and then they vanish as soon as the woman leaves

Unlike Brothers |  The Tomarry I Blame on MistiCon
We started talking about tom/harry at Misti, and I said the only way it would work for me would be if Harry got thrown back in time and they grew up in the orphanage together.  And I’m sure that’s been done to death, but I started another one.  Not sure how far I’ll take it.  

When Aurors and inspectors and Order members arrived they found James and Lily Potter horribly dead, Sirius Black laughing with the hysteria of the mad, and no trace of Voldemort.

That’s canon.  The papers said that.  People raised toasts to that, and to The Boy Who Lived.  The horror was over.  The wizarding world could move on.

What everyone in the know decided to cover up was that the baby was missing too.

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In the Mist - Chapter 1


Nowhere in Particular

Most people had horses or wagons to get them from one place to the next, but all Jamie had to rely on were his own two feet. He was an avid horseman, and he had ridden and trained more horses than he could count. But here, he had few things of value and none of them would give him enough for a horse.

He didn’t have any real destination, so he simply took a step, and then another. Eventually he stumbled onto what he assumed to be a main road. It was evident that many people came through there, based on the abundance of hoofprints and footsteps. He hoped that if he followed it long enough, he would come across some sort of community.

It was already dark when he left the station, and there was no telling what sort of danger lingered in the brush in daylight, let alone the dark. He walked until he found shelter in a hollow tree just off the main road. It wasn’t much, but it was dry and he was well hidden from prying eyes. He hoped that it would also be enough to protect him from anything lurking in the shadows.

He was no stranger to living outdoors, but that was a place he knew well. He knew nothing of this place apart from what he’d seen in the short time he’d been here. This was a world of all new fauna, people, customs, and traditions.

He pulled the tartan from his pack and wrapped himself in it. The highlander way of life had been wiped out long before he was born, but highlander he was. The wearing of kilts had been outlawed in Scotland, but this was a whole new place. The whole purpose of people coming here was to live freely and the way that they wanted.

Still, he didn’t want to draw attention to himself, already a stranger in strange place.

“One day.” He smiled as he ran his fingers across the fabric, remembering all those he left behind.

He took solace in the night sky, small specks of light littered among the empty void. Proving that no matter what, there was light. That there would always be hope.

Black gave way gray, and the birds came to life in song, signaling the start of a new day.

The forest floor was shrouded in a heavy fog, reducing visibility to a minimum. Jamie would have to wait until it cleared just a bit before he resumed his journey.

But there was something there, barely visible.

He thought it must’ve been a squirrel making it’s way from tree to tree, but the closer it came, the clearer it was.

It wasn’t a thing, but a person. A woman.

She was dressed in a white garment that was hardly modest. Dark curls surrounded her head, as wild as the world around them. Her pale skin seemed to glow, just a bit. He couldn’t make out her face, but he imagined it was just as perfect as the rest of her.

It looked as if she were dancing, blissfully unaware of her surroundings. Perhaps just happy to be alive.

And then just as quickly as she appeared, she vanished.

He rubbed his eyes and looked again, but there was nothing but the mist.

The fog had cleared, and once again Jamie was headed into an unknown future.

He couldn’t help but think about the woman he saw in the early hours of the morning. Or if he had even seen her at all. Perhaps she had never even been there, and his mind made her up out of painful solitude.

What did it mean? Was it a sign? A vision? Or was being alone simply driving him mad?

Either way, she wasn’t likely to leave his mind any time soon. He had no idea who she was or what she was, but by God she was the most beautiful thing he’d ever seen. His heart fluttered as his mind wandered back to the moment when he’d seen her.

He shook his head, laughing at himself. “Yer a fool, Fraser.”

After what felt like days of walking, Jamie finally, finally, found paradise. A small tavern with a few outbuildings surrounding it. He received many sideways glances and looks of disgust, but he was so tired and hungry he didn’t care.

“What can I get you?” Came a soft voice from behind the bar.

“Anything that’s edible.” He laughed, while searching his pack for the little money he had left.

When she returned with his meal, he was so focused on the food, he hadn’t even looked up.

But after a few bites he finally glanced at the hand that fed him, and nearly choked as a result.

It was her.

That morning, he hadn’t even seen her face. But he was sure it was her.

“Are you alright?” She asked, trying her best not to laugh at his ridiculous face.

“Fine.” He choked out, along with wet eyes and a red face.

It hasn’t even been ten minutes and ye’ve already made a fool of yerself.

She crossed her arms and smiled as he took a swig of ale. “Good, It’d be a shame if you died without paying.”

He had finished his supper long ago, and they were the only two who remained. She was everything he imagined her to be, and more. She was no ordinary woman, and with each passing minute, she only became more interesting. More beautiful. More perfect.

