and then we go back to spain

When I Met A Girl

***I wrote this for my English assignment and yeah… Enjoy****

When I was seven I met a girl who made me giggle. My first
day at school and she walked up to me, her hands filled with sand, “Here, have
this, you’re my new friend.” I took it gratefully, stunned by this tiny girl
with glasses too big for her face. I carried it around with me until I was told
off; sand wasn’t allowed in the classrooms. We’d sit together and laugh and cut
out tiny pictures of animals we would tape to our tables. She’d tell me stories
of older siblings and slide her glasses up her nose right before they’d fall off
her face. I’d sit there and eat my lunch, chiming in every now and again to
tell her about my funny memories, which always resulted in her laughing so much
she began to snort.  But summer was the
best, because the sun seemed to focus on her, making her blonde hair light up
and set her apart from our other classmates, always making me smile. She’d buy
red icy-poles from the canteen and would later hold my hand with her sticky
sugar coated ones during play time. It seemed as if nothing could compare to
her gapped tooth smile and messy hair.   I remember thinking of our days as being the
best thing in the universe, having endless fun and never growing tired of silly
jokes or colouring in.

When I was ten I met a girl who made me smile. We’d sit in
her room with Avril Lavigne playing on her TV and her parents arguing from the
kitchen. I’d bring over my mum’s lipsticks and eye shadows and we’d give each
other colourful makeovers to help pass the time. She’d welcome me into her pink
room and her freckled cheeks would glow underneath our messily made blanket fort,
then we’d sing along to the music, our hands together as we danced across the
room. She embodied happiness and wore yellow flowers behind her ears, sometimes
woven into her two long braids. I remember movie nights with her feeling like
they could last forever, the morning never seeming to come as we lay in bed and
laughed at our own jokes, staying up past midnight and sneaking into the
kitchen to steal ice cream and cookies for snacks. These nights were magical
and held a kind of sacredness, nothing bad could enter our forts, nor could
parents or siblings. She gave me confidence, energy and ice cream.

When I was thirteen I met a girl who made me laugh. This
girl was fearless, she approached me with certainty and demanded that I be her
friend. She’d text me at four in the morning and we’d talk for hours on end.
This girl was my best friend, this girl was beautiful and she knew it.  She’d take me by my hand and we’d run home
from school, collapsing on her bed, laughing, as we shook off our school bags.
She’d sit me down and open up to me about the things that erased the confidence
from her eyes, she told me about her mum and car crashes and things that made
her cry. I’d hug her and tell her it would be okay, because I felt as though I
needed to protect this girl, and I wanted to make her feel secure. We would
climb trees on her uncle’s farm and she would laugh when she had to help me up
to the highest branch, before kissing me and smiling the biggest smile I had
ever seen. I’d laugh nervously, my brain buzzing and my cheeks flushed, then
she’d kiss me again and we would just sit there, staring at the sunset. “Don’t
tell my dad.” She’d always say as we climbed down. For the longest time I
didn’t know if she meant don’t tell him that we’d climbed the tree or that we’d
kissed, I figured it out the next summer when her uncle came down to the back of
the farm to call us up for lunch and found us kissing. I was sent home and when
school started she wasn’t there. My teachers told me she was sent away to live
with her aunt in New South Wales.

When I was sixteen I met a girl who made me cry. This girl
was filled with shards of glass and storms. She was a hurricane that would
bring me along and then drop me to the ground when she was done. This girl
wasn’t kind or good for me, but she was captivating, she made me feel special
and loved and important. She’d pick me up in her old, beaten car and pause to
tie her long golden hair out of her face as she told me of the night’s plans.
When I was with her there were colours, there were lights and there were fields
of experiences and firsts and the little things that mattered. She’d put her
arm around me and promise me that tonight was going to be the best night ever, and
then we’d dance for hours on end, to music neither of us had ever heard. Whenever
we went out she’d be surrounded with crowds of older boys and pretty girls, but
she always managed to look down at me with her big green eyes that told me none
of them mattered, that nothing else mattered, because we were together and the
night was young and we had a car that could take us anywhere. But this girl was
poisonous. When we were alone she’d yell and scream and push me around. She’d
fill my ears with stinging words and leave me crying on her door step at the
end of each night when she was done with me. And for whatever reason, the next
day I’d come back, and we’d go out, and she’d love me, until we went back to
her house and she’d blame me for the car breaking down, or my parents finding
out we were drinking, or for her forgetting her keys. She’d blame me and I’d be
sent away shaken and scared, but I still came back.

When I was nineteen I met a girl who made me dance. I
complimented her on the scarf she wore to class every day, she had smiled and
whispered, “My dad bought it for me from Spain,” then she looked at me properly
and leaned in closer, “You have very pretty eyes.” I blushed and thanked her,
she smirked and resumed paying attention to the lecture. This girl was amazing;
she was charismatic and could charm anyone. She knew every student and every professor.
She was smart, creative and emotional in all the right ways. She was all things
bright and all things extroverted.  This
girl was warm and this girl was lovely. She wore flowing dresses and took me to
sophisticated parties where we would stand in the corner and laugh at every one’s
ridiculous outfits, we’d get tipsy on champagne and spend the rest of the
evening in dingy cafes in the city that smelt like old smoke and pancakes. My
year with her was the best year of my life. Her dad would buy plane tickets to
fly us out to Spain to stay with him. We’d spend hundreds of dollars on
expensive Spanish food and waste hours watching street performers, dancing, and
just being in each other’s arms. She was the first girl I had fallen in love with,
and every moment with her was special, was magical, and was perfect. The night
before she left to move to Spain permanently we laid together in her bed and
cried. Eventually we stopped and I laid beside her, playing with her long red
hair as she rested her head against my shoulder, “This won’t be the end, long
distance works for a lot of people,” we’d tell each other. When she left, we
lasted for two months before we mutually agreed it wasn’t working, it took me five
months to properly recover. She was my first love.

When I was twenty-three I met a girl who made me jealous.
This girl could never love me back, this girl was the one that got away. I fell
for her despite myself. I really couldn’t help it, everything about her made me
smile; the way she covered her mouth when she laughed, how she did her makeup,
the way she cut her hair, the skirts she wore that would billow around her
every time she spun around, which was often. This girl was kind to me and took
care of me, she was my friend and was there for me when I needed her. We moved
in together and it felt like torture, I wanted so much more than what we had,
but I couldn’t have it, so I had to remain content with our current friendship,
with inside jokes and crying on each other’s shoulders. For then, it was
enough, but I couldn’t help pining. She eventually met a man, and for months I
was taken over with jealousy, why did he achieve what I could not? Soon she
moved out and moved in with him, they became engaged and I was forced to let go
of my feelings. Yet we still remain friends, and we have dinners together and
laugh about my younger self and her love stricken feelings.

When I was twenty-seven I met a girl that made me sparkle.
This girl, she was The One. She’s the girl that made time stop, that froze
everything around us every time we kissed. The girl that made my stomach fill
with butterflies and my head fill with romances. This girl was every definition
of perfect. I could stare for hours and hours and hours at this girl and her
beautiful blue eyes, at her constellations of freckles that littered her back,
I could stare and he stained lips and her short wavy hair, I could stare at
this girls tanned legs and I could listen to her angelic voice until the day I
die. I fell in love with all these, all of the beautiful perfect pieces of her.
I fell in love with her flaws also; the stretch marks pulled across her hips,
the small mole on her jaw, the scar in between her eyebrows from when she was a
child, the regretted star tattoo on her finger. Everything about her enraptured
me, she was perfect to me, and I too her. She’d surprise me in the mornings
with sweet coffee and a sweeter smile. This girl would take me on adventures I
will never forget.  She made me feel like
a million stars, she made me sparkle, she helped me love everything, she helped
me follow my passions and to realise what love felt like. This girl was lovely.

A Hetalia sleep over

Well first we got america taking the pillow fighting to the next level 

Then we got Russia suffocating Cuddling the closeted person who deiced to sleep next to him

We got italy trying not to throw up at the pizza that they got

England trying not to fall asleep since he knows they will draw on his face

We got Hungary, Belarus, Ukraine and Lichtenstein  eating  all the sweets

Japan in the conener just being japan

Prussia steal the girl sweets 

After the girls beat him up,the bad friend trio tries to get back at them

But in the end France joins the girls 

Spain is really happy for the sleep over 

They all go into sleep deprivation and weird shit like this starts happening 


I truly can’t get over how incredible this weekend was. I came to Yosemite at 3am by myself to get a spot at a first come first serve campground which to my surprise, there were already 40 people SLEEPING in line! I was so upset and really felt like my weekend was ruined, then standing next to me in line come three (CUTE) Australian climber dudes that told me to just spend the night with them, so I just spent several hours getting to know them then took off at 8am for a climb with my friend Gabriel who arguably might be my favorite person ever. SUCH an incredible, sweet, and funny guy that pushed me to climb harder than I have in Yosemite, with total confidence in myself when I didn’t even have any on my own, it was amazing. Reaching the top with him was really special. I drove out of the park that night and pulled out and slept in my car, this was the first time I felt confident and comfortable doing something like this on my own, other times I’ve traveled alone it resulted in lots of anxiety attacks. My heart was too happy to feel anxious. The next day I climbed with some friends from London that I met in the valley the weekend before and they are the first people that have shown me how to have so much fun when you’re bouldering. Slept in a deserted campground the next night where I stayed with new friends from Australia and Spain. We shared beers and joints and had great conversations. The next morning I took off to meet up with women to climb reeds direct route with, a route I’ve been DYING to try, and I have to say it was the best experience of my life. Even though I didn’t do as well as I hoped, my partners were so uplifting and amazing, and I’m ready to go back to crush it the next time! Being with such supportive and positive people this weekend has cleansed my soul in the best way possible. I’ve never been SO PSYCHED on climbing!! I have such a happy heart and I just don’t know how I got so lucky.

