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Positive Vibes (ALiL Deleted Scene)

Summary: (College!AU) In which you do something for Bucky that brightens his bad day. 

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Word Count: 1,923

A/N: An anon requested “reader does something spontaneous and romantic for Bucky that she doesn’t even think of as romantic! And he is just floored by her thoughtfulness.“ This takes place between “The Little Things (Part Two)” and “The Get Together”. Here’s a track list for the CD mentioned in this part. 

“A Lesson in Love” Masterlist + Soundtrack

@avengerstories - thank you for existing and being my very best friend/editor

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You’re stuck in the middle of a heated debate between Bruce and Helen Cho about gamma radiation when Steve walks by. He scans the dining hall, letting his gaze fall from one table to the next, before balancing his tray in one hand so he can rub his forehead. As he does, he discreetly scans the room for a second time, reminding you of a lost child desperately seeking out his mother.

"Steve!” You call out, making sure your voice is loud enough to be heard over all the chatter. He turns around immediately, a relieved grin overtaking his features as he walks towards you.  

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2,500 Followers Drabble

Prompt: “Oh relax…it will probably grow back.”

Characters: daddy!Jensen, daughter Madison, son Max

Requested: @jotink78

“Home sweet home.” Jensen grumbles carelessly, roughly ripping off his jacket as he finally walks through the front door. Having just finished his second complicated surgery of the day, he’s ready to fucking crash for a week.

Jensen barely reacts to the sound of distant yelling echoing through the house, his overworked brain assuming it’s just a TV show. But the voices become strangely familiar as he trudges towards the staircase.

The shriek of his fifteen year old daughter breaks Jensen out of his exhausted state, making him hightail it up the stairs. Ignoring all of the awful scenarios invading his mind, he bursts through the door of her bedroom.

“Madison! What’s wrong?!” The scene Jensen sees makes him do a double take. His son and daughter appear to be unharmed, for some reason she’s soaking wet but that’s seems to be it.

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Series:Yoongi | Jin | Jimin | Namjoon | Jungkook | Taehyung

Genre: Angst, but a happy ending; Soulmate!AU where you lose color vision when you meet your soulmate

Pairing: Hoseok X Reader

Word Count: 3.3K

Originally posted by jitonic

“Which color is this?”

You glance over at the thing your mother is pointing at, and shake your head at it in disgust.

“Ew, no.” You say, tugging her away from the hideously colored, zesty orange scarf, “That is gonna look absolutely terrible on you—don’t buy it.”

“Relax.” Your mother rolls her eyes, still letting you guide her to the… safer section of the store, “It’s not like your Dad’s going to mind, sweetheart.”

“Yes, but,” You shrug defeatedly, “That’s because Dad can’t see how hideous the color is. I still can.”

“I thank you for the sentiment, honey.”


The two of you share a private grin, before your mother hums delicately and busies herself looking through racks and racks of shirts, feeling the material absently. You only watch, noting to yourself sadly how she frowns confusedly at certain shirts of the same design, but different colors. You sigh then, propelling yourself forward.

“Take this one.” You push the plum colored shirt back onto the rack, and press the maroon one into her hands, “It suits you better.”

“Oh, thank you sweetheart.” She says gratefully, smiling gently at you, “What on earth would I do without you?”

“I ask myself that every day.” You mutter to yourself as you watch her make for the changing rooms, “Indeed, what would you do?”

Sighing, you take out your phone, trying to preoccupy yourself with one of your apps so that you can pass the time away. No matter how much you play, though, you can’t get your mind off your mother’s predicament.

Why on earth would people actively look for their soulmates, if their vision turns grey the second they do? What on earth would possess them, for them to do that? It doesn’t…it just doesn’t make sense.

Your mother comes back, by then, clothes bundled up in the shopping bag. You take it from her and, sighing at the ugly orange scarf at the bottom of the pile, make your way to the cash counter with her so that you can pay.

“Good morning Ma’am!”

You trace the countertop idly as your mom exchanges pleasantries with some guy behind the computer. You don’t look up, not until your mom nudges at you to hand her wallet over. Fishing it out, you present it to her, before lazily trailing your eyes upward, locking on surprised cocoa brown ones, before everything turns grey.

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Fault - 2

(Part 1)


“Bucky had never been held responsible for what he’d done, but you, oh god, everything that had happened had been your fault, and Bucky knew it too.”

Word Count: 1251
Warnings: Injury, angst

There are bright lights when you come to, blinding. That’s the first thing you notice.

The second is the pain, hitting you like a brick to the chest then spreading agonizingly quickly, like fire, to every inch of your body.

The third is that you’re moving. Fast.

“Stop–” You cough, hacking up your lungs as blood coats your lips. Bucky throws you a worried glance through the rear-view mirror, and then you’re moving faster.

Stop the car!” The words are just out of your mouth before your body convulses in on itself, sending you into another coughing fit, eyes daring to shut again because of the pain. The car jerks swiftly to the right, then jolts to a stop. In the backseat, you gasp for air.

The door above your head opens and cold air rushes in, stinging your face. It’s wet outside, but the sky is clearing up and there’s a couple stars shining, and you’re trying to focus on them in hopes that it’ll distract you from the pain. Then Bucky’s face appears in your line of sight, eyebrows pulled together, and his mouth is moving, saying the same thing over and over until you can finally make out his words. “What happened? What’s wrong?”

And truth be told? You’ve been wondering the exact same thing. There’s panic ebbing its way into your veins, coiling in your stomach and threatening to slip past your lips in cries for help, but you can only just manage to whisper between coughs.

You want to say something, but suddenly there’s a hand on your arm and every single nerve in your body tenses and there are alarms – sirens – going off in your head, the word danger flashing in an angry red in your mind. “Stop! Stop! Don’t touch me!”

The hand is gone as fast as it came, and Bucky’s alarmed face is in front of you again, eyes wide. He takes you in for a moment, barely concealed panic behind his blue eyes, before his expression falls into a neutral. “Look Y/N. Everything that happened back at the tower? We can deal with it later, okay? Just let me get you help first.”

You want to scream. Nothing makes sense. Nothing around you makes any sense at all, and the word ‘help’ is so foreign it sounds more like a threat than a promise of safety.

Your actions are slowed down by the wounds all over your body, and with your mind equally as hazy, you don’t get time to respond before the door slams shut. You flinch.

The front door opens and Bucky sits down and then he’s driving again, and you’re in and out of consciousness, trying to figure out a way to get out of the car but knowing that in your state, there’s no way you could manage.

“I have to–” you breathe sharply as the car swerves to the left. “Tell you something. Bucky, listen–”

There’s another sharp turn to the right this time. Your body lurches forward and the seat belt suddenly feels like a knife to the stomach, cutting into the exposed, bloody skin. It hurts, god, it hurts so much that you can barely focus on anything around you. Tears cloud your vision, and your eyes roll to the back of your head.

They know, Bucky. They know and they’re going to come back.

The words never slip past your lips.

“Look, I just–”

“You better get out of here before I blast your punk ass out.”

This is the second time you wake up to bright lights, and it takes a few blinks to clear your vision. This time, there’s no pain. Instead, it feels like you’re floating on a cloud, and everything around you is a different, calm kind of hazy. It feels kind of nice for once, until–


The arguing around you comes to a stop, and the constant hum of machines fills the room. Tony, casually leaning against the wall with a bag of dried blueberries in his hand, pushes off when he sees you awake. He throws a glance at the other man in the room , sporting a black and purple bruise around his left eye, and your breath hitches in your throat as you’re hit with an overwhelming sense of familiarity. There’s a thump in your chest, reflected by the quickened pace of the heartbeat monitor, and you shift backwards on the

The man looks at you, opens his mouth to say something, then stops at a cutting look from Tony. He closes his mouth, throws you one last glance, then shuffles out the door.

“How you feelin’, kid?” Tony asks as he walks to the side of your bed.

“Like shit.”

He laughs, and you can tell that he wants to say more, that there’s words caught on the tip of his tongue, but he bites them back with a lopsided grin and settles for a hair-ruffle instead. You’re too tired to swat him away.

The door swings open, and this time a nurse and doctor walk in. Routine procedure, now that you’re awake, they tell you. A couple broken ribs, a concussion, broken leg, four stitches across the forehead, twelve staples near the abdomen, and the list goes on. Then come the questions, which gain a few weird looks from Tony and a ton of scribbles from the nurse.

“You’ve been in a medically induced coma for the past week to aid in reducing the swelling of your brain,” the doctor says. You stare at him and he continues, “But you are showing symptoms of post-traumatic amnesia. It’s transient, so don’t stress about it. You received a lot of head trauma, so it’s expected. Your memories should return shortly; don’t try to force them back by thinking too hard, that’ll only hurt your head.”

You nod, trying to process the information. There’s this feeling that you can’t shake off, that you know something important that you have to tell someone, but you can’t figure it out and now you know why.

“We need to complete a few more tests, so you’ll be in here for the next couple days, but once that’s done, you’re free to go.” You nod again, and the doctor fixes some equipment around the room before leaving with the nurse trailing behind him.

Tony plops down in the plastic chair beside your bed. “Amnesia, huh?” You sigh in response.

“Okay, so, I was totally cool about the situation, but Capsicle? Think New York City, twenty-ten, fresh-out-of-the-ice. Guy was the most scared I’d ever seen.” A chuckle escapes your lips, followed by a groan of pain, and Tony only smiles.

“Get some rest, kid,” he says as he gets up to leave. “I’m gonna grab something to eat.”

And he’s almost at the door when the question that’s been bugging you can’t stay in your head any longer.

“Tee,” you croak, voice raspy and mouth parched. He pauses and turns to look at you, eyebrows raised in question. “Who was that guy you were talking to?”

Tony stiffens for a moment, eyes hardening and not meeting your gaze. Then he smiles, “No one you need to worry about right now, Y/N. Get some sleep.” He leaves the room.

