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Can you do a dragon age inquisition romanced companions reacting to holding their child with the inquisitor for the first time? This account is probably my favorite on tumblr 😂

Mod Katalyna has returned from being AWOL to bring you her aesthetic: Parents of the Inquisition!(I wasn’t AWOL on purpose, I’m sorry! Life happened.)

Josephine: She’s an utter wreck, her hair a mess, her clothes in disarray, tears streaming down her face, her entire carefully contrived appearance ruined. Yet she’s completely still, only the tears that continuously fall down her face moving as she stares with almost childlike wonder down at her own child. This baby the most precious treasure she’s ever handled, worth more than her entire family’s fortune, and she knows that she’d give up everything she has to make sure this child, her child, is safe and happy. She looks up at her lover to hope that they share her awe at this little being that is now theirs.

Solas: He’s stunned for long moments, no racing thoughts or brilliant plans or anything at all going through his mind. There is nothing but the tiny bundle in his arms, half his, half his lover’s, all its own entity. Finally, a thought crystalizes: if anything in this world is real, it’s this child, my child. Eyes that reflect his own stare up at him, as if the little babe is thinking the same thing. And he knows in that instant that this child is worth risking everything for, even his duty.

Cullen: He holds his baby as if one wrong move could make it shatter, and his lover laughs as they rearrange his hands into a more natural position. But they don’t understand; this child is everything. With his first glimpse, Cullen was lost. This family is his and no one will ever threaten it. And he needs so badly to be a good father to his child, their child. He would give this baby the moons if that was what it took.

Sera: She holds the baby like an old pro but blinks down at the bundle in her arms as if she has no idea what it is. For long moments, she and the baby simply stare at each other, trying to figure each other out. Suddenly, Sera grins, then laughs. “I am gonna teach you the very best pranks, yeah?” she informs the child. Nefarious plots involving Cullen’s training dummy are already hatching. Yet even as she plans mischief, she holds the child, now hers, closer to her chest, protectively. Nobody ever messes with what’s hers.

Dorian: “Well, I, uh… How lovely,” he finally manages to say after holding the child awkwardly for a few long moments. He’s not really sure about this. It’s… it’s a baby. It’s messy and loud and awkward and helpless. Yet then the child giggles and reached stubby little arms out to him, and he’s lost. He knows he has lots of long, messy, loud, awkward, helpless nights ahead of him. But at least his amatus will be there so neither of them will ever get too overwhelmed. They’ll figure it out together.

Blackwall: He’s already got two dozen toys made by the time he holds his child for the first time. He’s prepared to battle the whole world for his baby. He’s done everything he can to be ready, but he’s still completely overwhelmed when he feels the little bundle of life in his arms for the first time. He cries happy tears when the baby pulls on his beard and pulls the other half of his family close by his side, needing to share this moment. Nothing could have ever prepared him for this.

Cassandra: She’s crying and laughing and her warrior persona has completely dissolved into the soft romantic her lover always knew was under her armor. She’s trying to sing through her tears and mostly failing, but she’s gently rocking her child and already promising it all the love she can give. She has her doubts about her abilities as a mother, but she’s going to give it everything she’s got, and her lover will be right there with her through it all. It’s all a little too perfect to believe, but she doesn’t care. It’s hers.

Iron Bull: Whoa, okay, weird. This is weird. He’d never actually thought he’d be raising a kid. If he did have any kids, he’d never have spent any time with them or even really knew about them if he hadn’t become Tal-Vashoth. And he really can’t regret that decision now, with a little bundle way too small for his big arms nestled against his chest. It’s weird but it’s also weirdly right. And he likes the idea of teaching his kid to slay dragons even as he protects them from the world- and the world from them. This could be good, and he knows his kadan will be there for every moment, and that makes it perfect.

Bonus! Because I know we have Krem fans:

Krem: Well, he’d decided to take it all in stride, but the second he laid eyes on his baby he knew that wasn’t an option anymore. Then he held the little squirming bundle and he realized he simultaneously knew exactly what to do and knew nothing at all. He was going to protect this little kid with everything in him, and he was going to hope his lover could help with the rest, because, shit, what do you even do with a kid? He held his child and rocked them gently and he knew he’d figure it all out somehow. Together with his lover, they’d figure it out.

nct dream as tumblr blogs

this also ended up kinda like nct dream as tumblr mutuals but only a lil bit 


  • honestly he probably only made the blog to promote his tracks on soundcloud bye
  • he came for the promo, stayed for the memes
  • meme master 9000 ????

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ohhhh i'd love to hear more about your ruins caretaker papyrus AU!

Oh, you’re so sweet??? Thank you so much for being interested, and sorry for not answering earlier, I was busy with college ;-;

Also, hm, I know we haven’t actually had a conversation, like, ever, but I know you’re the Queen of Papyrus fics and ideas, so I thought maybe you’d be interested in this @zefive??? (sorry if you aren’t feel free to ignore me)

I haven’t actually thought about that AU in a loooong time. I haven’t even played Undertale in a long time, so I may not remember some things very well. Basically, it all starts as a Genocide Route, where Frisk is in the Ruins and meets Toriel. Frisk kills everyone, then kills Toriel, and then they get out of the Ruins.

