and then we saw the daughters of the minotaur

After School Program

Prompt 4 from the AU Challenge, Captain Swan / Captain Cobra Teacher/Single Parent. No one requested it besides my muse. I have received requests for 8, 34, and 36 and have begun my brainstorming, and will have them up in the days to come. Until then, please enjoy this one!

It was  2:30 when the school bell went off, 2:45 when the teacher board meetings started, 3:30 when an informational meeting about being an assistant coach for the swim team began, and almost 5:00 when geography and social studies teacher Killian Jones was shoving the stack of Friday quizzes into his satchel so he could drag them home for grading. He had an episode of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D waiting for him on his DVR, and if he hurried, he could watch it before math teacher Mr. Smee texted him a novel of spoilers.

He checked the watch on his wrist and cursed at the time. If he didn’t hurry, he’d have to wait for the next subway, and by then the surprise would certainly be ruined.

The door of the school flung open with a snap as Killian shoved it hard, already in a sprint. But doors weren’t supposed to yelp.

“Ouch!” a brunette boy grunted, as the flung door hit him squarely in the shoulder, causing him to stumble backwards a few steps. Killian skidded to a halt, and his blue eyes widened with surprise.

“Henry! I’m so sorry, I was in a rush. Are you alright?” He asked quickly. Blasted loitering eighth graders. Probably up to no good, with that Grace girl or something…

“I-I’m fine, its okay,” Henry replied, adjusting his backpack strap to avoid the bruise he was sure would appear in a few moments.

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