and then they text cosette

Enjolras: Honey, where is my red blazer?

Grantaire: What?

Enjolras: Where is my red blazer!?!?

Grantaire: I -uh- put it away.

Enjolras: Where?!?

Grantaire: Why do you need to know?

Enjolras: I need it!

Grantaire: Uh-uh, don’t think about runnin off doing no derrin’ do. We’ve been planning this dinner for two months!!





Les Amis as out-of-context quotes that my friend said while watching Les Mis for the first time

Enjolras: “Oh look, they’re hating on the rich people!”

Combeferre: “So they sing about their love… And they haven’t had any conversations besides their song about their love. Doesn’t that stink? Oh, well. What you gonna do? It’s TV.”

Courfeyrac: “They’re all so pretty. Why are they all so pretty?”

Jehan: “Pretty neat things, them stars!

Bahorel: “The kid is like 8, and he’s still singing when he gets shot. That’s commitment!”


Joly: “It looks like a face mask! I, too, love exfoliating with human crap.”

Bossuet: “Ooh, that’s some deep shit. Sorry guys, what can I say, I love some crappy puns!”

Grantaire: “Aw, he’s singing about stars again, except they’re not pretty this time. He’s clearly having some life issues.”


Marius: “You know what I noticed? There’s no comic relief in this.”

Cosette: “I wonder what they made that out of. Pudding, maybe. Just a happy thought.”

Éponine: “Is the part where we’re supposed to feel sympathy for him? Cause I feel NOTHING.”

Montparnasse: “OH SHIT IT’S THECOPS!”

even more les amis things
  • enjolras: only likes one type of coffee from one random coffee shop. most of the time his coffee thermos has apple juice or chocolate milk in it
  • courfeyrac: a god at hula-hooping. don’t try to challenge him he’s deadass the best at hula hooping
  • combeferre: probably, 100% knows how to sail. he’s always trying to convince everyone to go with him but literally no one else knows how
  • grantaire: once was bored in an afternoon and learned how to do calligraphy
  • jehan: has bought every single yankee candle at least 3 times. his favorites are winter candy apple and pink peony
  • feuilly: the actually best at hanging up streamers and balloons. he also is the actual best at wrapping presents
  • bahorel: secretly has a garden where he grows tomatoes and cucumbers and other veggies in his backyard
  • cosette: is a marine biology major and works at the aquarium and is one of the best tour guides at that aquarium.
  • marius: a breakfast person. if he doesn’t eat breakfast the rest of his day is ruined (he especially loves pancakes)
  • eponine: does pottery and even has her own pottery wheel. she makes vases, jars and bowls for her friends that are all customized and they’re just great
  • joly: collects keychains. his favorite ones are his garfield the cat one that cosette got him for his birthday, and his dallas one eponine got him while visiting a few friends
  • bossuet: fluent in 3 languages: english, french and german
  • musichetta: has been in 9 shakespeare plays. some of her roles include: titania (a midsummer night’s dream), olivia (twelfth night), and hero (much ado about nothing)

eposette headcanons!

  • the two girls meeting in their freshman year of high school, when cosette starts failing her geometry class and eponine gets assigned as her tutor.
  • cosette calling eponine every night during high school at exactly midnight to tell her that she’s so glad she gets to spend the day with her best friend.
  • cosette buys eponine a puppy for their 1st anniversary. after asking if it’s okay, they name him ‘marius’ after the guy who accidentally got them together.
  • everyone being super worried that eponine is going to corrupt cosette. in reality, every time they do something they shouldn’t, eponine is only along to try and convince cosette that “this is a terrible idea”
  • shorter-than-average!cosette who has to stand on her tiptoes to kiss taller-than-average!eponine
  • for their first xmas, they decide it would be super cute to make each other gifts instead of buying them. so cosette teaches herself how to knit in an attempt to make 'ponine a beanie, cause the brunette is always wearing them. eponine somehow convinces grantaire to let her use his paints (blackmail was totally involved. when grantaire gets high, he gets… chatty.), and paints cosette a picture of the blonde dancing.
  • they end up discovering that neither of them are very good at their chosen craft. they promise to only buy gifts from there on out.
  • but if 'ponine wears the poorly made beanie slightly more often than her other ones, cosette doesn’t say anything.
  • and if when they’re packing to move in together a few years later, the painting is carefully removed from the bedroom wall and wrapped up, eponine doesn’t say anything.
  • whenever they are on the subway together and their car gets super full, cosette will sit on eponines lap.
  • eponine braiding cosette’s hair in all sorts of super cool braids, because she used to braid azelma’s hair, and learned how to do braids of all kinds.

Sometimes I get so happy thinking about les Amis??? And like not just them but also like cosette and ep and chetta and gav and marius and just all of them??? Being happy and together and just a whole squad of friends who help each other and have movie nights and board game parties and mario cart tournaments

Yeah but Enjolsette siblings where little sister Cosette builds a castle out of blocks and older brother Enjolras builds a barricade/wall around the castle and says that this wall keeps all the bad princes out and only lets the good princes in. 

Enjolsette siblings ten years later where Marius and Cosette are dating and at first Enjolras really doesn’t like Marius at all and is always being rude and sarcastic but one day Marius does something really really sweet for Cosette and so at the next family dinner Enjolras does something he’s never done before and greets Marius at the door and welcomes him in and Cosette is questioning why all of a sudden he’s being so polite and nice to Marius and he just says “I’m letting a good prince in”.