and then when i saw it again i was like nope

memes of 2k16

yes. i saw someone last year doing a memes of 2k15 compilation so i decided to do one for this year!! this year was really memeful. ik this is kinda weird for this blog but im a meme lover and i can’t help it,, hit me up if i missed some!! oh boi here we go

  • would a dog wear pants like this or liek this ? (asking the real questions)
  • god: i have made mankind
    angels: you fucked up a perfectly good monkey is what you did. look at it. it’s got anxiety
  • that one star wars NOPE gif with the clones
  • tag yourself i’m slime dragn
  • mario 64
  • daamn daniel back at it again with those white vans
  • nanalan (ooo das a Peepo)
  • Leo DiCaprio winning an Oscar
  • rip no oscar for leo memes
  • ted cruz is the zodiac killer
  • *does the Pacha pose* when you do a thing juust right
  • the marge pose meme
  • the history of japan
  • that shook mr. krabs picture
  • don’t talk to me or my son ever again
  • get u a man who can do both
  • civil war
  • here come dat boi!!!!!!
  • o shit waddup!
  • caveman spongebob
  • are you a mango or pineapple person… are you a rose or lavender person… are you a bubble baths or hot showers person
  • tom from tom and jerry creepily sneaking out behind the door
  • does bruno mars is gay
  • characters or shows as spongebob
  • fholy shit spongebob is basically taking over the memes this year
  • BREAKING NEWS (doing fake news reports of stuff)
  • agressively smashing the nut button
  • people 👏 talking 👏 like 👏 this 👏
  • the stranger things font
  • arthur’s clenching fist
  • dicks out 4 harambe
  • userboxes
  • you:
    me, an intellectual:
  • moodboards
  • retro vaporwave font
  • the crying jordan face
  • i arrive at the panera
  •    bagel: toasted
  •    cheese: creamed
  •    dick: out
       I am forcibly escorted out of the panera
  • robbie rotten and the others from lazy town
  • we are number one
  • kermit talking to dark kermit
  • a pic with the word ‘perfection’ smudged + a pic with glasses being cleaned and then adding a pic of ur fave thing
  • the melania trump saying hello meme
  • bone app the teeth
  • zoomed in pics of rlly fat cats saying just BODE
  • take a fucking sip babes
  • different versions of the bee movie
  • no airbags we die like men
  • dramatic youtubers


They are the cutest of patoots, oh and Nori likes his Dwalins shirtless ^_^  I had to dig up a piece I did a year ago for Dwalin’s hand tattoo reference (one of my all time favorite hobbit drawings I’ve done btw). It creeped me out cuz I could have sworn that piece was 3 years old, but nope, only a year and a half.  Time sure does fly.

I was super grossed out by all of the other old drawing i saw when looking for it.  I saw the flower series that I never finished :P Might have to try that series again sometime.

Gintama anime ep 318/manga chaps 555, 556, 557, & 558

Dear Gintama gods and Sorachi-sama,

To spare you the ordeal of reading even more lengthy letters from me when I had already written to you previously about each chapter, I will instead share with you what I am especially grateful for in each episode during this new season. I am as always thankful for your tolerance and most importantly for granting us the gift of Gintama. Please don’t let this be the last season of the show.

I am thankful for the following:

- Kagura, for always having her priorities straight. 

- A good cry…since that is what this scene granted me. I got weepy when I first saw it in the manga, got weepy all over again seeing it in the episode. Hurt my heart like crazy.

- the inclusion of Sadaharu’s leave letter. OMG, getting weepy again. I should be used to this by now but nope, this scene with the leave letters still kills me.

- a CLEAR view of Bansai without his sunglasses which was NOT a part of the original chapter. Very happy about that change. He actually reminds me of Hijikata. Too bad the glasses went back on almost immediately.

- our little girl all grown up and ready to protect her two families. SO. PROUD. OF. HER. [Hysterical Sobbing]

- Nobume. She’s just so sweet. I want her to officially be a permanent part of the Yorozuya family by marrying Shinpachi. I will ship ShinNobu until the end of time and I don’t give a damn if it’s a borderline crack pairing. Just hearing him call her name in that sympathetic tone of his made me so happy. 

