now, of course I’m aware that there’s never anything close to explicit confirmation of this, either in the show or outside of it, but there’s enough circumstantial evidence to definitely raise my eyebrows.

Over the course of season 1 and the shorts, we’ve learned the following:

Dipper has gone by an androgynous nickname since well before the age of five, and has completely abandoned his legal name.

He has always wanted the name Tyrone.

When he confronted and annoyed a distracted Manly Dan Corduroy, this happened:

He is insecure about the pitch of his voice, and even though he’s good at impressions and modifying his vocal tone, he still desperately wishes for a deep, extremely masculine voice.

He spends an entire day with dangerous monsters in an attempt to learn how he should go about being masculine.

When he and Mabel swap bodies, she begins to overdramatically pretend to vomit in the toilet. Meanwhile, he’s cowering in the corner doing this:

Mabel has an obnoxious habit of picking at his masculinity in ways that are plausibly deniable but specifically targeted at his insecurities. Note the placement of her fingers:

He ends the big heartfelt conversation with Wendy in Double Dipper with the line “I guess we’re both freaks, huh?”

If Stan and Stanford are identical twins (more on that later), that adds fuel to the fire. Twinning is partially genetic, but there’s no correlation between likelihood of fraternal versus identical twins. Therefore, if the Stans are identical it only raises the likelihood that Mabel and Dipper are also identical. Meaning they both presented the same sex at birth.

And finally, there’s the first seven minutes of Dipper Vs. Manliness, home to the following interactions:

Mabel directly going after his masculinity,

Dipper completely freaking out and reflexively covering his chest when Stan walks in on him,

and finally this bizarre conversation which stood out to me at the time as being paranoid, forced, and unusually unfunny in a show that crams humor into every second of airtime. 

Take a close look at Dipper’s facial expressions during all of these. None of this is casual or out-of-context, as someone spent hours drawing each one of those faces to the last detail. 

Now, obviously, all this “evidence” is circumstantial, and there are counterpoints. For one thing, Dipper seems to expect a reasonably “normal” male puberty, which would be extremely unlikely if he were on some kind of hormone treatment. Secondly and perhaps more importantly, Dipper Vs. Manliness is one of a very small number of episodes to not directly credit Alex Hirsch as a writer, which means the subtext of that episode is of slightly dubious canonicity.

Ultimately, I’m on the fence on this one. At the beginning of writing this post I was leaning about 60/40 against the theory, but the more research I do and the more close rewatches of particular telling scenes I get, the more plausible it seems. 

In the end this comes down to opinion and I don’t think there’s a right or wrong side of this particular question, but it’s definitely something I will be considering as we move forward.

I really can’t believe that it’s already been a year since the gf finale aired… and this year it’ll be five years since the first episode. thank you Alex Hirsch and the entire gfalls crew for creating this fantastic show that I had the honor of watching from the very first time it aired on tv to the very last. I won’t ever forget it <3

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dipper and fiddleford

this is a post about dipper and fiddleford


dipper and fiddleford share a lot of qualities such as

  • interest in puzzles
  • problem-solvers
  • anxiety prone
  • issues with self image
  • think ford is
  • overly dramatic
  • theyre both trans

also id like to share these images


over the course of the series these two interact a lot and their relationship evolves from attempted murder to attempting murder together on a third party and i love it

the legend of the gobblewonker - at first dipper is frustrated and disappointed with fiddleford because he wanted a real monster and instead got a robot. fiddleford’s instinct is to chase the kids and soos with said robot, perhaps to keep up the charade, or perhaps because he was worried they’d report him to the police or something. we may never know the deepest workings of his mind. 

summerween - in summerween, dipper begs fiddleford not to blow out the candle and fiddleford doesn’t listen, showing a lack of respect on his part

bottomless pit! - the next time they meet, fiddleford is eager to help dipper for seemingly no reason, although some factors probably/might include:

  • he’s lonely and will help anyone who spends time with him
  • he feels bad for trying to kill dipper and his sister
  • he’s generally a helpful person and he had nothing better to do
  • the last time he ignored dipper he got headbutted
  • he likes kids

dipper is angry with fiddleford but strangely trusting at the same time, drinking his strange potion without worrying of the consequences. similarly fiddleford gives dipper a potion that he claims could be fatal, showing that he perhaps isn’t 100% invested in dipper’s success, further supported by his total lack of remorse when he learns his invention backfired

carpet diem - dipper once again is frustrated with fiddleford and refers to him as a “weird old man” but doesn’t really object to him until he starts to threaten cannibalism

land before swine - in this episode, fiddleford refers to the pineses as his friends, possibly meaning that he assumes they are friends since dipper referred to him as “pal”. he considers them close enough to trust and for their death to be undesirable. when dipper and his family start fighting, fiddleford tries to intervene by showing that he fixed their lantern. unlike in carpet diem, dipper doesn’t kick fiddleford out when he threatens their livelihood (attracting the attention of the dinosaur) and asks fiddleford to use an invention to help them and fiddleford tries but is ultimately unable to. in addition, dipper is visibly upset when mcgucket gets eaten by the dinosaur. this shows a progression in their relationship in which each of them is willing to help the other even though dipper can’t really do much to help