“So where are you headed?” She asked with her head propped in her hand.

“Nowhere in particular.” He smiled as he gazed into deep amber eyes, losing himself in them. “To be honest, I haven’t any place to go.”

She frowned and paused, deciding whether or not to speak her mind.

“Well, I have an extra room upstairs. You’re welcome to stay there until you figure it out.” She hardly knew the man. He had come out of nowhere, resembling the lowliest of beggars. Yet there was something about him, something that drew her to him. He was handsome, and charming. There was no doubting that. But it was as if he didn’t even know it. He was so kind and genuine, nowhere near the same as the other men that came through.

“I haven’t anything to pay ye with!” He exclaimed, eyes wide. He never wanted to leave, but he wouldn’t take advantage her like this.

“Well I can’t let you just sleep in the dirt, can I?” She smiled and turned to clear away the mess of her departed patrons.

“Aye, ye could. I could be a killer for all you know.” He quipped.

“Are you?” Her voice was steady, confident.

“No…” He mumbled.

“Then there’s nothing to worry about.” She flashed him a smile and motioned for him to follow her once everything had been put away.

He clenched his jaw, bit his tongue, and did as he was bid.

She lead him to the back of the tavern, up some stairs and stopped outside a large door. The room was small, but it had a bed and a fireplace, which was more than Jamie could have asked for.

“You can stay here until you have a place.”

He stood there, completely dumbfounded.

“I have nothing to give ye.” He tried again, he didn’t want to impose. He had nothing to pay her with, and she was willingly giving him food and board. And to a stranger at that.

“You will.” She smirked, and turned to leave, but hesitated, glancing at him over her shoulder.

“What’s your name?”

“James, but ye can call me Jamie.”

“Goodnight, Jamie.” She smiled, and then disappeared into the confines of her own room.

“Goodnight, Sassenach.” He whispered into the empty darkness. He didn’t even know her name.

The Legion Studies, Part One

September 16, 198X

New York

“Dr. Barbara Moore?”

I took off my reading glasses to look up at the man who had entered my office.

He was insignificant in stature, gaunt and with a reedy tone of voice. His thick rimmed glasses sat a bit too far down his nose but his watch was worth more salary than I made in a month. He smiled.

“I have… an opportunity for a professor of psychology, like yourself. I think you’ll want to listen.”

That’s when I first met Dr. Herb Lewis and learned of the Legion Studies.

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I think I liked you better when you didn't have a knife in your hand, Peaches... Chapter 83 - You promise?

Originally posted by mypapawinchester

When Blake finds herself sold out to the Saviours by her abusive fiancé, she realises that she’s certainly not on her own anymore and finds an unlikely friend in Negan. And Negan does NOT like men who beat their girlfriends, one tiny bit…


Chapter 83 - You promise?

[Blake goes back to her room to await her punishment, but soon enough a familiar dark-haired Saviour comes to find her. Is this the end for her?]

The sky had now become dark and shadowy outside by the time Blake finally made it back to her room, shutting the door behind her with a snap.

She leant back against the dark wood and let out a shaky breath of air, closing her eyes as she did so, feeling tears slide down her cheeks.

Everything right now felt hopeless. More so than it had done since the very start of the apocalypse.

All of the things Blake had strived so hard to build here had vanished into dust. Leaving only her alone.

There was no Mia…no Tara, no Aaron or Eric having her back…she was on her own here, ready for whether fate awaited her.

And Blake did not have to wait very long…

…for she had only been back a minute or so….

….when behind her head, there came a sudden loud knocking upon the wooden door at her back.

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Teen wolf pref. Royality

- Preference requests are open. Featuring Lydia, Scott, Allison and Stiles 

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Chained To Master (Pt. 1)

Pairings: Hongbin/OC, N, Leo, Ken, Ravi, Hyuk / OC

Warnings: (Holy sh*t a lot of warnings) Smut, Bondage, Blood, Character death, Violence, just don’t read it when you can’t handle this kind of stuff haha

Summary: Hongbin is in a difficult situation in his life but is willing to give it to strangers in return for everything he wants. 

A/N: So VIXX’s Chained up definitely did things to me… also first time uploading a story with smut so let’s see how this one ends…

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Shift (Kyungsoo x OC)

Description: Just as quickly as they open up to each other, they shut down.

Genre: Supernatural!AU


It was nearly 1:30 in the morning and SooRi was getting antsy. Why wasn’t the stupid spell working? She fought the scowl threatening to split her face as she stared at he man sitting across from her that was looking back owlishly.

God, it was quiet.

SooRi really wasn’t one for small talk.