- Takasugi’s carefree, smiling face. I still hope we will get to see that one day.

- these badass losers. Look at how awesome they are! So proud of them!

- NobuNobu’s very punchable face. At this point, the only remotely attractive quality about him.

And finally, my favorite manga to anime scene, and I promise I will really limit it to just ONE scene:

Yours truly,

A silly fangirl with yaoi dreams



Ethan x Reader

Requested By Anon

Ethan walked away victoriously. He’d asked you out, the only problem now was that he had no idea what he should be doing. He’d arranged the date for later that week only to realise he’d now be stuck making awkward conversation with you, not that he didn’t like the thought, just he really didn’t want to come off like a stuttering fool.


“You alright… (Y/N) turn you down?” Aiden laughed when he saw his brother.

“Nope, just trying to remain calm and level headed.” Ethan grunted back.

“Why (Y/N) likes you?” Aiden chuckled.


“Yeah but I might screw something up, how do you do it?” He asked Aiden how chuckled again.


“Come on, (Y/N) has study group I’ll help you practise.” He muttered while jerking his head towards the school library.

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light-of-judgment  asked:


♛ ] send me a url and i’ll tell you the following;

my opinion on;

character in general:  I’ve always  liked Kefka as a villain, just because he was always so outlandish when I saw him in game like ‘AHEM..THere’s sand on my boots’ and you can just obviously tell he’s doing half of his violence just to be violent.  He always seemed like the definition of ‘just wants to watch the world burn’
how they play them:  They are perfect Kefka and no one can convince me otherwise. XD

the mun:  Precious awesome person who you know put’s up with me.

do i;

follow them: Yes
rp with them:  We do have a thread :3 
want to rp with them: Um…yes even if my character is eh? 
ship their character with mine: Nope.  I literally can’t ship Kefka with anyone though…>_>

what is my;

overall opinion: 11/10 A+ Would follow again. 

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“What the fuck?” you mumbled, barely opening your eyes when your body went from sleep to consciousness. Your head was in pain, the body was weak and there was no way you would fully live that day. When you turned to the right side, you saw Tony, who was still asleep. Quickly, you looked at yourself discovering you weren’t naked - luckily. 
“Did I die?” Tony hissed, hand covering his face. 
“Nope, but we certainly are doing this again,” you said and carefully turned to him. “We didn’t have sex.”
“Thank god,” Tony’s voice was hoarse. “I would hate myself if we fucked that drunk,” his hands were suddenly on your body, pulling you closer to him. “Can we just stay like this until the next day? I don’t want to live.”
With a smile on your face, you gladly nodded, hiding your face into the crook of his neck. “But I won!”
“Shut up.”

3 x 05 France Without Francis

Please forgive any typos. My eyes are swollen to the size of bao buns right now. To be fully transparent guys, I had had the chance to read the script for this episode before I saw it, so I was like “I can handle this. I know what’s coming. I’m a grown ass lady. I might tear up but then I’ll be okay.”


From basically the moment Catherine called Francis her golden child my nose tickles started. And then when Mary and Francis started talking about the feathers. And then God help me when Francis told her he needed her to love again. AND THEN CATHERINE SAID LET GO OF HIM AND HOLD ONTO ME.



Like I don’t know where to start. I am floating in a sea of feels right now. WHOOO. It’s a lot guys, it’s a lot, let’s try to process it.

First of all,I know a lot of Frary fans are like “Eff it I’m out what just happened.” I get it guys, I get that angst. But to be clear, let’s all take a moment to appreciate three things:

1. Francis’ death was built into the series from the pilot. The sense of doomed love was always a huge part of the hook of Mary and Francis’ relationship in Romeo & Julietesque ways, and the show was always destined to pay off that set up.

