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Nerd + Fan | Peter Parker

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Fandom: Spider-man: Homecoming

Characters: Peter Parker/Reader

Warnings: mention of the killing stupid people who don’t love dogs

Summary: “ sitting on the rooftop in a starry night with your significant other discussing the possibile ways that john wick could kill his enemies with a pencil “ by @aromaticpurple

Author’s Note: English is my second language. Who could know that Peter is such a hard character to write???? 

Please, leave some feedback! Enjoy the story!

“Oh my god! Oh my god!” Y/N was repeating this phrase again and again, walking from a cinema with her best friend in Universe™ Peter Parker. It’s a late session of “John Wick: Chapter 2” at an indie little cinema in Queens with unbelievable atmosphere and cheap food. This film was so good and special for these friends; they decided to go to the cinema together.

Y/N gasped and turned to Peter, ready to make a speech how Keanu was sexy and cool. But the girl closed her mouth when she saw Peter. The boy was walking with a lowered head. He kept silent; Y/N didn’t know why her friend didn’t rambling about great action scenes and Keanu with her. The girl stopped and cocked her eyebrows. Peter didn’t notice her actions and continued walking.

“Do you like this film?” Y/N asked seriously.

“Yeah! Why did you ask?” Peter cocked his head and made a confused face, he was pretty scared of the thought that Y/N would kill him if he didn’t answer correctly. Y/N rolled her eyes and started walking.

“Oh… You just didn’t say a word about a plot or a dog… I thought, maybe you don’t like a film?” Peter chuckled and took several steps to Y/N. They were walking in silence again.

A couple stopped near a traffic light. The boy was completely absorbed in his thoughts. Y/N decided to admire Peter’s features while he’s busy in his head. She looked at Peter and gasped because Peter looked like these celebrities on photosets with neon lights. He was so beautiful in Y/N’s eyes. The girl quickly closed her mouth when a noise drew Peter’s attention.

“What?” Parker asked with a small smile on his face. Y/N rolled her eyes and took a boy’s hand. A traffic light showed a green light. They continued walking.

“I’m thinking about how you are a very cute adorable nerd.” Peter laughed and clenched her hand tightly. They always hugged and touch each other, so Peter and Y/N felt comfortable when they hold their hands like a couple.

“I think you lied to me, my little Keanu fan!” Y/N narrowed her eyes and tilted her head to one side to admire Peter face in another angle. He was still beautiful like several minutes before. Parker titled his eyebrow and smiled again, the girl could see a question in his brown orbs. Y/N could feel how her cheeks began flushed. She was very glad that this street hadn’t got a good lighting.

“Ok, you’re right. Maybe we can buy a bucket of ice-cream and sit down anywhere? You know, a perfect end of a perfect day.”

“I’d love that!”

Peter and Y/N were sitting and eating an ice-cream in a comfy silence. City lights were under them, stars lights were above them. Thanks Pete for this open rooftop.

“I’m just thinking,” Peter began after one spoon of ice cream. Y/N glanced at Peter and smiled. “How John Wick killed 3 men with one pencil? Where and when?”

Y/N laughed and shook her head side to side. The boy didn’t understand why his friend was laughing. It’s a serious and important question!

“I thought you will say something serious like ‘I’m Batman.’ You had such a serious face all night, Pete!” The girl chuckled; Peter smiled again and hit her hand playfully. “Ouch!” She exclaimed and rubbed a damaged place.

“Maybe John was at a car salon, you know, there are a lot of pencils,” Peter smirked and shook his head.

“Nuh-uh. I think he was at a stationary shop. It’s a perfect place for pencils and murder for John.” Y/N sniffed and took a bit of ice-cream. A couple smiled to each other and turned their heads, staring at the city under them. They felt comfortable with each other. Peter took a look at Y/N. She was thinking about something with a small smile on her face. Peter regretted that he didn’t take the camera with him to capture her beauty and these sparks in her eyes.

“You know,” Y/N said, not looking at the boy, “I’m glad I have you. You are very special for me, Peter. I haven’t got a friend which love Keanu and action films like me! I haven’t got any friend to talk how John Wick could kill somebody with a pencil, except you.”

Peter chuckled and smiled, admiring Y/N features, her calm state was changing in a nervous state rapidly. Peter didn’t understand why.

Y/N continued in a shaky voice: “Sometimes I think I love you… But I don’t know it’s a real love or not? I have never felt love. Maybe this is just adoration? I don’t know, Pete…” The girl sighed and rubbed her face. Peter felt a warm sensation inside him. He was so happy that Y/N confessed her feelings. Peter looked like when he understood he had superhero’s abilities. The boy removed ice-cream and took a seat near his friend. She was still with a closed face.

