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It's weekend! And I'm feeling really great today!So there is not one word, there are (oh, can you here the drum roll?).....Three words for day three!

And here they are: beautiful,wonderful,magical 💞

okay here it is. 

Harry snuck into the auditorium after the lights have already gone down, letting out a long sigh of relief when he realized the concert hadn’t quite started yet, even though the children were already lined up on the risers on stage.  He slotted himself in with the other latecomers standing along the back wall, unwinding his scarf from around his neck and letting his i’m-gonna-be-so-fucking-late adrenaline drain out of his body.

“Don’t worry,” the man to his left whispered, his eyes crinkling up at the corners when Harry turned his head, “you’re basically right on time.” The man nodded toward the choir director up on stage. “Mr. Janis always likes to give a very thorough introduction to the year’s music.”

Harry huffed out a soft laugh, stuffing his hands into the pockets of his overcoat and trying not to sneak another sideways glance.  The man next to him was attractive – very attractive – his flawless cheekbones thrown into sharp relief by the light leaking in from the hall.    

He’s probably a parent.  A very married parent.  Harry chastised himself, balling up his fists inside his pockets and making sure to pick out his niece, Evelyn, from amongst the sea of faces before the singing began.  

“Our journey this year has been…” Mr. Janis paused, placing a hand over his heart as though overcome by some serious emotion, “beautiful… magical… wonderful…”

Harry smiled at the ground when he heard the man next to him snort and then whisper the next few words along with the choir director, mimicking the sweeping arm motion that accompanied them. “And we’re so glad to get you share it with all of you…”

Cheekbones kept Harry entertained for most the concert, making very quiet, but snarky asides about Mr. Janis and his entirely too predictable program choices – “he alllllways does carol of the bells” –  and biased solo distribution system – “oh wow, another one of the good-looking teens, who could have predicted!”.  What got Harry the most, though, were the sheepish half-smiles they shared when they made eye contact during the gorgeous, multi-layered arrangement of Silent Night and realized they were both teared up.  

Harry’s heart flipped over in his chest when the lights came on after the final bows, and it turn out Mr. Attractive was even more attractive than he’d even realized, his bright blue eyes smiling up at Harry as people filed out of the auditorium around them.

“I’m Louis,” he said, extending a hand.  

Harry swallowed and took it, hoping his palm wasn’t too sweaty.  “Harry.”

“You got a kid up there?” Louis asked.  

“Yeah – sort of.  I mean, well, no – yes,“ Harry blushed, watching Louis’s eyes crinkle up again, amusement clear on his beautiful face. “A niece,” he coughed into hand, “my niece.”

Louis smiled.  “What a good uncle.”

Harry shrugged, rolling his eyes at himself. “Barely made it on time. “

“But you made it…” Louis pointed out, still smiling.

They stood together in silence for a few beats, and Harry’s heartbeat accelerated every time Louis shifted his weight.  

He’s gonna leave.  You are too awkward.  He’s gonna leave!  Harry’s mind was going a mile a minute, but he couldn’t seem to find a single thing to say.  Questions.  Questions.  Ask him questions.   

“Why are you here?” he demanded, his eyes going wide with horror as soon as the words were out of his mouth.

Louis just burst out laughing, putting a comforting hand on Harry’s forearm in response.  “I work here,” he said, his smile turning into a grin, “and I went here.  And my siblings go here.” He rolled his eyes, shaking his head.  “I practically live here.  That’s why I’m here.”

“Oh,” Harry said, “Okay.”

“Yeah,” Louis said, laughing, his body was curved toward Harry’s in open flirtation.  “You wanna get some punch before the kids come out and drink it all?”

Harry nodded, flushing like he’d just been asked on a date.  It really felt like he’d been asked on a date.  

“Great,” Louis beamed, like Harry had just agreed to one.  

They kept sneaking glances at each other as they wended their way through the crowd, and Harry only came back down to Earth when they got to the refreshments table and he remembered why his sister hadn’t already accosted him.  She was serving punch.     

“Well, well, well,” Gemma said, her eyes sparkling and flicking back and forth between Harry and Louis.  “I see you met Mr. Tomlinson.”

