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Word count: 336

Soulless Protector Masterlist

Dean brought you home after breakfast, insisting that he’d make sure to keep you up to date on what was going on. You reluctantly agreed, not really wanting to fight with him. Of course, everyone had heard about what happened, and many grossly blew things out of proportion. Rumors had started over night, and you went straight to your dorm room.

After he’d made sure you got home safe, Dean made his way to the police station. “Agent Winchester.” He held up his badge. “I’m here about Sam Winchester. Brought in last night about 1?”

“Ah, yeah. That guy. Here on assault. What does the FBI want with him? And I’m guessing you’re related?”

Dean nodded. “He’s my brother, and he’s been falsely arrested.”

The guy laughed and shook his head. “I saw the other guy, and talked to a few witnesses.”

His jaw clenched. “Did you speak with the girl that Sam pulled that punk off of?” He asked, crossing his arms.

“What girl?” He asked, furrowing his brows.

“Sam was only there because he was called by a young woman, upset. About JP. I spoke with her. He’s bothered her before, and she was hiding from him. Sam got there in time to pull him off of her.” He explained.

The man leaned over to press a button. “Sir, the FBI is here about the Winchester case.”

Come Monday morning, you hadn’t heard much from Dean. Just that Sam was out, and that he couldn’t discuss an ongoing investigation. Walking around campus, you felt the stares, and knew people were whispering about you.

The whole day was like that. And then you saw the sign on Sam’s classroom door. His classes were cancelled, and all the students were currently being rearranged into other classes. Those that couldn’t, would be refunded for that class. All questions were to be directed to the department head.

Groaning, you turned and ran into a couple police officers. “Y/N Y/L/N? We need you to come with us.”

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traumatizedofficial replied to your post “noah fence but pe/arl-/li/kes-p/i is friends with the person who p…”

WOAH LMFAO LIKE??? i never like plp but i didnt know she was that fucking bad? who was the person she was associating with her

it’s sketchedatrocities who drew the art and she’s apparently working with them

this is like, 2 posts down on her blog rn

and this is the art tw for rape jokes

it’s… really gross. and she reblogged that art as well, that’s how i ended up seeing it.

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Side note but can we make a list of all the running plots we still have hanging. Like when will Wes or any of the 5 learn that Rebecca is indeed dead? What happened to the sister from last season? Did they learn about Caleb at all? When will Oliver learn about the murders? When will the rest of the group learn about Frank killing Laila? At least can they learn about Rebecca it's been a full season lmao

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Honestly, there are so many running plots that they have totally dropped. And I have lost all hope that the HTGAWM writers will ever get back to them or even explain them. 

1) Will Wes or anyone find out that rebecca is dead? Probably not. Even though Wes spent the majority of Season 2 trying to figure it out and shot annalise because she said she was dead. I guess we’re just letting that go. A main character died in s1. Oh, whatever. Move on. 

2) Sam’s sister? Right whatever happened to her!? she was going crazy on the hunt to find out who killed her brother and we know nate didn’t kill him so the case should still be open and she should still be around hounding the k5 and annalise but, nope. Whatever, i don’t care anymore. I know the actress is on another show or something but, they should still address this. 

3) Did they learn about Caleb? He’s dead so, i doubt they will ever revisit the Hapstalls ever again. even though they were like omg did he kill himself or did frank kill him. another thing not resolved. 

4) When will oliver learn about the murders? Hopefully this season. he’s working there now, i’m pretty sure someone will screw up and he will hear something he wasn’t meant to. or see a file or something he wasn’t supposed to. I’m hoping that connor just tells him though.

5) When will the rest of the group find out about frank killing Lila? Probably never. Laurel knows but, she knows that if she tells wes or anyone else in the k5 it will destroy them.

6) Where was Asher’s sister when they found out what happen to his father? there was a throwaway line in s2 about asher mentioning his sister and she never showed up for the funeral or whatever. That’s odd.

This show has a tendency to drop things that like OMG such a big deal and oh no how will we deal with this and then later it’s just irrelevant. It is just cheap tricks to make things dramatic. 

I could go on forever but, i really don’t want to. It will take all night.

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Why wouldn't you recommend Bojack Horse Man to anyone?

Like I said in the tags of the post - I’m not going to be responsible for someone’s existential crisis. Bojack Horseman is a wonderful, intelligent, beautiful show…that is also filled with some of the darkest, saddest, scenes that will leave you feeling empty, questioning yourself, your life, your future, etc.

So, I guess, what I’m really trying to say is that…all of the things that happen in the show…well…that’s too much, man.