2. What this show is counting on is their viewers to care about Mary. And a CW romantic drama betting on girls to support girls is akin to astronauts taking the first steps on the moon. It’s revolutionary, its beautiful, it’s a moment in history I think we all need to sort of appreciate. This show is firmly 100% about Mary, Queen of Scots, actual teen queen. They are honoring her life, her history. It’s super sad to lose Toby Regbo, who is so talented and charismatic. By all means, let’s have a mourning period. But how amazing is it that this show asks us to care about a three dimensional girl in and of herself, outside the proxy romance of a love interest? Do you understand what this means? Do you understand the commitment to creating a world in which women MATTER that thrums through this very concept? There was NO SUCH THING in my world when I was 16, kids. Hell, when I was in my early twenties Bella Swan was a scoop of vanilla pudding next to the glittery golden-eyed Edward Cullen.

To make a series that follows a teen Queen developing into a political figure, independent of how the men in her life come in and out of frame, is truly a step forward for all girls everywhere. And I beg of you, Frary fans, for the sake of your daughters, for the sake of yourselves in another ten years, support Reign now. Tune in next week and the week after. Because guys, when you try to pitch a show with a female main character, 40% of that pitch is apologizing for asking viewers to care about a female. Guys, this is some real talk. Girls and dudes will watch a guy character, but only girls will watch a girl character, that is taken as Gospel fact all over Hollywoodland. So if you care about YOUR story being told as a female human being, please get behind a show that wants to tell a young woman’s story. Hold hands with me and tune in and show this industry that women give a fuck about women, because right now that’s not what they believe.

3. (ahahah bet you thought I was done with 2) Look. If you really love a couple that a series had cooked up, have some faith they can do it again. Historically, the Great Loves and Romantic Dramas of Mary’s life are still ahead of her. Give the show a little credit, if they made you fall in love with Frary, wait until you meet Darnley and Bothwell. There is tantalizing drama on the horizons.

Okay. Now, let’s get into it.

Francis was experiencing hyper life since his resurrection. He was seeing everything in hyper-saturated colors. And look, this whole season has been particularly gorgeous, but this episode cinematography and direction was out of control. I mean, this episode really looked like a movie, and this moment called it out but honestly the whole hour was truly gorgeous to see. Just 100% a treat for the eyes.

Anyway. Francis wanted to climb the mountains and drink the wine and eat the honey. He wanted to live live live! Catherine was like “Cool, also have babies.”

Then Nostradamus walked out of the shadows. It’s hard to miss a man who is eight feet tall and wearing a bear coat, but apparently he’d slunk into court almost unnoticed to make good on his pilot prophesy: Francis was NOT safe. Petals. Blood drippin’s. Blood visions. Catherine was like “Could we not?” but Nostradamus was like “I got a hunch you should stock up on Kleenex.”

Meanwhile, Elizabeth offered Mary peace with England, if she gave up any claim to the English throne. On the one hand, Mary seems busy enough with Scotland and France. On the other hand, it IS Mary’s birthright. But Mary was like, hey, it would be pretty cool if hundreds of French dudes didn’t have to die defending my country and decided to sign away her right to the English throne.

Francis’ handwriting, by the way, was amazing.

Then Francis was like “ROAD TRIP! Let’s go to Paris!” and commence fifteen minutes of all the Frary feels. As a sort of send off, I guess, the show gave the young couple all these heart-breakingly meaningful moments. Like Mary flashing back to the pilot and being like “You were totally into me” and Francis was like “uh YEAH I was totally into you.”

Then Mary was like “Skinny dip time?” and Francis was like “Hell to the yes.”

Already this was starting to feel suspiciously conflict free.

Back in the castle, Delphine was swearing up and down she wasn’t a witch and then proceeding to do a million witchy things: rituals, chanting spells, sensing emotions, pointing out a witch house…

Meanwhile, Mary was like “Shall I get our picnic lunch?” and Francis was like “Awesome yes.” And then horror struck. Assassins sprang out of nowhere.

Francis, hearing Mary’s cries, sprang into action, and before he even got to her saw the tree in the glen that Nostradamus had warned him about.

So like, Francis made a choice here, basically, that he would die to save Mary, he was cool with that. He dove right into the action and was carving up dudes like Thanksgiving turkeys. Mary was yelling for the guards, and once again: THESE GUARDS ARE THE WORST. They let Francis fall down the stairs and now here they are letting a bunch of idiots take on the King four at a time or whatever. Disgraceful.