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I really want to start this chain mail sort of thing where I ship off a hardcover ACOMAF book to my fav ACOTAR tumblr and they write a little something on their favourite page/quote on the book. And then, in three or so days time they ship it off to their next fav tumblr until the book has gone everywhere and hopefully it comes back to me before ACOWAR?

I want us all to write on the book, and maybe take a photo of it in our fav reading spot and document everything on a tumblr post. Reblog and comment if you’re down for this shizzle.

You’re not sure what you did to deserve her. She’s practically perfect and there’s nothing in your life you haven’t managed to ruin. But with her, it’s like your slate has been wiped clean. Your past doesn’t matter when she’s there. She makes everything right. And now you’ll do anything to deserve her.
—  L.B.
It's been one year

It’s been one year since I started doing crystal meth.
365 days and I can count how many days I’ve been sober on 2 hands.
Everything in my life has changed in one year.
In one year I
Started using
Got really skinny
Met a person from tumblr
Fell in love
Got attached
Became pregnant
Went crazy
Got an abortion
Lost my job
Became dependent
Ruined every previous relationship I had
Ruined the relationship I was in
Got raped
Lost the best cat I’ve ever known
Lost the place I called home
Lost my boyfriend
Isolated myself to
Gave up trying

I’m not saying this drug was the cause of any of those things, but if I hadn’t used on March 27th 2016 none of those things would have happened. One thing did not change this year, that’s how much I truly hate myself. I did a lot of stupid things so I could get high. If someone that follows me is curious about trying meth, I can tell you that the first high isn’t worth it. You’ll get addicted and it will control all the things you thought you had control over. I don’t regret any of the things I’ve done, because I got to know what true happiness felt like. I got to know what loving someone with you’re entire heart meant. And it fucking hurts.

And to all the hate I’m going to get for my abortion calm the fuck down before you say shit. I was told that I was too thin to try to give birth. If I did decide to keep it, the baby and I would have died. I know I was too skinny because of meth, I know I had to end a life because of a drug. I’m reminded of that every day when I wake up until the time I go to sleep.
I hope someone takes something away from this.

When I look at you, love makes sense. I’ve spent a lot of time picking myself up off the floor, but I feel like you’d want to help me instead of just breaking me down further like the rest. It’s a theory I want to test, but it makes me nervous too. I don’t think that you’ll hurt me, not intentionally. We’ve had a good run so far, and it feels like I’d be asking you to pick up the pace even you seem perfectly comfortable where you are. I don’t want to ruin the progress we’ve made, but I can’t help but feel that we can go much further together. If only I could let you know. All you’d have to do is say yes.
—  Maxwell Diawuoh, Request: a girl who got her heart broken a million times. Then she meets a boy and she knows that he’s everything she has ever wanted inside out and that they can be great together, but she doesn’t know how to tell him about her feelings because she might ruin the little friendship they’re building.
People To Block in the HxH Tumblr Community

If you are new to hunterxhunter. Here are some people you should block so you can have a great experience. 

(My last call out was unprofessional and messy. So for Uncle’s I revised here. Please, I would never make these things up unless I was certain that it did happen and upon further research and painfully going through a archive. Some things were deleted in Uncle’s blog. So if I could link it, I would. She does have a knack for deleting her posts. Some things are and were very nasty, but I can warn you all about the things she did do as well the other two who have things still up on their blogs that even you guys can find. So let’s start with the first troll and reason on why to block her.)

@hyskoa-mourououu (Is a side blog) or @virginympho (Where she posts everything about herself. Why does she treat Tumblr like Facebook or Twitter?)


  • The first reason is simple. She pretended to be my friend, @whimsical-hisoka​, @Sexyclowndaddy and @schwing-stars​‘s friend just to use us to get information out of us. To tell to her friends and she did admit that she did contribute to making the drama worse. The private things that Whimsical trusted her with, she did screenshot and show her friends everything. Then she has the nerve to make a post saying:

    “I am more purer then you.”

    Which for a fact she was referring to Whimsical and the very touchy topics that were said in their chats. That is what Whimsical told me when she saw that post more then 3 weeks ago. I could careless if I get a apology, but Whimsical is the one who deserves one. She felt safe and confident that her info was secure, but it was leaked out faster then popped balloon. :0I

  • Second reason, she gets angry at anyone who does not see it her way. It’s my way or the highway. If you do not see it as such then prepare to be fucked. Once she told me that a girl who disagreed with her on a fictional character. She got so angry at this girl’s response that she wanted to bash this girl’s face into a table just to shut her up. Now the girl had every right to say she did not like that character. Just as anyone else who has their own opinions. 

  • Third Reason, she actually believes, Hisoka is in love with her. She is so obsessed with him that she gets jealous on whoever calls him their bea, boyfriend or their husband. She literally admits this in her blog. Also, if I remember correctly she admitted it to me and Whimsical as well. Like Hisoka is fictional. He is not real. She needs to get out of lala land. I adore Hisoka very much maybe obsessed with him too, but not to the point where I get jealous at someone who likes him as much as me. Sharing is caring, right? Appreciate him as a character not as a object.