For someone who had been asleep for the past week, you’re pretty tired. So you close your eyes, sinking into the pillow as sleep overtakes your body.

You dream of the man’s blue eyes and metal arm.

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Report Card

Originally posted by peacelovebughead

Summary: After an explosive fight with your parents, you turn to your friends, but they’re too involved with another mystery to notice your pain. You leave the school, never to be seen again.

A/N: yay, angst. This wasn’t requested but feel free to request one :)

Pairing: reader x no friends, parents, core four (+ Cheryl and Kevin)

Warnings: Fighting, swearing, mention of suicide

The moon peaked through the curtains in the kitchen and streams of light made rays, reflecting off of the marble floors and countertop. Dirty dishes were scattered lightly across the counter and the sink was empty, with soap bubble residue near the drain. Droplets of water were falling from the faucet, hitting the sink at the same time the clock ticked in the living room. But you couldn’t hear that, or notice the beauty in an ordinary setting, because screaming took place in your eardrums instead. You sat on the old couch in your living room, with both your mom and dad standing in front of the television. The TV was muted, but a movie you’d vaguely remembered seeing was playing. It was more intriguing than the scene playing before you. Your dad was visibly red, the veins in his forehead popping out. Your mom was fuming and she had streams of tears pouring down her cheeks. A piece of paper was in your trembling hands and it was a pale blue and gold color. Your name lined the top corner and underneath had REPORT CARD printed crisply, bolded and underlined.

“We told you to study, we commanded you to stay away from your friends! They are a distraction to you and your work! Don’t you want to be the best? You are not a B student in this house, under this roof! Even an A is unacceptable! We think you need to leave your friend be, you’re much better without them. Maybe then you’re grades can get better.”

Your mom paced the room, her hands clenched into tight fists, shaking in the air. Your dad took a seat in the chair near the door, and it creaked as he sat. You looked back at the sheet. All A-’s and the one B in chemistry. Good grades and scholarships were all they cared about, and they expected the very best. But this was your best.

You looked back at your mom and she stomped to get in your face. She grabbed your cheeks in her hand, your face squished together and lips puckered painfully.

“You are a disgrace to us all.”

She said the words calmy and annunciated, putting emphasis on all the right words, which stabbed your heart in all the wrong ways. Her hands ripped the sheet from your palms, giving them paper cuts as it slipped between your fingers. Your dad stood from the chair, made harsh eye contact, shook his head and walked towards the staircase. Your mom followed in heat, crumpling the paper and throwing it on the tan carpet.

The words played like a scratched record in your mind, and the tears fled your eyes at the same speed the seconds passed from the clock.

You walked into school with red washed eyes and a hair thrown messily into a bun. A sweater Jughead gave you one night was a blanket for your torso and you felt comforted, the most you did all weekend. You called, texted, even tried to visit everyone, but you never got an answer. Betty, Archie, Jughead, and fuck, even Cheryl.

You turned the corner of the hallway, books clutched tightly to your chest like a lifevest and you saw the five standing around a table. Kevin walked into the room with another paper and threw it onto the table. They mumbled amongst each other, not acknowledging your presence.

“Hey guys…”

Your voice was quiet and broke halfway through. They turned around to wave but turned back forward. The backpack straining you fell to the floor and you set your books next to it. You shuffled quietly to where they were, and once again, it was a new mystery overtaking the town.

“What’s all this about?”

Jughead looked up at you and scoffed.

“If you’d read the paper, you’d know.”

You knew it was sarcasm, but it hurt your already damaged heart. It hurt more when everyone else let out a breathy laugh, Cheryl and Kevin’s carried farther and louder. They talked, making plans to meet up, without even turning to you. They slowly dispersed, Betty collected the papers and walked out of the room. It was only you, in a quiet room, left in your thoughts.

You are a disgrace to us all.

You heard the words again, but it played over and over, in everyone’s voice with an intensity, until your feet took you outside the school and dragged you down the snowy sidewalk.

Veronica was the first to notice your lack of presence. They all sat in Pop’s, talking about what happened that day and how they solved this week’s adventure. She looked up from her double chocolate shake and looked around the table.

“What’s going through your head, princess?”

Archie squeezed her shoulder and looked at her with confusion.

“When’s the last time we spoke to (Y/N)?”

Everyone stopped their own side conversations and looked down at the table, wracking their minds for an answer.

“I think Monday.”

Jughead looked up from his burger and met eyes with Cheryl, who was nodding. Betty slightly raised an eyebrow and looked at everyone sitting.

“I didn’t see her in the other classes we had. She typically was the first person to be in chemistry.”

As it sank into everyone’s mind, Mrs. Lodge came to the front of the booth. Her eyes were glossed over and she held the town newspaper in her hands.

“I’m so sorry everyone, I know it’s probably so hard for all of you with (Y/N).”

Jughead jerked up in his seat, and everyone gave her a look of shock.

“Mom, what happened?”

Mrs. Lodge let a tear slip from her eye and she placed the newspaper in the middle of the table. Archie slipped his arm from Veronica’s shoulder and read the title of the article aloud.

“Local Riverdale teen found dead in Drive-In, later revealed to be suicide by town’s star student (Y/N)-”

Archie couldn’t finish reading the article without choking up. He slammed the paper down and covered his face. Everyone in the booth slowly started letting out choked sobs, except for Jughead and Cheryl. They sat numbly, losing somebody else in their life they didn’t know they needed until now.

anonymous asked:

I'd LOVE if you could write a drunk Simon confessing his feelings to Jace when he drives him home! Especially if it's super fluffy!

yeeeeeeee i love Drunk Shenanigans!!! 

“So this is what you do when I don’t go out with you?” Jace asks, huffing warm air over his fingers. It’s freezing, and he forgot his gloves, because he rushed over here to pick up one Simon Lewis from trying to get back to the apartment they share while drunk as hell. 

“Don’t get mad at me, I made good choices, did good things!” Simon says, pouting prettily as he tilts his head back and looks up at Jace. He’s slumped against Maia and Clary, who are quietly giggling to themselves. 

“He did - ‘good things’ is the cute blonde back in there!” Maia sniggers, and Jace feels his heart break a little more. He scowls, trying to get over the tiny pang in his chest. He’s long since accepted that Simon doesn’t feel the same way as he does, but it still fucking sucks because the guy he likes is the guy he lives with, and the guy who’s made it his mission to insert himself into every part of Jace’s life. 

“I didn’t do him.” Simon insists. “I was gonna, but he’s verrrrrrrrrrrry.”

“Very what?” Clary asks, leaning forward. Jace sighs and pushes her back as she begins to topple off the bench. 

“Very.” Simon agrees, and Jace raises an eyebrow. He’s about to press for more information, when Magnus appears. 

“Oh, finally.” He groans. “Take Simon home, I’ll deal with the girls.” 

“What did you guys drink?” Jace asks, exasperated as Maia nearly punches him in the face in her haste to cling to Clary. 

“We had a competition, and I severely underestimated their tolerance.” Magnus sighs, massaging his temples. “Come along, darlings.” Maia and Clary stumble off with Magnus, and Jace tugs Simon upright. 

“You good, man?” He asks quietly. Simon hums quietly and leans into Jace’s side. 

“Not gonna be sick or anything.” He confirms, and Jace laughs softly, slinging an arm around Simon’s shoulder and steering him to the car. 

“I’ve drunk enough with you to know what you’re like.” Jace muses. “And I am so glad you’re not the kind to throw up. I would not let you within ten feet of my car if you were.” 

“What kind of drunk am I?” Simon asks brightly, then promptly slips on the sidewalk and crumples, holding on to Jace’s arms for dear life. Jace sighs and hauls him back up, and suddenly Simon is very close, close enough to count each eyelash fluttering over warm brown eyes. 

“Clumsy.” Jace says hoarsely, transfixed by the hazy desire clouding Simon’s eyes, before he remembers that Simon is fucking drunk, and he sighs and steps away. “Come on, Lewis.” 

He manages to get Simon into the car with minimal fuss. Simon does try to convince Jace that North Dakota doesn’t exist, but it’s not even the biggest conspiracy theory Simon’s brought up, so Jace isn’t worried as he starts up the car and peers behind him, backing slowly out of the parking space. 

“Oh my god you’re driving.” Simon says suddenly. Jace snorts as he waits patiently for a gaggle of teens to cross the street. “Since when do you drive?” 

“Since a month ago, you went with me to get my license.” Jace mutters. “You’re such a dumbass when you’re drunk.” 

“Let me out, Jace is gonna kill me with his driving!” Simon moans, sinking low into his seat. 


“I’m gonna dieeeeee.” Simon warbles, and then pauses. “Do you have any water? Or can we stop by the ocean to get a drink?” 

“Yeah, I don’t think the Atantic is what you need right now.” Jace says, reaching behind with one hand and grabbing the water he’d thrown in the back seat when he’d heard Simon was drunk. 

Lifesaver.” Simon says gratefully as he takes the bottle and twists the cap off, guzzling it down. He only gets one tiny dribble of water down his chin, and Jace glances over as the car idles at a red light on an empty street. 

“You’ve got a - “ He gestures, and Simon frowns. 

“A printer?” He asks, excited. Jace shakes his head, bemused. 

“Why the fuck would there be a printer?” He asks, glancing once to check that it’s still a red light before he reaches over and swipes his thumb over the drop of water, Simon’s stubble rough under his skin. “There.” 

The light changes to green and he drops his hand back to the wheel, focusing on driving - Simon’s partially right, Jace isn’t the best driver - and there’s silence in the car until he looks back to Simon, worried about the lack of unstoppable rambling. 

Simon is looking at him with a strange, unreadable look on his face, his eyes dark and stormy. Jace frowns and opens his mouth, about to ask what’s wrong, when Simon blurts out, “Do you know Jace Wayland?” 

“Oh my God.” Jace says, shaking his head. “Not this again.” Simon has a habit of conflating Jace and Captain America while he’s drunk, which is cute, but so not helpful. 

