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Dear fandom,

It is ALWAYS about race.

No matter how you twist it, fandom’s collective and constant dislike of characters of color (especially if they’re in relationships/shippes with white male characters) for some reason you “just can’t put your finger on” is directly related to race.

Your race.

Their race.


From “Iris and Barry are like siblings” despite him being in love with her his whole life to “Sam Wilson would be a more realistic Hydra agent than Tony Stark” to “Lucy Liu doesn’t look like she has the emotional range to play Watson” to “I don’t hate Finn because he’s black, I just think he’s a boring character”, it’s all so very clearly about race and fandom’s issues with it.

If y'all would admit that instead of clinging to every ninny who writes a post about how people who call out fandom’s racism are sjw bullies using buzzwords and coopting language/terms (that um, btw, WE CREATED), maybe we wouldn’t have this problem every time a fan of color goes “hey, this thing fandom does is racist”.

For once fandom, maybe consider listening to fans of color who have issues with the way they and characters that look like them are treated by fandom.


A very fed up fan

Alex Karev Imagine

Alex Karev Imagine
846 Words
Suggestions: Reader and Alex used to date, but he’s now dating Jo. Alex’s dad comes to the hospital, making Alex quite shocked/disturbed, so Jo asks Reader if she can help calm Alex down. A few days later, Jo and Alex break up, and Alex comes back to Reader and tells her he loves her.
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You finished off your work before your break, sighing as you finished off most of everything for the time being.

“Dr. (L/n)!”

You turned your head, annoyed from whoever just called your name. It was Jo Wilson. You turned your body slightly towards her, giving her a tired look that you gave everyone at the end of the day.

“Can you, I don’t know, talk to Alex please? He found out his Dad’s in this hospital and I just don’t know what to do,” She said, twisting her thumbs around in a guilty way.

You rolled your eyes.

“What makes you think coming to me will help you,” You asked, not really wanting to deal with more mess that you already had.

“Because you know how to calm him down.”

That was true. You dated Alex a while back, maybe a few good months or so, before he traded you in for Jo, which made you pissed beyond belief.

You looked at her, leaning on your arms on the Nurse’s Station next to the tablets. You nodded.

“Uh-huh. I’m not going to talk to him, but tell him that it’s just his Dad. Everything was years ago in the past. He might be a changed man in the present. You may never know. If he doesn’t want to talk to you, then figure something out.”

You walked off. Anything to do with Alex made you frustrated beyond anything you could imagine. He just pissed you off.

After a while, you heard the door open in the Attending’s Lounge as you were drinking coffee, on your break, per usual. You looked up, seeing Alex looking at you with some sort of expression you couldn’t make out.

“What,” You asked, reading the newspaper in your hand.

You took a sip of your coffee and heard a chair pull up to you.

“Jo said I should talk to you since I wasn’t listening to her about something.”

I swear to god, You thought.


“What is it?”

“She said your Dad’s in the hospital.”

Alex fell silent.

“Man up and stop being a wuss.”

“Excuse me?”

“So what if he’s your Dad? I mean, I haven’t spoken to my family in years. They probably think I’m dead, so go ahead, be a wuss and not face your dad… Does he even know who you are? Scratch that, he probably doesn’t. Man up and just face him like he’s a patient.”

“…I didn’t even know he was my father.”

“Uh-huh, who told you that?”


You rolled your eyes.

This woman got herself in the toughest situation yet.

You looked at him.

“You’re telling me that she told you on purpose or accident.”


“Well guess what, she probably didn’t mean it, which means you should talk to her about all that crap you got under your hood.”


“Don’t. Just… Don’t. You love her enough to tell her how you feel, and if you don’t, well then, you don’t.”

You leaned forward and grabbed his chin, pulling him forward lightly and looking into his eyes.

“You will talk to her. You will tell her. You will do everything in your power to make sure she knows how you feel… Now go, I’m sick of looking at you.”

You let him go and lean back, sipping your coffee and reading the Health part of the newspaper. You heard the door open and close. You sighed.

A few days later, you got home to your apartment and saw Alex sitting on the floor next to your door. You kicked his leg, moving to the door and unlocking it. He looked up at you.

“Why the hell are you here,” You asked, looking into your apartment.

“I… broke up with Jo,” He said.

“And? Don’t you talk to Meredith about this? She’s better at this than I am.”

“She’s at the hospital and I… I’d rather talk it over with you.”

You rolled your eyes.

“Yeah no. I’m not good at this.”

You walked inside your apartment and he followed you.

“Get out before I make you get out.”

“I love you.”

You snapped your head towards him, looking at him with a surprised look.

“I realized it… after our talk, I still love you.”

You frowned. You set your stuff down and walked over to him.

“If you did, you wouldn’t’ve left me all those months ago. You would sit right here and you’d tell me this over and over again, but you don’t. You love Jo. You don’t love me. Make it clear that I said that.”

“I love you. I always have, and I always will. I know I’m an ass but-.”

Tears weld up in your eyes.

“Stop talking you jerk,” Your voice cracked.

You placed your head on his chest and cried silently. Sobs started racking your body like a thunderstorm.

“I’ve been waiting a long time to hear that and this isn’t how I wanted it to go,” You shook your head.

He kissed your forehead and wrapped his arms around you, giving a comforting embrace.

Potato Problems

(Public blackmail is a low blow, copperbadge  I expect nothing less of you.  Fanfic of Sam’s Foodieverse)

“Yes, hello, I need a potato.”

“That’s kind of what we do here,” Sam Wilson said, not looking up from his tallies. “And we’ve got a few options, so if it’s not crossed out on the board, I might be able to scrape it together for you.” He glanced up, just to make sure he wasn’t forgetting anything. “Except the truffle fries, the last of those just walked out the door, as they say, so…”

It was late and he was tired and he was close enough to sold out that he just wanted to take off for the night. Steve had locked up half an hour ago, heading out to distribute his meager leftovers to the homeless that waited patiently for anything he might have to offer. Sam joined him most nights, but he’d been in the middle of a rush when Steve had shut down, and barely had time to wave as Steve passed by.

He was tired and his feet hurt and he had a nasty burn on the side of his right wrist. Still, he put on his best customer service smile. “What can I get for you?”

He turned to the window. Tony Stark was leaning there, a contraption of white PVP pipe thrown over his shoulders. His eyes went from one side to the other, and he leaned in. “Potato me.”

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Wilson looked up at the gray sky above, and yawned. Not only had he been going without sleep the past few days, but it was perfect weather in his mind. Gray skies, cool with a small breeze….he could’ve easily called asleep at any moment. Leaning against a tree, he had even began to doze off ever so slightly before the sound of a nearby twig snapping caused him to jolt back into his tired but conscious state. He took a step away from the tree to survey the area around him, but found nothing. It wasn’t until he turned back towards the tree that he got the fright of his life. What came into his vision was the sight of Maxwell, standing next to the trunk of the tree he’d been dozing against. Naturally, the scientist hated expressing the terror he held for Maxwell, but the mere sight of the other caused him to stumble backwards frightfully.
“M…Maxwell? What on Earth are YOU doing out here…?”
The short scientist asked, in a tone that was both accusing and scared. It didn’t help, of course, that Maxwell was an entire foot and inch taller than him, causing him to have to crane his head back just to see the other’s face