  • Forth reason, from what one of her followers told me. She threatened to send her 16 year old brother at us. To beat the shit out of us while she watches and as I recall in her post to be seen slitting throats. Now this isn’t the first time she wanted to harm someone. She has gotten into fights for supposedly beating down a bully, but was she the bully in turn? I am not sure. I cannot trust whatever she says since she pretended to be our friend. Also, hiding behind her own brother who is a child. When she is almost 20. A grown as woman who says were being childish? I am not seeing the connection. 

  • Fifth reason, she deems herself higher then others. She acts like she is it. She in the back of her mind thinks she is better then you. She is very two-faced. She will pretend to like you, but she never did. Honestly, deep down I was very wary about her, but tried to give her a chance. During our supposed friendship, most of the time I was the one saying hello. How are you doing? She never once even tried. The last we spoke was during our little drama 3 weeks ago. Last she told me was when I called her out. It was a messy call out unorganized, but a call out nonetheless. The things that were said were:

    No one cares about your opinions.
    No one cares if you exist here. 
    This is tumblr get use to it.
    As my last act of ‘KINDNESS’, I will block you.
    I never was here to make friends, I was here for the drama, I am a nosy bitch and I love it. And you were a hoot. Byeeeee….
    I am tired of you, you are tiring. 
  • Now, these things did hurt, but knowing she was not here to even try to be friends or try to get to know us. It did hurt, I did want to be friends with her, but to me it was a great weight off my own shoulders. So if you do encounter her or follow her please be wary. She is just a spoiled woman who thinks she is a demigod, slash princess, slash lil spoiled rich lady who thinks she can get away with everything. She is one of the reasons SexyClownDaddy was getting harassed to the point where she had to block even her friends, but from what I been hearing she is hiding behind a kid, having her friends delete the call out messages she has been getting from her followers for her and then crying about it saying how bad she has it. Me and SexyClowndaddy and maybe other people who have not come forward have been getting harassed by her friends and followers for a full year. She kinda has no right to be complaining. 

  • So I have the privilege to say, “This is Tumblr get use to it.”

  • I will admit, she showed screenshots of my own posts but then deleted her posts so she can look innocent. I left my posts on my blog feel free to read them. I really have nothing to hide. I am just some flea trying to spread this so other don’t get what I encountered. So moving on.


    She gets jealous on whoever says Hisoka is their’s. She believes he is in love with her like hardcore delusional to the nine. She will first act like your friend, but then backstabs you. Sheis only in it for herself. She acted like my friend, @sexyclowndaddy’s friend, @whimsical-hisoka and @schwing-stars friend. Everything that they told her to keep a secret she went and told her friends whom only made the drama worse for me and everyone else. So don’t bother with her. She is a waste of air who thinks she can get away with everything. If you follow her fine, just be wary with her. She acts nice, but is just a little 19 year old woman who sends from what I hear her 16 year old brother to try to beat people up for her and has thoughts to want to harm people who disagree with her. (Really? A 16 year old. He is a child. WTF?)

    @killvrsmaim  or @diavolovevo

    Note:  [She has a tendency to change her name or move to multiple accounts to stalk people who have blocked her.]


  • This girl is a trip, she caused a lot of drama to safe LGBT blogs. From what I was told and from going and asking around. She is a horrible little troll. She is best friends with Hyskoa no doubt, but she goes from place to place telling, trans to die, CIS to burn in hell all these negative things to people who are just trying to find a place to be safe. Now you literally can look her up on tumblr. There are people calling her shit out. She goes from blog to blog 

  • Second reason, this girl if you do not believe in her headcanons which she deems canon. She will lose her shit. If you do not see every character in hxh as gay she will call you homophobic, a traitor to the fandom and to all LGBT. Now I never understood why you have to mix anime with LGBT. Keep them separate. Even my gay friend @emthesmall-official says not everything has to be gay. And she is a gay as fuck proud goat mama. You need diversity in stories and especially in animes. 

  • Third reason, she will threaten you and tell you that you need to kill yourself. She will threaten to you that she will kill herself. I have seen her use this on many others and believe me it is hardcore as fuck, she is only 15 and already making a mess. A child reblogging porn and all sorts of things that ruins the mind. She really needs to get off Tumblr and chill her bum down. Which is why I blocked her.

  • Forth reason, she stalks the shit out of you. She literally took the time and effort to make a DA account go and harass my best friend when she has nothing to do with drama we were not even apart of. Then she has the mordacity to come to me and tell me to have my friends stop bothering her when, I ask her friends to stop bothering me. They did not comply. They didn’t stop so why should I get involved with her? I just blocked her. She recently messaged me calling me a bitch and saying we have unfinished business to do. Which, I blocked her second account as well. She is plain creepy. Just block her. 