“Yep,” Louis said, proudly, “Yes, he did!”

another stream of consciousness…

I don’t know how much time anyone spends looking at the subway map of Gorillaz’ music tastes in ROTO but there are actually quite a few interesting takeaways one can glean from it. In case you don’t know wtf I’m talking about, I attempted to post said infographic on tumblr here  but couldn’t quite figure a nice looking, well-formatted way to do it (if anyone has any better ideas for how to share it, please do…idk how you could post it and still have it be readable)

ANYHOW, I was looking over Murdoc’s line of music influences, and who he overlapped  with the most. Unsurprisingly, he and 2D share the most similarities, which imo, means something and could be its own post but what piqued my interest most is his overlap with Russel. After 2D, Murdoc shares the most influences and music preferences with Russel. This is funny because iirc, Murdoc has complained in the past about Russel infusing too much hip hop into some of the music, yet here he is also citing artists like Dr. Dre, Rakim and 2 Live Crew as artists that he like/was influenced by. It’s another thing they have in common despite their (seemingly?) outward dislike of one another.

Also, as a totally out there theory- you know how Murdoc had all those bands prior to Gorillaz? I always wondered whether all of them were rock bands. Like, it was never specified what genre every single group he formed played. Plus,you consider the fact that he was exploring any avenue possible to get famous AND that stylistically, popular music was constantly evolving so maybe Murdoc tried to adapt every now and then. Not saying he tried his hand at hip hop but funk? r&b? disco? folk? Lmao I wonder.

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It's awesome that you're 29. I'm 30 and was kinda feeling weird about falling so hard in love with these young guys and their love. I'm glad I'm not the only one not a teenager though love is universal and without age so I guess I shouldn't have felt weird eh? Anyway thank you for spreading the love for the Scandinavian countries. I slightly feel we've suddenly become cool. Lol I hope you enjoy your Sunday.

People of all ages watch Skam in Norway. Media has talked about it quite a lot and I think it’s brilliant how the show appeal to and captivate so many. Don’t feel bad about watching it no matter how old you are. 


laughing during the interviews, pt 2

J: Kamil, you’re still the leader of this team…
K: Oh, I don’t know, I don’t know…


J: Maciek, you were starting back there in Val di Fiemme, now you were ending the round. Does it make a difference? (…)
Kamil: I guess, we can say Maciek’s a real man right now because not only he started but he also ended…*


J: …and we look at Lahti and what there can happen.
Kamil: Well, You can look at Lahti (laughing in the background), but we’ve still got a lot of work to do (…).


J: Dawid, how much of your today’s success Stefan Horngacher can take a credit for?
(Everybody bursts into laughter)
Dawid: Well, I think Kamil answered that question…
(I didn’t hear what he said) 


J: These are today’s heroes: Piotr Żyła, Dawid Kubacki, Kamil Stoch and Macie Kot.
*puts his hands up in the air* HOOORRAAAAAAY!

*it’s a reference to one of Polish politicians quotes - he said that “a real man can be recongized not after how he starts but how he ends”. I don’t know about English/your languages, but in Polish it has strong erotic meaning.

you know, what comes in my mind are the last season quotes: “only Norwegian team has an amazing team spirit”, “Norwegians are like pack of best friends”, “no nation has such a good atmosphere”… 

how about you watch ski jumping longer than only during 4KTs

That was… a rather short episode, wasn’t it? Not much really happened. I mean, we learned the white fang is sketchy but we already knew that. We learned about menagerie, but World of Remnant covered that. I guess we met Blake’s parents? That was nice. Overall pretty meh on the episode.

Event :

Byakuya pushed the door leading to the control room open and stopped for a second upon seeing that everyone was already gathered there.

*enters the room and close the door behind him* What is happening here?

What the hell, you don’t know either?


It seems like we were all called here for unknown reasons…

I don’t like this at all…!

If this is a joke, it’s not funny !


Wait? No one know why we are here? Seriously?

It looks like it’s the case. Makoto, do you know anything? *turns toward Makoto*

Upupupu. It looks like something despairingly interesting is happening here!

(M!A : Talent swap, Makoto becomes the SHSL Despair for the next 24h

Congratulations @foolbio, you’re the winner -and the only who guessed correctly haha- so you can now send me the name of who you want to see wake up next !

-mod lili)


ahaha wait, what the heck…? how does UNDYNE know anything about all that…?

i think alphys more than anyone would be very understanding of when someone makes a mistake or keeps a secret. but just what kind of mistakes were happening when they were all underground…?

this is another page that was originally 2 pages of 3 and 4 panels respectively, then combined into 1. so it’s technically like getting two pages! i guess. sorry if it’s one-page updates for awhile. it’s a busy time of year!

