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I can't stop thinking about a Hogwarts AU now that you have rebloggued that. Shouyou a Gryffindor and Tobio a Slytherin? What about the others?

*screams softly*

I have so many HP AU ideas I want to write for KageHina, life is HARD. I talked to @someone-stole-my-shoes and she came up with like, three more in the span of an hour, don’t mention this topic to us, ugh

Actually, one of the things I would like to do (T.T give me more hours in my year) is write a series of different Hogwarts house AUs, because I can see both of them in almost any house, with a few exceptions. I think it’d be cool to see how their relationship would vary based on which house they were both in, same or different.

For instance, I can really see Kageyama belonging to any house, he has really strong qualities for each. Yes, even Ravenclaw. Factor out volleyball (and therefore Quidditch) for a moment, and imagine he’s hyper-focused on learning a particular type of magic, instead. Maybe the only thing he is good at is this specific type of magic, but he is a genius at it, at breaking it down to its basics and even discovering new types of ways to use and cast it. He’d probably be very much more into practical application than theoretical (aka: he still isn’t fond of books), which would land him in a lot of trouble, as well. But he wants to learn everything he can about it, to pursue understanding it to the very limits wizardkind even understands, to reach the very highest levels of excellence. 

But Kageyama is also hard-working and loyal, once he’s found people who help him grow. He’s also very ambitious and has a strong drive to get ahead of his peers. And he’s got a lot of nerve and daring to back it up. I could really see him in any house.

Hinata is also hard for me to sort, though I don’t see him in Ravenclaw, for the most part. Even if the sports influence was taken out of the equation, he’s not a genius like Kageyama, his strengths are much more intuitive and reflexive. But I do like the thought of him in Slytherin for his ambition and tenacity. He also works so incredibly hard and he is such a good friend!!! True Hufflepuff. And of course, despite all his upset stomachs, the fire in his eyes when challenged (and some of his gutsy, if rather poorly thought through plans) makes him such a worthy Gryffindor. 

Currently, I really like the thought of Slytherin KageHina, or Ravenclaw Kageyama/Hufflepuff Hinata!!! They would also, of course, be very loud, cute Gryffindors. Put them in all the houses!!!!

I was thinking the other day about a celebration the Dalish might have for halla, inspired by Kukur Tihar in Nepal, where they adorn their antlers with herbs and flowers, and paint them with pigment. 

A Dalish inquisitor likely wouldn’t have access to any halla, so maybe they’d celebrate with any harts they had instead.

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My cats, when I would gently rub their toe beans, would splay out their toes for me to rub between their toes. Oh they loved that. They'd purr and just sit there, legs stretched out, toes splayed wide. Eyes closed in pure joy. Spoiled with love till their last breaths. ❤🐾

😻 but also 😾

Rookie | Young!Swanchester AU: After Emma Swan runs away from her foster home, she realizes just how difficult it is to live on her own. Before she can poorly attempt to steal a box of pop tarts, Dean Winchester stops her and helps her get away with it by causing a distraction. Though she gets away, Dean gets arrested and sent to a boys home after his father refuses to get him. Emma is eventually caught by social services and sent to the closest foster home. One day they run in to each other outside of Sonny’s, and they instantly connect. [based on ficlet]

“We’re not really supposed to have visitors, but I think Sonny likes you,” Dean said with a chuckle as they sat on the couch.

Emma grinned. She was nervous when she met Sonny, but he immediately was kind and understanding to her, something she appreciated. When she sat down next to Dean, she noticed the bruise marks around his wrists. She reached out and gently touched them. “What happened? Did your dad do that?”

Dean cleared his throat, pulling at the end of his shirt to cover up the marks. “Uh, no. It was a… werewolf.”

Emma scoffed. “Yeah, right. If you didn’t want to tell me then fine.”

“What, you don’t believe in that stuff?”

“Fairy tales?” she asked, raising her brow. “Not a chance. Life is enough of a nightmare without monster stories.”

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As long as we're talking about dogs, I had this dog named Pascal who was a golden retriever/cocker spaniel mix so he was golden and cute but he had curly fur and was puppy sized all his life,, so cute,, anyway I used to keep quail in my yard and every year when there was baby quail he would play a game where he would stare at the quail babys and lay down and the quail babs would climb up on his head and they'd just sit on his head and he'd lay still and they would chill together ahhh I love dogs

that is VERY CUTE oh my goshh!!

and his name was pascal 😭👌👌 thank you for this story i love it :’’)

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bi carl is incredible because he's so chill and i bet he'd just sit with debbie in her room and they'd talk about some boys and carl wont say much he'll just listen and agree when she says a certain boy is hot and no one will think twice of it because the gallaghers are the best and it'll also bring debs and carl closer and mickey is totally carls role model okay bye

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The AU you have with Fyodor is so pathetic and forced. Your interactions are so forced and Fyodor seems so uncomfortable. They probably only even started interacting with you because they pitied you. All your other interactions suck too. The ones with Atsushi, Q would never be nice. They'd never sit together like that, Q would just curse him. He'd never be so loyal to Fyodor either. And the ones with you and Dazai? Especially that one after Chuuya's capture? As if he'd bring Q cake or accept a

//so I’m on mobile and can’t post a screenshot but the second part was “Present from you. It’s so out of character and forced and you should stop bothering the other blogs.”