    She is a lil teenager, going from tumblr account to tumblr account. Saying all this should die. People who are CIS should burn in hell, they should kill themselves. Anyone who is not gay and who is straight should not exist. She came up to me once. Asked me to tell my friends to stop bothering her. When she went out of her way to make a DA account stalk them and call them a bitch. She declared if I did not stop them she would kill herself. Now I talked to other people who dealt with her and she did the same thing to them. If you do not see every hxh character as gay she will call you homopobic and racist against whatever. I mean look her up on tumblr. It is full with people calling her out. Please if you follow her or encounter her. Just report her or block her. She is best friends with Hyskoa and knowing both of them. They cause some trouble in the hxh tumblr community.


  • I have no words for this one. She is just plain horrible. Maybe the worse out of the three. She was the first, I went to asking her to tell her friends to stop talking about me. To me, I thought my own head canon was accepted. I went into the hxh fandom thinking these people seem nice. They are horrible. She and her friends made hardcore memes about a silly harmless head canon. They took it so serious that they said anyone who sees Hisoka as straight are not true HXH fans. Like Hisoka’s sexuality is never said and his entire being is a mystery. Yet they act like they know him in and out. Uncle’s gf made a entire post of weird facts saying he is feminine he must be gay. Or a simple word ‘boko’ he says makes him gay. Or the good ole. He used the fig sign which didn’t even look like the proper fig sign. All these crazy assumptions and people believed it. They believed fanon over canon. I could present canon facts and they would ignore it. 

  • Second reason, she hates CIS people, straight people or anyone against her agenda it doesn’t matter who you are. Basically, there were posts she did complaining about these topics, but she has a habit of deleting all of her posts so she don’t look BAD. Now what happened to equality? Now it is about supremacy over a certain sexuality. It is the hets who made thing worse, it is men who made things worse. A hardcore SWJ. I met very pleasent SJW’s and showed them Uncle’s blog. Even they were all ‘no’. That is not how it works.  

  • Third reason, from what SexyClownDaddy showed and told me. She has over 500 blogs that she uses to either stalk people or harass people who she dislikes. Now, I could not believe it. It sounds unreal. Can you all understand why SexyClown started blocking everyone? I have nothing to say about this one. It’s creepy it’s weird. Some of the things her followers tell me are unbelievable, one of them were she dislikes trans people. Saying they are betraying their own gender, but she is okay with non-binaries. This is what one of her followers told me. She did has a post up there, but it is long been deleted. <:/ 

  • Forth reason, she does laugh and talk about you behind your back. I thought she was very nice, but she likes to guilt trip the shit out of you. She talks and talks until she makes you head spin and all you can do is say yes. I have my own beliefs, but she said I had no right to even say my own opinions on LGBT or even on Hisoka. I had no right to say anything because anything I say is either homophobic, against her cause and people. The reason for equality is to respect others opinions even if you don’t agree with them and she didn’t respect anything I said. All I could do was nod and say yes because IDK what the hell she was talking about. I also must point out she always seems to put hardcore hate anything related to God. Now there are some who do not believe in God and some who do not, but that does not mean you have the right to disrespect either factors and put your hate upon those who believe that said per religion. I myself am Catholic. Do that mean I hate anyone who does not believe? No, but UncleHisoka sure has stated this in her blog. There could be people following her that find that offensive or some who do not believe in God finding that disrespectful. To me she wants Supremacy over equality, other then being equal no matter what you are. 


    This girl is beyond help. She has over 500 tumblr blogs she used to either stalk me or people she does not like. She dislikes and disrespects those who are in a religion or religion itself. Sends hardcore death threats, talks back behind you if you say Hisoka or any other character is not gay. If you are CIS, white, a man or straight she will block you. She hates whites when she herself is , Caucasian. It does not make sense. She dislikes trans people who identify with a gender. Which she finds disgusting and appalling. When, I told her kindly to ask her friends to stop bothering me. She said she would. Now after a day or so she and her friends still be were talking shit about me just for saying Hisoka was straight? Like I was ruining their gays for him. That their little shrine was crumbling. The more evidence I brought forward to back up my headcanon. The more she and her goons got ‘TRIGGERED’. She and the other two girls I am warning all about. Are so hardcore about Hisoka that anyone who does not agree with them will burn in their path. From the evidence I seen from their followers. They are 100% behind the Hisoka is gay side blog. That was used to troll anyone who saw Hisoka as hetero in headcanon.

Final Thoughts: 

Now I came from a hardcore fandom. Homestuck. That place is horrible. One thing, I know is these girls would never survive in it. They would have been chewed up and eaten alive. That is how hardcore the fans are. One thing I remember Hyskoa telling me was.

‘This is tumblr sweety get use to it.’

Now from what I been hearing she has been getting anons coming to her talking about the bull that she has been spewing all over her blog. Ever since my own post on her. Now I had a hunch she was just using me and my friends to get information from us to tell her weird goons. This chick, Hyskoa then starts complaining and crying that she is getting hate. When she herself and her friends were giving me and my friends hate for a full year.

So I guess I have the privilege to say.

‘This is Tumblr get over it.’

For a full year, I dealt with you and your friend’s bull. You have no right to complain. Also, @Sexyclowndaddy had it worse then I did. She got stalked, horrble hardcore death threats, everyone she trusted went against her, these people told lies about her that were not true and the harassment got so bad she had to block everyone including her friends. I implore you all to block these trolls. They are not good hunterxhunter fans. They are just pure negative. If you don’t block that is fine, just be wary of them.