Liberty Pt.6

Originally posted by neverlandpixy

Pairings: Bucky Barnes x Reader, Steve Rogers x Peggy Carter, surprise ship (that wasn’t a pun)

AU: Pirates of the Caribbean Universe

Characters: Bucky Barnes, Natalia Romanoff, Clint Barton, Tony Stark, Wanda Maximoff, Steve Rogers, Sam Wilson, Peter Parker, Baron Zemo (mentiones briefly)

Warnings for this fic: Angst, smut, running away, profanity, violence, self defense practicing

Warnings for this chapter: Alcohol, Drunk!Reader, throwing up, a few cute lil kisses, fluff, LANGUAGE

Word Count: 3889

A/N: BOOM! There’s a surprise in this chapter, (not a surprise for some) I’ve used google translate and my own knowledge for the spanish speaking parts {my cousins are bilingual and they’ve taught me a bit of shit}

Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3 / Part 4 / Part 5

Captain James ‘Bucky’ Barnes was a peculiar man, how he sailed the seas for most of his 27 years. He was born at sea, he would most likely die at sea. All pirates, including those in the farthest corners of the maps, had heard of the infamous Captain. You? You were the governor’s daughter, secretly hoping to be taken out to seas and to be set free.


“I shouldn’t be doing what I am- I should only be doing this once I’m married, but I say screw the rules. I’m glad it’s you, and if I’m honest, on this night, I think I’m falling for you, Captain James.”

“And I, you, Miss Y/L/N.”


The day after tomorrow ~

As the St. Brooklyn came to the Spanish harbour, you watched as the bustling Spaniards made their way through the town. It was a lovely sight to see, palm trees, sandy beaches, sunny skies. It was about 4 pm and the sun was still beating down on everyone and everything.

You looked beside you to see Wanda, who was laughing with Sam, they looked at each other as though they were in love, maybe, and a smile tugged onto your lips.

Yet again, once Bucky had anchored the ship, he tipped off the harbour manager and gave a false name. He held out his arm and you took it willingly, feeling his muscles ripple underneath your fingers.

You had walked up to a large stall and Bucky dropped plenty of Spanish reals into the hand of the owner of the stall.

Diez cajas de la mejor comida que tienes, por favor.” He smiled kindly at the man as he said a quiet ’sí, señor’ in return, Bucky requesting for some of his crew to take it back to the ship.

Shall we gather some rum, water, and port? You can get something too if you’d like.” Bucky smiled down at you, you could feel a small amount of wonder wash through you, maybe they sold some fresh orange juice around here, you heard that Spain was known for the glorious taste of the fruit.

Could we find somewhere that sells fresh orange juice, Sir?

We may, mi amor, let’s go.” As you walked alongside him, you felt the cool breeze whisper through your hair, and two familiar voices came up behind you both.

Captain!” You heard Sam chirp, you both turned to see him escorting Wanda by the arm. “May Wanda and I accompany both of you?

Of course Sam! And you know full well you can call me by my actual name when the crew isn’t around!” Bucky patted Sam on the back and gave a sweet smile to Wanda. As you all walked down the main street, the sweet smell of mangos, strawberries, and oranges filled your nostrils and you sighed happily, for it had been so long since you indulged in such food.

You approached the stall with Wanda and asked for some orange juice, “Naranja con pulpa, por favor.” Bucky was utterly surprised how you knew Spanish- as a woman who was confined to only a small island knew a language other than English. As you waited for your juice to be finished, you spoke quietly with Wanda.

So, tell me, what’s with you and Sam, hm?” You both chuckled lightly.

It um, it started when Bucky had liberated him and many others during a slave trade, he had… been branded, he was hurting and well…Bucky had taken him under his wing, helped him heal from all the abuse inflicted onto him, the rest is for him to say but… He had sought refuge with me during the nights; he had nightmares. One night, I was out on the main deck looking at the stars, he came and sat by me.


“Oh, hello Sam, how are you tonight? No bad dreams I hope.” Wanda questioned, a frown adorning her features.

“Much better now I’m with you, Miss Wanda-”

“Please, Sam, no ‘miss’, I am not your superior, I am your equal, please remember that…” Wanda whispered, her hand coming to softly rest against his jaw, her thumb stroking the slight stubble as her eyes met his. They were warm, dark, beautiful.

As a slight breeze danced across the ship, a piece of Wanda’s hair rested across her face, Sam wasted no time in gently tucking it behind her ear.

“How many stars do you think are in the sky, Sam?” Wanda murmured. Sam looked at her then up at the sky.

“At least seven hundred billion, or more.” He had turned to see her looking at him with a secret smile, seems like all they were really were doing was waiting for love, and they didn’t have to wait longer than a millisecond.

Inching closer, he had sliced the space between the both of them, pressing a tender kiss upon her soft lips.


Ah, I see. As long as you are both happy, that’s all that matters.” You smile at the brunette.

There is much more to it, but I’ll tell you once we leave port.” She whispered.

The lady at the stall cleared her throat, turning around to see the small woman holding two large glass bottles of orange juice.

Gracias, señora!” You giggled with Wanda as you carried a bottle of the sweet juice each.

You turned and saw Bucky giving you a look that almost sent you to your knees, it was full of admiration and affection, so intense and you couldn’t help but feel the bird in your chest try and break out of its cage.

You approached him and took his hand in yours, following Sam and Wanda back to the market.

Here, let me.” You heard Sam murmur to the woman in red, her blush was apparent on her cheeks and you saw a slight wink in Sam’s eyes. You knew it.

Bucky took you to multiple stalls, he bought you a new corset and some pants, a pair of new boots and some blouses, so you didn’t have to wear the same clothes every day. You thanked him with a chaste kiss to his cheek and you swear you saw him blush only slightly.


As the night fell, the cooler it had become and Bucky escorted you back to the St. Brooklyn. As you both got to the ship Bucky heard a deep voice behind him.

Well, if it isn’t the legendary Captain James Barnes…

Bucky whipped around faster than a pistol bullet, you felt the blood drain from your face as you looked at the man in front of you. Was he here to arrest Bucky? Kill him? Take him? Bucky was a wanted man.

S-Steve Rogers, what are you doing here? I thought you were up in the north east Atlantic?” Bucky went to hug the man and pat him on the back, a wide smile donning his features.

Well, I arrived here about two days ago, Peggy had never visited Spain before, and I couldn’t resist.” The tall blond man was as big as Bucky, blue eyes like the uniform he was wearing- you knew he didn’t belong to the Trading Company; his thick American accent was apparent when he spoke- most likely from New York, like Bucky.

And who would this beautiful lady be?” You jerked your head up to see 'Steve’ smiling down at you. So you took a timid step forward, shaking his hand lightly.

Y/N Y/L/N, it’s a pleasure to meet you, Sir.” You gave him a forced smile, you didn’t know whether to smile or not.

Y/N, he’s okay- I’ve known him since infancy. He won’t hurt me, love.” You felt a blush spread across your cheeks as Bucky whispered the words into your ear, you let out a sigh of relief and turned to smile at your lover.

We’re having a small celebration upon my ship tonight- Peggy turned 25- if you’d like to join us we can find another part of the coast to tie the ships together so we don’t drift apart during the night.” You stood awkwardly beside them as they spoke.

That is a brilliant idea, I’d be a fool to pass up such an offer, how about we gather both our crews and do it now, sound good?


Bucky and Steve decided on setting the party on the St. Brooklyn; it had a wider and longer main deck. You could hear the waves lap against the sides the ship as the men anchored it once more, you watched as Bucky and the crew tied up the sails. Wanda was slowly approaching you as you sat on the staircase towards the quarterdeck.

So, I need to ask you something,” You piped up, “Bucky… Okay well, when I first saw you use your powers, I said to Bucky that you could literally rule the seas, and well, he said something about how you couldn’t, something about you don’t have the full ability because you gave your heart to someone else?

Wanda sighed heavily and sat on the staircase with you.

Okay, so, this is the continued story from earlier. When Bucky had taken Sam in, which you already know the whole story about our… thing. Well anyway, he had a brand on his shoulder, from the slave trade, and he opened up to me about it one night. He had told me it was the root of his nightmares, bad thoughts and stress. I used my magic to make it disappear, the action I took made me realise that I was in love with him. Y/N, I would do anything for him, including…giving him my heart, I didn’t cut the beating thing out of my chest, no- I gave him my heart in the spiritual term. My heart belongs to Sam and Sam only. It’s better that I don’t have my full powers; they can take over your soul, you can make reckless decisions.”

You nodded along to everything she said, letting the words sink through your skin, it all made sense; the looks, the hidden touches, stolen kisses even.

The sun had finally set and the moon was apparent against the dark sky, both ships were illuminated with oil lamps, making the scene look like a swarm of giant fireflies if one were to look from afar. You noticed the loud music of strings playing an upbeat Irish tune and you smiled, remembering a small band that played something similar at the annual summer festival in Port Royal when you were younger.

Care to dance, miss?” You whipped around to see Bucky with an extended arm, you took his hand and he pulled you against him.

Bucky, I don’t know the steps!

Neither do I!” You both laughed as you danced along the main deck, holding each other in close proximity, this was the happiest you had felt in a long time.

As the song finished, you quickly grabbed a forgotten bottle of rum and took a few large gulps, the liquid burning the back of your mouth as you swallowed and squinted your eyes. As you opened them you saw Bucky stare at you, his mouth agape and eyebrows almost resting on his hairline.