Honestly I’ve been having to deal with this bullshit since mid/late June. I delete a lot of stuff because I don’t want my dash flooded with anon hate but then occasionally one of you comes along and manages to astound me. I don’t want to keep posting this stuff so could you anons, kindly, please, back off? My patience has finally run thin.

I have a fun time interacting with these blogs, I really do, and I don’t believe I’ll be shutting down any time soon, so you can stop suggesting I delete.

As for me bothering the other blogs, I’d like to believe I’m not, but I can’t speak for them. If by chance I am, then they are more than welcome to personally come and tell me I’m bugging them and I’d kindly back off. But I shouldn’t be making assumptions about how they feel, or why they interact with me, and frankly, neither should you.

I really am done with this for now. I don’t want to be posting anymore anon hate here, cause that’s not what my blog is for. If anyone has an issue with me, fucking come talk to me off anon.

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Is Wyatt's favorite band IMAGINE dragons? ;3


A DeanCas zombie apocalypse!au wherein Dean and Cas are separated from the very beginning due to their relationship not being recognized by the state. Six months after being placed in different Survival Groups and both thinking the other dead, they’ve long since given up hope for happiness in such a different, dark world. 

Until Sam goes out for a supply run.

Insisting on going by himself, he gets trapped in a beaten down car surrounded by the Undead, and is saved by a mysterious bed-headed man with a wooden baton. With darkness quickly approaching and so close to a hot zone, Sam and the stranger bunk in the nearest, safest nook they can find for the night, and exchange stories of Before and During with mouths full of baked beans. 

Or, rather, the mysterious man talks… Sam listens, raptly, to a love story that transcends even the end of the world.

The man moves his beans around his mouth as if savouring every greasy bite. He swallows with solemn blue eyes. “Before has been put to rest,” he says, voice gravel-rough. “What’s before us now is what truly matters.”

Sam bites his lip and nods into his can. “Who’d you lose?”

For the first time since they’ve met, the man looks shaken. He pushes around his food and swallows thickly, shoulders tense. “A man,” he says cautiously. The corner of his lips turn up in a ghost of a smile. “The most wonderful man.”

Bad Dreams.

I wept at miabicicletta‘s story Every star a sun, then I got to thinking about parent!lock in general and the tropes included in it and why I personally love those tropes. Then I got to thinking about how they could perhaps be subverted and to put a story short— AU where the Moriarty message never happened and I’m so sorry.

The door creaks open, the hallway light a slice of yellow against the dark and the stars in the sky still glitter. She turns her head, her hands tucked underneath her thighs. She outstretches one towards her little man. He grumbles, fingers on the doorknob and his other hand pulling at his curls. It’s the same old dream. She sees it in his face.

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ok so since you like tore me to shreds last night with your angst night do you think you could do something fluffy? like fox movie night and what kind of food they'd eat and what movie they'd watch and where everyone would sit? idc I just need something happy after the angst fest lmaoo

ahahah sorry nooly, but yes i can absolutely do fluff (i’m just sorry it took me like three days to get to your prompt!!)

  • movie night starts because dan decides that the foxes working together is Good and they should have some Bonding Time
  • the first time she proposes this, andrew literally just walks out of the room
  • but they eventually come to the conclusion that they all like movies right
  • so once a week they pile into one room and somehow pick out a movie and sometimes they even watch it rather than just yell over it

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Hit me with some modern verse Christmas time Clexa headcanons miss Cheyanne

lakjsd;klfa;akjsfd i’ve been looking forward to answering this all day

also okay I’m,,, not so good with modern AUs buuuuut

Clarke and Lexa, like. recently moved in together, first apartment together, first Christmas spent living together and they’re both sort of like stepping around each other, trying to get accustomed to one another’s little habits and ~ christmas festivities ~

they both grossly abuse the mistletoe in the house; clarke hangs some here and there so that Lexa can’t walk into the kitchen without giving clarke a peck on the cheek or on the nose or the forehead, or can’t walk out the front door without a goodbye kiss–not that she usually would anyway, but now she does it with a little roll of her eyes at clarke’s dancing eyebrows and meaningful gestures up at the little sprig hanging above them. 