I am only saying this because, I don’t want anyone to receive the harassment me and SexyClownDaddy got.

Geezus over a fucking headcanon too. Really man.

I really am left speechless about these people. Never in my life have I met such bad sports. They take things to seriously. Everyone and everything is against their agenda. They have the nerve to call me and my friends the ‘STRAIGHT SQUAD’. Well here is a fact:


:0I Only me, @deadxxxmoon and Whimsical are straight. ONLY THREE PEOPLE. The rest are gay. I guess if you mix gay and straight it makes Graight. WERE THE GREAT SQUAD. :0) Thanks for the idea my fellow trilobites. 


Does it matter that they are gay or trans? No it doesn’t, but if you are going to act like a asshole, then you will be treated as such. This is the greatest kindness we can offer you all. I am sorry, I am done. I did not make this for drama, I made this to call them out and warn people. I feel bad for those who encountered them and were victims.

Also, these people actually accept our headcanon. Why? Because canonly Hisoka’s sexuality has never been confirmed. More or less he is a secret even to them and us. So we headcanon and present the evidence. Yet they get triggered whenever it is brought up. If a man act feminine oh he must be gay. I am sure when he asked Machi out to dinner and in the manga asked her to sleep with him that must mean he is gay. Like? Yeah, there is more evidence supporting my own headcanon. Which is why I headcanoned him as such.

I truly hope this does justice. They might say, I am lying. I am homophobic, I am a bully, but I am standing up to my own bullies. This was very hard to make and scary. I don’t like drama, but they sure do. 

:0I I hope you all have a nice night.

P.S: The old one is still valid. If you want to read that one here.

If not please reblog this one if you like. :0)

(This was was redo with more clarification for those who got confused and why I am making these accusations and why they should be blocked.)


One of my followers told me that Hyskoa changed her name too @virginympho

So. If you have not blocked her do so. She is just cancer on tumblr. Why deal with this troll when browsing hxh?

[Please don’t go and harass these people. Just block them.]

Ruiner of Sh-… I Mean Pontiff Sulyvahn

This guy… hmm.. the only nice thing I can say about him that he has some awesome moveset, a bad-ass design, and the battle against him is still tense even with NPC summons. His rise to power, and grand ambition broke what’s left of the gods’ leadership. It’s hard to choose sides since, the gods started all this mess, but he’s not exactly a model citizen either.

He’s part of a church that feeds people alive to a “saint.” To add to this list, he’s turned some of his servants into those weird croco-dogs, slowly transmogrified his exiles into slobbering Knight-beasts, fed a god to aforementioned “saint,” have infinite stamina, unearthed the profaned flame for his nefarious plans, have infinite stamina, forced someone to do his victory dances for him, he could duplicate himself for twice the pain, and he has INFINITE STAMINA!! For cripes sake! Just let me have a swig of my flask!!!

Keenveins 2015 Fan Fic Masterpost

I thought it would be fun to compile all the fics I wrote this year into one big post. This year is almost over, and you all have made it so much fun! I love being able to share my fics with all of you! Fics with porn in them will be labled as such! 

Don’t Look Back (Keep Your Eyes On Me)

Arin/Everyone: My ultimate bottom Arin fic. Arin has an arrangement where he gets fucked by every Grump except for Dan. Soon, he realizes that he wants Dan too, and that maybe Dan wants him back. Much angst and sex occurs. This was my FIRST GG fic and is my longest, and also still my favorite. (PORN OMG)

Made From All The Wrong Stuff

Dan/Arin: Arin drinks during the charity stream and all he can think to do is call Dan whose in a different state, too far away. (Porn)


Dan/Arin: An AU where GG never happened and instead Arin is an animator and a big fan of NSP. He and Ross meet Dan at a convention and Arin might have a crush on Dan. (Porn)

Sea Salt

Arin/Dan: Arin takes Dan to the beach in an effort to help Dan get over his fear of the ocean. (Fluff)

No Control

Holly/Ross/Barry: Ross has a crush on Barry, might act on it and thinks he’s ruined everything. Holly saves the day. A.K.A Holly and Ross seduce Barry. (Porn)


Dan/Arin: Dan is curious about how to finger himself thanks to Arin, Arin is more than happy to give him a hand. (Porn)

Take What We Want (When We Need) 

Ross/Everyone: Ross is involved in a circle jerk orchestrated by his dom Brian. (Porn)


Barry/Ross: Barry has a big dick and Ross is a size queen who wants that dick bad. A sequel to the first Size Queen Ross fic! (Porn)

Keenveins Collection

Multiple Pairings: A collection of my tumblr prompts including the aforementioned Size Queen Ross. (Multi)

Different Colors

Brian/Ross: Brian wants to try role reversal and bottoms for Ross. (Porn)

Saving All My Summers (For You)

Arin/Dan: Arin and Dan are neighbors who grow up together, as teenagers those feelings start to evolve. My first chaptered fic! (Angst)

 Everything I Need (I Get From You)

Dan/Arin: A Christmas fic where Arin and Dan are dating but spending the holiday apart due to not being ‘out’ to Dan’s family yet. (fluff)

Let It Move Right Through You 

Dan/Arin/Suzy: Dan, Arin, and Suzy are in a poly-amorous relationship. Dan comes home from traveling to some naughty plans that Suzy and Arin have thought up. My last fic of 2015! (porn)

I posted my first GG fic back in June. I remember being so nervous about it, but you all have been so lovely and wonderful to me you really don’t know what it means to me to have people appreciate my work the way you do! 