What, you think a respectable, young, intelligent lady of Port Royal can’t drink?” You smirked, offering your captain the bottle, he took it gratefully and kept his eyes on yours as his lips wrapped around the neck of the bottle, a pang of desire drifting down to your core, you ignored it though; tonight was a night of having fun with him, no sexualness. He passed the bottle back to you and you gulped the rest down, almost half a bottle! Feeling a rush of blood go to your head, a few other songs were played and you felt your vision begin to blur only slightly as you turned back to Bucky.

W-What is it you pirates say? 'drink up me hearties yo ho’ Isn’t it? Or s-something…” You slurred, making Bucky chuckle as he pressed a gentle kiss to your forehead.

Have you ever been drunk before, Y/N?” He mumbled, you looked up at him through your lashes and pouted, shaking your head.

Oh, darling, it’s going to be a fun night…

Suddenly, you felt a gentle hand on your shoulder, you whipped around to see a woman slightly taller than yourself with wavy brunette hair and a smile as bright as the white sails of the HMS Endeavor.

Hello, you must be Y/N, I’m Peggy!” You shook her hand, giving her a once over, she wore similar clothes to you, white blouse, brown pants and black boots. Her fair skin made her dark eyes contrast against her face and you admired her beauty greatly.

“It’s wonderful to meet you Peggy!” You returned, “Steve does know how to throw a party, does he not?

Indeed he does, I believe he’s throwing this one because I turned 25 a few nights previous. Hey- have you ever fired a pistol?

The question took you aback, you’d never touched the blasted things, they were deemed dangerous and if not handled correctly you could get a backfire injury.

I believe I haven’t, why’d you ask?” You had to raise your voice just a tad and the reason made you smile, for the crew had grown loud and boisterous.

Would you like me to show you how?” You quirked a brow at her question.

“I’d like to try!” She smirked at your retort and glanced at Steve, grabbing your hand she guided you to the quarterdeck, an empty glass bottle in her hand. As Peggy approached the railing of the deck, she placed the bottle down and stepped back a few metres, gesturing for you to come hither.

Now, take the gun, hold it like this, put your fingers here… Make sure you use both hands at first,” Peggy placed your fingers and hands in the right places, shifting your form so it was at a perfect angle to shoot the bottle. “shoot.

You pulled the trigger and almost got knocked back by the force. It was in a blink of an eye that you saw the bottle explode and shards of glass fly everywhere like a firecracker and you flinched, squeezing your eyes shut.

The ringing in your ears blocked out the silence, and when you opened your eyes you were met with Peggy smirking at you. You let out the breath that was trapped in your lungs, shoulders slumping.

That was bloody brilliant! Y/N you’re a natural!” You smiled at the woman and gently handed the musket pistol in her hands for her to put it back on her affects belt.

You heard heavy footsteps come up to the quarterdeck and saw Bucky. He gave you both a confused look and turned to see the bottom of a rum bottle.

Peggy what did you do?

She didn’t cower, more like an ‘I’m innocent, I swear!’ look. “I just showed her how to fire, James. Calm down- at least she didn’t get a backfire injury like I did.

Peggy turned and showed you her hand, there was a thick white scar trailing from the inner side of her thumb to the middle her palm.

When Steve first taught me how to fire a musket, I didn’t hold it correctly and the force of it ripped my hand open, it took a few good months to heal, I had to train with my opposite hand and now I’m ambidextrous.” Your face lit up at the word; so were you! But then the fleeting moment of giddiness simmered away as you realised Peggy and Steve weren’t to stay on your voyage to Singapore, at least, that’s what you thought.

Um- Bucky! I, er, oh… fuck.” Bucky flinched, you had never cursed before! “I- I don’t feel well-” you ran to the side of the ship, a pain in your head and the feel of bile rising in your throat. You felt gentle fingers pull your hair out of your face as you threw up what was in your stomach, the foul taste of rum and and bread combined leaving a bad aftertaste in your mouth.


Someone can’t handle their alcohol,” Bucky laughed, whipping a rag out of his pocket to gently wipe at your mouth. “Let’s get you cleaned up, angel, c’mon.

Will she be okay, James?” Peggy asked, shock written on her pale features.

Yes Ma’am, it’s her first time drinking, obviously one hell of a lightweight. Would you be a doll and tell Steve I’ll be back in about 20 minutes? I just need to clean her up.” Bucky slithered an arm around your waist as you leaned against him, groaning at the thump, thump between your eyes.

As you approached the doors of the Captain’s Cabin, you felt the familiar burn of bile slither up your throat. Detaching yourself from Bucky, you stumbled to the side of the ship to hurl again, this time only throwing up once and then dry heaving, leaving a nasty pulled-muscle feel in your spine and throat. You fell to your knees in exhaustion, salty tears slipping from your eyes, though they weren’t from sadness; you didn’t know what to feel right now.

It felt like an eternity or a life long prison sentence before you felt two dainty hands lift you by your underarms.

My, my, Y/N. How much did you drink?” Wanda stroked your hair from your face, as she questioned you.

Only ha-half a bottle of… well it was a biiiiig bottle of, er, rum? I think?” You felt the world spin as you mustered the words to speak. “I-I’ve never ever, ever drank alcohol before p-please don’t be mad at me.” You whimpered, feeling the same hands hold your face.

Oh, Y/N, why would I be mad? Everyone’s got to experience new things in their life, even if the outcome isn’t as good as they hope.” You smiled up at Wanda, you figured apart from Peter, she was your best friend and you hugged her tightly.

Bucky’s bringing you some mint water, oh- here he is. I’m going to go and give Sam that promised dance.” She kissed the top of your head in a motherly fashion and jogged away, you were slumped against a bannister as Bucky approached.

Here, Y/N, gargle this and spit it out.” He lifted the goblet to your lips and the strong taste of mint almost made you gag. You swivel and spit through the wooden bars of the banister.

Please take me inside, Bucky.” You rested your head against his chest as he carried you to his cabin once more, hoping you weren’t going to throw up. You were beginning to feel normal again but not enough to feel sober.

As Bucky gently placed you on the bed, couldn’t help but admire him, he shrugged his waist coat off and rolled his sleeves up his forearms, revealing the branded ‘P’ on his right wrist. He was beautiful nonetheless, even with scars, or cuts or bruises. You tugged on your blouse and yanked it over your head, finding no energy to remove your corset, you slumped back onto the bed. You kicked off your boots and groaned, wiggling your aching toes inside your trouser stockings. You leaned up against the headboard as Bucky reappeared with a damp cloth in his hand.

Bucky lightly dragged the cloth against your face and neck, the cool sensation seemed to help you breathe deeply and you couldn’t help but chuckle, for Bucky had his eyes trained onto your chest, every breath you took had your breasts straining against your corset.

My eyes are up here, James.” You giggled as you whispered, earning a quiet ‘sorry, kitten, every part of you is just so beautiful’ from his lips. “I feel kind of sober now, all I have is a pounding headache. How are you feeling?” Your body betrayed your words as you hiccuped. You looked into his icy blue eyes as your hand came to stroke his shoulder.

“I’m absolutely perfect, angel.” He bestowed a feather-like kiss to the area between your cheek and your jaw, and the previous pang of desire fired up again. As Bucky dragged the cloth down your neck, he maintained eye contact with you, watching as your pupils dilated when the damp rag came into contact with the top of your breasts, your breath hitched in your throat as he squeezed hard on the damp fabric, sending a few cold streams of water down your cleavage. Your no-sexualness-tonight-rule was trying to break out the window, but you refused to let it go. You leaned into him and pressed your mouth to his, a sweet, tender kiss was all it was.

I’m feeling quite fuzzy, I don’t know what this feeling is.”

That my dear, is a feeling between relaxation and happiness I believe. would you like to change out of these confines?” Bucky asked, stroking your hair away from your shoulders. You mumbled a ‘mhm’ and a ‘please’ as you felt him kiss your shoulder.

Let me go and get one of my shirts…” Bucky was back as soon as he left, a white shirt in hand. He motioned for you to turn around so he could unlace your corset. The feeling of his cool fingers against your spine raised goosebumps on your forearms and you gasped when you felt very familiar lips gently tease your neck, the mixture of being undressed and teeth against your skin making you tilt your head to the side with a heavy breath escaping your parted lips.

I’m not going to do anything with you tonight, angel, just a few kisses, for I don’t want to take advantage of a beautiful soul like yours.” The words sent the butterflies in your tummy into a frenzy, you heard Bucky mutter an ‘arms up’ and you slightly felt like a child, and the thought made you chuckle. You felt him slide the corset and replace it with the cool fabric of his shirt. The strong scent of him filled your nostrils and you sighed.

Pants on or off?” You answered his question by tugging them down your hips, your soft thighs grabbing his attention. He placed a loving hand upon one, squeezing only slightly. “Y’know, you look good in my shirt- scratch that, you could probably look good in a potato sack.” You gave a hearty laugh which coaxed him into a fit of giggles too. “I mean, you’re just wonderful, you’re soft, angelic, your keep your sword as sharp as your wit and you seem like the person to not be afraid of battle. I really, truly admire you, Y/N.

By then you had shifted and laid your head on his thick thighs, your hand stroking his knee. You felt his fingers stroke over the exposed skin of your neck, over your shoulder and rested on your waist.

B-Bucky can I sing you a lullaby? I-I know I’m still, er, drunk but it’s one my father used to sing to me when I was an infant.” He chuckled at your request and uncertainty.

Of course, my love, but I must get back to Steve soon, it’s Peggy’s birthday after all and I haven’t seen them in a long time and you must get some rest.

Okay, um, I can’t remember the full lyrics, but I know a few…

Oh, someday this chair may be a boat for another pair and you and your baby will sail the sea,” You felt him jerk at the words, making you pause, but you continued. “Within this rocking chair and as we rock and hum and sing so you will go too and dreams, with sweep and with swing will take baby and boat and you.” You hicupped and it made him chuckle lightly, you yawned and smushed your face against his thighs some more, god, they were so comfortable!


