and then they turn around like 'not all white ppl are racists!!!1!'

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i don't really understand why that tumblr model is as terrible as you say it is could you please explain it a little bit more??

sho thang

strap your seatbelts kids because i am probably going to talk way too long abt this post thats been going around. we’re gonna take this slide by slide to keep this shit cohesive

okay, slide number one:

like okay, this model is a pretty sound starting point. tumblr is known for becoming fanatical and intolerant (anyone dissed superwholock lately?), so i, like many others, probably went into it with an open mind and feeling interested in reading a good critique on tumblr’s echo chamber.

not really much to say here, so lets move on over to the next slide.

here’s where things start to turn into trash. the first bar is fine, pretty much, run of the mill non-shitty behavior. but from that point on, op starts using strawman arguments like there’s no tomorrow.if you don’t know what a strawman argument, here’s the definition off of wikipedia:

“A straw man is a common type of argument and is an informal fallacy based on the misrepresentation of an opponent’s argument.
The so-called typical “attacking a straw man” argument creates the illusion of having completely refuted or defeated an opponent’s proposition by covertly replacing it with a different proposition (i.e., “stand up a straw man”) and then to refute or defeat that false argument (“knock down a straw man”) instead of the original proposition.”

So line two.

Pretty much, there is a huge number of young teenagers who go through this phase, but it’s literally that, just a phase. Whatever, I can ignore this, but I’m starting to get suspicious because i can already feel the strawman getting set up.

line three:

holy fuck, the alarm sirens should be going off in your head by now. op is talking shit about non-mainstream identities, which pretty much means anyone not gay, bi, or binary trans. like, he’s mocking the acronym, which yes, is long, but for a good reason. Some people prefer umbrella terms, and some people prefer using the lgbtqiapp+ acronym, but the reasoning for that is for another day. nobody who considers themselves queer or an ally should even dream about making fun of the acronym’s length.

still on line three, we get a faceful of arospec and acespec mockery! he makes fun of the concept of a greyromantic demisexual, implying that both aromantics and asexuals are just making up their orientations for attention. he also more or less says that aros and aces never experience any form of discrimination, which i can definitively say isn’t true.

fourth line:

op is now denying that there is a power imbalance within the queer community. just a glimpse makes it apparent that gay men get the most attention of any queer minorities, and anyone with basic knowledge of gender inequality knows that nonstraight men can be just as misogynistic as straight men.

line five:

refusing to acknowledge that monosexual queer ppl and straight people alike love to erase bi, pan, and poly people. “pick a side!” “bisexual people are sluts!” “pan people are special snowflakes!” and so on and so forth. it is a very real and legitimate problem, and op is acting like it’s a hysterical, baseless exclamation someone is making for the sake of toxicity. so yeah its all bullshit

ok so that’s one slide down, lets move on down toooo

slide two:

i hope you guys appreciate that i have to save all this trash onto my computer for you

line one: once again, nothing awful. it’s like the most basic behavior you can expect to see.

line two:

welp, right back into the strawman arguments. you do see this sort of thing floating around on tumblr, but it doesn’t mean what he’s implying it to mean. minority groups expressing frustration with the treatment they receive in the hands of oppressors is completely justifiable. like, why would you get mad at someone who’s been abused by a certain party all of their life for saying “i hate cis people”

so like, you could glean some legitimate criticism out of this slide, which is more or less the same as with the lgbtqiapp+ slide, but once again, line three is taking us straight to bullshit town

line three:

gatekeeping! doesn’t everyone love gatekeeping? gatekeeping is the best. trying to say only people who experience gender dysphoria are trans is incredibly elitist and panders to the cis community for the sake of validation. also random discussion of otherkin which has no other mention in this slideshow. im going to reiterate that trans otherkin have every right to use neopronouns and that op is just bringing them up to get people to side with him because it’s such a divisive line

line four:

first off, the asterisk in and of itself is problematic because it erases nonbinary identities. i think based off some of my previous statements you can see how this one is fucked up, because it’s literally the same as line three, just with a wilder strawman fallacy present. it’s worth noting op’s stance on nonbinary identities

line five:

i have literally never seen this kind of behavior in my entire life ever. also look how it’s trying to implicate trans women as vengeful spiteful creatures. like transmisogyny isnt bad enough without his shitty ass contributions

moving on

slide three:

line 1:

blah blah blah normal basic shit

line 2:

like okay once again this is kind of a legitimate issue. but once again, minorities venting for the sake of getting some glimmer of relief against the building pressure of their oppressors is hardly something anyone should be talking shit about.

line three:

um, if a poc tells you something about the nature of being a part of that identity… yeah? you listen? they have experience you dont have and their word should be taken as an authority on the matter. woc experience simultaneous misogyny and racism, and like yeahhhh they kind of get shit on constantly? the praise and glorification of woc on tumblr is a pushback against the constant hatred they get. like damn come on give the girls a break

on the topic of cultural appropriation: it is okay to partake in cultural exchange and sharing, so long as the group you want to do so with is willing to do it. cultural appropriation is when you take from the group without their consent, often desecrating religious or spiritual aspects of their culture.

line four:

um. again. fuck racists. having a hard time disagreeing with that tbh. also, the literal sociological definition agreed upon by scholars is that racism=discrimination+power. so only people with institutionalized power over other races can, in fact, be racist. poc can be discriminatory and prejudiced, yes (if you’re curious, discrimination=prejudice+action), but poc in white-dominated societies literally cannot be racist.

while i am not qualified to discuss white adoption of poc children, it kind of cycles back to not listening to poc opinions on the matter. most of these are directed to out-of-country adoption but one is on whites adopting blacks in america. america centric because im a texan and i dont know shit about the outside world

line five:

its like he ran out of strawman arguments so he just cycled back around to being racist

and on again

slide four:

yeah okay i was gonna do this one but its just a whole bunch of self serving bullshit and its completely irrelevant to the rest of the items on this list so goodbye i have reached my doneness levels for the day

please look at this guy’s profile and recognize that he is a garbage can

religion is apparently a form of discrimination and tumblr teenage girls with our “identities” are idiotic