and then when they go through something pretty hard

Yesterday at work, the left side of my throat started hurting. Not your average sore throat sensation, more like “feels like something hard is sticking in there if you try to talk”

Well I take advil, go home and eat dinner, and kind of forget about it for awhile.
Until the advil wears off and I go to bed.

I was either just barely asleep or almost asleep around 1:30 when the pain returned with a vengeance. I couldn’t swallow, my ear hurt, it was nasty. When I realized that it was actually bad enough to keep me from sleeping, (and I’ve slept through some considerable pain before, pretty much monthly) I decided to take more advil. Took it at 2:38, didn’t feel the effects for an hour.

Which is why I didn’t fall asleep until after 4 in the morning. When I described this to my family at breakfast, they promptly sent me back to bed so that I wouldn’t be driving tired to church and work. Throat still hurts, but not as bad as last night.
So weird.