I tried to post something every month as a personal goal for myself and I managed to pull it off! I wrote 13 fics for the fandom this year not counting the smaller things. It’s been a lot of fun! Hopefully 2016 brings many more opportunities for fic! 


so for anyone who has recently updated their blog within maybe two days or so you might have noticed this new bar tumblr has put on your blog page

(sorry it’s cut off, the theme I got it from - it’s cut off at the sides)

what it basically is, is the top bar of the tumblr dashboard but it has the customize page controls on it and all the customary follow button, message button, etc.

I don’t know if tumblr is testing something out or if this is a permanent fixture in how their handling the theme controls now

it pushes down any element on your blog that doesn’t have the the attribute below or is contained inside something that isn’t fixed


the solution I’ve found is to put this under <style type=“text/css”> in your theme code

.tmblr-iframe {
    display: none !important;

it still pushes everything down still, but at least it doesn’t show up and ruin the overall look of your theme

if anyone finds a better solution PLEASE DON’T HESITATE to add onto this post. I would very much like to have the unobstructive old tumblr controls back

What do I know about her?

I know she hates her dad for always yelling and throwing things, and for hurting her brother.

I know she loves her brother but can’t stand his fits when he hasn’t taken his medicine, and she knows where the band aids are to cover her cuts when it gets quieter.

I know she can’t stand her girlfriend sometimes, the way she always yells and blames everything on her.

I know she doesn’t like cursing or people raising their voices, because it reminds her of her dad.

I know she is only out to her mother, because her father would be too angry.

I know she has anxiety, the life ruining kind- not the cutesy kind you see on Tumblr. I know she shakes with fear over whether or not the girlfriend is going to break up with her, whether or not her grades are good enough, whether or not she is good enough.

I know she hates field hockey but keeps playing because she likes the laughing parts of practice.

I know she’s caught my eye from across the room far too many time to appear non-suspicious.

I know she’s sixteen and hates that she looks twelve, but I think she’s adorable in the most perfect way possible.

I know she has a contagious laugh, a cute little tittering that doesn’t stop for a long time even when the joke isn’t funny anymore.

I know her face is always red, flushed with color, and she hates it but not nearly enough to bother with makeup.

I know she looks beautiful without a single ounce of makeup on her face, and she makes my heart flutter all the time.

I know she is the kind of person you can open your soul up to, because she won’t ever judge, just lay feather light fingers to it.

I know she is funny in her own special way, the kind that is pure but still makes me laugh until I almost cry.

I know she goes to bed early every night, and sometimes she falls asleep texting me because she tried to stay up past 8:30 again.

I know she doesn’t talk to me in the hallways unless the girlfriend isn’t there. I know she is afraid the girlfriend will assume things and break up with her.

I know she likes hugs and hand holding and has a passion for girls in suits and bowties.

I know she likes the kind of art I make, and I’ve made it for her before in the blink of an eye as stupid little gifts. I know how her face lights up with every single one of them.

I know she has a passion for books. I know she loves to disappear into a different world every once in a while, when this one is too stressful.

I know she’s the kind of person you can’t stay mad at for any amount of time.

I know she is so peaceful and pure and stirs within me every emotion that a gentle love should.

I know I would do anything for her.

I know she is taken.

I know I love her.


Last Post

Hello, Rose and Kevin’s friend posting here since they have decided to leave the blog. It has come to a lot of people’s attention that several people took their last post and have been spreading hate and personal information about Rose on social media including attacking her directly again and even making fun of her medical condition.

Kevin has broken up with Rose because of personal reasons, so there will be no use of this Tumblr anymore. These people need to grow up and leave Rose alone and let her heal from the pain because she is really heartbroken. Haven’t you done enough already? She’s already quit nearly everything and people are posting old or unnecessary drama about her to ruin her image even though she’s quit. Grow up. The “war” is over she has only been focused on losing her relationship and some girls even messaged Kevin directly talking shit to trick him into breaking up with her and it worked and they are both extremely hurt from it.

Yes, that last post mentioned cosplay bullying but it is not about one single specific person nor was it calling anyone out like they’re doing to her. Be satisfied with the fact that she’s already suffering and quit Tumblr and Sakura cosplay for a long time and that she’s been in a hell of a lot of pain because of the “revenge” of others. Find a better hobby.


Where do we stand? What would happen if we picked everything back up? How much damage has been done and are any of the ruins salvageable? Endless thoughts produce endless questions with endless possibilities. Yet none of it seems to matter - it’s all pointless. Every feeling that you evoked or every tear you caused, it just seems so insignificant to you. It doesn’t matter if we could save what we had because all those memories have been tainted and all that’s left for the future is bitterness.