MidCin Routes and Event Dates Masterlist (UTC/GMT timezone, English Version)

​Put this together earlier because:

  1. I’m pathetic and enjoy organising stuff like this
  2. It helped me see when things happened and guess when new routes/ever afters will come out
  3. It let me work out when I joined the game and became a sinner (April/May 2015 yeeeee, year and a half now, I got here just in time to slide into Byron’s bed arms ;)))))) )
  4. It’s useful if anyone wants to see any events that they might not have been here for or missed? Idk I’m trying to justify myself for being sad XD

Dates are for the English version of MidCin because I can’t read Japanese (yet, I will at some point), and the timezone is GMT because yay Britannia 

Route Releases:

11th December 2014:


Leo - 14th Feb 2015
Byron - 13th May 2015
Nico - 15th September 2015
Sid - 15th February 2016
Alyn Ever After - 20th May 2016
Byron Ever After - 1st August 2016

Albert - N/A (sobsob)
Robert - N/A (sOBSOBSOBGDI-)

Events (Start dates):

Bold Italics - Non-story event/Mini-Event


  1. Bewitching Love: Magic Apple - 22nd January 2016
  2. Princess Liar and the Wolf Prince - 25th March 2015
  3. Princess Liar and the Wolf Prince Part 2 - 27th April 2015
  4. Royal Wedding - 29th May 2015
  5. Royal Wedding Part 2 - 2nd July 2015
  6. Battle of the Princes - 12th August 2015
  7. Bewitching Love: Magic Apple Part 2 - 31st August 2015
  8. Loveaholic - 2nd October 2015
  9. Loveaholic Part 2 - 2nd November 2015
  10. Our Secret Letters (Anniversary Event) - 16th November
  11. Jingle Bell Ball - 11th December 2015 (throughout December)


  12. Twins Birthday Bash - 18th Jan 2016
  13. My Little Pet - 15th February 2016
  14. Forget Me Not (True Love) - 4th March 2016
  15. Forget Me Not (Eternal Bonds) - 11th March 2016
  16. Wish Upon a Star - 4th April 2016 (throughout April?)
  17. My Sweet Baby - 3rd June 2016
  18. Rainbow Month - 20th June 2016
  19. My Sweet Baby Part 2 - 3rd July
  20. Mermaid Tears - 1st August 2016
  21. School Days - 19th August 2016
  22. Foxy Fantasy - 1st September 2016
  23. School Days Part 2 - 3rd September 2016 

You said you don’t like mean poems so I’m sorry in advance
for the things I’ll probably say the next time you decide this isn’t worth it to you
i almost feel like it’s my fault for continuously reaching out like
some kind of broken wind up doll that won’t stop moving.

my cousin saw your name on my phone and she said “you’re talking to him again?”
making it sound like maybe this was the worst sin God had in mind when he wrote the bible.

i probably have an additive personality because the feeling I get in my stomach when I see your name on my screen isn’t unlike the feeling I get when there’s a shot of vodka in my hands.

a little tipsy and
already regretting what’s going to happen next.

—  i guess the problem is I don’t really regret anything– lily rain

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How would one react to a symbiotic parasite? Like it attached to the host via the spine, but instead of harming the host. It helped to heal them, make them fit and healthy.

I dunno. Based on what I know about how humans react to things, short-term, they’d either be grossed out, panicking, indifferent, dead, or it’d just happen to be one of their fetishes.

Y'all’re weird, ngl


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Well there will be the time where your child at a certain age will practically begging for a sibling. Trust me when I was four I asked my mom for a baby brother and now I have a ten year old brother beside me and now he has someone to look up to :3

Ichi: It could be a possibility, but we’ll see. Even though this happened by accident I don’t know if I’ll be up to having another later on with another potion. I just hope this kid prefers to be an only child.

Kara: I don’t know my love, I would very much be up to spawing another little miracle with you to have a much bigger family and-

Ichi: You wanna take my place next time?

Kara: I guess maybe we’ll be good with one…

Nordics as things that happened in my friends groupchat

Denmark: *thinks he swollowed an earring, refuses to tell mom and get help*

Norway: “numbers arent real, erin”

Iceland: “that apostrophe can eat my fucking asshole.”