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I want a 10k fic of Breanna sitting for Delilah, complete with beautiful descriptions of paints and brushes…

…and everything else that happened between them during those sessions.


Jordan: “You know, it’s only myself, you and Colten now who haven’t won a date.”

Nicholas: “And Elliot, that’s half, it’s not that bad, Jordan.”

Jordan: We really need to step it up. Otherwise it will be us going home.”

Nicholas: “You shouldn’t think like that, you never know what’s going to happen.”

Jordan: “She’s not sent home a date winner yet, has she?”

Nicholas: “I guess not.”

Friendly reminder to please not force ship (/ o w o)/ you are free to mess with my muse n all that ofc! Especially with Christmas coming up B^) but my muse will react how she wants and she can be very snappy when people she barely knows/ doesn’t fancy do that stuff. If u get what I mean? If she doesn’t act flustered or loving it’s because it’s not how she operates. Please respect that my peeps

I’ll Be There - Part 4

|Part 1| |Part 2| |Part 3|

Member: Hoseok

Genre: Angst/Fluff

Word Count: 3233

Summary: You and Hoseok are best friends and just like any story that starts like this, nothing good ever happens. One night when Hoseok is in his drunken state, he says some things that make you reconsider how much worth you actually have in his life.

A/N: One more thing to clarify, bolded italics will be text messages between characters. Enjoy Xx 

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“And then we went to the beach to look at the stars and they were so beautiful! We talked bout so many things! Well, I did a lot of the talking, but I guess that’s because Sumi was shy. It was cute though! Then I brought her home and we continued to talk and guess what? We—” You can tell that Hoseok is very excited because his sentences keep running on and on. You are happy for him because he finally gets his wish of going out with Sumi, but there is this uneasy feeling about this whole situation.

“Hoseok, I know you’re really excited about this, but I have a lot to do for work. I’ll talk to you later okay?” You feel bad for lying to Hoseok, but he’s been going on for the past hour and a half. Something just feels wrong. You shouldn’t know every single detail about Hoseok and Sumi’s relationship. You feel so out of place.

“Oh, okay. Call me when you’re not too busy Y/N.” You hang up and throw your phone beside you on your bed.

He likes Sumi Y/N. Just give up. It’s been so many years already. You need to move on.

You sigh in frustration.

Why does this have to happen to me?

You try browsing the internet, scrolling through Instagram, anything to get your mind off all this, but nothing works. Your mind always wanders back to Hoseok. His smile, his laugh, his eye—No, stop this Y/N.

Letting out yet another sigh, you gather yourself together, dress in some warm clothes and head out of your apartment.

The weather in Seoul is turning cold, stores have put up their Christmas decorations, and charities for food, clothing, and toy drives are everywhere. You make a mental reminder to donate some things soon. You’re not quite sure where you’re headed so you allow your feet to take you wherever they wish.

First you go to a coffee shop to get something to drink.

“Y/N! Sorry I’m late! I already ran here as fast as I could!” Hoseok rushes in through the door of the coffee shop. You notice that he’s soaking wet.

“Hoseok! You didn’t bring an umbrella? Also, you do realize that this shop is literally 10 minutes, walking distance, away from both of our apartments?” You take your bag off of the seat next to you so Hoseok can sit.

“Let’s just say I couldn’t find my sweater…or my umbrella for that matter of fact so I’m a little late.” He laughs lightly and you shake your head. Leave it to Hoseok to do something like this.

“Ah, it’s okay. I already ordered you a drink.” Just as you say that, the drinks arrive at your table.

“Thank you.” You say to the waiter and he nods back.

“So, any plans for Christmas this year? Can you believe 2014 is almost over?” Hoseok says while taking a sip out of his coffee.

“I don’t know yet. I’ll probably go back to visit family and then just relax. 2014 literally happened in a blink of an eye.”

“I know right? I wish we had more time. That way I could do more of what I wanted to.”

“And what’s that?” You perk your voice in interest.

“It’s a secret!” Hoseok smiles mischievously and you hit him lightly on his arm.

As you’re finishing up your mocha, you think of somewhere you want to go. You finish up your drink, thank the store own, and then make your way to the bus stop. You’re glad that you wore a thick scarf and some gloves because the bus takes a while to come. You haven’t been to this place in a while, so you’re quite surprised yourself that you even thought about it. However, once the place entered your mind, you couldn’t get it out of your mind. You had to go there for some reason. You just had to.

