and then we dance

we learned how to hide it, how to chomp back the bit of girls, braid the secret deep in our hair and leave it. we doodled two girls kissing and gave one short hair. made stick figures with only one in a dress. we tried not to stare too long at the tv when she was pretty because we sensed innately something was wrong with us. we watched the scene where she’s laughing maybe sixteen times before we felt creepy. we sang the lyrics loudly and in public changed the pronouns. in private we wrote our own songs that were tuneless and featured only her name ached out in music. we danced around the subject, we said, “ew that’s gay,” we identified as ally sometimes but wrinkled our nose if everyone else did in the room. and we were lonely. and terrified. like lying to a jury. like if we messed up for a moment we would be sentenced to the guillotine. on private blogs we wrote poems about the cloud girls we wished we could kiss, we google-searched “how to know if i’m a lesbian”, we made fake yahoo accounts to ask why looking at her made our stomach sick. in public it was different, the art of “no i don’t have a boyfriend,” or even worse, the art of pretending to find boys remotely interesting. the savage lies that curled into us until even we no longer knew what was fact and what was fiction. and that bitter anger we saw in others - always at ourselves, and our failures.

Misha Collins Photo Op! JaxCon 2017

Here’s the story guys

So I get in there, FREAKING OUT and I see he’s wearing his red leather literally the ONE THING THAT I ASKED HIM NOT TO WEAR BECAUSE MY DEATH so I start freaking out more and people are like “hey it’s okay you’ll be fine!” So I get up there and I walk up and I LOOK HIM IN HIS BLUEST BLUE TO EVER BLUE EYES and I’m like “hi can we do a dip? Like a dance dip, dip? Like a dip” (I said dip so many times I’m…) so as I’m saying that he’s nodding and taking my hands and I’m like “oh!” and he pushes me forward and I’m like in my head ‘fuck which way-’ and then PULLS ME BACK INTO A DIP AND MY FACE IS LITERALLY PROBABLY LIKE 😀 and then he pulls me back up (please note the second he dipped me everyone in the room freaked out) and was still holding my hand and I’m laughing and then he TWIRLS ME AND IM LIKE “AHHH” but softly and as he twirls me he has the CUTEST SMILE LIKE A LITTLE GUMMY SMILE WITH THE CRINKLED EYES AND IM LAUGHING LIKE AN IDIOT AND SAYING THANK YOU and everyone is just like 😱😱😫👌🏾😳🙌🏾😭💦😩so my happy ass practically skips back over to my bags and this one worker was like “that was really good congratulations” and gave me a high five and I walked out of there laughing and smiling and shaking I am so S H O O K

okay so we know what other competing skaters/coaches thought of victor’s decision to coach yuuri ( “yeah it won’t last, we want him back” ) and japanese commentators like morooka generally just seemed way more interested in yuuri overall to comment much about whatever victor was doing in his life. 

we also know that it has to have become common knowledge that victor and yuuri are engaged at the grand prix final. they kissed at the cup of china, they’re wearing literal gold wedding bands on their ring fingers (and on the hand which is traditionally used for wedding rings in russia), the multiple ring kisses before the short program at the GPF, the ice dance, etc etc. 

we don’t yet know other competing skaters’ reactions to victor’s decision both to return to competition while still coaching yuuri, but what i really want to know is what the international community thinks of this??? like retired professionals or commentators, because they’ve just observed