“If you see him,” Simon continues, his voice turning a little sad, “can you tell him to kiss me?” 

“What?” Jace asks, not at all proud of the way his voice goes an octave higher. 

“I mean, you’re Captain America. He has to listen to you, right?” Simon asks as Jace tries desperately to focus on pulling into their building’s garage. 

“Buddy,” Jace gets out in a strangled voice, “I think Jace Wayland doesn’t need me to tell him to kiss you.” 

“Did he say something? Does he not want to?” Simon asks, insistently patting Jace’s arm. 

“No.” Jace says shortly, killing the engine and opening the door. 

“Then you should command him. Jace would listen to you, you have muscles!” 

“Oh my God.” Jace groans as he gets Simon out of the car. He staggers a little as Simon leans in with all his weight. “Why is drunk you so horny?” 

“I’m not horny, I love him!” Simon declares. Jace promptly drops Simon. “Ow.” Simon complains from the floor. 

“Lewis. Always complicating things.” Jace says, his heart beating faster and a smile creeping onto his face despite himself. 

“I’m serious, he’s adorable and he cares so much and he’s so good to the world.” Simon says as Jace hauls him off the ground. “Please get him to kiss me.” Jace’s heart clenches and he smiles giddily at Simon. 

“Wake up sober, and I will.” He promises, and Simon nods sleepily, nuzzling into Jace’s neck. 

(The next morning, Jace waits as long as it takes for Simon to stumble into the kitchen and blearily make himself a cup of coffee before he backs the other man into the counter, gets a hand in his shirt, and kisses him as thoroughly as he can. Simon whimpers, his hands flailing for a bit and hitting Jace’s head before settling around Jace’s back, and then he gets with the program, pressing back and sliding his tongue across Jace’s. 

“Got a message from Captain America.” Jace murmurs when they break apart to breathe, his voice low and amused as he watches the bright red flush overtake Simon’s cheeks. 

“Oh God.” Simon groans. “Of all the idiotic things I’ve done - “

“I love you too.” 

“ - that was probably not the worst.” Simon concludes, his smile turning blindingly bright. Jace laughs warmly at that and reels Simon in for another kiss, unable to help himself. The guy he’s in love with is nerdy as fuck, but it’s the sweetest thing in the world, and Jace will send the creator of Captain America a fruit basket if it makes Simon happy.)

Concert- Zach

Request: Could I get a Zach imagine where him and his friends are at Coachella and he meets the reader in the crowd? And like cause she can’t see he puts her on his shoulders (because he’s a giant obvs) and other cliché stuff and like they end up as a hookup and like after the summer she transfers to the school and they just kinda *heart eyes* eachother? Smut or no, either way! Kinda weird and long I guess, so you don’t have to :)! Thank you x

I’m not comfortable writing smut so I didn’t include any

Warnings: mention of a hookup?

Originally posted by calypsio

Concert- Zach 

You walked into your new school lugging the backpack full of your new books. The halls seemed to go on forever in winding patterns and you were lost in the sea of people. Following the numbers on the doors and the school map in your hand you stumbled into your supposed Communications class.

“Mrs. Bradley? I’m Y/N, the new student.” You said to the teacher who stood in front of her desk.

“It’s nice to meet you! We’re just continuing our lecture on proper interviewing skills. I’ll give you the notes from last class next week. Go ahead and take a seat anywhere.” She had a soft smile and the laugh lines on her face made you feel more comfortable. The desks were arranged in groups of four so you went to an empty desk in the corner where no one had sat yet. As the students filed in you saw a familiar face. His eyes widened when he saw you and he smiled.

-Flash Back-

You were still overwhelmed by being at your first musical festival, and the fact that you lost your friends in the crowd didn’t help much.  You let the music overtake you and jumped around with the crowd trying to see over everyone else only to realize you were far too short. Trying to see your favorite band you pushed your way through the crowd in attempt to make your way towards the front but you were pushed back. After a while you almost gave up on even actually seeing the concert until you realized the guy a little bit ahead of you was a good six feet tall and pretty muscular, he was attractive as well but you tried to ignore that part.

You tapped his arm getting his attention, “Hey, is there anyway you can give me a boost? I’m way too short for this.”

He laughed and nodded before bending down so he could hoist you onto his shoulders. You were extremely aware of his hands on your thighs as he helped stabilize you making sure you wouldn’t fall before letting go. The view was perfect to say the least. Seeing the crowd and the band on stage was so beautiful and you were completely lost in the moment. That was the moment you realized how amazing the experience was; you had driven three hours just to get to the concert, the venue was beautiful, and you were on the shoulders of an incredibly hot guy. You had official reached your concert goals. After the band finished and another got on stage you climbed off of him and flashed him a smile.

“Thank you so much! I’m heading to get some food. Can I buy you something as a thanks?” You asked practically shouting over the crowd.

“I can’t say no to that.” He said flashing you a beautiful grin before leading the way out of the crowd towards concessions.

“I don’t think I actually got your name, I’m Y/N.” You told him looking up at him.

“I’m Zach.” He told you getting in line with you. After you bought food for the two of you, you settled into the grass sitting side by side.

“So tell me about yourself Zach.” You requested before taking a bite of your food and looking at him expectantly.

“I’m seventeen, a junior, and I play basketball. That pretty much sums me up.” He explained with a soft chuckle before looking at you into your eyes. You couldn’t think of anything to say and instead leaned in meeting your lips to his moving perfectly in sync. His arms wrapped instinctively around your waist and yours wrapped around his neck pulling him even closer. You pulled away resting your forehead on his before opening your eyes with a smile and completely pulling away.

Although the two of you never exchanged numbers, or even last names you never managed to get him off your mind.  He was just a concert hook up you never thought you’d actually see again but there he was, as attractive as ever. Throughout the whole class two of you took turns watching each other, glancing away any time the other looked over. But the minute the bell rang he walked towards you with that familiar grin.

“You know, if you need someone to show you around I am more than willing.” He told you trying to be sly.

“Well I can’t say no that.” You responded smiling up at him.

Absolutely Smitten (I’ll Never Let You Go)

Summary: In which Dan is a much-adored primary school music teacher, and Phil is just the science teacher who can’t keep his mind off of him. But when the students notice and try to get in on the action, will Phil finally work up the courage to ask Dan out? Based on this prompt from Phanfic.

Word Count: 4k

Genre: Fluff

Extra tags: Getting together, teacher AU, pure fluff

Warnings: none

Read on ao3

A/N: As an elementary education major currently in my second year of college, I immediately knew this prompt was absolutely perfect for me and there was no way I couldn’t write this. I mean, come on, wouldn’t they just make the perfect teachers? Anyway, I hope you enjoy!!

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Science Partners (Peter Parker x Reader) - Part 5

A/N: Here by popular demand is Part 5!!!! So, I have already seen Spider-Man: Homecoming (AND IT WAS AMAZING!!) but I will keep this series as spoiler free as possible!!! (partially because the timeline of events I created are different than the movie so it would mess things up anyway!) I will kind of allude to the events with Vulture but won’t go any further than what the trailers have shown!! Anyway, Enjoy!! xx

Warnings: hurt Peter, tension, sad :(


Originally posted by sincerelysaraahh

“So,” Ned began, scooting closer to Peter at the lunch table so he could whisper, “When you got like, buff and stuff from the spider bite, did uh… anything else change?” At this point, Ned was nodding down towards Peter’s lap. 

Peter nearly choked on his cold burrito. “Dude!” he shouted through a mouthful of beans and cheese.

Ned threw his hands up in defense. “I’m just curious!”

Peter shook his head and checked his phone. He was growing impatient as he waited for Mr. Stark to get back to him with details on their next mission. Ever since Berlin, Peter had been itching to see some more action than the petty crimes around Queens.

Interrupting Peter’s thoughts, you dropped your bag on the table and sat down in a huff. Your face was flushed from running down the hall. “Sorry I’m late, guys. Mr. Namara called a last minute Mathlete meeting.” Neither of them responded. Ned was looking at Peter strangely and you were sure his eyes kept trailing to his… Couldn’t be. Peter was engrossed in his phone. “Earth to Dorksville,” you chimed, waving your hand in front of Peter’s face. 

Peter shook his head as if coming out of a trance and looked up at you in surprise. “(Y/N)! When did you get here? Where have you been?” he said rapidly. You just shook your head and chuckled. Although you kept a pretty neutral facade, his response ticked you off. This had been happening for awhile now but after the two of you started dating, it seemed to get worse. He seemed to be constantly distracted. The pair of you hadn’t been together long (the dance was only two weeks ago), but it still annoyed you. 

“Are we still on for dinner tonight? I’m super excited to try that new…”

“Can’t. I’ve got some stuff to do for the Tony Stark Internship.” Peter went back to scrolling through his phone and vigorously texting. 

You pursed your lips, grabbed your bag and stood up. “Ned, still need help studying for the math test?”

Ned looked between you and Peter, cocking a worried eyebrow. You just shrugged your shoulders and rolled your eyes. He gave you an apologetic smile before saying, “Yeah, that’d be awesome. Come over after school?”

You nodded an affirmative and gave one last glance at Peter who was completely oblivious to the exchange you just had with Ned. Your shoulders drooped as you turned to walk away. “I’m gonna go eat lunch in the library,” you mumbled, “See you later.” With that you walked away, your head low and anger chewing at your belly.

Peter looked up nonchalantly from his phone and a frown creased his face. “Where’d she go?” he said, genuinely confused.

Ned shook his head and groaned at his distracted friend. “She went to go find a new boyfriend,” he said, hoping to make Peter realize what he’s been doing. 

He snapped his gaze to Ned, suddenly alert. “What?!”

“Good, now I have your attention. She went to the library to eat but if I were her, I’d be looking for a new boyfriend.” Ned took a bite of his pizza, staring at Peter sternly.

“What are you even talking about, dude?”

