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The Department of Miniature Marvels just discovered another awesome chef of teeny-tiny meals: Jay Baron of the Walking with Giants YouTube channel. Today we’re hungry for the smallest pan of lasagna we’ve ever seen. That is, unless this food isn’t tiny after all. Perhaps Baron is a colossus:

But wait, what’s for dessert? How about a piping hot batch of petite cinnamon rolls:

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Pillows are over-rated

A/N: This has been sitting around forever!

Words: 586

“How fast do you think the food would get here if I order room service?”

Glancing up from your phone, you find your nearly dressed husband standing in the doorway of the bathroom. He has his chin lifted slightly as he attempts to perfect the knot of his burgundy tie.

“We’re leaving in fifteen minutes, there is no way it’ll get here in that time. Besides, we just ate dinner two hours ago. How can you possibly be hungry?”

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“Quit moving, Ni!” Lou laughed lightly, pinching his chin and bringing it to face her again. “At this point, you’re never going to get married.” 

“Wha- Hey! It’s not my fault, I’m just real excited!” Niall grinned, whipping his head around when he heard your voice from outside the door. “Is Y/N ready yet?” 

“No, she’s just as distracted as you are.” Lou rolled her eyes, rubbing some gel through Niall’s hair and sighing when he squirmed in his seat to turn and look at the door. “You jus’ cant wait t’ get your hands on her, can’t you?” She teased, swatting Niall’s hand away when he reached up to fiddle with a loose strand. 

“I’m gettin’ married today, Lou.” 

“I’m aware.” Lou smiled, wiping her hands off before checking to see that Niall’s hair looked decent considering how much he had been squirming around in his seat. 

“Gettin’ married t’ the sweetest, most prettiest girl in t’e world.” Niall said giddily, glancing at the sleek tux hanging by the closet door. “Y/N’s gonna be my wife, Lou.” 

“That’s how marriage works, yes.” Lou snorted, grabbing the makeup bag to pretty Niall up a little more. There was a moment of silence before Niall was about to speak up, an- 

I’m getting married today!!” Niall turned to look at the door again when he heard you all the way from your dressing room, laughing to himself as his cheeks grew rosy.

It was pretty obvious the two of you were very much excited to marry each other. 


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… “There’s just one thing that’s been on my mind since I’ve come here” He mutters, his brows furrowed as he looks over at her.
“Yeah?” she asks looking up at him as she lays on her back.
He scans her face intently, before settling on her lips that quickly capture him in a trance “You’ve been waiting like I have, right?”
She looks at him, his stare paralyzing her. “Every night.“
He whispers a curse to himself before rolling over and pulling her body up by her shirt and slamming his lips against hers.
“Wha-” She mumbles as he interrupts her with his familiar lips that she welcomes, smiling contently at having him close again.
He pulls away too soon for her liking to stare into her eyes that earns him a whimper from her lips. “Anything change?”
Immediately, she softens her glare, a short chuckle leaving her lips before she looks at him truthfully “Not a damn thing.”
A grin spreads across his face as he scans her face and caresses her lips with his fingers “Good” he mumbles as he rewards himself with her lips again.


Imagine waiting for almost a year for the Doctor to come back, and when he does, you get so mad at him that you actually shove him down a grassy hill. In a panic, he pulls you down with him and you both roll down it together. When you land, him laying beneath you, he gets really quiet and stares up at you like your the stars overhead.

“I missed you…”
“Whose fault is that, huh? It’s been a year, Doctor! A year!”
“And yet, you still haven’t changed. Are you sure it’s been a year?”
“It’s been 340 days. I counted. Everyday. Waiting for you and your bow tie to show up around here.”
“Ah… My mistake.”


Imagine Victor Stalking You

(Not my gif)

“Hello, (Y/N).”

You smiled at him, “Hey, Victor. This is so weird. We literally just ran into each other an hour ago. I’m always seeing you nowadays, aren’t I?”

He shrugged. “I guess I’m just lucky.”

You laughed. “You’re always such a charmer. Hey, we should have lunch together some time. I’d really like to know what you’ve been up to.”

“I’d like that” he told you.

He waited until you were entirely gone before he rolled up his sleeve. He made a small cut in his skin. He was counting each time he talked to you. He wanted to remember each and every encounter. He needed to.


(Part 1)


Eggsy listened to the steady noises of the machine, focusing on every heart beat in anticipation.