  • obviously very skilled and talented yuuri katsuki have a poor showing at his first grand prix final and bomb his entire season, struggling to get back on his feet;
  • a viral youtube video of yuuri katsuki, who’s just left his coach in america for the first time in five years, skating living legend victor nikiforov’s routine to near perfection*;
  • victor announcing barely any time later that he’s going to be yuuri’s new coach - had they been secretly planning this/working together for a while before announcing it?;
  • victor choreographs short programs for katsuki and plisetsky, who also shows up in japan (have any of these russians ever interacted with yuuri katsuki before???? there’s no evidence about this and the international media would like to know!!!)
  • victor and yuuri go fairly under the radar for a while;
  • yuuri announces on japanese national television that he wants to hold onto victor and that he’s very consciously calling that emotion “love” (debatable how much this makes it into international commentary at the international competitions, but fans def know)
  • victor and yuuri kiss at the cup of china;
  • victor and yuuri are clearly romantically involved at the cup of russia;
  • victor and yuuri are straight up engaged at the grand prix final, when the hell did this happen holy balls how long have they been in a relationship;
  • victor has both his world records broken by programs he choreographed;
  • victor is…. returning to competition??? but still coaching yuuri katsuki??? his fiancé??? can anyone explain the season they’ve just witnessed?!???

i really want to hear the commentary on that one when the next season kicks off, like the american commentators at skate america going “well it was clearly very gay phil but how do we think they’re feeling right now? did yuuri katsuki’s theme of ‘love’ last season and record-breaking performances prove that their combined gay powers will be enough to keep both of them at a mental and physical level they need to be?”

*but for a few downgraded jumps


Today we marched. We marched with 100,000 in Portland and hundreds of thousands more across the United States and beyond. Today we wore glitter on our faces, danced and sang in the streets and embraced the typical Portland rain storm. Today we had hope. We came together to love and support each other and promise that no matter what happens in the next 4 years we will not give up. We will protect each other. I am truly moved.


quick note: pt. 1, if you want a part three please request. 

The evening roared by you and soon you were leaning against the back wall again. Luke was next to you, arm around your shoulder. “Why aren’t you dancing with the CEO again?” 

“I’ve told you a million times by now. He’s got a dance partner.” You looked to Calum, finding him towards the middle of the dance floor with a pretty woman with dark brown hair. His hand was resting on her waist, his other holding hers as they slow danced to the violinists.

“Then why don’t we dance?” Luke sounded like the best idea just popped into his head as he took his arm off your shoulder and took your hand in his, leading you forward. You almost stood still but why not? “Do you remember dancing at these things when we were thirteen together?” He asked as you placed your hand on his shoulder and he placed his on your waist.

You laughed at the memory of teenager you awkwardly dancing with teenager Luke. “Those were the good times.” You said, intertwining your fingers with his. You began to move with the soft rhythm of the violinists while Luke did the same. You looked around the room, really taking it in for the first time. Extravagant chandeliers dangled above your heads, glimmering in the soft lights above them. The walls were soft purples and the table cloths matched, as well as the placemats on them. The tables were mostly cleared away by now, save a few people sitting at them. Columns stood spastically around the room, with soft purple curtains hanging from them that crossed the room above your heads and met with others.

“It’s so pretty.” You whispered, causing Luke to chuckle at your childlike ways. Your eyes snapped to his at the sound and you smiled up at him.

“You’re so pretty.” He said and you pushed his shoulder, causing him to laugh again. “Oh come on. I can’t compliment you?”

“I’m just trying to live like we are thirteen year olds again.” You laughed and he did too.

“Excuse me,” A voice interrupted your laughter and you looked to see it belonged to Calum. “Do you mind if I have this dance?” He asked, looking to Luke who shook his head, dropping your hand and backing away.

“Not at all.” He looked to you as Calum moved to take his place and winked. You narrowed your eyes at him as he sauntered off laughing to himself, but were soon reminded of the presence in front of you now as Calum slid his hand onto your waist, resting much lower than when his hand was on his previous dance partner.

“Is that too low?” He asked, moving his hand back up before you shook your head.

“It’s just fine.” He smiled as his hand dipped back down to where it was previously resting. You relaxed into his touch as you set your hand on his shoulder.

“You can put your hand on my chest if you want.” He suggested, watching your eyes as you moved it down slowly. His much larger hand came up to hold yours as the two of you began to dance. “You look gorgeous.” He mumbled, as your chests were almost touching and he didn’t need to speak much louder.

“Are you sweet talking me?” You asked, looking up at him through your eyelashes. He puffed out a breath of air in a silent laugh, shaking his head ever so slightly.