Ned let out a laugh at how clueless Peter was. “You know, Pete, you’re right. I’m sure she loves having all of her plans with you cancelled so you can go catch bike thieves and mope over Tony Stark.” 

“I catch more than just bike thieves and I don’t mope!” Peter lowered his voice to a whisper, “I’m the Spider-Man, Ned. I have a responsibility to the people.”

“Well, why don’t you tell her that?” Ned whispered back, irritation in his voice.

“I.. I can’t.” Peter swallowed hard, averting his gaze.

“Why not? She’s your best friend too. Not only that, she actually agreed to be your girlfriend. Do you think you’re ever going to get a girl like her again? She deserves to know and if you won’t tell her…”

“Ned! You cannot tell (Y/N)! You promised me you wouldn’t tell anyone and she counts in that promise.”

Ned grimaced at Peter, angry at him. “Fine,” he said flatly, “but don’t come crying to me when she leaves you.” Just then the bell rang. Ned got up quickly from the table, leaving Peter behind. 

Peter’s shoulders drooped and he slowly got up from the table. He checked his phone one last time before dropping it into his pocket. Ned had to be wrong. Ned was protective of their friend from the beginning. That’s all this is. Peter cancels a few dates and Ned overreacted. That’s all. You wouldn’t leave Peter… Right?

During gym, you ignored Peter like it was your job. He noticed this. It was fitness test day so that meant people broke off into their own groups to talk. You were with some of your other friends, leaving Ned and Peter by themselves. They watched you the entire class period. You definitely seemed to be venting to your friends because every now and then, one of them would shoot Peter a dirty look. 

Peter did everything in his power to look inconspicuous as he got closer to you, trying to listen in on the conversation. “So, are you going to break up with him?” your friend, Liz, asked. 

Peter put all of his attention on you, not caring if anyone noticed. You shrugged your shoulders and mumbled, “I don’t know..” Peter’s heart sank. “Probably not.” His stomach tightened and color came back to his cheeks. “If I had something like a Tony Stark Internship, I’d probably be the same way.”

Your friends nodded in a hushed agreement before Liz broke into a smirk, “But if that Spider-Man ever showed up, you’d definitely leave Peter, right?”

You giggled at this and Peter noticed an adorable blush rise to your cheeks. “Well, of course,” you giggled. The softness that was overtaking Peter was suddenly replaced by anger. “A guy with that much bravery and heart must know how to treat a girl right.” Peter didn’t even stop to consider the fact that you were talking about him. To him, you were talking about a different person. You were crushing on a different guy. 

Peter stormed back over to Ned, not wanting to hear anymore of the conversation. “She likes Spider-Man more than she likes me!” he whispered angrily.

Ned shrugged his shoulders and sympathized with you, saying, “Well, with the way you’ve been treating on of my best friends, I’m starting to like Spider-Man more too.” Peter dropped his shoulders and hung his head. He let out a heavy sigh before getting on the floor and angrily doing sit-ups. 

That night, you sat on Ned’s bedroom floor, monotonously drilling Ned with equations. You barely touched the Chinese food that Ned’s mom had ordered for the two of you. Frustrated, you threw your notes to the floor and put your head in your hands. Ned, who was sitting across from you, put a warm hand on your shoulder. “Did I do something wrong, Ned?” you mumbled into your hands. 

Ned looked bewildered at your question. “(Y/N), no!”

“Then what’s going on with him? Is… Is he just not interested anymore?”

Ned took your hands away from your face so he could look at you. Silent tears had began sliding down your cheeks. “(Y/N), before you two actually started dating, you were all he talked about. I’m sure that now that he has you, he couldn’t be happier.”

“Then why does he cancel plans? He barely pays attention in chemistry. Hell, he doesn’t even hang out with both of us. He should be here studying with us!” Your voice cracked with a sob. The tears began to flow harder. You knew Ned was the one you would break down to about this. 

Ned got up on his knees and enveloped you in a hug. He didn’t know what to say. He wanted to tell you the truth about Peter but he couldn’t. Why couldn’t he? Just because Peter told him not to? You had the right to know and he didn’t care how angry Peter got at him. 

As Ned opened his mouth to tell you the truth, there was a knock at the bedroom door. Ned released you and you hurriedly tried to wipe away your tears. Ned’s mom poked her head around the door and said with a wide smile, “Peter’s here, dear. (Y/N), honey, are you okay?”

You nodded and forced a smile. “Just a really spicy bit of the chicken.” Ned’s mom nodded understandably and left her position at the door. Peter walked in, a grin on his face. 

“Chinese food? Why didn’t one of you call me?” he said, as if he hadn’t noticed that your eyes were puffy from crying. 

“Did you really get into another lab accident?” you said, concerned laced in your voice. You stood up and grabbed Peter’s face, any thoughts of animosity gone. He had a cut above his eyebrow and a bruise was forming on his cheek bone. 

“Oh, it’s nothing. It’s Tony Stark. Shit happens, ya know?” He brushed your hands away and sat down next to Ned, leaving you standing. He leaned in and whispered to Ned something you couldn’t hear, “There was this huge metal bird guy..” Your fists clenched with anger. 

“No, I don’t know!” you shouted. Peter looked up at you, shocked and confused. “I don’t know how you let Mr. Stark do this! Can’t you ever just tell him no? He works you like an adult but you’re still in high school! You just let him use you whenever he deems it necessary, which is all of the time! Why don’t..”

“Why can’t you understand that this is important to me?” Peter shouted back, standing now. He towered over you and his eyes were dark. “I’m making something of myself and you can’t seem to support that anymore! I would have never asked you to be my girlfriend if I knew that you wanted all of the attention in the world!” Peter stopped in his tracks. His face went pale and his mouth stood open. His hands began to tremble as he realized what he said. “(Y/N),” his voice wavered, “I didn’t..”

You held up a hand to stop him and shook your head. All of your anger was gone. You just felt… empty. “You’re right, Peter,” you began flatly, “I should be more understanding. I see now just how important this internship is to you. It’s more important than your girlfriend. It’s more important than your two best friends. It’s more important than school.” Peter tried to cut in, reaching a hand out to you. You took a step back and continued. “I get it, Peter. I don’t want to get in the way.” You bent down and scooped up your notes and backpack. You looked Peter square in the eye. The pain you saw swimming in his eyes almost made you bite your tongue but it came out anyway, “I’m sure you and Mr. Stark will make a lovely couple.” You walked out of Ned’s room without giving Peter time to reply and slipped out the front door into the chilly, night air. 

You gave a harsh sob when the cold air hit your lungs and you let the tears fall freely. You started walking home, hugging your jacket tightly around you, tonight’s events eating at you.

Peter sank to the floor in defeat. His hands shook and he clenched his jaw. He lost you. He really lost you. All because he felt the need to keep his stupid secret. Why would he say those things to you? He didn’t mean it. You didn’t ask to hang out any more than you did before he started dating you. 

“Well, you did it. I’m sure the bike thieves will be happy to hear that you can devote all of your time to them,” Ned said with malice. He looked hard at his friend. 

“I’m gonna go home,” Peter mumbled.

“Good idea.”

The next morning, Peter lay in bed, staring blankly ahead of him. Maybe he’d pretend he was sick. He couldn’t see you today. He wouldn’t be able to bear seeing you in the pain he had caused. Peter was so engrossed with his self-pity that he didn’t hear the phone ring or notice his Aunt May walk into his room. “Peter?” she asked, her voice shaking.

Her voice piqued his attention. He sat up in bed and looked at her with concern. “What’s wrong?” he asked.

“Do you know where (Y/N) is? Her mom called and said she didn’t come home last night.”

A/N: Oooooooooooo cliffhanger!!!!! I’m sorry this one is such a downer but you need a little raw emotion and heart ache every now and then. Keep an eye out for Part 6 and send in your requests!! xx

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The Honeymoon - Sebastian x Reader - Full Version

Originally posted by jlstreck

Sebastian Stan x Reader - After getting married and a few months after Isabella being born, you and Seb finally get the well deserved honeymoon.

Warnings: Fluff and some smut. But nice smut.

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Fantasies (M) | Yoongi/Jimin

Anonymous Requested :  An Incubus!Yoonmin threesome, m/m, with face/thigh riding.

Genre : Smut | Incubus!Yoonmin | Supernatural AU | Yoonmin x Reader

A/N : Okay so I am by no means an expert on incubi, like at all. So when I was doing research for writing this, I kind of just picked which elements about the lore I wanted to incorporate into the story, to fit the nature of the request. The sin was rolling off of my body while writing this, so hopefully you’ll all enjoy!

Word Count : 5,291

Description : They have an underlying strangeness about them, that you just can’t put your finger on. Regardless though when you meet the two boys at a party you still decide to go home with them, how will this night turn out?

Originally posted by jeonsshi

You could feel the stares from across the room, but you couldn’t tell where exactly they were coming from. The party was crowded, and there was almost no space to walk, but you couldn’t shake the eerie feeling that there were specific pair of eyes on you at all times.

You moved over to the drink table to down another shot, so you could try and shake the strange feeling that was clouding the atmosphere around you. The liquid burned as it slid down your throat, but the instant the drink hit your stomach, an overwhelming desire to dance takes over your body. You saunter over to the pack of people dancing, and join in as you let the music control your movements. It’s fun, and you can feel a lightness overtake you as you feel yourself drifting through the mass of people.

You continue to enjoy the feeling of the alcohol taking over your impaired mind, when you suddenly feel a body press into you from behind, and a pair of hands attach themselves to your waist. You’re about to turn around to kindly tell the person grinding into your ass to fuck off, but when his face comes into view, the words get lost.

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Alex Summers x Reader

Words: 2,243
Plot: Alex and the reader definitely have the hots for eachother. One thing leads to another, and she ends up in his bed. Not even remotely not smut. Definitely explicitly 100% smut. Hot, sexy and flirty. Good God, just so smutty.
A/N: I am disgusting in a good way. So is Alex, apparently.