The bus finally arrives and you get on. The bus continues to move and you watch as the streets and buildings become a blur. You haven’t been to this place in a while. Especially after high school when things got busier. Luckily, you still kept the keys to this place on your keyring.

Slowly, the bus comes to a halt and you make your way off while thanking the driver. You stand in front of the building to admire it for a while. You haven’t been here in a while, but it looks exactly the same when Hoseok first showed you this place. A dance studio. Yes, it reminds you of Hoseok, but you used to come here often to take your mind off things. At first, Hoseok brought you heard just to have fun and so that he could have a dance partner, but then you realized that dancing was the most effective way of distracting yourself. Your thoughts just get lost in the music that overflows the room.

Your feet automatically take you to the door at the back of the building. Studio number 5. You walk over to the mini lockers and open the one. Letting out a sigh, you’re glad that Hoseok hasn’t touched your stuff. You take the shoes out of the locker as well as a change of clothes that are more suitable for dancing.

You search your phone for a song that you would like to dance to and then plug it in to the stereo system, putting it on full blast. The music runs through your body and you take a moment to get a feel for the beat. Then, you let your body run free. Your mind only focuses on the music while your body flows like the wind. You completely forget about everything that has been bothering your for the past week. You don’t think about Hoseok or Sumi. You don’t think about your relationship with Hoseok. You don’t think about anything. Your body only moves along with the beat and you’ve never felt so alive.

Soon, the song ends and you pause the music to catch your breath. You sit down in front the mirror and look at your reflection. Some sweat is beading down the side of your forehead and strands of hair sick to your face. You walk over to one of the other lockers where all the water bottles are stashed. Suddenly, you hear some keys jingling from outside the door. You stand frozen in your position. Who could it be?

“Do you like to dance?” It’s Hoseok.

“I’m not very good at it.” A higher pitched voice says and laughs. Sumi’s with him. Why is Hoseok brining Sumi here? You thought that this place was only for you and Hoseok to use.

“Nonsense, everyone can dance. I’ll show you.” You rush to grab your phone and clear up any sign showing that you are here. Then, you rush into the storage room.

Just as you close the door for the storage room, you heard the shuffling of feet entering the studio.

“Wow, this place is pretty nice.” Sumi says while she walks around.

“It is isn’t it? I found this place back in high school. Y/N and I used to come here pretty often, but now it’s usually just me because she’s so busy all the time.” Hoseok plugs his phone into the stereo while searching for a song.

“Y/N dances?” Hoseok nods. “Really? She doesn’t seem like the type to.” Sumi says and over exaggerates her surprised tone.

“You’d be surprised of what Y/N knows how to do. She’s actually quite talented.” You smile as you hear Hoseok say this.

“So, are you going to teach me how to dance?” Sumi changes the subject abruptly. Hoseok looks up from his phone.

“Oh, yeah! I’m just picking a song. Any preferences?” Sumi looks in the mirror and fixes her hair.

“Maybe something slow since I’m not too good at dancing.” She looks over towards Hoseok as she takes off her jacket.

“Okay. Something slow then. Oh, you can just put your stuff over by the lockers over there.” Hoseok points towards them and Sumi put her stuff next the locker where you were just at moments ago.

“Shall we get started?” Hoseok stands up and joins Sumi. She nods and the music starts to play.

The music is different from what you were just dancing to. This music is slow and a little flat. It’s missing that special element that makes your body feel like it’s flying. If anything, this song is just the basic 4/4 beat with the sexy undertone to it.

You peer out of the door and to see what it happening. A part of you wished that you didn’t.

“Hoseok, is this how you do it?” Sumi asks while putting her hands on Hoseok’s shoulders.

“Exactly! You’re like a pro Sumi. Just move your body to the music.” Hoseok dances with her and Sumi guides his hands to her waist. At first, Hoseok is a little stunned, but then he adjusts very quickly. Very quickly.

As the song goes on, the two of the grow closer. The next song plays and this one is even more sexual than the last one. Sumi turns around so that the two of them are facing the mirror. She moves her body up and down Hoseok’s body and he doesn’t seem to mind one bit. In fact, the two of them continue to dance like this. The distance becomes close to nothing and the tension between the two of them builds.

“S-Sumi, I thought you said you didn’t know how to dance? You’re amazing.” Hoseok pants and the two of their faces grow closer.