Y/N… Did your father ever tell you where that lullaby is from?” Bucky asked, he could feel the unwanted tears pool in his eyes.

Mmm, he ne’er told me, why’d y’ask Buck?” You mumbled in your relaxed state.

Doll… That’s a lullaby only pirates know.


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Yuanfen - Part 12 (END)

Characters - Bucky x Reader, Steve, Tesla

Word Count -  2253

Warnings - Language

A/N - It’s over!! Omg, ya’ll have no idea how happy I am that it’s finished. Also, something that I noticed while I was writing this part was that - this story was never really about love. It was never about Bucky and the reader. It was about Steve and the reader. Sometimes we go through things with our friends that tear us apart and we have to be the ones to decide if we value their place in our lives or if it’s time to just let go.

Yuanfen Masterlist

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“What are you talking about?” You asked, hearing your heart beating loud in your ears as a laugh rumbled through his chest, “Are you serious?”

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“When I was younger, I had some close friends who always loved European football, and Real Madrid at that time were the dominant force. I remember family holidays when we used to go to Spain, and we’d bring back replica shirts of Real Madrid and pretend to be the players when we played in the park.”

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I am on my knees begging please write a neighbor!au for ju-ne of ikon! You mentioned them in your poll and mother their comeback might have just killed me. I LOVE YOU (btw)

i have never written for ikon,,,so bare with me!!!
i feel bad though because i had written for winners comeback and not for them,,,here’s my contribution to ikonics!!!!!

  • you’ve known jinhwan since you two were in high school together and he was the older senior who took you under his wing
  • and it was cute u guys would go shopping together and just talk for hours after school and jinhwan basically became ur best friend
  • but in his first year in college he met,,,,,,june his neighbor and fellow college student,,,,,,who he introduced u to and immediately,,,,,,you guys hit it off
  • because guess what??? you both love jinhwan and also both love being dramatic
  • plus u basically live down the block from each other 
  • like seriously u guys were watching some horror movie and at the beginning had bragged that it wasn’t even that scary
  • like twenty minutes in u had clutched a pillow to your chest and june had brought the blanket nearly over his head because,,,,,,,ok,,,,it was scary
  • jinhwan even suddenly made a loud noise and u and june basically fell into each other’s arms in shock and fear
  • and jinhwan just liked @ u two like “seriously.” 
  • but it isnt like u and june arent humble half the time jinhwan is making the good decisions when u hang out because both u and june r like “,,,,we’re,,,,,,,,,,dumb,,,,,,,,jinhwan u gotta do it”
  • and jinhwan is like all we’re doing is buying tickets to the amusement park so I KNOW this is a ploy to get me to pay for all of our tickets and ITS NOT GOiNG TO WORK
  • (it usually does and u and june highfive behind jinhwan’s back but also,,,ur really thankful for him like all the time)
  • but at some point u start seeing june,,,,a bit more romantically??? just because jinhwan goes away for a month on study abroad and is sending u updates of him having fun in spain while
  • and u and june are like ,,,,please we’re having fun tOO
  • but ur not and so ur like june we gotta do something,,,,lets try idk,,,,bowling
  • and for the whole month jinhwan is gone u and june keep doing spontaneous random things,,,,for one night u go clubbing another u try ur hand at archery (which june is really bad at and u find hilarious)
  • and the day before jinhwan is coming back ur over at june’s place because ur making a lil banner to greet jinhwan at the airport with
  • and somehow,,,,like halfway into the night because the window is open and the warm air is coming through and u and june ordered takeout and are comfortably sprawled out in his living room
  • somehow,,,,you end up in june’s lap and the banner is abandoned for the time being and u dont know but this whole month has felt more like,,,,,,,,dates,,,,,,than just two friends hanging out
  • and june,,,fells the same with his hands slightly shaky on ur waist
  • ALL u do is kiss,,,but it’s something u can’t forget,,,,,and june even walks u back to ur place even tho its like down the block,,,,and the usual handsome, aloof expression on his face is absolutely gone
  • boy is obviously sheepish and,,,,,,,,,,he wont say it but his stomach is just BUTTERFLIEs
  • but then u two realize that ur picking up jinhwan in the morning and breaking the news,,,,,to him,,,,,,oh no
  • but it’s amazing the minute jinhwan gets off the plane he strolls up to u two,,,,,smiling at the banner ur holding up
  • but he slides his sunglasses down in absolute jinhwan style and is like “so,,,,,,,,,,,,,,u two are a couple now?”
  • and ur like HOW DiD YOu kNOW
  • and jinhwan is like did u really think june could resist telling me
  • and ur like JUNE and he’s like scratching the back of his neck and ur getting red and jinhwan just throws his arm around u two and is like
  • “im happy for you kids,,,,,,,but now u know i have to give u the tal-”
  • and u and june are both like nO THANK yOU,,,,ur blESSINg is enOUGH leTS go GEt u UNPACKED 
  • june running away with jinhwan’s luggage as u chase after him and jinhwan is like SIGH you two are cute,,,,,,but still such kids 

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pairing: yoongi x reader

genre: straight fluff | teacher!yoongi x pharmacist!reader 

length: 2.7k

summary: your best friend is obviously an angel sent from heaven after shoving yoongi into your life. here are some snippets of your phone conversations. 



Your chewing becomes slower as you catch the pleading smile that Nari gives you.

“What?” You ask after swallowing a bite of the brownie. That she had bought you. For no reason. Out of nowhere. With wide eyes, you set down the brownie as if it were on fire. “Oh my god, you want something. What do you want?”

“W-what? Nothing!” She sputters, trying to push the brownie back into your hands, causing the cellophane to crinkle.

“No, last time you randomly bought me a brownie I had to babysit your creepy niece because you didn’t want to miss a concert,” you remind her happily and let go of the brownie.

“Okay, so maybe I do want something,” Nari laughs nervously, using her index finger to scratch the skin beneath her ear. “I’ve been set up.”


“Can you take him?” She attempts a sweet smile to persuade you.

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“I’d take everyone whistling me to dinner, talk to them, then they wouldn’t do it anymore. Dialogue solves everything.” - Gerard Piqué

“Do I want Catalonia to be independent? That’s a million dollar question. And I can’t answer.” - Gerard Piqué

“If I answer, I lose half of people. My sons are Catalans, Spanish, Colombians & Lebanese. Countries are not relevant.” - Piqué

“The open training on Monday was hard. It’s not easy to have fans of your team against you, especially like that.” - Piqué

“I think it’s a challenge for me. Many people can understand me.” - Gerard Piqué

“I am here to make myself clear and because the coach wanted me to. I will try to help the team as much as I can.” - Piqué

“I have been coming to the NT since I was 15. It’s like a family for me. You can’t doubt my commitment for this team.” - Piqué

“It hurts me that people doubt my commitment for Spain’s NT. I am proud of everything I’ve done here and of being here.” - Piqué

“I don’t regret anything I have said. We are all humans and we get influenced by our entourage.” - Piqué

“Someone could play for Spain even if he wants independence. It’s not having something against Spain. It’s wanting his own country.” - Piqué

“It’s not my case, tho. But I think it would be possible. People have nothing against Spain, it’s a country full of great people.” - Piqué

“I get it that some of my team-mates don’t want to talk about politics. But we have opinions.” - Piqué

“Everyone can express what they think about every topic. Why couldn’t we, as players, do the same?” - Piqué

“I have always said that, in my opinion, people should get the chance to vote. It doesn’t matter if it’s a ‘Yes’, 'No’ or Blank.” - Piqué

“Even if we don’t agree, the most important thing is respecting each other and have a dialogue.” - Piqué

“It’s not about me, I am used to the whistles, but I feel bad for my team-mates who have to live with this.” - Piqué

“Trying to look at it on the other side is a challenge and I will try to do this.” - Piqué

“I understand that some of my team-mates are tired of talking about me and that’s why I am here.” - Piqué

“The rumors about Ramos and I are lies. We get along very well and we are going in a business together now.” - Piqué

“I was thinking about retiring from the NT, it would be easier for my team-mates. But if I do this, the people whislting would win.” - Piqué

“I am sure that many Spain fans want me to stay and disagree with the ones whistling.” - Piqué

“I was also thinking about staying with Spain after the World Cup. I don’t want to leave the NT thru the back door.” - Piqué

“Spain & Catalonia is like a father with a son that wants to leave home. If you talk to him, maybe he will change his mind.” - Piqué

“The most important thing is respect and dialogue. We have try to understand each other.” - Piqué

“It’s complicated to understand what’s happening in Catalonia if you aren’t there. They only show what they want on TV.” - Piqué

“It’s way bigger than me. It’s a part of Spain who wants to leave, people who want to vote.” - Piqué

“My opinions does not matter. What matters is that politicians solve the problem by doing their job.” - Piqué

“It hurts me that my team-mates have to deal with all of this. I know it’s hard for them.” - Piqué

“I think both Spain and Catalonia would be weaker without each other.” - Piqué

“Everyone knows me. I have always been honest.” - Piqué

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How would the 2ps react to their s/o trying to learn their native language?