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Leaning back against the tattered sofa of the rec room, (y/n) laughed as Sean tried to open a beer with his teeth, cursing loudly at the bottle as it made a horrible grinding sound. The old jukebox in the corner was playing soft rock music; something about unrequited love and cowboys.
They’d been training for weeks on and off; new students arriving every second day waiting to be shown around. So when Xavier recommended they take the weekend off; Sean had jumped at the chance to have a night in of beer and pizza.

In her tired and tipsy state, (y/n) found her eyes wandering.
Wandering to him. 

Across the room, Alex was slumped across an armchair; a novel resting in his lap as he sipped at one of the cheap beers Sean had bought earlier.
Alex Summers was intoxicating. Dirty blonde hair and piercing grey eyes; sunlight and rain. All pale skin and full lips and a smile that could set a fire in her blood. 

But god, he was infuriating. All the teasing, the cocky half-smiles he’d shoot across the room when he muttered something under his breath. The way he’d leave his jackets strewn across the floor for someone to slip on; the way he spent every waking hour he could using all the hot water in the mansion. How he’d roll his eyes and scoff whenever anything was asked of him; running a hand through his hair like he didn’t know he was so damn enchanting and perfect. Wearing his tight white shirt and blue jeans and looking like he’d fallen out of heaven itself, a twitch at the corners of his mouth as he turned the page of his book with a flick…
Ugh. There she went again. How did this always happen?

“…You’re not even listening to me” Sean grumbled, taking a swig of his beer as he thumped his feet up onto the coffee table.
“I was! I was listening” interjected “you were…talking about…beer?”
Sean rolled his eyes, sighing.
“Points for trying” he muttered, smiling slightly. He reached down into his pocket, plucking his keys out and rolling them in his fingers. “Hank’s driving to get food, right?”
(y/n) shrugged, rubbing a strand of hair between her fingers “probably. You going with him?”
Sean pushed himself off of the couch with a grunt, tossing his keys down onto the table.
“Better than being ignored here” he teased, sniffing as he pushed open the door into the corridor, the sound of his boots echoing against the mahogany floorboards.

And then, the atmosphere changed.
She felt the fire building in her veins as she glanced over at Alex; his eyes steady on his book as he shifted his weight slightly. The dim lighting in the room washed his hair with flecks of gold; his jaw tight as he avoided her gaze.
(y/n) grabbed the half a bottle of beer Sean had left and took a long swig; the bitterness washing the rising butterflies in her stomach further down.
It had been a long time since they’d been alone in a room together; she tried to remember if they ever had.
The music softly slipped melodies into the background; love and yearning. That didn’t help with the burning in her cheeks, though.

“You okay?” Alex said, eyes still set on his book as he swung his legs around nonchalantly, sitting upright on the armchair.
She swore she felt her heart stop, if only for a second.
(y/n) nodded, her mouth full of beer. God, she was a total moron.
“Enjoying your book?” she breathed, her voice all too high and fast in her throat.
“I haven’t actually been paying much attention to the book” he half-smiled, throwing it across to the coffee table. It landed with a thunk on the wooden surface; narrowly missing the bottle of beer.

“A bit distracted?” she said quietly, her hands drumming at her sides.
“Yeah, something like that” he muttered, leaning forward and resting his elbows on his knees. His head cocked to the side; his lips pressing upwards on one side. She could see the spark in his eyes: something was playing on his mind.
Something that set her blood alight.
“What?” she breathed, feeling lightheaded.
He chuckled, running a hand through his hair. The way it flicked beneath his fingers made her hands weak.
“Think Sean might be pining after you”.
She laughed, heat rushing to her face.
“And what’s that to you, Summers?” she said, tucking a strand of hair behind her ear. She could feel the heat running through her; feel the pulsing in her blood.
She heard him sigh deeply, biting his bottom lip for a brief moment.
God, if only he knew what that did to her.
“That depends on what it is to you” he breathed, his grey eyes steady as he blinked slowly, colour flooding to his cheeks.
“Are you implying something, Alex? Because you’re welcome to-”
“Ten minutes” he interjected, standing up and grabbing his beer from off of the table “my room”.
(y/n) felt her heart skip, trying desperately not to show her loss of composure in her face.
She tried a sly smile, crossing her legs and meeting his gaze.
“See you then, Summers”.

Alex could feel the sweat clinging to his palms as he paced around his room; feel the way his clothes didn’t quite fit anywhere they should.
What the hell was he doing? This was insane. He didn’t know what he was thinking: what he was doing.
But god, he couldn’t take this…wanting. Constantly trying to be funny, or sexy, or somebody she’d even remotely notice. Those sideways glances in the corridor that made his head spin and his toes clench.
Those nights that he ached, alone. Whispering her name in the dark.
It wasn’t just the lust; the keening need to feel her skin against his. This was more; more than Alex Summers had ever thought it could be. More than those fleeting moments of desire that had come before her.
This was an ache for her. Her being.
But he didn’t know what she felt. He thought, on some whim of all whims, some insane gamble, that maybe he’d have some sort of shot.
Hoped. Hoped for a shot.
So when he heard that quiet tap on his door; his heart lunged in his chest,

The handle clicked open and she entered.
He swallowed.
“So; this is…new” she said, her lashes fluttering as she brushed her hair back.
God, she was so sexy. And she didn’t even know it.
“Look…I don’t want this to be weird” he started, his hands shaking as he smoothed his palm through his hair. It was soft and calming, and he knew he did it when his nerves were getting to him. And boy, were they getting to him.
His feet moved of his own accord; dragging him towards her like a man possessed.
“I don’t want to think I read this wrong. I don’t want to be ‘that guy’. But I think there’s something here. I hope there is” he breathed, clenching his jaw as he looked over at her “hey, tell me if I’m losing my mind. I sure feel like I am over you”.
She laughed, and the sound did something in his stomach.
“It’s not nothing” she breathed, a slight smile on her lips as she shuffled awkwardly.
He felt the growl in his chest before he heard it; a feeling overtaking him he couldn’t control.
And before he could do anything to stop himself, he crossed the distance between them, pressing her against the wall with his body; his lips crushing against her neck.

She gasped; her hands tangling at the hair at the nape of his neck. His brain went haywire, her touch stirring something that made his knees weak and his heart work twice as hard.
He could taste her perfume beneath his lips, and he nipped at the skin as his body ached. He heard her breath catch and he pushed himself closer; closer than he ever thought he could be.
He felt the tides turn and bowed his head backwards as she moved her leg up to his thigh; he grabbed it automatically, feeling the warmth against him. (y/n) crushed her lips to his; lipstick smearing against his mouth.
He loved it. Loved the taste.
Grabbing the back of her jeans he pushed her against him, hoisting her legs onto his thighs and carrying her across the room. His jeans were hot and tight and god, just not necessary right now.
He heard himself say her name, felt the smile on his lips long before she mentioned it.

He shoved the books that smattered his mattress off of his bed; they clattered to the floor with a thud as he threw her down, her hair splayed against the pillows.
She sighed as he hungrily, desperately kissed her neck again. Always finding his way back to the place her collarbone met the nape of her neck, the tender skin there sending shocks through his body.
“How do you want this to go?” he breathed, nipping at her lips as he pushed against her, needing to be as close to her as he could. He could feel the sweat plastering his white shirt to his body; tangling his dirty blonde hair with perfume and sweaty touches.
Turning him on. Setting his body alight.
“You crying out my name” she gasped, biting her lip as she closed her eyes against his touch.
He swore. He wasn’t sure whether it was out loud or in his head; he wasn’t sure if it mattered at all. 
Her hands worked at his shirt easily, throwing it to the side.
Alex Summers almost never felt self-conscious; and when she looked at him with the desire in her eyes to see him,to see every part of him, that was no exception.

He pulled off her shirt, tossing it with his own onto the floor. Kissing at the place that her bra met her skin, tracing it with his lips, his hands.
“Fuck, but you’re gorgeous” he stumbled, making easy work of her jeans as he stripped them from her legs; her skin and warmth so close to him now.
When he threw off his jeans: that was when he really felt it.
He couldn’t think. Couldn’t feel anything but this burning, burning down to the fabric of his soul. The curve of her hips, the flutter of her lashes. Burned onto his memory for months. Now made manifest under his fingertips.
Better than he ever imagined.

So when those last pieces of clothing came off in a fumble of fingers and glances; he didn’t miss a moment.
He reached into his drawer, then. Knowing what was coming. Anticipation in his throat like a wildfire. 
He was going to take his time. Show his appreciation. Know it was real, and right, and vivid.
“You’re sure?” he growled, his voice not his own.
She blinked slowly, her hands caressing his fingers as she tore the packets, lips pressed together so hard they were turning a vivid red.
“Never more sure” she whispered, and the sound made him moan with anticipation.

When he finally made his way into her; his mind blanked. Spots whirled across his vision as he bit down on his lip, tasting his own blood in his mouth. He felt his cheek against hers as he whispered her name, whispered into her ear. He wasn’t even sure what he was saying; he didn’t care. Didn’t care about anything but her, about being closer.
Closer than possible. Closer than he’d ever been to anything.
“Alex” she groaned, and he felt his self-control slipping, his pace hastening. He couldn’t help the growl that escaped him, his brow furrowing as he tried to suppress the rising noises in his throat.
God, he needed-
He knew what he needed. Needed to quench that fire.
He swallowed, taking in a gasp of warm air as his head burrowed into the pilow, his hair getting caught in his mouth.
“I love you” he whispered. It sounded stupid and crazy, but it was all he felt. All he thought.
“Alex, god, I love you too” (y/n) breathed, her lips on his chin, nails digging into his back.
That was enough to send him wild.