(also like. one of them wanting a kiss & instead of just leaning over and kissing her, she’ll drag her by her belt loops under the nearest mistletoe. and there’s a lot of laughing kisses)

also they get a proper christmas tree  (if maybe a bit small, because. they don’t have thaaaat much space) and sometimes clarke will walk into the living room to find lexa laying on her back with her face underneath the tree, just breathing in the scent of pine. (and then clarke will kneel down on the ground and tickle lexa’s hip or drag up her shirt and press a silly smacking kiss to her tummy before she lays down underneath it too and they just sorta. lay there together.) 

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Okay, I actually love your wolf star head cannon things so I was wondering if you could do one for a head cannon I've had for a while: Sirius and Remus cannot sit down with out being laying across or cuddling or just touching each other. They'd sit in an arm chair together and one of them would sit sideways across the other and they just loved being in contact at all times. Okay bye, thank you!

OK cool just turn me into a pile of mush that’s chill whatever

  • So, Sirius was never a particularly touchy-feely kinda guy
  • And, contrary to popular fandom opinion, these boys are British and honestly, Brits really aren’t that good with affection
  • So Sirius is awkward and not good at touching to the power of two
  • All the physical exchange is either manly claps on the back or perhaps tackling Peter when the mood takes him
  • That is
  • Until one autumn in fourth year
  • After the Marauders had charmed a television set to work 
  • James and Remus insisted they watch the Wales vs. England rugby match, even though Peter preferred football and Sirius had no idea what the fuck was going on
  • In the end, he mostly agreed to watch on the basis that game included a lot of fit men in tight shorts running around a field and tackling (see: hugging) each other
  • Not that he’d ever admit it
  • Anyway, the game is really fucking intense
  • Both Remus and James are swearing at the TV
  • Sirius still has no idea what the fuck is going on
  • Last five minutes of the game, the score is 24-25, England is in the lead, Remus and James are on their feet shouting while Sirius cowers on the sofa and Peter looks bored
  • JPR Williams powers through the English defence, sprinting up the field, and falls to the ground as Remus performs some form of a war dance 
  • Sirius thinks James is going to cry
  • Two minutes later, and the game’s over
  • And Sirius is being pulled up from the sofa to be hugged by Remus who’s practically crying
  • Sirius has never really been hugged by his friends before, but he decides he likes this very much
  • Slowly, over the following few months, he begins to touch people more
  • Especially Remus
  • Until eventually he’s perfectly happy to collapse onto Remus as he reads quietly in the Gryffindor Common Room, although there’s really not enough room for the two of them in the armchair
  • And when Sirius gets some really terrible letters from home and Peter finds him hiding in the Quidditch stands, crying, Remus lets Sirius rest his head in his lap while he strokes his hair until almost two in the morning
  • So really, no one is particularly surprised when the pair of them make the transition from holding hands in the corridors to making out in the corridors (entirely inappropriately, of course)

Send me an AU or headcanon you’d like me to write up!

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I'm seeing all these "Error and Ink would be enemies" things goin around and I'm just sitting here like "I bet they'd end up being unlikely friends. Yep. Yin and Yang goin on here. Opposites attract. They'd be besties for life."

//laughs at the stupid thoughts I’m having about them trying to get along for our sake but really they don’t give a shit, they’d start fighting anyway over anything//

Teasing or arguing with the signs (and other things)
  • Aries: teasing you for something that's become a running joke as you begin to leave for your next class, arguing at you and you arguing back, but smiling warmly at your back when you go
  • Taurus: trying to argue against something, but they're more just complaining and whining about what you're saying than actually trying to give valid points against it
  • Gemini: telling you to look for something in a certain place a billion times, and even though you did and couldn't find it, when they look for it it's right there
  • Cancer: not understanding what in the world is going on, but not really caring enough and being too ashamed to be the one to finally go and ask
  • Leo: even if you try to tease them, they will most definitely have a good counter attack ready. and then they'd just sit there and smile gleefully. so just don't
  • Virgo: knowing something for certain, and telling you that when you try to argue, and they don't even really care because both of you know that they're right
  • Libra: refusing to accept the idea you're posing against their own, or genuinely arguing against your teasing, even though they know you're right and they're wrong, and grinning adorably sheepishly
  • Scorpio: knowing that you're better than them, but stopping at nothing to do whatever they can to be better than you, even if you're their friend, and even when they're smiling and trying not to because they know everyone knows what's going on
  • Sagittarius: trying to prove a point, and just continuing to mess up and say wrong things but still making up things to try and prove the points that they're making up, and laughing and grinning as they realize that it's completely futile
  • Capricorn: being teased and argued at a lot but just letting it all roll off their back. It's all futile. They don't care. They're too busy worrying about the big questions, with stars in their eyes and far away smiles
  • Aquarius: stubbornly refusing to admit to doing anything, even when all the evidence is laid out in front of them, or even if someone literally saw them do it
  • Pisces: the more you argue against them, no matter how right you are or wrong they may be, the more they keep finding ways to just ignore what you're saying and say that you're wrong.