“Hopefully it, uh…works soon. I didn’t think it would take his long.”

Kyungsoo just smiled at her though it didn’t reach his eyes. He was tired, she could tell. He sat in front of her in his black t-shirt and nice jeans, his fancy shirt folded neatly beside him on the floor.

“It’s okay. I’m surprised I’m not tired yet honestly,” he chuckled.

SooRi nodded and looked around her apartment just so that she wasn’t looking at Kyungsoo anymore. It was kind of awkward; sharing her personal space with a man that could go off the deep end at any given moment.

Her heartbeat hadn’t slowed down since she laid eyes on him.

She was still convincing herself that it was slight fear and apprehension and nothing else.

“D-do you want some water?”

She was up and scurrying to her kitchen before Kyungsoo could open his mouth to say that he was fine. She returned with two water bottles and sat down across from him again. He took the bottle she slid his was and nearly downed half of it as soon as he got the cap off. He hadn’t realized how thirsty he as.


“Yeah. No problem.”

It got so quiet and awkward so fast and SooRi’s skin started to prickle with goosebumps. She didn’t know why she felt embarrassed. This was something like a job to her and she shouldn’t be thinking of how nicely Kyungsoo’s clothes fit him or how nice his lips were or how deep his voice was.

This was a job, dammit.

“So how old are you?”

SooRi almost scoffed. Was he trying to small talk with her right now?

She smirked and tilted her head at the man. “Trust me, I’ve been on this planet far longer than you’ve been born. But to save time, I’m in my twenties. You?”

Kyungsoo nodded with a smile, “I’m twenty-three.”

“Pretty young still. What do you do beside bartending?”

He took a drink of his water and cleared his throat. They were talking and he didn’t know how to respond accordingly. She wasn’t being sarcastic or rushing him to speak. She seemed to be genuinely curious about him.

“Um…well I don’t do much. I like going to cafes on my off days. I don’t really have friends, so I kind of just keep to myself. In case I…hurt someone.”

“Have you? Hurt someone I mean.”

It was a little intrusive, SooRi could admit that and wanted to slap herself as his face fell and he looked down at the water bottle in his hand.

She wasn’t expecting him to answer and fixed her lips to mumble out an apology when he stopped her by speaking so lowly that she had to lean closer.

“Yeah. I have.”

“Is that why you want my help?”

She couldn’t stop herself from asking. She was so curious about the young man and the questions tumbled passed her lip before she could stop them.

Kyungsoo’s eyes stayed on his bottle as his headache worsened. His skin felt hot and his lungs needed more air though he was breathing fine. He hated talking about this, had avoided it for so long that even forming the words made him want to close in on himself.

But he needed to vent.

And SooRi, he determined, was the perfect person.

“I got my first girlfriend when I was eighteen. I guess I was a late bloomer or something. She was a year older than me, but so positive and energetic; her smile could light up ten dark rooms.”

SooRi looked at the man as his face lit up as he spoke of the young woman. But just as soon, he smile vanished.

“She got pregnant and we were scared, but so happy. I was twenty when she had Joohan. We didn’t have a lot of support or money, but we did our best.”

His head was throbbing and he closed his eyes to focus his thoughts. “I was starting to shift more and more. I don’t know if it was stress, but it happened a lot. I would get a feeling and have to leave the house so she wouldn’t see. She got really suspicious of me. I was leaving the house unexpectedly so much that she thought I was cheating on her. We had a really big argument one night and I shifted right in front of her. I’m so thankful Joohan was asleep so he didn’t have to see me like that.”

“W-what did you do?”

“I started trashing the living room. Throwing things, ripping stuff apart. I could see her. I saw how scared she was and I heard her begging me to stop but I couldn’t control my body. I was like I was watching some sort of horror movie that I couldn’t turn off. I lunged at her but that was it. I didn’t hurt her or anything but I could have if Joohan’s crying hadn’t snapped me out of it.”

SooRi felt her eyes stinging and she bit her lip as she watched Kyungsoo. It was like his heart was breaking all over again.

“I blacked out. When I woke up, she was gone. Everything was gone. Joohan was gone. I called her immediately; told her that she couldn’t take my child away from me. I begged her to come back so that we could talk but she wasn’t hearing it. She called me a monster.”

“Where are they now? Have you looked for them?”

Kyungsoo smirked and shook his head. His eyes were gold now. Cold and hard looking; so different from the warm brown they usually were.

“I tried. The only thing I know is that she’s somewhere in Europe. She changed her phone number, deleted every account she had online. It was like she vanished. I couldn’t go to the cops because I was too afraid. I was so scared that my emotions would get so out of control and I would shift at the police station. Who knows what they would have done to me. Then I would really never see my family again.”