Any day now. She’d wake up soon.

That’s what they’d said.
That’s what they’d said for three weeks.

“You saved me”
“My knight in shining armour”

He smiled, running his thumb over her cold wrist.

“How’re you feeling today, huh?” He asked, trying to smile for her “I bet you’re pretty bored, stuck in your head like this. I know I would be”

He waited for a response, like he had all day.


“Would you like me to read something?”

He reached over to the pile of books Merlin had left for him, picking up the biggest he could find.

“The Sword in the Stone”

He let out a snort, rolling his eyes. He had no doubt that almost every book he’d been given had something to do with fairytales. That man sure did have a strange sense of humour.

“I suppose this will do-”

His heart leapt in his throat.

She had squeezed his hand.
She was there.
She was listening.

He grinned, leaning forward.

“You feel like waking up, Princess?” He asked, looking for an other sign she was coming too.

Eggsy waited until he was sure she wouldn’t move again, sitting back in his chair and opening the book.

“That’s alright, you take your time” he patted her hand before focussing on the book once more “I’d wait forever (Y/n). Just as long as you’re okay”


The first thing she processed was how bright it was. Everything was a painful white colour. No shadows at all. Just blinding light.

She listened for anything but only could hear a faint buzz.

Where was she?

(Y/n) tried to move her hand but as she couldn’t see anything she wasn’t sure if she had succeeded. Her body felt numb, out of place. Like her mind was the only thing left, floating around in the light.

As her senses returned to her, he was the first thing she noticed. The first thing that caught her attention.

His snored echoed around the large hospital room, along with his steady breathing in-between each sharp snort. He was curled up in an uncomfortable arm chair, a blanket thrown over him messily - probably by one of the doctors. His mouth hung open at an awkward angle, head thrown back in his seat. But even in his deep sleep, he still held onto her hand, finger firmly wrapped around her wrist.


It was barely over a whisper, her throat dry and scratchy. She looked around the room, trying to figure out how long she had been resting. She glanced at the clock on the wall, but couldn’t hear it ticking. She could only hear soft snores and steady breathing.

“Eggsy” her voice cracked half way but it was enough to make him snap awake, eyes wide in fear.

“(Y/n)” he got up from his chair, placing both hands on her shoulders “you’re awake”

The girl raised her hand up, running her fingers over his slight stubble.

“How long have you been waiting here?” She frowned, still lightly dizzy.

“A month” he shrugged “maybe longer. I’m not sure”

She let out a croaky laugh, pulling him close to her.

“I missed you” he mumbled, burying his face into her neck.

“I missed you too” she admitted, trying to get her eyes to focus “it was strange. I could feel everything around me but at the same time I couldn’t. Like I was underwater or listening through a wall”

“I didn’t want to leave” he whispered “I didn’t what you to wake up alone”

“It’s okay” she smiled “I’m alright”

“(Y/n), I did a lot of thinking while you were out, and well…” He bit his lip, trying to find the right words “I just…I can’t see myself waiting for a month for someone else, do you understand?”

“Not really”

“What I’m trying to say is…well” he pulled back, staring her right in the eye “I’m in love with you”

A Length of Hope

By Roshani Chokshi

The circus was underwater. Crowds would set up tents beside placid lakes weaving between mountain hollows and rabid rivers foaming white at the mouth. They would wait for days, hearts in their throat as they waited for that diamond-studded fin to slice through the water. A herald. Or was it a warning? Angelique could never be sure. All she knew was that it meant the circus was going to start.

Once the fin appeared, the scaffolding rolled to life. The water would rise, pouring through the air and forming steeples and staircases, amphitheaters carved like crescent moons and mirrors that broke the sunlight and scattered them into spotlights for the performers. It was always like this when the underwater circus visited. They had no name. They took no payment. Sometimes a person went missing — usually a teenage boy — but no one paid the missing boys any mind. Magic came at a cost, and most people were willing to pay with someone else’s grief.

Angelique remembered the first time she saw the circus perform. She sat at the very edge of her seat, leaning so far out that her body ached the next day from straining. There was so much to watch — the rusalka ballet, the mermaids’ synchronized swimming, the leviathan’s magic show.