“Aww, if you ever need any help or want any tips go ahead and ask okay?”: 2p Japan, 2p England, 2p Canada, 2p Prussia, and 2p Russia

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“Alright, if you’re going to learn correctly forget everything you’ve just learned and write down everything I say. We will from now on have lessons daily. And no it is too late you to back out.”: 2p Italy, 2p Spain,and  2p France

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Lunch today: healthy fajitas! or more like a burrito bowl 😜 I cooked green beans, mushrooms, onion, bell pepper, and zucchini in water, and seasoned them with oregano, thyme, paprika, black pepper, and coconut sugar. Our Airbnb has a few spices stocked in our kitchen so we are using them! 😋 We ate our veggies with fresh heirloom tomato, rice, and tortillas. All of the produce came from the little frutería down the street. Prices of produce there are much cheaper than the big-box stores so we keep going back. 🍉🍒🍑🍌 I think this will be our typical lunch from now on. Cheap, delicious, and easy to make without oil! 🤗 I show you how I make this in my latest video as well: 😉

After three years under repairs and much time invested, our old American friend returns to the asphalt.

Bought by my grandfather in 1964, my mind goes back to the times when my family used to travel from Navarre to Galicia. All the way through the north of Spain, going up to eight people in this same Oldsmobile F-85 and which is again looking for new destinations.

I can see my grandmother carrying my 4-year-old uncle Fernando on her legs, I can see my father holding his little sister at the backseat while wondering “have we already arrived?”, and I can see the oldest brother watching the passing fields on their way to the Pyrenees.

These were times when everything seemed to go at a completely different pace and I think it gave it a purer meaning. So I wanted to experience a piece of it.

Time and forgetfulness played their part, leaving this machine under the dust. But it is here when a barrier is created between the new and the old technology, where the analog thing carries within itself 'I can be fixed’.

By Fabio Purroy.

Best Of Me - Namjoon Version

Summary: Loving him wasn’t easy, leaving him wasn’t easy, but you broke him and he needed you.

Best Of Me - Series 2/7

Word Count: 4,672

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Congratulations Y/F/N Y/L/N you have been accepted into the study abroad program starting next semester! You will be attending the University of Barcelona, alongside of 150 other study abroad students. We are excited to have you and your academic skills here, and cannot wait to see you soon! Please check our website and email for more information.

“Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god.” You said it like a mantra. You re-read the letter, two, three times, even more. Your adrenaline kicking in, your heart beating faster, and then you were jumping up and down holding the letter in your hand. Once you were done, you placed your hands on the countertop and took deep breaths to calm you down. “I have to tell Namjoon.”



You had told him that you had exciting news, but his version of exciting wasn’t exactly the same as yours. When you told him that you had applied to a study abroad program in Europe, it was like he got punched in the stomach and all of the air came out of him.

“That’s great Y/N.” He forced out a smile, he saw how excited you were. He couldn’t rain on your parade, as he knew that this was something you’ve always wanted to do.

“I know! I’ll be there for a whole year! Who knows if I’ll ever come back.” You winked at him as you took a sip of your soda, waiting patiently for your food to arrive to your table.

The rest of the time spent with you that night, it was forced. Namjoon couldn’t believe that you would be leaving for a year if you got accepted into the program. A year without his best friend, the one person he could always turn to whenever things go wrong, the one person that he could talk to about anything, and the only person that understood him. You were the one person that made him not feel like an idol, that made him feel normal when things got to be too much. How could you up and leave him? How could you not think about him?

The guys noticed it as soon as he walked through the door. When he came out into the living he just looked at them all sitting there and drug his feet all the way to his room. As time ticked by, the guys started heading off to bed, and Tae was soon in their shared room, laying in his bed. He made little to no noise as he slid into underneath the covers, not wanting to disrupt Namjoon, or cause a fight, but he wanted to make sure all was well with his leader.

“Hyung, are you alright? You seem…off.” Namjoon still stared at the ceiling, not moving an inch at Taehyung’s words.

“She applied for a study abroad program in Europe.” Those words caused pain to Namjoon when they left his lips.

“That’s great!” Tae smiled brightly, he was excited for you. You would always showed him pictures of the places you wanted to see, and travel in Spain. He would stare at your laptop for hours on end with you, fascinated at all the places, as you were his teacher telling him everything.

“No, it’s not great Tae.” Namjoon covered his face with his hands. Confused, Tae turned to his side and looked at Namjoon. Why was he having such a hard time dealing with this?

“What do you mean it’s not great Joon? She’s gonna live her dream, it’s fantastic really.”

“She’ll be gone for a fucking year.” His voice was flat, filled with bitterness. “She’ll leave me for a year Tae.”

“We leave for months on end and that doesn’t seem to bother you.” Taehyung told Namjoon. Namjoon licked his lips and held back what he was going to say. When Namjoon and the guys left to tour, it seemed natural. You leaving him, it was something new. Was this how you felt every time he left you to do his job? “I think you need to be more supportive hyung. She’s been by your side up until now, and she’ll need you by hers.” Even though Taehyung was right, he didn’t want to admit it, and he didn’t want to listen to his advice.

*End of Flashback*


Smiling as you knocked on their dorm door, the envelope that contained the best letter you have ever received was in your hand. You heard shuffling of feet, then the lock came undone and Namjoon was at the door. You wrapped your arms around his neck and hugged him tightly.

“Well good afternoon to you too Y/N.” He placed his head on your shoulder and his arms got placed around your back pressing you closer to his body. When he let you go, you let out a breath, tucked a strand of hair behind your ear, and handed Namjoon the envelope. “What’s this?” He opened up the letter and read it word for word, twice, three times, maybe more.

His world shattered. You were leaving him. You were looking down at the letter, smiling, you were proud of yourself. “Wow,” Namjoon folded up the letter and stuffed it in the envelope, handing it back to you, “that’s uh, that’s great.” He forced out a smile, trying to show you that he was happy when even though he was hurt.

“I know!” You squealed, and Taehyung walked out in the hallway to see you there.

“Y/N! What’s up!”

“I’m going to Spain!” Taehyung eyes went wide and he started jumping up and down with you. “I’m so proud of you Y/N, you’ll have so much fun and learn a lot.” He said while he pulled you into his embrace for a hug.

“Thanks Tae.”

“We should celebrate.” He suggested, but you shook your head.

“No, I can’t do that to you guys. You’re too busy, I just wanted to share with you guys that I got accepted, and will be leaving in a month.” Namjoon’s heart stopped, if it weren’t for the voice in his head telling him to breathe, he’s pretty sure he would have been passed out on the floor. He only has a month left with you, before you were gone.

“Nonsense, let’s celebrate.” Taehyung left your side walking to get the other guys. You stood there still dazed that this was actually happening.


“Guys thank you so much for dinner, I owe you!” You were still laughing from the conversations you had with them, a smile still on your face.

“Don’t worry about it Y/N.” Jin waved you off as you entered their dorm. Namjoon left everyone’s side and walked straight to his bedroom. You all stood there silently wondering what happened to him at dinner. He wasn’t talking much, and he looked uncomfortable.

“What’s with him?” Yoongi scoffed as he shook his head and walked into the living room. Taehyung looked at the direction of their shared bedroom with worried eyes. He knew exactly what was going on, and wanted to say something to you, to tell you that Namjoon was upset with you leaving, but it wasn’t his spot to tell you something so personal.

“I’ll go talk to him.” You entered his room and shut the door behind you. He was laying on his bed staring at his phone, not paying any attention. “Thanks for dinner tonight Joon.” You smiled as you sat on the bed by his feet. He just grunted in response. “Maybe you should come over and help me pack soon! I’ll get us chicken and beer.” You nudged his feet and he moved them away from you.

“We’re busy Y/N. I can’t help you.” His eyes never parted with his phone.

“Well let’s plan a day then, we’ll have a whole day together, me and you.” He locked his phone and set down to his side.

“Y/N what don’t you understand? We are busy, I can’t make time for you now.”

“You can’t make time for your best friend?” You batted your eyelashes at him and started to laugh at your actions, hoping Namjoon would do the same but he didn’t.

“Y/N can you leave.” He was annoyed at you, it showed in his voice.

“Joon are you alright?”

“Just wonderful.” You frowned at him, and placed a hand on his knee. He stopped his movements and laid there, still as a rock.

“No you’re not, something’s wrong, you can tell me.”

“Okay,” he sat up on the bed. “You’re leaving me for a year, you leave in a month, and I don’t want you to go. Happy?” There it was, he dropped the bomb. You removed your hand from his knee and placed it on your thigh.

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New Beginnings - Two

Eight days has passed since you’d moved in and you hadn’t seen Spencer again. You’d completely unpacked, familiarised yourself with the area, and most importantly, found out where supplied the best coffee. It was 9pm and you’d just had a bath and changed into your pj’s when you heard a soft knocking at your door.

Looking through the peephole you checked who it was calling on you so late, although there was only one person you really knew in this city.

Spencer stood there, hands in his trouser pockets awkwardly. You opened the door, grinning at him.

“Hey there Spencer, apartment 207!! I was beginning to think you’d forgotten about me.“

“Hey Y/N. Nope not forgotten. I only got back into town late last night. I’ve spent most of the day cooped up in the office doing paperwork,” he smiled shyly at you.

“Sounds fun,” you rolled your eyes at him. “Wanna come in? I was just about to order pizza. We can share.”

You opened your door widely allowing him to pass through. You wandered over to your kitchen pulling two beers out of the fridge, offering Spencer one. He took it, taking a long sip. He looked beat, completely and utterly drained.

“You okay?” you asked carefully, not sure how much to probe. “We don’t have to hang out tonight you know? You look shattered.”

He pushed his hair back behind his ears from where it was escaping. “Nah it’s fine. I’m just tired but I didn’t really wanna be alone tonight, that’s all.”

“Do you wanna talk about it?” you strolled over to the couch, sitting down and crossing your legs under yourself, pulling a pillow into your lap.

He followed, sitting at the opposite end. “Not really, if that’s okay? Work just got to me this time that’s all.” He took another sip of his drink. “Can I ask you something?”

You nodded, awaiting his question.

“What’s your accent? I can’t for the life of me place it and I consider myself fairly good with different dialects.”