“So you want to stop shifting so you can find them again.”

“I don’t want my son to grow up without a father. I missed his first birthday, I missed him learning how to walk, how to talk. He’s gone the last two and a half years without a dad and I hate myself for what I did to him. And to her…”

“Do you still love her?”

It was irrelevant, but she couldn’t help but ask.

Kyungsoo’s thick brows knitted together as he thought. He looked like he was struggling to gather his thoughts and SooRi waited patiently for him to continue.

“I have love for her. She was my everything. She’s the mother of my child. But for her to just leave the way she did, for her to not even want to try to talk about anything…I can’t forgive her for that.”

SooRi nodded, an anger she’d never felt before bubbling up. She hated werewolves, she truly did. But Kyungsoo had been left alone so cruelly.

“She was wrong. I know she was scared, but she was so wrong. Kyungsoo, you should have gone to the police. Or tried to find her-”

“What choice did I have!?”

His voice was loud and harsh as he cut her off. SooRi flinched under his hard, golden stare and she sealed her lips shut as she looked away.

“I am a monster; she was right. I never want Joohan to see what she did. I would rather kill myself.”

“I-I’m sorry.”

Kyungsoo’s face softened and mentally punched himself for being a jerk. “It’s fine. I shouldn’t have raised my voice at you like that.”


“I’m kinda tired now. Is it cool if I sleep for a little bit?”

She knew he was done talking. He was closing himself off to her and she hated it. She wanted to take back every question she had asked him, but she couldn’t.

She could only nod as he settle on the floor and turned his back to her. His breathing was deep and steady and she didn’t know if he’d fallen asleep or not.

She watched him for an hour before sleep tugged at her eyelids. She laid on her side, eyes glued to Kyungsoo’s firm back from underneath the table between them. She only wanted to rest her eyes for a few minutes in case he shifted.

She watched him until her eyes closed as she fell into a deep slumber. 

it’s all right

(set after the latest manga chapter, spoiler alert obviously)

It should have been so simple, taking the train.

It should have –

I should have –

Toshinori remembered sitting two seats from an exasperated young mother and her young son, probably five years old, who kept lightly clapping his hands together while his mother admonished him to stop.

He remembered feeling an odd sense of security in his oversized hoodie, his appearance and identity hidden from the rest of the world by such a simple piece of clothing. It was made of fleece, a cheap item if anything but something the Midoriyas insisted he accept from them; therefore its value far exceeded whatever had been on the price tag.

He remembered allowing himself to relax as he hunched in his seat, eyes shut as he reveled in the rare peace that came from simply being an ordinary person on an ordinary train, taking an ordinary trip through the city.

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Preference #17 He Sticks Up For You Being Thin [Requested]

Scott: “She’ll probably just order a salad then throw it up. That’s why she’s so abnormally thin.” A malicious female voice snickered from behind you; suddenly the vast choices arranged on the lunch buffet in designated bowls appeared as more trouble than you were willing to endure. The teenage girls at Beacon Hills High School were relentless in their pursuit of your demise; physical and mental. Scott McCall, your newly titled boyfriend, was sought after by girls of every social caliber as he was lacrosse captain, handsome, sweet and kindhearted. The moment he asked you out, a massive target had been engraved on your forehead; everyone suddenly knew who you were. They did their best to break you down; shoving you in the hallways en route to class, leaving hateful notes in your locker, spreading vicious rumors about your personal life, and forcing cruel insecurities upon your self-esteem. “Hm, I’ve never known her to do that.” Scott’s annoyed voice startled the girls as he wedged his athletic frame between the insufferable gossips, wrapping a protective arm around your narrow shoulders. “She’s perfect as she is. I’ve never seen a girl more beautiful than her.” He commented with an adoring glisten in his warm milk chocolate eyes. He was always there to fight for you and he always would be.

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Written for Darling Pan Week. For the “Taught to Fight” Theme. 

Medieval AU, I guess ? I hope you enjoy this. This contains violence and blood. Read with caution. 

Part I of II (second part coming tomorrow, for the Stardust Theme.)

If this is to end in fire
Then we should all burn together (x)

-       Who is she ?

It took him a few days to ask. He noticed her when they dragged her at the encampment, her limp legs leaving trails in the dirt : her head was hung low, and a curtain of golden locks concealed her face. The cloak on her back was ripped in several places, exposing the fabric of the plain white dress underneath.

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The Man in the Tan Jacket: a canon primer

With the book only days away, I thought I’d put together a compilation of everything we know about this mysterious character. So you can refresh your memory and fire up your theories! I will not be including things from the book excerpts, if you want to go in spoiler-free. Links and descriptions under the cut. (Sorry mobile users)

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