When the rusalkas emerged from the water with their glassy ankles beribboned with seaweed and strung with lumpy river water pearls, Angelique would forget to breathe. Her feet itched to dance like them…skimming across the water’s surface like a thread of light, the silver hair streaming behind her, spangling the air with frost. When the mermaids began their synchronized swimming, Angelique would forget her name. She wanted to dive through the water with them, splashing a gemstone tail and forming fractals and kaleidoscopes with her body alone. And when the leviathan’s magic show started to conjure glass horses chasing each other across the lake, Angelique would forget her life altogether.

But her favorite part of the show was the Sea King. She wasn’t sure if he was actually a king of the sea, but he could have been. He was short in the way a mountain in the distance looked almost edible. Human-sized. There was something restrained and folded about him, a self-conscious fidgeting as if he couldn’t fit in his skin.

The Sea King ran the circus, pointing and directing with little more than a nod and a blink. He wore a crown, or something like that. Small lights danced around the fall of his teal hair, sometimes clinging to the sharp gold of his cheekbones that were lightly flecked with scales. Sometimes the lights danced in his strange eyes — all-black pools holding all the enigma and horror of an open ocean.

Angelique loved him. She loved him the way people love rain or a full moon. A distant love, with no desire to capture and possess. And yet it was precious. Night after night and day after day, she would return to the memory of him, smoothing it over and over in her heart as if she were wearing down a pebble. Night after night and day after day, that love filled her, turning her heart incandescent.

The circus never visited the same river or pond or lake twice. But Angelique always knew where they would be. She would catch a snippet of the next venue in that haze of heavy comfort that always summons sleep. She would replay the image in her dreams — clinging, clinging — until she could wake up and search for the place in whatever public library lay closest to her newest home. Then again, a broken mattress and jackets fished out of dumpsters for blankets was hardly a home. But it was warm. Every time the dream found her, she would spend a week scraping together as much money as she could. The circus never started without her.

Maybe it was waiting for her, just as she was waiting for it.

The performers of the underwater circus never spoke. When they finished their routine, they would stand on the surface and gaze out at the cheering audience. They would bow, and then, they would start to shimmer. Veins of quartz and fire would thread across their bodies, turning them into glass dolls on the verge of shattering. But right before they broke, they would always disappear.

Angelique wanted to be one of them. Her want felt so large that she was a shadow trailing after it. She never thought they would notice. Why would they? They were beings of light and water, things cobbled out of myth and sleep.

But one day they did.

She never saw the Sea King move toward her. One moment he was standing at the edge of the lake, his blue skin polished as a sapphire, fresh daylight streaming through his body. The next he was at her side. He had a handful of rope in his hand, and when he traced her palm, her lungs tightened. As if she were underwater and could draw no breath.

He didn’t speak, but the rope in his hand was an invitation given shape. Something twisted in the threads — a chance. When she closed her eyes, she could feel the possibility pressing palms to her eyelids. A life forever beneath the water. Gills blooming on her neck. Cold water rushing to fill her mouth and braid her hair. She could swim through their secrets, know what underwater realm inspired the watery spires and crescent-shaped amphitheaters. The Sea King was giving her the chance of a secret.

That is the problem with the taunt of a secret. Once you know they exist, they grow fat in your heart. They set down their roots and sprawl through your thoughts until you can hardly speak around wanting to know the thing you do not. The Sea King knew this.

“It is not so hard,” he said slowly, “to bind your body to a piece of hope. You’ll need a new one anyway.”

 Angelique is taken with the piece of rope. She is taken with the Sea King’s eyes latched onto hers — dark as an eclipse and just as overpowering. This secret is an eclipse too. A celestial thing slipping before a stale light and casting her thoughts into darkness. She is so taken that she does not see the lean hunger straining his eyes. She does not see how his lips are chapped and flaking, as if he had licked them too often. She does not see how when he smiles, his teeth draw blood.

When the rusalkas dance, she watches. Slow bubbles tease their way out of her lips.

When the mermaids swim, she watches. Blood pounds in her ears.

She thinks of the Sea King’s promise. Around her, the watery light shows shapes of bodies on the lake floor. Young men, mostly. What is left of their hands is still bound. She does not know if this is the body they left behind for something sleek and new. Or whether this was it.

When the leviathan performs, she watches.

The lake is still and humming. The water a symphony of dreamsweet things, plucking at her eyelids, forcing them to close. Soon, the Sea King will come and get her. He will free her of these mortal bounds and pour her soul into something new. As soon as she wakes, he will be there…

        As soon as she wakes…

        As soon as she wakes…

        As soon as she wakes…

Roshani Chokshi is the author of THE STAR-TOUCHED QUEEN, a Hades and Persephone reimagining with Hindu mythology. Her next book, A CROWN OF WISHES, comes out March 2017. 

