and then this happened

Jack has this really bad habit of getting tunnel vision when he’s passionate about a project. It works great normally, because once he’s decided to do something, by God will he do it right. He plans and prepares and he works and works to the point of exhaustion to set everything up properly.

It becomes a problem. Not the exhaustion - though that too is something the crew is still trying to figure out how to deal with - but the bullheadedness.

There’s this job they’re going to pull, and it’s been Jack’s pet project for months now. It was just a throwaway joke between Geoff and Gavin, but Jack grabbed it with both hands and dug his heels in. And now he’s butting heads with the Vagabond because Fuck You we can pull this off if everyone just does as they’re supposed to, BACK OFF-

Ryan is fucking frustrated because Jack aren’t you listening and he doesn’t get why his perfectly logical, thank you arguments do nothing to sway the other man.

But Jack worked hard for this, has been working on this for MONTHS on end and he’s gonna see it through. They can do this.

Ryan stares at the bearded man, throws up his hands in surrender and then points at him, going mark my words this is doomed to fail.

Well, fuck you too! Jack shouts after him, and then the door to his office slams shut.

The rest of the crew tip toe around both of them for an entire week, not daring to set either of them off. Ryan goes to Geoff and says stop him, but one glare from Jack gets Geoff rambling about of course he’s supporting him, as he ever been anything less than supportive? If Jack says we can do this, we can! Right?

It ends in a stalemate, where Ryan steadfastly refuses to have any part of the job, until Jack grits his teeth and spits fuck you, we can do this without you.

(Things go wrong pretty much immediately, considering how high-strung everyone is from the tension, but Ryan joins them in the middle of the job complaining loudly and somehow, they manage to pull it off anyway.)

things that happen: when Isak’s going to a party without Even (rarely ever), Even wakes up to 8 mumbles voice messages, 32+ texts and some pics/vidoes where you really can’t see anything (and Isak saw the need for those even tho he’s right there when he gets home and Isak cuddles up to him like it’s been years not hours)

The worst part? Even fucking loves it

I Need to Find My Joy.

Writing Supernatural fanfiction used to give me joy. I looked forward to it; I would sit at work and literally itch to write, ideas crowding into my head, begging to get out, sometimes so many I couldn’t keep them straight.

Not anymore.

There’s a lot of factors:

  • I didn’t like season 12. I’m frustrated with the direction the show is going. Anyone who knows me, knows that when I write SPN, I tend to stick to canon (the exception being Dean and Donna). But even with them, I’m always trying to figure out where my fic might fit in canon. I don’t like where the story has gone and what they’ve done with some of the characters. It’s not motivating me to write.
  • Lack of feedback on my work. I know I’m not the only one feeling this. It’s discouraging to write and not get much feedback on it. It’s makes you question why you’re doing it at all.
  • My novel didn’t do well. This is a purely selfish reason, but when you finally do something you’ve always dreamed of doing and it flops, well, it’s very frustrating. And discouraging. It has sucked the urge and need to write out of me.
  • I feel like I’m running out of ideas. Every time I sit down to write, I find myself saying “I’ve already done this.” I can’t seem to come up with an original idea.

There are other, more personal reasons for my lack of motivation. But what I want you guys to know is that I’m trying, I really am. Be patient. Hopefully, that urge, that need, to get my ideas out of my head will come back.

Fingers crossed.