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hi, i was wondering if you had any possessive/jealous jk and pliant tae fics? they're getting kinda hard to find, so i was really hoping to get some recs from you! im sorry if this has been asked before, im new to this blog (BTW AMAZING BLOG OH MY GOD THE FIC RECS ARE AMAZING

thank you!

we’ve answered similar asks here and here, but since I’m not sure if you want only smut or just possessive jungkook in any situation, and what you’re asking is somewhat different from the other asks, I’ll go ahead and make another little list here haha we do have lots of tags you can search through for those kinds of fics! possessive jungkook, protective jungkook, jealous jungkook, sub tae, bottom tae

You Put the ‘Romance’ in Bromance by TheHalesNyx - tumblr prompt from anon: “could you maybe pls write a vkook fic that has some jealous jungkook in it? im just a slut for angsty fluff :•) thx”

Best Friends Forever by letsdotheritz - No one said growing up would be this hard. Alternatively: Taehyung and Jeongguk grow up together and deal with everything in-between.

make you wet between your thighs by MataHari / teakookies - taehyung likes to be watched and jeongguk likes to make taehyung happy. jimin is slightly terrified, but mostly aroused.

Mama called me destructive (said it’d ruin me one day) by eclairdeluxe - In a realm of destruction and deceit, Kim Taehyung is the closest thing he comes to understanding love.

i feel safe in the 5 a.m. light (love in my arms and the sun in my eyes) by JemKay - And Taehyung thinks he’s never loved anyone more in his life than the boy above him who’s a little bit rough and sometimes a bit insensitive and maybe a little bit mean, but he’s also so soft and so gentle, and he treats Taehyung like he’s something so precious to him. And maybe he’s like that because of Taehyung, or maybe it’s because underneath everything, underneath the tough exterior and the sky-high walls, his heart’s more delicate than Taehyung’s, but all Taehyung knows is that Jeongguk fills up all of Taehyung’s vulnerable pieces with parts of himself.

Fixed Gaze (Only to You) by TaeTea - Jeongguk gets a bit antsy after Taehyung’s popularity in school skyrockets (even more) once he takes up a job from Etude House as the most recent face of their new campaign.

I Can Do It Better by Kruciatus - PWP. Desperate Taehyung and aggressive Jungkook. Basically just an excuse for me to write taekook smut

My Love Is Carried To You By My Feet by JemKay - Taehyung gets stood up and Jeongguk (unsuccessfully) tries to ignore him.

Say the words by Dreamy_world - “The fuck man?” Taehyung grimace looking away from him “Hyung, you need to do this, there’s no other option” Jungkook insist

i wanna hold you close (tonight and always) by jiyxngie - Jeongguk is a slightly possessive boyfriend.

Jealous Jungkook by arabellarosebts - “STOP FLIRTING” Taehyung pulled up with a start, looking down at the other innocently blinking. Jeongguk stiffened and turned to send a glare in Seokjin’s direction, who was sipping an iced tea and smiling as if he was rather satisfied with himself.

sterek fics of the week

affettuoso by bleepobleep [E] [13066]

Derek mentally kicks himself for just standing there like a lovestruck fool, but it’s been exactly forty-six days since he saw Stiles, and he still remembers the taste of his skin, how Stiles feels underneath him

Not If I Protect You First by kitsunequeen [T] [5055]

Hunters capture Derek, Scott, and Stiles, and want to play a game. If Stiles can choose between killing his best friend and his boyfriend, he and the survivor get to walk out alive. If he can’t? Everyone dies.


“That’s insane. You have a code.”

“Which is why we’re letting you walk away,” David says, like that makes perfect sense.

“And if I don’t choose?”

“See those bullet wounds?” he asks, digging his thumb directly into the hole in Derek’s shoulder. Derek writhes, and Stiles wants to punch the jackass in the face. “Wolfsbane. So you choose, and we let you get the lucky winner to a doctor to dig it out before he croaks. Or you don’t choose, and we see which one kicks it first. And the other one? He’ll get another bullet. In his head.”

Hot Mess by standinginanicedress [E] [20458]

“I really -” Stiles rips his hand free of Derek’s and clears his throat, taking stock of all the other things that were in his basket, how strewn all over the floor of the grocery store they are. “…I’m a normal, functioning human being, I swear I am.”

“Right,” Derek says, and his mouth starts quirking up even more. Like he’s amused, and like he absolutely positively does not believe for a second that Stiles is normal.

or the one where Stiles is a literal human disaster that ruins everything, and Derek finds it incredibly attractive

Kissing the Shoreline by theroguesgambit [T] [12007]

Stiles doesn’t want just any summer fling. He wants Derek. And Lydia is determined to help Stiles get him.

Why You by MellytheHun [T] [2696]

I received a Tumblr prompt for feral!Derek and Stiles being the only one who can reach him. I think this fic takes place somewhere in the between land of season two and three? I’m not sure. Chris Argent is still anti-werewolf, Scott has floppy hair and Derek is still an unhelpful Alpha.