“I have a good teacher.” Sumi’s hands run through Hoseok’s hair and the two of them continue until the song is over.

You wish with everything that you have to get out of this place. The one place that used to be your getaway is now becoming another one of those places that will haunt you with unwelcome thoughts. Just before you close the door to stop looking at what’s happening between the two of them, you see Sumi close all distance between her and Hoseok. You quickly curl up in the storage room to try to ignore what’s happening outside of it. Even though your aways are shielded away from seeing anything, your ears are not.

In the empty dance studio, Sumi and Hoseok’s moans echo. The pants, the moans. Tears flow down your face. Of all situations to be stuck in, this is the last that you would have ever thought of. As they continue to make out, the sounds ring through your ears. You try so hard to block out everything, but nothing is of use. You hear everything. The shuffling of bodies, the two of them fighting for dominance, the two of them falling to the floor, on top of each other. Suddenly, it all stops.

“S-Sumi. D-don’t you think we’re going too f-fast?” Hoseok stutters.

“You don’t like it Hobi?” Hobi. You were the only one that called him that.

“I-I do, but I t-think we’re g-going too —”

“Shhh. It’s okay Hoseok.” You can hear Sumi trying to kiss Hoseok again, but this time, it doesn’t seem to continue.

“I-I’ll go get us some water.” Hoseok rushes up from the floor and goes to the lockers. You wipe the tears from your face and bravely decide to look out of the door.

Hoseok goes to the lockers, but when he gets there he stops and looks at the floor. What could he be looking at? You follow his path of vision and then you see it. Shit. Shit shit shit shit. You left your bag beside one of the lockers. Hoseok shouldn’t be able to recognize it, but then you remember that you have a keychain accessory that Hoseok got for you one time attached to it. Hoseok looks up from the floor with a confused look.

“Is everything okay?” Sumi asks from across the room as she fixes her clothes.

“Y-yeah, everything is fine. Here’s some water.” Hoseok hands her a bottle.

“Do you want to go somewhere else? It’s kind of getting stuffy in here.” Sumi takes a sip of the water and fans herself.

“Sure. I’m just going to go to the washroom first.” Hoseok excuses himself and walks towards the storage room where you are. You try to position yourself as far away from the door as much as possible. Hoseok pauses for a moment to look at the door, but he quickly dismisses it. You let out a sigh. You hold your knees to prevent them from shaking and you wipe away the cold sweat that has formed on your forehead.

“Okay, let’s go.” Hoseok comes out of the washroom and takes Sumi’s hand. She smiles and the two of them make their way out of the studio. Hoseok takes one last look before closing the door.

Y/N, did you come by the studio today? Hoseok’s name flashes on the screen of your phone.

No, why do you ask? You hate lying to Hoseok, but you don’t want him to know that you were actually unintentionally spying on him and Sumi.

Right after Hoseok left the studio, it took you a while to recollect your self. You stayed in the storage closet for a few moments as you were afraid that someone else may just suddenly enter. When you deemed that it was safe to come out, you quickly changed back into your clothes, took your stuff and left. The whole time you were shaking and breathing very hard.

Now that you’re back in your apartment, you didn’t know what to do. You already told Hoseok that you weren’t at the studio and that along was already hurting you more than it should. What you saw today was more than you ever needed to. Hoseok and Sumi are happy together. You should just let them be before you get even more hurt. You tell yourself, but it even hurts to think about it.

The events and the studio keep replaying in your head. They had only been together for a week, yet they’re already so close. You’ve known Hoseok for at least 8 years yet you’re still only his best friend. Some things just aren’t meant to be.

Oh…okay…you should go back sometime. It’s not the same dancing by myself.

But you have Sumi to dance with you. You type out, but you never hit the send button.

Maybe I’ll go sometime. I’m really busy now. You place your phone on the table and decide to take a shower.

The hot water envelopes your bare skin and just stand there in the shower. Your tears mix in with the water so you can’t tell where the burning sensation is coming from.

“Y/N! Hey! Wait up!” You a familiar voice call your name and you turn around. Hoseok runs over to you. “Hey, I haven’t seen you in so long. Where have you been?” It has been two weeks since the last time you talked to Hoseok.

“I’ve been really busy with work.” A lie. Your boss has become more lenient with things since the holidays are approaching.

