and then when he grew up

gods and monsters

[stranger things / it crossover]

her voice had been in his head for as long as he could remember, and no matter how hard he tried, he just couldn’t seem to understand what she was saying to him. and then one night he did, and everything turned upside down.



Chapter Two - Interrogation

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rooks-and-blighters  asked:

I think y'all are forgetting the RFA and teenagers, like??????

I apologize in advance if you wanted a more funny response than fluffy! I love writing family fluff for the RFA and friends so much and I couldn’t help myself with this request! But thank you for the request and I hope that you enjoy!! ^^


  • Yoosung felt like his son grew up to be a teenager in no time
  • He’s the type of dad to always say “they grow up so fast”
  • His son is a lot like his father, especially with being addicted to video games
  • You’ll often find Yoosung and your son battling each other in LOLOL, you usually have a headache by the end of the night because of all their screaming
  • Yoosung was so upset when his son became the number one player in LOLOL, at first he regrets teaching his son how to play but he eventually becomes proud of him
  • His son loves being social and will often go out on dates or hang out with his friends
  • So Yoosung has to teach his son about responsibility and being safe when he’s out late at night
  • Your son usually just rolls his eyes and ignores him, but your boy will always listen if you’re the one lecturing
  • Yoosung and his son have a solid relationship even if his little boy is now a teenager, Yoosung will love his son no matter what


  • Zen’s son is his pride and joy but he honestly can’t believe that his little boy is now a teenager
  • His son is an introvert and prefers staying indoors with a good book than performing for fans
  • Zen is a little disappointed that his son didn’t inherit his passion for the theater but he fully supports him on whatever the wants to do
  • Your son gets the “all men are wolves” talk from Zen all of the time, he wants to make sure that it’s always fresh inside his son’s head
  • He so worried when his son says that he’s going on a date because Zen thinks of all of the worst possible scenarios like his son will get the girl pregnant or disrespect her
  • But then it turns out his son is going out with another boy so Zen breathes a huge sigh of relief
  • His son doesn’t really go through a rebellious stage, something that Zen was fully prepared for
  • The two of them spend time watching films and discussing the acting and plot of the movies, you think it’s adorable when the two of them get into little arguments
  • Zen and his son have a great relationship, Zen always tries to be the best dad that he can for his perfect son


  • Jaehee adored watching her daughter grow up into a fine young lady
  • Her daughter was a social butterfly who loved both of her moms dearly, unless they took away her sweets
  • Your daughter was addicted to sweets like Jaehee was obsessed with coffee, it was honestly the most adorable thing ever
  • She would often tell Jaehee her issues, like when her first boyfriend dumped her
  • You and your daughter had to hold Jaehee back when she saw her daughter’s ex in public
  • The three of you go out all of the time at cafes to order treats, your daughter finances your spendings so that her and Jaehee don’t buy too much
  • Your daughter loves hanging out with Zen’s son and Jaehee thinks that it’s the sweetest
  • Her daughter never went through a rebellious phase, instead she stayed the sweet little girl that she’s always been but more outgoing for
  • Jaehee thinks of her daughter as a strong woman who she wants to grow up to become the best possible person that she can be


  • Jumin’s daughter was the complete opposite of her father, especially as she grew up to be a teenager
  • She was emotional, hated business, and begged her dad to let her adopt a puppy
  • You told Jumin that she was emotional because of her changing hormones but Jumin honestly loved seeing his daughter express herself
  • His daughter dreaded visiting him at his work office, she said that the entire atmosphere was too stuffy and boring
  • A few of Jumin’s business partners would make rude comments about his daughter being unprofessional, especially for being a young adult
  • Jumin told his former business partners to never show their face in front of him again or else he’d destroy them for being rude to his daughter
  • One thing that Jumin’s daughter did gain from him is his confidence, she wouldn’t let anyone push her father around and vice versa
  • Although she never did her her puppy, Jumin told her she can get one once she lives on her own
  • Jumin and his daughter may not have much in common, but he knows for sure that she’ll keep continuing to be a fine young lady


  • Seven and his son were inseparable since his little boy was born, even as his son became a teenager
  • His son was essentially a huge nerd like his father and while you and Seven always told your son to express himself, he wasn’t always willing to show others his true self
  • Your son would often get made fun of for being quirky and nerdy, something that Seven wouldn’t stand for
  • So when it came time for your son to present a science project for his class, he blew everyone’s mind by having the best project thanks to Seven’s help
  • Seven’s son never went through a rebellious phase, he was so attached to you and Seven that he never felt the need to change
  • Your son and Seven had robot making contests, they each make little robots and have you judge which one is the best
  • Seven truly loves his son and wants him to have a better life than he did, he’ll always make sure this his son is happy no matter how old he is
Bae Jinyoung | Oblivious

Originally posted by sungwoona

prompt: you take too long to notice that jinyoung likes you so he takes matters into his own hands.

note: this was requested by a lovely anon and it’s dedicated to my baby love, @whatabrightplace/@tinaneggo! she’s indecisive a baejin stan so everything i write for him from here on out will be dedicated to her LMAO. 