Imagine being Jared’s friend with benefits

Jared’s still asleep when he holds me, while all I can see is the sunrise through the window. I’ve been awake for at least an hour, but I didn’t move an inch, so I wouldn’t accidentally wake him up.

“Are you hungry?” I hear Jared’s voice coming from my back, I roll on the bed to face him.


I receive a smile and little kiss on the forehead before being left alone in the bed. I’ve wanted to get up from the bed for the past hour and now that I have to do it, the bed starts to feel way more comfortable.

“Come on, lazy pants, I’m not gonna cook all by myself”

“Stop calling me that, I don’t even use those things” I yawn.

“I’ll do it when I please, now get up, I’m too hungry to wait for you”

I stretch my whole body before getting up. Jared is already dressed by the time I start putting my underwear on, and disappears from the room in a second.

He must be really hungry.

When I’m finally dressed, I walk downstairs to find him in front of the stove, already preparing pancakes.

“If you want something else, the kitchen is yours”

“Want some toasts?” I ask him, walking towards him.

“No, I’m fine. A smoothie would be nice”

“A smoothie will be”

The whole scene looks out of a movie. The perfect couple, sharing breakfast after a whole night of fun.

But it wasn’t like that.

Jared wasn’t my boyfriend, nor I wanted him to be. We’ve been having this sort of ‘Friends with benefits’ thing for the past year. Whenever I wasn’t working and I want to have some fun, I call Jared and he’s at my door in just a few minutes. The same happens when he comes back home from tour, I receive a call, and if I’m not busy, I come to his house.

No strings, no drama.

I leave the smoothie next to him, and sit in one of the kitchen stools. The image of Jared shirtless, while flipping pancakes, looks really appealing, and an impulse of jumping through the island to grab him and make him mine, starts to grow in me. But I’m actually pretty hungry, so I just sit in my stool watching him cook.

“What did you put in this?” He asks me, after giving a little sip to the smoothie.

“Oh, just a little bit of this and a little bit of that” I shrug, “I’m not gonna give you my secret recipe, lazy skirt”

“Hey! Don’t mess with my skirts!” Jared shouts, throwing me a cold pancake.

“Don’t mess with the food, Jared, or I will have to punish you” I threaten him, standing from the stool, getting closer to him, “You know how precious is food to me”

“Oh, I know” He mumbles, cornering me against the island.

His hands take me from the hips to pull up, and sit me in the island, the next thing I know, is that his lips are playing with mine. I know where this is going, and I can’t manage to stop myself, all I can do is start playing with his hair, pulling it, running my fingers through it. I slip my hands to his chest, leaving small nail marks on my way down to his belly.

“I’m hungry” He mutters between kisses.

“You started it, now finish”

“No, there’s something I need to tell you”

Jared moves away from me and helps me get off the island. He looks serious, but doesn’t look at me again, and just starts putting pancakes in two plates.

“Is everything alright?” I ask him, returning to my stool.

“Yeah, is nothing too serious” He answers placing one of the plates in front of me, “I just… Well…”

“You found a girlfriend?” I interrupt him, starting to pour syrup on my plate, “You know I’m ok with that, we already talked about this, you have the right to have an official girlfriend. You know I’m not gonna get in the middle”

“It’s not that,” He sighs, a bit exasperated because of my interruption, “There’s no girlfriend, and if there was any, I’m pretty sure TMZ would have told everybody by now”

“Then, what is it? Are you sick?”

“Just… Stop guessing and listen to me” He mumbles, starting to run his fingers through his hair, I leave the breakfast aside, and cross my arms on the table, waiting for him to start talking.

“Ok, I’m listening”

Jared sighs, now using both his hands to play with his hair.

“I love you” He finally mutters.

“I love you too” I laugh, after a few seconds, “What’s new about that?”

“No, you don’t get it. I love you”

I stare at him for a couple of seconds, realizing how nervous he looks, his hands shaking and his eyes blinded by… fear?

“Oh” is the only thing I’m able to say.

I keep staring at his eyes, those blue pearls that caught my attention ever since I laid my eyes on him.