He felt his body stiffen; felt his body curl, his toes drawing up the quilt as he dug them into the mattress.
He felt her cry out, her fingernails drawing lines into his skin as she breathed his name over and over, overcome with the sensation and pleasure.
With that, he couldn’t contain himself.
Hell, hell, hell.
He cried out her name, his whole body vibrating as the fire burned through him He could hear his blood in his veins, the world spinning as his vision shifted through colours and shapes. He moaned unintelligibly until there was nothing left to say; until he had nothing else to say.

They lay there for a few brief infinities, panting heavily against one another. Alex felt his whole body shaking with exhaustion, with bliss.
With love.
“That was…” Alex gasped, trying to catch his breath as he pushed himself up to look at her. Caught in his bedside lamp, her eyes glinting as she lowered her lashes; he wondered if there had ever been anyone more lovely in the whole world.
“Everything” she whispered.

i can’t believe i’m doing this

@potato-fan-girl managed to convince me to post my writing?? why do i let you talk me in to these things i hate u

ps @taylor-tut i finally wrote the thing

sick boy lance and some fluff under the cut

Lance held his head in his hands as it pounded, eyes squeezed shut while the alarm blared in his ears. He knew he should be getting up, getting his armor on, but he was having a hard time even keeping his eyes open with the headache he was sporting, let alone get up and actually move. After a few more rings of the alarm he finally managed to get himself up from his sheets and onto unsteady legs, tugging his armor on as quickly as he could while his body protested. He’d only been on his feet for a few minutes, yet every muscle in him ached for rest and relaxation, begged him to just lay back down.

‘No, I have to go down to the deck.’ He reminds himself, tugging on his helmet before sliding open his door and getting himself down to where the others were waiting for his presence in a half jogging manner. He only slowed once the rest of the team came into view, the lights bright in his eyes and making him wince in pain. “Nice of you to finally join us, sleeping beauty.” Keith snickers, earning a reprimanding glare from Shiro before they turned back to Allura to get the necessary information as to why the alarm went off. “Indeed. Lance, that was much too slow. Had that been an actual alarm, there would be some serious issues.”

“Lo siento, princessa.” He murmurs, feeling the way his brain seemed to throb behind his eyes with each word he spoke and sound he heard. “I have a really bad, uh.. Quiznak, what’s the word…” He felt his mind blanking as he tried to search for the proper term, squeezing his eyes shut momentarily before it finally came to him. “Headache, right, that’s it. My head hurts.”

He noticed Hunk and Shiro giving him looks of concern at the short lapse in memory, to which he returned a weak smile. More than anything he wanted to just go lay down and sleep it off, but he was sure he wasn’t the only person who’d had a headache before on this ship, so he elected to just push through it and get whatever they were doing done.

Allura didn’t pay any mind to the moment of forgetfulness, however, and merely nodded in response to his apology. “Alright, well.. Don’t let it happen again, it’s much less than okay.” She warns before turning to address the entirety of the group. “Today I’m sending you on a small and short practice mission. I’ve set up numerous bots down on the uninhabited planet below. You’ll be treating it like prison break mission, and trying to get all of the bots in the cage free without too much damage. Every prisoner who gets injured or dies in your hands is one punishment or penalty activity.” She explains carefully, pulling up what seemed to be satellite images– or rather, a video feed of the floating hunk of dirt where they would be practicing. “I’ll be watching you all from above, however I will not interfere unless absolutely necessary. I’m sure you all can handle a few bots each, yes?”

Each word Allura spoke felt like a stab to Lance’s head, each syllable twisting the knife around and making the pain worsen. By the time she had finished her explanation his headache had turned into a full blown migraine, pounding against the inside of his skull. No amount of caffeine would help at this point, though he didn’t have time to down a few cups of coffee anyways, or the means to use any of his normal methods. ‘Luckily it’s only a headache,’ He thought to himself as the group headed down to the hangars. 'If it was anything more, I don’t think I would be able to handle it.’

Perhaps he spoke too soon.

As they flew out in some sort of formation Lance could feel each twist and turn in the pit of his stomach, nausea bubbling up as it seemed to do flips every time his lion did. A small, acidic burp escaped him, burning the back of his throat and making his already weak stomach feel even weaker. The little he had eaten before they headed out and the dinner from the night before seemed to be threatening to come up all at once, forcing him to slow a bit as they were coming in to land on the planet.

“Hey Lance, you okay buddy?” Hunk’s voice came through the comm, clearly laced with concern for his friend as he saw the way the Cuban’s normally sun kissed face seemed to pale, and yet flush all at once. “You don’t look so good. Maybe you should head back to the castle?” He suggested after a momentary pause, only growing more concerned with Lance’s slow response time.

“Huh? Oh, no, I’m fine.” Lance waved the suggestion to return to the Castle off almost immediately once Hunk’s words had registered in his aching head, giving him a smile through the screen as they landed. “It’s just my head, I can deal with it.” It wasn’t a total lie, per se– though it wasn’t just his head, he could handle it just fine. He didn’t want to bother anyone with whining about feeling bad or anything, and a headache wasn’t anything to act childishly over! 'WWKD, what would Keith do?… He’d probably just work through it, right? Hell, he’d probably feel better after a workout since all he ever does is fight and train.’ Lance gently snickers to himself at this thought as he grabs his bayard and heads out of Blue to meet the others on the ground, managing to not upheave the entirety of his stomach onto the compact dirt beneath his feet.

“Alright. The cage seems to be in the center of that crudely built base.” Shiro explains once the team had gathered around him, bayards in hand and scowls on their faces for having to go on such a dumb mission. No one expressed this annoyance, however, and opted instead to just listen to Shiro’s spiel of the plan.

Lance, however, could barely focus on the task at hand while his heartbeat seemed to thrum wildly in his skull, blood rushing against his ears while his temples throbbed. His eyes squeezed shut momentarily as he bit back a groan of pain, trying his hardest to just focus, focus, focus–

“–nce? Lance, buddy?” Pidge’s voice rang through his muddled thoughts as clear as a bell, drawing him out of his mind. His fists released from their clenched forms, nails having been dug into his palms to try and quell some of the other pains in his body. “Hi, yeah, sorry, I’m listening.” He managed to rasp out, the words feeling like they clawed their way out of his throat. Since when had his voice gotten that bad?

Shiro shared a concerned glance with Keith and made note that Lance hadn’t tried to give himself any excuses for the zoned out expression he had been sporting just moments before. He then also took note of Lance’s features, paler than his usual tanned complexion, seemingly dull instead of warm, and his eyes had a glassy look to them. This was all extremely worrying, but Lance had only complained of a headache, so he assumed he was just overreacting like a mom. Then Shiro heard Lance’s voice and felt his worry return tenfold.

Lance, on the other hand, seemed to brush off the scratchiness of his voice and just laugh about it, clearing his throat after a moment. “Well, alright. Then me, Keith and Pidge will head in. You two hang back and pick off bots from a distance.” Shiro nods, heading to the makeshift bot base stealthily with the green and red paladins in pursuit. Lance merely nodded and allowed his bayard to form in his hand, feeling the hefty weight of the weapon tug against his arm. Hunk eyed the tanned boy cautiously as he set himself in a good position to take shots at the now swarming bots.

“Good job, paladins.” Allura hisses sarcastically in their ears, watching from above. “You’ve already tripped the alarm and alerted them. This was supposed to be a stealth mission.” Lance simply rolled his eyes at this, which then caused a sudden dizzy spell to come over him, legs going weak and forcing him to cling gently to the rock he stood by. “Lance, are you feeling okay?” Hunk asks, concern clear on his face along with his nervousness.

Lance turned his head to speak but shut his mouth when dark spots began to swirl in his vision, head swimming as he tried to force out a response. He felt his weapon slip from his fingers and clatter to the ground as he stumbled slightly against the rock, only increasing Hunk’s alarm. “Lance? Lance, buddy, talk to me..! Are you alright? What do you need?”

The Cuban felt extremely woozy as he stood on trembling legs, grip on the rock loosening as he realized he wouldn’t be able to make it through this without passing out in some capacity. He took a few shaky steps from the rock to prevent himself from hitting it before turning back to Hunk, a weak smile on his face– or was it a grimace? He couldn’t really tell.

“I don’t feel so good.. I’m really… Mareado…” He managed to choke out to his best friend before his gorgeous blue eyes rolled back into white and his body fell limp to the dirt, black overtaking his sight. The last thing he heard was Hunk calling out for him to stay awake before he completely passed out.

“Lance? Lance?! Stay awake, buddy, you can’t sleep right now. Hey, come on, wake up.. Lance, th-this isn’t funny…” He kneeled down to try and rouse the boy, his shaking and moving of his limp shoulders seeming to do nothing. By this point he was scared, really scared, and he quickly got onto the comms. “Uh, guys? Something’s wrong with Lance– I-I can’t– He won’t wake up, I don’t–”

Shiro heard Hunk’s panicked rambling in his ear and felt his heart drop in his chest, fear taking over as he mentally punched himself for letting the mission continue as it had when Lance was so clearly ill. He shouldn’t have ignored the signs like that, and just told Allura that they couldn’t do the mission, but… Lance seemed okay, and he seemed to want to push himself through whatever he was suffering.

“Hunk, stay calm, what happened?” He replies after a moment, unable to prevent the shake in his words as he starts to run back out to them with the 'prisoner’ bots and the other paladins in tow. “Did he get hit or anything?”

There was a moment of radio silence before Hunk came crackling back on, voice still sounding panicked, though less so, finally responding to the black paladin’s question. “N-No, he seems to be fine..” He mumbles into his comm as he carefully cradles Lance closer to his body in the most protective way possible.

“Alright, just hold on, we’ll be there soon.” Shiro orders, appearing a few minutes later with a worried Pidge and Keith in tow. “How is he? Has he woken up at all?” He questions, kneeling down on the other side of the still unconscious boy and carefully pulling off his helmet. Shiro hisses as his fingers brush against the back of his neck, feeling heat coming off of him in waves. “No, not at all. He’s been out since he dropped.”