“Look at me.” Y/N slowly removed her hands and looked at Peter with scared eyes. The boy gave her a warm smile. A fear in Y/N’s eyes disappeared. She knew that Peter would never hurt her in any ways. Peter hugged her tightly and put his hands on her back.

“I feel in the same way, Y/N. I love you too. You know why I was silent all night?” Peter felt how Y/N negatively buzzed in response. Peter smiled again and put his chin on her head. He could smell her shampoo, his favourite scent. “I was thinking how to say ‘I love you’. But I was scared you would think I’m a very… very sentimental boy… I wanted to say you what I love about you, what I thought all day about you and other things like that and all about you. But I forgot.” Peter laughed and put his cheek on Y/N’s head. The girl laughed too. She tightened her grip on Peter’s back. She wanted to feel his heart like never before. She wanted to drown in his warmth like she drowned in his character before.

The sounds of the city surrounded them. Peter and Y/N were hugging each other and listening to their heart rhythm. Y/N raised her head and looked at Peter. She could see these special sparks in his warm brown eyes.

“I adore that we have our special abilities, your nerd side and my love for celebrities. If we combine them, then we would have a very smart celebrity.”

Peter laughed and shook his head. Y/N smiled too, she knew when Peter shook his head while he’s laughing, that meant he liked this joke a lot.

Peter finally stopped laughing. He looked at Y/N with a wide smile:

“But we already have Keanu Reeves, Y/N!”


[Deleted scene]

“Maybe a group of shitty persons said that John’s dog isn’t a good boy! And John had got only one pencil in his pocket.” Peter choked with ice-cream and started laughing so hard.

“Oh God, Y/N. I love you so much!”

“Who doesn’t?” The girl smirked.

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So, I was shamelessly going through your blog, when I happened upon the long photoset of Mark Sheppard. Now, there are not many men, aside from my own father, that I'd willingly call "Daddy" (I'm not a hater, just isn't my cup of tea). But good GAWD, every time I look at that beautiful, tattooed, British motherfucker, I have the urge to moan wantonly and beg for "Daddy" to punish me because I've misbehaved... Again.

Yaaaaas!! He is freaking daddy af!! I love that he has that effect on you even when you’re not big on the ‘daddy’ thing. Amazing. XD

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Prom & Hospital Replies

Replies to my most recent comments. I’m going to write a Pixel Rust update now, but if I have time once I finish and post that then I will try to do some more. But in case I don’t get around to it, I just want to say thank you to everyone who has commented on (and liked!) my stuff, and I apologize for not being more consistent about responding. Your feedback means the world to me, and I sincerely feel so blessed by your support. <3


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Effy’s series 4 hair

For most of series 4, she goes for gorgeous tight curls. In my opinion, it’s the best hairstyle Effy’s ever worn. We also sometimes get to see her in a high and messy ponytail or a half-up, half-down updo. I love that look when in Katie’s episode, she has a lace and sequined headband around her head. In Freddie’s episode, she’s rather unwell, so we see her in a very messy ponytail and unwashed curls. Again, I wouldn’t recommend that hairstyle. In the last episode, her hair is pulled back into a half-up, half-down bun and it’s seriously too cute for Effy, but it looks gorgeous, anyway.

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The photoset of Cheerios smiling during the festival makes me so sad when you consider there isn't a single frame from the ball where he's smiling or enjoying himself. I get in the ball he has to be king... But still.

Ikr, indeed we all expected a different dance in episode 19 😢 but thinking about it again, you’re right, he’s the king, he had to have that poker face of him and act like he did.

About frames tho, it may be just me, but there are some frames in which you can see him smiling

I know, that may have no meaning and just be coincidental, but after the director himself confirmed how even the little details in the animation are meant to be there, I can’t but wonder about it 😆


Oh no I’m having Seiya feelings again.  I didn’t intend for this to happen! I’ve been doing Stars photosets for a few days now and then this moment came up and….  Okay, the anime and the manga aren’t the same, of course, but they’re similar enough that looking at these caps has set off all kinds of feelings bombs in me.

A few years back (especially when most of the fandom I was a part of was on livejournal) it was really difficult for me to be a fan of Seiya’s character, because I ran into too many people in the fandom who pitted her against Mamoru, that it wasn’t just about shipping Usagi/Seiya but about tearing down Mamoru and Mamoru/Usagi.

Fast forward to a few years later, when the manga is now more easily available, when we have a more faithful anime adaptation of the manga, and more active UsaMamo fans, I’ve lowered my defensiveness and can actually look at Seiya’s character more objectively.

And I really, really hurt for her sometimes.