“I thought we said…”

“I know, no feelings. At first, it worked for me, but now…”

“Don’t say it again” I ask him, standing from the stool, “Please, don’t”

“I love you” He mutters again, “And I know you have feelings for me too, I can feel it”

“I don’t feel the same as you, Jared. When we started this… Thing, I told you, I don’t want a relationship”

“God, I know!” He shouts, and I can feel his desperation, “But we’ve been together for a year, I know we can make this work”

“It was just sex” I start muttering to myself, “This wasn’t supposed to happen”

Jared comes closer to me, standing by my side deciding what to do next. I feel his hand starting to hold mine, his fingers slipping on my palm to interlock them with mine.

“I notice the way you look at me, it’s not just desire, you want me, and not in the same way as you used to”

“It was just sex” I repeat, this time looking at him, “And I can’t give you anything more than that, Jared”

“Of course you can” He whispers, his free hand starting to caress my cheek, “I’m not like those guys you’ve talked about, I’ve proven that already”

“That’s what you think, but once I give my heart to you… it’ll be all the same” I get away from his hands, “I can’t do this, Jared, I’m sorry”

I leave him alone in the kitchen to walk upstairs, my clothes is scattered all over the floor. I collect my belongings, and lock myself in the bathroom to get dressed. All I can think about is Jared telling me he loves me, and all I want to do is just run away from here. There’s a reason why I wanted this to be just sex between us, and he agreed to this. Now, he has feelings for me, and I’m not sure how to behave around him.

When I’m ready, I leave the bathroom to walk downstairs. Jared is still in the kitchen, sitting on my stool just playing with the pancakes on his plate. I just walk to the front door to pick up my bag and coat. I’m ready to leave the house, but something inside me tells me that I won’t forgive myself if I just leave Jared alone. So I walk back to the kitchen and place myself next to him. Jared looks devastated and I can’t help but grab his face and kiss him way more desperately than I had expected.

“I’m really sorry” I whisper, resting my forehead on his, “I hope you can forgive me”

“You know I will” Jared mutters, before reaching my lips to kiss me again.

It was just sex, I keep repeating myself on my way to the door, but deep down inside me, I knew what those tiny sparkles meant, the ones that covered my whole body every time he touched me.

20. “Dont laugh at me you jerk!”
Sam Winchester x Reader
Requested by @ijspn
"So what’s the most embarrassing thing that’s ever happened to you?” You asked, taking a sip of your beer.

Sam pondered o your question for a moment. There was a few that made him wish he could forget, but one incident stood out.

He glanced down at the bottle in his hand, and let out a chuckle.
“Well, in middle school. We had a substitute teacher–Miss. Bonita. And–I mean she was beautiful.”

Your lips curved, as you playfully nudged his side. “Aw! You had a crush on your teacher!” You cackled.

He rolled his eyes, still flashing a cheeky grin. “Anyways, she would teach us some Spanish and well one day, the bell rang and all the kids got up and left, except for me.” He cringed.

Your eyes widened as you got the hint. “W-wait, did you–?”

He only nodded, looking down at his hands in shame.

You couldn’t help it. The laughter spilled out of you with no control.

Sam shot his gaze to you. Watching the way your head tilted back, with your mouth slightly open as you belted out. He loved seeing you happy. Hearing you laugh.

The Winchester chuckled to himself, pretending to be offended. “Don’t laugh at me you jerk!” He exclaimed.

“I’m sorry! I–I’m sorry.” You continued. “I just–was not expecting that.”

He shrugged his shoulders, taking a swig of his beer. “Told you, I’m a bad boy.” He winked, making you laugh even harder than before.

“Wait, wait. What about that one? You can’t possibly say no to her.” Liam insisted, the other boys giving the blonde on the street a look over before Harry was speaking up. 

“Her boobs look like balloons, if we’re bein’ honest here.” 

“Ugh, you guys are too picky! I told you that brunette back there on sixth street was pretty cute.” Niall whined before rolling his eyes. 

“Oh, shit. Look at that one, two o’ clock.” Louis gasped, the boys’ eyes landing right on you. 

“Oh my.” Liam whistled lowly, watching as you went to greet Y/F/N before the two of you began chatting away.

“I call dibs.” Louis said quietly, the four boys admiring you as you tossed your hair up into a ponytail. 

“I dunno about you guys, but she can jingle my bells any day.” Harry snickered, earning a bunch of groans from the others. 


gif isn’t mine!

