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get to know me: [2/5] favorite male groups - bts

“I always feel this but, it seems like I can gain strength from looking at you guys, who are always by my side. We used to not match well but now I think we’re really like brothers.” - Jimin


deon: um… do i have something on my face??

zia: what?… no why?…

deon: because i feel like you’ve been staring at me for like 5 minutes now what the hell are you looking at!!

zia: oh, i’m not looking at you dummy… i’m looking at the girl that’s checking you out?? [laughs]

deon: what?! what girl-

zia: that ginger barista girl over there, she basically hasn’t stopped staring since we got here… better go let her down easy before she gets her hopes up baby boy!!

deon: i… i don’t think she’s looking at me z…

indigo: [smirks] yeah i’m pretty sure she’s lookin at you, sis

zia: i-i doubt that, why would she be looking at me??…

deon: [laughs] why do you think, binch??????

zia: [blushes] omg shut up!!! i’m leaving you guys are so annoying bye

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Love, can you please let your followers know that Harry & 1D have been nominated as "Artist Saga" for the Italian MTV Awards 2017 and in order for them to be nominated for the actual award, people must like their pictures on the MTV facebook here: www*facebook*com/pg/mtvitalia/photos/?tab=album&album_id=10154244579647693 ---- The 32 artists with most liked pics until May 2 will be nominated for real, and right now both 1D and Harry have few likes compared to other artists. Thanks!


it’s kind of incredible how much pixar has backpedaled over the last couple of years, from the standpoint of character design 

these were the kind of characters designs they had when they did their first movie with humans as their main cast 

despite being cg all of the characters are visually distinct from each other and they look like 2d figures translated into a 3d environment

now it’s just???

all their human characters kind of lack that visual distinction and they’re all just? cute?