and then walk away and take care of more important things

Things To Remember

Tbh this is really a post for myself cause I’m super guilty of turning into a revision monster machine and not looking after my mental and physical health before studying cause my school puts way too much pressure on grades sometimes:

1) Studying is great, yes, however it is extremely emotionally and physically draining - if you feel a little burned out, step away from your study space, breathe, and have a break. You’re not going to learn anything if your mind is too drained to function properly, and you won’t want to do any work if your head feels fried. Take care of your mind: meditate (I recommend the app headspace for this) or go on a walk to clear your mind :)

2) Your Mental Health is ALWAYS more important than any grade - ANY GRADE. If you’re feeling pretty low and you physically can’t bring yourself to go to school or to revise, take as much time as you need to recharge the batteries and to just simply rest. Your teachers should understand that you aren’t in a great mindset, and would want you to take a little while to refresh.

3) In amongst the revision days and library lockdowns, make time for friends and fun. My teacher gave the advice to my year group to split the day up into three sessions: morning, day, and evening, and to study for two of the sessions and use the third one for catching up with friends, relaxing, seeing family etc.

4) There is always an alternative route to where you desire to be: yes, you may have to work a little harder for a little longer to get there, but you will get there eventually - and that’s all that matters

Dear 18 Year Old Self,

Slow down–everything is going to be fine. You aren’t going to fail at anything you care about or anything important. Be less afraid. Less afraid to talk to people. Less afraid to assert yourself. Less afraid that time alone is a bad thing. It’s okay that you cry a few times a week. Living away from home is hard and that part won’t get easier. You will cry less. Walk away from the things that take more than they give. Give to the things that nourish you or make you happy. Give more of yourself to less things. 

At 21 you are going to realize that you don’t need to count the moments where you are happy. You will be happy almost all the time. Movies about injustices are going to make you cry, don’t stop watching them. They are going to give you purpose. Don’t freak out that you change your life goal with every movie. As long as you plan to do good you are staying true to yourself. Stop comparing yourself to those around you. Their struggles do not invalidate your own, their successes do not diminish yours. You will never have all the answers. You will always have some. Taking your life a day at a time is not a failure—you are not a failure. 

Dear 18 Year Old Self, 

Everything has worked out so far. Just keep going. And maybe rethink the French classes.