“Oh.” There is an awkward silence between the two of your. You look to the side while Hoseok scratches the back of his neck. The tension between the two of you slowly grows into a thick wall. “Don’t overwork yourself Y/N, it’s not healthy.” He says in a worried tone.

“I know.”

“Do you maybe have time to get a drink?” You think about it for a while.


Both of your walk towards your usual spot for coffee. For the first time in what feels like an eternity, you and Hoseok actually talk about something that doesn’t revolve around Sumi. It feels like the old times again.

“I’ve been wanting to ask you something.” Hoseok says suddenly while he places his drink down on the table.

“What is it?”

“I joined a dance competition.” Hoseok looks at the table shyly.

“That’s good!”

“It’s a partner dance competition.” Oh, he’s probably going to ask Sumi then. “I was wondering if you want to be my partner?” Wait. What?

“You want me to what?” You almost choke on your drink.

“I want you to be my dance partner. I know you’re really busy with work, but I hope you can find some time. Remember when we used to dance back in high school? It would be like that.”

“Y/N, are you coming today?” Hoseok runs up behind you and flicks the hood of your sweater.

“You bet I am! I found this new song and I think you’ll like it a lot.” You smile up at Hoseok and he reciprocates it.

“Great! Let’s go!” The two of you get on the bus and it takes you to the dance studio.

The first thing you do when you arrive at the studio is play the song in the stereo system. The beat shakes the walls of the building and courses through your body. You lie down on the floor to get a feel for everything.

“Yah, Y/N! Don’t just lie there, come join me!” Hoseok takes your hands and drags you up from your spot. He starts to move to the music and you do the same. You match each other’s movements and take turns leading.

When the two of you dance, it’s like the most natural feeling. Neither of you have to think about what to do next. It just happens.

“What about Sumi? Is she okay with this?” You ask him without answering his original question.

“What about me?” You jump in your seat and turn around towards the direction where the voice came from.

“Sumi! What are you doing here?” Hoseok gets put from his seat and gives Sumi a kiss; you look away immediately.

“I was just walking by here and came across this coffee shop. What were you two talking about?” She takes a seat next to Hoseok, but keeps staring at you. You can’t meet her gaze.

“I was just asking Y/N to be my dance partner for this dance competition I signed up for. What do you think Sumi?” He looks towards Sumi and her demeanor changes immediately.

“That sounds great! Hoseok has told me a few times that you dance really well Y/N. I would be his partner, but I’m not that great of a dancer.” She lets out a high pitched laugh and places her hand onto of Hoseok’s.

“See Y/N. You should do it! Please?” He looks at you and look at him as well. Then you look at Sumi and you notice that she changes her gaze to something that is softer.

“I-S-sure…I’ll do it.” You say in a soft voice.

“Yes! Thank you so much Y/N!” Hoseok cries joyfully and Sumi gives you a smile, but something seems off.

“Sorry, but I have to go now.” You get up from your seat abruptly and leave the cafe.

You should feel happy to be Hoseok’s dance partner, but something doesn’t seem right. This doesn’t seem right.

debating about (greek) mythology is weird because they did do a lot of fucked up stuff….that made no sense….like incest had been a huge thing for centuries….someone had sex with a cloud….got it fuckin PREGO….someone had sex with a swan…..someone ate their kids……like….there’s a lot of horrific tales??? it was just normalized back then i guess?? its sad how a lot of it still reflects in today’s society. such as pan becoming so angry at a nymph who rejected him that he turned her into a plant and made a flute out of it… mythology is fascinating in many regards but also wildly gross :\ 




I don’t know if/when I’ll post more videos, but this is what I’ve got: a single line drawing of Lana taken from an iffy angle. Enjoy!

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I did back today at the gym.

I had to take a week off at the gym as I had a migraine for a week and before that I had hurt my neck and shoulder so I was only lifting light. Today was a normal day at the gym. It felt so damn amazing.

For me one of the best things about the gym is it also gives me some head space to think. Today I thought about how difficult it is for some people to say they are sorry. Some would rather live in their world of right than continue have close connections. They would rather say “let’s just agree to disagree”. Sometimes people are just wrong. Sometimes we need to say “I’m sorry”. I am so often wrong. I apologize so damn often when I know I have made mistakes. Even when I know that it will save the relationship. Others just can’t imagine saying it. I guess when that happens. I realize that it was a very selfish one sided relationship the whole time.

I am currently helping my daughter clean her room. Or the pit. What a disaster. I did it with my son yesterday. It’s a full days job.