“Now what would I be trying to get you to do for me?”

“There’s a variety of things.” You said with a slight smirk on your lips. You heard the breath catch in his throat as he stared down at you.

“Miss. Y/L/N, are you flirting with me?” You giggled at the tone in his voice, clearly a joke.

“Depends, Mr. Hood. Is it working?” You asked before taking your hand off his chest and using the one you were holding to do a spin. He brought you back into his arms, hand going back to your waist as he leaned in closer.

“Now who’s the sweet talker?” The music came to an end and you looked to the stage where the violinists were. They’d stopped playing and you retracted your hands to clap for them. Calum followed suite and you decided you’d rather like to play a game of chase like a thirteen year old would. While he wasn’t looking, you slipped away into the crowd and gravitated to the back wall where you knew Luke would be again. He’d be scrolling on his phone, or talking to someone he didn’t care to, or just sipping red wine.

“Hi.” You breathed out as you turned around to see if Calum had seen you. He hadn’t, and he’d apparently just now noticed your absence. You saw his eyes scan the room and your childlike instinct combined with the adrenaline rushing in your veins made you drop to the floor. Luke looked down at you, very confused at your actions.

“Um, what are you doing?” He asked and you laughed at his face.

“I’m hiding!” You explained watching him look up. He must have found Calum’s face as his expression changed from confusion to a smirk.

“Not for much longer.” He said as he lifted his hand to the air and pointed down to you.

“Luke!” You whisper-screamed. He looked down at you and shot you a wink as he began to walk to the bar. Drinks were free tonight, you couldn’t blame him. You had to come up with something quick and it dawned on you as you saw the exit. Fight or flight? You stood, smoothing your dress down with your hands. Calum was making his way through the crowd a stern look on his face, probably not too happy with your disappearance. This only egged you on as you looked to the doors you came in and back to him.

His eyes caught yours and you knew he knew what you were thinking. But that didn’t suite you either, so you stayed still. Fight, it was.

“Would you like to explain to me why you disappeared so suddenly?” He sounded slightly annoyed as he arrived in front of you. This part was more secluded, the lights not really focusing back here, but it was enough to still see him. You smiled up at him, feigning innocence. 

In one fluid movement you moved in front of him, closing the gap between him and you. You leaned up and connected your lips with his, catching him off guard. He quickly kissed you back, hands flying to your ass, kneading it. He walked you to the back wall and pushed you up against it. 

“So you wanted to get me alone, did you?” He asked, a smirk returning to his face as his hands lowered to your sides. 

“Maybe. Is that so bad?” You looked up at him, an innocent smile playing on your lips.

“No but I’m beginning to think you just might be.” He slid his hands around your waist and pulled you closer to him, while sliding one hand up your back to hold you closer. His lips captured yours in a fierce kiss. You smiled into the kiss as your own arms wrapped around his neck. His hand gripped your ass again, the contact making you moan into his mouth. 

He pulled away, breathless, chest aching for oxygen. “You’re so sexy.” He whispered as his eyes took in your face. A few hairs had fallen down into your face from the bun you’d been wearing all evening. Your lips were slightly ajar as you were breathing heavily too, and he leaned down and kissed them, softer this time. A sweet kiss. This held a different meaning between the two of you, and you couldn’t figure out which one you liked more.

“You aren’t too bad yourself.” You said, taking your hands off of him and taking a step to the side. He watched you as you moved, eyes taking in the way your dress hugged your curves extravagantly. His teeth took his bottom lip between them as he looked you up and down. “Do you think you could get away for a while?” You asked, looking back at the dance floor. The crowd was thinning and that was your cue to leave and maybe he’d go with you.

“I think I could make room in my schedule for a while with you.”


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Hey Jimin! I was wondering if you still dance as well as run the flower shop?

Jimin: I was able to own the shop so I live upstairs of course with the help of my parents. As for dancing, I have night classes so I usually try to rush in getting changed to get ready to meet up with Hobi and we go to the dance studio together. He usually brings drinks for the two of us.