  • you met bae jinyoung when you were in first grade and tbh, you didn’t think much of him then
  • he was just the quiet boy who had weird and wacky bursts of energy when prompted by his friends
  • you were as friendly as first graders could get with each other, but you weren’t so attached
  • you guys were pretty okay friends and when you moved away two years later, you were fine
  • the years went on and you entered high school, only to see a familiar face that first day
  • you weren’t sure if it was him at first because he grew up to be a lot more attractive than you had imagined - he had you squinting and everything
  • but then you heard his name during attendance and you knew you had to go up to him
  • he was talking to a friend that you assumed he went to middle school with when you approached his desk after classes
  • “bae jinyoung! the boy whose face has always been the size of my thumb! i’m glad it’s grown to be the size of my fist now”
  • at first he was shook™ because who was this random stranger attacking him - but then he recognized you and gasped
  • he exclaimed your name in question and when you gave him a nod of affirmation, he smiled, lifting his hand for a high five
  • baejin was definitely still the shy boy you met in first grade, but there was still the crazy weirdo part of him that you were friends with that came out when he was around you and other people that he was comfortable with
  • lunchtime was a blast because you’d make funny faces with your food and he’d clap and cheer for you
  • “oh, yes good!!!”

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My Soulmate’s a Killer

Fandom: Marvel (Soulmate AU)

Pairing: Frank Castle x Reader

As requested by anonymous:  Have you ever find a soulmate au? I think that would be interesting with Frank Castle.

Originally posted by calif0rnia-lovers

Frank. That was the name embedded on your skin since the day you were born. Your soulmate. Usually, people would be excited about meeting their soulmates. You? Not even the slightest. 


Your soulmate’s name was faded. That meant that he had another. What kind of sick joke was this? What was the point of giving everyone a soulmate when you couldn’t even be with yours? 

So you said fuck it. You didn’t care about your soulmate. You couldn’t care less about him. You rarely thought about him once you grew up and moved to New York. Specifically Hell’s Kitchen.

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anonymous asked:

So how does Steve feel about Tony avoiding seeing his parents after Bonding? Or when he hears tony correct the Howard’s to “my dad” ?

I think he’s confused at first, but sort of views Tony and the way he relates to his parents as one more of those things Steve doesn’t quite understand. Plus, Steve certainly grew up knowing families where the kids and parents weren’t exactly close and where there were issues between the parents and children.  I think he understands why Tony would chafe under Howard’s thumb, under anyone’s thumb, really, but doesn’t initially think of it as anything unusual for that society.  He begins to see it is a bit more than that, of course, but I think it is so ingrained in Steve that Omegas are to be cherished and protected that it is hard for him to see how anyone wouldn’t treat Tony as he feels Tony (or any Omega) deserves to be treated.  Of course, he comes to realize that this attitude has its own detriments and what he largely needs to do is get out of Tony’s way to let Tony take care of himself, but that doesn’t mean he wasn’t waiting for the opportunity to have a discussion in the “meet desk” sense with Howard.  

ravengates  asked:

Can we have more Harry? Like what it would be like to date him??? Xx

- He gets very jelous very quickly. (Although he doesn’t mind you hanging around people like Gil, Carlos, etc. who he knows won’t try to flirt with them)

- Harry looks at you like his entire world is standing right in front of him.

- Stupid cheesy pick up lines.

- Intimate stares throughout the day where it’s clearly obvious that he’s holding back from wrapping his arms around you and kissing you right there.

- Hickeys.

- Matching tattoos.

- Laughing so hard that you can’t help but have tears spilling out of your eyes.

- He’s not used to saying ‘I love you’ since he was never really told it as he grew up. Still, when he does say it, he makes sure that he means it with his entire heart.

- Sneaking onto the top of a building in the middle of the night and having super serious conversations.

I Promise, A Solangelo Fanfic

Nico Di Angelo. His boyfriend’s name was the only thing that went through Will’s head. Despite the war raging on and the badly injured demi gods he had to tend, Will could think only of Nico.

