and then we will be in

Sterek: *becomes way too popular*

Jeff: Alright, I’ll just ban Sterek from TW events and give Dylan and Hoech less scenes so the fandom will give up and stop shipping them.

Sterek fandom: *becomes larger and makes Sterek even more popular*


blog moods!

hey!!! so i just hit 32k which is honestly incredible to me??? and honestly since i didn’t do anything for 30k i thought that this would be cool to do a blograte type thing with the aesthetic of a moodboard (inspired by @spacedust-lester ) !  

ooo ok so here is how:

  • mbf me!
  • reblog this post
  • send me an ask with this heart “♡” and your favorite song, tv show, or movie!

ok here is the format/rubric i will be using!!! i will tell you which things your blog reminds me of!

color: | pastel pink | sea blue | ochre yellow | mint | burnt orange |
planet: | mercury | venus | earth | mars | jupiter | saturn | uranus | neptune | 
season: | winter | spring | summer | autumn |
place: | the sea | disneyland | snowy mountains | city | space |
sound: | waves | rain | birds | church organ |
scent: | flowers | coffee | apple | cookies |
painter: | monet | van gogh | picasso | kahlo |
poet: | poe | plath | angelou | frost | whitman |


disclaimer: i might not be able to do all of these blog rates if i get too many, but i will try to do the most that i can!!!

if you don’t want to see these block the tag “emily does blogrates”

ahhh all in all, thank you for 30k 32k!!! it means the world to me, i love you so much!!!

HEY YALL, me and @gabriel-fucking-agreste​ collabed to do a crossover ml/wicked project feat. mama agreste and nathalie sancoeur, here she did the lineart and I did the colors (you can find the other one on her blog it’s AMAZIng)

im so glad i got to work with her ‘cause she is such a great and cool artist and an amazing friend we met at denny’s :’)

Nobody’s 100% Straight

#3 - “I fucked a girl in college… What, I never told you that?” 
- tfw x reader, requested by @iwillprobablybechangingthislater for my two year drabbles

You were sat in some dark bar, nursing a beer with Dean, Cas, and Sam, the brothers’ eyes tracking every nice ass that walked by.

“Anyone catching your eye, gentlemen?” you asked, an eyebrow raised.

“Nobody as good as you,” Dean drawled with a wink, and you rolled your eyes, nodding towards a girl at the bar.

“Not even her?”

Their eyes followed where you were looking, landing on - frankly - the most beautiful woman you’d ever laid eyes on. Just the right amount of curves, her low slung jeans hugging her tight ass, long hair effortlessly flowing across her shoulders.

Wow,” Castiel breathed, and you grinned, the usually unflappable angel instantly infatuated with this girl.

“You thinking of dipping your toe in the other pond, Y/N?” Sam asked you, surprised. “I thought you were strictly into dick.”

You laughed, shaking your head.

“I fucked a girl in college,” you reminded them, taking another swig from your bottle.

You put your beer back on the table, noting the stunned looks on the three of their faces.

“What, I never told you that?” you asked, and Dean shook his head.

“I think we’d remember you telling us something like that, sweetheart,” he told you, his voice even lower than usual.

You smiled to yourself, looking down at your bottle and picking at the label.

“Nobody’s 100% straight,” you reasoned, and Cas nodded before Sam spoke up.

“You gonna tell us anymore about that experience?”

“Don’t spare any details,” Dean added, and you grinned, loving that a simple admission could rile them up this much.

“Well,” you started, leaning your elbows on the table. “It was awesome.”