BTS Reaction to walking in to their S/O dancing in front of the mirror and finding out you kept it a secret they can dance


“Wow you can dance really good. Can you dance some more” Jin would think that you could dance really good

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Suga would not say anything but smile and laugh and think how amazing you could dance and wonder maybe you could sing too

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“We should learn a dance together” J-Hope would smile and think of dances you could do together

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Rap Monster:

“How do you dance better than I do?”  Rap Monster would be confused on how you got this good

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“Let’s dance together” V would immediately join you and started to dance silly and making you laugh while dancing

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“You’re really good” Jungkook:“HAHAHA y/n can dance better than you” “I know I know”

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“Why was I not told you could dance this good” Jungkook would be confused but would smile thinking he now has a dancing partner

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BTS Reaction to finding out their best friend can dance

*Gif explains itself*

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Blog Entry Translation (Excerpt): [19.01.2017] Takagi Tomoyuki

Blog entry:

My travel diary ④ will be about those Touken Danshi.

The sequence..

It’s hard to decide..

Kondou, Hijikata, Okita
I will go in that order (*^^*)

Hachisuka (Kensuke)

We always messed around with each other (LOL)
Even though he’s always doing things at his own pace
and is aloof from the rest of world

He is really a hard-worker! (*^^*)

I think that it’s only Kensuke!
During the rehearsals before the actual performance
Although we do our checks for our sword fights and dance steps
for all 65 times,
he [is the only one who] checks his own solos.
I thought~~That is truly incredible!

Nagasone (Yu)

He is truly a calm and gentle guy! (LOL)
That’s why, for creating the role of the strong guy Nagasone
for Nagasone’s speaking style as well
I thought that for him to have studied it is incredible!
I often saw
Yu practice his lines repeatedly, over and over again.

The part of him who gets touched easily and cries was also
cute (*^^*) (LOL)

Kane (Shoutarou)

He often watched my Hijikata
And mimicked my acting, style of speaking.

This time, it is undoubtedly not me who aligned my acting to him
but it is Kane who worked hard at aligning his acting to mine. Thank you. (*^^*)
During the scene were Kane talks about Hijikata
because I didn’t want to miss listening to it, all 65 times,
no matter what, I was always at the wings. (LOL)
Normally, he is calm and quiet, but
when he becomes Kanesada, he gets into the role
and is all ‘ora ora’!

In me, I had the feeling that my relationship with Shoutarou
was that of a brother, but
to Shoutarou, he apparently thought of me as a father
It was something that came to light during the final performance
It made me very happy! Thank you (*^^*)

Kunihiro (Yuuki)

For all stages,
he was on standby at the wings before anyone else was
He had already checked his dance steps and lines!
When everyone was still buying the goods
When everyone wasn’t yet at their seats, Yuuki was at the wings! (LOL)  (*^^*)

After he performed his solo well on stage
'How did I sound today? Was I okay?’ he would say
I had fun talking to him during that moment.
He would also always ask me about acting.
'Today, it was different.’ He would talk to me about it.

Generally speaking, he has a strong will.
It’s incredible.
It was something that I learned from him too (*^^*)
And, although he really is a shy person,
He opened his heart up to me
Thank you! (*^^*)

Yasusada (Tori)

Tori is~really honest!
Also, he’s someone who is utterly crazy over acting (LOL) He is someone who is completely crazy over theatre (*^^*)
He is truly someone who really, really, really loves acting!

To do the same thing for 65 times, it is something that one gets used to
To give a fresh performance gets, as expected, more difficult.
Because he loves acting
that’s why he doesn’t want to create emotions with a lie.
For him to have performed every time with a fresh feeling
I think that that is incredible!
I could also feel his way of life in his adlibs (LOL)

Also, right before the performance, during the high fives we exchanged in the wings
To cheer each other on with the spirit of 'Let’s do this♪’
He already has a set sequence in him, and I would be first
The last one is always Okita-kun! Apparently (LOL)
Isn’t that cute~! (*^^*)

Kiyomitsu (Ryuji)

Ryuji~. He has incredible nerve/courage.
How do I put it. He’s strong. He’s incredible.
As the zachou [1]
He really pulled me along!
Thank you! (*^^*)

Also, he remembers his dance steps very fast (LOL)
And in those boots with those heels
to perform that much dancing and sword fighting
it must’ve been truly difficult.
His feet must’ve hurt.