Because she can’t help who she loves and both times she’s fallen for the wrong person.  She loves Kakayuu, who clearly cares about her in return, but has her own special person that she’s still in love with.  And then Seiya’s feelings get tangled up and she starts feeling that way about Usagi as well… who also has her own special person that she’s still in love with.

That’s twice that Seiya’s fallen for someone who just can’t love her back, that it’s nothing she did or any fault with her, but that they simply love other people. And it’s hard for me not to feel for her, because both situations are ones where she wants to protect her princess (or the person who fills that role) when their loved one isn’t around.  Kakyuu’s loved one was killed by Galaxia, Usagi’s loved one was killed by Galaxia, and they’re gone, they’re not there for this wonderful, brilliant, special person that Seiya loves and I can’t help thinking of her wanting to help them, wanting to give them love, wanting to be there and support them in a much more personal way.

She sees them lonely and sad, she sees them “abandoned” by the ones they love and wants to fill up those empty spaces, because her loved ones shouldn’t suffer when she’s there and she could be that for them!

As much as I don’t ship either Kakyuu/Seiya or Usagi/Seiya, they were never meant to be (and that’s fine, there’s often value in just having feelings for someone, without needing them to be returned!), whenever I really think about Seiya’s character these days, I start to feel a lot for her.


Beyblade Screenshot/Gif Challenge

Day six: Favorite friendship

Yay, this is my favorite subject!

My favorite friendship without any doubt is Kai Hiwatari & Tala Valkov

I don’t know if this is exactly the ideal kind of friendship. But, MY GOD, I just love seeing them together.

In the first season Tala and Kai didn’t like each other (look at the first picture of the photoset. Look at Tala’s expression. It’s like “Kai you bitch I hope you die”). Actually Kai was not caring about Tala anyway and Tala was jealous of all the attention Boris was giving to Kai.

Then Kai and Tala started working together again in G-Revolution and slowly they developed some kind of affect that can be called friendship. Of course they discussed many times, but certainly they started caring about each other.

For me one of the best moments in G-Revolution was when Kai visited Tala in the hospital. He did not speak very much, but it was clear that he was really preocuppied with his friend.

Shit, I am really not good in explaining what I feel. I just get happy everytime I see Tala and Kai together and so this makes me choose them as the best friendship in Beyblade. That’s it. That’s all folks.

Or not…

Honorable mention to: 

External image

External image

Tala Valkov & Daichi Sumeragi: Another non-normal friendship. But almost every time that they are together I start laughing because, well, they are very funny when talking to each other. I LOVE THE EPISODE OF THIS PICS, just saying.

And it does not end here…

Another honorable mention to:

External image

Mariah Wong & Rick Anderson: This subject is so nice that I just had to put this friendship in the post too. Hahahahhaha they are very cool together. c:

Now the post is finally finished. Yaaay.

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Rilaya Week 2016 - Day 5: Stop It! or Ring Power!

All due respect to “Stop It!” It’s a cute little handshake, but it’s no Ring Power. Riley and Maya haven’t even done “stop it” together since season 1. (Riley did it with a Gamma Gamma girl in 2x06. Maya did it with her mom in 2x12.)

Ring Power is all about substance though. The rings were a birthday gift for Maya. They have featured in all three seasons. There’s some added significance in the fact that they’re Fenian Claddagh Rings.

“Claddagh rings, with or without the crown, … [continue] to be symbols of love or marriage. Claddagh rings may be used as friendship or relationship rings depending on the intention of wearer and, in the case of a gift, of the giver.”

Maya wears her ring on her right hand with the heart turned inward, which conveys that the wearer is in a relationship or that their heart has been captured.

Riley has worn her ring on both hands, also with the heart turned inward. On the left hand with the heart turned inward, it conveys that the wearer is married.

For Riley and Maya, the rings represent their devotion to each other. The rings affirm that they are each other’s safe place. When they don’t know anything else, they know ring power. When they’re confused or scared, they turn to the rings. They know that their bond is forever and the rings are representative of that. (Rings that represent eternal relationship bonds…where have I heard something like that before?)

I remember when 1x18 Girl Meets Master Plan first aired. I had just recently finished The Legend of Korra and my heart was full to bursting with hope. I had already been quietly wondering if Riley and Maya might get together someday and then 1x17 Girl Meets Game Night came along with its Rilaya/Corpanga parallels. Fresh on the heels of that came Master Plan, where Riley gives Maya a ring for her birthday.

I was raised in a household where we were taught that a ring was a very intimate and important sort of gift, not something you give or receive while dating unless you’re very serious and certainly not something you’d give to a friend. That’s just my repressed childhood of course, but it adds depth to the story of how seeing Riley give Maya a ring, right after the Rilaya/Corpanga parallels, and my heart full-to-bursting with sapphic hope from Korrasami, really added to the idea that maybe Rilaya would be a real thing someday.  And at first I figured the rings would just be a one-off element for that episode, but then they came back in season 2 and have stayed all this time. (And then later I found out they were a variant on Claddagh rings, which I was familiar with because of Buffy and Angel, and that got me excited all over again.)