When Percy had offered to, tell Will about the son of Hades, Will gladly accepted, busting to know about his angsty boyfriend. But, he didn’t expect to head a story of such sorrow.

All his life, Nico had had a sister to care for him. When she was gone, he hated all those he loved. Including Percy, the boy who promised the return of Nico’s beloved sister, Bianca. As Nico grew, everyone he loved abandoned him for someone they loved more.

When Nico couldn’t take the rejection any longer, a wall of isolation built up around him. And even though this made Nico who he was today, Will couldn’t help but feel sad.

“Solace!” a voice called, breaking Will from his thoughts,

Will’s face brightened considerably when he saw Nico walk into the rapidly filling infirmary. Will dashed over and scooped the shorter boy into his arms. Surprised at the gesture, Nico squirmed in the tight hug, a small laugh escaping him.

“Will!” Nico giggled, “Let go of me!”

Will ignored the protesting cinnamon roll he held, burying his head in Nico’s pale shoulder,

“Will?” Nico whispered, his laughter dying down,

“Promise me,” Will murmurs, “Promise you’ll never leave me.”

Nico was silent for a moment, shocked he’d lived to hear someone ask, his of him. Nico smiled, planting a butterfly like kiss on Will’s head, before saying;

“I promise.”

electronicdelusionstarlight  asked:

Also I just realized that the colonel being the son of the servants wouldn't make sense when we have the chef say he used to work for him, so disregard that, sorry.


No worries! I saw someone once write the two as step-brothers, and that makes a lot of sense to me, personally. Not blood related, but they grew up together and care deeply for each other. 

luke skywalker canonically grew up on a farm in the middle of nowhere, space and you hooligans are tryin to convince me that this sunshine boy wouldn’t say “y’all” in his everyday speak bless your lying hearts 

If you don’t think Percy still gets flustered around Annabeth, then what are you doing?


🐰 Happy Birthday Jeon Jeongguk 🐰 
#970901 #HappyJkDay 
      ↳ Even though you were considered an adult before, you’re finally a full on adult™ starting today! Seeing you grow since you were a small 16 year old & now I get to see you officially out of your teen years! May your 20s bring you nothing but health & happiness! Much love ♡ 

  • Jack: hey bittle, some of the guys are coming over later
  • Bitty: oh no you don't, Jack Zimmermann, last time you said "a friend" was coming over I stood there at the door gaping like a fish at Sidney Crosby
  • Bitty: for five minutes!
  • Bitty: you give me their names so I can at least TRY not to make a fool of myself in front of the entire Canadian Olympic hockey team or something
  • Jack:
  • Bitty: oh my God it's the entire Canadian hockey team, isn't it?
  • Jack: well not the ENTIRE team, no.

a few lancey lance headcanons for the soul

  • the first time lance ever held his first nephew, he was six, and he started crying giant happy tears
    • would constantly try to teach his nieces and nephews to say tío lance in order for those to be their first words
  • hunk: hey dude are you doing okay? your eye bags are…. huge
    lance: i haven’t done any of my assignments for the past week because i have procrastination! my adhd isn’t letting me focus, and i’ve cried twice this week.
    hunk: ….
    lance: [fingerguns and winks]
  • one of his cousins was enrolling in a beautician school and before lance went to the garrison, he was his muse
    • resulted in the thin eyebrows, straight permed hair, and short bangs. also got a good pedicure and manicure out of it
      his cousin: I SAID THAT I’M IN SCHOOL STILL!
      lance: ARE YOU KIDDING ME
      his cousin: can you relax. hair grows back and chemicals go away… eventually
    • this same cousin got lance into skincare when the cousin used to work at lush. family discount
  • lance is the one who calls star wars the old space movies that are classics. he’s talking about the sequel trilogy.
    • “i grew up with those movies,” his father says, “you’re killing your father, lance. stop laughing, lance”
  • lance’s internal thoughts while eating spicy food, tears in his eyes: you are a badass cuban. you are a badass cuban. you are a badass—WHAT DID CORAN PUT IN THIS!?!?!?!
  • “i’m not jealous” “you just growled when keith laughed because of him, lance” “i’m just annoyed because i’m funnier than that dude.” “mhm” “shut up”
  • lance is currently on a work out routine with allura in order to get more fit and to eventually beat shiro,then her in an arm wrestling competition they hold every week
    • “allura i’m not crying i’m just sweating from my eyes”
  • curly haired lance comes without warning. the only person surprised by this is lance
    • keith: suits you.
      lance: ;)
  • when lance comes home to earth, he comes home to a new baby sister, a new nephew, and just in time to watch his brother get married. he’s the happiest he’s ever been.
CASTIEL AND HIS SACRED OATH - 12x10, 12x12, 12x23

This scene here. This split second glance is so so important. I don’t know why people aren’t talking about it (I couldn’t even find any gifs of it and had to take pictures coz I’m computerly incompitent). But I wanted to give my own analytical response to this millisecond glance, because I think it demonstrates properly why Cas has never done anything about his feelings for Dean. 