Requested by anon
I did this of Kai pov. I hope you like. ♡

Already was past midnight when I went up to my room. Y / N had not come down for dinner. The his bedroom door was closed and did not hear any sound coming from inside. She is asleep, I thought coming into my room. I took a shower and threw me in the bed.
I did not want to sleep because I knew they would be there - my family - waiting for me in my nightmares. But I could not stay up all night. I took a deep breath and closed my eyes trying to sleep.
It’s been hours and hours and all I got was rolling from side to side in bed. I decided to get up and go to the kitchen to eat something. Maybe I could sleep.
I opened the door through the hallway and stopped abruptly at the door of the Y / N room. I not even know why I did that.
A tempting idea crossed my mind.
Stop that Kai !!! a voice spoke in my head.
I continued my way to the kitchen, but again stopped halfway down the stairs.
I’ll just go quickly … I thought trying to convince me. She will not even know I was there. I just need to see her.
Do not even think about it, boy! the voice shouted.
I knew I was not acting on my right mind, but need to see her, it consumed me in a way I could not explain.
Do not even think about it! threatened voice.
“ Fuck it. ”
And with that I rushed up the stairs and stopped in front of the Y / N room.
I turned the knob and nothing, the door was locked from the inside.
Of course her would not sleep with the door unlocked with an ex sociopath sleeping across the hall.
This could only be the fate telling me that it was not the right thing to do.
I turned to leave but stopped midway remembering a break spell he had learned a time ago.
But it did not seem the right thing to do.
This is estremamente wrong, you can not break into the room y / n in the night like a pervert.
How I hated having assumed the annoying personality of my brother. When I was a psychopath and did not have to worry about blame.
I will not do any harm to her, just want to see her. I told myself.
And why you wants to see her? the voice teasing me.
I did not know the answer to that question.
I walked to her door. “ Phasmatus reserare. ” I whispered.
I heard a low clic as a key turning in the lock.
I turned the knob and the door opened. I opened the door slowly.
The room was dark but I could see that was twice the size of mine.
It had only a shelfs with books and a huge bed.
The moonlight through the window between open so I could see her.
She was lying face down on the bed, pillows and sheets spread wildly around her. The sheet had slipped from her body, leaving the fully exposed.
My heart raced. Y / N moved slowly, but did not wake.
This is cruelty … I thought breathing deeply, watching the little blouse she was wearing that left all exposed bottom.
Jesus, help me … I thought trying to ignore the fire that spread all over my body.
My breath was kind of failure. I walked to the side of her bed, stopping beside her. His face was turned toward me.
I crouched sitting on the floor cross-legged.
Y / N slept deeply, looked so serene and peaceful.
Eyebrows raised slightly, smooth skin, small nose, fleshy and provocative mouth.
I realized that I even bit my lower lip.
God … how could she do this? Tease me up when her sleeping.
Lift me up, I grabbed the sheet and covered to the height of the ribs. Being careful not to wake her.
Y / N sighed and shifted, moving on the bed.
I freaked out thinking that it had agreed with my touch, but she still slept soundly. Just had turned toward me, lying on her side. His legs had escaped the sheet.
You’re not helping me, Y / N …, I sighed the covering again.
I sat down again, now more near the bed so I could move in hair y / n.
How could I have hurt a creature so small, defenseless and beautiful as this?
What was my problem?

I was never good at demonstration of affection, but for her I could try to be better.
“ What are you doing to me girl? ” I whispered.
The room was dark but I could have sworn I saw a smile on her face.

Request - Barry Allen “New Beginning”