You laughed, used to the question. “It’s kinda a mish mash. I lived in England until I was eight and then in Spain for two years. We moved to the states after that and so far I’ve lived in Texas, New York, New Orleans, Colorado and New Mexico. I moved back to the UK to go to university when I was 18 and got a job there after I graduated but I fancied a change. So here I am.”

Spencer looked impressed. “Wow, that’s a lot of places. Why so many?”

“My parents jobs. They got moved around a lot. They’re back in the UK too now.”

He seemed to sense that you didn’t really want to elaborate. “Speaking of jobs, didn’t you say you moved here to start a new one. What will you be doing?”

“If I told you, I’d have to kill you,” you said in what you hoped was a mischievous tone. It wasn’t that you didn’t want to or couldn’t tell him, but you didn’t want the questions ythat came with your career choices yet. You liked this guy and he was your only friend in a new city, you didn’t want to scare him off. You changed track. “What do you do for a living Spencer?”

“If I told you, I’d have to kill you,” he smirked, an extremely attractive sight.

You chuckled along with him. “Tell you what then Spencer? Let me actually start the job and decide if I like it enough to stay and if I do, then I’ll tell you. And you can tell me all about yours too.”

He smiled nodding at you, “It’s a deal.”

“Maybe we could discuss it over dinner somewhere….” you suggested cautiously, checking his reaction.

He started to flush. “L-like a d-date?”

‘Hmmm’ you thought. ‘Was he not used to girls asking him out or did he not like you?’

One way to find out.

“If you wanted it to be a date then yes. If not, then we can just hang out as friends.“

He thought for a moment, and then looked up, meeting your eyes. "I think I’d like that” he said quietly. “The d-date option, I mean.”

You grinned at him. “Awesome. Now let’s order some food.”

Spencer had finally left at about 1am. Over the course of the evening you’d learned that he was 29 years old, only two years older than you, he was born and raised in Las Vegas and he was ridiculously smart. Like actual genius smart.

You’d always been considered intelligent yourself. You’d had private tutors most of your life due to moving schools so often, and you could speak fluent Spanish as you’d lived there for a few years. You’d gone to Oxford University where you’d gained two degrees, one in Communications and the other in Criminal Psychology, and you’d picked up a number of other qualifications due to the nature of your job.

Spencer was a whole other level of smart though. He held three PhDs and was actually Dr Spencer Reid. He’d graduated early and could speak a number of different languages. He also apparently had an eidetic memory and an IQ of 187. He’d seemed very embarrassed telling you all this, but you were incredibly impressed.

“So you’re good looking and intelligent. How are you still single?” you’d asked. Then you realised you didn’t actually know if he was, you’d just assumed as he hadn’t mentioned anyone.

He’d blushed, confirming your assumption. “I’m not very good with girls. I mean I get along with the ones I work with but I’ve never really had a girlfriend.”

“Wait what?” your jaw had dropped. “Please tell me you’re not a virgin?” you’d blurted out before realising what you were asking.

He’d blushed deeper and fidgeted in his seat before answering. “I’m not no.”

‘Hallelujah’ you’d thought, deflowering someone not being high on your list of things to do.

“I just don’t really know how to approach girls. I’m awkward and weird. I’m not what girls look for when they want a boyfriend and I’m not into casual hookups,” he shrugged.

‘Some girls like awkward and weird’ you mused internally.

“Well my last actual relationship was when I was 21,” you told him. “And that ended badly. I will admit, I’ve had my share of casual hookups, but haven’t yet found anyone I deem worthy of my time.”

You’d smiled at him and changed the topic to movies. When he’d left you’d made arrangements to meet up today for coffee which was where you were heading now.

You’d had a few errands to run so you’d agreed to make your own way there. Your eyes scanned the coffee shopped and found him sat in a booth looking worried.

You walked over to him and sat down opposite. “Hey!”

“Hey,” he was biting his lip again, something you knew was going to be a problem for you.

“I’m so so sorry Y/N but I have to cancel. I’ve literally just had a phone call from work. I need to go in. My colleague Derek is on his way here to pick me up now actually.”

“Oh,” you couldn’t say you weren’t disappointed. “That’s okay Spencer. We’ll do something another time.” He smiled at you gratefully.

Just then the door to the shop banged open and a coffee skinned man strolled in, walking straight over to Spencer.

"Reid, let’s go, Hotch wants wheels up in 45.”

He was tall and very built. You’d seen quite a few women glance his way admiring him as he’d walked through. Spencer stood to leave.

“Wait. Pretty boy, who’s this?” The man you’d assumed was Derek had finally realised Spencer had company. He looked at you, giving you the once over and nodding in approval.

“Morgan, this is Y/N. She’s just moved into my building. Y/N, this is my colleague Derek Morgan.”

Derek offered you his hand, “Nice to meet you Y/N. Pretty boy, is this the girl you were telling me about?”

Spencer flushed red and nodded awkwardly, pushing his hand through his brown locks.

‘He’s been talking about me? Result!’ you thought.

Derek grinned. “Nice,” he said nudging Spencer. “Sorry to interrupt guys but we really do need to go. The boy genius is needed.”

“I’ll see you when I get back okay?” He looked at you for confirmation.

"Okay,” you replied. “Actually wait,” you called as he started to leave. “Give me your cell number,” you demanded rummaging around in your bag for your phone. Spencer reeled off his number as you hurriedly stored it in your phone, calling it once you were done so he’d have yours. He smiled and you watched him save yours with a few clicks.

“I’ll see you around Spencer.”

You watched them both walk away and saw Derek clapping him on the back encouragingly, grinning at him.

’I wonder how long it will be this time before I see him again’

anonymous asked:

what about a story with Lovino getting drunk and saying all the embarassing things he thinks about Antonio? XD

Summary: Lovino is a new student and Antonio wants to claim the fresh meat

⚠️WARNING⚠️ Smut!!! (Please don’t kill me, I’m terrible at writing porn 😭)


At West High High School there were NEVER any new students. In each year everyone knew each other, even if you were the ugliest to the prettiest, they knew your name. Antonio was one of those mysterious boys. He was the sweetest person on the planet, but with his tattoos and tendency to act out, everyone pinned him as being a ‘bad boy’

Girls loved ‘bad boys’ yet teachers didn’t. As much as Antonio did, teachers always judged him for what people say and give him lower grades. Of course he knew it was bullying, but it was his senior year and he really stopped giving two shits about his papers being graded harsher or a teacher pulling him aside to yell at him for punching a student he never even seen.

Today he got to school relatively early, Gilbert was his ride and Ludwig (his little brother) was apart of the global ambassador. There were apparently two new students who were new to the country and it was Ludwig’s job to show them around and stuff.

He just hitched a ride, because A.) he didn’t want to go on the bus and B.) new foreign students are great bait. They didn’t know where they were going, he could get a laugh off of them, it was like fresh meat.

They got out of the car, Gilbert grabbing Ludwig’s wheel chair from the back of the car and unfolding it so the other could wheel himself inside. Ludwig couldn’t walk, it really wasn’t something new to Antonio and he knew Ludwig was capable of beating the ever loving shit out of him, so he rarely asked him if he needed help.

The heart wrenching story was Ludwig fell out of tree and fucked up his spine, now they just joked about the falling tree in the backyard.

Inside the school is was as freezing as ever, even in the winter the school could give you blue balls. Spotting the new students was easy, they looked to be twins, speaking a foreign language. The taller of the twin was incredibly dark, tan wise, he had dark brown hair and his face was splashed with freckles. He was super hot, like not the adorable kind of hot, like you could cut a piece of paper off his sculpted jaw.

The little cutie next to the hot boy was giggling over something with brown curls and tan skin, he was chubby and cute, cute. He’s cute.


“Latino over there is mine,” Antonio whispered and patted Gilbert’s shoulder who sputter with some kind of spit in his throat.

Ludwig rolled up and gave the low down, like he usually did. A nice greeting to the school, lying and saying everyone was super nice and would love them, and offered a tour.

Said confused foreign twins agreed to tour. “I am Feliciano and this Lovino, we are twins,” short and stubby said, shaking hands with Ludwig, and tall and hot shook hands after, “we’re seniors this year.”

“We’re seniors too,” Antonio smirked, leaning against the exhibit with a bunch of dead animals that were stuffed, their school was weird.

Lovino looked at him with this look that looked miserable and he turned back to Ludwig, following him down the hallway.

“AND HE IGNORED YOU, YEET!” Gilbert yelled when the twins were out of ear shot, snapping Antonio on the back and dabbing. The Spaniard looked at the ground with anger, that hot Italian will talk to him, if in the end it would kill him.


A few days passed, Antonio not seeing much of tall and hot, but a lot of chubby and stubby. Chubby and stubby liked to hang out with Ludwig, so he would just ran around with him, he was even starting to run for student council, everyone loved him.

Tall and hot or Lovino liked to slink around the hallways, he didn’t like being seen and if you did catch a glimpse of his dark skin, he’d be gone in minutes.

Antonio thought he lost him, until Lovino strolled into his AP English 12 class. He took a seat right next to him, opened up a sticker cover binder and opened up his notebook that had notes in Italian, strange but okay.

“Er hey, wrong class Lovino?”

He looked up in mid putting on a pair of circular rim glasses, “I got transferred, English 12 was too easy for me,” he said nonchalantly.

The first thought to pop into his head was 'what an asshole,’ but from further inspection Lovino looked to be blushing, why was he blushing??? Was he embarrassed….?

“That’s cool, good job, do you know what we are doing?” He smiled, masking his confusion by pulling out his own notebook, “if you can read Spanish you can copy it.”

“You know Spanish?” Lovino said a bit hesitantly.