First, some context from my behalf: I always assumed Cas had never admitted his love for Dean for one of two reasons, 1) he was an angel, therefore not quite understanding his feelings himself - perhaps confusing them with familial love, Dean style. Or 2) he was afraid his love may not be reciprocated. But after watching 12x10, 12x12 and 12x23, I can thoroughly rule out reason 1. 

Now, I’ll be talking a lot about 12x10 as that ENTIRE EPISODE and THIS LOOK are so closely correlated. 

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Thor Ragnarok/Loki imagines - I see you

Originally posted by thortunes

AN: I’m really going back to my roots here. Marvel was always what I wrote most and what I started this page with. Thor Ragnarok makes me feel really old as I look back on the many years I’ve been writing fan fiction. Loki is and will always be my main first love. Thor Ragnarok may not have been as serious as previous Thor Movies but I still adored it and Loki stole my heart like he does every time he’s on the screen. I came up with this mid movie and I couldn’t pull my phone out to write the idea down so thank god I remembered it. Also, some of the dialogue between Thor and Loki is not word for word, it’s just what I remember.

I might turn this into a series where I start from the first Thor then lead the story up to Ragnarok. Tell me your thoughts on this. 

Summary: You have always been Loki’s rock and when Hela comes for Asgard, Loki wants to go back for you but won’t admit that. You are see-er and that meant you could see where Loki is at all times, but when you can’t, you start to panic. 

Pairing(s): Loki x reader

Word count: 1,106

Warnings: Spoilers. 

When Heimdall was exiled from the city, you chose to go with him. You had seeing powers much like he did however yours differed in a way that Heimdall found interesting. 

He was your mentor and when Odin banished him, you had to go with him as he was like a father to you. 

However, this meant leaving Loki behind. 

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steve harrington x reader • cold coffee

Summary: Waking up next to Steve is something that you can get used to.

Word Count: 1600+

Warnings: tooth rotting fluff, some language.

Notes: I started writing something angsty and got sad so I wrote this to make myself feel better. Idk man, idk. It got longer than I wanted?? and off topic?? I just love these kids and i love Steve Harrington.

Requests are OPEN!

Originally posted by cameronxboyce

Dating Steve Harrington came with a lot of surprises. The whole Upside Down thing, oddly enough, wasn’t one of them; you’d stumbled into that whole mess before you’d even met him, thanks to your insatiable curiosity and tendency to nose around places you really had no business being in. No, the oddities that Steve brought to your life were much more mundane, and all the more surprising for that.

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movies [ steve x reader ]

premise: (name) is dustin’s sister and they decide to watch movies all night. what (name) doesn’t know is that dustin invited steve, too

a/n: this was supposed to be shorter, like to paragraphs short, but…
also, requested by:  Hey I loved your Steve x Reader where reader is Dustin’s sister’s fic. Can you do more of it please? ( @queeeenofscots​ ) / can you plz do more dustinssister!reader x steve imagines??? thanks ily <3 (anon)

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A family night. Well, more of a sibling night. Mom is out of town with a couple of friends of hers (Mews death had really taken a toll on her). You and Dustin are left to your own devices, which means movie marathons and junk food all night. Falling asleep is also a no go because you swore to draw on his face with a sharpie if he even closed his eyes for a second. The same goes for you, of course. Granted, for being seventeen you sure can be childish sometimes. But you can’t really blame yourself for that, or wanting to spend more time with your brother. The two of you had always been close, but you drifted away when you grew into a real teen. Naturally the Demogorgon business brought you two together pretty quickly and neither of you intend to lose touch again.

Dustin picks between a few horror movies you had rented earlier that day as you heat up the popcorn, “Hey, (Name), how do you feel about Halloween?” Dustin asks from the couch.

You make a face, “Not good.”

“Perfect. We’re watching this one.”