To me, seeing the rings calls on that hope that filled my heart back then when I sometimes lose sight of it. For Riley and Maya, their rings represent what all Claddagh rings are supposed to represent: love, friendship, and loyalty.

tarotprose replied to your photoset “Here are only a few of my faves! Click through for captions. Again,…”

This deck looks so cool. Do you have any favorite cards?

The ones in the photoset mostly. In particular I love The High Priestess, it’s gorgeous! The only one not in the photoset that is also my favorite is The Tower, which has a lovely illustration of Allura. I love that she’s The Tower, it’s almost an in-joke for the fandom. The arcanist in the tower, which topples when calamity strikes. Not to mention Allura herself usually shows up in canon whenever something is horribly amiss. 

But yeah, it’s an awesome deck! Makes me wish they’d expanded it to a full set, not just the major arcana. 


Request: “ Four request: the reader is a virgin and has started dating Four. she casually mentions sex one day and tells him she wants to do it. Thanks :)”

gif is not mine.

You sat in Four’s room waiting for him to return from some meeting with the other Dauntless leaders. He wasn’t actually a leader but everyone considered him one. You are dating him for half a year now and you two still didn’t have sex. You are afraid that he might leave you.

Finally he came back, you greeted each other with sweet peck.

“I have a silly question for you…” you murmured shyly.

“What is it?” he asked you with a sweet smile on his face; he’s completely different when he’s with you alone.

“You … you’re with me not because of sex, right ?”

Silence overtook for a while.

“What makes you think like that ?” Four seemed a little bit saddened.

“I don’t know, it’s just … we date for a while now, and I still haven’t –”

“[Y/N], I don’t care about sex. At all. Everything that matters to me is you.”

You looked at him smiling; that’s where you understood that he’s the man of your life.

“You know, let’s do it.” you stood up cheered up and started walking towards him.

“Wait.” Four chuckled. “You don’t have to force yourself. We will do it when you will be completely ready.”

You smiled again, glad that he understood every bit of you.


eyyy more facecanon collections this time ft: all the locus facecanons I’ve seen that I really liked!! !!! everyone has such cool headcanons i love drawing other people’s facecanons

felix was all kpop aesthetic but w/ locus it’s all sweaters and classy fall fashion sighs

gosh look at these faces of locus i’d let all of them growl threats in my ear all day tbh

*sighs dreamily*

again, creator of each design credited in each drawing, my computer continues to be crap when i try to load a photoset making mentioning impossible ugh

ALSO @iamilex brought up a good point before.  like, considering Locus’ obsession with being a perfect soldier, why don’t more of us draw him with military regulation haircuts??

why the long hair?  it’s such a common thing to draw Locus with long hair

but why


helping hands

So, I think sometimes we forget that it’s not actually Vex who is most likely to be in Percy’s workshop, helping him tinker. Also, that at this point in time, it’s probably not Cassandra who is most likely to mercilessly poke at Percy little-sister style about his recent choices in regards to Vex.

(I actually started writing this before I saw the last photoset I reblogged. It just made me laugh and go “yeah, this is exactly what would happen.”)


“So … Vex is a Baroness?”

Percy just hums in response, absorbed in whatever it is he’s making right now. Keyleth, sitting on a currently empty portion of his work table, swings her legs and tries again. “Why not Vax?”

At this, he looks up, furrowing his brow. “Oh. Well, I’m kind of working on something else for him. I’ll show you when we get back to Whitestone.”

“Uh-huh.” Seeing that he’s inserting a bolt somewhere, she picks up his smallest wrench and holds it out before he can look up to ask her for it. “And what about the rest of us?”

“You’re a druid princess. You don’t need another noble title.”

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I’ll be there for you always

Merry Christmas to rapunhzel!

This photoset is my Christmas gift to you, and I really hope you like it. I feel kinda stupid that I didn’t really get a chance to get to know you better, but hey, who says that I can’t talk to you after this, right? I wanted to make you a photoset of Eugene + Rapunzel because they’re my otp you love them both and I really love them too, they have such a special relationship. When you said that You’ll Be In My Heart is a special song for you, I started thinking how I could make a photoset with words from the song. (I would’ve wanted to do a gifset or something but I don’t know how to gif ughhh). Plus if you’re ever feeling lonely, just look at this photoset and you know you’re not alone. I’m really glad I got to be your Secret Santa, and I hope we can make contact again soon! Merry Christmas! ♥

♥ your Secret Santa Tiia