He smiled, probably thought he was some white boy who tanned too much, “yeah, my momma speaks it, she lived in Barcelona all her life and moved to America for a better education for me. I think I’d rather lived in Spain.”

With a purple sparkly pen, Lovino started jotting down the scribble, face tense, his whole body looked tense, “why go back?”

“Have you ever felt like you don’t belong,” he said deeply, leaning back in his seat. Years of being judged, he’d been called a Mexican far too many times, the bullying of the teachers, it would be nice to start over.

Settling back in his seat, he saw Lovino just staring at him, his face pulled back, mouth gaping. It was like he wanted to say something, but he held off. With a sigh, he closed his mouth and looked down at his notebook, his brown hair acting like blinds, falling from behind his ear and covering his face.

Antonio decided that was his cue to stop talking.

An awkward silence filled their spot, quickly being whisked away by the teacher coming in and started babbling about To Kill A Mockingbird, and holding up the book, she passed their desk cluster and dropped the soft cover book in front of Lovino and walked off, still talking.

Almost so slyly, Antonio saw Lovino’s hand reach out and unfold his notebook, with his glitter gel pen in one hand he wrote across the paper.

⭐️She’s talking too fast, I don’t understand her.

Antonio read over the paper twice, thrice, and back to Lovino’s face to see his face filled with confusion. He seemed new to language of English, he talked simply and slowly, but to an American who has spoken the language fluently for years they sped through.

He flipped around his pencil and wrote back, ⭐️I can go over what she’s saying after to class, I promise.

Looking at the paper, he saw Lovino’s tall tale blush that consumed his freckled cheeks and ears, looking up he smiled and nodded, universal for okay.

“Antonio, Lovino, pay attention!”


It’s been a month from the day that Lovino moved to America and Antonio could say pretty confidently that they were close friends. Thanks to Mrs. Burn and Lovino’s little English vocabulary, Antonio came over to the Italian’s little house and pretty much teach him everything.

He liked Lovino a lot more after learning more about him, at first he liked him for his look, but generally he was the nicest person, and he hated to admit it. His humor was dry, hilarious, and even a bit dark, but it always got a laugh out of Antonio.

During one of their study session he invited Lovino to a party, it wasn’t exactly, most of the seniors, juniors, sophomores had a huge party full of alcohol to celebrate the end of school.

The bass bumped into Antonio’s body as he hung off at a wall, he invited Lovino, but he really couldn’t find him. There was a girl he was watching clumsily fall over while trying to dance some kind of rap music. Since befriending Lovino, he’s done a lot of people watching.

While leaning against the wall, he felt someone grab his wrist and pull him to the floor, at first he thought it was some horny girl or one of his friends trying to make him less antisocial, but when his eyes adjusted to the bright pink lights he saw Lovino.

He looked really nice with a black shirt and skinny pants that made his ass perfectly sculpted, when they got to the dance floor Lovino pressed his back into his front and they started grinding.

Casual, fun, not a Lovino thing to do. He leant down, feeling long fingers curl into his hair and press him to his neck, he placed a sloppy kiss to the skin tasting sweat and getting a whiff of alcohol. That probably explained why Lovino was acting so straight forward, he was drunk.

Even if he was a bit concern, Antonio could feel his pants getting tight and his mouth was working on its own, teeth biting and sucking hickies into the sweaty neck. Lovino arched his neck, a smile keen from the way his cheeks lifted and tighten. Antonio huffed against the skin, taking him by the hips and pulling him closer into his crotch feeling the tight ass dance against his bulge.

As much as he joked about Lovino being a twig, he had a nice ass and it was even nicer when his dick was being ground between two plush cheeks.

Almost immediately when the song was over, Lovino had began to lead him back into the house, weaving between drunk teens and different rooms, he came to an empty room, oh.

Antonio got an armful of the Italian, their eyes locking before mouths pushing together, he tasted the burn of beer and the delicious taste of Lovino. Tongues danced together, Antonio winning dominance quickly and exploring even deeper, running over his morals and fleshy gums.

“You’re so hot,” Lovino smiled all dreamily, his face looked already fucked out rubbing noses together with Antonio, “the first time we met I was blown away by how hot you were. I told Feli you were mine.”

“Me too, baby, me too,” Antonio hands skirted down, cupping the other’s plush butt that had been teasing him all this time. It was plush, perfect, he needed one of those bathroom selfie with that ass sitting on the marble, that would bless his night forever. Lovino’s hand were all over his hair, whispering confession after confession, though through the useless babble something did catching his ear.

“I changed my English so I could be with you and pretended to not know English, heheh,” he flourished into giggles, kissing Antonio on the cheek and his hand sliding down his shirt to try to unbutton stuff.

He paused, though his hands were traveling inside the other’s pants, still a layer that was his underwear was there, but bunching it up gave a nice feel, “you lied to me.”

“I didn’t lie,” Lovino whispered drunkenly, “I had a crush on your beautiful face,” with a clumsy finger he pressed it against his nose.

That was kind of cute. Of course he was a bit ticked that Lovino lied to get him to come over and get more alone time, but he was also too shy to come out and say he actually liked to Antonio. It was so cute.

With a hard push he grasped his hands to Lovino’s pants and pulled it down in a quick motion so his underwear went with it. Pushing him down on the bed, Antonio was able to see his tan line and his beautiful skin. His dick was hard, hiding in a thick patch of hair. “You’re so cute,” he lapped against the skin, Lovino gasping as he was turned over unexpectedly on his stomach.

Antonio wanted to do this all evening and finally it was his. Burying his face in that beautiful ass he ate him out, the cutie made a high keen, probably the best noise Antonio ever heard as he felt hands grasp into his hair.

He made a rhythm, licking around the hole and sticking his tongue in, his hand on top of the two juicy mounds took turn slapping the ass red, he loved feeling the cheeks bouncing against his cheeks and being lavished in the soft skin.

“Antonio!” Lovino screamed arching, “oh my stars, yes! Yes!” At least he wasn’t the only one enjoying this. Pulling off the ass, he vowed to go back to it, when he was less drunk and could just watch television and eat out (his Lovino’s ass), he pulled his pants all the way down, removing his shoes and socks in the process. Putting Lovino like a posing doll to his knees he whipped out his dick, slapping it gently against the other’s cheek.

His eyes widen from the usual glaze over, his hands coming out shakily to stroke his length, “it’s so big,” Lovino praised, his long finger nail pressing into the slip and mouthing against the length.

“More mouth,” he said roughly, voice strained and patience thinning from all the teasing, Lovino looked up at Antonio with beautiful brown eyes to engulf the head into his mouth. He went fast and God, he was good, it was his turn to get a hand in that hair. He grasped the back of the Italian’s hair and started forcing his dick farther down his throat.

Lovino’s flat nose was pressed against the curls of pubes, his eyes tearing up and bubbles of precum and spit came gushing out of his mouth as he gagged. When he pulled off, he broke into a wet cough, looking up with a tear streaked face and spit gushing from his plush lips. That was hot.

Falling to the floor, he kissed all over the boy’s face, with a shirt he cleaned up his face, “can we like fuck or are you too drunk for that.”

“I’m barely fucking drunk Antonio, do me a favor and make me cum before I die,” Lovino spit back with a fond smile. This time the kiss was less hungry and more soothing, their lips moving and rubbing noses together as Antonio slotted himself between Lovino’s legs and lifting them up so he could get them over his shoulder. With all the spit on his dick and the pre-eat out, he sunk in slowly, careful because they didn’t use any lube and Lovino’s face was screwed with pain.

Searching with clumsy hands, he wrapped a hand around Lovino’s dick and began jerking him off while pressing in and out slowly. After a while, he loosened up and Antonio was able to gyrate his hips. Like a button, he was able to hit Lovino’s prostate hearing a long drawled out whine.

During sex, Lovino was loud, he whined, he whispered, he mewled, it was the hottest thing in the world. Antonio had been with a few guys who were relatively quiet in bed, but after hearing someone so vocal he would never go back.

“I’m gonna cum, shit baby,” he pulled out, finishing out with a jerk off onto the curves of fat on Lovino’s stomach, their lips smashing together as his finger went to work pressing into the prostate and getting that final orgasm out of Lovino.

They laid there for a while until they looked up at each other and began laughing, “did you just fuck me against a bed, what the hell Antonio, we were literally so close to the bed.”

“I’m lazy!” He whined leaning against the other’s chest with a sated smile, “but I don’t promise I won’t stop eating you out, that ass is,” he made the okay sign with his finger with a sharp intake.

Lovino just giggled bashfully, kissing him softly, Antonio leant up on his elbow to put down his legs and push back a curl behind the other’s ear, “I’m sorry I lied to you, I’m bad with emotions,” Lovino said suddenly, looking away, “I really do like you, I just didn’t know what to say and she really did talk fast.”

“I thought it was cute,” Antonio admitted pressing a kiss to the other’s nose.

With a bashful look, Lovino snuggled into his arms on the floor, life was pretty good if you asked Antonio.


TITLE: Something Similar

Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4

SUMMARY: As the group translator, you seem to be the only one who can wake Bucky from his nightmares but soon everyone is left wondering if it is just your language skills that have an affect on Bucky.

WARNINGS: mention of torture



Originally posted by pinkywinky44

You hadn’t realised but for the last three minutes the van had been sat in front of a red light, the mini containing Steve, Clint and Sam pulled up beside you. For the entirety of your speech, the three had listened, the sound drifting from the thin walls of the van through the open windows of the car.

Wanda had been staring at Sam with worried eyes as they realised Bucky could hear everything. Steve silently cursed the car for not having electric windows. Bucky had listened with his head down, fists clenching then unclenching as your voice broke with every word. After your outburst, both vehicles were silent. As soon as the light turned green, the van sped off, Scott eager to get you away from the situation. Sam hesitated, looking into his rear view mirror at Bucky who glared.

