and then we move on and don't let it stop us

Dear Alex,
Don’t be an asshole and listen to Jo, let her finish, before saying any of your asshole-y words.

Dear Jo,
Just tell Alex already, come on, maybe your husband will get prosecuted too and grey’s can turn into a show about trials, that’d be fun.

Dear Meredith,
Tell Maggie you slept with Riggs, you just told her you won’t lie and then you lied after literally 2 minutes. Also, the least you can do is root for omelia, hours ago you were telling amelia she might be right and we can have more than 1 love, stop being so bipolar.

Dear Riggs,
Slow down, okay? And maybe stop being that attractive.

Dear Amelia and Owen,
CONGRATULATIONS BABIES and now give us actual babies, it’s time, you’re moving too fast already, and everyone on grey’s got babies at the v wrong time, you could too.

Dear Japril,
Continue being cute, don’t screw it up, thanks.

Dear Catherine,
I used to love you, stop being a stuck up bitch.

Dear Arizona,
You should be there to help Alex. I miss you. Hope you’re having fun in NY

Dear Bailey,
Nothing, I love you.

Dear Ben,
Man, stop being so irrelevant ???

It took me that last time of falling in and caring too much. It took finding out things I didn’t want to know. It took realizing you weren’t really who you first introduced yourself as. Months ago I thought I let you go. It was hard, but we fell apart. You noticed this, too, but didn’t try to fix it. We stopped being friends. We rarely ever spoke. But it took one day to change that, or so I thought. We mended some holes. We snapchatted more and we smiled more frequently. Our conversations were how they used to. I started to care again. I started seeing the boy I missed so much, the one you kept hidden from the world. I became the ole usual jealous girl secretly in love with her friend again. But I became a treasury of knowledge. I heard things I so wish weren’t true. I kept seeing disgusting images in my head that haunted me. It was also your actions after you discovered things, too. How could I still want that kind of boy in my life? You always treated me as a second option. Sometimes, I couldn’t even be a second. We were good friends once. I believe that. But that boy is gone for good. I realize that now. You uncoiled me and set part of me free. But I never fully liked the girl I was when I was so madly in love with you. Sure, when I was around you, I couldn’t stop smiling. But behind closed doors I fell apart. So many times I wanted everything in my head and soul to be quiet and rest until things progressed in my favor…or to stop for good. That girl is gone, but not fully. I fell back into you before. She grew out of weakness. Eventually I may be able to learn to be around you without feeling either love or disgust, but it’s still there. Your vivid blue eyes cover up lies and deceit. They once made me weak in the knees, but I know better. I was strong enough to pretend you were invisible once. I overcame that. I can’t cut you out completely, not yet. But one day I can learn that I don’t need to feel anything for you at all. And I will, because you weren’t worth me drowning myself over.

Okay but can we stop sugar coating this Ryan Ross situation? He has an addiction. He uses drugs and he’s an alcoholic. Theres not much we can do. Is it okay to worry about him? Absolutely. Is it okay to support him still? Of course. What’s not okay is lying about it to other people who don’t know what happened, sending him hate for it, tagging him in pictures and videos relating to it, and tweeting him about it. You can not help him. He needs to help himself. You can try, but all you’re gonna do it push him further away from the fandom. To anyone who doesn’t know, Ryan was on something tonight at the Phases show and did not hesitate to make it known. We need to stop pretending like this isn’t happening. You can live in your blissful ignorance all you want but it’s still happening. This is not hate to Ryan, I care about him and I love him but people need to stop. Stop posting/sharing videos of it, stop sending him hate, just stop. Leave him alone. Seriously.

Why daydreaming is useful for a Pisces
  • Mom: Your room is a chaotic mess again! Look at what you've done to your hair! Dry the laundry! Have you done your homework already, what about your pet? Don't forget to bring out the trash and buy me all things from this list, like food for your cat, a new jacket for me, and pick your brother up from school and...
  • Pisces: *daydreams* ...wait what?
  • Mom: *annoyed* forget it *does the things herself*
  • --
  • Teacher: And now let's move on to math...
  • Pisces: *daydreams*
  • School bell: Driiiing
  • Pisces: Yeeeeeeeeessssssss
  • --
  • Crush: Hi *and then leaves the room*
  • Pisces: *daydreams* and then we hold hands and will be happy forever~~
  • --
  • Dad: Don't leave the bed until you recover ok?
  • Pisces: How am I going to survive now
  • Pisces: *daydreams*
  • ---