Sweden: *changes chat name 17 times in a row*

Finland: “I was joking about the dildos but i guess thats my Christmas present”

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HI! I read chapter 6. It was eye opening. So I've been 8 years in the military. My brothers are in now. And regardless of how I feel it was the wrong and worst thing Anya and Clarke did to Lexa. I'm not here to bitch about that. I want to ask that you take special care of treating Lexa's PTSD. Many ppl don't know how many soilders have killed themselves over it. That's why I guess Clanya rubs me wrong. Lexa will need support now. And she won't trust them to give it because of what they did.

Hello! I think I have a feeling who you are based on what was happening in the comment section for chapter six, lol. But before I go on my response, I would like to thank you for your service and your perspective in those comments. It means a lot and I know that you may not agree with the Clarke/Anya pairing, I appreciate the feedback and the insight! It is really important to me! :)

As for the PTSD, Lexa will definitely be getting all the support from her family. As much as I laugh off the discourse happening with Clanya at the moment, I do hope that everyone does know, or should know, that I don’t plan on them giving the cold shoulder to Lexa. It makes no sense to the story, considering the only reason why they’re together is because of Lexa. They found themselves attached to the concept that perhaps they could find a piece of Lexa in each other. Is it considered cheating? It depends on your moral and ethical views. For me, I don’t think it’s cheating. They fully know that Lexa is dead, or have believed it to be so for four years, so naturally it’s not unlikely they’d be drawn together in their combined healing processes. They’re not in love with each other, nor have they “jumped each other’s bones” right away. 

Clarke resented Anya for the first few months because she was angry that she made Anya promise her to come back and to bring Lexa home safely – a promise that Anya told her that she would make but never came true upon. This is demonstrated in two parts, once when Anya delivers the news to Clarke:

And once again when Clarke picks Anya up from the bar:

The idea is that Clarke and Anya have a very complicated relationship. As much as Clarke tries to be the better person and help everyone, she still has a bit of resentment towards Anya as a result of the fact that there’s some truth to what she says: Lexa’s death was her fault. She didn’t try hard enough to bring her home or realize that Lexa had everything to lose while Anya had nothing at all.

But then consider this.

Anya hasn’t ever had anyone other than Lexa in her life. When she loses the most important part of her, all she wants to do is die, as mentioned here:

Anya’s PTSD had been bad even before they’d gone on their last tour, as Clarke realizes in the recent chapter. Anya deserves all the support and love she can get, because guess who’s the only person who’s ever cared or loved her?

Lexa, and Lexa is dead. 

Clarke has had her mother, Octavia and Lincoln, but Anya has had no one else but Lexa to shelter her through the pain of her life, and most of that pain Lexa never knew because Anya shielded her from the world. You can see this here:

This is the first time Anya opens up to anyone since Lexa’s death, and even then, it’s a reluctant and terrifying thing that makes her want to leave and almost take everything back. The sheer delusions of Lexa’s mangled, dead body haunting her for the last four years, to the point where she’d managed to convince herself that her life isn’t worth anything because she failed at protecting Lexa. She failed at keeping her promise to her dead sister because she ended up becoming a drunk and wasn’t there enough for Clarke and the family. She’s failed at everything, hence those deprecating visions of Lexa:

If this is Anya’s level of PTSD, can you imagine what Lexa’s is going to be like? She is going to be cold, aggressive, overly-wary and resentful. She’s going to struggle with the weight of keeping her head above water while feeling everyone is trying to tie an anchor to her ankles and sink her until she drowns. She doesn’t feel the support, even when Clarke and Anya do everything to keep in touch with her and love her unconditionally. Do the kids experience the same feeling? Yes and no. Yes, because Aden knew Lexa, and Aden immediately goes to protect his mother despite her new attitude and persona because he sees Clarke as the reason why their relationship is at a stand-still. When he catches Anya and Clarke in bed, he turns hateful towards both of them, sees them as most anti-Clanya people do now, because to him, they did cheat. 

Tris, on the other hand, has no recollection of Lexa. She’s only heard of her through stories and tales passed down from her mother and aunt. She’s heard nothing but positive things about her mother, so is she excited to meet her? Yes. But, is the woman she meets the woman everyone makes her out to be? No. Tris is like Lexa in that sense, that she closes herself up when she feels vulnerable. She wants to open her arms to her mother, but how can she when Lexa doesn’t even have the slightest clue as to who exactly she is?

As a result of her torture, Lexa develops Capgras Syndrome/Delusion. This essentially entails that she thinks her family members have been replaced and are not the ones she’s known for her entire life (replaced by her delusional visions caused by the drugs). Because of this, Lexa doesn’t know who Tris is. She doesn’t recognize her because in her delusions, Tris hadn’t been born. This leads to Lexa being cold towards her own child unintentionally, and that of course scares Tris and again, unintentionally, draws her towards seeking comfort from Anya and Clarke. It isn’t either of their faults. It just happens.