“Drive.” He barked and Sam set off. Ordinarily Sam would’ve reprimanded Bucky for his tone but after what he just heard, he wasn’t sure he wanted to. Steve shuffled uncomfortably next to Bucky, wanting to say something but nothing he thought of sounded right.

“Just spit it out, Steve.” Bucky sighed, watching his friend frown out the window.

“Is she right, Buck?” Steve’s voice was harsh but Bucky didn’t care.

“I don’t know.” Was all he said and the subject was dropped. Bucky kept thinking about it. It would’ve been nice to have been free of Hydra and been welcomed back into society. Wasn’t that the dream? To be normal again? It would be nice to not have every move scrutinised. The ‘Winter Soldier’ label that had followed him around made it difficult for him to make an honest mistake without it being linked somehow to his past.

But he didn’t know if he was allowed the liberty of a normal life. The things he’d done under Hydra’s control were inexcusable. He’d killed friends. He’d killed good people. Was he allowed to be let off the hook just because he couldn’t control himself?

“Buck?” Steve nudged him and he looked up, snapping out of his thoughtful trance. Steve frowned at him but didn’t ask for an answer.

“We’re stopping for lunch.” Sam muttered, already halfway out the car. Bucky hadn’t even noticed the engine stopping. They’d been driving for nearly five hours. The three climbed out the car and Bucky realised too late that they were heading toward the van. The back doors were open and four figures were perched on the back of the van, legs over the edge as they silently ate sandwiches.

Bucky couldn’t help but shoot a worried glance toward Steve who wasn’t looking. He slowed his pace so he was no longer walking next to Sam and Steve but a little behind them, hanging his head.

He stared at his shoes as greetings were exchanged. Everyone couldn’t help but feel the tension in the air and Bucky gritted his teeth together, not sure what to do or say. It was then that a hand darted in front of his face, a cheese sandwich dangling in front of him. He quickly looked up to see you staring at him with an eyebrow raised. Bucky offered you a small smile and you tried not to let your heart flutter at how his hair looked hanging over his eyes as it did.

“Thanks,” he muttered, taking the saran-wrapped sandwich from your hands. The group relaxed a little, feeling the tension drop an octave, and soon light conversation was made between all the members beside you and Bucky. Wanda occasionally shot a worried glance your way when your mind buzzed again but looked away as soon as you realised she’d heard that thought. She couldn’t help that your mind was so active today. She was worried about you and that innate worry took control of her abilities, convincing her it was necessary to find out if you were okay. She knew you didn’t like it but she didn’t know how to help otherwise.

Your hand brushed against the metal of the car and you got a static shock, causing you to wince. Suddenly your mind flooded with the memories of your past again and Wanda cried out, feeling the electricity. You looked at her worried, any anger you would have had over her reading your mind dissipating.

“Wanda, I’m sorry.” You gasped, dropping your sandwich on the floor as you gripped her forearm.

“Who the hell is that, Y/N?” Wanda murmured in Romanian, not wanting anyone else to understand. You appreciated her attempt to hide the situation and hugged her.

“They don’t matter anymore.” You replied in the same language but Wanda pushed you away.

“No, Y/N.” She snapped. “Tell me who they are. They are hurting you. They-“

“Who’s hurting you?” Bucky’s voice shocked everyone and their attention turned from you and Wanda to him. You and Wanda stared at him, jaws slack.

“You know Romanian?” Wanda stuttered.

“I know enough.” Bucky stated, his tone hard. “And if you tell me nothing, no one or nowhere…” He trailed off, glaring at you.

“It’s nobodies business.” You said, trying to sound tough but the vulnerability in your voice showed. “It’s well in the past now.”

“That doesn’t make it any less significant.” Wanda murmured, more of your memories playing in her mind. You sighed.

“They were just a bunch of people doing some tests.” You said. “Tests that shouldn’t have been done.” You were more successful in sounding resilient this time and no more questions were asked. You looked down at your sandwich and sighed, your tummy rumbling. Not a second later, a sandwich in a metal hand appeared in front of your face and you looked up, Bucky’s eyes soft. The breath was knocked out of you at the expression on his face but you took the sandwich with a feeble smile, taking a bite, the group settling into silence again.

“They were S.H.I.E.L.D.” You admitted, turning to Wanda. “Some science division in S.H.I.E.L.D. that is long gone now. In the 70’s they did tests without the boards knowledge. They ran electricity through us and then froze us repeatedly. They may have used something else as well but I don’t remember. I just remember waking up one day to Stark and Carter shouting at the scientists. They thought it was some sort of science training programme. They didn’t realise what had been going on behind closed doors. When they arrived, we had been frozen for three days. The longest in the experiment. We were all assumed dead but I woke up. Stark wanted to kill me. Thought I’d been turned into a super soldier like the ones Hydra were creating but Peg convinced him to assign me to S.H.I.E.L.D. End of story. You can stop reading my mind now Wanda.”

The group remained silent.

“What happened to the scientists?” Clint asked.

“They were imprisoned but the compound was compromised by Hydra agents. S.H.I.E.L.D. believes they were recruited. Probably the ones that tested on the twins.” You muttered, looking up at Wanda who pursed her lips.

“I recognised them.” She murmured, looking back over their faces.

“So you’re advanced?” Steve asked.

“In ways.” You admitted. “It’s like you and Buck but toned down a little. I’m strong enough for people to just think I’m really buff. I heal quickly but if I got shot or stabbed, I’d definitely still die. I age very slowly though. Think it was all the freezing.” You frowned.

“You must be what, fifty?” Scott mumbled and you scoffed.

“Don’t start spreading that around.” You chuckled.

“It’s not as bad as a hundred.” Bucky smirked at you and you relaxed, smiling up at him. He was back.

“I’m sorry I didn’t tell you before.” You were talking to the group but you kept your eyes on Bucky. His expression was unreadable and you frowned, finally turning to Steve.

“I’m not going to lie, that would’ve been useful information.” Steve was stern. “But I understand.”

You smiled up at him before reaching into the back pocket of your jeans, pulling out a small notebook. You flipped it open a couple of pages before pulling out a polaroid, handing it to Steve. In it, you were stood smile wide in a pair of flared jeans, your hair long and in braids down to your waist. Next to you was Peggy in a more formal pair of flared trousers. Steve noted how her eyes crinkled into lines in the corners but her hair was the same warm brown, her eyes soft as ever. He smiled, showing it to Bucky.

“Look at Peggy in flares.” He laughed and Bucky smiled at the photo. You flicked through your notebook again, finding one of you between Maria and Howard, grinning at the camera. In your arms was a baby Tony. You handed it to Steve who smiled fondly at his old friend.

“I grew up with Tony.” You admitted. “Baby sat him a lot. That’s why I stayed away until after the airport. I didn’t want to get mixed up in anything where I had to pick a side.”

Steve nodded at you and you sat sharing all the photos you could find of Peggy and Howard. You even shared some of the Howling Commandos, Bucky and Steve smiling at the aged faces of their old friends. You told Scott about the Led Zeppelin concerts and New York protests, relaxing into the stories of your past.

“Alright, alright old timers.” Clint interrupted the discussion, clapping his hands and standing up. “We better get going.”

“If we drive fast enough we can probably get to the Spanish-Portuguese border by tonight.” Steve mused. “Y/N, Scott, you’ll have to drive from here, we’re about to go over from France into Spain.”

You smiled, knowing you’d be back in the mini again. Despite the extra leg room, you really missed the little car.

“Aye, aye, captain!” You saluted him. Hopping up, you trotted over to the mini, Steve, Sam and Bucky following close behind. Steve still held the polaroid of you and Peggy in his hands and he smiled, his thumb running across the small printing of his old lovers face.

“She’s beautiful,” Bucky mumbled, peering over his friend’s shoulder. Steve raised an eyebrow at him.

“You into Peggy now?” he laughed and Bucky blushed, realising what he’d said out loud. Steve stopped in his tracks, pulling Buck to a halt too. You and Sam continued on, blissfully unaware you were two men down.

“Oh my god.” Steve stood in front of his friend as Bucky tried and failed to manoeuvre around him. “You’re sweet on Y/N.” Steve grinned and Bucky groaned, finally pushing past the smug super-soldier.

“Don’t worry, Barnes.” Steve jogged to keep up with Bucky’s large strides. “Your secret’s safe with me.” There was a strange twinkle in his eyes that made Bucky nervous.

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Imagine being the fianceé of Captain Salazar (Part two)

Pairing: Armando Salazar x reader

A/N: thank you for being so patient, here’s part two! Shout-out to my sis for helping me tone down the gay vibe correct the grammar! As you read into it you may question why out of everyone on this saga i chose to bring back that character, just bear with me! i see potential in them, they weren’t well writen, i can change that!

Credit: once again, the awesome art was provided by @salmicka1 thank you so much dear!

Warnings: none! Part two is just fun! Then we’ll talk about part three…

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Engine stories

After three years under repairs and much time invested, our old American friend returns to the asphalt.

Bought by my grandfather in 1964, my mind goes back to the times when my family used to travel from Navarre to Galicia. All the way through the north of Spain, going up to eight people in this same Oldsmobile F-85 and which is again looking for new destinations.

I can see my grandmother carrying my 4-year-old uncle Fernando on her legs, I can see my father holding his little sister at the backseat while wondering “have we already arrived?”, and I can see the oldest brother watching the passing fields on their way to the Pyrenees.

These were times when everything seemed to go at a completely different pace and I think it gave a purer meaning. So I wanted to experience a piece of it.

Time and forgetfulness played their part, leaving this machine under the dust. But it is here when a barrier is created between the new and the old technology, where the analog thing carries within itself ‘I can be fixed’.