Lance’s face was flush with heat, sweat beading up on his forehead while his body trembled with shivers, causing his features to contort slightly in discomfort, which only heightened Shiro’s concern. Quietly he pressed his hand back against his neck, brows knitting together. “He’s on fire.. His fever is really bad. We gotta get him back to the Castle. Allura,” He calls out to the Altean who was stationed above them, just watching silently. “Lance is sick. We’re coming back up.”

“Alright, I’ll let Coran know. We’ll prepare him some medicine. What are his symptoms?” She questions as Shiro carefully scoops Lance into his arms and brings him into the Black lion while Red and Yellow carry Blue back to the Castle ship. Shiro waited until he had the Cuban settled in his lap and he was on the way before replying. “He’s feverish, he seems to have a sore throat, and–”

As if on cue Lance began to cough wetly, bringing himself back to consciousness as he tried to loosen whatever was trapped in his lungs. “Shiro..? Did we free them?” He croaks, earning a sympathetic look from Shiro and a small smile. “Of course. And we couldn’t have done it without you.” He murmurs in response to Lance’s question, gently patting his back and frowning at the heat. How had he gotten this bad without anyone noticing?

As soon as they all landed in their hangars Shiro helped Lance out, one arm around his waist to support his weight while the other’s arm lay around his shoulders. He managed to help him stagger to the makeshift living room and lay him down on the couch while the team gathered pillows and blankets. “Shiro….” He murmurs, looking up at the older paladin with a weak smile. “I feel like shit.”

Shiro smiles gently at this and shakes his head a bit, patting his head as the others finally return and they start gathering on the couch with Lance, snuggling up to him beneath blankets and turning on a movie. “We’ll make sure to get you feeling like your old self soon, don’t you worry.”

“Feel better soon, okay?” Pidge chimes from next to him, looking up at him and tilting her head a little. “And next time don’t try to train while sick, you idiot! You worried us all!”

“Gracias, guys… You’re the best.”

anonymous asked:

Can we have some jealous Lance thinking Keith has a crush on Shiro (and maybe background Allura/Shiro)?

Here you go! Enjoy :D

Poor sad space boys are bad at feelings

           Keith and Shiro came out of their lions exclaiming in disbelief about the stunt they’d just pulled in battle, both of them flying straight through a ring of exploding battleships in order to escape the collapsing star behind them. Shiro was caught halfway between “That was insanely dangerous, Keith, everyone, we need to never do anything like that ever again” and “holy shit I can’t believe that actually worked how are we even alive…” Keith was whooping, high on adrenaline and the thrill of success, pulling off his helmet and throwing an arm around Shiro’s shoulder with a grin on his face. Shiro took his helmet off too, leaving Lance, Hunk, and Pidge with only the muffled sounds of their laughter and exclaiming while they pulled the lions into the castle’s main dock. Lance guided Blue down and stared after Keith and Shiro ambling down the hall together. He chewed his lip.

           “Hey, Hunk,” he said into the helmet. “Do you think Keith and Shiro are like… together?”

           “What?” Hunk squawked.

           “Well just look at them,” he said, gesturing after them even though Hunk couldn’t see him. “They never act like that with any of the rest of us.”

           “Keith and Shiro have known each other longer than they’ve known us,” Pidge said, sounding entirely bored by the idea. “Why do you care anyway? Got a crush?”

           “What? Pffffft. No,” Lance said, rolling his eyes. “I’m just curious. It affects the team dynamic, you know?”

           “Whatever you say, Lance,” Pidge said. “I need a shower. I’ll see you guys at dinner.” Lance saw her hop out of Green and stride off to her room.

           “Do you have a crush?” Hunk asked him, now they were alone on the coms. Lance made a face.

           “Shiro’s, like, my idol, man. I had a celebrity crush on him before I actually met him but now it would just be weird.” He heard Hunk snort on the other end of the line.

           “I was thinking you probably had a crush on Keith.”

           “What?” Lance spluttered. “Hunk, has space made you crazy? In what universe could I possibly have a crush on Keith?”

           “Well, you talk about him all the time—”

           “I complain about him all the time!”

           “You want his attention—”

           “I want him to know I’m better than him!”

           “You can ‘recognize that mullet anywhere’—”

           “Because no one else in this century has a mullet, for God’s sakes,” Lance grumbled. He could hear the smug grin in Hunk’s words.

           “I’m just saying.”

           “You are so wrong dude.” Lance slid out of Blue and waved up at Yellow. “I agree with Pidge, I need a shower.”

           “Somehow you picked rooms next to each other even though you supposedly hate each other…”

           “Would you shut up?” Lance grumbled. He heard Hunk’s laughter before he pulled the helmet off his head and stomped away towards his room. Just his luck, Keith and Shiro were in the hall, still talking. Keith was murmuring something so soft that Lance could barely hear him speaking, and he saw Shiro go red and wave his hand in protest. Keith shoved at him playfully, and Shiro walked away. Keith watched him go with a fond smile on his face. Lance felt like he was about to boil over and he had no idea why, but at least Keith was right there and always a good target for his aggression. He marched up to the guy and whacked him on the back of the head. Keith spun around, fury overtaking his expression, and glared at Lance.

           “What was that for?” he demanded, rubbing the back of his head.

           “You almost got yourself killed today, how can you and Shiro just go off and laugh about it?” Lance demanded. Keith gaped at him.

           “Seriously? You’re mad at me because I’m pleasantly surprised to be alive? What is your problem with me?” Lance crossed his arms and glared, a hot coil of guilty pleasure in having a chance to speak his mind.

           “You’re always pulling stupid stunts like this – and Shiro is just fine with it ­– what’s with the two of you, anyway? Huh? Why are you all… so buddy-buddy all the time, and just neeeeeeever a bad word to say about the other and… ugh.” Keith’s hands balled into fists.

           “Shiro’s like a brother to me,” he said. “He’s saved my life in ways you would never understand, so don’t you dare say a word against him.” He took a step in closer, shoulders squaring up against Lance.

           “Like a brother. Sure,” Lance rolled his eyes.

           “What’s that supposed to mean?”

           “You two are totally dating, aren’t you?” Keith blinked, brought up short.

           “I— what?”

           “Come on, don’t lie.”

           “We’re not… What?” Lance rolled his eyes, not sure why something sharp and hot seemed to be swelling in his throat.

           “I’ve seen the way you two talk to each other. Why are you keeping it a secret?”

           “Because it’s not happening. You’re seeing things.”

           “Oh yeah? Then what was all that just now?” He gestured down the hallway where Shiro had gone. “All that lovey-dovey whispering to each other, and, and Shiro blushing like that?” Keith pressed his lips together. “Yeah, don’t have an answer, do you?”

           “I was encouraging him to ask out Allura!” Keith blurted out. “God, Lance, have you not seen the way those two look at each other, or are you totally blinded by your crush on her? He just needs a push to actually do it.” Keith paused, eyes roving over Lance. “But you can’t tell anyone that, okay? He doesn’t want anyone to know.” Lance blinked, the hot and sharp feeling in his throat suddenly gone.

           “Oh,” he said, deflated. “But you…” Keith crossed his arms.

           “Why do you even care, anyway?” Lance paused, Hunk’s words in the hangar echoing in his head. A flower of an idea blossomed in his chest, petals thinner than paper and as fragile as glass. He met Keith’s eyes and a terrifying certainty jolted through his chest like lightning. He opened his mouth, wet his lips, but didn’t speak yet. Keith continued to glare at him, and Lance clenched the flower in his chest and crumbled it into dust.

           “No reason,” he said, the words sticking in his throat. “I’ll see you later. Keith.” He took off down the hall, slamming the door to his room shut behind him, before Keith could see the tears in his eyes.

anonymous asked:

Hi, I don't know if your box ate my request or if you don't want to do it (which is totally okay, I just figured I'd ask again because you're my favorite tumblr writer) but I would like an Archie x Jughead x reader threesome imagine because it's one of my major fantasies. Maybe you're dating Archie and Jughead's birthday gift is you (consensually) but Archie gets jealous and joins in. I don't really like bxb action but would love some bromance like a highfive at the end or something. Thank you!

I am sorry about the wait, and all of the sin. Hope this makes up for the wait!

Warning: You know, nasty smut.

“Aren’t you going to remove the bow?” You purred at Jughead, strutting closer to him.

He stared nervously at you, and even though his fingers twitched with anticipation as he took you in, he didn’t make any move toward you. After all, you were Archie’s girlfriend

You frowned playfully at him, knowing that was very characteristic of Jughead. He would need some encouragement.

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Warning: FLUFF, sexual assault, that’s it i think.

Characters: Sam and Dean Winchester, Sister!Reader Winchester, Castiel

Summary/Request: Hi, i love your work so much! Could you do an imagine where the reader gets attacked by a drunk guy from a bar and her brothers and Cas come to the rescue. FLUFF, lots of FLUFF please. Thank you, keep writing!

Word Count: 1,209

Y/N: your name

Y/N/N: your nickname

After week of researching, kicking, ass, and many bruises finally the hunt was done. You had to say you were kind of proud of yourself, you fought off nearly an entire pack of werewolves almost without a scratch. So with a hunt all done of course you and your brothers went to a old bar to celebrate. It was all going great, until it didn’t.

You and your brothers walked into the dingy bar feeling accomplished and ready for a few glasses of cold beer. Dean walked in front as always inspecting the place for hot women while you and Sam walked behind looking for an empty table to sit. Finally you found an empty booth at the end of the place and sat down, Dean walked over to the bar to order a few beers and some food leaving you and Sam alone.

“Hey, good job back there. You really did kick their asses.” Complemented Sam as he fist bumped you and smiled.

“What can I say Sammy, I learned from the best.” You smirked back at him.

“Aww thanks Y/N/N”

“I meant Dean” You said back jokingly, smirking at him mischievously.

“You little-“

“Beer!” You yelled raising your arms as if you were a child as Dean approached the table with the drinks.