Anya will tell Lexa to try therapy, to get help, to even talk to her about it, but Lexa actively denies because she thinks she is fine, that everyone is coddling her for no reason. She refuses to get help because she doesn’t think she needs it. She becomes aggressive, menacing, malicious, and finds herself becoming the person she feared the most: her own reflection from her delusions. She takes her anger out on Clarke and Anya, especially the latter, because those are the people she constantly feels as though were betraying her in her visions.

Only, her visions are not just nightmares, but the truth.

And this is where there’s a spoiler alert, in case you don’t want to know what happens when the truth about Clarke and Anya’s affair spills into the light.

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Prerelease Report Three

Sometimes, you have a really, really good reason to force a color. Pulling two copies of Chandra is generally one of these reasons. Once in red, a pair of Voltaic Brawler suggested me into green, so I wound up in a Red/Green energy deck using the two Chandras and Deadlock trap.

Of course, most of my red was awful…  I only had one red removal spell, and only one red creature other than Voltaic Brawler worth a damn, and I had some power in white that completely lacked synergy with my red…. But two Chandras! Had to happen!

Anyway, long story short, I went 1-3, but I really don’t care because I have a foil Chandra and a non-foil Chandra.

And prerelease foil Padeem, I guess. I’m sure somebody wants to make that commander deck.

I know sometimes people just dont want to be your friend anymore or really in your life and its not really anything you did it just happened and its sad. I honestly don’t understand sometimes and how other people that have know someone for not as long and havent done as much for them are still in their life and they want to talk to them, but the person they were best friends for so long don’t even wanna bother to send a text or get your number again. I know theres nothing you can do if some people don’t want to be in your life and you cant make them they have to want to be. I guess cause Im in my 20’s I thought everyone that was my friend would still be , but it just sucks if you still really want them to be and care, but they don’t .💔…

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Honestly in got there's so many interfamily relationships I wouldn't be shocked if Sansa & Jon ended up together. Jon is literally like one of the few in his actual family line that isn't the product of incest.

Exactly!! Apart from the sweltering chemistry between Sophie and Kit, the biggest reason I ship Jonsa is because it would make so much narrative sense and would make for such an interesting plot. I guess we’ll see what happens next year. Fingers crossed!

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Guess who (dumbly) caught a crush on her music professor! This girl! I don't know, he's really cute, and everytime he (innocently, appropriately) touches my shoulder or back I die on the inside, but it also kinda kills me nothing can happen between us. I could care less about the material and he's not even a super outgoing, dynamic professor, but I like him, oddly enough. How can I get over being lovesick?

1. Do what you can to avoid him. Which hurts, but it’s for the best.

2. Look around for someone your own age! If you live on campus, there are dozens of things you can do each week where you can meet people. If you don’t, there’s always online stuff - some of my friends have had (remarkably PG) relationships begin over Tinder, even.

3. Remember that there would be Consequences for both him and you if anything did happen - he might lose his job, and you could probably get suspended.

Professors are a common target of crushes because they are Competent and Older and Unavailable. It will fade, though, because it’s not based on them as a person - it’s based on them as a Professor.

Twin Suns - Seventeen

A/N: I can’t believe it’s already been a month since I’ve last updated this fic, omg. I love writing this fic with all my heart, but I guess that’s what happens when real life gets in the way! I’m making this chapter in parts (which I know is terrible since I can’t write as often as I’d like to anymore) but I feel like that’s the right way to do this part of the story since it’s so long and so important, everything deserves it’s time in the sun for this arc. So I hope you guys enjoy this chapter, hopefully I’ll get a new chapter done before another month goes by, I’d like to with things hopefully settling down with work, but either way, let me know if you liked this chapter, reviews are always appreciated! <3

AO3: (x)

17. Make the Call: Part One

    Rey had a bad feeling deep down in her gut, she always got that when something bad was about to happen; Luke claimed it was part of her connection to the Force, she could tell if something was going to go wrong - almost a premonition of sorts - and she never liked when she got that feeling. The feeling only got worse when she looked at Poe, almost as if it were telling her that something bad was specifically going to happen to him. She didn’t want to tell anyone that she saw Anakin lingering around her now, going back and forth between her and Poe, almost as if he were trying to keep a watch on them. Everything was happening too fast out on the tarmac, she didn’t know what to say or what to do, and the all consuming bad feeling didn’t help either.

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