After a year I’ve come to understand
that he really is very gentle.
'Really is’ (LOL)
The way I say it makes it sound like he doesn’t look the type (LOL)

Thank you for having so much consideration for me (*^^*)
By the way, even with my ineffectual boke [2],
He would follow up on them (LOL)


[1] “Zachou” - Loosely translated to “stage company leader”.

[2] “Boke” - Loosely translated to “the air-headed one” who is one-part of the traditional Japanese comedic partnership. However, in this case, the term “boke” is used to refer directly to the air-headed jokes/comments that Takagi-san says he makes.

I’m just so exhausted from this still so I have to vent.

So today I had to literally yell at a coworker because she called two of our stripper clients “skanks” behind their backs (I work at a women’s boutique/costume shop that sells dance wear, dance heels, corsets and wigs, so we get a lot of dancers in) after they had been nothing but sweet to us and spent about $200 in our store on wigs. She said this in front of another customer. And wouldn’t back down when I called her out originally. So I just straight up yelled at her, and it’s possible that I’m going to get in trouble for it, because she went and tattle taled on me next door to the other managers.

Oh and said coworker? While all this is going down, she was literally wearing a pink wig and kitty ears and has been going on and on about the women’s marches and how she wishes she could have gone.

Middle Aged White Feminists ™ are #exhausting and this is why I’m wary (and weary) of them.


I’ve had a great time, we’ve been dancing for four hours and my feet are dead. They played music from the 50’s until today and we ended up at a gay dance club and it was fabulous??? And we got a private dance show from a short and round grandfather who danced better than all of us, lmao
Gods, I’m hoarse from all the singing and I will fall asleep in approximately five seconds

This is How We’ll Dance (Part 6) - Bucky Barnes

Summary: Period of World War II, when Steve and Bucky were still in the Howling Commandos. Then, after they’re gone… The future never seemed so close.

(Part 1) (Part 2) (Part 3) (Part 4) (Part 5)


N/A: TIHWD is inspired by MCU but I’m using some information of the main comic book (earth-616): Bucky was born in 1925 and Natasha was born in 1928.

February 14, 1957. Maryina Horka, Belarus. 

The weather is so cold, it’s always snowing. The days are short and the nights are long, making the trip more difficult to cope with. But the team is working in sync so everything’s going to be fine. It’s an easy mission of recognition. In and out. No prisoners. Avoid any kind of causality. We need to be discreet, but with each passing minute, the boys become more impatient. I must confess that I’m getting impatient as well. 

February 16, 1957. Paris, France.

It’s him. The boys keep trying to tell me that I’m wrong but I saw damn well. I’m not going crazy. All this time… The ghost all this time was him. But the worst part? He wasn’t alone. He was training a redhead, intensely and brutally. For a moment I barely recognized him. I don’t know what I should do exactly. My heart broke into pieces when I saw them together later that night, acting as two teenagers with a forbidden love.

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sugar bowl thieving sweethearts who somehow dont get married and just fuk arnd with fire and play dead instead i’m so mad

a lemony/beatrice mix in order of their stupid lives and it’s not all magnetic fields but a lot of it is 


walk a lonely road magnetic fields | i dont want to set the world on fire  ink spots | nothing matters when we’re dancing magnetic fields | man on fire edward sharpe | who david byrne & st vincent | forever and a day stephen merritt | make you better decemberists | hey that’s no way to say goodbye leonard cohen | i don’t believe in the sun magnetic fields | i don’t want to get over you magnetic fields | your picture camera obscura | lonesome people lilian hak | playing dead breathe owl breathe