So basically Francis laid down his life to save Mary, which, you know, worth it. These buttholes had slammed his head against the ground a ton and it was clear he was not going to make it and Mary was teeing herself up for a lifetime of solitude and he was like “No our life together was awesome. Also life is for the living, find someone else, you brought so much beauty into my life.”

Obviously by now we were all crying for forever.

Bash broke the news to Catherine, and they and Nosty came out to the woods. You know sad as he was, Nosty had to be professionally congratulating himself on this moment (“Called it.”) and yet when Catherine had to practically drag Mary away from Francis’ corpse this is where my throat got sore from crying.

Then Mary went back to the castle and honestly this scene is maybe the best acted moment I’ve ever seen on Reign. Her confrontation of Nicholas, the pain in her voice was incredible. She told him she’d been left with nothing and by God Elizabeth wasn’t going to get her to throw away her birthright that easily and then she tore down all her new banners and there was SO MUCH PAIN.

Then this…oh guys. Mary walked behind Francis’ coffin instead of riding in the carriage. Like, help me. Help me back up onto the sofa children. This was deeply stirring and upsetting.

And then, weeks later, she got back in the boat to try and commune with Francis, and remembered the lessons he taught her, and her face was this incredible conflict of sadness and futility and just like move over Meryl Streep there is a new Queen in town.

So look. A couple things: Toby Regbo has brought so much to this show. His charisma and vitality and range have been so key. He is going to be so greatly, greatly missed. Yes his character was doomed from day one, but Reign really honored his impact on the show with this send off episode.

Plot-wise, Francis’ death is the most dramatic twist the show has put in Mary’s fortunes so far, just as Francis’ death was the most dramatic twist IRL Mary faced until she went to Scotland. What the hell does she do now? She’s not Queen of France. She’s never really been to her native land. She promised Francis to stay until his brother was secure, but let me tell you, if the history books are what we’re judging by it’s not ‘til Mary gets to Scotland that shit starts getting real.

I really want to see Mary in Scotland.  Maybe it’s just this fan promo…

But chills down my spine every time.

Anyway. Look, to be real my eyes are pretty swollen. This was a big juicy episode and the cast really made it shine. Even being fully mentally prepared it knocked me backwards and I can only imagine what it was like to see it without mental preparation. I hope you’ll all join me again next week for the first post-Francis episode. Girls to the front for the rest of season three, guys.

How are you doing?


hey tay,
im not sure if youre on right now…its 1am where i am😂 but i saw you on june 2nd in louisville ky!! you were so amazing. that day (besides seeing you) was really horrible honestly. i worked forever-and ever on my signs…only to have the (extremely rude) security guard make me throw them away. that was literally the worst feeling ever. it was like being told “you are never meeting taylor” the guard was just like “put them down by the trash can” and i literally started bawling my eyes out. i managed to ask him if i could rip them in half or anything but he would not listen he was just like “nope nope throw them away” i was so mad. i had the worst headache after the concert from crying so much😭 when you came on i started crying again hahah. i couldnt believe we were in the same room. you made that night so much better. i couldnt even find taylor nation either, i searched everywhere then i figured they just werent there so we went to our seats. (which were very horrible btw) you looked like a tiny ant😭😭 we bought presale tickets the second they went on sale and we were 5 rows from the very top. i had bought 140 glowsticks, i had 10 strands of lights, 3 posters, a tutu with paper airplanes glued on it, and a shirt i made which took me about 5months. the tour was so amazing but that day was just ugh!! im hopefully getting tickets for when you come to lexington in october, and hopefully i can get better tickets & have a better experience. you help me through so much taylor, school this year was horrible. i started hanging out with the popular girls and needless say…ive learned they are not with the time. i lost so many friends this year it was unreal. but you never left my side and that means the world to me. i’ve been here from the beginning, i even went to fearless tour when i was 6 with my little cowgirl boots❤️ ill stand by you forever taylor.
i miss you so much💜



There’s a really cool sky color post floating around on Tumblr and I was super tempted to reblog it cause it’s pretty, but it’s SUPER long and I’ve had to scroll past it like 3 times now and each time it just pisses me off because it’s so LONG (that’s what she said…. MUAHAHA), so I’m not reblogging it.