You surpass the urge to roll your eyes and you grin and take the KFC you ordered out of those meek paper bags. As you turn off the lights in the kitchen, with one hand holding plates and the other grasping a big bottle of soda, you move into the living room as Dustin sets up the movie, “Just try not to scream.” Dustin says, fiddling with the VCR.

“Pretty sure you’ll be the one that’s screaming.”

The doorbell rings and makes a shiver shoot up your spine.  Instinctively you look at the looming front entrance and the dark night pooling behind it. You glance at Dustin but he doesn’t even look your way, mumbling something about ‘Stupid fucking movie why don’t you work?!’ so you set down the food and slowly make your way to the door. Right, maybe turning off all of the lamps so only the TV screen lights up the room with its ghostly bleak light and that weird scratching noise wasn’t the best idea. But it’s not like a Demo-dog can ring a doorbell, right?…Right?

Scolding yourself for being paranoid, you swiftly unlock the door and with a deep breath open it fully. The cool air pinches your cheeks red as you meet eyes with deep brown ones. Something clicks in your mind and you can’t help but grin at the visitor, recalling all those moments he had pulled you away from the mission just to talk or be close to you. Steve Harrington stands on your porch with a lazy smile on his lips and his hands shoved into his pockets. You make a mental note to thank Dustin later, because you sure as hell didn’t invite your crush over.

“…I was told there will be KFC.” Steve states.

“Who gave away this information?” You wonder, stepping aside to let him in. With a light shrug he enters and beelines for the couch.

“Hey, Dustin!—And I never reveal my sources, (Name).”

Soon you all squeezed on the small couch. Dustin in one end, you in the middle, and Steve in the other. After fighting over the popcorn and the abundance of puns Steve kept saying, a hush fell over your small group as the movie started. You were immediately sucked in and a bit terrified. You never could handle scary movies. And now that you literally had the opportunity to live out a real life scary movie with the Demo-dog business, you still find scary movies, well, scary. You pull the warm blanket closer to your lips as you are ready to hide behind it at any given moment.

Steve notices your terrified expression, and on a different occasion he wouldn’t find it as cute as he does now. You lean into him a bit when Michael Myers shows up. Something swells in his chest, something light and fuzzy and he can’t help but smile a little. For a full minute he ponders should he do the old ’yawn-put-my-hand-around-her-shoulders’ shtick. He conducts that would be pretty stupid and awkward so he just pretends to shift in his seat and drapes his arm over your shoulders anyway. You look at him. He pretends that nothing happened and gives you a playful glance.

Half-way through the movie you grew comfortable enough to rest your head on his chest. Steve’s fingers played patters on your skin, played with your hair almost subconsciously, but his eyes never once left the screen. When the clock struck 1 o’clock and the screen cut to black – the movie was finally over and you can take a breather, - you and Steve had to surpass a laugh at Dustin’s snoring. In hushed murmurs the two of you moved and Steve took up the job of picking Dustin up and bringing him to his room. With the blanket wrapped around your shoulders you waited him to return, and honestly, nearly swooned at how domestic he is.

Once he returns he shoves his hands into his pockets and looks around, almost as if trying to think of an excuse to stay. In lazy steps he approaches you and you have to bite down a smile, “I should…probably go now.” He says slowly, testing the waters. You flick your brows upwards.

“You sure?” You ask, “There are two more movies left.”

“You know, I always considered myself a patron of the arts so yeah, I say I could stay. With you. T-To watch the movies. If you don’t mind.”

“No, I don’t. Trust me, I don’t.”

Steve makes quick work of setting up the VCR as you find a good spot on the couch. You fluff the pillows and can hardly contain the excitements that’s practically radiating from you. Now there’s way more space to move around, but he sits close to you and you throw your blanket on the both of you to keep warm, if that is even needed. Honestly, you just want to share something with him. Be as close as you can possibly be without going overboard with your feelings. You have a small hint that he may feel the same way, but then again, you don’t want to ruin this – whatever this is you have with him – by tuning all mushy and sappy and kissy. Not that turning kissy would be a bad thing, now that you really consider it.

The movie starts in bright flashes and loud sounds and you frown softly. You feel Steve’s arm drape over your shoulders again and you turn your head to him. A kaleidoscope of colors shine on his face – it almost appears mesmerizing – as the thought of the two of you being completely alone finally sinks in. A spark lights up your chest and fuels your whole body with the need to kiss him. Your gaze roams from his eyes to his lips and back, an action he notices and smirks at, as you lean in ever so slightly and asks, “…Patron of the arts? Really?”

“I lied.” He grins, “Sorry.” He murmurs, leaning in and capturing your lips in a long overdue kiss.


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