You were holding his hand, like you had done almost every day over the last nine months. You had to force yourself to keep talking, to keep believing that he would wake up, even when you knew not a lot of coma patients did after such a long time.
“Come on Barry… I don’t think I can do this all by myself…” You put his hand on your belly, the belly you barely managed to fit in your shirts anymore.
“It’s not just me waiting for you, you feel? This little one wants a daddy who can carry her around…” A tear was rolling over your face, and you wiped it away, aggressively. You cried so easily lately. Everyone blamed it on the pregnancy, and maybe that was true, but you had a hard time imagining being left alone, living on without Barry. You could still remember your panic after the lightning had hit, just when you had gone downstairs to check something. The stairs back up seemed to be endless, and the moment you found Barry, lying motionless on the floor, your world seemed to have stopped. You knew you had somehow called 911, you knew you had gotten to the hospital, and you knew you had moved along with him to Star labs later on, but if anyone would ask you how you had done that, you wouldn’t have been able to tell them. The test you had done a few days after the accident had been a shock as well. You and Barry hadn’t been planning on becoming parents, and here you were, with a Barry in coma and a baby growing in your belly. Maybe the last thing Barry would leave on this earth. You smiled when you felt the baby kick, exactly where you had put Barry’s hand.
“See Barry? Your daughter wants to meet you. You just need to wake up…” Then you held your breath. You couldn’t have felt that, could you? The baby was kicking inside of you, you had imagined the hand on your belly stroking it. You slowly looked up at his face, not wanting to be disappointed again, like all those times before.
“A daughter?” The voice startled you. You hadn’t heard it for far too long, had actually almost given up the hope of ever hearing it again.
“Barry?” He smiled, and you had to push back the tears that wanted to come out again. You didn’t want him to see you crying, immediately after he came back. He nodded.
“How long have I been out?” He looked at your belly in shock. It almost told him everything he needed to know about that., but you told him anyway.
“9 months. And yes, she’s yours…” The smile on his face only grew.
“When is she due?” You shrugged.
“Any day now…” And then the tears came, the tears of happiness this time. Barry was back. Your daughter would get a father, you would have a boyfriend again. All would be well again. He clearly didn’t know what to do, clumsily stroking your hair.
“I’m so sorry… I should have been there.” You shook your head.
“It’s ok now, Barry… everything is fine…” He hesitated with his hand above your belly.
“May I?” You nodded, placing his hand there again yourself, immediately feeling the baby kick.
“She’s just as happy as I am to have you back…” The astonishment on his face was wonderful to see.
“I can’t wait to meet her, Y/N.”


Captain Peggy Carter, SSR.

Sergeant Angie Martinelli, 107th Infantry Division.

This is their story.

Request – Derek Hale “A new beginning”, Sequel to “Little boy”, “Not like him”, “Safe in someone’s arms”, “Safety” and “Future

You looked at the test in your hand, still unsure if you should be happy with it or not. Yes, you and Derek had been together for a while now, but this? This was a big step.
“Derek?” You had to tell him… this wasn’t something you could do on your own, not now, not anymore. You walked to the living room where you knew you could find the wolf, playing with Michael, rolling a ball to him, and patiently waiting until he would get it back. He looked up.
“What is it?” He didn’t expect a thing, just seemed distracted by the game he was playing with the boy, with your boy. You sat down on the coach.
“Remember that we talked about having a family, a while ago?” He stood up, first giving Michael a puzzle to keep him occupied.
“I’ve got to talk to your mum for a moment, ok?” Michael barely heard the man anymore, throwing the pieces all over the floor, and Derek stood up to sit down next to you. “Yes… why are you bringing that up now?” You took out the test you had hidden behind your back, not knowing if you wanted to show it. What if he would leave you alone right now? You had built up such a great dynamics, you had just started to get over your fears, he had started to open up a bit. You had both been damaged, a lot, when you came together. This… this could ruin everything you had built up in the mean time.
“This just happened.” He took over the test, looking at it.
“Two lines…” He turned towards you, a smile on his face, a smile that you had started to love, but hadn’t expected to see right now. “You’re pregnant?” You nodded.
“We’re getting a baby, Derek…” It was the first time you had used ‘we’, and you held your breath to see how he would react on that. He could still leave, he could still run out. No matter how sweet he was with Michael, he wasn’t his. He didn’t have any responsibilities, and you were afraid. You had started to depend on Derek over the past months. But he didn’t leave. He ran towards the boy, plucking him away from his puzzle, even though Michael didn’t seem to agree on that, and kept squirming in Derek’s arms.
“You’re going to be a big brother, kid…” Derek looked at you. “And you a mother of two. You’ll do great…” He looked back at the boy, avoiding your look. “What do you think, little one… would your mother allow me to stay?” You started laughing.
“Allow you to stay? I’m not letting you go. Do you really think I could do this on my own?” Derek shrugged.
“This one turned out really well… I don’t know if I could do it better…” You smiled, putting your hand on your belly, even when there wasn’t anything to see or feel yet.
“Imagine what will come out of this one when we do it together. I don’t want to miss you anymore… you’ve been my saviour, in more ways than you can possibly imagine.” He put Michael on your lap, and slid of the couch on one knee. You shook your head.
“No… no way…” He smiled. “I might have wanted to be a bit better prepared for this, but I can’t think of a better moment. Y/N. Will you marry me?”

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