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i just watched 11x23 for the first time and i just realized how sad the cemetery hug actually was ... omg

Originally posted by b0ttomdean

“is that a reaction or an example”

Anyway yeah it’s something else when it comes to DeanCas hugs >.> Possibly the second saddest is the Purgatory hug but only when you zoom right in on Cas clenching his lil fist like “Aaaaaah conceal don’t feel” in the face of surprise hugging… 

Originally posted by bagginshield

With this one it’s all out there: they’re SO MISERABLE to be parting like this. 

I am really just assuming we’re talking the DeanCas one because of this blog’s main purpose but the Sam and Dean one is actually weirdly empowering and makes me emotional for totally different reasons because it’s concluding the whole Carver era arc as best it can while obviously leaving a few loose threads because we can’t solve it all when there’s a new season afterwards - especially as I was rewatching my way through season 8 before it and have watched the last part of season 8 and to the middle of season 9 since… It does feel conclusive in a way, and not just narratively, which of course it delivers in spades, but for Sam and Dean themselves, they both have waaay too much experience with having to watch the other one die (Sam especially comes to mind just because I’ve also re-watched season 3 in the last month as my rewatched shifted gears to drag my mum into this show :P) and Carver era pokes and prods at their issues with that extensively, as the main cause behind all their drama, at every turn the root of their current argument is something to do with them letting go or not… So to me that scene between Sam and Dean had a sort of acceptance to it which was very hard won through the drama we’d had to go through in Carver era, and the set up was very deliberate to give them that platform…

(christ, DeanCas shippers ruin friggin everything I can’t find a gif of the friggin Sam and Dean hug, all the friggin gifs in the episodes tags are Destiel or Cas WHAT A NIGHTMARE - i’d say this is an algorithm thing but Tumblr is always suggesting I follow J2 and brothers blogs so apparently this is just what you get when you do the search :P)

Originally posted by bubblemish

Anyway yeah, it’s all grim resignation and a deep understanding that this is what they do, they always do it, and their change has come from a deep internal place on how they relate to that fact. Their lives SUCK, because they’re always having to do the sacrifice and they’re always dying, and it’s a very different thing between them, especially with the 4-season long emphasis on coming to terms with that in some way or another, because the opportunities to watch each other die and lose each other KEEP COMING.

But oh, no, Cas… He doesn’t get in on this drama in the same way. He has unfinished business with Dean - he has a need to be with Dean. “I could come with you.” The story that’s going on between them hasn’t hit a point of acceptance or understanding or resolution - it’s as open and desperate as ever between them and this “ending” between them reflects that. Like, yeah Sam isn’t very happy to lose Dean /going for the understatement of the year thing here, but there’s finality in that parting hug. And Dean and Cas don’t have that. Their conversation in the car is interrupted, Cas still says he could go with Dean which suggests there’s still basically a ~journey~ they need to take together, and they don’t have the words for this conclusion. 

Originally posted by irensupernatural

I scrolled past something on my dash this afternoon and unfortunately can’t remember what or where now because I only half-read it while nodding and agreeing, but it was pointing out Dean’s platitudes there:

DEAN: [accepts the hug good-naturedly but then looks sad]



All right.

Like, who’s he even reassuring there… Between him and Cas there’s less the sense that this has to be done, because it’s not the story between them: when Cas loses Dean he doesn’t cope too well:

Originally posted by subcas

He kind of just sleeps and misses Dean as far as we know for this chunk of time. 

Dean isn’t much better without Cas…

Originally posted by supernaturaldaily

but these losses might upset them hugely but they don’t twist the story around them like Sam and Dean losing each other into obsessively trying to recover the other - they just give Dean or Cas a REALLY rough time dealing with the other being dead (the closest it came on either side was Dean dealing with Cas being left in Purgatory/trying to get him out, and Cas being pulled into the save Dean plan at the end of 10, but given a careful remove from the way Sam was handling it, becoming part of the plan after it was too late in many ways)… 

But I don’t think they’ve ever been given a chance to say goodbye like that. Not calmly and knowing full well what’s about to happen and just feeling helpless and out of time. It’s just… I dunno, excessively personal. We’re watching them have this moment and it’s not telling us anything except for how much they don’t want to say goodbye to each other, and the history contained in it is just the history of how much they love each other and how much they’ve lost each other already… 

*still sobbing about this the entire length of hiatus later*

After you,
He is the soft morning light and the first warm summer day. All you did was freeze me out. I never knew how to get warm even with the sun on my face.
After you,
He is a long car ride with all the best songs. I never skip any part of him. How much did you skip of me?
After you,
He is open mouth smiles and shared jackets. He is already looking at me before I even look at him. You always had your eyes on the road. His were always on me.
After you,
His fingers build a home instead of creating ruins. The curve of his mouth has offered me more than your arms ever did.
After you,
He is honey and gold, a dream. He is the softest light and the sweetest thing. He says my name and I hear the word “home”.
After you,
He is everything.
After you,
I wonder how I ever wanted what I had before.
—  after you. (via @brizzlewritesthings)