society of the blind eye - now i know i yell about this all the time but listen. here’s the episode where dipper finally expresses interest in helping fiddleford and yes i know it’s only because he thinks he’s the author at first but as the episode goes on he becomes genuinely invested in helping get fiddleford’s memories back and shows that he cares about his situation (he lives in a hut and talks to animals thanks to you! dont you feel bad about that?). he like actually believes that the society of the blind eye really messed with him and is like “thats not cool. we gotta stop that” and fiddleford. fiddleford rescues dipper and his family from captivity and literally takes a memory bullet for dipper even though he has no idea what will happen and dipper’s like oh my gosh are you okay?? and then he helps him with his memories and fiddleford’s like super grateful and thanks both of the kids for their help and dipper sits next to him in the car ride back home while fiddleford tries to help with the journal and then we ignore the fact that he’s living alone in a junkyard for two episodes because we have FILLER to get to!! okay so they arent really filler but like…. cmon you couldve released them BEFORE society and had northwest mansion mystery directly proceed it and you couldve addressed his living situation BRIEFLY JEEZ

northwest mansion mystery - this episode is so fucking important because fiddleford figures out somethings wrong and the FIRST PERSON he has to tell is dipper and he’s still pretending to be the kook so as not to cause suspicion but he can trust dipper and dippers actually happy to see him and then he’s like hey buddy you gotta relax!! love yourself for like once in your life

take back the falls - dipper compliments fiddleford on his super cool blueprints and they build a house weapon together fucking look at them listne i ufkcing


i dont know i didnt think id get this far

Regular Show Before and After
  • Regular Show Season one: Aww, this seems like a cute funny series.
  • Seven seasons later that was full of character development, story arcs, and amazing episodes that ended with a bang and death of a great character: GOD DAMN IT! Why do every show I love this decade have to end up ending beautifully and making me cry!?!?!?!?!

Friend: You obsess over so many ships but you never draw any
Me: I make sure never to draw any, I made a promise to myself.
Friend: *lights a match* Time to get rid of that promise.
Me:…… *sweats* Oh No….

So….I was planning on BillDip…but I wanted to do something fresh and new….since I draw Bill and Dipper all the time….So I drew these two…since I have never drawn them before and it’s a new ship and fell into it cause of the episode of friend-enemies…….my friend convinced me to draw this….ENJOY *runs away screaming* (SORRY TOM LOOKS TERRIBLE QoQ) 


Stan: I couldn’t risk anyone learning the truth and sabotaging my mission, so I lied to everyone: the town, my family, your parents, even you kids.

Dipper: So all this time you were just trying to save your brother. Grunkle Stan, I’m so sorry I didn’t believe you.

Stan: That’s okay, kid. I probably wouldn’t have believed me either.

I was looking through ATOTS for like the billionth time, as you do, and while I’ve noticed this before, today i just sort of paused to really look at it.

I love what GF does with expressions.  Obviously, if they took the time to animate it, they want to convey something with it; and sometimes the question is: what?

As Stan is concluding his part of their backstory, Ford is looking at him with an angry expression, I guess you’d call it.  It’s not the passionate anger that Ford’s shown a few times since arriving back (see: “… maybe the entire U.S. gov’t” - “The WHAT?!?”), but it’s still really disgruntled, disapproving, etc.

Then Dipper sums things up, and Stan forgives him and seems genuinely saddened – both by having to lie to the kids, and for the idea that he didn’t think they would have believed the truth from him. (?)

But Ford’s expression has changed.  That’s no longer an angry expression.  

It’s a lot more like his Confused Owl expression, but I’m not sure it’s that either, at this point.  I don’t think he’s confused.  Perhaps surprised?  I’m not sure. Something about what Dipper said and Stan’s response has caused Ford’s reaction to shift, though.  (And Ford certainly isn’t finished going through a bunch more emotional shifts in the episode, too.  But for some reason, the animators wanted to indicate a shift in his emotional response right here.)

I don’t really have any conclusions about it right now. I just thought it was interesting.  And I’d be interested to hear whether others had thought about this before and how you interpreted it.


The Last Mabelcorn - September 7th 2015

Maybe not right now, but things change Stanford Pines! Things…change!

Dipper Pines is a trans boy headcanon

-He’s more comfortable going by a nickname than his real name
-he has an identical twin sister, which would be impossible unless he was afab
-he’s insanely uncomfortable and insecure with his masculinity. The entire manataur episode was him desperately trying to conform to masculinity so that he could be seen as a “real man.” This doesn’t fit well with dipper’s character unless you view it through the lens that he’s a dysphoric trans boy- furthermore it makes it way more meaningful when gruncle Stan validated his gender later in that episode.
-he was really REALLY excited about getting a deep “manly” voice
-his parents made him do the lamby dance as a child, I think this happened before he transitioned since it doesn’t seem like the kind of thing most parents would do to their cis son
-his quest for knowledge and monsters and discoveries could be read as himself trying to compensate for the things he’s dysphoric about
-he’s my beautiful son and I love him

I see a lot of binary code and the crossed-out eye emblem.

Nice to see that Dipper doesn’t have negligent homicides to account for.


That was the best episode of the series so far, and in my mind it’s not particularly close. This was an episode that cared about previous events and set up the future in a big way. It was the biggest Stan episode by a long shot, and it simultaneously set him up as a protagonist and at the same time reinforced how much he has to hide.

What’s he searching for? What will he do when he finds it? 

Dipper is in way over his head and I hope he realizes it soon, before he causes another disaster. He’s lucky that only Soos appears to have died, and he got better. 

The gloves are off. Nothing is sacred. Welcome to season 2.

This was an easy 10/10 episode and I can’t wait to see what comes next.