You all grabbed your drinks and began to talk, talk about the hunt, the future hunts, and everything in between until your glasses of beer were out leaving you all wanting more. Suddenly Dean’s phone began to sound so he answered while you and Sam looked at him curiously.

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Concussion || Jughead Jones

Prompt from anon: hey! i don’t know if you’re still taking requests, but if you are, it would be so cool to write a fic where jug and the reader are best friends (and they both have feelings for eachother but they think the other doesn’t) and reggie is bullying jughead and then the reader comes and defends him and maybe reggie hurts her (like slaps her or something) and then jug takes care of her and they admit their feelings and just a ton of fluff???? thanks so much i LOVE your writing!

A/N: It’s 1 am and I’m really fucking tired so if there’s spelling or grammar mistakes please don’t sue me lmao.

Gif by @ravemreyes


“Hey, Norman Bates!” Reggie called faintly.

You heard someone getting shoved against the lockers and groaned.

Not again.

You ran to where the crowd was growing with people and pushed your way to the front. There was Reggie and his friends, taunting and pushing Jughead against the lockers. Jughead meanwhile gave no indication he was in any “real” trouble, looking more annoyed than anything. But you had had enough.

For years you had watched Reggie and his group bully Jughead and you were sick of standing around and doing nothing. You stepped into the space where Jughead was being held against the locker by Reggie and where Reggie’s gang was. Jughead’s eyes widened as he saw you step into the clearing and he looked… panicked?

“Hey, Reggie!” you barked.

People around you “oohed” at your tone towards the taller teen. He was not someone to be messed with, and even Jughead knew this.

“Y/N, don’t—”

“Hey there, Harley Quinn!” Reggie said, turning around while still keeping your best friend against the lockers.

Damn, the guy was strong.

“Let him go.” you said.

Everyone except you and Jughead laughed.

“I’ll be with you in a minute, Y/N.” Reggie said as he raised a fist, turning back towards Jughead.

You rushed over to the two of them and grabbed Reggie’s raised arm.

“Leave him alone!” you said.

“Y/N!” Jughead said as he struggled against Reggie’s grip.

Without thinking, Reggie shoved you with his free hand against the lockers, your head banging against the metal. The laughs and cheers immediately stopped as you began to slide down against the lockers. Dizziness began to overtake you, and black spots clouded your vision. The last thing you remembered was hearing a familiar frantic voice and someone catching you before your head hit the floor.

When you came to, the first thing you realized was that you were in the nurse’s office lying on a bed. The bright lights over you made you dizzy and there was a throbbing pain in the back of your head. Your sight was blurry and your ears felt clouded, like you couldn’t hear anything very well.

“Y/N?” a voice asked from beside you.

You looked over at the figure and squinted, trying to see who it was. The barely visible hat on the person’s head was a dead giveaway.

“Jughead?” you asked as your vision began to clear.

It was then you realized that he was holding your hand and your heartbeat quickened.

“Wh-What happened?” you asked.

Jughead laughed humorlessly.

“Someone tried to come to my rescue. Not your best idea.” he said, a small smile on his face.

You chuckled.

“Someone had to do something,” you said. “What happened to Reggie?”

Jughead frowned at the name.

“After he… shoved you, Weatherbee finally came out of his office to see what all the commotion was about and saw what had happened. Put two and two together. Mantle’s in Weatherbee’s office getting yelled at right now. Might get suspended or expelled.”

You smiled, pleased with yourself.

“Good.” you said.

Jughead chuckled.

“Nurse said you have a mild concussion, so I got to make sure that you sleep. Get some brain rest. No phone, no TV, no—”

“Wait,” you said. “‘You need to make sure?’ You don’t have to take care of me, Jughead.”

Jughead shrugged.

“It’s the least I can do. You’re the one that got a concussion because of me.”

You shook your head.

“I got it because of Reggie. And it was worth it.”

Jughead smiled shyly.

“Thank you, Y/N,” he said. “I—”

He cut himself off, pondering what to say next.

“Jughead?” you pressed after a minute of silence. Jughead looked down.

“I—When I saw you lying on the ground, I thought I had lost you. I knowing thinking back on it, it sounds crazy, but in the moment, it felt real. I realized that life’s too short, and I guess what I’m trying to say is…”

Jughead paused again, trying to formulate his words.

“I love you, Y/N.” he finally said. 

Your eyes widened.


“If you don’t love me back, that’s fine, um, we can go on as if nothing happened, as if—”

“Jughead!” you said, louder.

Jughead was silent and looked up at you. You smiled softly at him.

“I love you, too.” you said.

Jughead’s eyes widened.


“You really think I would throw myself in front of Reggie if I didn’t love you?” you joked.

Jughead laughed.

“No, I suppose not.” he said.

You smiled and he saw your eyelids begin to droop as sleep began to overtake you again..

“Go to bed, Y/N,” he said, gently kissing your forehead. “I’ll be here when you wake. I’ll always be here.”


A/N: Lmao all I’m saying is that I’m going to bed. Night y’all! 


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“We Don’t Talk Anymore” || Kim Seokjin

Originally posted by lavender-kills

Word Count: 3k

Genre: Angst

Seoul was a busy place full of busy people. It seemed that no matter what road you took or corner you turned, there was always somebody with somewhere to go.

It was normal by now to you, being the odd one out. The one who didn’t exactly fit. Everybody else had become puzzle pieces that all fit perfectly together and you just happened to be a little bit bigger than the rest.

It kept you awake at night, questioning why you were still here. Wondering why the urge to leave wasn’t as strong as you wanted it to be.

Of course you knew in the end it was almost always directly related to him. There wasn’t a moment anymore where he wasn’t on your mind. There wasn’t a moment where you could think freely about anything else.

It had been a couple months since you had last talked to Jin. Maybe longer, you didn’t know. Your brain just took day after day in as a blur because you didn’t want to think about how much pain you were really in.

He had been gone for so long, and he’d been ignoring you for a while. You weren’t quite sure what had started it at first, but now you couldn’t do anything without pulling out your phone and looking for a reply. Waiting for that moment where he would finally acknowledge you again.

Three months.

Three months without him and here you were, still waiting in the cold, dark, empty abyss that was your apartment. There was nothing here that didn’t remind you of him, but you couldn’t bring yourself to get rid of his stuff. It was as if one day he would just come back and things would still be the same.

You pulled out your phone and looked at the last message you had received all those months ago. It was a goodnight text from him.

After that you had texted him constantly, but it seemed that the longer you waited, the less you texted. That didn’t change the fact that you still waited up at night for the sound of the door opening and closing as he came home. But you knew it would never come.

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A New Family

ayyyyy I’m alive!! this was requested FOREVER ago by my bae @genericusernameblahblahblah (I hope you like it <3)

Pairing: washette + smol!hamilsquad

Premise: George and Lafayette meet the boy they’re adopting… and his friends.

Warnings: none :D

Word Count: 1331

a/n: I am very aware that this is not how adoption works… just… for the sake of the fluff…. <3

Laf’s leg jiggled up and down, his fingers drumming a frantic rhythm on his knee. George put a calming hand on his leg to cease the bouncing.

“Gil… you have to calm down,” George said soothingly.

“But, George! What if he hates us?” Laf asked frantically.

“How could he hate you?” he replied kindly, and a little smile pulled at the corner of his husband’s mouth. Before he could respond, however, the door opened, and the adoption agency worker (who introduced herself as Eliza) and a ten-year-old ball of energy walked in.

Laf stood up to greet them and was immediately attacked by the little pony-tailed boy, who ran straight into his legs, almost knocking him over.

“Hello!” Laf cried, a huge grin overtaking his face. “You must be Alex!”

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Magical Breakup Ice Cream Recipe

Breakups: We’ve all been through them, and we know they suck. Whether it was a friend or a significant other, whether things ended on good or bad terms, we often find ourselves wanting to curl up and hide from the world for a while. The classic movie scene portrays the aftermath of the breakup as tears and a bucket of ice cream, and not to mention lots of sad romance movies. Sometimes that’s exactly what we need, so this recipe is the witches breakup ice cream, designed to break ties, heal the soul and ease the hurt of a broken heart.

For the base
* 14 ounces (1 Can/ 400ml) sweetened condensed milk (fat-free or regular) cold
* 2 cups (16oz/450 ml ) whipping cream, cold

For the mix
* 2 cups frozen Blueberries for protection
* 2 tsp Lemon juice for purification
* 10 fresh Lavender pips for peace and happiness
* 3 Rose petals shredded for emotional healing
* 1 pinch rosemary for clarity
* ¼ cup sugar for restoration

First we’ll be making our mix in
1. Combine half the blueberries sugar lemon and water in a small saucepan.
2. Cook on medium for ten minutes, then add the other blueberries, lavender, rosemary, and rose.
3. While this cooks stir the pot counter clockwise and say “Now I am free from the bonds which held me. Though there is pain, I have so much to gain. The older I grow, the more I learn and know. People pass through making room for the new. After storms will come calm, and I will move on.” Repeat this and let the message sink in.
4. Cool for another 8-10 minutes let cool and chill in refrigerator until cold

Next we’ll be making our ice cream base
1. Place sweetened condensed milk in the fridge to keep cold
2. Beat cold heavy cream on medium in a stand mixer fitted with the whisk attachment (or using a hand mixer) until stiff peaks form.
3. Turn down the speed a little and pour the condensed milk into the whipped cream. (Stir in vanilla extract now if desired).
4. Then, turn up the machine speed again and whip until your mixture is thick and to stiff peaks.
5. Now you have your ice cream base you can add the mix ins. Do this in a bowl using a spatula to slowly fold in the mixture to the desired level of marbling.
6. While you mix reflect on sweet things in the world. Imagine the sweetness of life overtaking your sorrow with time. Repeat this while you eat.
7. Place in a large resealable container and freeze at least 6 hours or overnight before eating.

And there you have it. A simple ice cream recipe done the witchy way. Let me know what you guys think if you try this.

*The ice cream base recipe is adapted from